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  1. Back in the day, the CHICAGO THEATER located in this city's famous loop district was not only a place where movies were shown but where artists would perform live on stage between pictures, and this is where I saw Count Basie and Duke Ellington and their orchestras also Nat "King" Cole and Billy Eckstein who I forgot to mention. . Charlie Parker I saw at a black show lounge on Chicago's south side. He was in decline when I saw him, and it was obvious he was high. People like Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, Sara Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Carmen McRae just to name a few, would appear in Chicago's loop at intimate little jazz clubs where you sat at tables, and smoked and drank, but never danced. The first Playboy jazz fest, was held in Chicago's Civic Opera house and was a 3-day extravaganza and this is where I saw Ella, and Billie Holiday, and Dizzy Gillespie who I also forgot to mention.There were too many greats at this affair to even list. The only place where I'd dance would be at the local America Legion Hall, where they'be be playing R&B And Blues music. We'd be doing the Bop, the Twist, the Watusi, the Funky Broadway, the Bump and the Chicken. By the time the Running Man and Twerking came out, I'd retired from the scene. I did try and keep up with line-dancing for a minute but every time i'd learn the latest one, a new more complicated one would come out. Now I am a content to just watch. The Jitterbug was still popular when I was in high school and we'd do it at "Quarter" parties, held in basements. Fun times.
  2. LOL Prince concerts are the only ones I attended in the last 30 years. I've never been to a Michael Jackson one. Back in the late '50s and early '60s I saw several jazz artists performing at small night club venues and quite a few of them at a Playboy Magazine jazz fest. Charlie Parker Miles Davis Dave Brubeck Max Roach Sarah Vaughn Ella Fitzgerald Nancy Wilson Duke Ellington Count Basie Joe Williams
  3. @TroyEvery group thinks its lifestyle is the preferable one. Primitive people probably think their simple way of life is better than what "civilization" has to offer. I don't think modern society condemns what's primitive. It thinks it's quaint and should be preserved and observed. And do we really know that "being rich does not make people happy and that many poor people are happy"?? This is just a platitude. An updated examination of that rationale says that money can buy happiness because it enables you to decrease or eliminate what keeps you from being happy. Few people are content living in poverty and it certainly has an impact on struggling black people. The preferred choice between being affluent and being indigent is a no-brainer. And I don't think technology and spirituality are an "either/or" situation. They can co-exist in a society where compartmentalizing is common. The conveniences of technology free up time for introspection and leisure. Also, young people are in the forefront of saving the Earth and following Vegan diets, or are they deeply into conventional religion.
  4. @TroyJust as you had a problem with me calling Native Americans "primitive", i have a problem with you using the pronoun "we" when it comes to capitalism, as if "you" and the rest of black people have a say-so in whether or not Capitalism is perpetuated. LOL Because you are an idealist you always come from a position of how things should be instead of how they are. The human race gives lip service when it comes to the evil of exploiting people but the greed gene dominates. The quote "I've been poor and I've been rich, and rich is better" has been attributed to several people, all of whom it applied to, and its message resonates everywhere with everyone. When it comes to the German people who are traditionally very nationalistic, their resentment against the Jewish bankers who were exploiting their economy already existed. Hitler was telling them what they wanted to hear and they showed no inclination to rebuke him. (Just like Trump and his followers) Black people who, as you would have it, are another form of the human race were exploited because the white form of the human race had no qualms about using blacks for their purposes. Human beings do inherently exploit each other to some degree because doing so improves their own lot in life. IMO And, yes, the Native American simple spiritual approach to life is an acceptable alternative to our present superficial, materialistic computerized society. This is not a revelation. Most people would find merit in this assessment. @Pioneer1 I just calls 'em, like I sees 'em. I find points of agreement and disagreement with everybody who posts here.
  5. @Troy I'd read the book recommended by Pioneer before I condemned it and I'm surprised at your reaction. I don't find it unreasonable to believe that Native Americans, who were primitive people, fought fire with fire and engaged in atrocities against other tribes and white settlers. Yes, the "Nobel Savage" is romanticized as an ingenuous people close to nature who learned to live in harmony with the earth and smoked peace pipes and revered the buffalo, and communicated via bird calls and tom-toms and were brave wasrriors, but they were also human and no human group is all good with no bad. Whether they were all good or all bad is beside the point. They were here first and were driven off their territory by white people who did terrible things to them. It's the nature of the beast. The strong prevail over their adversaries by any means necessary. We're always hearing about the great civilizations of Africa and all the things they introduced and invented. Are books about this ever written by anyone other than black people? And why didn't these great African civilizations, who sold each other into slavery, last? Because they weren't great enough to stave off the onslaught of great white marauders with guns who sacked and stripped Africa. There's a difference between "great" and "good". As for slavery days in America. The masters knew how to maintain control by dividing and conquering. Slaves with higher status could always be depended upon to betray their lesser brothers. For people who knew no better, house niggas were proud of their rank. We know that history is written by the victors and truth is the first casualty. But one truth endures and it is that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".
  6. No, the 3 stages of life meme was not original. I came across it, and it made me laugh out loud. And that was a good thing. Life is a joke you just have to catch on to. Maybe.
  7. I discovered late in life that I am an Existentialist and didn't know it. The 3 Stages of Life: (1) Birth (2) What the fuck is this? (3) Death
  8. By virtue of being a crook, Donald Trump rescued himself from failing businesses by declaring bankruptcy and is probably indebted to Russia and maybe even China. He is foolish. As president he is an uninformed wind bag, a thin-skinned narcissist who blames others for his mistakes, and an irresponsible liar drunk with power. His Twitter tweets are often incoherent and contain misspellings. He gets over ,not because he is shrewd but because he is a sign of the whimsical times when flukes flourish and everything is haywire. Nobody was more surprised than him when he won, - by virtue of being at the right place at the right time and the beneficiary of the peculiar electoral college. ( His Press Secretary is pathetic as are his Secretaries of Education, and of Housing and Urban development, just to name a few.) He is humored by others around him who perceive that Republicans are "on a roll", - again because of the dynamics that have capriciously been brought into play because the world has become skewed, the tide has turned and some would even attribute this discombobulation to the configuration of the stars. Whatever. And I didn't say Corporate America or the Government who was in power during the Hurricane Katrina or the Flint, Michigan disasters were fools. Callous, yes, but not fools. Black people may be responsible in part for their own problems but let's just say that, from the very beginning in America, they got off on the wrong foot.
  9. None of those working for United Airlines will be fired over this incident. They were all following protocol and were not trained to deal with such a situation. Furthermore, no fellow passengers of the victim seemed to strenuously object to his being dragged off the plane. Many were probably thinking they would've accepted the cash offer to leave and take a later flight. Pardon me if I am not up in arms by what happened to the obstinate doctor with the shady past. Asians and Muslims in America don't give a damn about Blacks or their grievances. Pardon me if I return the favor.
  10. Is it any wonder that I am a pessimistic? What is there to be optimistic about? "Man's inhumanity to man is what prevails in this god-forsaken world were truth is a casualty, and equality a myth. The rich get richer and the poor will always be with us. Have a good day.
  11. Well, obviously all frustrated black men with axes to grind don't go around killing people. They are stable enough to cope and take things in their stride, managing to survive by balancing the good with the bad. Studies are now showing, however, that both black and white males are struggling with feelings of inadequacy, haunted by a fear of being ignored and of losing their status as the "stronger sex". The danger stems from the misfits of society, - those afflicted with personality disorders. Too many men are ego-driven and self absorbed, unable to deal with rejection because of their inflated self esteem. (Rich and famous, white Bill O'Reilly comes to mind.) But I wouldn't deny that black men are prone to being neurotic. Most can't win for losing and it's difficult for them to rise above their circumstances. Still, they haven't forgotten how to have fun and enjoy themselves.
  12. Well, the problem with the "being treated like a fool is the result of acting like a fool" caveat is that is does not apply across the board. The most visible, blatant example of this being President Donald J. Trump, a rich white capitalistic crook and clueless buffoon who regularly makes a fool of himself on social media and the world stage. He and the fools who elected him have been rewarded for being fools. Fools are now running the country, with their fake news and saber rattling and those who act with propriety are so intimidated by these fools that they embrace the role of victim because that's what they are inasmuch as they have been stripped of their power. It's easy to come up with pat little phrases and use them to generalize. But there are always extenuating circumstances that can't be ignored. Black people have a built-in victimization that comes with the color of their skin. White people who have integrity will act in the best interest of all for the greater good. Those who are unscrupulous and want to be in control don't give a damn. And their numbers are legion.
  13. Instead of coming together and merging into a monolithic citizenry that embodies a distinct national character, America has become fragmented and polarized due, in no small part, to color, nationality and religion, factors which divide people and give rise to extreme political differences. This situation does not make this country unique, it just exposes the myth that it is the United States of America. Donald Trump is an insidious dangerous force because the precedents he sets are not effectively stifled by those opposed to him. His detractors are so frustrated by his blatant incompetency and outright lies that they can't mount viable defenses against him. Trump is in the vanguard of what lies ahead, and this nation will never be the same as a result of his legitimizing dishonesty, racism and misogyny, not to mention making social media his personal mouthpiece. Like the Roman Empire, America is on track to self-implode and the great experiment in democracy attempted by this Republic will have failed, defeated by Capitalism, and an aversion to diversity. IMO.
  14. @Pioneer1 I think you're overlooking what i wrote. Didn't I say that "blacks are their own worst enemy and are not united"? In fact you pretty much recycled what I implied in attempting to defend yourself. But you continue to underestimate how the capitalistic racist white power structure stacks the deck against blacks. Instead, you offer simplistic solutions for complicated problems.
  15. Not to be overlooked is the uproar that erupts any time an animal is abused or shot by hunters; especially one that is an endangered species. The only widespread public outcry that occurs when endangered blacks youths are murdered, is if the perpetrators are white cops, - who are sympathized with for simply "doing their duty".