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  1. Well, guess everybody has run out of things to say. Not surprising. The discussions here always evolve into debates, and few of us are swayed by the arguments of others. Anecdotal evidence, sociological studies, and scientific proof all muddy the picture and we end up with a negative that isn't developed. We all embrace our truths and distrust the source of rebuttals to them. What goes on here is kind of a reflection of the world-at-large and the reason why this country is in disarray. I find myself withdrawing from what is happening all around me, pondering if intelligent design is involved in the Universe, it needs to go back to the drawing board because humanity, in its imperfect form, is on a collision course with self-destruction At the age of 83, I'm shooting for 85 and then I'm ready to call it a day, keeping in mind that my whole life time may just be the wink of an eye in a larger world where I am the equivalent of a fruit fly in this one. I'm rather tired but I am grateful that sleep comes easily to me, and it is a haven for my body and the dreams that have insomnia. Wonder if ant colonies have leaders who are assholes.
  2. The scenario about whites wanting to use the term "nigga" because blacks use it, was played out way back in the '90s when rappers freely used the word in their rhymes. At that time it was made clear that it was not OK for whites to call black folks what they call themselves, and the rule is still in effect. White people still do what they've always done, which is to restrict the word nigga to private conversations. And while you're going around boasting about the super sexual prowess of black studs, you are troubled by the smirks of white people listening to young black males talkin about this past offenses. Silly-assed white Millennials don't have any more common sense than black kids. They are immersed in their white privilege, thinking they can get away with anything.
  3. @Pioneer1And you talk about me worrying about white people thinking blacks are oversexed. Why do you worry about blacks saying nigga in front of white folks? More and more people are gettin tired of political correctness. Young folks call this "keepin it real".
  4. @Pioneer1Well, obviously you and I process things differently. You cannot define what my subjective abstract experiences are, you can only verbalize your interpretation and cite other instances in order to try and make your point. Whatever.
  5. I've been hearing so much about the surprise box office hit, "Get Out" written and directed by comedian Jordan Peele, that I actually bestirred myself to go see it. I give it a thumps up! It was quite well done, good acting, great comic relief; a satirical romp with a sly take-away. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I was amused by its off-beat plot.
  6. @Pioneer1 Who said thoughts are "matter"? I didn't. You refuse to acknowledge that there is a difference between the territory of the mind, and the environment of the physical world where vibrating energies have solidified. The answer to the questions you posed should be obvious by the definitions but, since you apparently are not an abstract thinker they do not register with you. My memories are revived recollections of events that have already happened in the physical world and while I am recalling them they do not materialize into a scene that can be watched by an audience. They are not tangible. When different fragrances or aromas trigger flashbacks, my sense of smell does not magically transform what I have smelled into tangible entities or objects. When someone imagines or theorizes about something, until it is energized into fruition in the physical world for all to perceive, it exists in the intangible limbo of the abstract realm. Proceeding on your argument, i could dream I won the lottery and wake up a rich woman, something that wouldn't happen because my abstract dream existed only in my mind. Or, while remembering my wedding day, I would be holding a bouquet and standing next to my groom-to-be, something that would not be the case because my memories are the intangible remnants of the tangible past.
  7. @Pioneer1 ab·stract1 adjective synonyms: theoretical, conceptual, notional, intellectual; existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence: Abstract is from a Latin word meaning "pulled away, detached," and the basic idea is of something detached from physical, or concrete, reality. abstract - Dictionary Definition : Memories and dreams are recalling events that existed in the physical world.
  8. @Pioneer1Ideas or thoughts are not matter or mass.
  9. The above would seem to be analogous to the concept of "race"; It is adequate to virtually all circumstances we are personally likely to encounter. But when a "massive object" like technicality is added to the equation, then it is "inadequate." "Practicality" wins out over technicality in the ordinary world. @Pioneer1Whatever form matter takes it is still different from "abstract", which was the point I was trying to make. Ideas, per se, are not vibrating energy .
  10. The longer I live, the more memories and leisure time I have to replay the past on the screen of my mind. What I have noticed is that what I do remember is deeply etched in my mind and for some reason has stayed with me over the years. There are other events i have forgotten about until somebody brings them up. And, these memories do seem to be more vivid the older I get. I don't know whether the "inner narrative" that is ongoing inside my head has anything to do with all of this. i also have a very weird thing going on with my computer which has become very organic and when I sit down before it, - it tells me what to write.
  11. Yes, this is all about how each person defines the words they are using and is more an exercise in ambiguity than anything else.
  12. Well, an Alpha Male is in the eye of the beholder and has something to do with the pecking order. This term originated in the animal kingdom in describing how the male of the species will drive off or dominate other males who attempt to challenge his authority within the group. This is particularly observable among Lion prides. And even in a domesticated environment where 2 males cats live under the same roof. They will fight and the loser has to wait for the winner to finish eating before he can eat his meal from the same plate. i have personally seen this happen. But, if you 2 Beta bruthas don't want to be called "Alpha Males", then so be it.
  13. @Troy I don't think it's "silly" to keep an open mind about profound matters. What is silly is for those who don't believe race exists but keep whining about racism. Or for those who have mixed emotions about the "impossible", and who talk about the mind being "finite" but think that they have infinite knowledge when it comes to controversial subjects.
  14. How is that applicable? this formula is abstract, but it deals with mass/matter.
  15. Matter is matter, is it not. Are you saying the physical world doesn't exist, that it is just a figment of the mind? And what "experience" are you talking about? Ones that tell you not to drive your car into ongoing traffic or you will be in a collision??