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  1. @Pioneer1 First of all, I am trying to deal with my emotions in the midst of this storm of what happened to GEORGE FLOYD and his family. I am so stressed about that because as an African American DOS, it feels so personal. However, the questions and discussion here, I feel is directly related so, I do not mind this interchange. Yes, absolutely. Hebrew Israelites do have a certain look to them! Their look is based on their maternal origins--AFRICAN; that would be the Original Hebrew Israelites. As far as posting pics, hopefully, I will later, within context. But to start with, I would definitely refer you to the pics available online of NIPSEY HUSSLE [Ermias Joseph Ashkedon(sp?)] and his brother BLACK SAM, and their father. Also of the late ruler HAILE SELASSIE of Ethiopia. Also of the leader of Eritrea Isaias Afwerki. YOUR definition of Caucasians do NOT match the Bible definition of the Original Hebrew Israelites. Also, Caucasians are NOT lost. They know and profess their origins. Yes. BLACK AFRICAN people in that continent are embracing the Creator of this world just as the Bible said they would do. AND I am grateful for that too, because prophecy is lining up really scary. According to prophecy this land mass of America will be completely destroyed and for a few people, they may be able to go to AFrica if their leaders agree. However, those countries over there will NOT accept any refugees that go against their belief system.
  2. @Pioneer1 I've already done that!!! I provided a lot of details some time ago!!! You need to provide the reference!!! @Pioneer1 I know you cannot though, but if I am wrong, then prove me wrong. The word 'Nephilim' is NOT in the Bible. So please put the source of that word, 'Nephilim'. Also, put the reference source that says none have to do with incest. Please put your quote and source for saying this: I have a degree in Biology and have explained previously about giants and the genetics. But you are refuting me but by what reference source? From the time of JOseph to Moses = 430 years. From the time of Moses to David is what you are asking? I need to refer to my timelines to be exact, but I will try to generalize for now. After Moses and Joshua, a period of 40 years, the people entered into The Promised Land. This time period This time period when Joshua and his host entered into the Promised Land was around the 1400s bc. It matches all secular records about the FAll of the Hurrian-Hittite Civilization in Central Anatolia, etc. This time period also became known as A DARK AGE. from 1400 to 1100s bc was defined in the Bible as the time of the Judges During the 1100s the Hebrews began to complain and wanted a kingdom. David was born 1030 bc. David became king over all Israel 1000 bc. @Pioneer1 You provide the list from JUDAH and his son Caleb [?] and his wife Ephratah and their lineage and then I will try to see what you are doubting? I don't understand what you doubt. I think David's lineage stems from Caleb and Ephratah, but I'm not sure. He came from Jesse, before that, a bi-cultural man, and before that, Boaz [and Ruth]. So, from the time of Caleb to Boaz would mark from the time of the Exodus to David's grandfather Boaz. Like I said, I have mapped all of the timelines in detail, but I have not look at it recently.
  3. @Pioneer1 You sound like a White Supremacist. NIPSEY HUSSLE/Ermias JOSEPH Askedon did not go around calling himself Hebrew Israelite. NOt all BEja Israelites say they are from the tribe of JOseph. The Kazakh Jews did not go around calling themselves Hebrew Israelites The Crimean Jews did not go around calling themselves Hebrew Israelites, etc. They stopped doing that because they were terrorized if they were identified as such. Nipsey's father came over here back in the 50s due to circumstances along these lines. My husband knows what people tell him about looking like Hebrew Israelites and he is of this generation, so he understands what his father and other older relatives don't care to delve into right now. THE LOST TRIBES OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL... The words of JESUS CHRIST. Your jokes about my husband not being Hebrew Israelite is very disrespectful. You are very insulting. The American Indians are an extremely oppressed people Your Faith in the SUPREME BEING about him NOT being able to help his Black AFrican Creation return to their origins is proof of your faith, or lack there of. Let me tell you this too, I plan to share my own ancestry as my Great grandmother was stolen from that very region where the Hebrew Israelite were dominant in East AFrica.
  4. LOL. @Pioneer1 You might need to NOT regard THE IMAGES OF THE BEAST as being your only source It starts with Joseph! Yes, it's incest. Giants are the manifestation of incest. science dear. Genetics. It's repeatable. it's all INCEST @Pioneer1 I've shared a little research on this subject, a while back. No matter the terminology you use, whether Elohim, Nephilim, Zummim, Jebusites, Anakim, etc. it's all based on science and genetics as it relates to incest and sex selection. Today, this practice is rare, but still, in certain places in the east world you will see GIGANTISM and it's linked to incest.
  5. @Pioneer1 That's crazy. No they are NOT all in debt to European economic systems or social customs. You have little faith in people of AFrican descent. But some of us do fight back and have reunited to our link and to our origins. NOT ALL OF THEM. Oh ye of little faith in African people! I never said that he was Israelite!!! I gave a testimony of what others have said!!! Like most Israelite people today, they do NOT say that, rather they say define themselves by other terminologies, and my father-in-law and his people define themselves by tribal names. NATIVE AMERICANS are by far, not all Israelites. They come for over 500 distinct nations, etc. My husband's history is rich and I have my beliefs based on his features, etc. that his people were at one point in the East World. But yes, he does look like Hebrew Israelite people I have seen in certain places. SIOUX
  6. @Pioneer1 You are completely off because you have not been able to understand the exact timelines. But this is be design byway of the Anti-Christ. The timeline that you are trying to understand is NOT based on King David with regards to the period of 430 years!!! The 430 year count does NOT begin when Jacob-Israel migrated into Egypt, This is a deliberate misunderstanding that I've seen many times. This 430 count begins with JOSEPH!!!--which causes the scriptures to be complete regarding all of the 12 sons of Jacob! So, if you apply the scriptures about SOLOMON'S temple in the 4th year of his reign and the 430 captivity, it becomes AN EXACT DATE!!! LOL. No it was not kept to a minimum. All historical accounts show as does the Bible, the science behind giants is due to incest This is the land of HEAD HUNTERS. Yep. A lot of violence. And again; The maternal origins of the Judahmites is Canaan, and so yes, as the Bible records, they too practice some of the same evils that existed thousands of years prior to their own cultural formations. That would be true. GIANTS are the manifestation of INCEST. LOL.
  7. LOL @Pioneer1 That's ridiculous. Knowledge is Power. African leaders are NOT in the state of oppression as we are over here. No one is going to believe you over a bunch educated AFrican leaders who have their own educational system. LOL. So I should NOT believe my father-in-law who is Native American over you!? I should NOT believe his mother, of whom spoke to me on many occasions about her life as a Native American woman, born on a RESERVATION and who remembers being a part of THE TRAIL OF TEARS!? Pioneer, you are ridiculous. You are too funny.
  8. LOL! It absolutely does. The lineage absolutely includes the 400 year period of captivity @Pioneer1. I have developed the time lines, compared and contrasted them with other ancient civilization script. It does. Yes it does. Along the Nile river in Egypt, this was NOT a practice. However, to the north in 'the Middle East' where there were trees, this was a Canaanite practice!!! Within the contents of the Bible during the time of the judges, this was highlighted in how this was practiced. The Creator would NOT allow Moses to address the Egyptians with a force while his people were under their control, but after the PASSOVER, then the Creator made them fight back and defend themselves. They developed their own military system headed up by Joshua and Caleb. The scriptures written about hanging and incest, etc. were to address ancient evil practices that had already occurred hundreds, and hundreds of years prior to the Hebrew Israelite cultures that were developed in Egypt, AFrica.
  9. You use NO script. And, you are challenging people of African descent, government, educated leaders who say they are the Original Hebrew Israelites. @Pioneer1 You are the best tool used by White Supremacist, but now, that is all changing. But yet, I should believe you, with NO formal education? You, who like me are not in the land of AFrica?
  10. Sad. But true. There was a video just yesterday of two young White girls acting out the very scene on facebook. George Floyd's brother said that this horrible death was 'a lynching' and so, we know all too well, this will not go away, but I am so grateful for the public outcry across the world. And, although this evil hatred meted out to Black African-typed people has not ended yet. However, I feel that we need to help the younger generation, our children, how not to look at these graphic scenes because it is just not good for them, imo. I do have hope that one day, it will indeed. Thank you QueenX for this reality that we know we must deal with.
  11. Based on your reference source, the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL were in HARD BONDAGE for over 400 years, they had no power to hang anyone from a tree until after PASSOVER and after they were 'surely thrust out of Egypt'. So this ancient practice of 'hanging from trees came from a much earlier time'. They only responded to ancient practices that occurred long before they were even on the map.
  12. George Floyd's family was told other officers 'will be charged' Elisha Fieldstadt The attorney for George Floyd's family, Ben Crump, said Tuesday that authorities have told them the other three officers involved in the detainment that preceded his death will be charged. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/george-floyd-s-family-was-told-other-officers-will-be-charged/ar-BB14VABX?ocid=msedgdhp Finally! This article also explains that the prosecution for the death of George Floyd will also handle other cases. And he was quoted to say that after the results came in this becomes the basis for charging the other officers. Also Chauvin charge will be upgraded based on the results of the autopsies. I sure hope so. I also was wondering why Oprah Winfrey has been so silent and my thoughts were just confirmed as I heard that the media also wondered why as well! My girl, Jane Fonda has spoke out though!--Like I knew she would!
  13. My son’s Palestinian Tutors’ Testament @Pioneer1 This account is response to your statement about the Children of Israel being Caucasian: About 25 years ago, I paid for my son to be tutored by a woman that I contacted because I wanted my son to be exposed to another language spoken in East Africa. I first tried to find someone who spoke Swahili and I would read books to him on this wise but after a while, I found a woman who said that she was from JORDAN to teach him Arabic script and language. She looks like a typical Arabian-typed woman, or should I say Middle Eastern woman, very fair skinned with a healthy tan complexion. She was a primary school teacher [elementary school teacher] in her country. I would go to her apartment once a week. After a few weeks, she confided in me, but first she asked me a lot of questions. She told me that she had no idea that Black Americans lived in America. She said, “I thought that you were all, Well—” She never finished the statement. I got the feeling that she thought we were all killed off --genocided. She said that people in her country never realized that Black people lived in America. They watched the movie Roots and they watched the OJ Simpson trial, and Ophrah, but no one ever taught them that Black people actually lived in America. So, in essence, they never put two and two together. Before she came over here, they had to take a course and see films of how not to go in certain communities and how to not be mugged. But, she said she never thought it was because of Black people though. She said, “Do you know why my husband would get up from his nap, come out of the room and sit in the living room every time you and your husband come over?” I said, “No, I never thought anything of it. I’ve never even noticed anything alarming.” Her husband was always very nice and friendly. And, I thought it was a normal thing for him to come and sit with my husband. I would sit at the table during the tutoring sessions. I did not realize that Ahmad would have to get up from his sleep, come into the living room and sit with my husband for protection. I’m like saying to myself, “What could possibly be the problem?’ But as she was talking, she looked towards my husband and she looked totally afraid; frightened. Her hands cupped her face, her cheeks, and it seemed as though she was afraid to gaze at my husband. He, all the while was totally calm. He didn’t have any expression at all. He looked just as bewildered as I had been. She asked me where was my husband from? I told her that he is Native American. I said, He’s a Black Indian. Then she said to me, “My husband has given me the permission to tell you this. Joheerda, [My name in her language], your husband is Hebrew Israelite.” She looked at my husband and repeated to him, “You are Hebrew Israelite.” Then, I said to her, “Sahera, I know this. I know he is, but he is also Native American. We don’t know anything about Africa or Israel, but I think I understand what you mean and thank you. She continued to explain that she was really not from Jordan, but that she was really Palestinian. But she was afraid to say this because Americans are hostile towards Palestinians. She said that every time they show Palestinians on TV they are always depicted walking by a trash can or dirty buildings, or depicted bombing buildings and throwing rocks. I burst out laughing and told her, that sounds like what they do to us over here. Dang! She said the reason why she is so afraid of Hebrew Israelite men is because they are many times rude to Palestinians. And she said they have to pay taxes all of the time to Israel. She said that when she came through the airport to come to America, a Hebrew man threw her passport down on the conveyor belt and then she said, “Most Hebrew Israelite men look like your husband.” So, Pioneer, that is one of many stories and experiences that I have to share about my family. Another time was when we were in New England and my husband went into a gas station operated by an Arab man… Another story is from an African man from Rwanda and his account of my son. Yet another time, an East Indian man’s constant statements to my son. … Pioneer, you believe what America has conditioned you to believe. You need to read up on all of the secret operations to relocate the Original Hebrew Israelites out of Africa back into Israel. The Children of Israel are not your version of Caucasian, your understanding of a Caucasian. The Original Caucasians did NOT overthrow the Amorites. Julius Caesar, Caesar Augustus, Mark Antony and other Romans were NOT tall, black skinned giants either. The Romans that headed up the Roman Empire were not African, Original Africans. Where do you think they came from?
  14. LOL probably not. That's scary. I've heard about the Mormon culture and have seen some talk shows about the multiple marriage system, but never heard of them having issues of incest. this is depressing for me.
  15. @Pioneer1 You've got it slightly wrong. It's MOST OF THE OTHER ORIGINAL CANAANITES like the Amorites ... Don't forget, the original DESCENDANTS of JUDAH's MATERNAL ORIGIN is CANAANITE!!! ****AMORITES------------ AMOR--ROMA------ ROMANS****** Yes, the ORIGINAL AMORITES are MOORS, but over a period of thousands of years they developed other distinct cultures as they intermixed with other people. My husband is NOT Caucasian!!! But he is of the children of Israel!--the ORIGINAL CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. Are you telling me that you know more than the people of Palestine and the Israeli people today who attest that the Original Israelites are Black African-typed? I will explain briefly why I say this--I will be back; I have to write it up... Huh uh... My husband is Native American so, I know about this too, at least my father-in-law story. That's good, it give me a chance to rebut you again based on scripture too.
  16. For real! @Pioneer1 Let me tell you--I have been harassed for years for this medical bill and although I continued to correspond to them, I was not able to really look into it until now. Well, after they finally responded to my request and let me see PART of the details of the bill, they say it's too late for me to appeal. I went to the emergency room for respiratory problems; I thought I had pneumonia. I had insurance BCBS. I asked them to check me for pneumonia and explained why. The bill was for $4800.00+. My insurance paid all but !700.00+ Finally, I saw PART of the bill-- TURNS OUT THEY CHARGED ME FOR AMBULANCE!!! I knew something was wrong! No one gets charged that much for emergency room visit to check for pneumonia. How in the Hell did they charge me for being brought in an ambulance! My sons told me to calm down, but I told them, this crap always happens. They tested me for crazy things that did not have anything to do with respiratory. she checked my gall bladder. I am so angry. LOL. Oh no! But yeah. A trick. Obamacare stipulated that you had to have a job and a certain salary level to be approved for it. If you did not clear at least $16,240.00 then you were not approved and had to get higher medical insurance. For each month you did not get it, you owed $1640.00. Thanks to my small business, I never had a problem, but a lot of African Americans owe a lot of back taxes today for this reason. Minimum wage barely caused blue collar workers to even clear $1600.00 annually. At that time too, many jobs only offered parttime and no more than 35 hours to avoid the medical insurance loop.
  17. Lol But he's right though, Eye-for-eye. Yes!!! OOOoooh I can't even say what I'm feeling because it will come out bad! I am so angry about that, I cannot even speak on it right now...I wish I would go up and hug the judge that took my kids...My main motto was, some mother's would die to try and save their babies, and if the ***** thought she had the right to lie on me and seize my kids, then she needs to put her damn life on the line...cause I was not going to live on this earth in peace if the Supreme BEing did not help me win that case. smh. I am still in a rage about that...I want to see her judgement...let me tell you. A woman taking children from their parents... smh. I think I still need some therapy. @Pioneer1 That judge came off the bench to hug that TExas police officer...I thought I was gonna pass out.
  18. @Pioneer1 Oh Wow! IDK but that's very scary and if true, this echoes from the past. Emmitt comes to my mind! You know, I was thinking on a much larger scale in that George Floyd may have been stocked, but yes, he being with a White girlfriend could also be an underlying motive. With Trump constantly urging violence continues to make me feel that this was a bigger plan though, just like Omarosa said, this system, I feel, is trying to instigate a race riot, to justify harming its Black population. We cannot out-violence this government and I feel it's a set up. I feel that George Floyd is a selected victim of human sacrifice to get the ball started; I know that may sound crazy, but that's how I am feeling right now. I just heard his brother speak out about stopping the violence. He also spoke about voting and being educated on who to vote for, but I don't think we should focus on that agenda right now. YOu know, I just remember that TIM WISE spoke about this too, in how the White System caused Black people to put down their protest for civil rights and change focus to voting for civil rights. Yep. He knew him, imo. I wouldn't know. I have not watched it, nor do I intend too. Yeah @Troy It's true!
  19. GEORGE FLOYD'S BROTHER SPEAKS OUT--It Should be First Degree Murder WOW, Philonese Floyd-- this handsome man is very well spoken. He says that President Trump spoke to the family but Trump did not allow him to speak. Well, other organizations wanted to hear what he had to say. He says that it should be 'a life for a life'. But what really got me was that he said, "THEY COMMITTED A MODERN DAY LYNCHING IN BROAD DAYLIGHT".
  20. Yes, I believe that you would, @Maurice Thank you so much! Lol!!! You're right! @Pioneer1 Yeah! And by so many other means! Yes, and this is what I am thinking about in this very situation with Derek Chaupin! GET THIS!-- He worked off duty as a security guard to supplement his income. Guess what!? Derek Chaupin worked at the very same club where George Floyd was also employed as a bouncer!!! Oh yes. Now, I again, think this might have been planned. I believe that George Floyd may have been stocked. He left Texas to start a new life and had lived in Minnesota for five years and lost income due to Coronavirus. He obviously became depressed! But life can be a POETIC JUSTICE because sooner or later, there will be many other people of all walks of life that face this same economic depression, and what can the government do to prevent others from melting down? I believe that Chaupin was in a White Supremacist rage over his economics and he is ignorant enough to blame Black people, not this government that gave him a cushy lifestyle on the backs of slavery. And GET THIS--Derek Chaupin's wife is Asian, just like the other two police that held George Floyd down!!! Man!
  21. I woke up and jumped right back in to finish reading this article! i heard of Tim Wise before and was drawn to his comments. He's good! Man! This was an awesome article. To speak of violence done by black people without uttering so much as a word about the violence done to them is perverse. ... Even in the 1850s, during a period when black bodies were enslaved on forced labor camps known as plantations by the moral equivalent of kidnappers, respected white voices saw no issue worth addressing. https://medium.com/@timjwise/violence-never-works-really-e0af884c03b4 Great statements! Now, I am thinking about Biden, I vaguely remember hearing briefly that he stated DOS did not need REPARATIONS, and wants Black people to vote for him!!! Obama made the same statement; He does NOT believe in Reparations yet, they just gave out Economic Impact checks... hmh. This system do NOT want to economically balance the DOS as a result of this FREE FORCED LABOR that has hurt us for centuries. I say: Black people who have submitted to a HIGHER POWER need to be careful about ELECTIONS because HE loathes that Voting System [Separation of Church & State] that set up on the backs of the enslavement of Black Africa. 'They'd Vote HIS own son JESUS out. LOL. HINT--the Hebrews were killed--the ground opened up and swallowed them up when A PETITION WAS RAISED TO discard Moses and his brother Aaron out of their leadership positions. At no time was God's leaders allowed to be chosen by ELECTION. CLEROMANCY YES but choosing a person to be you leader and counting who chooses this person or that person--NO!!! Be careful Black people. He loathes that voting system of the world and so, if he does not show up to help, this may be the reason why. But then again, if you don't vote, you will be severely persecuted by this government; so that is why Eritreans vote every year for decades... and they keep voting in their same INHERITED LEADER every year--they've been bullied by the Western World about voting... LOL. NEVERTHELESS I still believe that LOOTING is human nature when the younger generation has been marginalized. HOWEVER, we should define PEACEFUL PROTESTING in our own way. This system can out-violence us and I believed this is planned and we are being incited to be violent. At this point we need to stop the looting and reacting violently. We need to be on the FRONTLINES and shout it out!!!--But no violence. No to looting.
  22. It really is. @Troy It does drive revenue but I don't believe they could prevent the Coronavirus and therefore, this system's 'revenue' is also being 'driven' in ways that they have little power over too. Until there is a cure, what can they do to open back up completely? I dunno but I think it's too late for that in some areas on the planet. GOOD QUESTION and I believe the answer is based on ancient script. Timed Appointed. I'm going to listen to the video you posted. @Pioneer1 GET THIS!!!--I just listened to New York's Juliano and he said that that man Derek should have been charged with FIRST DEGREE!!! HIs wife, Kelley Chauvin has officially filed for divorce!!! But it hurts to see how the protesters are being shot at with rubber bullets and tear gas, etc. when they are protesting peacefully. But yes, I also agree in that this is all 'a catalyst' or Trump is 'a catalyst' or at least one of them. FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS!? I think the bell has tolled for us in the planet, but especially here in America and it began back in August 2017 with the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. Prophecy is hard to swallow but maybe it would be a little easier if it weren't for this government's mis-education. EVERY SINGLE PROPHET WROTE OR KNEW ABOUT THESE TIMES IN DETAIL and here is one way that Abraham was told about it in GENESIS CHAPTER 15: And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; an they shall afflict them four hundred years; ... But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full. ... GENESIS 15:16. The whole chapter describes that [verse 9] he sacrificed [1] an heifer 3 years old [2] She-goat 3 years old [3] a ram 3 years old, and [4] turteldove & young pigeon and then he was put into a deep sleep and told that his seed would be suppressed down into captivity under these governments. This prophecy is very deep and detailed, and expounded upon for thousands of years as it was fulfilled. Three (3) years old means in the 3rd generation of the government then, the Creator began to judge the government in its 3rd and 4th generation of set up. Each offering defines a specific government that affected the world and in which the control group [Abraham's seed] was held captive in wrongfully: That is what PASSOVER is all about---HUMAN SACRIFICE. So, the sins of the subjects of Egypt were PASSED OVER, but the Egyptian government was judged for their ultimate sin of FREE LABOR/HUMAN SACRIFICE. Egypt was brought down staring with their 3rd/4th generations since their set up on the backs of human labor [Hard bondage] and then 'after the fourth generation' Abraham's seed went into Assyrian-Babylonian captivity. Then in the Medo-Persian Capitivity, his seed was captive, then the 4th and last was GRECO-AMORITE [GRECO-ROMAN] EMPIRE system for which the TURTLE AND DOVE MARKS as this was the offering for the parents of the child 'poor people's offering'. The Young Pigeon means captivity of YOUNG PEOPLE [Child Slavery]. After First Rome system was dissolved there was a thousand year gap but then they set up again after the Crusades, starting with ROME, ITALY in a secular term called THE RENAISSANCE PERIOD and spread across the whole of Europe and then the Slave Ship Trade was set up and here we are today. The YOUNG PIGEON & DOVE means DIASPORA, Abrahams seed was scattered. So, now the INIQUITY OF THE AMORITES SEEMS TO BE FULL. They have made a few laws that THE SUPREME BEING ABHORS, laws that hurt THE PRIESTHOOD [little boys being effeminant], which leaves the church [women & children] uncovered and vulnerable, and they set up a system on the enslavement of children, mis-education [blasphemy] and election of leaders that do not follow him... Manhood [especially Black African men] have been struck down constantly. It was not until after the 80s and 90s that this homosexual law became set up, so the INIQUITY OF THE AMORITES is based on this law. If we were educated we would also know what happened before the eclipse--LOOK IT UP! We would know the very day of 'EASTER' or I mean 'PASSOVER' of which is not in the springtime of March or April. But on that day, there was another earlier BELL THAT TOLLED and America and many other big governments became completely alarmed and started saying it was 'the end times'; schools were closed and etc. This government is not telling or teaching us the whole truth as to why they are attacking Black people constantly.
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