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    Miss Louise-Farrah Khan

    Back in the '60s, during the hey day of the Back Panthers and militant spokesmen like Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael, it was always my impression that black people didn't really think a full scale revolution would ever take place. We just gave lip service with rallying cries and chanting threats and even financial support for these guerilla cabals. But people like J. Edgar Hoover panicked and were scared shitless by the idea of these menacing organizations spurring the black masses to rise up and overthrow the government. The general consensus among blacks, however, was that a full scale rebellion would be a losing cause against a powerful country like America with its well-equipped standing army. But the idea of a black rebellion shaking up the White Establishment was a moral victory. In actuality, most of us were more attuned to MLK and his moderate approach. Non violent protest was a hard pill to swallow but the silent black majority was OK with allowing Civil Rights activists to represent them with this approach. Boycotting people and places was the closest the average black person came to demonstrating for justice during this turbulent era.
  2. Cynique

    The Earth's Magnetic Pole

    i wasn't sure if "C" stood for Cynique or Chevdove. We both commented on the article. Dreams are symbolic. I have a frequently recurring one where i am trying to find my way out of a large factory building, going up and down stairs, wandering through halls, opening doors that lead to rooms full of machinery or large equipment and more stairs or - i'm at a train station and don't know which train i'm supposed to take to get home. In all of my dreams no matter what their scenario, the underlying conflict is my trying to extricate myself from a frustrating situation involving either people or places... A psycho-analyst would have a field day with me. I think a lot of my confusion has to do with the dementia that is common to people in my age-bracket. I am very lucid, but my short term memory is shot. 😟
  3. Cynique

    Surviving. R. Kelly!

    Below was what i was just getting ready to post when Pioneer beat me to it. Not surprising the "Me-Too" mania is again rearing its head and pointing its finger. Instead of "letting sleeping dogs lie", events have once again plucked a brother from the fraternity of pussy hounds and put him under scrutiny for his sins of the flesh. The resurfacing of RKelly's perverted sex life has again become a hot button issue that, among other things, is dividing the black community. Aided and abetted by the white media, the questionable sex habits of a famous black man are back in the news, thanks to LifeTime's airing of a stark documentary that gave the floor to young women who considered themselves the victims of RKelly's lechery. At first, everyone deplored what RKelly was accused of and supporters of these women were also featured in the documentary. But gradually the old racism litany kicked in and the controversy began. The clap-back from many black men as well as Kelly's die-hard female fans came in the form of a familiar complaint about black men being singled out for shame, while equally guilty white men are given a pass. Kelly's defenders deem this media bias to be a form of racism. blah, blah, blah. Bolstering their complaint is their reminding that RKelly was found not guilty back when he was taken to court on sexual molestation charges several years ago. His accusers retort that with his wealth, Kelly was able to buy the silence of many would-be accusers. His defenders counter by arguing that a lot of his sex kittens are OK with being taken advantage of and that their parents are guilty of selling their daughters to older men like Kelly. Another view poses the question as to whether Kelly's offenses should be separated from his considerable musical talents. The anti-Kelly crowd who consist mostly of older black women saying this exploitation of naive young girls has gone on for much too long, and something should be done to deter and protect these gullible minors from the grips of powerful black men who turn them into sex slaves and hold them against their will. Lost in the shuffle is the culpability of RKelly. Does he deserve to be exonerated just because some blacks feel he is comparable to a lynch victim hanged by the hooded white media. Racism has become such a one-size-fits-all accusation that is transforming itself into a smoke screen that clouds the real issues. Yes, the ubiquitous media can be biased in its eternal quest to gain ratings and make money But this is not an excuse for a black men to demean and use underage black girls as objects to fulfill their lascivious desires. Nothing good comes from being an apologist for RKelly's lewd pedophilia. The loser in this controversy and all of it side bars is, as usual, black women who are always relegated to the bottom of the heap.
  4. Cynique

    The Earth's Magnetic Pole

    This article resonated with me because, as of late, i am weighed down with a sense of things being quirky, out of sync, off kilter, and this state of being subjects me to inexplicable occurrences whose significance are hidden...time seems to be accelerating, passing faster than usual; flying by...I am drawn to sky gazing both day and night...reality seems to be mocking me and melancholy inhabiting me...music has become my best friend...i feel like Earth is not only unaligned with its axis but that i am disoriented in a world that has outgrown me... Worst of all, i am gripped by a foreboding brought on by Donald Trump's presidency...his growing power haunts me because challenges to it are increasingly ineffective...my dislike for him is so intense that it infects me with fits of depression... Winter's doldrums have claimed me like never before... 😵
  5. Cynique


    Does everybody know that Jews are god's chosen people?? Are others obligated to accept your premise in regard to the Old Testament, as opposed to their suspicions about this book being nothing more than Hebrew folk tales portraying god as an ego-centric, jealous, petty entity who brings down his wrath on all of those who don't conform to his wishes? And where does the character of Jesus fit into this drama that centers around a quest to banish Satan, a villain who is seemingly as powerful as god? Also conspicuously absent in this lore are all the Eastern sects made up of followers mesmerized by the "Mystics" whose rituals and disciplines these followers choose to embrace, - details about which are not mentioned in the bible? In all of these biblical rationales, black people seem sentenced to a life of victimhood and, with this being the the case, why should they take pride in this status and proclaim themselves to be the favorite of a deity who is disgusted with them? I think you get where i am coming from and i'm sure you have previously encountered skeptics like me. Being an iconoclast is a mind-set that just seems to come natural to me and, as such, i am more of a spiritual person than a religious one. - a truth seeker called to go with the flow of my personal relationship with a higher power which communicates with me, through me. That's why i appreciate Buddhism. In reality, however, does it matter what folks believe as long as it comforts them? Anyway, I am sure that Chevdove and Pioneer with be in sync with much of what you say and will add their input to the subject.
  6. I don't know a whole lot, and the Shemites are a new one on me. Who are they? This is actually more in Chevdove's area of expertise.
  7. I used the pronoun "he" because i was discussing certain tendencies of black men in my post. And, of course, women are jilted just as much as men. But, you knew that. 😉 Sooooo, are "Shemites" connected in anyway to the Ibos of Nigeria in West Africa where the majority of those shipped to America and enslaved were from.
  8. @GibranOf what nationality are the descendants of America's slaves? @GibranWell if an ex-lover is able to stay in a relationship, then he is not jilted. Pardon me for misunderstanding your position on black unity as expressed in your essays. I wish you well in your vision of taking a new approach to defeating white supremacy with black superiority. In your quest to usurp amerikka's power, I doubt if i'll be around to see this monumental event come into fruition but i suppose black folks gotta keep on doing it until they get it right.
  9. @DelBlack gays are charged with the task of wearing 2 hats. They can be a part of the gay movement as well as part of the black movement, which both fall under the human rights heading. @GibranWhat i have noticed about you and so many other black men is your love-hate relationship with America. You resent and criticize this country and are justified in doing so considering how it has historically dealt with you. Yet, you are like suitors who have been rejected but can't get over your infatuation with the object of your desire. As a distraction from your unrequited love, you slavishly revere the Motherland who participated in making you orphans by shipping you off to a fate of being strangers in a strange land. Left in limbo, even as you attack America's racism you hold steadfastly to the belief that you can win its approval and acceptance as an equal. Year in and year out you dream about being independent and establishing a nation within a nation, a Utopian world where blacks will thrive and profit by ironically exercising the same capitalistic principles that have exploited them. Still you dream, reinforced by the belief that you have a stake in this country, and that you are entitled to your share of what you helped build. You hate your oppressors but you love the land they have conquered and claimed, and your love for this land just won't die because you have faith in justice. So you do everything but confront reality, clinging to the idea that Life is fair. Stuck in a dilemma, you immerse yourself in the alternative confines of a consumer community, enjoying the goods and services of a ubiquitous corporate entity that also provides you the employment which will finance the materialistic trappings that buffer your pain. When all else fails you have the safety net of a government whose concern for your welfare will enable your dependence. Last but not least, the is law engorcement that will offer you free food and a bed as a condition of incarcerating you for your crimes. What to do? What to do? First of all, exorcise yourself of the masochistic adoration of a country who doesn't give a shit about you and your hopes. Think about it. Get a plan. Find your path. Fuck America.
  10. Cynique

    Oldest. Black. Man Dies At-112

    @Pioneer1If you could ever get over the idea that you are a paragon who is a barometer for the conditions of America, then you might be worth listening to. You really think you are special and that your experiences are the ruler by which everything is this country is to be measured. Troy's one sentence about "culture" has more substance and sense than your ego-centric paragraph casting yourself as an oracle about the current state of America. I and millions of others are testaments to the medical break-throughs that have prolonged our lives. And the things that afflicted and killed children when i was a kid, have been eliminated by medical break throughs. You are so busy proclaiming yourself as the single most authority of the state of America, that you can't wrap your brain around the simple and obvious reality that "time brings change" both for the better and the worse.
  11. Cynique

    Black Women's Alliances

    It works both ways when it comes to one believing what one wants to believe. Blacks like Pioneer eagerly buy into these conspiracy theories put forth by unqualified men because they WANT to believe that "The Man" is plotting against them. Once they slap the "conspiracy" label on these suspicions, they adopt them without question, clinging to these unproven beliefs like a security blanket which provides them with a comforting excuse for black set-backs. There is no concrete proof that white-powers-that-be are deliberating trying to turn black men into homosexuals and the obvious question raised by this accusation is: What specifically are the white bogey men doing to black males that they aren't doing to the growing number of gay men within the white populace?
  12. Cynique


    Now that you've resisted, go crawl back into your hole and lick your wounds.
  13. Homosexuals don't fit into the black struggle. They are actually in a class by themselves because they can lead double lives by conveniently projecting a heterosexual facade that allows them to merge into the mainstream when it is to their advantage.
  14. Cynique

    Sex And Sexuality: Who Decides?

    @Pioneer1Thanks for proving the accuracy and relevance of my calling you the personification of vapidity. And you're also inane.
  15. Cynique

    Sex And Sexuality: Who Decides?

    And an African diet and promiscuous sexuality and polygamy are what you consider "ideal". And i certainly don't need you to parse words for me. You are the personification of vapidity. Look that word up.
  16. Cynique


    What are you talking about??? Be more specific in your attempt to defuse my dismantling of your silly contentions. Better still, just put a sock in it. i've wasted enough time haranguing with you. The Bears play-off game is more worthy of my attention. (You may be playing to those who you imagine are "viewing", but everything i say is directed only at you and your BS.)
  17. Cynique


    So playwrights and book reviewers and authors are not EXPRESSIONS OF ARTISTIC CREATIVITY. Get outta here. i've been around black men for 85 years and it is not my observation that straight black men are more clothes conscious than gay ones. Speak for yourself. And i. incidentally, find a more conservatively dressed understated man more attractive in appearance than one sporting a flashy pimp wardrobe.
  18. Cynique

    Sex And Sexuality: Who Decides?

    My sarcastic remark was in keeping with your yearning to return to the "primitive". You and your pompous self are who deemed my statement as demeaning because you only focus on the urbanized African, as if the other environments which still exist are an embarrassment to you. You want to pick and choose what there is to hold in high esteem about Africa and chastise anyone who dares to view Africa in its totality. Just go somewhere and beat a drum - or your meat if a drum isn't available.
  19. Cynique


    My statement was clearly put in the context of "certain scenarios". And just what is the powerful arsenal men have? Their brawn does not prevent women from being mens' equal when it comes to brains.
  20. Cynique


    @Pioneer1 i most certainly don't agree with that assertion! And what i base my opinion about it is as valid as yours. You are apparently discounting all the flaming, flamboyant black queens and artsy book reviewers and playwrights and authors out there, a literati in stark contrast to straight black men. And i didn't inject color into my observations about the LGBT community because it's not relevant. It is not fragmented by race. A diversified sexual orientation is their common denominator. You, as usual, have appointed yourself as the source of what is factual about the 39-million-strong black American population as you rush to make generalizations that are not verified.
  21. Cynique


    To the contrary, Gays have always existed in high places in the "eyes-wide-shut" environment of Roman and Greek society, In the present, there is a long-standing rumor of a gay "mafia" that wields a lot of influence in Hollywood. Gays have acquired power because brilliance and artistic creativity so often go hand-in-hand with homosexuality and these traits are assets. Having an option to shift between the straight and gay worlds is what has distinguished the gay struggle from the black one. You can't hide in the closet and exercise power behind the scenes if you're black. i see the LGBT movement as being in the vanguard of a future society where time will bring change and humans will be allowed to embrace whatever sexual orientation they are comfortable with. This is not necessarily a bad situation. "Doing you" can be liberating.
  22. Cynique


    simple. stay out of prison @GibranPrisons don't always have bars. Love is sometimes sentenced to death when it is punished by the state of mind. Romantic love has to be mutual. @Xeon Where ya been? Always glad to see you pop up.
  23. Cynique


    A woman's vagina is, indeed, a negotiating tool in many scenarios. It's when she chooses not to use it as one that she is in jeopardy in other scenarios.
  24. Cynique

    Sex And Sexuality: Who Decides?

    Well if you believe this, then why do you continue to harp on the idea that in America whites are trying to impose their puritanical values on black folks? It's obvious your complaints are without substance, especially since one reason for the negative black situation is this country can be traced, in part, to blacks acting like they're still living in the jungle. Something you promote.
  25. Cynique

    African Marriage

    @Pioneer1Why would i follow you to Africa? What a silly request. There's nothing about you or Africa that inspires me to want be in the presence of. If you really want me to stop needling you about your obsession with an African lifestyle, then stop your delusional repetitive prattle about it.