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    Kareem     Can you name any period in "American history," meaning 1500-2019, that black people weren't killed in mass at the hands of racists? Honestly, I can't. There are periods where we FOUGHT BACK a lot more, but periods where it was completely absent.....I'm not sure. Less government intrusion is traditionally a conservative philosophy. It's interesting you say that's a liberal philosophy. I misspelled it but again I'm a CLASSICAL liberal. The contemporary liberal is a tree hugging, pro immigrant, high taxation, promo-homophile who is really everything EXCEPT liberal and tolerant. Most people who call themselves "progressive" and "liberal" today are just as closed-minded and intolerant of other view points and lifestyles they disagree with as the conservatives are....just on the other extreme. In Classic Liberalism you have LIBERTY. Meaning you have your own PERSONAL morals and values but you support a society where everything is allowed as long as it doesn't directly harm others or is imposed on others. The older I get the more I'm beginning to believe this is the best type of society because every individual is unique and should be free and safe to express themselves as individuals instead of the "hive" mentality that exists in most cultures around the world. Actually, I think it's one of the reasons the United States has advanced so much futher than most other nations in such a short period of time. Now let me ask you a question brother...... I hear what you're saying about these different candidates and I can't say I disagree, but do you think Kamala Harris or Deval Patrick is WORSE than or BETTER than Trump? Because if you acknowledge that as bad as they may be they are atlease better than Trump, then the logical choice for your own well being would be atleast to vote (for what it's worth) for them. I think our votes count if we MAKE them count. I know there's a lot of corruption in the process and system, however outside of a revolution (which you can't have with only 2 or 3 people while the rest are sitting on the porch getting high wondering what all the noise is about) what alternative do you have but to TRY to correct it? Sitting to the side with your arms folded looking angry ain't going to change it.....these bastards are going to continue to push their agenda through and through until SOMEONE/S stop them with a COUNTER agenda. The world ain't gonna just "end" and these clowns wither away. They are going to stay in charge until someone comes up with a viable plan and impliment it to replace them. Now if WE don't step up.......best believe you have Asians and Latinos more than willing to try and take the place.
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