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  1. The white woman who accused the black 9 year old of groping her, has gone online an issued an apology after viewing a security video which showed it was the boy's book bag which brushed up against her ass while they were standing in the check-out line. The guy who fired his rifle at a fleeing black teenager who knocked on his door looking for directions, has been found guilty of attempted murder. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts has ordered several federal judges to investigate ethics complaints brought against Brett Kavanaugh. Harvard University has presented Colin Kaepernick with the WEB DuBois award it gives out every year to an outstanding black person. Donald Trumps approval ratings have risen slightly... You win some, you lose some.
  2. Cynique

    America, 2018

    I am certainly not unaware of how many people approve of Trump. He represents a certain type of American that is very wide spread in this country and they are known as Republicans! They are who helped put him in office and their mouth piece is Fox News. Worse yet, they are not going to be that easy to vote out. That's why Liberal and Progressive Democrats are depressed and full of anxiety.
  3. Cynique

    America, 2018

    Televising the meeting was an exercise in immediate actuality; live TV at its best, as opposed to edited reporting about it later. How did 45 benefit from this farce? It was an embarrassment for him in that it exposed the insanity of a black person who supports him. Kanye was rambling, not saying anything that would impress Trump's base.
  4. Are black people allowed to become Australian citizens? Didn't Australia used to place restrictions of black people desiring to immigrate to their country? White women in America come in 2 variations. Those who look down on and fear black males and those who don't. The first type are invariably Republican women of the ilk who voted against Hillary Clinton. They are a deplorable group.
  5. Cynique

    America, 2018

    There is nothing 'clearly" clear about this sentence but i repeat, Donald Trump is the laughing stock of the world and so is America for electing him POTUS. You may consider this irrelevant, but i don't. My statement has nothing to do with Republicans. But it has something to with "disservice", and my point was that anything that is pictured in a bad light by the media can be considered a disservice by whomever it targets. That doesn't mean that facts are better left unsaid. i don't think what Kanye says is taken seriously enough for detractors to use his words against black people. Everybody knows he's a nut-case.
  6. Cynique

    America, 2018

    @TroyWho said Kanye's visit didn't get a lot attention?? i said it deserved a lot of attention. Why should it be repressed because "it does black people a disservice"? Does truth and reality ever enter your frame of thought when you bitch about the media?? After all, one of its tenets is to "shine the light in dark places". The media's constant focus on Donald Trump's every move does Republicans a disservice. So what? In exposing Trump for the fool that he is, the media is doing the Democrats a favor. It all balances out. Put what's going on in the world out there and let people decide for themselves what they think is credible. Isn't that your approach? @Delano Maybe because Kanye's is a lot easier to criticize and dismiss than Kaepernick. Kanye supposedly wanted Kaepernick to come with him to the white house. Apparently Kaepernick refused, perhaps not wanting to be manipulated by either Kanye or Trump. An old, and seemingly out of it, Jim Brown silently sitting there with a cane, witnessing it all, was as pathetic as Kanye.
  7. Cynique

    America, 2018

    That's not true. Kanye was just one of the topics of the day both on social media and the talk show circuit. He is, in fact, already yesterday's news, with the general conclusion being that he is a mentally-disturbed disgrace to his race. Did the media make more money by televising Kanye's white house visit? Lots of people, like me, didn't bother to watch it live, but just saw snippets of it on their local evening news. No more than the flawed electoral college sham, which cancelled out the popular vote.
  8. Cynique

    America, 2018

    @Troy Why wouldn't the media televise this meeting between the President and a loose cannon Rapper? It is sensational news as well as historic in scope. And just like Trump is Putin's bitch, Kanye is Trump's bitch. I referred to the meme as "ridicule", not "humor". And ridicule is the only weapon left for those without power. Jim Brown, for all of his history of being militant, apparently couldn't resist hobnobbing with a President. A sad commentary on someone who represented himself as the epitome of a strong black man.
  9. Cynique

    America, 2018

    Kanye West's performance in the oval room of the white house, just leaves me shaking my head. The oval office has become a platform for an insane buffoon and there's nothing left for me to do but promote ridicule.
  10. Cynique

    Kanye West. With. Trump

    i cosign to everything you wrote, Harry! i detest Kanye West!
  11. Cynique

    Trying Times

    Well , one of the things that helped convict Van Dyke was the unanimous opinion of the jury members who revealed that the fact that all of the other officers at the scene of Laquan McDonald's killing, did not shoot first and ask questions later. Unlike Officer Van Dyke, they all exercised restraint. There is a trend toward at least firing officers who act without just cause. If Trump is re-elected any progress will be reversed.
  12. Cynique

    Trying Times

    Well, that situation exists now with the induction of Kavanaugh. He basically will cancel out the liberal justices on the court because he is the 5th and deciding conservative vote. I think that in Chicago, cops will now think twice before they act recklessly and decide to exacerbate a situation instead of neutralizing it.
  13. Cynique

    Supreme Conflict

    @Pioneer1 is your response supposed to prove that there is solidarity among whites when 53 percent of white women voted for a white Trump instead of a white Hillary? When it came to Kavanaugh, and the 3 white female senators the situation was the same. One white woman, Republican Senator Susan Collins voted for white Kavanaugh and the the other 2 white female senators didn't support him. How is that solidarity, when white people break ranks and vote against each other on the grounds of party or gender? This video told me nothing i haven't already heard and is irrelevant to what i am saying. i am not talking about a white patriarchy or white racism. i am talking about the family feud that exists within the white race.
  14. Cynique

    Trying Times

    @TroyThe other 2 white alternates, were dismissed; one man, one woman. Why i don't know, but when questioned they said they were leaning toward a guilty verdict. It's very possible that all the controversy surrounding Kaepernick's kneeling about police misconduct played a role in a white cop being tried for murder for the first time in over 50 years in a city where cops regularly get away with shooting and mistreating black males. What difference will it make if RBG makes it another 2 years?Kavanaugh's confirmation has given Conservatives a majority of one on the court.
  15. Cynique

    Trying Times

    What a week this has been! Here around Chicago, everybody was holding their collective breaths waiting for the verdict to come down after the Prosecution rested its case against Jason Van Dyke, the white cop, who mowed down LaQuan McDonald, a black teenager walking away from him with a knife clutched in his hand. Because Van Dyke felt threatened by this situation, his reaction was to empty his gun in the back of this young man, riddling his body with 16 bullets. This killing was covered up by Chicago law enforcement with the cooperation of other cops on the scene who did not feel similarly threatened but later chose to observe the oath of silence rather than betray their trigger-happy comrade. The truth finally came to light when rumors that this incident was captured on a body cam reached the media, after which the tape was finally released under pressure, and once it was aired all over TV, outrage was immediate at the sight of the young man being hit in the back and falling to the ground as a hail of bullets continued to puncture his shuddering body. Heads soon began to roll. The Cook County States Attorney was voted out of office, and the Mayor withdrew his plans to run for re-election, so great was the black community's resentment against him. After 3 years of finger-pointing and political mayhem, the perpetrator was finally indicted for murder and brought to trial, his case lasting over a month as a stream of experts and witnesses provided dramatic testimony. Much speculation also centered around a jury made up of 6 women and 4 men, 1 Asian, 1 Hispanic, 1 Black and the rest White. Once word came down that the verdict had been reached and would soon be announced, Chicago was literally on lock down, anticipating trouble in case an innocent verdict caused all hell to break loose. Extra police were dispatched everywhere, workers were sent home from their jobs early, businesses were closing up shop. crowds gathering outside the court house. But Lady justice got her due. After 2 days of deliberation, the jury found Jason Van Dyke guilty of second degree murder, his sentence to be determined by a judge whom everybody has described as being very fair. There was also praise for the all-white prosecution team who presented a strong effective case for the State. So, this is a victory in a war that has yet to be won. Colin Kaepernick, can feel a little compensated. Then, there was the clash for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, for Supreme Court Justice that has now ended in his being sworn in. It's impossible for me to pass any impartial judgment on this case because i have such a visceral dislike for Kavanaugh, his supporters and his president. I cannot stomach these Republicans and what "making America great again" means to them. In my gut, however, I know that, as flawed as they are, Liberal and Progressive Democrats and Moderate Independent representatives would be better for the nation's survival than those Red-neck racists, and White privileged conservatives and Blue collar bigots who infest this country and will now be in a position to bring about a change for the worst. Donald Trump is a despicable person who is not the caliber of man who should be President of the United States and leader of the free world. And the fact that millions of white people, especially white men, feel this way, too, is proof of how he is not only a disgrace but a threat to the survival of America.