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  1. @Troy Am I violating any copyrights, etc? I just wanted to share this article because it was so apropos of what has been discussed on this board. Black Men Rally Behind Leslie Jones with #BlackMenSupportLeslie 4 CULTURE by Elle – August 26, 2016 Leslie Jones was the victim of a vicious hack on her website yesterday, with her nude photos and personal information, including her driver’s license and passport photos being posted. Thousands have voiced support for Leslie, labeling the attack racist and sexist, using hashtags like #LoveforLeslieJ and #SupportLeslieJ. However, a new hashtag came up that may have been a bit of a surprise, but also very welcome. Twitter user @BlakeDontCrack created the hashtag #BlackMenSupportLeslie for black men specifically to show support and love for Leslie Jones.
  2. I read on FaceBook that Mega TV Evangelist Creflo (Cashflow) Dollar is supporting Trump. Considering the source, I don't know how true this is but this is the same preacher who wanted each member of his vast congregation to send him $300 so he could purchase a 65 million dollar private jet to fly him around the country and overseas. Birds of a feather, flock together. Trump's pitch to the black underclass is very persuasive. "What you you have to lose?" he asks. Some might respond that what they have to lose could be their Section 8 housing, their free medical cards and the plastic debit cards that have replaced food stamps, welfare benefits that would unlikely be among the things that represent the America Trump wants "to make great again".
  3. Bottom line: A strong woman doesn't have to be muscular, loud and aggressive. She can be supple, subtle and reserved. Strength can come from within, like the proverbial "steel fist in a velvet glove".
  4. LOL. You seem to have led a very interesting life, Pioneer. And I don't feel the need to disparage the recollections you share with this board from time to time. I've also noticed how young people nowadays precede their answer to a question with the word "so". What's up with that? i guess it has replaced starting a sentence with "like". I think there is also a "black vibe" and President Obama personifies it. For want of a better description, I would label it as an essence of hipness. He speaks perfect grammar, is highly intelligent, and clean cut in appearance, but if you didn't know him, and didn't see him, and just heard him talk, at some point you could detect that he is black. His speech pattern is rhythmic and effortless. When you do see him, his demeanor is also hip. He has swag. I'd also say the same thing about Michelle. She is refined but listening to her speak, if I didn't see or know her, at some point, I would guess her to be black. But, maybe that's just me. .
  5. I don't think black women are being masculated. I agree that their being sex objects is more the case. But I do know that normalcy is boring and people are riveted by abnomalcy. Freak show always attracted large crowds at carnivals because people are drawn to what's bizarre. At the Olympics, runners in a race are introduced and the camera focuses on each one of them during this ceremony. Watching the race that Caster participated in, I was startled as to how much this runner looked like a man when they showed her. Apparently a lot of other people had the same reaction. This is not unusual or should it be surprising that her appearance became a subject that sparked internet discussion. The old newspaper credo about a man biting a dog being more newsworthy than a dog biting a man still stands. And why shouldn't it? I don't think people should be reprimanded for gawking at or following stories about oddities. A healthy amount of curiosity never harmed anybody and can be enlightening as was the case on this thread.
  6. LOL I think the men would be resentful if she was a hermaphrodite who had a pretty face and chose to wear her hair long, but had a male body that would put her on a par with men athletes. Men are always resentful when women compete with them. Black in the 70s gay tennis star Billy Jean King played male tennis pro Bobby Riggs in a much publicized tennis match, and beat him, something he never lived down.
  7. Rabid ranting. LOL
  8. Can you be specific? You're a desperate fool, grasping at straws and obviously don't know what irony in all of its usages means. Look it up, Dummy. And when you're done, go jump in the lake. We know you don't want to get your weave wet, but you surely must know how to swim.
  9. Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. I'm sure what you write others might read but be advised that I couldn't care less about your incoherent addle-brained opinions on any subject. Yawnnnnnn
  10. Since you're so good at delving back into the archives and have the gall to attempt to discuss the subject of irony, why don't you show some guts and print exactly what I said about Emmit Till's death which was that I found it ironic that 3 years before his lynching I was living in a newly integrated dorm on the campus of the university of Illinois where we had maid service and were served by white waiters in the dining room. Stop using this story as a smoke screen for your lies and distortions and misinterpretations, and tell the truth. Hard for you to do I know. But I'm not surprised at how low you would stoop to save face. You're pathetic.
  11. When I say a "white-girl vibe" it's not about using proper grammar or presenting oneself in a wholesome way. It's a very subtle thing. Simone is perky, and the cadence and timbre of her speech is in the white teen age girl vernacular. I'd be willing to bet that she is also a Taylor Swift fan. Just an observation on my part and I'm sure she couldn't care less about my assessment. Obviously, with her fame and fortune she can act anyway she wants.
  12. If she was a feminine looking hermaphrodite who wanted to compete with men in a track and field event like high jumping or pole vaulting, would the men feel resentful?
  13. The south side of Chicago is an urban ghetto, among other things. And your being in denial does not undo this.
  14. @Sara LOL Feel better now that you've vomited your envy? Thanks for providing me with the belated gift of laughter. Your ignorance is comical. You really do believe that anybody who claims they had an idyllic childhood, - and there are millions of people both and black white, who say this, - is lying and fantasizing. Stupid people like you can't deduce that youth is an interlude in life's journey, a time of innocence and simpleness that can very well give rise to a halcyon existence. But, no, let you tell it, everybody had a dull upbringing in a dreary environment and they just make up things to tell people because the are unfulfilled. SMH. Get a life! The ongoing subject of your spiteful vitriol reveals so much about you; your repetitive litany and your unbridled resentment speak volumes. Worst of all is the pettiness that is a symptom of your arrested development. You've never gotten pass the playground phase in your thinking. I'm always expecting your to add a "nana nana nah nah" at the end of your posts with their silly emojis. You really are a dysfunctional nutcase. Just so you won't be disappointed, however, I will favor you with a final insult: sara. BTW, my leaving you out of my shout-outs, was a form of manipulation. I knew you were itching to show up on this post - and you did. LMAO.
  15. My, my, we've been busy haven't we? Probably spent the whole week-end going over in your head how you were going to storm onto Cynique's Corner and show some balls! LMAO. I can see you now, frantically writing and rewriting your rebuttals which are nothing more than you putting your spin on issues in a lame attempt to dazzle people with a lot of convoluted drivel and, as usual, quotes from other people. Yawn. And I'm still chuckling at your error-filled dissertation, telling black folks that they once knew how to swim. No shit. Who doesn't know that any athlete of any color can become a good swimmer, under the right conditions. Puleeze. Nobody is surprised that black people were and can be good swimmers because we all know people who were and are. You are deluded into thinking that everything you say or write is a great revelation rather than something that anybody with any critical thinking skills can't figure out for themselves. But critical thinking is a foreign concept to you. And why don't you get some new material? That tired old distorted reference about Emmitt Till and Rosa Parks is so played out, along with the flashbacks that enable you to go into intricate detail about the habits of old women because being raised by such women made you an expert on them. For somebody who thinks they are so sharp, you are really dim-witted. You need to step back and ask yourself why my reminiscences offend you so? You are fixated on them! Why do they send you into such a frenzy? They don't bother anybody but you. I have noted that my childhood is not as rare as some people might perceive it to be. Others are the ones who find it different . What distinguishes my reflections is that they span 83 years of the American experience, Dummy. But because you are such a pathological liar, you think everybody else is, and you want everyone to focus on your "easy-A" black history ramblings that anybody who attended a community college can yap about. ROTFLOL Transparency, thy name is sara.