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  1. Dear average citizens China is paying rent on our soil you must believe that you own part of this soil lol and no they cannot just seize it against international law me it’s not a person that’s buying it it’s a corporation. Man so much for you to learn. like I said I’m guessing you one of them people that never travel outside of America go to China for once and see how far in the boondocks we are. Everything is made in China but I’m not here to defends China interest I’m here for my people u swayed it that way I answered but that ain’t my focal point here
  2. They not using Chinese as slaves lol smh the world runs in money and they are working fir their money I guess u don’t understand the concepts of money and look up how much money America owes China it’s right there on google and China is literal buying America right under our nose literally you haven’t done much stuff remember the silent conquers slowly no roar just a swift moves maybe ,maybe then you’ll understand the expression how the turtle won the race
  3. @ProfDyou don’t see how with all the inequality no one ever challenged that all men are created equal b.s how come the feminist movement never go after that. but theoretically speaking reason why Afro American are being gunned down is because to them we are separate nation born on American soil them Europeans us Africans. So regardless they have Europe to pick up arms for them and speak for them who is the Afro American representative. Even with the Tulsa bombing the us government was involved the dismantling of the black panther the government was involved yet the kkk remains in full effects to this day. The crack epidemic us government. Dave Chappelled said it’s different when it hits home he said when it was the crack epidemic people was getting locked up when it’s the opioids oh they just mentally ill and needs rehab because it hits close to home when COVID started killing everyone and not intended target there’s a need for a vaccine the world is upside down the first became last the last became first hence Christopher Columbus discovered America a white man when we the ones who gave birth to them they came back and conquered us.
  4. @Pioneer1how the white man conquer China when the us owes China trillions and trillions of dollars and you don’t see how a pentagon official just resigned talking about China technology is too advance us technology is kindergarten compare to China I take it you never travel to China if u ever it’ll blow ur mind their technology is 30 years ahead of ours. And not once have you mentioned a solution because you don’t know what the problems is or you chose to be ignorant of it because it doesn’t effects you but like jayz said I’m not black I’m OJ … OKAY
  5. And theres good and bad in all races as we are all human if there wasn’t the no place on earth that you go that there isn’t a form of prison. So that alone proves to you that there’s good and bad everywhere. and the reason why black people are being gunned down in America is because blacks is not a nationality the same government who suppose to protect you is against you blacks have been lynched killed murdered and slaughter where’s the black protection act where’s the hate crime law although lgbt is not a country there’s laws to protect them and it’s recognized where’s the black man flag u speaks out against lgbt it’s a hate crime you even type a flag comes up Black Lives Matter no flags. during COVID the Chinese was getting beat up and killed their government spoke up now it’s a hate crime because their government will step up killing of a foreigner in a foreign land is an act of war. times and times u see it if a black man kill a white man theirs an army of whites out to destroyed a whole community. where is you’re country black man. Every Europeans or white American can pin point their location to a country in Europe although that was stolen to but still they owned that where is you’re country AMERICA AND IF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DISCOVERED AMERICAN WHY ARENT THE MEXICAN BRAZILIANS CANADIANS ALL THE WAY TO ARGENTINA CALLED THEMSELVES AMERICAN WHEN ITS ONE BIG CONTINENT. @Troy and I know you’re job is to trying to appease to the masses but this will defeat the purpose of a black discussion if we can’t discuss what’s affecting the black mind if we don’t free our mind from garbage being taught or spoke of things that we feel aren’t right we are the problem not the solution to you’re brethren and kindreds Raise you’re kids to challenge the systematic lies being presented to them real change begins in the education systems… Read you’re children books with tHem send them back to school with facts let the wave begins sweep the nation
  6. Why shouldn’t you indict them on the basis of their skin weren’t blacks people indict on the basis is of Their skin during slavery. And when you say difference that we impose we didn’t impose it they did we didn’t go around renaming continents places and people they did we didn’t go around reclassified race they did. and no melanin has a lot to do it because that’s the only things that’s real any one fanm acquire wealth and status but not everyone can acquire melanin. The natural sun screen start telling the truth for what it really is not what you want it to be because it doesn’t fit your narrative the white man cannot be saved.
  7. Because no one would know God exist white man was created for a purpose to complete the wholeness of good and evil ying yang What you mean envy or insecurity who wants to be like the white man doe lol they literally burn every time they walk the earth they land is no good they have to steal every good land only an idiot would envy the white man. Like Nas said they make us hate ourselves and live their wealth so it’s not them that we envy it’s the wealth a real educated man will want nothing to do with the Caucasian c Danm can’t believe will actually come to an agreement. So you can say by nature he’s an animal. But then it’s not their fault the pineal gland is calcified
  8. Why does white people have a perpetual hatred for black people?
  9. That’s actually a wrong statements if there was no black leaders there wouldn’t be no Haitian revolution so t that as stupid. There have also been numerous Afro Americans leaders the white man is a snake he just paid them off to rebelled against their brothers I’ve watched juda and them lack messiah and that happens within all black groups. And don’t compare the Afro American with Asians Asians have a former training tHey weren’t conquered and deeemed subhuman. You’re whole point is to point out the black man flaws without first understanding the roots you’re not here fir solution ur here for mockery. And like I said the white man can never be more intelligent than the black man as they come from the black man the white man turn their back in humanity and becomes the devil. can you imagine you’re grand kid come back and slaughter you and then ur daughter thinks oh well ma he was smarter than you should’ve never gave birth to me lol What was that one white man with a brain figure out? murder slaughter rape and build a whole economy on the back of another lol you can’t defend a devil. Africans didn’t need to invade other places we already had the land. Go do a deep research tell me what is the white mans land you will see that white people had no land no home town tHey had to steal slaughter millions Europe is not even for white people it’s still for Africans you know the whole out of Africa theory
  10. First of sickle is genetics so it’s a gene mutation 2 of all no dark skin can get melanoma stop play semantics I’m a nurse as well and I studied biology. and 3rd if you study genetics you know that white Europeans come out of Africa. The out of Africa theory Africans circumnavigate the whole earth so if Europeans have African Ancestry how can black people have Europeans blood when in facts it’s Europeans who has African blood now you see where it doesn’t make sense. African lose their melanin and gets lighter those lighter African intermix with the dark African same family just mother and children. and skin cancer is not a disease. It’s a gene mutation that causes it so calling skin cancer disease it’s like calling everyone with a gene mutation a disease.
  11. Okay let me make the perfect gene pool clear for You with well balance diet and nutrition the African gene pool is the purest. Thus that’s why they are the mothers of humanity their genes contains everything the all humans have except for the mutations like for instance some Africans have blond hair blue eyes etc whatever genetic abnormalities the other have it to. stop saying inter breeding do you know every race in the have some. African a blood in them because like I said Africa is the mother of humanity so take interbreeding out. as far as sickle cell sickle cell is not Strickland found in Africans it in all races every disease on earth (although it serves as some protection against malaria or something) now hear what I have to say we can all get the same diseases same viruses because we are made of the same substance but only disease in the work on planet earth that the dark hue African nan can I get is skin cancer that’s exclusively for ligHere skin pigmentation. Because that’s not a disease it’s a gene mutation it’s something they lack they have litle to no melanin which is a natural protection against skin cancer. you cannot find a gene mutation or a disease that is strictly found in the dark skin hue. You don’t think if there way such a disease black people would've been wiped out lol. If there was a specific disease solely for African they’d all be dead… Just like over time our bodies produce immunity to something like the COVID virus wether they had found a cure or a vaccine or whatever over time the black race will produce immunity from it immunity is not inclusive solely for black people but it will Longer for other races bodies to fight it off then is fir the African because the African is made to survive in us carried the gene for humanity no other race has it so nature will always protect us . So don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way research it or speak to a geneticist . @Chevdovealright here a simpler break down this woman she takes melanin injection she did have melanin now she ad melanin to her by injecting herself.. there’s is no injection that can cause lightskin. There’s no lightskin white skin pink skin injection. It doesn’t exist. she lacks something she add melanin now for us to be white we have to modified our dna or bleach our skin
  12. @Pioneer1 at least I’ve given you a solution what is it is you’re solution to our problem let me hear it give me you’re solution how do you suppose they stop killing us At least I’ve given me what I think my solution should be but yet you have yet to give a solution. let here you’re solution how will you help us get out of our current situation?
  13. @Pioneer1 We are living in their world right now so when are we going to leave and live in our own world as long as you live in the United States you’re are subjugated by the law of the land their law in due times the sun will wipe them out and how many of our people are going to be killed a lot. now I see blacks are asking for reparation we not going to get reparation never going to happened even though we fought for this land amongst side them so we are owed a part of this land as well. But by taking part of this land the blood of the native Americans will be in our hands as well now to answer will the sun take them out before they take out more brown and blacks people. That’s not the right question to ask the right question is 3 options 1 will the black and brown people leave and ask for asylum some where else? 2 when will the black and brown realize that they are at war? 3 or simply just let the SUN do justice for you? 4 preach against them tell them their true nature the beast that devours the nation speak up we are dying anyways don’t be scare to speak you’re mind don’t preach against you’re brothers but rather try to understand their condition. BECAUSE ME I DONT ADVISE VIOLENCE WE CANT WIN THIS BATTLE IS NOT OURS. which is then is you’re response I know you’re not going to answer because you’re not here for solution only rebuttals
  14. @Troy @Pioneer1 @ProfD @Chevdove little Sunday humor
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