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  1. Cynique


    No, i'm not saying anything because i don't know enough about the subject. And the only blood type i'm talking about is "O". i don't know anything about A or AB. I can say that this subject has comes up from time time in my experiences and in a room full of people, there has always been at least one other black person besides me who has O Negative blood. I know nothing about this condition as it relates to European people. I also know that the RH factor was just discovered in the 1940s during WWII when blood transfusions were at an all time high. i have no idea what my parents' blood types were, but when i was born in the 30s the Rhesus monkey studies hadn't been done, and whatever their types were, it didn't kill me.
  2. Cynique


    My parents are just ordinary ol color folk. And i know several "black" people besides my kids and brother who are O, RH negative and one of them is medium brown skin. i think Troy said his daughters were that type because we've discussed this before when i joke about me being an alien since that's another theory about this blood type. 18% of the population of this country are RH negative and this undoubtedly includes at least thousands of "blacks". As you know, this blood type is considered the universal donor because it can be transfused to any other blood type. Do a little more research on the subject.
  3. Cynique


    Welll, Aretha, although she was a Detroit girl, was signed with Atlantic Records during the Motown era back in the early 60s. She didn't make a big splash on the scene because back then R&B music had a galaxy of stars all making waves. Some were one-hit wonders, others like, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson endured to this day, like she did. I guess "Respect" was what propelled her forward in the company of other divas like Tina Turner and Patti LaBelle and Dionne Warwick and Gladys Knight and Natalie Cole. Gradually, after regularly turning out hits, she just became a permanent fixture in the world of soul music. She was among the first musicians to be identified simply by their first name. "Aretha" was all fans had to hear, and in time, typical of black folks, Aretha was further shortened to just Rhee-Rhee. Her public watched her go through a lot of transformations as her weight fluctuated and she alternated between slim and buxom, always glamorous and glitzy. To me, she was like an old friend who i just took for granted. There was always an Aretha song out for me to sing along with. Altho, her powerful voice was what people were riveted by, she was also a great self-taught pianist. She started lessons as a child, but her teacher advised her parents to let her just develop on her own because she was a prodigy who needed no lessons. She had roots as a gospel music like many black singers and her earliest performances were in the church. She led a very interesting as well as tragic life which i learned about after reading one of the several biographies about her. Her father, Reverend C. L. Franklin, was a well known Baptist minister and civil rights activist who was a friend and contemporary of MLK. She will be missed but her music lives on.
  4. Cynique

    A dream deferred

    During what time period in this country was King George I I president? 😲
  5. Cynique


    i am not a "white" female and my blood type is "O", and my RH factor is "negative". My husband was "O" positive. During my pregnancies, tests were taken and my RH factor built up no antibodies against my 2 "O" positive babies. My 3 other children are also "O" negative. So there are obviously variations to this paradigm. Maybe my blood type accounts for Africa never "calling me". i am totally indifferent to this continent and its culture. My hair in its natural state was bushy but as i got old, it thinned out and became wavy. My lips are full , my nose is neither keen nor flat, my skin light. In my prime, i had a slender body with long legs and arms. And there are millions more like me in this country. What conclusions can be drawn from all of this?
  6. Cynique

    Finding common ground

    @Deli think it was more like Malcolm reverted to his true self. His low life persona was a facade. He came from a good family. Changing didn't spare his life or make a difference in the world. @Troy You think "what" is a combination of all the people i described?
  7. Cynique

    Finding common ground

    I Is Malcolm X god? Black people treat him like he is, like his words are the absolute sacrosanct gospel truth. He changed, ended up getting assassinated and his legacy is nothing but a bunch of quotes, that parroted what other leaders had already said. and what black people already knew but didn't say in public.
  8. Cynique

    Finding common ground

    The only people eager to sympathize with the whites who support Donald Trump, are other white people, moderates who want to portray Trumpites as poor misunderstood souls who feel neglected, threatened and ridiculed but are really good people who should be reached out to rather than villainized. Black people do the same thing, They defend other blacks no matter how wrong they are, portraying them as victims of racism and injustice, who attend bad schools and can't find jobs, losers who, if given an equal chance, would all be productive upstanding people. In reality, Trump's followers are either overt or covert bigots full of resentment toward anybody who doesn't look like them or adhere to a conventional life style. Similarly, a certain element of blacks are gang-bangers and chronic law breakers, slovenly ghettoites, or slick, self-serving hustlers. People don't want to give up on the worst among their group, hoping they can fit them into a category that re-classifies them as being different from what they really are. The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. The truth hurts but denial takes the sting out of it. Prejudiced white folks ain't gonna change, and jive-assed black ones ain't either. They are what they are. Deep down inside white folks know they are in danger of extinction. Eventually, black ones will realize they will be absorbed by browness. Common ground? When the deal goes down, a matter of survival will force each side to unite with their own kind. If a showdown ever comes, there will be no common ground.
  9. Cynique


    Here is some anecdotal evidence that can be taken into consideration. Back in the early '80s I belonged to a social club made up of about 10 girlfriends who were either childhood pals or college chums. We met once and month to eat and greet and gossip. Men always ended up being the topic of our juicy conversation. This group was a good cross section of married black sistas and the men in our lives were not all cut from the same cloth. A couple of the women complained about their husbands being dead beats who once they go married seemed to have lost interest in sex. Others claimed that their mates wanted it all the time. Still others said they sex lives were adequate, with 2 or 3 times a week being the norm. One woman shared her experiences with a stalker who only had eyes for her and wouldn't leave her alone til he finally gave up. None suspected that their mates were straying, and a couple of the more adventurous one confessed that if their husband cheated on them, they would use this as an excuse to cheat on him. What was notable was that we women had all hooked up with men who were mostly content to stay with one woman. A couple did get divorced later on but adultery was not the reason. The black population according to the latest census was estimated at about 47, 000, 000 and to say that black males run the gamut from womanizers to faithful husbands would seem to be a reasonable deduction. Of course all men have eyes for appealing women, but many have enough control to weigh their options as to what's in their own best interest and choose to look but not touch. A study showed that married men live longer than single ones. That's something to think about.
  10. Cynique


    @Pioneer1 i don't agree with that ambiguous argument. Just because you contradict my statement, doesn't mean you've disproved it. You simply offered your opposing point of view in which, as usual, you overstep your bounds as a self-appointed authority on African Americans. Or are you even an authority of what life in Africa is or was like. You provide nothing to support what you set forth as facts, and your use of the word "perversion" can be applied to your own ideas of how blacks should live in American society because what's "normal" to one person is "abnormal" to another. What i have stated above is an objective and accurate description, free of editorializing and pouting.
  11. Cynique


    @Troy OK. We cool.
  12. @Pioneer1Name one escapade or fantasy i EVER shared on this board. That is what I mean when i refer to YOU lying and making up stuff because all the scenarios about my boy toy were posted by YOU except for my brief reference to him in my satirical piece when i poked fun at everybody From the very beginning, as soon as i casually made a remark about a 72 year old, boy toy, YOU took it and ran with, posting pictures and coming up with the term "stud muffin", something i never used,- talking about cruises when i've never been on a cruse in my life. YOU are who posted pictures, of old white men saying they were him. YOU are who i regularly accused of being fixated on me having boy toy, a name that my kids gave to a friend of mine who occasionally takes me places. I played along with your obsession just once when i posted a picture of handsome young man who was obviously, not someone who would be dating me. I tried to shut you down by teasing you about you having a blow up doll, but that only encouraged to you to come up with more made-up scenarios. So quit trying to draw attention away from you and your lies. My friend is a real person. Your made up stuff was just that.