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  1. The TRIPLE CONFIGURATION and the TRIANGLE CONFIGURATION that I saw in the morning of April 17, 2002, was the same configuration that occurred 2000 years prior. So, I continued to watch for a few nights and weeks and followed the news reports about this planetary alignment that contined to show different configurations up through the month of May of 2002. This configuration began in April and from the earth viewpoint, it was a triangle shape, in actuality, it involved all of the planets, and the moon as they were arranged about the sun. The planets Venus and Mercury were actually on the other side of the sun, and the planets, EARTH, MARS, JUPITER and SATURN were actually in a straight line, but it looked like a triangle from the earth viewpoint. In 2002, this planetary alignment involved the other planets that came into our solar system too! Because they are 'MOVING STARS' the configuration changed off and on for weeks and then eventually, they fell out of this alignment pattern 2000 years ago, but in 2002, the exact alignment happened again. There have been other planetary alignments but this significant configuration has been recorded by ancient civilizations specifically because of the ancient planet SATURN. This planet SATURN is called THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM, but scientifically, it is defined under so many other terms.
  2. I have seen these shows a few times at the planetarium and although, the ancient western forms of mythology about the worship of JUPITER is included, still the science that surrounds the SOLAR SYSTEM is amazing. The ancient Egyptians, the ancient Chinese, the Native Americans all document certain aspects of the MOVING PLANETS and this is how certain historical events can be confirmed. Because the ancient Romans worshiped the planet JUPITER and incorporate mythology into their history, this is why many Black people are confused though. The Planet JUPITER is defined as 'an ancient planet' BUT when the planet Saturn came into orbit of our solar system, it caused the Romans a lot of problems with their worship of JUPITER. The ancient Roman coins and so many other artifacts though, confirm the actual time that the last planet known as 'an ancient planet' came into our solar system. The Solar System is also MARKED and CONFIRMED based upon THE CONSTELLATIONS as well. So even though the western world does not want to confirm the truth today, they know that the planet saturn came into orbit and was marked to be in the ARIES CONSTELLATION. The ancient coins show 'the ram' and 'the star' showing that saturn came into orbit at the time of the ARIES CONSTELLATION [ie THE RAM SYMBOL].
  3. @Pioneer1 You know, I think that many Black people have been confused on this subject due to the media. The published books do not say this though either. The dates of the pyramids are way before the 'Jews' became captive in Egypt! Black people watch too much TV. What event? @Pioneer1 I have stated one major subject-- THE HSIUNG-NU! No one disputes the time when this Great Wall of China was constructed. Globally, all civilizations CONFIRM this dating of this Great Wall. The historical conflicts of that time period around 200 BC is confirmed across the globe! There are so many subjects that are well documented and DETAILED about this time period about 200 years prior to the rise of the Roman Empire. The XIONG-NU [ie. HSIUNG-NU], the Han Chinese, the Tang Empire, the Yuezi,[sp?], the Wei, the ORKHON INSCRIPTIONS, the TARIM BASIN, the SILK TRADE ROUTES... THE TIBETIANS, the PERSIAN systems...and all of the conflicts that surround this time period are well documented. The archeology and the style compared to the more ancient times when walls were built is another key point in dating this historical event. Yes, this is one of my most favorite subjects, and it would take a lot to explain but I will try a little. Again, though, if people rely on 'people' you cannot understand and confirm and as I stated before, scholars in the Western World do not deny that they have been using the wrong dating system too, so therefore, it is important to understand how other civilizations date history as well in order to confirm facts. One of the best ways to start would be with ME. Back in April of 2002, I looked and saw the PLANETARY ALIGNMENT that was broadcasted on the news world wide. Also globally, was a planetary show that had been in production for over 50 years worldwide about that planetary alignment of the planets JUPITER, MARS and SATURN. Because I don't have my notes in front of me, I may not be accurate in some terms, however, one term is I believe called THE TRIPLE CONFIGURATION
  4. @Troy Thank you. I did listen to parts of his speech and did not get the gist of it until he got close to the end.
  5. @Pioneer1 I am again repeating this statement that you are not understanding; THE SOLAR SYSTEM! The Solar System is one of many other methods used by ancient civilizations to record historical events and confirm. Dates and times can be confirmed through methodology. My 'assertions' are based on confirmations. My relative has been to see the Great Wall of China first hand, and has verified this event with the people over there. But even still, this historical event can be confirmed in so many other ways. That is crazy! LOL! What!? 1500 years ago would be AD 500. No one says this!
  6. Oh Man! I'm wiping sweat from my forehead just reading this! WHEW! @Mel Hopkins You go girl! I am impressed! Even though, I don't really understand all what you have done, I am amazed. Man! @Troy I am grateful to be a part of this community and if I am able to learn just a little of what you know, I will be grateful. Yins make me feel so frickin small! This is one major reason why I refrain from being on sites like Twitter and Instagram and facebook and whatever else-- I am like what @Mel Hopkins described about the scenario about her mother thinking if she stays off one site, it will somehow shield her from being exposed completely, and etc. I know it is wishful thinking and a ridiculous endeavor because, these sites can somehow collect enough data to expose people, but still, I don't belong to just anything site. I think it is pointless to think it would be good to 'GO OFF THE GRID' but, I bet there are some people who probably try. Even if these sites collect data, I still think that some peoples' privacy rights are being comprimised nonetheless, but with technology today, what can be done about it? @Delano ROFL
  7. Thank you!!! That movie, The Temptations, is like--- One of my favorite movies of all times!!! I love that song!
  8. @Troy ROFL I was trying to do just that... but Uh.... this time, @Pioneer1 got me.
  9. @Pioneer1 What!? okay. Tecnically, when you say 'descendants of Caucasians'-- being the origin of Caucasians-- I say yes. But your definition of Caucasians is the problem. @Mel Hopkins Thank you! @Pioneer1 Interesting! You know, I think it is a mixture of both! I agree in what @Mel Hopkins is saying though, in that it is a matter of survival and to some extent has nothing to do with Matriarchy. However, the system you describe was started during slaver times and still is exploited today.
  10. @Pioneer1 If you give 'people' more credit than you do the Creator, you will continue to be confused. You claim the Bible is drafted by ? White people? This would be a serious problem even in regards to this topic. You give White people too much credit for over powering Black people. The earliest of script is based on Black people, but again, if you cannot grasp this point, then our debate becomes a confusion. Yes, I say that when the White governments formed, they did manipulate script, the script of KEMET. They did change the dates and times and the only way to get back to the truth is through methodology. One way to understand how script and dates and times have been changed is to base this on science and especially THE SOLOR SYSTEM. @Pioneer1 I do understand this too. But no, the GREAT WALL OF CHINA was not built between 3000 and 4000 BC. That is ridiculous. You are not considering any form of historical timing.
  11. Me too. I do believe that over a long period of time, there are many stories that have been fused together. @Mel Hopkins -- You know, I sometimes am looking over my shoulder for someone to rebuke me when this subject comes up because I know the tension it brought up back in the day of Constantine. There are schisms and then there are other kinds of differences, but these people wanted to fight over a schism. Nevertheless, I believe that many people did not have script back in those days and this may have been part of the probome. Jesus is quoted to have said "My father" many times, and then he also said, "I and he are one"; something like that. IMO, that is no different than me sending out my offspring to represent me, and could be viewed in various ways. Oh Wow! Thank you for the interpretation. I thought it also meant 'Theodore'? @Troy This film was about an hour! But, I watched it and feel that it needs to be updated for several reasons. For one example, Browder mentions John Henry Clark, Ivan Van Sertima and Dr. Hibbard and they completely disagree on many topics brought up in this film. The late Ivan VAn Sertima brought out that NEFERTITI is not Black at all. And my research supports him. Even though many AFrica people have been deceived to believe otherwise, she was as her name includes, HITTITE [i.e. W-HITE]. Any Art History major will show that this film has posted images of statues that do not at all reflect the subject at hand. For instance the bust in GErmany of Nefertiti HAD NO COMPLETE HEAD. This head was fashioned in moder times. So the fuss about this is so off point. However, numerous statues, NAKED STATUES of Nefertiti were found in many places that reflect her fertility cult. Regarding the HOLY TRINITY that I hear a lot, the statue presented was made over a thousand years before this HOLY TRINITY concept came about. but the very story in that THE SON ATTACKS THE FATHER is the clue in that this has nothing to do with the HOLY TRINITY. The origin of the ancient TRIAD CONFLICT stems from CAIN and SETH and that is why the father is called EVIL SET. The Cainites and the Sethites struggled for a long time. And, the Cainites were the more dominant and oppressed the Sethites in the SOUTHWORLD. Browder speaks about NARMER being NUBIAN. No. Narmer was part Nubian. He was an eastern Cainite man, a Black man, that came up from Upper Egypt and fought against the Asiatics in Lower Egypt [north]. But he later married a Khety woman and this conflict started all over again until the FIRST SETH DYNASTY-- the 4TH DYNASTY formed. Until the Seth Dynasty, the city-civilization was defined as A DUAL SYSTEM and that is part of the meaning of the two-pylon gate construction. But the Cainites were more dominant. The system was known all over the world later by this standard that begin with being known as ENOCH-ENOCH. But then, the Seth-Theban kings began to marry Eastern women too and then they became oppressed all over again... So, this is part of how the HOLY TRINITY was viewed in ancient times, based on my research, but more importantly, the 'virgin aspect' was added; it is a fabrication. The Seth world knew that 'EMNITY' [ie. Jesu] would come soon, and although the adversary would 'bruise his heel', however, 'emnity' [IE HOSTILITY] would bruise his HEAD [ie the ROMAN EMPIRE--GOVERNMENT]. So this HOLY TRINITY story was well know way back when and was the basis for BLACK-VS-BLACK hostility and White Supremacist Exploitation. The problem with many of these documentaries put out by AFrican type people is that they completely omit the true aspect in that there were Wite people in ancient Egypt and, these kinds of Black scholars continue to omit the part of ancient Black people who welcomed in these White people and obsessed over them. Today, Black people want to put the blame solely on White people infiltration of ancient Egypt and this is wrong. And, the aspect of 'EVIL SETH' actually stems from a Black woman who was by far, NOT A VIRGIN, and who decieved her Black husband, A SETH MAN and whose son, she bore, became a major aspect of the ancient method of how White Supremacy became established in ancient Egypt. So, the Heru or HORUS, represents the story of Noah and how his wife decieved him and gave birth to the Canaanites and this also ties into the RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX of which, was another false interpretation in this film. The massive project to uncover the sphinx during the 18th Dynasty of the Thutmosis was because Thutmosis IV married a WHITE WOMAN, Mitemwiya and for many past thousands of years, there was a conflict over this SPHINX in Egypt with regards to the Northworld people and the Southworld people [Seth world people]. [15] And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. GENESIS 3:15.
  12. That is crazy! LOL. I won't be downloading instagram any time soon.
  13. That is so interesting in that the barber that was applying the wig was bald, but still, it doesn't matter. If people feel good for adding hair enhancements, then it is okay. I've done some deeper research on 'balding' and feel that today, society does not view this blessing in the proper way, and therefore, some men develop some kind of insecurity.
  14. Wow! Well, I wonder now, just what the specific statement used to justify kicking him off. But. I don't spend hardly any time on Facebook because I don't want to get drawn into it. Or maybe fear?
  15. @Troy Yes, I understand! I tried though, to pick the ones I felt were natural, however, I do question one or two that I posted. But, based on my own hair, I really believe that the first set of pics I posted were really natural. Aside from this issue though, I believe that the HAIR CHART posted on the internet is very important to share because it is definitely wrong. I wonder who put that out? I know it could not have been from a reliable source, because I was trained on this subject in a lab and know for a certainty that this chart is wrong. Nevertheless, it is the one that seemingly African AMericans are using. That is crazy. Yeah, vanity I guess. This is true for Black women, White women, Asian women and etc., I guess. I think a lot of money is spent on hair products and hair styling. Even though it's been over 30 years since I've been to a beauty salon, I would go though, if I had the money because I remember how it felt to have my hair washed and massaged.
  16. Women with Their Own Naturally Abundant Type 4C Hair— Understanding True African Kinky Hair That Sister.com Did you know that not all Afro hair is the same? Depending on the look, feel and texture, there are various groups your hair can fall into. We as black women generally have what is called type 4 hair. This is kinky hair, rather than it being straight or with light curls. https://www.thatsister.com/what-are-4a-4b-and-4c-hair-types-answers-and-picture-examples-inside/ Okay, so as I touched upon this subject in another post in that, this statement and many other definitions about Black African ‘Kinky’ Hair byway of Black people happens to be misleading, based on my research. More specifically, the definitions of the different TYPE 4 Hair types seem to be wrong, with the exception of the 4C Hair Type. And perhaps this following diagram may help to better explain my query: In this diagram, both 4A and 4C look ‘curly’ with only 4C being smaller curls, but the actual depiction of 4B would be the closest depiction what A KINKY HAIR STRAND would look like under a microscope. So, in essence, this diagram floating around on the internet seems to be wrong and the 4B strand should probably be 4C. In a particular video published by, Craving Curly Kinks, September 12, 2018, titled, Are you Type 4c or Type 4b? Showing The Difference, two young children were featured to demonstrate the difference between 4B and 4C and the Black woman narrator attempted to explain that 4C HAIR knots at the end but 4B HAIR does not. She also stated that 4B HAIR draws up more than 4C HAIR when it becomes wet with water, however, both of these statements are misleading. In the initial reference by ‘That Sister.com’, another confusing statement was made: What is Type 4 Afro Hair (Kinky)? Type 4 hair is the hair type that most black women have. This kind of hair is kinky, extremely wiry, has tight coils and is very fragile. https://www.thatsister.com/what-are-4a-4b-and-4c-hair-types-answers-and-picture-examples-inside/ Why the Natural Hair Type Chart is Flawed and Misleading! Well, I guess in terms of people of African descent in the western part of the globe, the term ‘Black’ could apply generally, but in the east world, there are many Black Aboriginal people in Australia and in the Fiji Islands and more, that also express straight-type hair and loose curly hair and have intermixed with African people that have migrated to this world and show combination hair types as well. However, in terms of Type 4 Afro Hair meaning ‘Kinky’, the reference above used the term ‘tight coils’, but this would be wrong. If a person’s natural hair expresses both a ‘kinky texture’ and ‘tight coils’ then, that would mean they have COMBINATION HAIR. Wet Kinky Hair shrinks when wet and some will show a wavy or curly pattern but eventually the hair will become kinky in its natural state. All Kinky Hair goes through ‘A PROCESS OF NAPPING’ not coiling and, this would be the distinction. Wooly Hair, or bushy, or kinky, ‘cushy’, ‘extreme fuzzy’ [i.e. Fez], ‘frizzly’, … or nappy hair does not coil, and if kinky hair does ‘coil’ then, that would mean it would not be kinky but may also show a ‘combination hair type’. For this reason, too, the 4A Hair type definition would actually be a contradiction too. It only looks like smaller curls [i.e. coils] apart from the Curly Hair Type Class 3C and therefore denser. So, all in all, with respect to the TYPE 4 HAIR TYPES; 4A should simply be 3D in the curly hair type because it would just be smaller coils. So, some 4 TYPES described in many videos should actually be perhaps listed as a combination hair type for a kinky/curly hair texture becomes obvious. This would be why in many videos, they show Black women being confused on how to define their own hair type by the definitions offered on the internet. Think about the early ‘Jerry Curls’ in that African people can have chemical curls but without the activation cream, the hair still shows that it still naps! But White people, Asiatic-typed people and many Black people and etc. can have very small curly hair too, but unless they are obviously intermixed with a recent Black African parent or perhaps grandparent with nappy hair then, their hair will not nap: Combination—Kinky/Curly Combination—Kinky/Curly/Wavy I would class this hair texture as 3C/4A Curly, based on the given Hair Chart on internet Also omitted from these definitions would be that some Black African people can have combination ‘straight-type hair’ or ‘wavy-type hair’ and kinky!—with no curls! This combination wavy/kinky [i.e. 2B/4C] hair type can be seen in some early indigenous peoples’ depictions as well. So therefore, the 4C HAIR TYPE [incorrectly shown as 4B] would actually be the only ‘kinky hair type’ shown by these internet diagrams. And so, it would be this type of ‘JAGGERED HAIR STRAND’ [ZIGZAG Hair Strand pattern] that should be divided into various kinds of kinky hair types and thus distinguished based upon LOOSER ZIGZAG versus TIGHTER ZIGZAG STRAND PATTERNS, and also kinky/curly or kinky/wavy combination hair types and more. Therefore, 4A should not be included as ‘a kinky type’ because it has no kinky texture. Again, kinky 4C hair types should thus define how tightly or loosely the hair strand appears ‘in an angle’, and how tight the hair kinks or naps. The woman in the video mentioned above, Crazy Curly Kinks, used the word ‘knot’ at the end of the 4C hair, however, this was actually the process of 4C hair napping and of which the other child’s hair would do also to a varied degree as it becomes dryer. It would be this ‘zigzag’ strand pattern that actually causes African hair to become kinky or nap! However, a more scientific term for this process of napping the hair would also be ‘LOCKING’ and so, the zigzag hair strands not only ‘lock’ but ‘interlock’. However, in terms of ‘NAP’ this would also be a term used, even in ancient times, with regards to the different degrees of ‘NAPPING A RUG’ and so, the term ‘RUG’ [i.e. SERUG, REGGAE (REGI—KING), RAG DOLLS, RAGGEDY ANN & BLACK MAMMY BELOVED BELINDA, RAG HEAD… RAG TIME] would be yet another major term used in ancient Iran [i.e. Persia] and beyond to describe the Black African-type presence in the land and in their association with the massive trade and skill of Persian Rug making. Some of these terms also became connected to mugs or cups in ancient times. In fact, this term ‘RUG’ and even the term ‘NAPPY’ became derogatory in some respects as it was passed down through time but nevertheless, the actual distinction of Black African-typed wooly hair has been clearly defined in ancient times but today, this distinction has not been clarified even amongst Black African people. Howbeit, the importance of getting a better understanding on the true nature of Black African Wooly, Bushy, Kinky… hair should not be downplayed because it has been a direct correlation to how Black African-typed people have been identified and oppressed. Raggedy Ann Further characters such as Beloved Belindy, a black mammy doll, were featured as dolls and characters in books. [1][2][3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raggedy_Ann VINTAGE BELOVED BELINDA $300.00 Ebay BLACK ANN & ANDY~ Primitive Folk Art – PICCLICKIMG.com http://www.trinachow.com/blog/images/2007/07_07/belindy2.jpg Original BELOVED BELINDA, RAGGEDY ANDY & RAGGEDY ANN $995.00--SOLD
  17. @Delano Okay! well, that is what I was thinking!
  18. @Pioneer1 THIS IS MY PASSION!!! You can nail it down precisely. This is the benefit of scholarship, civilizations, a classroom environment and etc. Education may be about money for some people, but it is vital. The scientist in this American government have published repeatedly about this topic. America does NOT deny that the dates and times have been deliberately manipulated in past times, by early western empire government. However, scientist can mark ancient phenomena with precision byway of various methods due to our SOLOR SYSTEM. You are absolutely WRONG!!! The Old Testaments is solely based upon precsion and accuracy with respect to the SOLAR SYSTEM and for this reason, and more, dates and times of many things that have happened in the past can be confirmed as it was written down in more than one civilization. Oh yes they are! You have been misled! Although this concept of 'B.C.' and 'BCE' and 'AD' and etc. have been altered, scientist have dealt with this subject precisely. That is not my logic, but yours. Ancient governments like the Persians, the Egyptians, the Romans and etc. are confirm many historical events with respect to dates and times. Again, this makes no sense. Caucasian people could never have been confined in Central Asia for 2000 years! 2000 years is to massive of a time span to generalize as you are doing. The photograph you posted was not during these ancient times. It is a PHOTOGRAPH!!! How many civilizations rose and fell during 4000 BC to 3000 BC!? Many! How many scholarly terms are used to define specific events that agree with secular scholars and the Bible? Many. @Pioneer1 In respect to CAUCASIANS and their intermixing with European women, I understand what you are saying, but you are generalizing too much, and therefore, it makes no sense if it can not be put with in an historical time frame. And you mentioned THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA being built by the CHINESE!? THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA was built around 200 BC and as far as your comment about the East Indians, I don't understand. 200 BC-- Abour 200 years before the Roman Empire set up, this massive wall was constructed to deal with the HSIUNG-NU----NEGROES!!!! The Hsiung Nu Empire developed from nomads in the far northeast world and Siberia and thereabouts. These HUNS would interact with the Chinese and they ere dominant. This is why the Great Wall was built.
  19. My mind is thinking about something... but I am probably way off target
  20. @Mel Hopkins Yes, it is interesting! I have been thinking about this all day, off and on and finally, I completely made a correlation to what you said about your grandmother's rendition and how someone can do this type of dance keeping a bottle between their knees. It took me awhile to think...until it hit me!!! In college, a professional dancer from the Alvin Haley school came to teach us the 'African Boot Dance' for a play production of 'Raisin in the Sun' and so, I auditioned and made the dance team! And, I came to realize this aspect of the dance! wow! I don't believe that I could do that well, but I can absolutely see someone doing this Buck dancing well enough to keep a bottle between the knees. The whole time the dance is done, yes!!!--your knees are pretty much parallel! The lead dancer would shout KEEYAH! and then we would go into another dance pattern and the drums would change rhythm throughout the dance. I really loved doing that dance and being apart of the play. Years later, I couldn't believe it but, I saw 'Mr. Rodgers' on Mr Rodgers Neighborhood do the South African Boot Dance. Man! I was amazed! He was all into the dance and he was serious. Then, I saw a documentary and WOW, I saw the South African workers come out of the industrial building and they had on their work boots and Man!!! It was unreal... Yes, thank you! So, I looked back over the first post and now, I am wondering about something in that it may be before the Colonial times as well as being incorporated into the slave times. Until you started this thread, I never considered that some things we do today may have already been brought over here from AFrica and we may not realize it. I am thinking about this-- YAMS! I remember reading about the major Yam Festivals held in South Africa and I read about how many of these people were brought over here as slaves, but now, I am thinking that many of these Africans were already over here in America, way before slavery times! Many of them were 'Native Americans' way before many more of their kind came byway of slavery. Today, we eat YAMS and it is a major part of our Soul Food dinner and for New Years and etc.! @Pioneer1 Thank you.
  21. @Cynique You say that sheeps wool, which occurs in nature, is not beautiful until it is processed and dyed into fabric, but the slick glossy coat of a black panther that occurs in nature is beartiful and I suppose, by your belief, does not need to be processed, and you say that this is not brainwashing. In a way, I agree in that it is not brainwashing, in a sense, if Black AFrican people who are born with, what you term as "dense, drab-colored exploding hair" , but that in some occasions, it may just be an inferiority-superiority complex. Some people born with nappy hair may come to hate their hair unless they straighten it due to brainwashing too though. But, yes, I do see that when it comes to WOOLY BLACK HAIR "No where in nature is there a growth that is comparable to wooly black hair' other than SHEEP'S WOOL!!! I do wonder about the extinct wooly mammoth too though. @Pioneer1 Yes, conditioned and brainwashed. I don't know about this approach. I seen many people in the 70s embrace natural hairstyles but have left off. I am thinking that maybe, it is more important to understand the truth about why we have been conditioned and brainwashed to see African hair as being 'Bad Hair' nowadays.
  22. @Troy Yeah! the company designed the wig after her creation and now pays her to advertise the wigs they make that was inspired by her! One wig sales for $439.00! I can't afford that, but I wish I could. She makes a lot of money because companies contact her and send her products that she will show on her channel. For example, she was sent a bunch of bathing suits and she modeled them for a company. And, she was paid to be on the cover of ELLE Magazine and so much more. Therefore, she does this fulltime. I just found out about her, but she is very popular. LOL. well, I heard that Chris Rock was sued by somebody because they felt that he stoled their idea. But, anyway, I give him credit because before he did his videos, there were absolutely no kinky hair weaves 'extensions' and hair pieces in stores, but after he did his video, now they are in every store. @Pioneer1 I wish I could sport an afro like that!!!! Beautiful! My hair won't stay in place for a rounded fro as this model. @Cynique I guess you are, by far, not the only person that feels they have been brainwashed to think that afros were attractive. But for what it's worth, I thought that you looked beautiful in your picture with the afro.
  23. @Pioneer1 This makes no sense unless you can at least put a date to it. When do you believe this happened and from where were these Black soldiers before they were, as you say, sent to the Caucasus? The date for this scripture was during the 3000s BC, whether it is believed to be mythological or not, and during this time period, all historical and confirmed publications attest to this being known by many terms based on the kind of cultures that did exist during these time periods.
  24. @Pioneer1 Isn't this pretty much what @Delano said too? -- Cultural whoredom. Interesting.
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