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  1. Is this a contest to see who can come up with the most - what?
  2. Well, that's what i don't get. i can do what you suggest anytime. Why does it have to be a certain time and date to experience or know something.
  3. @Pioneer1. i like a fair fight. i don't dig being lied about.
  4. @Pioneer1Bring it on. Are going back and retelling the lie you told about me sending pictures of myself to you and then posting one of somebody who wasn't me. And yes, i posted a provocative one of me to prove you wrong. i don't think these folks know our history and how i always clashed with you.
  5. @MzuriI wish you would stop casting me as someone that i am not and attributing sentiments to me that I am not experiencing. You over estimate your impact on me. I love a good exchange of insults and was ready for more. But I have never sat in a chair braiding hair at the post office. Why would I? The closest I ever came to doing something like that was piercing ears in the break room. I'd like to see where you got that from. BTW, are you still selling furniture on line since we're diggin back in the past?
  6. Fed Ex is also hiring. and there's always the bean pies especially since you loved the Muslims so much you didnt become one.
  7. Indians and small pox are not comparable to the Tuskeegee experiment. Why would i put in an application as a driver. i don't need a job. You do. What are you lying about? i can't even braid my hair.
  8. I @MzuriAre you really so ignorant that you actually think a large operation like a postal facility is not divided into labor and management employees like any other corporation? i assure you what i was sitting at was a swivel chair at a desk. Guess dementia is setting in with you. Did you forget what i told you about the cat being a family pet mostly cared for by my grandchildren? I hear Gingko biloba is good for memory loss. i'm sure you have some of that on hand.
  9. @MzuriA typical assumption on your part. You have no idea what my position was at the post office. Mail sorters don't sit around doing nothing. You aren't hesitant to reveal what i would be embarrassed to admit that I was living like a hermit, isolated from the world, mixing elixers over a hot caldron, in dire fear of a virus that would probably avoid you.
  10. @Del Wish i had asked for something pertaining to October 9, 1956, the day my mother unexpectedly died in the early afternoon. My late sister's birthday is coming up November 25th. We were very close. Been dreaming about her lately.
  11. @Pioneer1I repeat: you don't know jack. "They" didn't give black men syphilis. Medication was withheld from those who already had it. Still sittin around pickin your nose, worrying about whether you should've quit your $12.50 an hour job? I hear am*zon is hiring.
  12. @ProfDWhat is my incentive to not go with the smart folks? Frankly, however, i don't care whether people get the vaccine - or the virus - or whether they get fired. They have to live or die with their decisions. @MzuriYou could inadvertently be a guinea pig by not getting the shot. I will not and never have lived my life worrying about The Government plotting against me nor have I allowed myself to be completely controlled by the idea that i am too smart to let that happen. My life has been remarkably free from persecution by THE MAN. I have been retired for 29 years, sitting on my ass collecting a pension for doing nothing because I didn't even do much when i worked. i have lived as long as i have thanks to the blood pressure pills Big Pharma came up with for people like me and they costs very little because the health insurance carried over from my job, covers medication. Uncle Sam has looked out for me. I got the 2-shot moderna vaccine and had absolutely no after affects. This is where I am coming from. Y'all do your own thing.
  13. @Mzuri and pioneer. i feel confident in saying that in this country with a population of close to a billion people, millions of these people have received the shot and not had serious or fatal complications. Because there is so much opposition to the idea of a quick fix shot, 2 different narratives emerge between the opposing sides. Anti-vaxxers say what you 2 say. i go with the other narrative.
  14. @Deli just wish i could wrap my brain around what you are saying about time markers because it sounds so much more intriguing than all of the BS going on in the prosaic world. Check this out: I seem to have some kind of connection with my computer, I think it sometimes censors or monitors me like when i impulsively key malicious or angry things, they disappear from the screen. It's like I generate waves that are picked up by an entity that gains access to me through the computer. (I've always felt that i have a spiritual guide or alter ego that keeps me in check.) Usually what disappeared, later proved to have been a good thing because what i keyed was better left unsaid and could have had undesireable repercussions. Some of these phenomenon are difficult to explain. I currently feel I am shifting back and forth between parallel universes as in the case when i type a phrase within a sentence; when i proof what i have typed, the phrase appears twice as if I keyed it in 2 different universes. Does that make sense??? LOL
  15. You don't know jack. Your hearsay figures are just as vague as mine. Who is "they"?
  16. Dr. Dre, has "inducted" Eminem into his Rapper hall of Fame. And Run DMC credit the Beastie Boys with being the real thing in this peer group. How can you condone black folks giving James Bond and Suoerman do-overs and colorizing what was originally white, and then condemn whites for being Rappers or adopting other forms of blakc music? So, would it be permissible for whites to discourage blacks from playing classical music by the old Masters? Ars Gratia artis.
  17. @ProfD I see you kind of lean toward DooWop. There were a lot of those groups around during the 50s
  18. I can trace my ancestry in this country back 3 generations and that's good enough for me. i feel no great kinship for Africa. What has it done for me lately? Although i don't refer to myself as being a person of color, I wouldn't care if somebody called me that. I think of myself as a hybrid whose ancestry, like that of most of America's slave descendants, includes black, white, and Native American blood lines. Yes I had an Indian grandmother, and a grandfather who was the son of his white slave master and a black woman. So what else is new? There are always folks around assuming self-appointed roles as arbitrators of who's what. I am what I declare myself to be and that includes being a nigga when i feel like it. I'm so tired of this crazy-assed world. Del, were are you, babe?? Find me a good time line to get the hell outta here.
  19. Colin Powell was a prime example of a high-risk person because he had the pre-existing conditions of cancer and Parkinson disease. and was 84 years old. Chances are he wouldn't have died had he not already been debilitated by age and the 2 deadly diseases which the covid vaccine doesn't lessen the severity of. Millions and millions and millions and millions of people have experienced no ill-effects from the vaccine which does not claim to be 100 per cent risk free. Comparatively speaking deaths directly attributed to the vaccine are rare.
  20. Another song I don't ever remember hearing before. But I love "Didn't I blow your mind this time?" by the Delphonics That's what i had in mind when i started a new thread. Have at it.
  21. What i wrote was based on one of of the many arguments i have heard from those condemning the electoral college, "Electoral College in the Constitution, in part, as a compromise between the election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens. However, the term “electoral college” does not appear in the Constitution....The stain of slavery is on the Electoral College as it is on all US history." This is excerpted from what i looked up. There is an implied connection between the electoral college and the after math of the civil war because there were many amendments. There's a wealth of information about this on Google and Wikipedia. So you can look it up and post your rebuttal.
  22. @Rev i don't think white people hate black people any more than black people hate them. Every post by a black person on this site is filled with contempt for white people. You're a reverend. Why do you think God has allowed it to come to this?
  23. @ProfD The Civil War was also instrumental in the formation of the electoral college which was conjured up to placate the defeated Confederacy States by giving them them equal voting power with the large Federal states. Just another reason for the electoral college to be abolished along with supreme court justices being appointed for life! Like Lincoln, everybody reveres Ruth Bader Ginsberg but she neutralized her legacy and endangered freedom by refusing to retire during Obama's administration when she was in her 80s, so he could've appointed a liberal to the court to maintain so much of the legislation that protects individual rights.
  24. @ProfDi never heard your last selection before. Surprising choice for somebody who couldn't get into the exquisite 4 part harmony of the Four Freshmen. In the spirit of diversity i will give a nod to My Latino Amigos.
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