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  1. Actually Troy.....

  2. The images in this movie do not define the culture of black Americans.
  3. Actually Troy.....

    i have no intentions of proving something to you. i am not obligated to comply with your demands. Believe what you want to believe. Makes me no difference.
  4. Actually Troy.....

    i said i accepted Troy's update. Believe it or not.
  5. This movie is a fantasy about super heroes living in a black Utopia full of characters represented by paragons. i don't get the impression that there's anything believable about this picture. it is escape entertainment.
  6. Actually Troy.....

    @Pioneer1i do not agree with your idea that various races exist. After Troy brought me up to date on the subject, i accepted the single race findings, instead of the artificial construct one.
  7. Bringing Fire...

    i'm a GREAT fan of music, but i don't think it has anything to do with trumping facts. i guess i should assume your mentioning it was an after thought that had nothing to do with your original statement.
  8. The Science Delusion

    Back to the original subject of science as dogma, one of the guest on Dr Oz's show today was a physician, who after considerable research declared that contrary to the medical's community's dogma, salt is not as "poisonous" as they claim it to be. He said salt-free diets do as much harm as good, and salt substitutes are the real poison. He further contended that salt is a necessary valuable nutrient, an electrolyte which reduces dehydration from fluid loss. He stated further that it is a generalization to assert that everybody is affected by salt the same way, and the idea that salt exacerbates such diseases as high blood pressure and diabetes depends on a person's metabolism because salt can actually help in deterring these diseases. He went on to say said that sugar is the real culprit and that salt neutralizes a craving for sugar. He concluded by saying that salting to one's taste is not harmful. Dr. Oz, who is a heart surgeon, acknowledged that he raised valid points but that his claims were controversial and not likely to gain wide-spread acceptance in the near future. I agree. Nevertheless, i have been a "saltoholic" all my life and have never taken any medical advice to cut my salt intake. i always believed that my body craved salt because it needed it, not to mention that salt makes food taste sooo much better. As far as i can tell, my liberal use of salt has had no major effect on my health and i've outlived a many friends and relatives who avoided salt. I don't have a rabid sweet tooth, and i've never used sugar substitutes, so i agree that it just depends on our metabolism and our genes. We know our bodies better than anyone, and at my age, eating whatever i like to eat, is one of the few pleasure i have left in life, which means i still eat red meat as well as pork, and soul food with all of its calories and cholesterol, is never something pass up. i gave up smoking because cigarettes cost too much, but i drink when when liquor is available at any social gathering i attend. i pop pills that include all kinds of "over-the-counter" supplements, like gingko biloba, fish oil, aspirin, garlic caps, ginger root, and have just recently added magnesium and potassium tablets to the mix, with good results. i know nobody cares about my health regimen, but if i make it to 85 in August, i can attribute my longevity to being the poster girl for taking medical dogma with a grain of salt. If i drop dead tomorrow, i will become the "salt of the earth".
  9. Actually Troy.....

    Pioneer disagreed with it until he inadvertently ended up agreeing with your original claim that race is a concept - a construct, not a fact. The marathon debate came full circle, and you can claim victory!
  10. Bringing Fire...

    @Del You lost me. If mythology mirrors life and all of its woes, why is it a "comfort to a broken heart"? And what is it you're including love songs in?
  11. Bringing Fire...

    Mythology is full of tragedy and murder and jealousy and lust! Its villains prevail as often as its heroes.
  12. Well, the results are in. "Black Panther" which opened this week-end was a box office sensation to the tune of $192,000,000+, primarily due to the patronage of black people deliriously happy to have a super hero with the same skin color as theirs. These theatergoers showed up in droves, many of them decked out in African garb, all ready to have their hunger for something other than movies depicting the drudgery and cruelty of slavery in America, satisfied. Reviews of this film have been good, and popular opinion has been overwhelming in its enthusiastic approval. That the movie's director is also black, is chocolate icing on the devils food cake. But there are always voices of dissent and social media provides a platform for this. The pros and cons of this movie are being debated on "Twitter", i hear. I recently expressed my prejudices toward what i perceived as arrogant immigrants and the upsurge of African surnames dominating the film and publishing industry. I was miffed by these dark-skinned people with clipped British accents and unpronounceable names benefiting from all the "gains" black Americans fought for, only to see roles for them fall into the laps of Africans. e.g. In this year's academy award nominee "Get Out", the romantic lead who is a professional photographer is played by a goofy looking African with blood-shot eyes, while the comic relief is provided by a black American actor personifying bufoonery and profanity. So, the article below resonated with me. I'm sure the majority of black Americans will dismiss the author's complaints as those of a nit-picking malcontent but, naturally, i didn't. I love iconoclasts. Spoiler Alert: the plot details are discussed, panther&h=ATMV0J3q8-ZfvtX8aow9Cv0ru_ePcQJqd3t8_BYWcQjc7tm6DbNhaTqVgNStj9i3xsiKcKVUx3hXvGLR4MRK5noy8Rv4m-Un2ovo4wEymSRm3_RKi5ZbWrXxJftQ9jsro4Qu8hTJK0J0MmUHo9wAOFcZnZ2hA39tmB8U3AYvtf0qEE5OaqkkrD1O27yCpqYwUfdt_iilQ6QJLf8gB_1bD7BvkIDFLg8avEziI0v67spzxSLooR2Q4UXuzhiNCiN9kvKXSynG4Gn84A
  13. The New Religion

    I forgot to add to my previous post that I prefer science to religion, because science consists of examination and enlightenment, and religion is about instruction and obedience. Science stimulates; religion stagnates. Religion claims the power of prayer, but to me, praying is an exercise in energizing positive thought waves, and has its counterpart in the "wishing" indulged in by the non-religious. Whether prayers or wishes come into fruition depends upon Fate, which is not wedded to the hopes of mere mortals because it is fickle. A meme which always pops when a national disaster occurs. Just substitute "Florida"' for "Texas".
  14. The New Religion

    Science and religion would seem to be polar opposites. Religion is about faith and emotion. Science is about facts and intellect. But they both pass the litmus test for being steadfast. Science has unshakable faith in its evidence. Religion is totally convinced that God is a fact of life. They are both sects which co-exist because they are 2 sides of the same coin minted in our psyches. IMO, science is already a religion complete with disciples and self-worship. And religion is a science with the power to convert the human species. i make these assertions by thinking outside the box when it comes to what is what.