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  1. Agreed. The current two party system does a great job in keeping Americans divided. It's not until about 40 million American voters come up an agenda that pulls folks from the far-right and far-left together somewhere in the middle to form a truly Independent party. I'm not looking for a movement that merely drives votes to either Democrats or Republicans but a legitimate Independent party willing to serve all Americans.
  2. https://www.reuters.com/world/prince-charles-travels-barbados-celebrate-creation-republic-2021-11-29/ The Barbados will shed its 400 year old shackles of colonialism in removing the Queen of Great Britain as head of state. Great Britain says it will maintain close ties to the island nation. Hopefully, Barbados will be allowed to thrive and prosper and not become another Haiti. The Barbadian President-Elect is Sandra Mason. There will be a huge party in the newly independent republic.
  3. I didn't know about the black speed skater winning a race. Amazing that in 2021 there are still firsts when it comes to AfroAmericans. I watched the movie King Richard this weekend. Very well done movie on the rise of Venus and Serena Williams and how their daddy came up with a plan ro make them great.
  4. On cue, they're announcing a new variant (Omicron) of the achoo virus. There are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet. Hold on to your seat. The aliens may never come.
  5. Sure. To this day, Afroamericans are still incapable of defending themselves against violence and hostile takeovers. It certainly doesn't help that AfroAmericans have been anesthetized with gross consumerism and materialism into believing the struggle is over and white supremacy doesn't exist. The self-hatred and self-inflicted problems AfroAmericans deal with are by-products of an inability to fight the real enemy. As I just wrote in another thread, the failure to pass on history, knowledge, wealth and build a solid infrastructure to support each other is our biggest problem.
  6. I don't know if wealthy white folks are racists. But, If they benefit from racism either directly or indirectly, their silence and indifference is more dangerous than overt racism. The desire and ability to maintain power and control over other groups of people is the biggest problem. The failure to pass on history and knowledge and build a solid infrastructure to support each other is our problem.
  7. @Stefan, you're right. Defund was definitely the wrong word to use in police reform. The messaging should have emphasized reallocating funds to social services and community outreach and other initiatives. Building a partnership between the police and community they've been sworn to serve and protect will in turn eliminate any animosity between them and reduce crime. I believe the high profile murders committed by race soldiers has opened up a dialog that will lead to better policing in the future.
  8. Unfortunately, some folks don't believe they're gonna get shot until it's too late. According to the gun laws in Texas, I believe that shooter will get away with justifiable homicide. Sadly, the custody battle is over now and the son no longer has a father.
  9. Texas is a great example of a place with relaxed gun laws yet all h8ll doesn't seem to be breaking loose. It isn't the epicenter of mass shootings and murders. I believe the reason Texas isn't the wild wild west is because anybody could be packing a gun at any time. That's an equalizer and crime deterrent.
  10. IMO, it's great that a recorded repository of NF Jr's teaching exists. Unfortunately, I believe when he leaves the planet nobody else will carry the torch. As it relates to relocation, until folks have their own land from which they cannot be booted, it's a good idea to learn how to roll with the punches when it comes to moving. The military does a great job in that regard. Most folks in uniform never live in one place long enough to get too comfortable and/or call it home.
  11. Agreed. Until big money lobbyists are removed from politics, the whole thing is a shell game and two sides of the same coin. Fixing the broken system requires the will of the American people. That's a tall order as long as they're able to keep folks divided, dazed and confused with the two party BS, er, charade.
  12. Lawmakers would have to be willing to make guns a health and safety issue in order to impose restrictions on carry and conceal laws. The politicians will get a major fight from the people who believe in their right to bear arms. The bigger fight for politicians will be with gun lobbyists who fill their coffers and get them elected. When it comes to getting things done in America, follow the money and watch their hands.
  13. That's why I believe we need more than two political parties.
  14. Life is a journey of ups and downs, twists and turns. Despite whatever is going on in our lives and the world around us, we have something for which to be thankful. So, I hope that you have a wonderful day whether it is in food and fellowship with family and friends or a lower key affair or in quiet solitude. Just be thankful for your life, health and strength.
  15. Likewise. I'm having a blast hanging out here.
  16. No. That would be painting with too broad a brush. That's impossible. Human beings do not fit into a couple of boxes when it comes to their thoughts, beliefs, values,, etc.
  17. Agreed. Time solves ALL problems. A willingness to do so by taking action(s) can speed up the process.
  18. I would rather not have a country where folks feel the need to shoot and kill each other for any reason. I think getting guns off the street and/or out of folks' hands will be as impossible as eradicating racism. As long as people feel threatened in a real or imaginary way, they are going to lean on their constitutional right to bear arms.
  19. The defense attorneys in this case have throw a ton of shade on the victim. Totally disrespectful. Once the state case has concluded regardless of outcome, the feds will bring charges against those murderous clowns too.
  20. @Pioneer1, the struggle is real regardless of the circumstances. It only takes a decision either voluntary or involuntary to flip the script. Keep your head up mayne. Even the hardest times don't last forever. In Common's song, it says "there is a light that shines special for you...".
  21. Sure. If they are non-white, obviously, I wouldn't call them white supremacists. I would call them d8mn fools. This boy has just opended season for white vigilantism in America. @Troy in his optimism wants guns taken off the streets. In light of recent events... As @Pioneer1 might post...SHEEEYIT..
  22. Since the beginning of time, some people have been willing to do anything for profit at the expense of their soul. Granted, there are some folks who truly believe in the BS they've been sold and will happily sell it to others. As it relates to AfroAmericans, there will always be those who believe the ice is colder on the other side.
  23. Wealthy white folks do not have to be motivated by racism because they benefit from it. Same goes for their monopolies in every aspect of business and life in general. From the Fortune 500 and as documented in the pages of Forbes magazine, white folks have everything on lockdown here in America and around the world too. Surely, there's the illusion of a handful of non-white folks getting a few crumbs off the table but if/when they decide to turn off the spigot, we're all hosed. White supremacy is so firmly entrenched in the way our world operates that dismantling and replacing it with a system of justice is the only way non-white people will truly thrive in all aspects of life.
  24. https://www.foxnews.com/media/donald-trump-meets-kyle-rittenhouse-prosecutorial-misconduct-kenosha-trial It appears the hero treatment is just getting started. Meeting with the former POTUS. Rumored to be offered congressional internships. Money pouring in from white supremacists. I hope this dog whistle doesn't turn into a bullhorn.
  25. @Troy and @Mzuri, I know y'all saw that ending my sentence. Likewise, I could found something else to do or watch. I figure it was meant for me to see their induction into the country club.
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