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  1. Well, our fearless leader has been inaugurated much to the satisfaction of all the Evangelicals whose prayers for a Trump victory won out over those praying for a qualified leader and are now praying that the tyrant they were against, will miraculously become a savior they'll be for. Sharing this sentiment are the many others who are simply resigned to accepting defeat. The undertones of Trump's inaugural speech were "it's my way or the highway" - obviously his formula for making America great again. And if a Cabinet made up bigots, clueless amateurs, corporate millionaires and Russian puppets is any indication of what Trump considers "great", then this nation is at risk of collapsing under the weight of its "greatness". The only people more pathetic than the "forgotten" crybabies conned into thinking they'll be better off with Trump, are the "deer-in-the-headlights" Democrats, lost in the shuffle. Thomas Jefferson once said :“I hold that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” Carl Schurz another statesman, later said : "My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right." Malcolm X declared: "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Barak Obama spoke about the "the audacity of hope." To all my sisters out there demonstrating for justice and equality, this 83-year-old retread from the 1960s says "right on!"
  2. I wonder if the breakdown of the Go Fund would show small contributions from a lot of people, or large contributions from a few philanthropic organizations and wealthy anonymous donors who come to the rescue in well-publicized cases such as this. I'm also beginning to wonder if there's a silent segment among the black population who have accepted Trump's presidency and are willing to just go along to get along. Many are star struck by the "office-of-the-president" no matter who holds it, not to mention those who think God is in charge and He will deal with Trump.
  3. At this point, Obama is preoccupied with his record and his main priority is to try and polish the legacy he is reluctant to accept as being lackluster because the high hopes he inspired, never got off the ground.
  4. According to FaceBook, Talladega's marching band had to set up a "Go Fund" on line, in hopes of raising money for their trip to Washington.The article also said that schools wanting to participate in the inaugural day parade had to apply for a spot which would be granted upon the committee's approval.
  5. Well, the pop culture vulture has just seen on FaceBook that Trump and Ben Carson have approached Steve Harvey in regard to coming on board to assist Carson in his new role as Secretary of Housing Development I guess Steve's ghetto persona impressed them so much they think he'd know how to get rid of Sections 8s.
  6. Yes, you could be right! Race can never be eliminated as a factor. But you might also consider expanding what you can "imagine". Female Bernie supporters looking for change can't be counted out when it comes to those who voted for Trump. And perhaps the remark reportedly made by Michelle Obama during Barack's race against Hillary, that "if Hillary can't manage her own husband, how's she going to manage the country" was a sentiment many white women also espoused. Submissive women, undoubtedly chosen by their sexist mates for being gullible, probably did vote the way their husbands did. And all women are catty, but sistas might be a little more inclined to be on the side of another female who is running against a male. I wonder to what do white female pundits attribute Hillary's unpopularity with women of her own race?
  7. I'd say one reason would be that a lot of married white women were luke warm about the way she handled her husband's infidelity. Also, women in general are not particularly supportive of each other because of their inbred cattiness, and some white female supporters of Bernie were unforgiving over how she usurped him. Then there were the obedient wives of all the chauvinistic males who supported Trump, - women who voted the way their husbands did. But, who knows? Black women didn't have a lot of issues when voting for Hillary and had no problem thinking a woman would be good at heading up things because this is a role they have been thrust into all of their lives.
  8. I should say in regard to Family Feud that i don't always laugh at it. I just as frequently cringe at the the far-fetched, irrelevant answers contestants come up with on this circus.There a family is, elated at their chance to be on TV, all decked out in their coordinated outfits, colored shirts and ties matched up with dresses or tops, hair all coiffed, grinning like the idiots their responses reveal them to be when team members support each other by shouting "good answer" to a response the buzzer immediately signals as being an unbelievably bad answer as the person who gave it, inexplicably claps his hands. In a way there is something bizarre about this show, something revealing about the emotions reflected on the faces of contestants; the deflated expressions brought on by a rejected answer, or the satisfied smirk that reflects an acceptable one. Then, there's the dapper Ring Master,Steve Harvey, alternating between his "down home good ol boy" persona and his "street smart city slicker" one, mugging and bucking his eyes, surprised when an occasional intelligent answer proves to be right because he is clueless about anything remotely intellectual. Something which has not, in any way, hindered his becoming a big TV star. It gets worse when one at a time 2 members from the winning team are called upon to think on their feet and quickly match obvious answers to the 5 questions a polled audience of 100 people has given; a challenge many aren't equal to. When a duo does rack up the required 200 points to take the grand prize, all hell breaks loose as the happy winners go wild. The Jackpot is $20,00 which has to be divided among 5 people after taxes. You'd think those jumping up and down and dancing around were getting a million dollars instead of about $3,000 each. But their joy is boundless. For a brief moment, 5 ordinary people have become special, and have experienced the thrill of victory by participating in an event they can look back on with satisfaction. Since I've always been a people watcher, the "appeal" of Family Feud is its spontaneity. Observing as folks from a cross section of typical Americans appear on a half hour TV show where a white family from a small southern town might be pitted against a black family from the urban north, is a study in psychology. Seeing individuals stripped of their poise in a controlled environment, watching their reaction under pressure, as well as the varied reactions of family members over a failed effort by one of their own, is a study of human behavior; an imitation of life.To others this might be entertainment. To some it might be vapid. But I find it all rather interesting.
  9. @Pioneer1 Liberal and Conservative philosophies actually embody a broad spectrum that runs the gamut from moderate to extreme views. Most people are probably somewhere around the middle. I think you are resorting to stereotypes in your characterizations of Liberals and Progressives. And smoking weed nowadays has nothing to do with one's politics. Hollywood is representative of people who identify themselves as those who support liberal causes.They may not be activists but they give lip service, show concern for the underdog of their choice and contribute money to help those toiling in the trenches. Yes, this is superficial but the vast majority of movie stars backed the liberal standard bearer Hillary Clinton much to the chagrin of those who huddled under the conservative banner sulking about being ridiculed and having political correctness thrust upon them. Women and Blacks, however, are never going to completely prevail in making their cases because, as in every industry, money is the bottom line. And white men of any leaning have no interest in sharing their power. @TroyBeing an audience for the pop culture sideshow is amusing if nothing else and at this point, my sense of humor is what sustains me. I regularly watch Family Feud hosted by Steve Harvey, just to laugh at how stupid the average person can be. I find myself not taking anything very serious any more. I didn't even bother to watch Obama's farewell speech last night. Bye, Barack. I'm just here chuckling to and at myself, shaking my head at the absurdity that has come to define America.
  10. Yes, black people won performance awards and the black movie "Moonlight" won for best picture of the year and, yes, you are guilty of dismissing and ignoring the pop culture that wields a lot of influence on current events as opposed to the YouTube videos from years back that you prefer, not to mention that even PBS would acknowledge the significant role that pop culture plays in society where celebs often have as much of substance to say as wind bag politicians. But continue to wear the blinders that hinder a broad scope of awareness. The whole point of my post was to say that little things can count when you don't have big guns. Tweeter-addict Trump is such a petty, thin-skinned creep that no matter how much power he commands, ridiculing him still gets under his skin, still drives him to respond with the stupid answers that expose to the world what a pouting liar he is. He is affected more by the criticism of his enemies than the approval of his fan base and that is not to be taken lightly. .
  11. Well, social media is all a-twitter over the trending topic fueled by actress Meryl Streep's politicizing her acceptance speech at Sunday's televised Golden Globe's ceremony where she was being honored with a Life-time Achievement Award. Without mentioning his name, she called out Donald Trump for the incident where he made fun of a disabled NY Times reporter during his campaign, saying she was appalled that such a man was about to take office as president. Naturally the room, which was filled with Hollywood's liberal community, was in accord except for a few notable outsiders like Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn whose stricken faces were panned in on by the TV cameras. Of course the on-line debate about this is divided along party lines, and Trump supporters are saying Streep was out of line, as they become increasing frustrated because Dems won't concede Trump's victory and give him the respect they think he deserves. Meanwhile, Liberals are full of praise for what they considered a courageous gesture on Streep's part and are lambasting and lampooning Trump. Predictably, he took to Twitter to whine about Streep being an overrated actress and branded her as a Hillary groupie before denying her accusation about what had actually been captured on tape. All of which exposes him as the lying scoundrel that he is, and adds to his lack of credibility. I'm glad Meryl defied protocol and took advantage of her platform to take a dig at Trump who is the one that has set the tone with his disregard for tradition, and his ego has proved to be an Achilles heel that provides a target for arrows to wound. In these crazy times anything goes and thanks to the Internet, people have at their finger tips the power to use mockery as a weapon. Just like terrorists, tweeters can do great damage by plowing into the Trump Tower of pride, making him the object of the ridicule that hurts his feelings. Maybe Progressives won't make much of a dent in the Republican fortress, but they do stand a chance of getting the last laugh.
  12. A valid observation. I also think black female writers ought to venture into genres like The Hunger Games, the Twilight and Divergent series, fantasy and horror books that feature feisty young women as their heroines. A black Harry Potter type could even be introduced for younger black readers. Too bad. I'm old and tired or I'd consider doing this. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  13. For 53 years, sources have been insisting that President John F. Kennedy's assassination was a deed perpetrated by a cabal of men who wanted him dead because _____ . Fill in the blank. No matter how many investigations and hearings and theories were set forth and books written, it has never been conclusively proved that this act was committed by anyone other than a single, disgruntled, sharp shooter named Lee Harvey Oswald. In other words Fate, as it often does, played a trick on us and this killing was a fluke. The same with Princess Diana's death. But the public has a hard time wrapping their brains around the idea that such momentous events can be random. As far as I am concerned, unless you believe in the illuminati, Trump's election was the result of unforeseen events coming together, and his "victory" was a fluke that surprised even him. He, himself, never expected to win. That's why he kept insisting that the election was rigged and that he was the one who was a target of the media and behind the scenes machinations. His election was not the result of wily billionaires but dumb bigots feeling sorry for themselves. When sensational unexpected things occur, they become fodder for the "aha, you can't fool me" conspiracy community quick to "romanticize" a calamity because they've seen too many movies. People feed on these type of events and all they need is for someone to come up with a concocted scenario to confirm their suspicions. Of course, these are conclusions reached by gut instinct and old age, both of which have convinced me that there is no rhyme or reason to Life. Shit happens.
  14. Are bands participating in the inaugural day parade paid anything other than their expenses? I always figured the compensation was less about finance and more about the honor and prestige, associated with such an event. For entertainers appearing at the inaugural ball, it's a different story, of course.
  15. The band will participate in the inaugural day parade along with a hundred or so other marching bands and military units.