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  1. Cynique

    Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally

    A fortunate black man?? Egads! LOL
  2. Cynique

    Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally

    The house nigga lives in the massa's house and enjoys all the privileges which come with this, but this doesn't mean he likes being a slave. The field nigga is breakin his back pickin cotton or tobacco or cane, which today would be equivalete to being a street person living in the inner city/ghetto hustling. i didn't get the idea that this is your lifestyle. You sound very middleclass but discontented. I described you as ambiguous because after you vent, you retreat and come very close to apologizing.
  3. Cynique

    Guest Comment

    @NubianFellow I don't think this guy has seen these posts. What i liked about him was that he was secure enough to not take himself too seriously. He poked fun at himself, and seemed mostly to be motivated by the "me too" movement, wanting to give women their due; black ones in particular. You and Pioneer were immediately on the defensive, with Pioneer right off the bat, insinuating about his gender, and you drilling and criticizing him, insecure reactions because you both regarded him as threat in spite of the fact that his approach was not aggressive.
  4. Cynique

    Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally

    It's like you are passive aggressive when it comes to white people, and it's clear that your resentment toward them is simmering just beneath the surface. But you actually don't owe anybody an explanation or justification for this. This is your right. The person being most harmed by your ambivalence is you because your vacillating emotions frustrate you. Whether you realize it or not you are a house nigga who has a love-hate relationship with your status. LOL But i adore you. Why? Because your intelligence empowers you and i can sense that you are kind, and of course have a great affection for black woman. Some woman will be lucky to win your devotion. And you are a welcome addition to this board. I am from another generation, and my attitude toward whites came out my experience of growing up in a small northern interracial town and attending integrated schools. My resentment toward white folks was tempered by how me and my small group of peers never sought white approval or acceptance. We were comfortable in our own skins and liked the lives we created for ourselves. In high school i was engulfed in a white sea of classmates, casually acquainted with typical blonde, blue-eyed or swarthy white guys, all-american honor students and sports jocks, the last astronaut to walk on the moon being one of them. They were never mean or disrespectful to me. Black guys, were were not as kind. Because they had their own issues. And during both my high school and college days, white people would often seek us blacks out, wanting to be our friends and wanting to be taught how to dance and play bid whist and be cool. This was during the 1950s. Once the Civil Rights movement got underway, we were surrounded by do-gooder bleeding heart white Liberals, eager to show how unprejudiced they were, unaware of being benign racists steeped in white privilege. They were almost amusing. We were actually the type who would blow off black face, attributing it to white stupidity, not black shame. That's where i come from. No denying it is not the typical black experience nor one to be celebrated, but it is mine. (One that, nonetheless, didn't not my dull capacity for hating Donald Trump and all he represents. ) I married a black man whose background was similar to mine, and later worked around white men who would laugh and joke and flirt with me. And were kind. What can i say? As Mel has astutely noted, "we are not a single story people."
  5. Cynique

    Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally

    These responses don't push me into the arms of white men, but they do crystallize the reason why certain black men make me roll my eyes upward. If i was a young woman on the market, looking for a boyfriend, I'd wouldn't set my sites on somebody who eats drinks and sleeps black fanaticism, constantly nagging and droning and pouting about how a black woman should represent what they have decided is acceptable. Guys who can only be described as envying white men who have out-foxed black ones and now run the world. You have completely overreacted to the post from the innocuous white man, and Mel's having been married to a white guy who she found attractive on many levels. Get over it. Stop wallowing in your insecurities. and whining about the irrepressible racism that is not cramping your style, just your flexibility. Not to mention that you are not altogether infallible in your views and solutions. You are not visionaries, you are maladjusted malcontents, victims of your own brainwashing. Petulant because you can't mold black women to fit your specifications, never considering that you yourselves might leave something to be desired as you walk around exemplifying your own brand of European mediocrity. Yes, racism is ubiquitous but you can't conceive of the idea that it will run its course because diversity is the wave of the future. No, you're stuck in the mire of a viscous tar pit that hampers your inability to cope with an indifferent world that ignores your grievances. Go out and find the type of women who meet your standards and spare the rest of black women your Afro-centric vigilance. Thank you Troy and Del for your posts representing broadminded guys. (BTW, i said before that i don't really think little black girls today would prefer a Lady Gaga doll over a Nikki Minaj one.) This is 2019.
  6. Cynique

    Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally

    "Other words", being your words which automatically voids their substance. Not all white men are powerful or intelligent or kind, obviously. (That's your subconscious concession to white supremacy) If I find those 3 traits in a kind, secure white man who treats me with consideration and respect, then he's easy to find appealing. And i certainly don't have to justify what would attract me to a white man. It's my prerogative to prefer one over a black man like you. Fortunately, there are other black men around who are not like you who, themselves, are secure, powerful, intelligent, and kind.
  7. Cynique

    Guest Comment

    You are assuming that he "calls himself Loren". Does it ever occur to you that "Loren" was what he was named by his parents? When it's spelled "Loren" and not "Lauren", this name can be male or female. And speaking of spelling, the word is spelled "definitely" not "definately" as i have repeatedly called to your attention. You are so quick to parse words and give their root, why don't you investigate the Latin etymology of this word. Of course you will refuse to do this because this little lapse is a clue as to why your mind works the way it does when it comes to big issues.
  8. Cynique

    Guest Comment

    Guest Loren Carle Guests Report post (IP: This guest post was buried in the "Black Women are Beautiful' thread, invisible because it had not been approved by a monitor. I rarely exercise my monitor privilege on this site but this was an interesting commentary so i took the liberty of approving it and hope Troy doesn't have a problem with my doing so. Cynique. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted 1 hour ago This topic hurts my heart. I am a white man, and so feel that very little I have to say in the matter will be helpful. However, here goes. My personal response over the few decades of my adult life has been a decision to have my natural facial hair, and a relaxed attitude to my head hair. I don't spend any money on shaving stuff, and ask my wife to cut my beard the way she likes best once in a while. I keep my head hair in some kind of reasonable state of tidiness, without thinking too much about it. I used to have it long and in a braid, hoping for solidarity with Native American men. I'm not sure anymore that the effect of a long, thin blonde braid on a white man with a red beard was the desired one. I recognise that I probably experience a lot of privilege in making these decisions, but I hope it's one way that I can reject the privilege afforded to shaven, short-haired white men. The difficulty seems to lie in black women being forced to choose their battles. Do their employers or co-workers comment on their self-presentation in ways that give them fear for their income that supports their children? This is what should not be! I would like to hear from black women about this topic. If we men, of any origin, presume to tell any women how they should appear, it's just the same old sad story of men presuming to dictate how women should present themselves, expressing the same old sick power dynamic. We gotta just stop, guys, and love the women and men we love by honouring their dignity with acceptance, support, and appreciation of their own personal aesthetic—wait for it—choices. What we can do is examine work on our own attitudes honestly and privately, without looking for kudos (or to get laid) for being woke: nobody owes us anything. We need then to notice how those attitudes are reflected in whom we find attractive, and whether and how we express that attraction. peace
  9. Cynique

    Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally

    i have yet to hear what you don't agree with about the Nation of Islam! You swear by everything Elijah Muhammad and Farrakhan say. The obvious question raised by your "facts" is why don't you have the courage of your convictions and marry a Muslim woman or 2 or 3 of them instead of laying up with airheads who call you "Daddy"? How can you like the results of the Nation of Islam lifestyle and not live their lifestyle? Your inconsistencies taint your credibility. Your whole vibe is one of telling others to do as you say do, not as you do. A role model you are not. When it comes to the appeal of white men, "power is a great aphrodisiac". Intelligence is sexy. What's even more appealing is a powerful white man who is secure enough to be a kind person. if this type is appreciative of a black woman, this erases a multitude of sins. At some point, bitching about racism gets old. How true!
  10. Cynique

    Bill Cosby Sentenced

    Well, it's not like these men get off without paying the price. They are bribing their way out of incarceration. But their reputations are irreversibly damaged. Cosby's crimes were just silly. Drugging white women to make sure they wouldn't reject him. Other choices made more sense when it came to his sex life, But as a black man he didn't think big.
  11. Cynique

    Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally

    Do you? Ali's sentiments about how woman should dress are only true in your view, a view which is no more valid than any other. So what? i could dig up posts where i said that people think they can shut down an "opponent" by making reference to something either Malcolm or MLK said, - both of whom said things that time proved wrong. i've always said my regard for Malcolm was limited to the frustrated reaction he could evoke in white folks.
  12. Cynique

    Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally

    i don't know what Mel's response to Pioneer will be when it comes to her ex-husband, but she sure got it right in her assessment of that loud mouth hypocrite Ali, whose choices of women were always examples of those consistent with western standards, - always bragging about them having long pretty hair which was anything but kinky. He also regularly referred to joe Fraizer as a monkey. In his heyday he was typical of misogynisitic chauvinistic men of islam, expecting their women to be totally subservient and obedient to their dumb asses, but in his final years, Ali was a helpless cripple at the mercy of his controlling manipulative 4th wife. Poetic justice. Always the defender of Islam and its shady leaders, one can't help but wonder why Pioneer never became a Black Muslim. They exemplify everything he believes in.
  13. Cynique

    Everything Happens for a Reason

    What i tend to be comfortable with is that the consequences of our decisions are already in place, but we do have a free choice as to which decision we make. e.g. A plane crash is meant to happen. If i choose at the last minute to not take the doomed plane, i will not be killed. However, if i choose to board the plane because i really want to get someplace fast, i will be killed. I am free to make a choice as to which predetermined outcome befalls me. This is in line with there being multi verses waiting for us to shift into, depending on which decision we make. i may no longer exist in another universe because i will have died due to a choice i made. So, i will accept that events are meant to happen, but i cling to the idea that different possibilities exist for our futures.
  14. Cynique

    Bill Cosby Sentenced

    Seems like Cosby considers himself a political prisoner and has compared himself to Martin Luther King, who was once jailed for his civil disobedience. There is apparently an interview out there somewhere where he talks about his incarceration. He is embracing the role of a martyr who white America is making an example of, and a lot of black folks, especially male ones, are buying into this. He may yet reverse the tide and clean up his legacy. Nothing surprises me any more. His sympathizers can take solace from how Harvey Weinstein, CBS CEO Les Mooves, and certain other accused white celebs may escape jail but will never clear their names.
  15. What's left unsaid is that Monique is not exceptionally talented or funny. Yes, she won an Oscar which didn't really call for her to do anything but play herself. She hasn't got enough star power to command what she thinks she deserves. IMO.