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  1. @Troy In the 10 years since i posted what I said, i wouldn't change one word it. i'm consistent in my my cynicism. Me, a 100 years old? I'd probably be right in step with how weird the world will have become.
  2. @thewolfxxNobody owes you any explanations, especially since you wouldn't accept them because you are so deeply afflicted with the cognitive dissonance that is exacerbated by the Dunning Kruger syndrome which has you in its grip, and identifies you as a neurotic fool. You probably finished near the bottom of the class when you attended the troll academy. Watta waste of humanity you and your cohorts are. Were your parents related?
  3. Come on. Cher may still be "viable". A lot depends upon whether or not your ovaries are still producing estrogen. Nowadays 70 is the new 50. i really don't like to discuss my personal life but - as a widow in my 70s, i had a boyfriend in his 60s - and i never got any complaints. He's dead now and i'm still kickin'.
  4. Black folks should not allow themselves to be put on the defensive and subjected to specious arguments where their opponents set the standards and make the rules. Screw IQ scores which can't predict how any given person would respond at any given time to any given situation. Even with the leg up of privilege and entitlement, whites cannot best African Americans when it comes to surviving and even thriving under adverse conditions. I'm sure these nit picking trolls are INCEL members. They are so full of hate because they are frustrated losers who women are repulsed by.
  5. @DelanoHey, Guy. We haven't engaged in a while. Today's the Vernal Equinox . So naturally i thought about you. What do you see in the journey ahead as we go toward the light? i was in a valley but suddenly I've peaked and gotten a second wind, and have lately been seeing some interesting number combinations. Plus. the 3 AM bewitching hour has really been ushering in some weird phenomena, providing me with fascinating things to ponder...
  6. @SpeakHerTruthOh pulleeze. Blindly defending and agreeing with everything that people who look like you do is silly. Self love is not about obstinance, it's about pragmatism. And anybody who demands that the world accepts them exactly as they are, is in for a rude awkaening. Self improvement can take a person far in this world.
  7. @SpeakHerTruth Your response is pretty much what I expected, all of which leaves us with no choice but to agree to disagree about everything. This seems to be the best way for grown-ups to deal with sleep-deprived - oops, I mean "woke" Millennials. You're talking about Sasheen Littlefeather, who just recently died. She was the Native American woman who Marlon Brando hired to accept his best supporting Oscar for "The GodFather", a gesture which allowed her to call attention to the mistreatment of her people in a speech. John Wayne, who you may have heard of, lol, was the actor who had to be restrained back stage off camera. Guess he was offended because he shot up so many "Injuns" in his movies. I remember watching that show back in the 1970s. On another occasion Jane Fonda was booed when she accepted her best actress Oscar because she was an activist against the Viet Nam war. I'm glad your screen name referred to you being a purveyor of YOUR truth because you will soon find out that on this board, what one person considers the "truth" another regards as "delusion". Your prediction about Chris Rock, who is overwhelmingly acknowledged as being among the great satirists of his time, is ludicrous.
  8. I don't think it's mutually exclusive. @SpeakHerTruth Thinking for yourself and looking out for #1 is hardly an example of self- hate.
  9. I'm pretty sure I know my biases when it comes to race, colorism, physical appearance, homosexuality, religion, Liberals, Conservatives, men, other women, retarded and handicapped people, political correctness, rape, and other people's children. As I said, I'm hyper critical and keep my true feelings about such things to myself. Other wise i would get my ass kicked on a regular basis and - have no friends!
  10. This is my preferred definition: Racism is not bigotry nor bias nor prejudice. It's when one group has the power to institutionalize and enforce bigotry, racial bias or racial prejudice. Black folks can practice bigotry, bias or prejudice against others but they don't have the power to make these slurs public policy.
  11. @SpeakHerTruth Not surprising, i don't agree with what you insist "changes things". Jada is at the heart of this controversy by virtue of being the motivation for her long-suffering husband's attempt to impress her with his pseudo display of manhood, and she has forfeited her right to be respected by making no secret of and showing no shame for sleeping with her son's good friend. And since she flaunts what is achieved by shaving her head, as opposed to suffering from the actual baldness that occurs in serious cases of alopecia, any claim to her being a sympathetic figure is bogus, particularly since the character Chris Rock compared her to was a heroic one. To me and a whole lot of other Blacks, maintaining his self control and making the decision to quell a bad situation was admirable of Chris - who could possible have taken on the "David" role to Will's "Goliath" persona inasmuch as he grew up in the hood. Moreover, deciding to keep his thoughts about the situation to himself was not only a profitable move on Chris' part, but a wise one because, unlike Will, he exhibited impulse control in order to collect his thoughts. I don't expect to change your mind about any of this, but in stating my opposing stance, i would also argue that the last person to whom all of this really matters is the detached, self-absorbed Jada who has always treated Will like a door mat and couldn't care less what people think. You give the impression of being more indignant than she does. LOL I would further disagree that nothing worse than this incident wherein violent physical contact was made before one participant yelled the f-word at the other, has ever happened at the Oscars which I have been watching for over 50 years! Finally, Kudos to Chris Rock's end game. He made a bunch of money and a legion of new fans. More power to him.
  12. What i take away from your list are the reasons there will never be black unity. There is no Collective Consciousness among black people. Nor is there any obligation to develop a herd mentality. i would also questions whether your examples are indications of self hate; more like self preservation.
  13. I don't know whether some of you knew any of this or not. It's hard to tell, considering the things that were said.
  14. @real1 blah, blah, blah. STFU you lame-assed loser. I don't have to deal with anything, especially the authenticity of tests conceived and administered by white people. Black folks are right-brained and creative and have great survival skills, and are clever enough to exploit The System in this country for all its worth, on the same level as self-serving corporate America. Even slaves knew how to psych their masters You, on the other hand, wouldn't last a week if you had to exist in the same environment as some inhabitants of Africa. It's all relative, Dummy, and a one-dimensional jerk you is not perceptive enough to appreciate the value of natural instincts. I also notice you didn't deny what you so obviously are. A sweaty palmed loser who women find repulsive; a member in good standing of INCEL. Get lost. You cant hold a candle to any of the African American men on this board.
  15. Let's get some things straight about the Will Smith\Chris Rock brouhaha. I happened to have watched the live Oscars' telecast when this unfortunate incident took place at last years' program. Most of you didn't. First of all, Chris was not hosting the Oscars. He was simply a presenter, a comedian taking pot shots at audience members before he read the name of the winner in the category he was assigned to. Will initially laughed along with the audience when Chris quipped that he was looking forward to seeing Jada in the sequel to "G.I. Jane", a movie starring Demi Moore as the heroine who shaved her head after being accepted by the Navy Seals as their first female recruit. But, when a bored Jada gave Chris the side eye, Will's whole demeanor changed as he sprung to his feet, and strode forward to punish Chris with a slap, advising Chris to keep Jada's name out of his fuckin mouth! Though seemingly surprised, Chris laughed as he remarked that Oscar history had just been made. He then proceeded to name the candidates for the award he was presenting and after opening the envelope, he calmly announced who won it. This was why everybody initially thought this was a staged joke. { It was reported that during the commercial break that followed, amid the stir of a confused audience, Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry rushed over to calm and counsel a flustered Will.} Later, when Will's name was called as the winner of the best actor Oscar, he kissed an indifferent Jada and after making his way to the stage, he spent 20 minutes thanking The Academy and blubbering about his co-stars and his career, before tearfully begging the audience to understand how love can make you do crazy things, - a contrite pathetic figure. Subsequently, amidst the ensuing controversy during which Will apologized for his behavior, Chris embarked on a sold-out tour of comedy clubs attended, as usual, by both black and white fans. A year later in his Net Flix comedy special, Rock finally publicly addressed this subject for the first time. He didn't bring it up until the end of his typically hilarious routine, at which time he didn't mince words, incessantly bad mouthing both Will and Jada in his tirade, He wound things up by saying the reason he didn't strike back at Will was because he was raised right; that his parents taught him to never fight another black person in front of white people. After dropping the mike, he left the stage to an ovation by the audience. These are the things y'all need to ruminate about before you start start reaching conclusions.
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