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  1. The point you're trying to make is an insult to the latest victims of a racist tragedy and black folks as a whole.
  2. Hate crimes are very real in America. That's why there is an Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill that was passed with overwhelming support in both the House and Senate. Black folks in America are victims of hate crimes far more than any other group of people yet do not have similar protection in the form of legislation. IMO, that makes it easier for racist white folks to continue killing black folks with impunity.
  3. Racism is alive and well as evidenced by the fact that it motivated a teenaged white boy to kill 10 innocent people this past weekend.
  4. Fortunately, I live in the perfect spot. I'll keep traveling and visiting other places but so far there's been no place like my home. The people, food, music, opportunities, etc., are just a few things that influence my rationale.
  5. It doesn't have to be that way. Black folks could be in a better position to defend themselves nowadays. Instead of buying clothes, shoes, jewelry and vehicles, etc., use some of that money to buy firearms.
  6. High self-esteem, always smiling and positive, unselfish and a genuine love for humanity.
  7. Quite a few. Thankfully, most people don't know they imprisoned to something or someone else.
  8. One believes they're free while the other dreams of and aspires to a better life. The one thing they both have in common is being a prisoner.
  9. There's a whole lot of white folks in that number too. In 2045, there will be 200 million white folks and 240 million non-white folks in America. That is a problem for white folks. With a stagnant population growth, white folks are tired of white women aborting the future of their race. Again, the anti-abortion folks do not give a d8mn about non-white folks.
  10. My concern is that a white guy shot and killed 10 black folks in a grocery store. The shooter apologized for pointing his weapon at a white person laying on the floor. The police didn't fire a single shot at him. They allowed this guy with a gun in hand to decide whether he's was going to kill himself or surrender. Racism is very real. It's a fact that many black folks are dealing with racist crap in one way or another every day.
  11. I'm hoping black folks will turn their guns on racists especially if it means protecting themselves.
  12. The Buffalo shooter admitted that he was a racist who was indoctrinated by white supremacist ideologies.
  13. Sure. White folks own nearly all of the guns and have the easiest access to them. I wonder why they need so much firepower. On the flip side, black communities are encouraged to give up their firearms. That only makes it easier for whoever seeks to dominate and/or destroy us. Right now, black folks are out-numbered on all fronts (manpower, weaponry, technology, etc.) if genocide was waged against us today. The maintenance of white supremacy still remains the greatest threat to black folks.
  14. Therein lies the problem. If black folks are unwilling to bear arms for one reason or another, there is no way to prevent ourselves from genocide at the hand of racists. Then, the only recourse for black folks is hoping that benevolent white folks will keep their own kind from killing us. I don't have a good feeling about that solution either.
  15. @Stefan, as @Mel Hopkins pointed out above, it's not about blaming Democrats or other groups for failures. The fact of the matter is that Democrats could have codified these things into law when they were in majority over a decade ago. Unfortunately, they are not aggressive enough when it comes to pushing legislation. OTOH, the obstructionists (Republicans) have been saying all along that they are going to overturn everything that benefits minorities. When they do have power...they wield it from appointing SCOTUS nominees to enacting laws. I have zero issue with calling balls and strikes as I see them regardless of political party. From where I sit, both parties are total agreement when it comes to one thing...maintaining white supremacy.
  16. Black folks need to seriously consider arming themselves in order to have a fighting chance if/when they come under the attack of a racist white supremacist. That's why I'm a proponent of the open carry gun laws. Folks will think twice about attacking someone not knowing whether or not they are strapped. I also believe the real reason they want to get guns out of black communities is not to keep black folks from being victims of gun violence. IMO, disarming the black community insures that whenever race soldiers (white supremacists) get the call to exterminate black folks with impunity, we will be soft targets.
  17. The one thing all back tribes have in common is the threat of being attacked by white supremacy. The sooner black folks collectively decide how we are going to arms ourselves against racists who wish to do us harm in all levels (physical, mental, financial, etc.), my concern is that every black tribe is a sitting duck i.e. vulnerable.
  18. As I wrote in another thread, the slaughter of black folks will get worse as the ideologies of racism white supremacy indoctrinate more race soldiers willing to carry out executions. Black folks needs to seriously consider arming themselves. This is the only way to have a fighting chance against white supremacists who are willing to kill.
  19. You're not alone in harping on it. I'm sure folks have tired of me typing racism white supremacy on this forum too. But, l I'd rather call out racism white supremacy often enough that folks can never deny that it exists and/or they didn't know it was so bad and firmly entrenched. It's one thing to have a system in place that denies black folks equal access and the full protection of citizenship. When the system of racism white supremacy promotes ideologies sanctioning the slaughter of black folks it makes things even worse.
  20. Being highly paid entertainers, hopefully, they will figure out how to turn their riches into wealth like the folks at the top of the list. Otherwise, white folks know it's good for business and perception to let a few non-whites have money without real wealth i.e. power.
  21. Just as we're discussing racism white supremacy this unfortunate tragedy in Buffalo, NY happens. Watch how differently the left and right wing media reports this domestic terrorism/ hate crime committed by an admitted white supremacist. I believe this is just the beginning of white folks slaughtering people of color fueled by white supremacist ideology.
  22. I didn't skip over anything sista @Mel Hopkins brilliantly articulated. Her salient points immediately led me to think about the rest of our *freedoms* these clowns will infringe upon if/when they're are successful in overturning one. This right-wing train has been barreling down the social tracks for a very long time. We've been able to see it coming from the election of 45 to SCOTUS nominations. Yet, while they had *power* the liberals never put any safeguards in place codifying these rights into law.
  23. An AfroAmerican hedge fund manager won the bid on that painting. IMO, it does represent progress to the extent that he could *afford* to be in the same room.
  24. Agreed. They haven't given up on making America great *again*.
  25. @Delano, your opinion is correct and would be sound financial advice. It takes money to make more of it.
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