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  1. Even if it means a slight inconvenience to users....get your paper mayne. I'll be posted up in my comfy armchair regardless. If I get tired of seeing ads and can bribe, er, pay my way out of it...I'll shoot a PM your way on where to to send my donation. In other words, I'm willing to support whatever you need in order to maintain the site.
  2. You are underestimating the power of fear. White folks are neither more organized nor smarter than Black folks. However, the religion of racism white supremacy is the powerful force on the planet. White folks are more willing to kill anybody who gets in their way of maintaining power. They have instilled fear in others. Vlady Putin is sacrificing thousands of white lives to make a point. The French have threatened military action against Niger if that uranium stops. Meanwhile, those same African dudes looking like a busted version of Full Force do not take up arms against their colonizers and imperialists. They are no different than the bullies who will beat up on weaker people but they will not challenge their real oppressors. Essentially, you're advocating that Black folks should be smart enough to overcome their fear of white folks. I'm sure you have rarely ever seen the nerd/geek person beat up the bully. Nope. The smart person gets wedgies until they either fight back and/or find some way of protection from the bully even if it means becoming a friend to their enemy. The funny thing is that the way the world collides/intersects, the nerds and bullies often end up living in the same neighborhoods as adults. Real killers use smart people to maintain their power, domination and control over the weak and afraid.
  3. During one of our discussions, you insisted that maybe Black folks aren't smart enough to overcome white folks and my position was that it is fear more than a lack of intelligence. What a coincidence....I started to mention blood diamond earlier today when it comes to the ruthless of white folks doing business.
  4. I didn't really have any favorites in the 1980s but if I had to pick it woulf be El DeBarge. El is one helluva musician/singer/songwriter. Mint Condition has been my favorite from the late 1990s and beyond.
  5. Of course, it depends on which mathematics one uses....1x1=1 or 1^1=1. The child is a by-product of one union. Also, women don't get pregnant from their climax. They have to produce an egg. Otherwise, all the sweating and heaving won't produce anything but a good time for the man and sometimes the woman too.
  6. Jodeci is my favorite R&B group from the 1990s. K-Ci and JoJo on the leads and the groups vocal arrangements were on fire. DeVante Swing crushed it on the music production too. Jodeci was a complete package. Of course, copycats followed.
  7. Yep. These situations are usually instigated by outsiders. Unfortunately, it results in replacing one puppet leader with another one. At some point, Black countries have to kick out the folks who don't belong there...French, Chinese, Russian, Arab, etc. France threatened Niger with military action against if them if that uranium stops flowing. Gangsta.
  8. Understood. Like sports. there's a place for it. Debating is a mental sport. Nothing wrong with it. I do it in the real world. Hopefully, at some point, one's ability to successfully win an argument and/or change someone's else opinion, thought or belief could have a constructive benefit beyond bragging rights.
  9. @Pioneer1, all this time I thought you rejected my assertion that Black folks fear white folks. Love is also the reason Black folks will not overcome their oppressors. Black folks do not love white folks in the physical sense. We see then as fellow human beings. Black folks are truly peaceful by nature. We don't believe in killing, raping and pillaging as a means to an end. While Black folks could be violent under certain conditions, we'd much rather f8ck, eat, party, play music and have fun. This dispensation won't allow Black folks to live in our true glory.
  10. @Pioneer1, you know from the teachings of NF Jr. that there are certain things that aren't worth discussing. If a subject is not about solving problems, it might lead to a non-constructive argument. Politics, religion and conspiracy theories are just a few rabbit holes that will lead to non-constuctive dialog. I will give my opinions on any topic of discussion but I don't challenge what folks believe. Folks have a right to think and believe whatever thry choose. We do not have a right to impose our beliefs on others. HIV is a man-made disease. There's nothing we can do about it.
  11. You've laid out a case for how Black folks can be violent and ruthless against each other. I've acknowledged it. Please explain why Black folks haven't overthrown their white and non-white colonizers and imperialists.
  12. @Troy, makes a great point that a lot of wealth has come from ruthless business practices and at the expense of destroying others in the process. We see and hear about Black people filled with greed and corruption in other countries. It's a reaction to indirect racism white supremacy. We also know about AfroAmericans killing each other in cities across America over drugs and gang-related BS. It's a by-product of racism white supremacy. However, I contend that Black folks aren't truly violent and/or ruthless people. Definitely not enough so to take wealth and power from others especially white folks. That's why Black countries remain poor while their natural resources are being exploited by foreigners. If Black countries were to rebel against their Interlopers, a harsh military strike would come against them. Wagner group offering their services was an example. Interestingly, Brown people are allowed to control their other wealth that comes from black gold aka oil. Black folks are waiting on a miracle to destroy the evil people and restore the world to a peaceful paradise. It will take a similar miracle for Black folks to realize their wealth and consolidate it into power.
  13. In the same way that poor people don't realize the rich are keeping them poor, reasonably intelligent people don't see that AI is going to displace them especially in the workforce. One day, a whole bunch of educated folks who could rely on a good white collar job will find themselves driving Uber. Kinda like folks who claim to be doctors and nurses, kings and queens in their home countries. Their education is no good here in the US. Drive Uber or take this lawn mower and cut grass or wash old people's azz. The future of America under AI will have a whole bunch of educated people working outside their areas of study and/or expertise.
  14. Black people collectively have e wealth. We just don't use it as power. Gross consumerism has many of our people preoccupied. It might take another generation or so for them to understand the true power of wealth.
  15. Yeah bro, I can only hope I'm in the last stages of Dementia or Alzheimer's disease in those days.
  16. As Chris Rock accurately pointed out, Black folks are rich....white folks are wealthy. Rich money is good for a generation or so. It mainly works for the individual(s) and their immediate circle. Wealth is power that is passed down through generations.
  17. @Pioneer1, AfroAmericans do not have the power or position to 1) stop white folks from allowing immigrants into the US nor 2) leave the US and buy up land in another country. Immigrants are leaving their home countries for a better life in the US. White folks are using them as a buffer between themselves and AfroAmericans. AfroAmericans can barely buy up land and build cities here in the country they were born. It would be difficult for them to do it in a stranger land. Again, fleeing to countries folks are leaving doesn't make sense. I seriously doubt Ecuador or any other country would with open arms welcome AfroAmericans into their country to come and build it up. In order to build property and a sustainable infrastructure, the money would have to come from somewhere. You're right....AfroAmericans are not unified. We're not on code in the 9 areas of human activity. Take one thing....wealth building. We're not there. Cash rules everything especially politics. We have a long way to go in that regard.
  18. @Pioneer1, over several centuries now, many Black folks have been conditioned to mistrust themselves amd each other and take whatever white folks say and do as gospel. That's why the white man's ice always seems to be colder to many Black folks and non-white folks too. Artificial Intelligence wil be the nail in the coffin that allows white folks to separate themselves from non-whites. Especially rich and poor. Human beings shouldn't fear the man-made supercomputers that will replace them in the labor force. They should be rebelling against the Humans who are creating them. Human beings had better figure put how to produce something tangible. They have to make themselves of value. in a world of self-checkout, AI generated content and robots performing everything from car repairs to surgeries, there will be less work for humans to do. That's going to lead to an unemployment rate the world has never seen. There's going to be a lot of poor people when white folks give most of the jobs to AI. Thankfully, I won't be around to see a world being run by computers and robots.
  19. AI=Artificial Intelligence. I can already imagine the kind data diet it is being programmed, er, fed by its human nutritionists.
  20. All white media remains on code when it comes to maintaining the system of racism white supremacy. They aren't going to deep dive into anything that exposes what it is and how it works.
  21. Real news is based on facts and information. The local news and some newspapers still operate that way. PBS and NPR curate news stories from the wave tops but they still report without the spin. On cable news channels, once talking heads start giving their opinions and bringing in subject matter experts to spin narratives, the news becomes entertainment to their target audience. The salaries of these media personalities on cable TV is a telltale sign that's it's more entertainment than information. We live in a 24/7/365 media cycle that is constantly feeding the systems of capitalism and racism white supremacy.
  22. Our community has been going through in one way or another for several hundred years now. The reality is that h8ll for one person or a group of people is paradise to another. To that extent, life is what we make it especially from an individual perspective. So, it would be selfish to wish for the destruction or annihilation of our people based on our own perception of conditions and/or circumstances. We should strive to do whatever it takes within our calling to make life better for our people. Imagine how different our history would be if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had resigned himself to a life of ministry, academia, political office or maybe corporate America. Every generation has an opportunity to make life better. It's all about the Black men putting in that work.
  23. That's hilarious. In order to be informed when it comes to my armchair opinions, I'll tune in to the assortment of entertainment news channels to absorb as much of the BS as I can stand. More importantly, I tune in to confirm that they're all full of sh8t. Different cast of characters but the same ole spin. NewsNation tries to be objective but there's a certain hype and sensationalism in the news stories they choose to cover as well. I'm sure Walter Cronkite never could've imagined what news would become one day. A big tent circus.
  24. Cool. We can create a thread dedicated to Black Power where positive images and success are documented.
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