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  1. Please insure the family knows your login and password to the forum. I think your micro-mini-family here should be informed in the event you decide to take a permanent vacation on the Existential Islands.
  2. I don't like the thought of reincarnation especially considering what history has already shown us. I'm perfectly fine with believing *I* will return to nothing.
  3. The latest news is that Jada has admitted she and Will have been separated for 7 years now. That's long before the slap seen and heard around the world. It only confirms what many folks had already suspected. Their marriage was a front. Will wasn't defending his wife's honor when he slapped Chris Rock. He was a frustrated simp for a number of reasons. I hope Will pulls it together and starts living his best life minus that baggage.
  4. Corman did exactly what an artist is supposed to do...deliver the art (painting, drawing, music, film, etc.) anyway. If an artist is trying to eat i.e. get paid...they try to produce artwork that will sell. Commercialism puts food on the table. Otherwise, artists should produce whatever they're inspired to do. The artist has to understand and accept that only a certain audience might appreciate it. There's no shortage of art that wasn't appreciated until long after the artist created it. It happens a lot with music.
  5. There's legal and illegal prostitution. S8x trafficking is an abomination and the worst form of prostitution because the victims have zero rights. Most folks regardless of their religious beliefs don't have a problem with legal prostitution i.e. consensual relationships based on money (dates and marriages). Prostitution is against the law in most states because it a way to 1) enforce morality and 2) generate revenues by handing out citations, locking people, court cases, etc. Prostitution is frowned upon by the 1) morally righteous and 2) folks who want to keep tricks to themselves. The reality is that the oldest profession isn't going anywhere. It is a huge part of the global economy.
  6. Agreed. When comets and asteroids get close enough to and/or impact Earth, something gets stirred up and/or destroyed.
  7. Rich or well-off people do rob (steal) from others in order to have more money. They're called white collar criminals. Bernie Madoff was one of the most notorious. Broke people rob others in order to survive and/or feed an addiction. Short-term fix. They're not trying to get rich. There's all types of people in between who will do something strange for some change. From prostitution to poisoning spouses and killing folks for insurance claims, the motive is different but same common denomination. That's why money (currency) is considered the root of all evil.
  8. Sure. They believe they're white and carry huge anti-black sentiment. They are not our allies. Watch your back around them.
  9. @Pioneer1, I'm referring to white folks willingness to kill in order to maintain power and control. Goofy azz n8gglets regardless of where they are in the world from street gangs in America to Haiti and Jamaica and on the continent of Africa in Somalia, Sudan and Burkina Faso aren't killing their oppressors. They are killing their own people for dumb sh8t. My belief is that Black folks kill each other out of frustration and ignorance. A by-product of their imprisonment and conditioning under the system of racism white supremacy.
  10. Many Nigerians seem to love partying and money and all things material and ostentatious. They will use anything as a reason to celebrate and show off.
  11. Politicians will say and almost do anything to get elected. POTUS Obama was no different in that regard. POTUS Obama looked good, intelligent and had a smooth mouthpiece. He was perfect for allowing white folks to tick Black president off their list of things to do in atoning for Amercia's greatest sin. Both POTUS Obama and those who control the levers of power understood his mission while in the White House.
  12. Bro, I keep typing that it's not about them being smarter than us and/or disunity among our people. Plain and simple... White folks rule the planet because they are literally willing to kill other people including each other in order to maintain power and control over them. It's the elephant in the room and a tough pill to swallow at the same time. When less powerful people believe and accept what their enemy is willing to do...they're in a better position to come up with a battle plan.
  13. Rep. Gaetz seems to be the de facto leader or spokesperson of The Squad. The GOP seems to be most interested in satisfying former POTUS Orange Julius. Incredible that despite the former POTUS legal woes, the GOP still shows fealty to him.
  14. True that. For better and worse, we live in a capitalistic society where everything is predicated on having enough money to afford it. Unfortunately, we do not live in a society in which being my brother's keeper allows everyone to eat and live comfortably. Capitalism and the belief that money can buy happiness fuels greed and selfishness and other social ills that affect human beings. The system of racism white supremacy capitalism combined is a disastrous cocktail.
  15. All true. POTUS Obama couldn't do anything specifically for AfroAmericans because 1) Black folks had no agenda and 2) the gov't would not have allowed him to do anything for us.
  16. Rep. Gaetz was accused of having s8x with underage girls and using drugs. The media mentioned Gaetz issues and quickly moved on but he's still on Capitol Hill. Great question. Most of them have already shown what they're willing to do. Pay lip service. Collect money. Basically nothing.
  17. That's accurate. I've been sitting into his easy chair for exactly 2 years this month. It's been a blast chopping it up with you all.
  18. According to The Egg, our spirits are supposed to go through the times and spaces in which we exist until that point of accumulating enough knowledge and experience to become a God. Needless to type, I won't sink into my easy chair and throw my hands up in surrender to the status quo. In my present human form, I'll continue calling BS on a system of racism white supremacy that seeks to maintain power and control over other people through subjugation, exploitation and murder. Black folks have to accept that we're the real Gods of the universe and act accordingly. Otherwise, I cannot explain why for thousands of years and counting, the recessive part of humanity has been allowed to wreak chaos and mayhem on the planet.
  19. I think the video is a good illustration of my belief that humans should take better care of each other in the space we exist. My comedic takeaway from the video is that humans are aliens who time travel and take on different hosts. Interestingly, while the spirit form could exist anywhere throughout the universe, the earth seems to be the only place it can take on a physical being. Cool video. it won't but could turn religion upside down.
  20. Rep. Matt Gaetz was instrumental in getting Rep. Kevin McCarthy booted as House Speaker. While Rep. Gaetz has more baggage than an airport, he could possibly run for Governor of Florida in 2026. Amazing that the state of Florida could be run by consecutive clowns. DeStupid should be an easy act to follow. Good thing oranges are the major export of Florida. Disney is the major attraction. It's the biggest retirement community in the US too. Yhe US doesn't rely on Florida for too much of anything. Another clown governor wouldn't break the state.
  21. The *illegal* immigrants are being boarded on buses and sent to cities like Washington DC, New York City and Chicago. Nobody seems to be asking the real questions: 1) Why are the migrants being sent to these particular US cities instead of deported 2) Why aren't migrants being sent to states like Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas 3) Who is paying the bill for the migrants food, clothing and shelter First, if US truly wanted to secure the border, there is no shortage of resources i.e. manpower, technology and building materials. More importantly, immigration is a political football that shows both parties are two sides of the same coin. Democrats and Republicans are complicit in maintaining the system of racism white supremacy. The number of people crossing the border *illegally* is irrelevant. The fact that migrants are able to walk into the US without being deported regardless of the party in power is proof that both parties are in agreement with letting it happen. The border wall is a shame and a ruse. Nothing more than a distraction. Meanwhile, border patrol agents are cutting razor wire in order for migrants to pass through safely. The Governors of Florida and Texas are chartering buses to take migrants on all expense paid vacations to cities with a huge Black population. White folks know their numbers are shrinking. They cannot reproduce fast enough to remain a majority of the population. As a result, *illegal* immigrants are being allowed into the US to offset the Black population. Immigrants do not carry the historical baggage as AfroAmericans. The immigrants are not a by-product of and/or a reminder of America's greatest sin....slavery. Erasing Black history from the books and distorting the population is part of white folks' plan to deal with their AfroAmerican problem and maintain power.
  22. Easy. There's a lot of money and no shortage of tech-savvy companies within the GOP.
  23. Folks are already campaigning heavy for 2024. The GOP operatives and bots are trying to keep the Democrats from using former POTUS Obama to mobilize the Black vote. Nevermind that neither party offers anything tangible to Black folks.
  24. White media was more than enthusiastic to put her business out there too. Other than Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg being heavy in the LBGTQ+ community...the white media is reluctant to broadcast white folks from that community. However, as soon as an AfroAmerican is a member of the alphabet soup community, they're put on blast. Anything anti-Black which includes promoting the alphabet soup community and allowing *illegal* immigration is another tool of racism white supremacy.
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