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  1. @Pioneer1, many religious folks only read their Bible when directed to a chapter and verse. That's why so many of them parrot the same scriptures too. Evangelical Christians are on a totally different plane. They're using religion to uphold and reinforce white supremacy. Many Black folks are using religion to cope with life believing if they're good people, they will be rewarded a better life in paradise i.e. when they're dead. Religion and politics are used to keep people divided, dazed and confused. But, a little common sense goes a very long way.
  2. @Pioneer1, I'm not thinking from an individual perspective. One person doesn't amass that kind of wealth without a system in place. As AfroAmericans, we could be pooling resources into a bank or some other investment that allows our money to grow exponentially. AfroAmericans could have a few billion or maybe even a trillion in their own bank. Then, our people could own businesses, major chunks of real estate, sports franchises, tech companies, farms and whatever else makes more money. We would be in a better position to provide job opportunities to our people too. AfroAmericans spend a lot of money consuming a bunch of dumb sh8t. Many of them give their money away to churches, get rich quick schemes, lottery tickets and other non-productive endeavors. Talk about making Investments and n8gglets don't want to listen. That's why many don't truly know how folks like Musk and Bezos made their billions. Black billionaires are dependent on White billionaires. Look no further than how quickly the rapper was demoted. He lost a billion overnight.
  3. Back in the 1980s, Irene Cara burst onto the entertainment scene. She was a cutie pie too: https://www.npr.org/2022/11/26/1139275959/fame-flashdance-irene-cara-dies She has passed away at the age of 63. Thanks for sharing your talent. RIP Ms. Cara.
  4. It's still a legitimate question because if more folks knew the answer they could work towards stacking billions or even a trillion dollars in generational wealth.
  5. @Pioneer1, American troops are not directly or indirectly involved in nor being threatened by the Ukrainian/Russian dust-up. Just as I'm pro-AfroAmerican, I'm also an American citizen to the core. I know this raggedy azz country (United States of America) could be a lot better but there's no other place on earth I'd rather call home. That doesn't stop me from calling balls and strikes. That dust-up is not our problem until or unless POTUS PJB puts us in it. He won't. It's all political.
  6. Spending 30 billion on a company provides the owner with the freedom to do almost anything with it. That includes crushing competition by any means necessary. The question to ask is how one man has made so much money that he could own a small ciity.
  7. @Pioneer1, the Ukraine/Russia dust up is not our fight as @Stefan mentioned above. The US and NATO are complicit in courting Ukraine to join them knowing fully well that it would provoke Russia. The.Ukrainians sharing a border with Russia knew it wasn't a good idea to cozy up to the US and NATO. They brought this azz whuppin on themselves.
  8. Herschel mumble-mouth Walker might have enough qualifications to pick up dog sh8t in Georgia. Mumble-mouth has zero experience in politics. But, he's running for US Senate. Mumble's candidacy is huge a joke. But, there's just enough people to think its funny enough to entertain.
  9. @Stefan, it was definitely a Ukrainian missile gone wrong. They quickly stopped blaming Russia directly for the missile strike but indirectly, it's still their fault because as you mentioned...they're the aggressor.
  10. Because we are AfroAmericans, identifying, carving out and codifying our culture does not have to be a tall order. Codification begins with knowing our history here in America and the fact that we identify as Black as a tie that binds us together. It's true that AfroAmericans have comingled with other cultures. Some of our people can be all over the place in that regard. But, there's already quite a few things AfroAmericans identify with that are unique to us. We need to built on it. The great that about this period in time and technology is that codification can happen very fast. Just a matter of 1) wanting to do it and 2) taking advantage of the resources available.
  11. I liked "Get Out". Still haven't watched "Us" or "Nope" yet. I've heard that Jordan Peele has been influenced by Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling. From that perspective, his films will be an acquired taste for most casual viewers.
  12. Sure. There are people who don't want any parts of the American Dream. I believe America is wealthy enough to provide a decent standard of living to those who don't want to participate in capitalism. There's no need for crime, poverty and homelessness in this country. America can afford to provide food, clothing, shelter and medical help for those who need it the most. This wouldn't adversely affect the most industrious folks who are willing to work, produce and innovate in order to have a higher standard of living.
  13. Unfortunately, those same n8gglets will show up at the woman's funeral wearing T-shirts with her picture on the front. Instead of being respectful and going into the church and sitting through the service, n8gglets will sit out in the church parking lot smoking, drinking and playing loud music. Codifying our culture will take a miracle. I hope it doesn't come down to a disaster forcing our people to get on code.
  14. @Pioneer1, before we burn rubber on the n8gglets, it's worth mentioning that every group of people have their version of "Can't Get Right"...folks who despite home training, education, talent, etc., choose to do dumb sh8t. I know quite a few n8gglets who were well raised but chose a non-constructive way of life out of 1) laziness and 2) for fun. There isn't much you can do with someone who chooses to be ignorant and stupid because somehow being productive is too hard. IMO, these issues do not stem from a dysfunctional brain. Mental and physical laziness are choices that people make due to several factors. Most of it can be traced back to a lack of male leadership. AfroAmerican men are ultimately responsible for providing that solid foundation insuring that our people are well disciplined and productive and not just slaves to the system of white supremacy and its pitfalls (crime, drugs, alcohol, etc.).
  15. @Pioneer1, you're 100% correct...relocation means nothing if folks are going to being the same slave mentality and/or be doing n8gga sh8t. That's why I'm a proponent of empowerment. AfroAmericans have to be taught how to think and act like a boss in all areas of human activity but especially economics and politics. Other groups of people can post up in any state and thrive because they have a tie that binds...their culture=code.
  16. Figured as much. It's still a great opportunity for you my brotha.
  17. Sure, slavery ended a long time ago but the after effects run deep. From birth, whether subtle or overt, everything AfroAmericans see reinforces white supremacy in one way or another. From the richest man in the world to who owns a favorite sports team to who runs the entertainment business to who owns the internet and everything major...it's white folks or somebody other than an AfroAmerican. Other than running around playing sports or being involved in entertainment, AfroAmericans do not get to see themselves in power. They see white folks in power at every turn. Also, as if handed down from one generation to the next, many AfroAmerican parents reinforce the inferiority complex in their children by way of their approach and deference to white folks. We have to raise more AfroAmericans who see themselves as a victor and not a victim. It starts at home.
  18. Many AfroAmericans left the South in order to find a better life elsewhere. That's how we ended up North and on the west coast too. It worked for several generations as evidenced by the progress of AfroAmericans over the past 100 years. There is a thought that AfroAmericans should return to the South. Flood a state like Georgia. Relocation. That would be the best hope for a mass exodus from Cali or anywhere else. Take a state by being the majority population there and run it from top to bottom. In a state like Georgia, Stacey Abrams would be governor and mumble-mouth Herschel Walker would not have even been on the ticket.
  19. For a long time now, AfroAmericans have been conditioned to work for white folks or others and be obedient employees. Access to consumption i.e. being able to buy some sh8t to live the American dream has been the balm to soothe any butt hurt that AfroAmericans feel from 2nd or 3rd class employee status. Being raised to be a slave (employee) and a consumer is very different from being raised in empowerment and entrepreneurship to be a producer. Mentality and mindset changes when one is raised and conditioned to think like a boss. Obviously, not everyone can be the boss but the empowememt mentality makes a person own whatever they do to include taking their seat at the table and demanding any beneficial changes. White folks feel entitled because everywhere they look around, they're in charge. Empowered and privileged from birth. That's why the poorest white person will never see themselves as inferior to a rich AfroAmerican. Victim to victor requires a mindset change that starts when folks are born. AfroAmericans have to see power among themselves in their every day lives in order to have a desire reproduce it.
  20. It remains to be seen what Rep. Jeffries will do when he gets behind the wheel. My gut feeling from hearing him speak is that Rep. Jeffries will be busy towing the party line and working on behalf of all Americans. Rep. Jeffries won't have time to focus on Black issues especially considering there's no agenda (reparations). Often times, Black folks think politicians can solve their problems. That's not what they do. Politicians manage government resources and they come up laws and legislation to make life easier for citizens. Black folks need to put something on the table.
  21. Very Cool. Either brotha Troy didn't mention anything about sitting on that WSJ panel or I missed it while clowning about big forehead Ethiopians.
  22. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is stepping up to the plate to become Democratic Minority Leader in January 2023. House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi will be stepping down as Democratic leader. The GOP will take over the House in January 2023 which more than likely means Rep. Kevin McCarthy will become House Speaker. Otherwise, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries would be the 1st Black person to hold the Democratic Minority Leader position. At 52 years old, Rep. Jeffries would also mark at generational shift in Democratic leadership. Right now, octogenarians run the show...House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (82), Democratic Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (83) and Democratic Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (82). Of course, the POTUS will officially become an octogenarian this weekend (November 20). He will need all the help he can get when it comes to fulfilling his agenda. Under Rep. Jeffries, hopefully, younger leadership in Congress will have fresh ideas and be able to reach across the aisle and get more things done.
  23. Oh, I know as AfroAmericans we haven't demanded anything of the Democratic party. Just loyally going along with their program. Reparations should definitely be a top 3 agenda items for AfroAmericans. That would let AfroAmericans know where we stand both with the Democratic Party and within the system of white supremacy. That victim mentality definitely leaves AfroAmericans afraid to demand or ask for anything from the Democrats because they really don't want to hear the "h8ll no, we're not going to entertain those issues." But, AfroAmericans cannot remain loyal to a political party that has little or no incentive to do anything on their behalf. Osmosis and wishing doesn't work either.
  24. That's why I often type that both parties are two sides of the same coin especially when it comes to AfroAmericans. The GOP flat out doesn't doesn't give a f8ck about AfroAmericans and the Democrats treat us with benign neglect. The Democrats beg for AfroAmerican votes during election time. Then, they skeet on the sheet and fish-tail out of the parking lot after the deed is done. They've been f8cking AfroAmericans for a long time.
  25. H8ll, AfroAmericans would do well to pay closer to attention. Unfortunately, Dave's comedic genius goes completely over the heads of folks who would rather listen to Kevin Hart.
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