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  1. All of my sistas here have really done themselves proud in offering explanations about their approaches to interacting with other women - as well as men. Each testament was flavored with their individual personalities and provided clues to why they are so impressive. I have concluded that one difference between them and me is that i am more argumentive and when it comes to engaging with men, i like to question everything they say just to be contrary even as, on this forum, i cringed at their written responses that had little regard for being detailed-oriented or proof read, full of disjoi
  2. i don't feel like doing that because i don't really give a damn about Farrahkhan and you and pioneer's hero worship of him.
  3. Because you strongly engage in debating with me. i fight fire with fire. Mel and Chevdove are cool. @Pioneer1Watta crock of psycho-babbo bull shit. It's almost too absurd for me to dignify with a response. I 've never seen you, never talked to you in person and the only thing i have to go by is the crap you post which i never find has much merit as exemplified by your above post.What you call masculine energy i call the resistance of opposites poles and just for the record i like Del a hell of lot more than i do you. There's nothing about you for me to be attracted to. Y
  4. Well, "vile" is your word. "anti-semitic" is mine, and Farrakhan incriminated himself when he admitted he called certain jews "satanic". He never denies being anti-semitic because he geniuinely has a big problem with jews. i have heard Farrakhan speak out against Jews, and his litany never changes so i'm sure he's not saying anything good about Jews on FaceBook
  5. I indirectly disagree with Chevdov's suspicions about a sinister conspiracy to feminize black men by promoting homosexuality,
  6. @Troywhy don't you speak to my legitimate observation about how black folks would go ballistic if a controversial white person regularly came on a black owned site and railed against an organization like BLM or civil rights and militant black organizations of the past like SNICK and the Black Panthers. Farrakhan, himself, refers to the jews he admittedly bad mouths as "satanic", so this proves that he is singling out certain jews he's doesn't appreciate and utilizing a platform supplied by a jewish person to diss his people. It's beside the point whether Zuckerberg is wrong in d
  7. @TroyAn interesting explanation but not entirely on the mark. I don't know about Mel, but my always being in step with her is not because we are both females but because she a smart astute, insightful person who i find easy to side with because she makes sense and is amusing. I don't find any reason to oppose Chevedove, either, whether i disagree with her or not. She's full of documented information. I know very little about the subjects she posts and she educates me and doesn't have an arrogant bone in her body. i also felt this way about Chris Burns, who is a man. i am not
  8. Bwahahaha, Del. i knew where you were coming from. i don't understand why Farrakhan and his indignant groupies think Zuckerberg, who is a jew, is just going to sit idly by and let people like Farrakhan and white Alex jones and a bunch of other alt right anti semites defile jews on a site that he owns. Black people including the righteous Farrakhan would be apoplectic if a jewish racist came on a black-owned site and bad-mouthed black people. Farrakhan is the epitome of someone who thinks he's a privileged character. Are black people now boycotting FaceBook because of his expu
  9. "Never mind" is right. You have always lacked mental acuity, dummy.
  10. The turn table, a speaker, an "arm" that a needle is screwed into are what comprise a phonograph or record player. They all work together to produce sound. They were not "highly modified" in the ensuing years. There was no need to change them. Whatever music or sound was produced was what changed, not the equipment. CD and tapes were the different ways of producing sounds
  11. Who gives a damn what you believe? You offer no references except a bunch of opinionated subterfuge. Unlike you, i pursue the truth, and am not beholden to an afro-centric agenda.
  12. it's a wonder you didn't try to portray the prod as a component of a turn table.
  13. @Pioneer1Strange looking format your admission is in... This day should be marked on the calendar! Now all we need is an answer as to why Mexico, Haiti, and Jamaica being a part of the Western Hemisphere has anything to do with hip-hop, rap, breakdancing and turn table MCing.
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