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  1. Cynique


    Since Mel and Zaji have made themselves scarce, i'm going on hiatus, too. You boys can discuss amongst yourselves and exude your testosterone. Time for me to shift into the astral zone and expand my mind...
  2. Everybody has their own conception of science and religion and spirituality, which are all fluid words with multiple definitions. So what someone says on this subject is a reflection and expression of how they personally interpret definitions - definitions which are not carved in stone. I don't think it's necessary for there to be a mutual consensus about questions having to do with abstract ideas. Each of us should just believe what we want to. As far as i'm concerned, words get in the way. If some among you require the validation of others agreeing with you, then so be it. I'm done with debating the subject.
  3. Cynique


    i am becoming more and more into visual images that excite my focus and illustrate silence. So much better than the empty words of shallow minds.
  4. Cynique

    Hong Kong Life

    You spelled "Freudian" wrong, Dummy.
  5. Is that an opinion?
  6. Cynique

    Hong Kong Life

    And you still can't spell "definitely", which says a lot about how your brain works. Tell me again, what is the source of your assertion about the "hundreds and thousands" of years blacks were humane to whites. Even the phrase "hundreds and thousands" is a silly one. Why not just say thousands. Your mind is off-kilter. Quit worrying about my love life and focus on maintaining that blow-up doll you keep stashed in your closet. Pathetic.
  7. Not all mental illness is about schizophrenia. A fanatical religious zealot is a state of mind that can influence a person's view of the world.
  8. That's putting it mildly. And "helping you out" will be met with resistance because what you can't distort, you ignore.
  9. Nothing can convince you that you are wrong about there only being on race because you think you're an authority on everything, so Troy has wisely stopped wasting his time, - as will i. What you think really isn't important. You have no influence on anything and what you say carries no weight, so just blab on because that's all your good for.
  10. Cynique

    Hong Kong Life

    i don't have to prove anything to you because you haven't proved what you claim. Everything you say is just a bunch of crap you pull out of your ass. You think you're an authority on everything with your self-important self and you ain't nothin but a wanna-be with no credentials.
  11. Just because a lot of white people checked out the movie to see what all the hoopla was about doesn't mean they liked it a lot. A lot of them weren't impressed - for various reason. Others who liked it are members of the comic book hero culture. They patronize all movies about these characters. The movie's hype feeds upon itself.
  12. Cynique

    Hong Kong Life

    Even if they don't match your approach or thought process, they can still be fantastic.
  13. I don't agree with what you say. His mental state does have a bearing on his scientific and religious pronouncements. And what religion is God? What religion are the Natural laws of physics tenets of?
  14. Cynique

    Hong Kong Life

    LOL As expected, pioneer resorts to simply contradicting what i say; that's all he can do because he has no credible rebuttals. He doesn't know any more what he is talking about than i do. But my i do draw from sources other than ones that make me comfortable to believe, something pioneer can't claim. He is the center of a universe he has created, a dense miasma of bull shit where he is omniscient, riding on the back on an ass, trotting along on an endless ego trip, deluded into thinking he is some kind of a black messiah. And that is my opinion, - an insult which Del is free to rebut in his role as the charred keeper of pioneer's flame. I am receptive to the opinion of people who are innovative thinkers, to whom "what if" is a phrase that prefaces their profound speculations. Tired, unoriginal, unproven blather doesn't inspire credibility on my part, especially when the individual spewing it, thinks his half-cocked pronouncements are carved in stone. Oh, puleeze. Black humans never had domination over white humans for hundreds of thousands of years. That's a lot of hyperbole on your part. You don't know what black humans were doing to each other or, for that matter, what red humans were doing to each other. Cruelty in the quest for power exists across the board, and white humans were able to prevail because of the superior weaponry which enabled them to gain a foothold. Your argument is full of mawkish emotion.