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  1. Most news outlets (CNN, FOX, NewsMax, MSNBC, etc.,) have been reduced to providing entertainment to their base viewers. In a legal settlement with Dominion, FOX admitted they're in the entertainment business. They abrupted fired their lead carnival barker...Tucker Carlson.
  2. The majority of incarcerated Black men are doing time for drug offenses. Not hate-filled crimes. If the Black man was hate-filled, there would have been a race war already. Every ill that affects Black America can be traced back to the system of racism white supremacy.
  3. Most politicians are not demanding reparations for chattel slavery. It is grassroots activists within the ADOS/FBA who are raising the issue of reparations. If Henrietta Lacks' family could get an undisclosed settlement for the pharmaceutical industry using her cells over several decades....anything is possible.
  4. Taking a quote out of it's context and calling it judgmental doesn't read like a quest for truth and/or a desire to acknowledge it.
  5. I would not discourage a Black man from being an Uncle Tom. There's no shortage of them. I only ask that Uncle Toms do not seek help from Black folks if/when their situation goes sideways with white folks. From police brutality to modern day lynching, if an Uncle Tom is a victim, Black folks shouldn't shed a tear and/or lend a hand to help him. Let Uncle Tom work it out for himself. He knows better.
  6. The only qualifications required to run for POTUS are 1) natural-born US Citizen, 2) at least 35 years old and 3) at least 14 years residency. There's no intellectual requirement to be POTUS. Both mental giants and mental midgets can apply. We've seen all types roll through on both sides of the aisle over the years. The most important ability in running for POTUS nowadays is being able raise a LOT of money and making promises to donors and lobbyists and the base.
  7. Many folks once entrenched in a position or belief will only seek our sources of information to justify it. Someone who is truly interested in learning about something will ask questions in order to seek understanding. But, if someone has already decided they don't like something for whatever reason, trying to enlighten them is an exercise in futility. Music is a great example of it. I wouldn't waste time trying to convince someone to like Black music which includes Jazz, R&B, Blues, Gospel and Hip-Hop. Every style of music has its good and bad songs. But, there's a reason other genres/styles copy the flavor of Black music though. So, even when Hip-Hop h8ters are listening to Rock, Country, Pop or whatever....they're still listening to Black music adjacently.
  8. Hip-Hop is a multibillion dollar industry. Mostly non-Black folks have gotten rich as a result of it. I doubt white folks will turn down the fortunes they've made from Hip-Hop music.
  9. That's a strong possibility too. Would be a very interesting power play in the whole dust-up from the scrap in Ukraine to the march on Moscow. Prigozhin rose up from a criminal to personal chef and flunky to Vlady. Putin promoted him to head a private military company (Wagner). Wagner Group is Putin's off the books goon squad. They run around strong-arming other countries. Putin and Prigozhin could have staged everything from the march on Moscow to taking down the plane as a distraction from the tussle in Ukraine. We may never know one way or another especially when it comes to those folks.
  10. There's nothing to tackle. The anti-Hip-Hop sentiment is real.
  11. Illegal immigrants are a cheap labor force that is easily disposable and replaceable. Illegal immigration enables rich white folks to save and/or make more money at the expense of all poor people. If a company doesn't have to hire union workers, they can pay lower wages which increases their bottom line (profits). ICE is the enforcement arm that enables to US government to track down and deport immigrants who do not bring value to the program....disposable. More importantly, illegal immigrants provide a barrier between white folks and ADOS/FBA. Everything ties back to maintaining the system of racism white supremacy.
  12. Well, I think Vlady Putin just provided a textbook example of how to deal with traitors and disloyalty. On the 2nd month anniversary of Yevgeny Prigozhin's halted March to Moscow, he along with 9 other members of his team were cooked. The gangster move was that Putin talked to Prigozhin and may have even met with him after the halted march. Putin buttered Prigozhin up to think it was a misunderstanding and that he could go back to shaking down African countries. Most of us already knew Prigozhin was a dead man walking. Just wondered how Vlady would carry it. Now we know. Kaboom.
  13. I'd like to know why Vivek Ramaswamy decided to create an account here.
  14. Well, old AfroAmerican men definitely won't lead the charge nor is it their responsibility at this point. Middle-aged AfroAmerican men should be leading the charge but they're tied down with other priorities and responsibilities. That leaves young AfroAmerican men to stand up; serve and protect their communities. There has to be a tipping point with these racist attacks on AfroAmericans. I think it's just a matter of time before AfroAmerican soldiers rise up and put in work to protect their own.
  15. A hate filled white boy executes 3 innocent Black folks at a Dollar General in Jacksonville FL. This latetst hate crime against Black folks happened on the 60th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington. The post-tragedy narrative remains the same. Thoughts and prayers to the victims. They mention mental health. The need for gun reform comes up. The FBI should have a drop on these folks especially if they're been flagged for mental health issues or post hate-filled manifestos online and oh by the way...purchase multiple firearms including assault rifles. The Baker Act FAILED to keep this event from happening. The shooter's father waited 35 minutes after his son told him to check his computer before calling law enforcement. Of course, the shooter's identity is being withheld pending morgue verification. But, law enforcement already knows the coward. It's the Buffalo mass shooting all over again with a slightly different outcome. Yet, we never hear what Black folks should do in order to protect themselves from becoming victims of these hate crimes. That's why it warms my heart to see more AfroAmericans at the gun range and getting their firearms licenses. It's just a matter of time before we get the drop on one of these terrorists. Let's see if that Black person(s) is hailed a hero, vigilante or criminal.
  16. It applies to following any political figures who seek to serve and enrich themselves more than help the people.
  17. So, we're not supposed to believe the recording heard around the country of the former POTUS trying to get the GA SOS to do him a solid.
  18. You're right. They claim Prigozhin has a body double. They've also said that could have already been dead. We'll only know what they want to tell us and that still could be untrue.
  19. Neither Fani Willis nor Letiticia James (NY) before her have lost their minds. They are doing their jobs. OTOH, Rep. James Jordan and the House don't have more important work to do with taxpaper money other than try to keep the former POTUS out of court and/or jail. Interesting how quickly they go after Black women who dare challenge a rich white man. Granted, I still don't believe the former POTUS will end up behind bars. There will be some kind of plea deal that keeps him free.
  20. IMO, from an individual perspective, AfroAmericans have made a significant amount of progress since the March on Washington 60 years ago. I believe that as a group, AfroAmericans have been in a holding pattern for about 50 years. Partly because it seems the folks who marched on Washington gave up the fight in the 1970s after our leadership was assassinated in the late 1960s. Black folks were not exempt from the free love movement of the 1960s. Black folks have been kicking it with other races over the same period of time. No shortage of war babies all grown up now. The rise in Black on Black crime grew in proportion to the drug epidemic starting in the 1970s with heroin through to the 1980s and crack cocaine. Hip-Hop is multifaceted. The "garbage booty shaking" music in only one flavor of Hip-Hop. However, like junk food, the most negative aspects of Hip-Hop are promoted by design. McDonald's isn't the most nutritious food one could eat but it sells. The question one must ask is why would record companies promote the most negative aspects of the music over the airwaves instead of the positively conscience. Well known rapper Jay-Z on his song Moment of Clarity says, "Truth be told, if skills sold, lyrically I'd be Talib Kweli, truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense but I did 5 mill-I ain't been rhyming like Common since..." Pause the genius of his wordplay for a moment. The point Jay-Z is making is that there is no money in positive messages. Again, IMO, "the spiritual and moral destruction of the Black 'person'" is the self-hating and self-defeating construct of Black folks who have given up the fight against racism white supremacy. If ever there was a point that Black people were spiritually and morally grounded, we would have never been enslaved in the 1st place and Jim Crow'd and the rest. The best thing for most old negroes to do is go have several seats somewhere. Especially those who failed to make significant progress for AfroAmericans in their prime. They have zero right to sit back and criticize where Black folks are today. Most of the old Black talking heads and political figures nowadays are race hustlers. They talk a good game primarily to line their own pockets being gatekeepers for the system of racism white supremacy.
  21. Bro, nothing I write would suggest Black people are stupid maybe with the exception of being followers of certain political figures. Despite the # of posts I generate on the discussion forum, I don't have time to deep dive into the historical aspects of why things happen. Rest assured that I do have the information in my pocket. Otherwise, I just try to be less verbose and long-winded. I hope you can appreciate that.
  22. The NFL would implode without Black athletes...plain and simple. The NFL without Black players would be similar to watching a football game between two Division III teams. The NFL has crafted a well-oiled enterprise that feeds a lot of folks who don't suit up and play the games. College football is the NFL farm system. They pay college coaches millions of dollars to showcase talent. The TV rights and media deals are huge. The broadcasting opportunities benefit failed and former athletes alike. Black players are paid just well enough to tow the line and do nothing to upset the apple cart. Because Black players won't buck the system, the NFL marches on making money and throwing shade at us in the process.
  23. @Troy, it's all over the news. Here's an article: https://www.cbsnews.com/atlanta/news/trump-co-defendant-black-voices-for-trump-member-remains-in-custody-without-bail/ "Court records do not list an attorney for Floyd in the Georgia case. Jail records show he was being held with no bond, unlike other defendants in the case who had attorneys negotiate bonds with a judge before their surrender." I thought the purpose of having friends in high places was for times like this when one needs a life line.
  24. Absolutely. Black folks need to do a better job of recognizing and embracing our natural abilities and talent to produce. More importantly, Black folks have to own and control their intellectual properties instead of selling ownership to outsiders. We need codification. For example, Hip-Hop just turned 50 years old. The culture has generated a lot of money. Many Black folks have been able to eat very well from it. Imagine if Black folks owned every aspect of Hip-Hop. The NFL and NBA are two sports Black folks dominate. We bring every ounce of talent, flair and flavor to the games. Yet, we don't own a team. Working for someone else provides capital. Ownership produces wealth. We need to move away from gross consumerism and become more productive in providing and owning goods and services folks need/want. Asians make 97% of their money in Black communities. They don't sell anything speculative. Every product and service sells itself. Black folks need to do better in terms of entrepreneurship before they are replaced by immigrants and AI in the labor force.
  25. Some of these corporations become so large, the government buys from and/or consults with them on global issues. For example, Elon Musk, a foreigner, talks to Ukraine, Russia and NASA equally. Musk has the technology, products and services they all need.
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