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  1. @Stefan, it's not on the brochure but folks who join the military and law enforcement are signing up to kill or be killed. Most folks make it through those careers without having to make that sacrifice. Folks run around the streets engaging in gangs and/or criminal activities knowing the risks. They might have to kill or be killed too. While these folks aren't strapping bombs and grenades to themselves, they are engaging in careers and activities that could require them to take a bullet. It hasn't clicked with either group of folks that they're willing to die for something less than overthrowing the system of racism white supremacy.
  2. There's less room for negotiation when someone has a weapon of any kind. Police are trained to use deadly force. I don't think lethal foce is necessary when the weapon is not a firearm. Folks have been shot and killed while waving a butter knife several feet away from the police. A taser or leg shot would have been sufficient. If police officers were trained in hand to hand combat, they would be able to disarm someone wielding a knife or club. Law enforcement especially in Black and Brown communities have been licensed to kill them. The people need to recognize and believe it.
  3. That story is bizarre. Double amputee jumps out of a wheel chair to chase down and stab someone else. *Hops* back in the wheelchair still brandishing a weapon and threatening law enforcement. His mom says he had been suffering from a lot of depression since losing his legs. Maybe angry man wanted to commit suicide by cops. I'll wait on more information before giving this dude a hashtag.
  4. Absolutely. I've often written here that fear keeps people in check. Most of the folks who want to go to heaven are afraid to die. Living in h8ll isn't that bad. Yet, militaries are filled with people who are willing to sacrifice themselves. Same goes for the streets.
  5. Gotd8mn. That's gonna crush some toes and feet. Recommendation for parents reading the scribe above...steel toe shoes and boots.
  6. If those rumors are true and those 8gglets are going to prison for another's man beef...they were stupid. Now, they will catch beef from a whole bunch of dudes in the penalty box. True that. Diplomacy...killing with kindness is a better tactic. It allows one to fight another day and/or in another way.
  7. No surprise that Black folks hurt each other. Bad actors among Black police officers is not a surprise either. Black police caught on video beating another Black man to death alters the narrative regarding police brutality as it relates to racism and bias. There is still disparity in how white police officer misconduct is handled when they abuse and kill Black folks. White police officers aren't immediately terminated and charged with a criminal offense. They get paid administrative leave pending an investigation. If convicted of a crime, it takes at least 1.5 yeas before the end up behind bars. Meanwhile, in Memphis, those former police officer n8gglets were fired and arrested in less than a month. They will be in the penitentiary before the Fall of 2023.
  8. This whole situation is just another example of how AfroAmericans are woefully un-educated in the system of racism white supremacy. In the absence of a code, they don't know better. As NF Jr. brilliantly stated, if one doesn't understand the system, what it is and how it works, everything else will lead to confusion. Of course, white folks are breathing a sigh of relief and enjoying this latest round of police brutality because AfroAmericans did it to themselves. instigating riots would have been icing on the cake. Fortunately, folks didn't take the bait.
  9. Heads are still rolling in Memphis. A 6th cop and two (2) EMTs have been relieved of their duties.
  10. Yep. Quitting on life or losing the desire to live is a mental breakdown. The person is mentally unhealthy in that moment.
  11. Sista @Mel Hopkins, I got it. Now, I know what it takes to get you to pop in and check on the peanut gallery.
  12. Those thousands of Black folks looking for a reparations check probably cannot afford to move to and take up residency in Cali. It's an expensive place to live for working class folks. The shelters and streets are already crowded with homeless people.
  13. @Delano's post makes my point. Even AI acknowledges that it requires human input. The only way AI knows who's going to win the Super Bowl two (2) weeks from now is if it has been programmed to find emails within the NFL confirming that games are fixed.
  14. @Pioneer1, I want all Black folks to win. I just don't want it to get twisted that some groups of Black folks are smarter and/or harder working than others. All groups of Black people have similar problems regardless of where they live.
  15. My point was that Artificial Intelligence doesn't think. It is running a series of computer programs based on instructions geared to produce a specific outcome. Playing the game of Chess or Bridge are great examples of how Artificial Intelligence works. It makes moves based on algorithms fed into it. Without human beings programming it, Artificial Intelligence either doesn't exist or it's dumb.
  16. @Pioneer1, I'm not doubting African Intelligence or industriousness. Most immigrants share those traits to varying degrees. In fact, the US doesn't allow legal immigration among people of color without some type of credentials. My point is some Africans have similar problems back home that AfroAmericans face here in the US. The difference is AfroAmericans have nowhere to run. We don't have a whole country to return if things don't work out here. End of the line.
  17. Artificial Intelligence is a repository of data. Algorithms programmed by humans provide instructions for how it responds. The day Artificial Intelligence is actually capable of thinking, planning and making decisions without human interaction and more importantly, can function without a power source i.e. self-sustainability, we're in trouble.
  18. @Pioneer1, the smart African people should be able to overthrow the corrupt government. Buy they wouldn't especially if they're in charge and/or benefiting from it. So, the non-powerful *smart* African people leave their home country and take up residence in a racist country. They leave a Black oppressor to take up with a white oppressor. Personally, I don't think it's *smart* to have 7 degrees including medicine and come to the United States to drive a cab or work security in a department store. Many Africans save up enough money to move back to Africa and build a house out in the countryside minus running water or electricity. This isn't hearsay on my part. These are facts based on 1st hand observation. I could write a book on the subject but that's not my thing.
  19. @Pioneer1, the founders usually have code of ethics and laws of conduct established when nation building. The downside is they break them to their benefit.
  20. I've mentioned this before because I have 1st hand knowledge in my own family. Africans seemingly come to the United States in order to excel yet their home country remains under-developed in comparison. That doesn't make sense. Africans leave a whole country and culture behind in order to get closer a better life as defined by white folks. Some African born childen get over here and become Americanized and just as dysfunctional as native n8gglets. African adults have the same issues as their American counterparts. I see it every day.
  21. @Pioneer1, folks have always been expressing their s8xual freedom...d8mn the torpedoes. The folks having the least amount of s8x for whatever reason have tried to regulate others. It hasn't worked and never will. Human beings are s8xual creatures biologically. No amount of rules and regulations and philosophies will change it. But, Father Time is undefeated. Eventually, folks can't have s8x no more. That leads to different mental problems.
  22. @Pioneer1, the planned community being discussed would make its rules (laws) and have buy-in from those who choose to live in it.
  23. Schools have become glorified day care centers. However, the building blocks of knowledge and social skills are there if folks are inclined to take advantage of it constructively. The library is filled with books on everything human beings know up to this point. History, Science, Math, Literature, Technology, etc., it's all there. The question is how many Black parents are equipped with and willing to pull the resources together in order to educate their offspring i.e. home-school. White folks set up private schools and home-school their children for this very reason. In a system that benefits them, white folks have the luxury of catering to the intellectual capacity and curiosity of their children. They can expose them to knowledge they feel is most beneficial to their well-being. They weed out anything that will make their childen dumb and/or conscience of their privileged system for that matter. Black educators should be bucking the system and providing knowledge and information that stimulates our children intellectually and provides them with the skills to be self-sufficient. Instead, Black folks have taken up the position of trying to fit within the system. No desire and afraid to destroy it and build our own.
  24. @Pioneer1, the problem with most riots is that folks destroy their own communities. Riotous protestors should be burning down the oppressors sh8t. The reason Black folks from past to present haven't destroyed the enemy's sh8t is....fear.
  25. @Pioneer1, you're right...people pay for goods and services provided by others. But, the reality is that s8x is free. Human beings are s8xual creatures. When people become s8xually active there's no money involved. Younger folks f8ck like rabbits. They enjoy it. S8x only becomes a transactional commodity because for one reason or another people are willing to pay for it. Men pay prostitutes to avoid commitment and/or because they aren't attractive themselves. Men have to pay to have s8x with women who aren't genuinely attracted to them and/or above their pay-grade. That's how a dude who looks like Flava Flav gets with a woman who looks like Halle Berry. Gotta pay up. The same woman who will charge one man for s8x will give it to the dude she really likes for free. Men are better served following the laws of mutual attraction. Find a woman who's genuinely attracted and s8x is on and popping...no dough required.
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