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  1. 'Discharged from hospital to recuperate at home after a bout with covid flu. That was no fun. Interesting hospital experience, however. Tended by a flurry of nurses, many of whom were effusive gay men, along with Hispanic cha-chas, misled by my Spanish first name. Indian and Asian doctors, of course. Sistas shuffling round, tellin' me, "you gonna be OK, momma." A very interesting pecking order at this state of the art medical center right around the corner from where I live. Prognosis is OK, all things considered which means my age is a factor. Whatever. If anybody watched the Girot Awards on CBS last night, as black folk, we should've been encouraged! Hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving. 90 is a lot of months away but, I'm tryin to hang in. Luv ya all! Jeeze, this really came out big!
  2. "Feeling the need" to capitalize the word black is not a grammatical rule. Essence Magazine, in particular, obviously feels the need to adopt this element of style because of its demographics. The official policy of most newspapers and magazine is to use the phrase African-American when referring to this minority group and they do not capitalize "black" when it is used as an adjective. Some may opt to capitalize the word Black when it is used as a noun that is inter-changeable with African American. "Professional" writers who work for publications follow whatever style their employer has established as their standard; not the one they personally prefer.
  3. What pioneer mumbled as he reached for his jar of vaseline, and hid his HIV pills.
  4. @Pioneer1the color "black" used as an adjective to modify the noun "folks" doesn't need to be capitalized, Dummy. And what YOU expect has nothing to do with reality, as usual. The only black people who care about me divorcing the race, are juvenile jerks like you. The rest are sophisticated enough to not concern themselves with what cynics decide to do. Yawn. It's boring how you have to resort to stock photographs to try and reinforce your corny attempts at humor. True wits are creative enough to rely on their vocabularies to convey disgust.
  5. @DelanoThis subject is quite provocative. Language is a tool that has always intrigued me. it is what defines and condenses life, serving as a vehicle for driving it. It also facilitates the preservation of knowledge and enables communication between individuals although it does not necessarily put them on the same page. Then, there's how it is possible to weaponize language, and how certain words and phrases are loaded with energy that can trigger an effect on people. Consider the word nigger and how much power it exerts over black people when uttered by a white person. Use of the word love is also packed with potential, able to transform or even heal when declared or pledged. It makes sense that extraordinary souls could and did convert and preserve their magic in the archives of a script that reveals secrets. Language is the glue that bonds humanity together. It is divine. I have experimented with chanting which is inarticulate language, - sounds that simply flow and vibrate and, when paired with intense visualization, can even make images materialize. Music is also a form of language; it speaks to your emotions. I was also very interested in the reference to mirror magic. I have experimented with it, simply standing in front of a full length mirror and holding a hand mirror up to it. Looking at the reflection of myself being reflected in the other mirror where I saw infinite images of myself going on and on. Eerie. What was on in my mind during these sessions may have also been projected into eternity. These are things that just came to me to do during the course of living my life. I sorta believe that my interest in the occult may have something to do with my surviving much longer than i should have considering how little attention I have given to preserving my health and safety. I think this along with some of the things I practiced with pyramids and crystals have also contributed to my longevity. So here I am. i have no idea why i am still walking around, having changed very little over the past 50 years. But i grow more weary by the day. And I am adrift in the universe. You are my Oracle.
  6. @ProfD My Bears just can't get lucky! A win would be so much more gratifying than having to settle for being encouraged by Justin's steady progress.
  7. @Pioneer1Pretty much describes your critique of Dave Chappelle's SNL opening monologue. Dave actually has nothing to prove or an obligation to justify his sentiments about Kanye and Kyrie, whatever they may be. And he certainly requires no advice from anyone because he's definitely his own man and has demonstrated he has staying power. As a comedian, his goal is to make the audience laugh. And that he did.
  8. Ouch! Headline caption should read "Don't Kanye and Kyrie have a right to give their opinions, not Doesn't Kanye and Kyrie have a right to give their opinions. it's as though black folks are just tone deaf when it comes to using correct English. It really is their second language.
  9. WHO beside the Retrumpican trolls infesting this site disagreed with your assessment of Trump??? The feeling was that the American people would punish the Democrats for inflation, rampant crime and mishandling of the covid crises, and that Right wing Conservatives would capitalize on this at the polls. I, for one, did not attribute the specter of the red wave to Trump's "greatness". I, and a lot of others, blamed the Democrats for not getting the priorities together and stating their case better. I NEVER thought tRump was anything other than an ignorant, dishonest, racist, narcissist fool and that his comeback would be a disaster for the country.
  10. You guys are cramping my style. is this your way of trying to make me act nice?
  11. @TroyTrue. It could've been much worse. The pundits and the experts don't know what they're talkin about, either. Now the Dems have to figure out what they did right, so they can focus on that for 2024. The Retrumpicans are so bad, even dumb folk know they need to be defeated. But the country remains evenly divided. Sigh. 'Wish i could access this site through my smart phone but I can't! So i have to rely on my old out-of-date computer to post here, and this inhibits my participation. Good thing i don't have anything important to say.
  12. @Mel HopkinsWhat I was most recently trying to do is to project my dreams into the future where the PowerBall drawing had already been held and the winning numbers drawn. I had a pad and pencil at my bedside so when I woke up after such a dream, I could write the numbers down. Of course, none of this makes any sense to anybody who isn't crazy like me and - I just engage in all of this nonsense to indulge my fascination with quantum leaps. @Delano I think I am more interested in the answer to whether or not time is on my side. And you are right. I do feel as though I'm no longer of this world, and @ProfD I will be drifting in and out of the cave of my mental hibernation to check on my earthly realm while awaiting for my time to run out. I feel very strongly that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of America's failed 200+ years experiment with democracy, and that the fall of the American Empire as we know it is imminent. The Republicans are going to prevail and turn this country into a fascistic hypocritical evangelical theocracy. Elections will become mere formalities and it will all be "their way or the highway". @Troyimo, the Democrats will have mostly themselves to blame for this. They've overestimated not only the intelligence of the American people, but their integrity. Average voters are not really interested in the welfare of their fellow man. They want to be able to discriminate against other races, reject immigrants, make fun of, and sexually harass each other while leading the best life that materialism has to offer. You know; the American dream. Preaching political correctness, imposing the cancel culture and forcing the lbgt and BLM agendas down peoples' throats will be what contributes to the defeat of the naive idealistic Democrats. RIP I think black survival under a Conservative Right regime may have a lot to do with just staying in one's lane. I don't anticipate being around to endure what eventually lies ahead, however. After 90, all bets are off. Of course, i would have nooo problem with being wrong about these predictions!
  13. I'm preparing to go into hibernation, myself. I will spend the winter dreaming about what i would've done with my Powerball winnings and how reassuring a Democratic sweep would've been.
  14. @DelI've been experimenting with some time markers, while choosing my numbers for the billion dollar Powerball lottery. I won a grand total of $8.00 on the last drawing. Experimenting with a different approach for the next drawing. Trying to catch up with the future through dreams... Also trying to decide what time of day to go vote on mid term election day. Democrats need all the help they can get.
  15. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on if they have the potential to generate profit. The coming generations have a different mind-set.
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