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    Since Mel and Zaji have made themselves scarce, i'm going on hiatus, too. You boys can discuss amongst yourselves and exude your testosterone. Time for me to shift into the astral zone and expand my mind...

    i am becoming more and more into visual images that excite my focus and illustrate silence. So much better than the empty words of shallow minds.
  3. Everybody has their own conception of science and religion and spirituality, which are all fluid words with multiple definitions. So what someone says on this subject is a reflection and expression of how they personally interpret definitions - definitions which are not carved in stone. I don't think it's necessary for there to be a mutual consensus about questions having to do with abstract ideas. Each of us should just believe what we want to. As far as i'm concerned, words get in the way. If some among you require the validation of others agreeing with you, then so be it. I'm done with debating the subject.
  4. Hong Kong Life

    You spelled "Freudian" wrong, Dummy.
  5. Is that an opinion?
  6. Hong Kong Life

    And you still can't spell "definitely", which says a lot about how your brain works. Tell me again, what is the source of your assertion about the "hundreds and thousands" of years blacks were humane to whites. Even the phrase "hundreds and thousands" is a silly one. Why not just say thousands. Your mind is off-kilter. Quit worrying about my love life and focus on maintaining that blow-up doll you keep stashed in your closet. Pathetic.
  7. Not all mental illness is about schizophrenia. A fanatical religious zealot is a state of mind that can influence a person's view of the world.
  8. That's putting it mildly. And "helping you out" will be met with resistance because what you can't distort, you ignore.
  9. Nothing can convince you that you are wrong about there only being on race because you think you're an authority on everything, so Troy has wisely stopped wasting his time, - as will i. What you think really isn't important. You have no influence on anything and what you say carries no weight, so just blab on because that's all your good for.
  10. Hong Kong Life

    i don't have to prove anything to you because you haven't proved what you claim. Everything you say is just a bunch of crap you pull out of your ass. You think you're an authority on everything with your self-important self and you ain't nothin but a wanna-be with no credentials.
  11. Just because a lot of white people checked out the movie to see what all the hoopla was about doesn't mean they liked it a lot. A lot of them weren't impressed - for various reason. Others who liked it are members of the comic book hero culture. They patronize all movies about these characters. The movie's hype feeds upon itself.
  12. Hong Kong Life

    Even if they don't match your approach or thought process, they can still be fantastic.
  13. I don't agree with what you say. His mental state does have a bearing on his scientific and religious pronouncements. And what religion is God? What religion are the Natural laws of physics tenets of?
  14. Hong Kong Life

    LOL As expected, pioneer resorts to simply contradicting what i say; that's all he can do because he has no credible rebuttals. He doesn't know any more what he is talking about than i do. But my i do draw from sources other than ones that make me comfortable to believe, something pioneer can't claim. He is the center of a universe he has created, a dense miasma of bull shit where he is omniscient, riding on the back on an ass, trotting along on an endless ego trip, deluded into thinking he is some kind of a black messiah. And that is my opinion, - an insult which Del is free to rebut in his role as the charred keeper of pioneer's flame. I am receptive to the opinion of people who are innovative thinkers, to whom "what if" is a phrase that prefaces their profound speculations. Tired, unoriginal, unproven blather doesn't inspire credibility on my part, especially when the individual spewing it, thinks his half-cocked pronouncements are carved in stone. Oh, puleeze. Black humans never had domination over white humans for hundreds of thousands of years. That's a lot of hyperbole on your part. You don't know what black humans were doing to each other or, for that matter, what red humans were doing to each other. Cruelty in the quest for power exists across the board, and white humans were able to prevail because of the superior weaponry which enabled them to gain a foothold. Your argument is full of mawkish emotion.
  15. If you'd have ever checked the definition of "espouse", you'd stop desperately and pathetically clinging to this idea. espouse:adopt or support (a cause, belief, or way of life):" synonyms:adopt, embrace, take up, accept, welcome None of the definitions of this word apply to science's attitude toward religion. Science acknowledges religion but does not incorporate it in its work, even if individual scientists may be religious in their private lives.
  16. Unlike you, Pioneer, when i am presented with credible evidence, i am not too thick-skulled to change my mind. This should be obvious to anyone but you who, because you are incapable of being enlightened,- think everyone else is the same way. BTW, i only changed my mind once, and that was when Troy's scientific based evidence made better sense than that crap you spout.
  17. Hong Kong Life

    That's the whole point of race being an artificial construct. It enables tribes to dominate and discriminate against those whom they feel superior to. The social construct of "bias" is exemplified by the class distinctions which occur within the tribes. But none of these man-made classifications can neutralize the fact that humans are all the same species because they can mate and reproduce no matter how different they look. Inbred in Homo Sapiens, is apparently a survival instinct to dominate, - to be the Alpha Male/King of the Hill. Blacks portray themselves as a sympathetic noble group, but they are in reality just unlucky. If black humans had managed to hold on to their dominance, they would treat other tribes just as bad as they are treated by them - because they all have the same mentality, and power corrupts. i take the liberty of expressing my opinionated conclusions because, with pioneer, you have the option to do what he does.
  18. Can pioneer come up with 3 reputable sources that say there is more than one race? Instead of requesting that Troy justify his claims which are aligned with current conventional wisdom, pioneer should reinforce his stance - which is mostly opinion-based.
  19. Black Panther fever seems to have died down in this country, and blacks are moving on to whatever the next fad or cause is. Decrying the death of a young unarmed brotha shot to death in his grandmother's back yard by trigger-happy cops in Sacramento, California, and the events on the premier of "Empire"s new season seem to be filling their latest need to flex their blackness. Also, a lot of curiosity about the unidentified female who bit Beyonce on the cheek at a glitzy affair. Ho Hum
  20. Confessions of a Weary Soul

    A silly suggestion, leaving me to consider its source. I already mentioned that introspection is my fulfilling alternative to being bored. BTW, the word is spelled "monotony" not "monotany".
  21. Well, now that Spring has officially arrived replete with freezing temperatures and even snow flurries, instead of me feeling ready to emerge from the winter doldrums and take on the world with renewed vigor, i have little enthusiasm for what awaits outside my cave; an arena where i have lost interest in competing. A scenario that has degenerated into a mundane TV rerun of the past. A society that is a growing reflection of what i despise, populated by people who embody what i reject; not only Trump and his ilk, but insipid celebs in the entertainment industry, ubiquitous victims of religious mind control, the droning voices of a black community debating itself. Language, which i used to love, has become a barrier rather than a gateway to communication in my one-on-one interactions. I am becoming a misanthrope as well as a captive of my own imperfections. But, i am thankful for the retreat of introspection and the encompass of the universe. If boredom with real life is the price i have to pay for the freedom to wonder and imagine, then i am grateful, too, for the psyche which transcends my material surroundings. Here on earth i have become an apathetic spectator. Inside my head, however, i am taking a thrilling spiritual journey that leads to who knows where...
  22. Confessions of a Weary Soul

    @Pioneer1 Only the last paragraph had daydream overtures. Everything preceding it were disclosures of my disillusionment and weariness. And you never "know better". You just think you do. You may not daydream but you are delusional, totally convinced of your infallibility, something Troy regularly deposes.
  23. Confessions of a Weary Soul

    @Pioneer1Who cares what big blow hard like you were expecting? Why would you think a post titled "the confessions of a weary soul" would be about criminal or inappropriate activity? An example of your how your skewed mind works.

    My final take on the "Black Panther" euphoria, has predictably congealed into cynicism. The black panther character first appeared as an antagonist to Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four in 1966. which according to some accounts, was the same year a cabal of young black militants in Oakland, California, inspired by the heroics of this character, envisioned the image of a black panther as a logo for their nascent organization. Subsequently learning that the symbol had already been adopted in 1965 by another political group from Alabama known as the Lowndes County Freedom Organization, Bobby Seal and Huey Newton perhaps made these activists an offer they couldn't refuse and - the rest is history. End of prologue. In the present, to me, the impact of the block-buster spectacle based on the black panther comic book character, boils down to 2 words: make-believe. And so begins our story... . Once upon a time, a black minority population residing in a land of broken promises, was plagued by the post traumatic stress resulting from the slavery which had robbed them of their identity. They ached for something to fill them with pride and make them believe they had self-worth. 2 Titans known as Marvel Productions and Disney Studios, got wind of this yearning, and with dollar signs in their eyes, believed they could capitalize off the situation by providing the black masses with a movie featuring make-believe characters in a make-believe country, giving a good accounting of themselves and their make-believe culture. Upon seeing the imaginary movie released by the Titans, droves of black people were captivated by what this make-believe epic made them believe. Inspired by what jumped off giant screens in theaters all over the country, black patrons left these venues feeling superior to those who had thwarted their belief in themselves. And what better way to affirm this belief than to ride the "Wakanda Forever" wave into a future where all blacks would be high achievers in a high tech environment of their own making! Meanwhile, the 2 titans of white corporate America are raking in the astronomical profits this film has generated, thanks in great part to the cash-flow from its enchanted black audience. Elsewhere, however, doubts about the redeeming value of this make-believe movie have begun to appear as dissident voices start to blaspheme it. Social media party poopers are now pricking holes in the fantasy balloon, and would you believe the post traumatic stress of slavery is developing into a multiple personality disorder? Epilogue: Believe it or not, this is what can be expected when dealing with a make-believe tale that gives rise to a belief that blacks can believe in, - if they make-believe...