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  1. @ProfDThank you. Chauvinistic men vex me trying to deconstruct women, - creatures whom they don't know "jack" about! Years ago, Freud had the nerve to describe what a female orgasm was all about. Today, these types are in the forefront of the phony, hypocritical right-to-life movement, wanting to tell women what they can do with their bodies. Every woman has an "inner warrior" she can summon when the occasion calls for it. Every straight woman also has a soft feminine side that the right "Alpha Male" can bring out in her. Black women don't need to be manipulated into to becoming belligerent. This is how they naturally react to the bullies and wussies among their men folk. Secure men who step up and take charge don't have to worry about women warriors emasculating them. BTW, in interviews, Viola Davis revealed that she was the one with an ulterior motive when it came to this movie. She wanted to showcase dark-skinned African American women as something other than "rejects". In the pubic sector, It doesn't seem to the ever-vigilant lurkers that people in general, and black women in particular, are capable of acting on their own when it comes to surviving in the world, and that their behavior doesn't necessarily have to be choreographed by secret conspirators. But the hyper suspicious types aren't satisfied unless they're concocting theories that cast others as dummies who have to be warned by people like themselves who are "too smart to be fooled". They can't conceive of the idea that sometimes, "life just do what it do".
  2. @ProfDThe Conservative homophobic Supreme Court has the power to reverse gay marriages being legal. Doing so tops its agenda, thanks to the homophobic Evangelical community.
  3. Does this mean that allowing homosexuals to exist is a matter of tolerating them, and that not allowing them to exist is understandable? i'm sure there are many white people who tolerate black people but wish they didn't have to. Homophobia is on a par with racism. Why are homosexuals a threat to heterosexuals? What would they have to gain by eliminating heterosexuality. Just curious because gays are not people who impact on my life at all.
  4. This is debatable. A person has to have a brain-wired predisposition toward a different gender in order to ignore his genitals.
  5. All i need to do is survey the world we live in and - rest my case.
  6. Homosexuals haven't just ascend to positions of power by a fluke. They've acquired their growing influence because they are a brilliant, skilled, creative branch of the human species who don't have to flex their muscles to be effective. The "good" news is that a male is either gay or he's not gay, All these guys feeling threatened by gay brainwashing, apparently think they're the only ones who know what they really are. An egotistical assumption. If homosexuality is something that ascends to a dominate status, then it is not an unnatural state. It is the next stage in the evolution of homo sapiens, something akin to the transitioning of brutes trudging on all fours into humanoids walking upright on 2 legs. Change is inevitable. (Me, I'm trying to acquire an appreciation for the current trend of baldheaded men with bushy faces. )
  7. Children do have to be socialized and taught to share and get along with others because they are born totally self centered. That 's what kindergarten is supposed to do; teach kids to get along with their peers. The failure to totally repress the spoiled, selfish "inner child" is a contributing factor to the eternal conflict between humans. Couple that with the irrepressible male ego - and the rest is history.
  8. @ProfDin conclusions, let me announce that divorcing the black "race" doesn't mean I 'm looking to hook up with the white community. i've just transcended race in general because, before they are anything else, people are humans and, as such, are flawed. What African-Americans really want is a role reversal; to be able to get even with whites whom they hold in different degrees of contempt. Were blacks on top, there would still be a race problem This is a world where there will always be conflict, greed and a quest for power and control. I simply want to tread my own path on my way to oblivion - or whatever, and I wish you well! "If you don't know, now you know."
  9. You aren't a "classical" liberal. You're a self absorbed Libertarian. Yeah, because the alternate that Republicans are offering isn't a solution either - unless becoming a fascistic, evangelical bigot is your idea of being a success.
  10. There is nothing "secret" about the agenda that 95 percent of black folks think they are set to be the victims of. Don't ask for specifics. Just accept their belief that the ubiquitous "THEY" are out to control and manipulate them.
  11. Nothing is ever accepted at its face value any more. "The Woman K I N G" can't just be a movie based on historical events that should be shared with the world. Instead it has to be relegated to something sinister; always a plot, a conspiracy, a scheme that embodies the ulterior motives of "THEY". Above all, - fuel for the insidious paranoia that permeates the mindset of those convinced they've "got it all figured out".
  12. As i said at the beginning of my essay, i have divorced the black race. So none of the comments or opinions about its destiny really make a difference to me. i might add that i've never felt more liberated in my life. In the time i have left on this earth, I will revel in not giving a damn. I exhale. .
  13. @ProfDI agree! I also like Discovery ID because I'm a true crime buff. For amusement, I watch Family Feud, a showcase of America at its most stupid best. A stunning example of how being accomplished has little to do with being able to think on your feet. It is the anti-thesis of Jeopardy! which rewards your quick reflexes and broad scope of knowledge, including trivia. ( I've been a fan of it for as long as it's been on the air.) @DelRight, Everybody just assumes aliens would look white, and be devious - a testament to the black mind-set.
  14. @DelSo? My TV is always on. It is the background of my daily routine. I watch whatever captures my attention, grateful for my remote control, glad that that so many programs are provided for me to either look at or bypass. it is also the source of any type of music i want to hear. For senior citizens like me, it is our "window to the world", along with the smart phones everyone else is so attached to. Best of all, these devices can be instantly silenced by the press of my thumb.
  15. @ProfD i assume you also watch the Science channel. Lotta interesting stuff about UFOs there, too. @DelThe point is, that aliens could've visited earth and influenced and advanced different cultures. What color the earthlings were is incidental - except, of course, to those fixated on racism!
  16. @Troy Ok, babe. have it your way. In the future i will try and remember that you don't have a problem with "nonsense".
  17. Leave it to black folks to inject racism into every subject, jumping to conclusions, invoking the same ol tired preconceived notions, seeing things that aren't there, never acknowledging that implicit in these theories is that aliens could've been who influenced or reproduced with whomever you claim originated EVERYTHING. And just for the record, pyramids were found in places other than Egypt; in South America, for instance. Nor did the people who built the pyramids in Egypt look typically negroid in the way they represented themselves in their art and hieroglyphics. They look mixed with something else. i guess i didn't make myself clear that others not liking the "Ancient Alien" series was something that would make a difference to me. So i'll emphasize that I couldn't care less about your impressions of, or opinions on this series. Your criticism just intensifies my interest in this program. Now return to your huddle and resume your moaning and bitchin about "da white man".
  18. @TroyWe never see ourselves as others see us. I based my opinion on how impatient you are with what you consider frivolous or trivial things. That's why you hardly watch anything on TV except NET channels or documentaries. You aren't a fan of sit-coms or even dramatic series. You seem to despise pop culture and have no curiosity about celebrities. You distrust the internet, particularly social media. Your first impulse is to be wary of anything that smacks of racism or the powers that be. i'm not saying anything is wrong with this. This descsribes a lot of people. To me, that's just how you roll. and I consider that as beingno-nonsense and serious. I don't regard you a "laid-back guy". @Troy i don't know. Do people who claim this have ulterior motives? Hillary did win the popular vote so she probably drew a lot of support from social media. Bernie die-hards who deserted her, along with suburban white women voting with their husbands, and the foibles of the electoral college were among the many factors that influenced the outcome of the 2016 election.
  19. @richardmurrayWell, you had your chance to speak harshly and chose to makes jokes and apologize for doing so.
  20. A while back I announced that I was divorcing myself from the "black race" because i was weary and disillusioned with its state of affairs. To me, ongoing calls for unity had become a broken record, preoccupation with racism had become obsessive, participation in self-genocide a curse. I saw no reversal of fortune in the future; except for individuals who having equipped themselves with all the necessary skills, were able to thrive in a system that appreciated whatever generates profit. i observed little to encourage the idea that the USA would ever totally rid itself of racism, or that African Americans would ever be anything other than a thorn in the side of their nation's white power structure, left to console themselves with their notions of unappreciated black supremacy. Boo-Hoo. So, I dropped out, and took a seat in the peanut gallery, now and then tossing shells here and there. Presently, at the ridiculous age of 89, what dominates my impending dementia is not only what awaits in the afterlife, but the alternate theories about how humanity came to be in this life, thoughts that give my existence a whole new perspective. Currently, I am intrigued by what is a different version of Mankind's evolution as imagined by a certain community of archaeologists and historians. Just consider what the UFO crowd has speculated based on the similarity between modern day astronauts and the relics and hieroglyphics of ancient civilizations. Ponder the explanations for the expertise shared by peoples on different continents when it came to the erection of enormous structures and a familiarity with astronomy, evidence suggesting that a common source was the origin of the advanced knowledge possessed by these separate societies. This is the gist of what is being theorized in regard to our planet having once been invaded by beings from outer space, aliens who infiltrated and reproduced with Earthlings, speeding up their evolution. All of this and more is documented in "Ancient Aliens", a lengthy series which appears on cable TV's History channel. What this program claims takes liberty with science but I relate to it because I've always suspected that I am an alien, descended from life forms who were transported here by asteroids and comets. In any case, I find exploring these amazing ideas preferable to getting bogged down in what is currently happening on the "3rd Rock from the Sun". So, "Ancient Aliens", along with the HBO fantasy series about Dragons and Thrones are what have now captivated my interest. "The truth is out there." At this waning point in my life, I'll leave politics and race and religion to those who have an appetite for re-hashing. Have at it, Folks. It's all yours.
  21. @TroyHow you and I regard social media is akin to how we approach life in general. You are a more sober no nonsense person than I am. Most things are a big cynical joke to me, material for arguments. You want to cut the fat and gnaw on the meat. So be it.
  22. According to Twitter, the people of Ireland are not widely mourning the monarch who represented a country they have had strained relations with for centuries. The same with India, where Elizabeth held the honorary title of being the Empress of. The history of England's colonization of India is not a particularly honorable one. With the passing of the Queen many of the commonwealth nations including the ones in Africa are considering severing their ties with England Even a substantial number of her subjects, are not fans of the monarchy, believing it should be abolished, but it is a tradition others cherish. The media is aggrandizing it, capitalizing on its fairy tale appeal to millions of romantics. Queen Elizabeth had very little power and was just a figurehead who really did nothing but lead a life of luxury between making public appearances. A majority of people have never known a time when Elizabeth wasn't "The Queen". It was like she was the queen of the world. Similarly, for the first 12 years of my life, I never knew any POTUS other than Franklin D. Roosevelt, back in the days before the presidency had term limits. I was 20 years old when Elizabeth was crowned queen in 1953 after her father died. I remember quite well watching this elaborate ceremony on TV. English history has always been a hotbed of scandals and murder and intrigue. And this continues to this day. One gratifying thing about being my age is how much history I have been around to witness.
  23. Whatever people don't agree with is "propaganda" to them . Every subject discussed on this board in regard to the ubiquitous subject of racism says the very same thing I read on FaceBook. Everything bad anybody says about Trump and right wing conservatives here, is in agreement with what's said on Facebook, as is every positive thing said here about Democrats and Liberals. That's why all of the marathon redundant threads on these subjects are ho-hum to me. Because I've heard them all before - on social media. Propaganda is a catch-all term. Whatever. I don't do politics on FaceBook anymore because it's a waste of time. I scroll through a lot of articles and trivia and memes but the only people i engage with are my friends who keep me posted on what's going with events and mutual acquaintances from "the old neighborhood". E also interact with the members of the 2 groups I belong to, one on Quantum Physics and another on Practical Existentialism. (There are, incidentally, a lot special interest groups and fan clubs you can join on FaceBook.) When a subject i happen to mention or show interest in, results in my being spammed with a lot of ads, I just delete them. Simple as that. I'm not trying to convert anyone to being a Facebook devotee, and I'm not claiming that social media isn't politicized or doesn't pose privacy issues. What i am declaring is that I merely refuse to deny myself pass-times and amusements in favor of withdrawing from the public arena to lead a sheltered life of chronic suspicion about everything and everyone. Screw it. Different strokes for different folks.
  24. Well, i don't make any long range plans. Whatever will be, will be, I guess. I forgot mention that i am also weary. ??? Is that "pat" speaking?
  25. @DelAre we on the cusp of some kind of new autumnal phase? I see a half-moon up there glowing in the night sky. i ask because I've been overtaken by a feeling of gloom, bordering on depression. The world is in such turmoil, climate-wise, as well as politically, and crime has become rampant in Chicagoland. Particularly troubled by the local high school, not having enough teachers to conduct classes full time.. My magic has become chaotic in a subdued way. If nothing comes to you, that's OK. i can't expect a pat explanation for everything.
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