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  1. I'm thinking there may be some bipolar and/or narcissistic personality disorder going on with Umar because 1) he's fixated on an all boy's school and 2) he seems to look down on women. I don't know what brotha Umar might be struggling with but there is something in his background that would explain his thought process and actions. Maybe that explains why brothas Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed are socially distanced too.
  2. As I mentioned in the other thread, polygamy only works when a man can support his women and children. Look at other cultures where polygamy is accepted. There is a common theme. The reality is that women want/need an alpha-male. Whether he belongs to another woman is irrelevant. It takes a certain type of man to make a woman feel secure. A woman will gladly play her position with that dude. A man has to be a boss before he can even think about polygamy.
  3. @Pioneer1, I know you directed the question at brotha Troy but I'd like to give my 2 piece special. I think the main reasons Dr. Umar Johnson is unmarried is because he 1) has a personality disorder and 2) financially insecure. Many people who appear to be smart are schizophrenic or bipolar. I wouldn't be too surprised if we learn Umar is on the spectrum.
  4. Towards the end of the video, Dr. Umar Johnson talks about polygamy and the number of wives he should have in the kingdom of his mind. Polygamy is not about having a different woman in bed every night. In a polygamist situation, a man has as many women and children as he can support. Only alpha-males are qualified to be polygamist. Weak and broke azz dudes need not apply. Dr. Johnson has a lot of work to do before he can boss up on that level.
  5. New House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy handed out committee assignments. Some notable are the following: Lying azz Rep. George Santos has seats on Science and Small Business committees. He won't even be in Congress long enough to do any work. Not that they were going to trust him with anything. Rep. Andy Biggs who was a Never Kevin, is on the Judiciary and Oversight committees. High level assignments. Rep. Paul Gosar has been reinstated on the Oversight and Natural Resources. He's the same dude who was previously removed from assignments for posting threats against fellow lawmakers on social media. 9/11 conspiracy theorist and election denier Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who was stripped of her assignments two years ago is now on the Oversight and Homeland Security committees. Both high level assignments. She's bat-sh8t crazy. Needless to type, the next two years will be a clown show in the House. The average American will probably be unaffected. But, many taxpayers won't be getting their money's worth out this cast of characters.
  6. Do not lose any sleep. Their days are numbered between killing each other and making reservations at the penitentiary and cemetery. We cannot save them. They don't want to be saved. It will be dealt with in one way or another.
  7. Traditionally, it's really not a two-way street. A man chooses his wife. A woman puts herself in a position to be chosen. But, that has little or nothing to do with relationships in the entertainment business. Hollyweird is on some different sh8t. The potential Jada saw in Will was a rich and soft er, nice guy who wouldn't beat that box up too badly. Jada also knows Will's secrets and that he would allow her to do as she pleases i.e. swingers. Enter August Alsina.
  8. Now, tell me why Tupac and every other dude that smashed before Will didn't wife her. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The best sweet potato pie is always subjective. One man's secret garden is another man's Port-A-Potty.
  9. @Stefan, thanks for sharing those pics. It definitely helps to see both the original and another perspective of the sculpture. It looks better. I still would not have paid $10 miillion for it.
  10. Still, Black folks have no right to leave you stuck with that bill.
  11. That's interesting on several levels. The 1st thing that comes to mind is insurance. Surely, Third World Press (TWP) has some type of insurance coverage considering the nature of their valuables. TWP is a multimillion dollar business. Having to GoFundMe $95k seems strange. Ingram Content Group (ICG) is the distribution company for TWP. ICG is a subsidiary of Ingram Industries which posted $2.4 billion in revenue last year.
  12. Tupac and Jada Pinkett went to school together in Baltimore when they were younger. They reconnected on the west coast as young adults. The old flame didn't become a raging fire. Pac and Jada did their thing for a minute and moved on into different directions. Even if Pac held a special place in Jada's heart, Will should have known that too. Then, that begs the question of why he would wife a woman with another man's tattoo on her chest figuratively. Nothing good would come out that type of situation. He would forever be 2nd fiddle even to a dead man.
  13. I understand from a paternalistic perspective but only if it comes from a position of love for our people. Often times, I'll mention that I call balls and strikes. That applies to AfroAmericans as well. I believe I'm balanced in being able to see the best and worst among our people. But, I love these mf'ers unconditionally and unapologetically. The negative elements among AfroAmericans are very real. The media over which we have very little control exploits it at every turn. However, there is plenty positive among AfroAmericans too. Individual and collective achievements are everywhere. You just have to look harder in order to see it. If the focus is on n8gglets, that's all you will see. There is a forest behind the trees. As a result, I will always push back on any notion or belief that AfroAmericans are less intelligent or more dysfunctional than any other group of people. It's simply not true. Your criticism of AfroAmericans could be construed as self-hate especially if it is non-constructive and/or devoid of context. However, reading that you love being a Black man/brotha gave me a slight sigh of relief. I was hoping there would be no reason for a Drop Squad intervention on your azz.
  14. You have zero debt to the Black race. As Shirley Caesar sang, No Charge.
  15. Yep. Will played a gay dude in the movie Six Degrees of Separation.
  16. @Pioneer1... As a small segment of society, no group of people has a monopoly on stupidity as criminals. Black folks do seem to be louder than other groups of people. Easier target for racists especially when it doesn't take much to see and hear us. It doesn't help that some of our people are extra when it comes to doing sh8t. Whether it is physical appearance (sagging pants, PJs, weaves, bushy beards, lashes, tattoos, etc.) or blinging out material possessions or playing loud music or celebrations during sporting events, Black folks are live. Black folks bring style and flavor to life. Sometimes it's obnoxious. It is a blessing and a curse. Yet, I would not trade being a Black man for all of the gold in the Federal Reserve.
  17. The comet is green because as it gets closer to the Sun, heat releases trapped gas. The last time this comet was visible from Earth was 50,000 years ago. It will not be visible again for one million years. Save the date. The green comet is 26 million miles away from the Earth. No worries in that regard. Enjoy the show.
  18. Maybe so. But, having dealt with the soft label for decades from Hip-Hop to Hollywood, as a 50-something year old man Will Smith knew better than to slap another dude. Way before Will Smith became a platinum rapper and actor, he was a very bright dude. If his career had not taken off in the music business, Will Smith would have studied electrical engineering. Despite the soft tag, Will aka Big Willie and everything else rode the wave to success in the entertainment business. There is/was no reason for him to try to be hard. He has already won immeasurably beyond his peers and contemporaries. I don't think the soft tag has Will Smith living in a toxic marriage and family life. He has deeper issues that are either unresolved and/or he refuses to accept. That frustration boiled over when he lost it.
  19. A little boy observed the statue that way. Other folks went with "I can see that". That article probably deserves its own thread. Discussing it here seems out of place in honoring Dr. MLK Jr.
  20. @Pioneer1, glad to read that you found a movie worth watching and enjoyed it. Surely, I'll get around to checking out Emancipation sometime after the football season is done. Without a doubt, Will Smith is a solid actor. I don't think letting Jada punk him is an act.
  21. The fact that someone paid and made $10 million dollars for that fugly statue is mind-boggling.
  22. Much respect to the memory and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We owe a debt of gratitude for effort and sacrifice to the struggle. Glad we honor him.
  23. Shortly before leaving office, in his finite wis-dum, former POTUS George W. Bush admitted the economy was a house of cards. Sure enough, the house of cards was on the brink of collapse in 2008. Former POTUS Obama strolled into office and bailed out the banks. How? POTUS Obama certainly didn't reach into his pocket fresh outta Chicago and give cash to the banks. Nope. Under the Obama administration, the government just moved the goal post i.e. print more money and adjust interest rates. Here's a sure fire way of knowing national debt is arbitrary and paper money only exists up to what you can get out of an ATM. If a billionaire asked that their net worth be delivered to the house in the form of paper money (dollars), there wouldn't be a Brinks truck filled with a pallet of fresh bank notes. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing would just produce bank notes with whatever denomination the billionaire wants to use. It would essentially be the equivalent of a paper check. National debt and currency isn't really worth the paper on which it is printed. It's all made up. You could literally wipe your azz with a billion dollars if that toilet paper is assigned a value.
  24. My response in that regard was not directed at your initial thread. Topic worthy of discussion. For clarity, I should have quoted the post to which I was responding. Otherwise, Israel as a Middle East presence backed by the US has been grown folks business for 3/4 of a century now. Israel can do no wrong especially as long as the US can rely on them to maintain and further its interests over there. As a result, the US will expend American taxpayer dollars and human capital to insure the stability, prosperity and protection of Israel. As an AfroAmerican, maybe I'm jealous. As Ice Cube said in Boyz n da Hood about the relationship between his mother and brother, "she loved that fool more than she loved me."
  25. National debt is more like a credit card with no real limit and zero interest and monthly payments being optional. There are media programs that discuss about economics (debt, spending, inflation, etc.). For some reason, they do it in such a way that's like explaining differential equations to 1st graders.
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