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  1. I recently read something said by Patrick Buchanan, a staunch Republican conservative and political pundit, who has finally decided to cast his vote for Donald Trump. He said that Trump's promise to make America great again was what won him over. He further stated that the reason everything ran smoothly in the past was because everyone stayed in their place, - implying that separate but equal was better than racial integration, and that when women remained in the home where they belonged families were better and that, where gays were concerned, "don't ask, don't tell" was the best policy. He also said that having white men in charge was how it should be because they obviously knew how to run things. Buchanan has also written a book about how Hispanics are turning the country brown as their numbers expand, making them the largest minority. He expressed fear and dismay that whites might soon become a minority and were endangered of becoming obliterated in America, the country they had built. All I could do was shake my head. This man's observations, however, are purely subjective so it shouldn't be too surprising that he would feel the way he does. And an argument could be made giving his views a modicum of merit. What can also give substance to Buchanan's opinion is that a multi-cultured, diverse society does not work over a period of time. America is not and never has been united by its differences, but rather divided by them and the fact that we have managed to remain the United States this long is the real success story. Tolerance of others is what held things together, along with the realization that we could learn from our differences. But after a while everybody started to show their true colors.The populace tried to embrace the noble idea of democracy, but doing so proved to be an increasing inconvenience. Capitalism was more compatible with the mind-set of the people because everyone wants to achieve the American dream of making it big by competing with others in a race to acquire a lot of money and lead the affluent life that would enable ascendancy into a higher class. Now this nation is at odds with itself. Like Buchanan, every body thinks their way is the best way, and birds of a feather are starting to flock together, leaving the American eagle sitting on the fence. How will it all end? Is America on a collision course with political upheaval? Will the result of the presidential election neutralize or ignite revolt? And, above all, what is the role of black people in this scenario, - black people who think neither party serves them well, but who have been unable to forge a strong coalition with other minorities who have shown little enthusiasm for the "black lives matter" movement? Will this situation inspire blacks to come together for their own survival? Will black leaders step up? Will a miracle happen? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode! Maybe in the natural course of events, things will work themselves out. We shall see. Or, rather, y'all shall see. At my age, I probably won't be around when time solves problems. And guess who doesn't care. This 'ol girl is tired of it all. Ready for a new adventure in a different dimension!
  2. @TroyI'm not just talking about incarcerated murderers. There are also rapists, robbers, thieves, drug Lords, stalkers, child molesters, wife beaters and those guilty of attempted murder in prisons. Prisons are not Sunday school classes. Inmates of them are the outlaws of society. I do agree, however, that this does not absolve WalMart for callously doing what those who acquire power are able to get away with. I would also note that like all the other ills in this world, slavery is nothing new. Just another example of man's inhumanity to man.
  3. Are you suggesting that the gang bangers who indiscriminately kill innocent and guilty people of their own race, usually in turf wars over drug trafficking, are poor innocent black people? You are just parroting the patented old "bleeding heart liberal" argument. Yes, the criminal justice system is biased and blacks are disproportionately jailed, and all imprisoned blacks are not hardened criminals but are, instead, nonentities who have fallen between the cracks. But it should not be overlooked that prisons are also full of white supremist skin heads and hispanic gangleaders. It also behooves critics to consider that checking the background of all the black men incarcerated, will reveal that close to 90 per cent of them grew up in families where a father wasn't present. Prisons, are just a receptacle for all the ills that inevitably plague an imperfect society. Much of this can be traced to the complicated issue of law enforcement whose purpose is to maintain order. Without order there would be chaos, so a very delicate balance has to be struck between keeping order and abusing power. Easy to say, hard to do. Making things even worse is how an ongoing unstable economy exerts a great impact on crime. Jobless people commit crimes. Law breakers are caught and sent to prison where they become exploited by unscrupulous corporations. None of this is by accident. It is all about cause and effect. All about a world where shit happens. Furthermore, reforming the prison system is a goal that has been around for decades. Indeed, there are many organization dedicated to bringing about change. We'll see whether the abuse perpetrated by privatized prisons will inspire enough outrage to finally turn things around. Again, I just call 'em like I see 'em.
  4. I would be remiss as a polemicist if didn't make the observation that, ironically, many of the black prisoners being exploited by private prisons are incarcerated in these institutions because of gang-related offenses like the robbing, and maiming and killing of other black people whose survivors would very likely be among the ranks those who work for WalMart. Yes, the alliance between the prison industry and the flawed justice system is shameful. But a callous Society warns offenders that "crime doesn't pay". When you're on the wrong side of the law these are the unfortunate consequences. And it's not like prisons haven't always been guilty of paying their inmates slave wages for the labor they perform while locked up. In Illinois, prisoners making less than a dollar an hour used to makeup the workforce who produced license plates. And might still be. It should be further noted that the underclass of black people working for WalMart are doing so to supplement the government benefits they receive in the form of Section 8 rent vouchers, free health care which includes the WICCA program that make free milk available for their babies, plus the plastic "Link" cards that have replaced food stamps. These people have learned how to work The System, a system that provides employment for the middle-class blacks who have the credentials to be employed by state agencies that administer to the needy. It's just one big symbiotic entity. I am not being judgment about any of this, however, I am just making observations as to how things go. Reformers are to be commended for exposing things, but whether anything will change or if widespread outrage will occur is questionable because in a capitalistic country, this is business as usual.
  5. What society are you talking about?? No one in this country is trained to look upon sex as evil and disgusting. In the present, sex is regarded as a pleasurable, healthy, natural indulgence and those who don't regard it as such are diagnosed as having either biological or psychological problems. Moreoever, whatever goes on between 2 consenting adults behind closed door is not frowned upon. Yes, minors are encouraged to be chaste but if they choose to experiment, school hygiene classes simply advocate their being responsible enough to use condoms or other forms of birth control. Sex is glorified in movies and music, on TV and the internet, and even commercials. Why? Because it sells! Even the porn business is openly thriving. The Catholic church may give lip service to selective abstinence, but none of its members pay any attention to this, including its priests. Other religions are also very lax in disparaging sex, probably because the clergy like it as much as their congregations. Eastern civilization, as represented by Islam, is who is still sexually repressive especially when it comes to unmarried females. Indians, on the other hand, long ago have elevated sex into an art form via the Kama Sutra. Japan also has creative sexual practices. Love and sex go hand and hand, and this has become universally accepted, not to mention "friends with benefits" relationships.
  6. @TroyI'm assuming that if you had your way, companies would not be in business to realize big profits by providing the supply for a demand. Instead, they should mainly concern themselves with making life easier for those who are not as fortunate as they are. In other words, you think WalMart should function as a charitable organization. And, in keeping with maintaining your image as a player in the publishing industry, I'd be willing to bet that you spend your money at high-end, name-band stores - who outsource their work load. I'm not that big a fan of WalMart's merchandise but where I live, its location is convenient, and I can usually find what I'm looking for there. And as I have previously stated, all its black workers seem perfectly content with their unskilled jobs which provide them with the money for hair weaves and extensions, body piercings and colorful acryllic fingernails. So, who am I to burst their bubble?
  7. LOL I do understand why men "treat and talk about women the way they do"; because they are horny control freaks, something I mentioned in my previous post. Sexual harassment is also rampant in the work place and the military. But, men don't always get away with their indiscretions. Lately there have been quite a few high-profile politicians and top-ranked military men whose careers and reputations have been ruined because of their extramarital escapades. Trump, himself, has jeopardized his bid for the presidency because of his lewd boorishness. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall". There are biblical and mythological references to Alpha males "lusting in their hearts" for female seductresses. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world for a good reason. Men crave sex and power. None of what's happening today is new.
  8. Wonder if Bill Clinton hooked up with the underage girls during his presidency or after, when he was free to be a dirty ol man? My take-away from all of this is that testosterone turns a male's brain to mush. So many of them risk everything, - their careers, their marriages, their reputations just to score a piece of ass. It's like they can't see past their penises and their self-control defers to their primitive instincts. Either that, or their need to control prevails and they force themselves on a woman. And then, of course, there are the men who woman use sex to control. Whatever the scenario, sex has earned its reputation of being the third primary drive, right up there with hunger and thirst. Pioneer may admire pimps, but I admire men who are able to resist forbidden fruit, keeping in mind the regret it can serve up later.
  9. I have posted a response to the above post 3 times, and it just keeps disappearing into - cyberspace, i guess. Very curious. I'll try again. @TroyWe are not talking about the reaction of wives. We are talking about the disrespect for all woman, implicit in the demeaning references made about them by lecherous predators engaging in "locker room" conversation with other men. IMO. Donald Trump is no different from Bill Clinton or John Kennedy because he cheated on his wives also. Plus Trump's inherent misogyny demeans half the population in the country he seeks to become president of. This is not to be taken lightly. And I disagree that the personal insults I hurled at Kola and sara during our arguments, if taken out of context, would leave the impression that I hated all black women. Race was rarely a factor in these exchanges; that's why I called them cat fights because we attacked each other's intellect and character and looks, too, sometimes .
  10. @Troy Yes, people in the south during the Montgomery bus boycott did endure inconveniences but rarely lost their jobs because this would have inconvenienced their white employees. And, yes, things were different back then. Racism was more blatant in the Jim Crow south and people were more motivated and full of hope for reform. Now racism is more subtle and black people are skeptical rather than hopeful, many just resigned to getting in where they fit in. What I don't think the generations following the civil rights movement realize is that this crusade was driven by just a core segment of the black population made up of those who were dedicated activists. Just as many black folks were sympathetic to the marches and boycotts and demonstrations but did not participate in them, instead giving moral and often financial support, leaving the footwork to the folks in the trenches. Here's where you, Troy, may have been misled by the media who made the world think the entire black population was mobilized and aggressive during this time, But it wasn't. Half of them were simply spectators who were rooting others on. And many didn't agree with some of the drastic demonstrations. Martin Luther King was criticized by some blacks, and ironically, Malcolm X was admired because he believed in just telling it like it was instead of trying to appeal to the conscience of whites by dramatizing black grievances with demonstrations
  11. What Kola and sara and I engaged in were slamfests within the context of "cat fights". Both Bill Clinton and John Kennedy were womanizers but there a difference between having affairs with woman and making crude remarks about them to other men. There is an aspect of discretion that some men don't get. Words can sting more than groping. Groping is a sign that a man finds your body appealing. Besmirching you to someone is a sign that a man has no regard for you as a person. I don't think that engaging in a personal feud necessarily disqualifies a competent person from running for office. But Donald Trump doesn't have his priorities together. He's more preoccupied with degrading women, than with upgrading his qualifications to serve as President.
  12. I read that It was a white girl who Nate and the co-writer of this film allegedly gang raped during their college days. But they were never charged and the woman later committed suicide. I'm not sure whether it was Roxane Gay who said it, but also I read somewhere that a black female historian was very critical of the film saying it was riddled with inaccuracies and out right falsehoods and appeared to have been given the "Hollywood" treatment to spice it up.
  13. @TroyTrump's dissing of women shouldn't be way down on the list of the things you have against him. His male chauvinism is as bad as racism.
  14. Troy, I kinda think you are out of touch with everyday black people. They don't have a lot of lofty goals. They are just trying to survive and to them what Walmart pays is more than the minimum wage and the only skill it requires is knowing how to work a cash register or stock merchandize. The subject of black unity is not a compelling one to them possibly because they've learned that talk is cheap; just like the goods they can get at Walmart.
  15. Neurosurgeon Carson needs a brain transplant. He also talks out of both sides of his mouth. The only thing this hypocritical Christian ever said that made sense is that Trump is typical of how men discuss women amongst. themselves. The reason Trump's core support group excuses his crude remarks about grabbing "pussy" is because they talk this way, too. How about you guys on this board. Is it your experience that men make lewd comments about females during bull sessions??