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  1. Needless to say, i am very opinionated and hypercritical. And I didn't just gradually become this way over a period of time through extensive engagement with a broad range of people. It's simply an intrinsic part of who i am, and I have been argumentive since grade school, always posing the question "but, what if?". Fortunately, i don't take myself too seriously, and those who i take the most serious are, likewise, ones who can poke fun at themselves; these are usually the type who know the most. Knowledge is power, but modesty is endearing. People are quick to call me negative, but i like to think of myself as being realistic, and chronic optimists bore me. Bottom line, there's always an element of mischief in my bantering. And believe it or not - "i know that I know nothing." Oh, and by the way, I'm old and tired. zzzzzzzzz. But what do I know?
  2. @Troy I agree that racism is fluid and comes in degrees. It can be malignant or benign. Everybody is racist to a degree. I know I am. At this point, I don't really care. I'm Let the chips fall where they may. What ever will be, will be. I'm just hangin' around until I'm not hangin' around...if you get my drift.
  3. @Troyyou admit, even sometimes brag, about how you don't watch the news or take sides politically so i can only assume that you are not aware nor care to be made aware of how the Republican party has painted itself with a new brush which has turned it into a right wing cesspool whose spineless elected officials have chosen party over country, still loyal to the traitor who is Donald Trump! The same is true of Trump's large base which has embraced what has become an alternate reality, made up of lies, conspiracy theories and the propaganda that Fox "News" dispenses. Republicans who reject all of this are conspicuously silent. So it's hard to separate Trump from the those who tolerate him. To its credit, this solid new GOP is scoring points, capitalizing off the discontent of a divided America, and it will probably score a landslide victory in the upcoming elections, possibly succeeding in getting Trump re-elected in 2024. One of the apparent reason for this growing popularity is that these "Retrumpicans" are in tune with an America which is now showing its true colors, a nation that has come to regard democracy as an inconvenience, - "equality for all" as a hindrance when it comes to making America "great" again. So, that's what i have against Republicans. You can challenge my charges but a lot of what i say is happening right before our eyes. Agreed, the befuddled Democrats are not much better. But they are at least trying to make this a better world with their misguided policies that include humoring the demands of the LBQT community, catering to whims of the cancel culture, deferring to the haphazardness of the BLM movement. Sending billions to Ukraine. Again, I stick by my contention that racists, homophobes, xenophobes, misogynists and anti-semitics do not gravitate toward the liberal Democratic party. They merge right in with the seditious domestic terrorists, gun nuts and racists who now make up the Republican party. You exonerate the people who voted twice for Obama but still find things about Trump to like. And to this I say, one of the dubious distinctions of Trump's presidency was how it enabled folks to be prejudiced. And there are a lot of closet racists out there. So, we have to agree to disagree
  4. Just to be clear, this non existent movie is "helmed" by Conservatives debunking the excuses apologetic Liberals give for the disarray of the "black community". Whatever. Like Harry Brown's posts, "Greg" provides subject matter to comment on, and for me, in particular, a chance to engage in my favorite pasttime: belittling those who I disagree with.
  5. @GregAnd I'm sure these brilliant liberals will destroy the premise of the movie in a sequel that will deconstruct the "straw man" argument that is the gist of any such movie. Facts aren't excuses, especially when they introduce extenuating circumstances. Furthermore, any documentary that doesn't acknowledge that certain behavior is more about class than race, is bogus.
  6. @daniellegfnyYou try creating a fetus by putting a fertilized zygote in an incubator. Nor, as you ambiguously imply, could I, a black Liberal, help perpetuate white supremacist fascism, - even if I was still fertile. Now run along like a good boy. Your uncle thomas needs some help with his boot lickin chores down there at the big house on the right wing conservative plantation.
  7. "Living" begins when the first breath is drawn, and a fetus ain't breathing - as in inhaling and exhaling. Just like that dead beat uncle Thomas is just a conservative zombie, programmed to follow the instructions of his massas who need white women to grunt out more babies in order to increase the ranks of the fascistic horde about to take over the country.
  8. @GregDepends on how you look at it. Everybody doesn't have tunnel vision like you. Blacks are still around surviving and thriving because they've learned how to work The System that was put in place to oppress them. Whites may be on top but they have no scruples either, and they're making a mess, doing an awful job of running the country at a terrible cost to the population as, meanwhile, blacks do their thing and remain a thorn in the side of those desperate to preserve white supremacy. Who are the losers here? You for one, ruminating in your "Leave it to Beaver" world. You are accomplishing nothing, except in my night owl realm where you continue to make me snicker. Watta joke you are. Good, Night. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. @GregBlack thugs are kinda like white grade school girls who post naked pictures of themselves on social media because they have no impulse control. Thank goodness mummy and daddy can afford abortions between supporting their opioid addictions.
  10. @Greg What is that non sequitur supposed to mean?? Your "facts" are cherry picked.
  11. @Greg You don't think. You just string words together. @Delano good one, Del.
  12. @GregThere should be no apostrophes in the pluralization of the word "area", because how it is used is neither possessive nor a contraction. Also, other shallow right-wingers who, like you, lack insight are the only people to whom the bill you cited sounds "logical". What's "logical", despite the fact that it's a situation that remains unaccomplished by inefficient law enforcement, and prevented by the NRA lobby, is getting guns off the street and regulating their ownership. FIREARMS ARE THE CULPRIT! And trolls like you continue to be more the problem than the solution with your out-of-touch pontificating about the "black community". Blinded by your love for all things white, and crippled by your revulsion for anything black, your mentality is an idiotic entanglement of hypothetical fantasies; also known as silly dreams. Time-tested principles such as "the same fire that melts wax, makes steel hard", when put in the context of the ghetto, never occur to dolts like you. The inner-city environment does not turn all black children into block head hoodlums. There's the other side of the proverbial coin, and it reveals how countless numbers of these kids who grow up in the same circumstances as the thugs don't become dense killers, - thanks to their resilient, innate good character and malleable strength. Moreover, their authentic success stories would put to shame you smug, limp dick conservatives, bragging about what you think you did on your own. The controversial idea that comprehensive training programs could be introduced into America's ghettos, entrapping black kids in regimented institutions while programing their minds to be meek instead of aggressive, along with reforming their wayward mamas, is not an idea apt to catch on - unless, in the very unlikely case, there is a similar invasion of the suburbs where maladjusted white kids would have school curricula designed to modify and control their craziness - and ground their "helicopter parents". Bwahahaha. Thanks again, Greg, for providing me with a good laugh!
  13. @GregFor somebody who is always yakking about using proper English, you could benefit from doing so yourself. Your sentence that says: "All of our issues in our Black community is self inflicted and has nothing to do with hardworking Asians, Whites, of Hispanics "etc. should say: "All of our issues in our black community are self inflicted and have nothing to with Asians, whites, or Hispanics etc... Sheeze! In fact, you are a light weight in other areas when it comes to assessing what you mis-label as the "black community". You are incapable of looking at the big picture, or peering past your nose. No deep thinker, you lack the capacity to comprehend that the pendulum of humanity's clock has been wound up and is now on the swing from back to forth. Other ethnicities inspiring your dismay at being victimized by black thugs are collateral damage representing what happens when payback rears its ugly head and justice disappears. Like now. What's being demonstrated as the black aberrations descended from slaves avenge what normal whites did to those slaves long ago. The outcome? Shit happens. If you weren't so busy carping about proper English and unwed pregnancies, and lack of ambition you'd have time to develop some intellectual muscle instead of being stuck on stupid. You could benefit from a little profound cogitation, maybe become enlightened about how CIVILIZATION unfolds, doing what it does, rising and falling, progressing and stumbling, moving on, lurching ahead, time bringing change that reverts back to sameness. In the scheme of things what is now being perpetrated by black criminals is out of control and cannot be fixed. It will have to sort itself out with what will undoubtedly be tragic results. Self Genocide. Martial Law. Race War. That's life. Or will the ghetto culture and mindset that so offends you change over night or even at all. A collective consciousness is deeply entrenched and preserved by an environment that society perpetuates because it needs scapegoats and others to blame for why things are the way they are. You cannot conceive of the idea that your world vision blurs in the face of reality and you are wasting your time and that of those who you harass with your demands. So, as far as the "Greg Project" goes, all of your bitching and lecturing is just drivel. You serve no purpose except to the white puppet masters who pull your strings. Attempting to be the paternalistic arbitrator of what the black community needs to do to be worthy of white approval is an exercise in futility because you are neither a super hero nor a role model. - just a naggin wanna-be. Stefan thinks it's not a good idea to engage with trolls, but you provide me with a way to amuse myself. Ha-Ha.
  14. @Pioneer1Enter the straw man argument. Offering a reason for your not being a supporter of Fred Hampton's politics was in response to what? Who said i was aligned with his beliefs?
  15. You know, of course, that Fred Hampton, Chairman of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party was from my home town. Not really a contemporary of his, I, nevertheless, watched him transform from an idealistic NAACP youth council leader into a radicalized black militant. As an onlooker I knew i was witnessing history in the making. A few years later, i stood in the long line to view his body and - to wonder what the future held. And here we are... A bust of Hampton is on display outside of the local swimming pool named in his honor. He promised the young black kids who had no place to swim that he would one day change that. And he did.
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