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  1. While the US provides billions of dollars and defense support to Japan and Israel they are still self- governing countries. Feel free to share your definition of autonomy.
  2. IMO, Japan and Israel are still thriving and autonomous even with US support. It's a classic case of reparations in my book. My point is that neither country is suffering from racism and a host of social problems as fallout from the atrocities committed against their people over 50 years ago. Of course, predominantly white countries are not providing reparations to Africa or any other countries inhabited primarily by Black people. AfroAmericans should not have to ask, beg or demand reparations. Regardless of whether AfroAmericans said they want it or not, America owes a debt to FBA/ADOS. My idea of reparations to AfroAmericans is also multi-layered and it goes beyond money and land too.
  3. Japan is an independent nation thriving as a result of the reparations paid by the USA. A decade after World War II and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, The US started helping Japan to rebuild. Today, Japan is a leader in electronics technology and automobile manufacturing. The efforts of the US from capital investment (reparations) to teaching them how to building their business (Edward Deming) put Japan on the road to prosperity and autonomy. AfroAmericans have not been given as much in reparations (money and land). America has neither atoned nor apologized for the original sin of slavery. Nothing will erase the atrocities of slavery or war. But, throughout history, predominantly white countries have found a way to atone and apologize for the sins they have committed against other people. Gerrmany provides reparations to the Jews because of the holocaust. The US send billions of dollars to countries all over the planet. Yet, to date, the US has not done such a thing for AfroAmericans. Reparations is not a debt America owes to undo slavery. It is a debt America owes because it was built on 400 years of slavery.
  4. It would be awesome if those Asian organizations are truly interested in reparations for AfroAmericans as America's atonement for its original sin of slavery. However, it would be a travesty if silly azz AfroAmericans ran out and gave a huge percentage of their reparations money to the Asian community by purchasing vehicles, knockoff clothes, shoes and other products, hair (synthetic or human) and carryout food.
  5. For the reasons you mentioned, selling these books would not be worth it to your bottom line financially. Now, if you just want to gift these books to your customers i.e. selling at a loss and/or a tax break, that's a different conversation.
  6. While I have enough mental bandwidth to deal with American politics, I nave zero interest in whatever is going on across the pond especially the monarchy.
  7. Agreed. The best companion is someone who is already self-sufficient on a mental, physical and spiritual level. People who are needy on any one of the those levels tend to be a drag and not very good company. Of course, toxic relationships make it work. Otherwise, positive interaction among human beings requires a healthy balance. It starts with being able to keep your gotd8mn self occupied and entertained.
  8. Any form of escapism works. Human beings get along with each other up to a point before they need a time out. When it comes to technology, I'm slightly curious to know how anti-social and insular human beings will become before the realize the species is not designed to be alone and need physical interaction.
  9. First, if 5 years of planning results in getting caught at a McDonalds within several hours, he definitely has mental problems. He deserves to be imprisoned for endangering the lives of others and causing emotional distress. I still don't understand why the FBI does not tie a tighter noose around those who get on social media ranting and raving about causing chaos and mayhem and killing others.
  10. There is no shortage of clowns within the GOP tent. Kari Lake is definitely one of them. I can only imagine which cabinet-level position she will be appointed if the former POTUS gets re-elected. That George Santos is also pathetic. The fact that he can take a seat in Congress despite his lying ways is disturbing on a number of levels. If he was an AfroAmerican congress-elect, they would found a way to disqualify him. For Brazil to be imitating US politics down to the sideshow is sad. Hopefully, this too shall pass. i don't believe Democrats are truly battling with the GOP and vice versa. I think both parties are two sides of the same coin. The parties thrive off each other for power and control over American politics. They put on a show.
  11. Immigrants have definitely supplanted AfroAmericans in those blue-collar jobs. Part of the reason for that is neither AfroAmericans nor white folks wanted to work those jobs. Today, it is hard to get Americans to pick fruits and vegetables. No problem. Immigrants will do it. A whole bunch of folks chose different options despite a sea of negativity around them. Even the worst parents spend their children's formative years telling them what not to do. A city full of drugs, crime and poverty doesn't force the folks living there to choose. In fact, a whole lotta folks have made it out of that environment. The companies providing those good paying factory jobs were owned by white folks. AfroAmericans should have used those good paying jobs to pool their resources and buy companies to insure generational wealth and employment opportunities to future generations. I've seen a bunch of well-raised AfroAmericans fall into drugs and alcohol and lose everything their hardworking parents earned working those good jobs and providing them with a middle-class life. I don't know the percentage but Ive always seen folks who are classified as poor who have access to the technology and their children thrive with it. There's always been smart kids around regardless of their circumstances and living conditions. To be of low intellect in a highly developed country is either a birth defect or a learning deficiency. Again, that goes back to procreation. Some people shouldn't be allowed to do it. All drugs both illegal and legal are used to keep people oppressed in one way or another if they choose to use them.
  12. It's a fact that the average intelligence of human beings is higher than it was 50 or more years ago. Higher standards of living and technological advancements are proof of it. Look no further than young people. They're not old enough to attend school yet but they know how to use tablets and smartphones. By the time children start elementary school, they're using computers to learn. This started about 20 years ago. As a result, young adults are prepared for jobs in IT and other white-collar and blue-collar professions too. Auto mechanics is no longer just oil changes and spark plugs/wires and changing brakes. They use computers too. Construction workers and farmers use digital equipment and computers to take measurements and manage resources. The system isn't weeding out folks of average and below intelligence. There will always be jobs for unskilled workers...janitors, dishwashers, day laborers, etc. As long as products, goods and services are required, there will be jobs up and down the chain. The complexity of society does not make people dysfunctional. Poor choices starting at procreation play a huge part in human development leading to homelessness, incarceration, mental health issues, etc. Where I come from, a whole lotta folks end up homeless or locked up or dead. The constant I find among every person that I know and talk to who's either been homeless and/or has done time will admit they brought it on themselves...bad choices. These same people were smart as f8ck when we were growing up. They got distracted by the lure of fast money and/or the fun that came with recreational drugs and alcohol and partying and BSing. At every point in human history, there has always been people who couldn't get right for one reason or another. Many by choice. That's not going to change. Life separates the chaff from the wheat. Application of intelligence and not the lack thereof plays a part in determining which part one has to eat. The responsibility we have as human beings to insure that those who need the most help get it is another conversation.
  13. True. But, of course, there are other variables. Bottom line is NFL owners take the lion's share of profits from their lucrative deals. OTOH, the MLB spreads its wealth better. I believe that's because it's predominantly white folks getting paid.
  14. Bro, don't get me wrong...I want Dr. Umar Johnson to win. I would love to see that school come to fruition. H8ll, I could build it if I believed he was serious. While I'm one of those n8ggas from the hood who's done very well for himself given our circumstances, I still have that innate ability to detect BS from several miles away. The reality is that if Umar was serious about that school, it would be up and running already. No excuses. Regarding AfroAmerican self-sufficiency, as we've discussed, you're not going to get buy-in or cooperation from all AfroAmericans. Quite frankly, you don't want it either. The objective should be to establish an agenda (plan) and 2) round up like-minded AfroAmericans who believe in the vision. AfroAmerican mega-churches is a good example of it. While religion is their focus, the infrastructure is in place. Those churches are generating revenue without accommodating white supremacy. Those churches bring in enough money to help those who need it the most. Unfortunately, they do not. instead, AfroAmerican churches are full of sh8t to the extent that their leadership chooses to feed their egos and enrich themselves with zero interest in uplifting the AfroAmerican community. There are plenty of AfroAmericans who are smart individuals living independently outside the grid of needing the help of White folks. Where I live is a shining example of it. I live in one of the most affluent parts of the country for AfroAmericans. As NF Jr. brilliantly teaches, the system of racism white supremacy is the reason for ALL dysfunction on the planet regardless of which way the pendulum swings. AfroAmericans have to do a better job of destroying the prison of it both from a mental and physical perspective.
  15. S8x is natural human activity. Because it provides a fleeting form of pleasure, human beings use it as a transactional benefit. Social and economic status are less relevant when it comes to satisfying carnal desires. That's why prostitution is the oldest profession. It goes both ways like barn doors.
  16. The NFL generates more money ($8 billion) than MLB ($4 billion) but the average salary of an MLB player is double that of an NFL player.
  17. Like everything else in America, AfroAmericans are also guilty of producing the junk food equivalent of literature because just like music...it sells. They're trying to get paid. Economics has that effect on intelligence. People do dumb sh8t for entertainment and in order to eat. @Troy, your understanding is clear. You already know am*zon is a problem for independent booksellers. Hang in there bro.
  18. @Pioneer1, Booker T. Washington had good ideas. But, trying to get along with the oppressor/enemy hasn't worked for AfroAmericans. It hasn't inspired the oppressor to atone for America's original sin. As long as AfroAmericans let racism white supremacy off the hook, bow down and acquiesce to it, we'll always be a half step behind the eight ball.
  19. It would be helpful to know if the decline in Black authors is proportional too. If folks are still writing, then I'd want to know if there are as many publishers around. if writing a book is anything like making music, technology allows anyone to create product. Getting that product it to the marketplace i.e. published (books) or distributed (music) requires another level of effort. It would also be helpful to know how easy or difficult it is to get books published nowadays. I'd imagine digital technology will eventually impact book publishing and print media similar to the music industry producing fewer records, tapes and CDs. Before we assume folks are intellectually challenged, we might have to take a deeper dive into this conundrum.
  20. Italy is so white they don't even recognize the people of African descent who were born and raised there and who consider themselves Afro-Italians. Don't get me started on Italy's citizenship requirement for Black folks who've been their from birth or early childhood. Interesting that Italians would have such a display with a Black statue of liberty in chains. Their Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is xenophobic version of our former clown azz POTUS 45.
  21. We shouldn't be giving them any money to fight a war they have no chance of winning. Oh...that's right..the US by proxy got them into that mess.
  22. Yep. Majority party in Congress gets House Speaker. That's Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is the Minority Leader. Democratic Rep. Katherine Clark is the Minority Whip since Rep. Jim Clyburn stepped down. GOP Rep. Steve Scalise is the Majority Leader. GOP Rep. Tom Emmer is the Majority Whip. Those positions are important because House Speaker is 2nd in line as POTUS in an emergency.
  23. @Stefan, no worries on the duplicate thread. Bummer that after 14 failed attempts they voted that clown McCarthy into the House Speaker seat. Get the popcorn ready. The big top is about to start spinning. They may not have time to attack people of color. They will be consumed with dismantling the Jan 6th commission, investigating Hunter Biden, POTUS Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to name a few.
  24. While I understand the sentiment of "makes you want to run out and kill someone", somewhere between early Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. is where the real energy lies. AfroAmericans should never stop collecting every piece of evidence that can be used to indict America of its original sin of slavery and the aftermath of it. Nor should we drop the case (reparations). Jews will never let people forget the holocaust and the Auschwitz concentration camp and the diary of Anne Frank. AfroAmericans should be so diligent about knowing their own history and pursuing the debt America owes. BTW, racism white supremacy is still alive too.
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