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  1. Bingo. Russia doesn't want to break up the (countries falling under sphere of influence) and the US by way of NATO being in their back yard.
  2. The young folks in Senegal are acting a fool in protest to because candidate Osumane Sonko who is very popular among them has been charged with crimes. The high road for Sonko to take would be telling his supporters not to clash with police. They don't need to get caught up in his issues.
  3. They're always on code. It's all about self-preservation when it comes to white folks. They want to enjoy the planet for themselves. No different from religion telling folks to be obedient and suffer on Earth because their riches and rewards are in heaven. Milk and Kool-Aid, er, mind control was a popular drink and it still is apparently.
  4. It's being reported that billionaire Elon Musk inflated the price of dodgecoin using Tw8tter (he owns the platform) and cashed out for $124 million. I doubt that any Black folks were in on the deal.
  5. @Pioneer1, you nailed it. 8 billion people on the planet right now. Projected to be 9.7 billion in 2050. There's a whole lot of f8ckin going on as we type. Some folks will be in the mix if a big azz asteroid or meteor hits this b8tch (Earth).
  6. AfroAmerican men are specifically being emasculated from the biggest athlete to artists/entertainers to street thugs. Meanwhile, no other group of men on the planet are playing the back when it comes to their women. Look no further than the silence of white women as the former POTUS throws shade at them every chance he gets. The most white women will say is "boys will be boys". White women vote the way their husbands do. They're willing to stay at home and live off whatever income the husband brings. Last point....we never hear any other group of women profess to be strong. AfroAmerican men and women are under attack to further divide us from each other.
  7. Surely you already know this by now but confidence is a man's most attractive feature. Failure and rejection sharpens iron. It happens to the best, brightest and most beautiful human beings. Nobody gets everything they want.
  8. No worries. I edited my post but the tangent remains the same.
  9. @Pioneer1, n8gglets have been doing dysfunctional sh8t for many decades. Even Malcolm Little got locked up in the 1940s. The names and faces have changed but otherwise there is nothing new under the sun.
  10. Black folks have the same problem all over the planet. They have to decide whether they're going to serve their own greed and self-interest under the system of racism white supremacy or work to overthrow and replace it. Africans aren't exempt. In fact, they might be worse having a whole continent and not controlling it from top to bottom. Instead, a handful of them are *selling out*. They're being oppressed by remote control. Look no further than a country like Nigeria where a handful of dudes brag about being rich but they're driving luxury cars and trucks on pothole-filled streets and spraying money from helicopters. N8gglets just can't get right nowhere.
  11. True that. Unfortunately, some folks would rather focus on his transgressions. Thankfully, those people are in the minority. Definitely won't find too many if any in Washington DC.
  12. As I have mentioned before, the Earth has been around for 5 billion years. It is on schedule to be around for 5 billion years. However, human beings (Homo Sapiens) have only been around about 190,000 years. Our time on the planet is a blip in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy the ride. Planet Earth will take care of itself even if it means getting rid of mankind.
  13. Absolutely not. I appreciate everyone's contribution to the discussion regardless of whether or not I agree. Along the same lines, I have no problem whatsoever in having my opinions challenged. Constructive dialog is good. There is no need for me to raise money for DC's Mayor for Life. His legacy has already been cemented. Regardless of Marion Barry's flaws as mortal man, there is a reason he was beloved by a couple generations of Black people.
  14. I understand your point of view. I realize you're not impressed with the readership here. Again, I'd be slightly curious to know what makes you come back to this particular discussion forum.
  15. Crisis averted. Bill passed unanimously by both the House and Senate. POTUS Biden will sign it today and deliver remarks. Since they made it a 2 year deal, this drill will not come back around again until 2025. However, welfare recipients have to prove they have been looking for work in order to continue receiving their benefits. Meanwhile, Ukraine gets a blank check to spend as much money as they want on a war they cannot *win*.
  16. OK. But, I'd be slightly curious to know your reason for trying to pick up women in a bookstore. If you were looking for a *smart* woman to be your wife or significant other, a bookstore could be one spot. But, I would think a university or college campus would have provided access to *educated* women too. Otherwise, if your objective was to find a woman to smash, there were plenty spots besides Barnes & Noble. Overall, you're right in that most people have to find their lane(s) when it comes to making those connections. However, the shortest distance between two points is still a line. Be direct. Saves a whole lot of time, energy and resources.
  17. While I'm happy for the newlyweds, they didn't have to put Jonathan on blast out there crying and sh8t. That dude is a grown azz Black man and a professional athlete. There's no reason to provide visual proof of his moment of vulnerability...joy and happiness.
  18. https://apnews.com/article/republican-primary-trump-desantis-pence-christie-b0a18225ec5f9d0f53aa0f08b292a2f3 Senator Tim Scott has tossed his hat into the ring to run for POTUS on the GOP ticket. Scott was welcomed into the race by none other than former POTUS Orange Julius. Strategic move by OJ. In addition to Scott, the GOP clown car includes Orange Julius, Ron DeStupid, Nikki Air Haley and Vivek Ritalin Ramaswamy. They might need a bigger vehicle if former VP Mike Lfy Pence, former Gov. Chris Cupcake Christie and NH Gov. Chris Schmooze Sununu toss their sombreros into the ring as well. Orange Julius knows that neither Tim Scott nor most of the field of dreamers really stands a chance of getting the GOP nomination. DeStupid is probably the strongest opponent to Orange Julius but he's lacking personality and brain power. Some folks believe Tim Scott is really running for VP or some other cabinet level appointment. Another uncle Ben Carson.
  19. It has already been confirmed that after one dies, someone else either gets the stuff they left behind and/or throws it in the trash. Also, any money leftover gets spent foolishly too.
  20. That's a great question. If *anybody* could confirm it, I believe the world would be a lot different.
  21. Correct. Those with inside knowledge will be the luckiest. They will sucker other folks into investing when the mine is almost dried up.
  22. A fool and his money are soon to be parted. Even if someone feels and/or believes luck is on their side, the safest best is to only gamble as much as they afford to lose. That's why most people only spend a few dollars on lottery tickets. Only an idiot would blow a whole check or life savings trying to hit the Powerball.
  23. @Pioneer1, nah bro, I didn't think you were suggesting a kumbaya with the devil. As you already know, these threads allow my tangential response about what Black folks need to do ( @Cynique ) especially when dealing with them. There's no harm in making Chess moves as long as one knows how to play the game and stays on code.
  24. The debt ceiling has been raised 68 times and counting. The US keeps modifying how much money it can print and/or afford to pay back. The whole debt ceiling thing is a silly exercise because whichever countries the US owes money will never call in the markers. The world economy is dependent on America in one way or another. That's how America can send $80 billion to Ukraine for a war they cannot win but the government want to cut benefits to American citizens.
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