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  1. @Stefan, it is not my position that everyone should have a gun. Killing another person is not for the faint of heart. Only people who are trained and unafraid to use a firearm should carry one. Texas is an open carry state. Yet, it has not become the wild west as a result. The Texas Roadhouse eatery is an example of what an armed person can do. The guy went a bit overboard insuring the robber was dead. But, he did handle the situation. Mass shooters pick soft targets (church, school, business, etc.) because they know armed resistance does not exist. Very few mass shooters walk into a police station or a gun range and start shooting people. Too many guns. I get it that you are anti-gun. That's fine. Take cover when an active shooter shows up and bullets start flying. Otherwise, until America gets a handle on mental illness and other things that trigger violence, citizens who have the capacity and desire to do so should be armed. They might save your life.
  2. I heard Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker talk about that last week. Unbelievable that some law enforcement folks plan to ignore the ban. Governor Pritzker seems to think those in opposition to thre ban are a minority. He thinks most law enforcement folks will comply. It's easier to restrict new weapons purchases. Problem is there's a sh8tload of assault weapons already in hands. I'm totally in favor of armed citizens especially if it keeps others from becoming victims of crimes. Mass shootings would decrease significantly if perpetrators don't know who's strapped. Major cities like Chicago have a huge problem with senseless murders and other crimes. The citizens should be able to carry an equalizer.
  3. Keeping guns out the hands of nuts should be a priority. My concern is that a bunch of nuts already have guns. There is no controlling them. Unless people who have heard and/or seen strange behavior report it. Snitching used to be a bad thing. But, if it's going to save lives, somebody better say something. Especially family member and friends and associates who know the nut(s).
  4. Over two days, there have been two mass shootings in California to make national news. The 1st occurred during Lunar New Year celebration in an Asian community. The Asian gunman killed 10 people and wounded 10 before killing himself. The year of the rabbit is supposed to represent longevity, peace and wealth. This evening, a man killed 7 people and wounded 1 in Half Moon Bay. The shootings occurred in two locations. The suspect has been apprehended. There have been 38 mass shootings in the US since the beginning of 2023. On cue, gun control comes up. Mental health is the real elephant in the room. We need to find out why these people are destroying others and themselves.
  5. Hold the phone bro...I have no self-hatred towards myself or anyone else. In fact, I love myself more than Peter loved the Lord.
  6. Pardon the interruption but it says proof is the evidence sufficient enough to establish a thing is true...
  7. Physical appearance means nothing. Go to Atlanta. You will see gay dudes walking around who look like NFL football players. Go to a penitentiary. You'll see big azz dudes who are sissies. I'd be curious to see how Umar handles himself in a cell or on the block or in the yard. I believe he would be protected because he's intelligent i.e. he can read and write. That's an asset.
  8. Oh ye of little faith. Do not under-estimate the number of us who know how to survive at the most basic level. Many folks still practice survival skills in preparation for a natural disaster or the collapse of humanity. There's enough survivalists that would be able to help the snowflakes and intellectuals who would surely die without them. Slowly, we would rebuild some semblance of that which we once knew. My main hope is that human beings would treat each other better after having to depend on each other for survival.
  9. Since I don't know the man personally, he could be an alpha-male. Of course, a hustler/con artist can be an alpha-male too. Exhibit A...former POTUS 45. I totally believe that school is a hustle.
  10. Advanced civilization and intelligence is relative to the time period. The technological advances that we have made within the past 100 years are greater than anything from the preceding hundreds and thousands of years. The globe has shrunk. Human beings can communicate and collaborate regardless of distance, time and place. We are a lot smarter now. IMO, smarter (intelligence) is our ability to solve problems and get things done more efficiently. Wisdom allows us to live a better life.
  11. I'm certainly not letting Umar determine or define what alpha-males do. @Pioneer1 wants to give the dude benefit of doubt. After seeing Umar shoot his videos in what appears to be a broom closet and claiming random buildings to be potential site for the school, I think he may have an issue(s).
  12. Intelligence is less meaningful without application and/or productivity. Capability and desire notwithstanding, an alpha-male does something to merit the classification. An alpha-male doesn't bestow it upon himself. Proof and evidence lies in his actions, deeds and words producing constructive results. How's that for connecting dots of dialog. Again, Dr. Umar Johnson would have built and be running that school by now if he was truly an alpha-male. Let's not get wrapped around the axle concerning one dude because he's not it.
  13. @Pioneer1, always enjoy the dialog around here. We don't have to agree on everything. We may not solve any problems. Black men should always be able to engage in spirited discussions without going to war. Continue to enjoy your brew and pie. Keep that snow up there.
  14. @Cynique, you can rest assured that government pension checks will not be delayed. The clowns on Capitol Hill will do just enough within their circle jerk to keep things teetering on the brink and moving along simultaneously.
  15. Absolutely not. He's just loud. If Umar was an alpha-male, he wouldn't be running around begging for donations to build a school. He would be building a school. An alpha-male is a leader who gets things done through actions, deeds and words. He's capable of taking care of more people than himself.
  16. There's a difference between evidence and proof. Then, there is the judge, jury and executioner.
  17. Proof is only necessary when the information is of significance or importance to whoever needs it. Legally, circumstantial evidence has been enough to prove guilt or innocence in crimes. There's a case in Massachusetts right now where the husband is being charged with the murder of his wife. They will never recover her body to prove she's dead. But, his azz is going to prison based on evidence and his stupidity.
  18. Facts. It's reflected throughout the world in which we live. According to NF Jr., no AfroAmerican male should consider himself a man let alone an alpha. I understand the point NF Jr. is trying to make but its a bridge too far. AfroAmerican males are men (alphas, betas, gammas, etc.). Just less powerful within the system of racism.
  19. I believe this version of BMF Is the dudes based out of Atlanta.
  20. Slavery as 400 years of free labor generating what amounts to trillions of dollars in products, goods and services was definitely the backbone of capitalism. To this day, companies and countries still pay as little as possible for human labor and fight raising wages in order to maximize profits. Capitalism thrives.
  21. Right. The reality is that very few people are spending their time trying to figure out conspiracy theories or who's orchestrating their oppression or how to escape from the prison of it. Instead, people indulge in whatever form escapism that allows them to cope with their circumstances and condition. The world we live provides enough opiates for people to get high however they choose. Money, s8x, drugs, material possessions, entertainment, etc., are just a few of the things that people use to cope with the prison conditions. Same goes for thinking and talking about it. So, as soon as you start getting too deep in telling folks that they are incarcerated or reminding them, it becomes depressing or too much to process and they need a hit...time to escape. Since most folks are born into their condition, they have been institutionalized from the very beginning of their existence. No amount of intelligence or education will force change. Very few people have the divine wisdom to see a problem. Even fewer people have the power or desire to solve it. Action is the only way to solve problems. Recently, NF Jr. said that if the smartest people got together, they could solve the racism problem in less than one year.
  22. Well, the GOP will definitely be lining up to support him especially if they believe he has a chance of keeping former POTUS 45 out the White House. Hopefully, 1) DeStupid doesn't run in 2024 or 2) a less conservative candidate gets the GOP nomination. Let's also hope the governance of Florida is not a microcosm of the sociopolitical future of the United States.
  23. Beta-males are better suited for monogamy. Hopefully, they will take care of their woman and offspring. There's a reason a male lion boots the beta-males out of the pride at a certain point. That alpha-male lion also kills offspring that he didn't produce. When folks mate animals or buy them, a pure breed is more desirable than a some-a-dog (some of this and some of that). Nobody really wants a Pitbull Yorkie mix. Human beings are no different. Betas produce mutts and runts. That's why we've got so many n8gglets running around doing stupid sh8t.
  24. Yep. Tariq and Umar were cool at one point. Maybe someone caught on to a hustle and could no longer operate in the same space. Narcissistic personality disorder would definitely be a wedge too.
  25. A small segment of society has the bandwidth to indulge in conspiracy theories and UFOs and other phenomena. Most people are trying to take care of themselves and families and live their best life. People who are busy living don't have time to sit around thinking about stuff that doesn't enrich them and/or add to their happiness.
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