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    I used to like to read books, but - for some reason I have now forgotten how.

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  1. @Mel Hopkins I miss you, too! @ChevdoveGlad you still show up occasionally to disperse the pollution @Troy i'm glad you haven't lost patience with me when it comes to my squaring off with my female antagonists. @Del and ProfD. i appreciate your two having the broad minds to keep things in perspective. 'Hope my reappearance annoys the right wing lackeys who slither around this forum.
  2. Aw, c'mon, Fellas. Everybody likes a good cat fight. BTW, Cynique is a variation of "cynical", something I claim the privilege to be at the ripe old age of 88 - which when reversed is 88. I suppose this board does need a Polly Anna presence to balance things out. Whatever. I'm about ready to go into hibernation. So talk amongst yourselves. zzzzzzzzz
  3. @DelAs a matter of fact, i am seeing 11:11 fairly regularly.
  4. @MzuriOh put a lid on all the warmed over disinformation. I said Biden is doing the best he can. And he is. Anybody but a right wing parrot and purveyor of propaganda and subterfuge like you knows that no one person or party is responsible for all the problems in this country as you remain in denial about how the Retrumpicans are sabotaging democracy. You are totally under the thrall of the Big Lie and all the other untruths that are the underpinning of that alternate universe you are trapped in. Go somewhere and sit down. @ProfDThat makes too much sense for Mzuri to accept. Cognitive dissonance has claimed her and her fellow fanatic,Nels.
  5. @MzuriThere you go arguing with yourself again because i never said things are better now that they were before. i said these are difficult times. And you with all of your multiple personalities have never come up with a convincing argument that the Retrumpicans would or could be doing a better job of running things as you try to deny this is political when all you do is blame the Democrats and try to sanitize all those right wing Retrumpicans who have infected your mind set. Talk about a lack of self awareness, in your attempt to gaslight me, you don't realize how crazy you are.
  6. @MzuriBlah, blah, blah. Biden is no worse than black people who ridicule white folks and rake them over the coals. Racism is as American as Apple Pie. In the final analysis, Its not about what people say, it's what they do. These are difficult times and he's doing the best he can under the circumstances. Republicans, on the other hand, are doing everything they can to make matters worse so they can reclaim the presidency and install somebody who would be no better. There are no heroes in America's current scenario and nobody is a bigger fool than someone who thinks Retrumpicans are the solution to this country's problems.
  7. @nelsThat being the case, why have you responded to my post? Couldn't resist trying to do damage control, huh? Mission unaccomplished. @nelsIf the shoe didn't fit you, you wouldn't be trying to wiggle out of what clearly describe you. tsk, tsk. What would humanity do if it didn't have paranoid prophets of gloom and doom to take the joy out of living - prognosticators like you who will be disappointed if, Heaven forbid, things work themselves out and Life goes on its merry way. Cheer up, Chicken Little. Maybe one day the world will take you as seriously as you take yourself. Hard to imagine, however, about somebody who thinks the party of Libertarian white supremists and thick skulled Neanderthals is the answer to America's dilemma. Liberals and Conservatives will never successfully co-exist and the obvious resolution is for those of like minds to hook up and go their separate ways. The United States is done but you are too busy beating your breast to realize this.
  8. While illegitimate regime head and presidential impostor Joe Biden destroy's America's sovereignty, black and Latino America seem more interested in who is going to the next Super Bowl and World Series. What a malicious misleading headline contrived to secure a captive audience for the purpose of spreading the narrative of the conservative Retrumpican community of fascists - oops i mean "patriotic" Americans resentful of immigrants. These chronic whiners, along with the growing number of Americans who wouldn't be caught dead doing the unskilled low paying jobs these fugitives from poverty and terrorism will gladly do, are too short sighted to accept this simple reality. So much for the country that once bragged about being a nation of immigrants. Let's hear it for the testosterone crowd of real men who are able to compartmentalize their lives and take time out from the cares of the day to anticipate the entertainment of the Super Bowl and the excitement of the play-offs that precede this thrilling event. Screw the kill joy wussies. Let the games begin!
  9. I can't believe what all you "in-the-know" conspiracy theorists can't discern when it comes to this situation! Heads up you super spy cadets! This is a plot by the deep state cabal to placate black Americans and keep them in line while simultaneously stoking the growing white resentment toward politically-correct Democrat Liberals. Once this situation comes to a head, the country will be ripe for a white supremist take over. WOOOOO The only hope is that that there is another cabal secretly scheming to preserve democracy and create a society that is inclusive rather than exclusive. May the best side win. it's not like things will be any better for black folks.
  10. Do you 2 dedicated Democrat bashers actually call yourself critical thinkers? You seem incapable of wrapping your brains around the truth about today's Republicans being the heirs to the Democrats of yesteryear whom you villainize. Party membership switched in the 1960s. Southern Democrats resented their party being supportive of the Civil Rights movement to abolish Jim Crowism, and they eventually deserted their party and became Republicans because they were more compatible with Richard Nixon and his cohorts. Today, the southern, red-neck confederate-flag waving civil war sore losers, and northern white blue collar workers who were once the type that made up the rank-and-file pf the Democrat party, are now the base of the Republican party. MAGA hat wearers, Proud Boys seditionists, Oath Keeper domestic terrorists, and Neo Nazis are who have revived the KKK, which also counts white cops among its members and they have all found a home in the Republican Party, welcomed by the lying law breaking Senators and Congressmen who are making a mockery of democracy You chide black Democrats and expect us to just blindly accept your smug implication that all of the black people of character and intelligence who are Democrats are duped and crooked as opposed to the tight-ass, boot-lickin black Retrumpicans who you identify with. Puleeze, You are deluded if you think Martin Luther King and Malcom X would be on the side of the party that reveres Trump, the guy who discriminated against black tenants in his hotels and once took out a full page ad calling for the prosecution of the Central Park 4, a group of black juveniles who were later found innocent of attacking a white female jogger. You are also myopic when it comes to politics whose corruptness does not limit itself to one party. Like you, I can also cherry pick. Democrats are who passed all the Civil Rights legislation back in the 1960s. Lyndon Baines Johnson, a Democratic president is who appointed the first Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall. LBJ might've been a racist but he later changed his stance. And nobody was more of a racist and elitist than Republican president Ronald Reagan whose trickle-down economics victimized black folks for years. Fun fact. Biden was who headed the committee that absolved that Republican lackey Uncle Clarence Thomas during the Anita Hill hearings. This is 2022. Most forward-thinking blacks judge Biden not by his past sins but by what he is now doing, and did do when he served under Obama as Vice President. In the present, his staff and cabinet are filled with people of color. You 2 Retrumpican shills can believe what you choose, but you are just as bamboozled as you think others are. If you'd crawl out of that rabbit hole, you'd realize that Democrats are no worse than Republicans.
  11. Cabin Fever Serenade
  12. @Delano Wassup, Del? I slipped below the horizon but have momentarily surfaced. I'm reminded of you every time I notice an interesting sequence of numbers on my digital clock at which time I always take note of how i feel.
  13. @ProfD We cool. I always enjoyed our exchanges both the verbal and musical ones. I appreciate that you "get" me, and understand that I tend to be a polemecist. I'll be coming and going around here. With me, it's always just one day at a time. Check ya later.
  14. @Mzuri'Says a lot about your mental stability that, having branded me as the cat lady, you suddenly accuse me of acting like a dog. At least your delusions about my frame of mind are consistent. Whatever. Pardon me if i don't pick up the towel you just threw in. But be advised that having exposed you as the loser that you are, my usual nice day will be even better.
  15. @MzuriLMAO. After regurgitating all that patented swill straight from the right-wing Republican playbook, - a crock of bullshit replete with your straw man arguments about Obama and Biden, neither of whom i have ever mentioned, you have the gall to brag about thinking for yourself, which is obviously not an asset in your case. Instead of trotting out all that cut-and-paste blather from the Republican troll manual, you need to learn the difference between white supremacy and white racism. Everybody is racist; i'm racist, you're racist, they're racist. Bottom line is whether you let racism usurp pragmatism. Biden doesn't do that. He does what's expedient, like any shrewd politician. Nor do i care whether Obama is an elitist. He's no longer the POTUS. It ain't his job to make niggas stop killin' each other. You are grasping at straws, using diversionary tactics in order to rationalize your embrace of a party intent on preserving a system of white supremacy - an entrenched tradition that doesn't give a damn about negro syncophants like you. The difference between me and you is that i know the Democrats are flawed and that democracy is on its last legs because all men aren't really created equal. YOU are the brainwashed one, believing a Republican 3rd Reich will be a panacea for the great unwashed masses when it will never be anything but the party of predominately rich white men. Just like you will never be anything by a peripatetic phony who hisses out of both sides of her mouth.
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