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  1. Dr. Dre, has "inducted" Eminem into his Rapper hall of Fame. And Run DMC credit the Beastie Boys with being the real thing in this peer group. How can you condone black folks giving James Bond and Suoerman do-overs and colorizing what was originally white, and then condemn whites for being Rappers or adopting other forms of blakc music? So, would it be permissible for whites to discourage blacks from playing classical music by the old Masters? Ars Gratia artis.
  2. @ProfD I see you kind of lean toward DooWop. There were a lot of those groups around during the 50s
  3. I can trace my ancestry in this country back 3 generations and that's good enough for me. i feel no great kinship for Africa. What has it done for me lately? Although i don't refer to myself as being a person of color, I wouldn't care if somebody called me that. I think of myself as a hybrid whose ancestry, like that of most of America's slave descendants, includes black, white, and Native American blood lines. Yes I had an Indian grandmother, and a grandfather who was the son of his white slave master and a black woman. So what else is new? There are always folks around assuming self-appointed roles as arbitrators of who's what. I am what I declare myself to be and that includes being a nigga when i feel like it. I'm so tired of this crazy-assed world. Del, were are you, babe?? Find me a good time line to get the hell outta here.
  4. Colin Powell was a prime example of a high-risk person because he had the pre-existing conditions of cancer and Parkinson disease. and was 84 years old. Chances are he wouldn't have died had he not already been debilitated by age and the 2 deadly diseases which the covid vaccine doesn't lessen the severity of. Millions and millions and millions and millions of people have experienced no ill-effects from the vaccine which does not claim to be 100 per cent risk free. Comparatively speaking deaths directly attributed to the vaccine are rare.
  5. Another song I don't ever remember hearing before. But I love "Didn't I blow your mind this time?" by the Delphonics That's what i had in mind when i started a new thread. Have at it.
  6. What i wrote was based on one of of the many arguments i have heard from those condemning the electoral college, "Electoral College in the Constitution, in part, as a compromise between the election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens. However, the term “electoral college” does not appear in the Constitution....The stain of slavery is on the Electoral College as it is on all US history." This is excerpted from what i looked up. There is an implied connection between the electoral college and the after math of the civil war because there were many amendments. There's a wealth of information about this on Google and Wikipedia. So you can look it up and post your rebuttal.
  7. @Rev i don't think white people hate black people any more than black people hate them. Every post by a black person on this site is filled with contempt for white people. You're a reverend. Why do you think God has allowed it to come to this?
  8. @ProfD The Civil War was also instrumental in the formation of the electoral college which was conjured up to placate the defeated Confederacy States by giving them them equal voting power with the large Federal states. Just another reason for the electoral college to be abolished along with supreme court justices being appointed for life! Like Lincoln, everybody reveres Ruth Bader Ginsberg but she neutralized her legacy and endangered freedom by refusing to retire during Obama's administration when she was in her 80s, so he could've appointed a liberal to the court to maintain so much of the legislation that protects individual rights.
  9. @ProfDi never heard your last selection before. Surprising choice for somebody who couldn't get into the exquisite 4 part harmony of the Four Freshmen. In the spirit of diversity i will give a nod to My Latino Amigos.
  10. @ProfD Sooo many favorites, sooo many styles; male, female. Obviously "I'm partial to melodic ballads, Can't go wrong with "you know who". Your move.
  11. @ProfD???? Why have I had the impression that you are from the East Coast - until now? Are you from Chicago???? Or would you rather not say Hummm. You did mention going to the Taste of Chicago... Haven't heard anything by Curtis Mayfield in ages. Super Fly guy.
  12. @Mzuri Well, all anybody ever talks about is Trump, and he wouldn't have it any other way because he's a narcissistic, ignorant, crook with dementia himself; no better than Biden. I don't have a problem with these broadcasts having interesting discussions about what may not be news, but is politically relevant. Conspicuously absent from your list of Fox Favorites is Chris Wallace who takes all those spineless Retrumpican lackeys to task for putting party before country. We could go on all night attacking each other's news' choices but suffice to say, that differences of opinion are what the world is all about.
  13. @MzuriThere are credible journalist on MSNBC and CNN which you apparently choose not to watch. Rachel Maddow, for one, but i'm sure you will find some superficial reason to dismiss her, perhaps because you don't like her hairstyle. Nor do i think your definition of a journalist applies to these 2 stations any more than it does to Fox news which is in denial about January 6th. So don't patronizingly disparage my choices when yours are no better. Lets face it. You're a right wing Conservative and I'm a left wing Liberal and this shapes our views. BTW, Fox News touting the horse de-wormer was an example of the "fake" news you wanted an examplle of.
  14. @ Mzuri Your experience with CNN and MSNBC is different from mine when it comes to reporting the latest news. Yes, they are partisan but so am I. Nobody watches a news channel that constantly tells them what they don't want to hear. And when CNN and MSNBC bad mouth right wingers, they substantiate their criticism with actual visuals and sound bytes of what they accuse Trump and Fox News anchors of doing and saying. Also their guests come from the right as well as the left political spectrum. I can't look at Fox News on a regular bases but i used to argue on FaceBook with people who did watch it and News Max. Legitimate journalists have long dismissed Fox News as being an entertainment channel, but of course, you don't agree with that. To me, their anchors are caricatures. Tucker Carson admits he lies. Bill Maher is really my favorite news personality. He pulls no punches and shows very little favoritism. So did you recommend some horse de-wormer to pioneer to ward off the covid virus threat? That's one of the last things i heard Fox touting, along with their ongoing campaign to support the idea that the election was rigged and that the January 6th Capitol attackers were patriots whose behavior was not violent. I don't think either one of us has to justify our political leanings. When it comes to people and politics, i either like someone or don't. Whatever.
  15. I know nothing about high finance but I do know i don't feel comfortable with all of disposable income being in a bank account. i don't trust banks. i also know that checks are becoming obsolete, mostly because younger Millennials can't write in cursive and don't know how to sign their names. I transact business nowadays exclusively with credit cards.
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