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  1. For starters, Artificial Intelligence needs to come up with the cure for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ALS and MS in order for me to be impressed.
  2. I think he's read a whole of books in order to increase his vocabulary and facilitate his verbosity. A far as his theory of reality goes, I'm glad I have the gift of being a musician. It's a great opiate.
  3. This country is hilarious in how it treats prostitution. It's against the law for a woman to sell herself on the street. But, most dates are essentially men buying s8x from women. Same goes for a man paying a woman's bills. Yet, it's not considered prostitution. Otherwise, the police could show up in any restaurant or movie theater and start arresting folks because there's plenty prostitution happening there. Brothels and escort services are legalized prostitution. Men with money can have extramarital affairs without the baggage associated with infidelity. Married tricks and hoes get fancy titles...husbands and wives. They're under contract to have s8x with each other. Yet, let some men lose a job or money come up short and he might be sleeping in the doghouse. No s8x. Conversely, there are women in marriages and relationships who look at s8x as a chore or job. They dread paydays and birthdays and holidays and any other occasion that requires f8ckin. Then, there are men and women who sneak around having s8x with someone else because they're tethered to a situation for one reason or another (finances, family, material possessions, etc.) and cannot leave. Prostitutes. Prostitution is truly the oldest profession. The world is filled with pimps, hoes and tricks. I had the whole game figured out by the time I was about 9 years old.
  4. Black folks are not going to riot. But, one of those white racists groups might infiltrate the protest and start tearing up sh8t to make us look bad. Absolutely. Memphis police chief is a Black woman. She had to hurry up and do something about the situation.
  5. Therein lies the reality of the situation. That's why white Americans own more firearms than any other country on the planet. White Americas aren't stockpiling firearms to go hunting. They're not out killing food. They are prepared for war.
  6. Of course. As usual, Black folks are leading the example in showing them how this type of situation should be handled. Let's see if white folks follow suit the next time once of their race soldiers abuses and/or kills a Black or Brown person.
  7. Peaceful protests in several cities. People are hurt and disgusted all over again but there will be no violence.
  8. @Stefan, I also mentioned firearms training above too. I'm not advocating a wild west. I'd totally support a Black civillian defense force too. We've always needed it. We cannot depend on law enforcement to serve and protect us. Sometimes, they're part of the problem.
  9. The video is horrific. The level of inhumanity is ridiculous. More law enforcement folks could be fired and face criminal charges. They stood around and did nothing to render care to Tyre Nichols. Ben Crump is already in town. The city of Memphis might be bankrupt when the smoke clears and dust settles.
  10. A couple times I've asked you all to go back and read what I've written. I haven't edited one word of my post in this thread. Read it without bias or emotion. Again, I never wrote that every citizen should be armed. I appreciate the caution/concern. But, I come from a place where I've seen it all. I'm keenly aware of my mortality. Therefore, I have nothing to fear.
  11. I recently saw a report on ChatGPT. Cool technology but... AI is going to put a whole lot of folks out of work. Robots will be able to do everything that is not bound by ethical considerations. The future of job opportunities will be bleak for unskilled and under-educated people.
  12. That's not what I wrote above. Thanks. I'm over a half century old and counting. I'm better than good.
  13. @Stefan, reparations is defined as compensation, restitution, redress, repayment.
  14. @Troy and @Stefan re-read my post above. I've already stated that not everyone should own a gun. Someone in a soft target should be armed especially if a mass shooter shows up. Stay ready. This would be ideal as I mentioned in my 1st post. Until then...
  15. Tyre Nichols was beaten to death by 5 black former Memphis police officers. Word is for 3 minutes, those 5 ex-cops beat that 29-year old man like a "human piñata". We'll see the video soon. The whole ordeal stemmed from a traffic stop. Tyre's family says the only reason he tried to run away is because he was scared. No matter how eccentric an individual might appear to be, if they're nonviolent, there's no reason for police officers to abuse them. Police officers have plenty ways of catching up with a fleeing nonviolent suspect too. Let them go. Eat donuts and wait for them to show up at the crib. Police officers are sworn to serve and protect citizens. They have had a false sense of authority since the war on drugs. Police officers shooting and beating nonviolent folks is excessive force or worse...murder. Those 5 clowns need to go to prison.
  16. @Cynique, better late than never that you've noticed your bell has been rung. Now that I'm fully of aware of your technical challenges, if/when I decide to run up there for Harold's fried chicken, I'll start a thread.
  17. @Rodney campbell, another brilliant treatise. Unfortunately, Black people collectively are afraid to destroy the system of racism white supremacy. As a result, Black people are left in a proverbial child-like state to the system and imprisoned by it. Very similar to adults who never leave home and/or learn how to take care of themselves.
  18. History proves there is no shortage of ignorance and stupidity as folks continue doing the same dumb sh8t.
  19. Of course not. It would be a d8mn shame if they spent foolishly and lost heavy. There's no excuse for ignorance when history teaches better.
  20. Absolutely not. I'm too old for girlfriends. No time for mind games. Life is short. Karma is a b8tch. Cognizant of my mortality, I live my life by the golden rule and to the fullest insuring my peace, joy and happiness remain uncompromised.
  21. The brotha has a gift for running his mouth. Women impressed by an articulate Black man run the gamut from highly educated to hood boogers and everything in the middle. Beyond being bedazzled by bullsh8t, the only women who actually stick around a broke dude with the gift of gab traveling down the boulevard of unfulfilled dreams and aspirations are what I call the lonely hearts club. The lonely hearts club women just a want a piece of man...a dude with a pulse. Those types of women will actually support a broke azz n8gglet. In that regard, considering the bar isn't very high, Umar could build a harem of women. He just wouldn't be able to support them beyond bubblegum and the bedroom depending on the tightness of his game.
  22. At one point in my life, I enjoyed playing games (board (Chess, Monopoly), card (Casino, Rummy, Spades, Tonk) and video (football) equally. I rarely play any games nowadays.
  23. I don't think so. DeStupid has already shown his hand. He acts and says the quiet part out loud. There are enough white folks in this country who think just like him. They will do everything it takes to insure that he gets the GOP nomination if not the former POTUS 45.
  24. Gotd8mnit...this is brilliant. I could not have written it better myself. Sh8t...I'm almost inspired to stop posting on the board. Of course, I will not.
  25. $20 million to the Bruce family was apparently enough for their heirs. Someone came up with a land valuation. I doubt they presented a clear picture of projected loss of income/revenue over time. The heirs chose to roll with it. That's generally what people who are financially broken will do. Those guys probably didn't have a million bucks in the bank. So, $20 million was more than enough to make their dreams come true. I just hope the Bruce heirs don't spend the money buying a bunch of dumb sh8t and give it all back to white folks.
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