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  1. According to body/mass index she would be considered obese. Don't get it twisted, *I* have no use for the western definition of obesity. Black folks need a different scale. In my mind, Black folks aren't obese until they can't do normal physical activities like walking up a few steps and being out of breath but still hungry.
  2. Bro, not to intrude on the convo but from a medical perspective your preferred fat sista is considered obese regardless of how she's carrying it. Back to the regularly scheduled program.
  3. Whenever I see a midget they remind me of the circus.
  4. The 1st article warning that there could be potential protests, death and destruction is not a threat. Now, the picture of him holding a baseball bat next to a pic of NY DA Bragg could be seen as a threat. That's why the post was deleted. It's a crime to threaten a public official. Otherwise, you already know why the former POTUS has been getting away with everything he does. The clown knows the tiger is toothless i.e. the rules (laws) don't apply to him.
  5. IMO, colorism has been ongoing for as long as human beings have been reproducing across color lines. H8ll, pale white folks throw shade at their darker, greasy looking white cousins too.
  6. Fam, it's easy for a racist coward or cyber-bully to show and start typing noise and nonsense. We know they wouldn't be as bold and let it happen out in them streetz unless they wanted that azz beat. i definitely understand @Chevdove clapping the drunken fool up to a point. But, as brotha and sista, @Pioneer1 and @Chevdove, y'all need to hug and shake hands.
  7. First amendment. Freedom of speech. Any of us could have said the same thing. Now, if there was a protest or riot leading to death and destruction, he could be charged with inciting an insurrection. Well, we know how that went...
  8. @Pioneer1, refer back to the teachings of NF Jr. as it relates to religion. You've slipped off code. Back to the comets and natural disasters, I still think most of them are separate events that happen around the same time. These events both celestial and interplanetary have been ongoing since the universe was created. We just have enough technology to track it. Civilizations have been wiped out by natural disasters, diseases and plagues. Everything that happens without input from human beings is a part of the Earth's self-care maintenance program.
  9. Mother Nature strikes again. A tornado just ripped through Mississippi killing 19 people so far. It only lasted about 15 minutes leaving a path of destruction.
  10. Right. The forum was relatively quiet back when the 1st clown started this thread. I felt compelled to use it as a clay pigeon and whack a troll. These new drifters don't deserve oxygen. They're the equivalent of a drunk stumbling down the street and wandering into a Black coffeeshop.
  11. Bro, as you know from the teachings of NF Jr., the system of racism is the most powerful force on the planet. It provides top cover for racist individuals and suspects.
  12. I should have been more clear. Of course, *I* know the difference between older and old women. Sh8t... I'm about that whole life. I thought my sense of humor was established around here. Guess I need to use more emojis.
  13. I'm just clowning around as usual. However, as an old man and without TMI, I've been around long enough to know a lot too.
  14. Politicians are all about money. They don't give two f8cks about the people they "serve". The "threats" posed by China and Russia are political smoke screens too. Notice how under the previous administration there was no conflicts between the US and China and Russia. All of a sudden, Russia has invaded Ukraine and China is threatening Taiwan. War games. Conflicts = revenue. TikTok is allowed to flourish because the US is getting more out of than entertainment. Follow the money. Watch their hands.
  15. Those millions of dead fish will make for great fertilizer. The sooner people get them underneath dirt and plant something, that will make for great crop growth and harvest. At 5 billion years old, the Earth has the process of purging and replenishing itself well beyond a science.
  16. Let's hope the racist newbies don't stick around for too long polluting the forum.
  17. Hold the phone... An older woman's brain is fading and her box is more Arizona than Seattle. Both of her s8x organs are in distress. That older woman is only having s8x with her paid companion so that he can relieve himself.
  18. California had been dry for quite some time. They were praying for rain and water. Between the snow and storms, I guess those millions of prayers are finally being answered.
  19. The Earth does its own self-maintenance. I'm so looking forward to the natural disasters and whatever else springs from the eclipses.
  20. Cher might be viable and pliable to some degree. But, she's 76 and he's 36. That 40 year gap could be a problem especially if the lining in the walls of her casket have gotten thinner.
  21. I hope y'all don't believe she's serving up anything good at this point in her life. Dude is a paid companion. Easy work. He doesn't even have to beat that box up.
  22. There's no shortage of our sistas out here killin' it and winning in the game of life. Kudos to all of our sistas and brothas who are making it happen in their respective areas.
  23. Another original member of the P-Funk mob has left this existence. Thanks for the music. RIP Fuzzy Haskins.
  24. This is the outcome to which they would hope he will agree. Meanwhile, as @Cynique mentioned, he's calling for protests. Now, whenever someone mentions January 6th, his followers will say that they have a constitutional right to protest. The current House Speaker, former Vice President and several leading Republicans are spineless when it comes to their refusal to speak out against the former POTUS.
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