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    I used to like to read books, but - for some reason I have now forgotten how.

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  1. What I wonder is - does AI have the potential to be a modern day version of the Emerald Tablets???????? Somebody ask chatgpt who will win the Super Bowl!
  2. Capitalism is a system where wealth separates the haves from the have-nots. The have-nots are enslaved by their poverty but if they are enterprising enough, they can earn their freedom, one step at a time. When the quest for freedom becomes a mass movement, it bogs down.
  3. @Pioneer13 ain't MULTIPLE to me. And those are not really different meanings of evidence, they are variations of the same thing and are interchangeable with the noun "proof". And a synonym is not a definition; it is a single word that means the same thing as another word. Here again, we are dealing with semantics and interpretations. That's why i hesitated to argue further because we have different mind sets. (i did forget that in a debate, you never let your opponent supply the definitions.) @Pioneer1Who cares what it sounds like to you? It would be different if you came across as a winner. But you don't.
  4. And of course, you are an authority on black men - in your dreams. "Inadequate" is quite an accurate term when you consider who controls the world, and this country.
  5. @Pioneer1That's not true. Speak for yourself. For instance. what are the other meanings of evidence? What is the the first synonym listed for it? Also i emphasized that I am talking about the intrinsic value of the 2 nouns "proof" and "evidence" when they stand alone, Once again, like the strawman that you are. you have restated the case so you can supply your own answer. And you're judging the exchange between Del and me by the way you interact with us. As for Del, unlike you, he's secure enough in his manhood, to concede a point.
  6. Fortunately for me, you don't know what you're talking about because, as a straw man, you rely on your skewed imagination, all in an effort to detract from your inadequacies.
  7. @Pioneer1What a slippery eel you are, always switching gears, creating scenarios that cast you as a mental giant. Not. I explained that my stance was based on how I think, and I acknowledged that Del's thought processes were different from mine, something I accepted with a "so be it", and he and I resolved our differences like civilized people. But you were choppin' at the bit, ready to butt in and discredit Del before attempting to make yourself look good by presenting the specious arguments that would foil me. Now you're ruminating with frustration because Del and i have moved on, leaving you to stew in your own juices The more you whine, the better Del looks because he realized that the concept of semantics accepts that there are 2 sides to every question, depending on how you interpret language, - something that seems to have gone over your head because you are so immersed in your infallibility. tsk-tsk
  8. @Pioneer1Since I am not a distant cousin of yours, thank goodness, i am left to deduce that the woman you describe in such detail is someone near and dear to you.
  9. @Pioneer1Yes, and I really appreciate you posting those pictures from your portfolio so i don't have to track them down.
  10. @Pioneer1Is that a sample of your "dissin" me? Go back to the drawing board' i only had a backlog of about 10 messages. I am, however, curious as to whom you are describing. is she related to you?
  11. Having just checked the Emerald Tablets, ive learned that pioneer was the secret winner of the Madea look alike contest, Tyler Perry sponsored for charity. ( He also posed as a charity case. later) i must admit he deserved to win. How ya like me now, Cynique?
  12. @Pioneer1LMAO Get outta here. You do not intimidate me in the least. Being dissed by you is not some thing that will have an impact on me because i place very little redibility to anything you say.
  13. Ooooh puleese. You were not totally agreeing with what i said about DNA, fingerprints,etc, because you proceeded to put your spin on what I said in an attempt to discredit it,
  14. @Pioneer1"Important" is not the word; i said "irrelevant" and i meant "irrelevant". But what other response could i expect from a straw man prone to false equivalencies?
  15. Again your inflated ego surfaces and motivates you to think that i am "pretending" not to agree with what you said. Not true. Everything you stated,was debatable as far as i'm concerned. If that wasn't my position, i would've never entered this discussion. Again i say it's all about semantics.
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