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  1. @Pioneer1 i'm impartial when it comes to whether or not global warming is a real threat. i don't have an opinion one way or another, so where do you get the false idea that i have a hotline to NASA? All i said on the subject was that time brings change and that Earth's climate goes in cycles, and that i was more concerned about more pressing issues. Next time i respond to one of your theories, i'll cast you in a scenario where after leaving a strip joint, while riding in your Lexus on your way to an executive meeting, you got a "bright" idea.
  2. He refused to do it because, like everybody else, he thought Clinton was going to win. He was a lame duck president, so what did he have to lose by outing Russia, if he thought it was feasible.( And when did you get privy to all of this inside information about what went on behind the scenes during the election????) Been listening to Fox news? Yes Obama did help Trump enable all of those bigots and homophobes and hypocritical Evangelicals and white supremists and misogynists "forgotten people" yearning to get that nigger out of office and make America great again. Which is right up your alley since you've proven to be a closet Obama hater who loves this wonderful country. .
  3. Your criticism is overkill. Did Obama really have to power to stop the Russians? What was he going to do? Threaten to bomb them if they didn't cease and desist? To a person with a hammer. everything is a nail - if he's irrational.
  4. Just because you say the picture that Viola Davis, in fact, voluntarily posed for and subsequently approved of, apparently not having a problem with the art concept of the free lance photographer hired by TIME to photograph her, doesn't mean that it is an example of subtle racism; that's your skewed paranoid mind-set at work. And just because i don't agree with your examples of the negative use of race in politics and social issues doesn't mean that i don't think that this doesn't occur. This isn't a new idea originated by you. It's that i do indeed, have a different mindset from yours because i am not naive enough to think that the institutionalized racism in this country will be dissolved by sitting in Starbucks dreaming up ways to show how different blacks are from whites. What you and Farrakhan need to do is go somewhere and build your own nation, because this jive-assed country that you honor and revere and yearn to be loved by will never relinquish its white entitlement, and the hybrid "race" of 40 million people of color that you attempt to establish a criteria and agenda for and put into a neat little box will not be whipped in line by your pie-in-the-sky-ideas.
  5. I can't believe some of the questions you pose and the statements you make, all taken from Pioneer's Encyclopedia of homespun "facts". But, spout on. Whatever floats your boat.
  6. i've said on numerous occasions that i am not a big Obama fan just like I've repeatedly said, i have no reason to care one way or another about Farrakhan because he impacts on my life in no way. I'll leave worshiping him from afar to you. The official reason given for the question you and your "strange bed fellow" Trump ask is that like, Trump, Obama thought Hillary was going to win. You don't need to justify your agreeing with Trump. Like all the other "loyal" American sheeple out there, you are falling under his sway.
  7. @TroyWell, "i put it that way" because i just wanted to give you and Pioneer a little taste of your own medicine. i know you are luke warm about Obama, and you are entitled to feel that way - just as i am entitled to be luke warm about Farrakhan and not have him stuffed down my throat.
  8. @Pioneer1Why are you so in love with America considering how paranoid you are about it?
  9. Pioneer, and Troy: Obama, your favorite scapegoat, motivated and inspired about 20 million black men to march to the polls and vote for him for president and the result he got was that he won. Yet you continue to harp on all that he didn't do for black folks, in spite of the fact that he did do some things that were beneficial to them.This is also a man who inspired and endeared himself to and lifted the morale of millions of disillusioned black women because he married and cherished a sista and elevated her to the highest female position in the land, enabling her to be a great role model for black females. Yet, you say he did nothing for black women. i am not a rabid fan of the Obamas but what i said about them is "indisputable". So if you don't want Farrakhan put in perspective then stfu about Obama when trying to aggrandize your hero. I previously said that "Farrakhan's accomplishments obviously don't extend beyond the boundaries of his ministry. And i stand by that.
  10. @Pioneer1 Come on. Science is intrinsic. it has no color; maybe its motivation does. A black scientist might be motivated to diligently and exclusively focus his scientific research on a specific disease or tendency that is relevant to his race.The "miracle workers" you cite are not doctors practicing black medicine. They are black doctors practicing medicine and, as in all professions, there are brilliant practitioners among them. A white scientist developed the best treatment for sickle cell anemia because he made it his project. Race is always a factor in research and statistics about disease but the methods applied to reach these conclusions are scientific ones. The science that the Greeks stole from the Egyptians and took credit for didn't change; just the history of who originated it did. Purveyors of folk medicine and natural cures come in all races. The Nazis experimented on the Jews to discern scientific data not jewish data, the same as black people were used as Guinea pigs to learn about human diseases not black ones. Eugenics were more about social injustice than scientific differentiation. Black teachers teach standard education and, if they are good teachers, they filter it through the black experience. But what they teach is basic. Reading is fundamental and 1+1 will always equal 2. You and i will always disagree because you are partial to anecdotal evidence being proof of your generalizations. If you are saying that there should be a field of black doctors exclusively available to concentrate on and treat black diseases, then OK. What i am saying is that this isn't about science, it's about specialization.
  11. I adhere to the simple truism that time brings change, so it makes sense that in view of its history, the earth is going to go through another climate cycle. My personal sentiment is that there are other more pressing and immediate problems than global warming. The infra structure of this country, for instance. It needs to be repaired and updated, an undertaking that could eliminate impending danger and create thousands of jobs in the process. A simple glitch could cause an electrical blackout that would paralyze half the country and create long term chaos. America is crumbling from within. (And this includes its politics. The Democrats are obsolete and the Republicans are a toxic aberration, - a threat to the survival of the United States.) And, of course, the racial climate in this country is a man-made disaster that is eroding the inner cities.
  12. @Pioneer1 Is there a community of black scientists out there doing research that we don't know about? Are you saying that if this isn't the case, there should be such a group? Do you believe that the scientific findings of black scientists would be different from that of scientists of other nationalities?This may be true when it comes to the Humanities but Science is Science. There is no such thing as black physics, black chemistry, black mathematics, black astronomy, black geology. BTW, the medical community now takes ethnicity into consideration when it comes to its research.
  13. @Troy I'm not one to speak for Xeon but he reinforced much of what i said about the MMM. i don't think either of us are blaming the MMM for the present state of the black community. What we're saying is that it had no visible positive trickle down effect on the plight of black men as witnessed by the present state of the black community. So our being unimpressed with Farrakhan carries just as much weight as you and Pioneer being impressed with him. You continue to fault Obama for what he didn't do, while offering vague anecdotal undocumented praise of all the things that Farrakhan did and does do, accomplishments which obviously don't extend beyond the boundaries of his ministry.
  14. Juneteenth is a holiday that should never have to be celebrated or observed. There never should have been 400 centuries of slavery to be emancipated from, an emancipation that turned out to be the gateway to the injustices of Reconstruction. Do you think your president knows anything about Juneteenth and what makes this date significant? And is he more representative of the confedracy or the union in a country where young black men are lynched by cops and the rebel flag still flies in southern states and statues of civil war "heroes" are still revered?
  15. @Pioneer1 i can't believe that it doesn't occur to you that what you accuse black women of can also be applied to black men and their penchant for white women. Why is it that black men can be picky, but black women can't??