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  1. Human history has provided us with accepted truths that are passed down through generations. As human beings continue to explore and discover, we re-evaluate truths or debunk them and find new truths. Personally, as someone who generally believes half of what I can see and none of what I hear, I know truth through intuition and/or verification. Of course, I've been alive long enough to develop a decent database of knowledge, skills and abilities. My truth filter works fairly well.
  2. I wouldn't get too starry-eyed over or heap any praise on white folks in New York. While the northern whites from New York to New England closed ranks, built their enclaves and stayed within their tribes, they all shared on thing in common....anti-Black sentiment. No trace amount of African ancestry in white folks will give them the faintest sense of kinship to Black folks. They hate us. Black folks need to put white celebrities on ignore or call block. These people are agents of distraction. Look at how they're used to destroy Black men. Black folks should keep all communication and interactions with white folks minimal. We can be cordial, work together and conduct business. Nothing extracurricular with white folks. Once allowed into a house they don't leave. Their main goal will be to own that house and everything in it. In fact, the sooner Black folks all over the planet close ranks and build their own power-base and network among ourselves, the better chance we have of overthrowing and replacing the system of racism white supremacy.
  3. A while back, I wrote a post about the debt ceiling as a moving goal post. Another refrain of mine is that American political parties are two sides of the same coin. It's definitely a game. There are many forms of TV entertainment. Instead of watching soap operas, series or reality shows, etc., I watch the news.
  4. She was one if the most iconic women in the performing arts. Her influence can be seen in other artists. Thanks for the music and performances. RIP Ms. Tina Turner aka Anna Mae Bulkock.
  5. The 1st question that comes to my mind is where was the AfroAmerican community when a 14-year old boy was being railroaded for a crime he did not commit. The family was forced to flee the town as they too were unprotected from the threat of a lynch mob. Yet, 79 years later, conditions in America remain unchanged to the extent that AfroAmericans can be helplessly executed without the benefit of a fair trial and/or jury. Jordan Neely is the latest example of it. AfroAmericans idly sit by afraid to fight the same racists who if given a chance would kill them too. Nowadays, the saddest part of it is there are AfroAmericans who would either sanction the murder of their own and/or use the legal system to forgive and free the murderers. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (NY) and Attorney General Daniel Cameron (KY) are just two examples of AfroAmericans complicit in upholding the system of racism white supremacy. Unfortunately, there are many more Black folks just like them.
  6. Same here. I enjoy reading the lively discussions with my folks. It doesn't matter whether or not we agree or disagree, the dialog is most important. Of course, I can find a certain amount of humor in everything.
  7. @Stefan, clearly, the posters here are not meeting your standards of journalism. So, I'm slightly curious to know what brings you back to this particular discussion forum.
  8. Hang in there brotha Troy. I know it's not easy. Thank you for providing this space for us. Much appreciated.
  9. Same here. Got the same error message and just figured the server required maintenance. Glad to see we're back up and running. Hope it was not a devil hack attack.
  10. I don't know if the family will get $100M but there's been enough information unearthed to make a stong case for them to get a favorable award.
  11. One of greatest men on the gridiron and off the field. Always on his owm terms. Thanks for the contributions made to better humanity. RIP Mr. Jim Brown.
  12. Unfortunately, it started with white folks dumping heroin into AfroAmerican communities back in the 1970s. They killed off AfroAmerican leaders in the 1960s. For their pain and suffering and leader-less, in major Black cities across America, they turned AfroAmericans into junkies. White society's reaction to the opioid *crisis* and Fentanyl and their hands off approach to crystal method is another case study in a tale of two Americas. Their drug laws are set up specifically to punish Black folks. Those same laws do not apply to white folks proportionately. I have zero compassion or empathy for white folks suffering from drug addiction. They are wasting their white skin, er, privilege.
  13. Definitely a movie worth watching.
  14. The house should be in order before receiving houseguests. Africa needs to tighten up and get on code instead of entertaining the devils.
  15. Cloning is an excellent example of the limitations placed on human beings. Man has not been nor will ever be able to unlock the genetic code to the degree of significant viability of a human lifeform. Scientists have been able to clone a few animals but it's imperfect. Only good enough for a food/fuel source. The Supreme Being gave every living organism a form of reproduction. That's all we're gonna get. Selfishly, human beings believe they must save the planet for their own preservation and their offspring. Yet, average life expectancy for human beings hovers around 70 years (men) and 75 years (women). That's primarily due to better living conditions, food and medicine over the past 100 years. As billions of human beings have come and gone, the Earth remains on its axis. @Chevdove, it is normal to want a good life. But, that's relative to how and where you live. Worry not about those things beyond your mortal control. Live your life to the fullest possible extent. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. But, rest assured the middle-aged Earth will still be here with another 5 billion years left on its odometer.
  16. @Chevdove, the solar system has been around for billions of years. Heavenly bodies have been traveling and colliding for a long time. It's like a slow moving fireworks display. Mankind cannot control the weather patterns here on Earth. So, it would stand to reason that mankind will never be able to truly alter or correct the arc of the solar system. As I have mentioned before, the Earth is on schedule to exist for another 5 billion years. Our measly time spent on the planet is meaningless. There is nothing human beings can do to destroy or save the planet. H8ll, we can barely save ourselves. But, the Earth has a way of taking care of itself.
  17. @Pioneer1, the NBM already knows the GOP and its base really don't want to have anything to do with AfroAmericans. The NBM is pointing out that Dems are another side of the same coin.
  18. The Watchers were head nodding to this music when they were on duty.
  19. Until Africans unite and kick foreigners off their continent starting with the Chinese and Europeans, their problems and conflicts will continue as exacerbated and/or instigated by outsiders.
  20. @Pioneer1, you already know Mayor Eric Adams' agenda is the exact opposite of everything you wrote. I was hoping Mayor Adams wouldn't be another do nothing Democrat. Wishful thinking on my part. Mayor Adams is trying to carry out the agenda of his white paymasters. That is to get rid of AfroAmericans in NYC. Make NYC a place where only millionaires can afford to live.
  21. I read, watch and listen to a variety of sources between local papers, local news channels, cable TV, satellite radio and internet. In fact, I probably consume more news than music nowadays. Thankfully, I can sit down and play whenever I need an escape.
  22. @richardmurray, to advertise, endorse or invest in that digital ponzi scheme was ignorant. I do not believe anyone should be abused or mistreated. Folks definitely shouldn't use their *power* to harm others in any way. Rudy G. looks sleazy enough that I wouldn't leave a baby kitten alone with him.
  23. A fool invests in business ventures of which they know nothing. He has to face the music for being ignorant. It makes no sense for an adult woman to comply with that type of foolishness as a condition of employment. Something doesn't add up. These grown people have to take responsibility for their own actions. In common...it reads like they both got f8cked.
  24. @Troy, the New Black Media is internet-based and consists of voices like Boyce Watkins, Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black and Professor Black Truth to name a few. These folks are heavily pro-AfroAmerican, FBA, ADOS, etc. They post videos on Y'Tube and do podcasts. @Pioneer1 might be willing to shed more light since he listens every day.
  25. The defense fund for Jordan Neely's killer has reached $2 million dollars. White folks are always on code when it comes to protecting their own who kill Black folks.
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