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    More like $1 trillion! The lying to ourselves is what has held humanity back since before the written word ... the truth opens the door to reality ... pain and hurt start to unfold beyond extreme, rational dimensions. For me, the reality is lost of all optimism in humanity except for our inevitable self-destruction. We don't even have the will-power to go hungry for a few days without subjecting ourselves to further degradation. God knows, sister M. Hopkins, I want to be an optimistic person, but reality won't allow me. The one thing holding me together is I still care, about many things, and especially Black folk.
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    Yeah, it can get really colorful around here! A thinker at last. Right, Jew is an identity some white European’s choose to be known as their a group of white European’s. unlike Africans from Africa etc., And why not, Jew's have had their eyes set on Southeast Asia for hundreds of years, not thousands. Almost as they knew what was heading their way in the world. The Black woman is fine, 'woman' because of your disclosure in a prior discussion. Black, always with capital 'B.' Now that's something of real conveyance of tradition. We ought to bring it back, harder for lies to seep in through oral history. People don't know it or want to accept it but even many Arab's here in the Middle East recognize Arabic as one of the early African languages, among the many that exists. MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!!! "WHITE SUPREMACY," coined after the White hegemony, upgraded by Jewish sentiment to escape persecution. And spread throughout the world. Yeah, they have a benefit for everybody willing to submit to their cause, at the perils of all else. I see and hear about everyday first-hand. From beauty pageants to electing presidents or killing them, Jews will continue running the "greatest show on earth," until they don't, anymore. Impressive observation! There's Black and Indian in all of us, white too. But Black is dominating only those of us without the dark skin want to pretend otherwise. Please to meet you. WELCOME! Though that should be Troy's job, he's the administrator of this site.
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    Thank you, Chevdove, excuse me if I take as a compliment! Are you referring to something else or the discussion between me and you? We men tend to be more impatient than women, we lash out whether something is apparent or not so obvious because we believe our way is better; especially if we see ourselves as more informed. In other words, we're stupid!!! Even when it is clear you were right. Not to go against our 'man-code' but I should keep it real, right? For the life of me, it is unconscionable that a human being, any human being could ignore suffering, mercy on the little ones who need both parents. Unfortunately, people have different reasons for doing what they do or allow to be done, even where their own children are concerned. The fact that we consciously do things that harm children is a good part of what makes for 'pessimism' in me. Only a man who is coward would allow another to seize his child and do nothing. Little else justifies violence. Unless a response would jeopardize well-being other family members ... like with Black slaves. Interfering with the slave-master could get everybody killed. DAMN! With every fiber of my being, I respect you, of food, water, and everything else, you decided your children need your presence more. And you are right! Nobody and I mean nobody, not even the father can love and nurture a child like mom can; not relatives, church nor siblings. I am sorry to break it to you but Black mothers in America struggle harder non-other than their Black children. It's YOUR strength and decision-making that'll save them from themselves if not from the harsh realities of the world we live in. I know everyone can't, don't the strength to do as I've done, go to bed hungry when I could have asked Whiteman for food, but that's me, my strength comes from my mother. She sacrificed for her children and taught us to sacrifice for ourselves. Humans do their best work during adversary and on empty stomachs. A Black man who can't go a few-days hungry isn't a real man, he's a punk, an intersexual being. I am, indeed, sorry to hear about your ordeal. hang in there!!
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    Little sister, M. Hopkins, you sound like an Anthropology/Sociology textbook. TEACH ON!!! Speaking of 'nomads' i've had the occasional privilege of interacting with a group called the 'Bedouins' most identify as Arab, a smaller group identify as African, say they're Arab for the sake of Isreali State privileges. Neither group, Christian/Muslim, completely recognize all traditional Arab customs. Interestingly, those who identify as Arab Bedouins, recognize a form of 'structural functionalism' where the rule of males dominates in gender roles. As a firm believer in conflict theory, I find this disturbing because males (unfairly) benefit economically from the woman's inferior position in the family and workplace. This is true of most Arab Christian and Muslim Bedouins as well as non-Bedouins Arabs. Those who identify as African/Arab Bedouins recognize matrilineal decent system where even inheritance is left to the women fo the family. None of these Bedouins are Christians, all Muslims. Most interesting people, indeed, those Bedouins that recognize a matrilineal descent system is the reason the State of Israel left annexing alone in the Jericho/Israeli desert area where the Bedouins live. Thanks to the customs of Arab Christians and Muslim Bedouins, The State of Israel is now annexing most lands of all the nomad people; their ancestral descent is traced through paternal lines, patrilineage or patriliny instead of matrilineal. Needless to say, I was shocked to learn this right from the source. Unfortunately, I never got to speak directly with the females because I'm a male, but through my Arab female language tutor who travels around with me I've conversed for hours on end with the women who all harbor complaints of American females, and (probably) the same as women the world over; that all women experience oppression the same way. Kind of like Betty Friedan, the feminine mystique who championed women's rights to work in 1960's, who work totally ignored the thousands of Black women.
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    Let me interject here about the end times. A person does not have to read or study the Bible to see what's happening, although the Bible (from the Old Testament) has foretold what we can see as obvious today. For instance, God warned Israel (His chosen), that because they could not seem to stay focused on worshiping him throughout time, and chose to worship idols, he would cause them to go into captivity to another nation. That nation was Babylon, a cousin of Israel. And because Babylon mistreated His chosen during the captivity, he promised both - Babylon and His Chosen - that he would punish them all using a strange nation. That nation was not yet developed nor were they desendents of the original people and tribes of the earth, who were mostly Black and brown. 22 Thus saith the Lord, Behold, a people cometh from the north country, and a great nation shall be raised from the sides of the earth. 23 They shall lay hold on bow and spear; they are cruel, and have no mercy; their voice roareth like the sea; and they ride upon horses, set in array as men for war against thee, O daughter of Zion. (Jeremiah 6) This nation from the north are all European and Slavic peoples, who are white by nature. They have been a curse to brown and Black people since the time of the captivity in Babylon by traveling, plundering and pillaging the earth and other countries. They are warmongers, cruel and merciless, and still are. They have never been a spiritual people and have little to no connection to any Divine Being. They will fulfill the prophesy of the end times because they have developed the capabilities to destroy this earth using nukes, chemical and biological weapons. They rule the seas, and have perfected armies and the art of war. It's just a matter of time.
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    Yes, as a matter of fact, Arabs describe themselves as "cousins of Jews," Thank you for confirming my rationale from previous discussions, concerning Blacks as the true Israelites "White people went when they came down out of the Caucasus mountains was Arabia to attack the Black civilizations that existed there;" not only to Arabia, but to Egypt as well, took over and enslaved the Blacks. Your assertion: "Many if not most Arabs have the same anti-Black mentality that White Europeans have and are less refined with it." Is true for Arabs living in America, but not here in the Middle East. I know, trust me on this! Just as in Mexico; I lived there for two-years estado de Sinaloa, Gaumuchil, and experienced a side of the Mexican people I never knew existed; since in the U.S. Mexicans look down on Blacks, are treated with greater respect then Blacks. Until today, that is, but even now Whites still prefer Mexicans over Blacks. I put neither Arabs or Mexicans in the same category as with Jews and Whites. As someone on ground zero, I’d be stupid to get directly involve in Arab/Jewish affairs here. Jews want to bribe me, and Arabs want to recruit me; none of which I would have because I'm too cynical and nobody's follower. But I have ears and eyes, and hear, understand what's going on and it's not much different from happening there. "The "hegemony" you're talking about that exists between the Europeans and the Jews also includes many of the Arabs and "Arab type" people like Iranians." Sir, hegemony is "Social or cultural predominance or ascendancy; predominance by one group within a society or milieu". Later, it could be used to mean "a group or regime which exerts undue influence within a society." You still with me? Finally, Netanyahu and Abu Masen (or Abbas) does not does not look alike with the exception fair skin tone.
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    In this case when I say "we" I'm talking about Black people globally. Now Arabs............ Do you realize that many if not most Arabs ARE Caucasian as well? One of the first places White people went when they came down out of the Caucasus mountains was Arabia to attack the Black civilizations that existed there. Many if not most Arabs have the same anti-Black mentality that White Europeans have and are less refined with it. Arabs routinely refer to Black people as "abeed" or "slave". And this is why I say Black people shouldn't involve themselves in the Arab-Jew conflict. Both Ethiopia and Somalia are predominately Musim African nations....but how much help do they get from the rest of the Muslim world? Or does most of their economic aid come from the West? The "hegemony" you're talking about that exists between the Europeans and the Jews also includes many of the Arabs and "Arab type" people like Iranians. They'll shout and argue with eachother on televsion and claim not to like eachother but with the exception of Saudi Arabia if you go to their countries you'll see the White Aras and White Persians ruling and running the nation while the darker citizens of the nation are usually poor and powerless. Look at the Palestinians being oppressed and killed: And look at the Palestinians and Israelis who are in power: Both of them are clearly of the SAME RACE despite their claimed religion or claimed nationality My point is Caucasians around the world despite religion or region are together.
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    K2 Pioneer1: I unequivocally disagree; not only what Jews, whites, etc., to do each other is of significant importance to trhe world, it is especially important to Black folk, if for nothing than indicators of what to expect. Your signature also, necessarily suggests caring what they do to each other to understand White supremacy. Again, you insist on SEPARATING Jews from other White people as if their religion or ethnicity makes them some sort of racial anomaly. Can you please explain to me IN SPECIFICS what Jews have done to Black people that has been worse than what British, Germans, Russians or any other segment of the White race has done to our people? And perhaps you're right that what they do to eachother matters......but only to the extent that it may FORESHADOW what they plan and want to do to people of color. So perhaps we should study the history of White on White conflict to get a better understand But as far as GETTING INVOLVED with their conflicts......it's silly in my opinion. Picture this.............. A Black man with sandles on and a turban wrapped around his head calling himself a Muslim wants to stand there with his fists balled up ready to fight a Black Christian over what the White Christians did to Black folks in the name of Christianity......but totally ignore what the White Arabs did to Black people in the name of Islam. And neither one of the 2 invented Christianity or Islam. A Black Repubican is on television fighting and foaming at the mouth with a Black Democrat over some lame ass isssue. But neither one of them invented the Republican or Democrat Party Too often when Black people involve themselves in White concernes they become TOO involved and they begin to take their focus away from the real issues.