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  1. It's been my observation that certain bi-racials are perceived as black whether they concur with it or not. Take the sport of basketball, for instance. There is a whole new crop of NBA and collegiate players out there who are the offspring of black hoopsters who have married white women. The results are these giant, light-skinned specimens with a grade of hair that ranges from nappy and spiked to close cropped and coarse. Their female counterparts in society-at-large, wear wild bushy hair styles to frame their pale faces. When it gets down to the nitty gritty, that black hair gene is apparently too strong to be recessive.
  2. @anonymous50: In case you're wondering why nobody responded to your post, i think it's because what you say is pretty much true. And interesting. imo
  3. I totally agree that Will Smith's behavior at the Oscar's ceremony was uncalled for. His blubbering Oscar winning acceptance speech didn't redeem him at all. He just threw himself a pity party and failed in his self serving attempt to do damage control. Nor is Jada a sympathetic character in the drama. She is not ill and i question how severe her alopecia is. I wouldn't be surprised if she is just experiencing the hair loss that often afflicts middle aged women on the brink of menopause, a condition attributed to hormonal activity. In any case, If she can't deal with the observations about her shaved head, she should just wear a wig and keep on truckin'. And of course social media is rampant with rumor and gossip, and the usual brigade of skeptics claiming they are too smart to be taken in by this charade and that, for some unfathomable reason, this incident between Will and Chris was all "staged". Whatever. Who cares? Anything is better than hearing the hour by hour account of what's happening in Ukraine. I am a widow but if I did find myself in the described situation, I'd probably just grunt and do the black woman eye roll that's been known to vaporize antagonists . I'd also restrain my significant other if he wanted to make a scene. BTW, I actually thought Chris' reference to G.I. Jane was funny. And not an insult. I've seen that movie starring Demi Moore several times on TV, and G.I. Jane was a strong, courageous woman trying to make the grade as the first female to become a Navy Seal. That was why she shaved her head. Much ado about nothin - that will go down in history...
  4. @nels And you reveal your chronic myopia by clinging to the idea that right wing Retrumpicans are a positive alternative for black folks. SMH At least i know the flaws that plague Democrats. But you, like the deluded right wing conservative suck-up that you are, actually think these thinly disguised white supremicists have your best interests at heart. You're nothing but a judas sheep programmed to lead your people to their slaughter at the hands of a party made up of the nutcases and bigoted cretins who pay homage to the Retrumpican party. And the hypocritical spineless leaders of this party are even worse; pathetic minions who kiss the ring of an of an ignorant, unscrupulous, narcissist like donald trump. These are the people you ignore while bad mouthing your own race. You should change your screen name from "nels" to "nils" because you are a nonentity destined to be deleted. People like you and danniellegfny' are who turn my stomach and make me glad I'll be gone before "fascism comes to this country, waving a flag and carrying a bible".
  5. Ketanji Brown Jackson is a very ordinary looking black woman, not a glamourous example of eye candy. Her white husband is a physician, and as such, could have undoubtedly had his pick of white women to marry. The fact that he chose a black woman says a lot about him - and about her. High profile black males have a history of rejecting sistas in favor of white wives. When the tables are turned, they have no grounds for complaining.
  6. Very well stated, and I agree with your predictions.
  7. @nelsRead the above and take all of your shallow pretensions of being an astute intellectual and shove 'em. Any ideal you embrace or any characterizations you make are diminished by your obvious lack of judgement and absence of mental acuity. Youi aren't even an impressive troll.
  8. @StefanWe're actually saying the same thing about the Right Wing and the Critical Race Theory. And this thread is like an op-ed page.
  9. @DelI expected people to disagree with me, but I wasn't expecting a detailed response from you, replies wherein you opened up about things more than you usually do, and I appreciate you sharing your opinions with me. Yes, it was like having a conversation with you. And it was especially gratifying because I wasn't motivated to engage in my favorite pass time of name-calling. You're a cool dude. BTW, yesterday 2/22/22 i spent a long time meditating and I do kinda believe that the Universe is in us as much as we are in it. Do you have any explanation as to why I feel so much younger in the cold winter than i do in the hot summer? The frigid weather energizes and rejuvenates me! ????
  10. @StefanI still maintain that because the Right Wing doesn't deal in fact or truth, it doesn't matter what Critical Race theory actually is! The Right wing's goal is to instill the idea into the minds of white parents that teaching the truth about slavery in elementary and high school history classes is imminent. If you've ever seen any interviews of white parents on Fox News, you will see this is what they are worried about and the Retrumpicans are capitalizing upon this perceived threat. Yes, informed people know that Critical Race Theory is presently nothing more than a college course. They also know that the 2020 election wasn't rigged and that Biden won the presidency, just like they know that on January 6, 2021, the Capitol building was invaded by MAGA insurrectionists and was not a political demonstration by patriots! But the Retrumpicans will continue to perpetuate the lying opposite views because they are becoming increasingly successful at making their followers believe misinformation instead of facts. Critical Race Theory is a political football that owes its impact not to what is understood, but to what is misunderstood.
  11. The Right wing strategy is to misrepresent CRT as a future threat. This is a scare tactic to get white parents up in arms, and there's nothing more rabid than white women who think their little school children are in danger of being the target of black resentment. And these white women go to the polls and vote their emotions. Lies have become the biggest and most effective weapon of the Retrumpican conservatives. They have constructed a whole counter culture made up of lies and half-truths. They are a real threat because the Progressives in the Democratic party are turning off middle America.
  12. At this juncture in black history, i find the questions "what types of leaders do back people need?" a rhetorical one, not rising to the level of seriousness, Sorry, Del. America is the origin of the "rugged individualism" ideal, as I'm sure you know. Which begs the question, who leads the white masses? The Asian ones? The Hispanic ones??? Why do black people need leaders?? Why must they be on an eternal quest for a captivating man on a white horse to lead them?. Why, among blacks, is there always a yearning for a savior? if Jesus can't get the job done, then who can? When are America's step children going to grow up and become independent? When are they going to realize that when they do unite. it becomes a matter of misery loving company and never reaps permanent results, done in by the egos of mortal men and the seductive corruption of power. Prominent figures are, of course, worthy of being respected and appreciated but I find myself raising an eyebrow at the idea of Miles Davis, in particular, being a black leader. This ill-tempered, wife-beating, heroin addict may have been a great trumpet player who took jazz to another level but that wasn't enough to land it in the mass popularity zone. Yes, he played by his own rules and defied white convention but he died of sickle cell anemia, being nursed by a rich white female patron. A dubious role model. Barack Obama achieved the epitome of leadership but never commanded the unanimous approval of black folks because they are multi-faceted and are not of one mind, black men being among his harshist critics, accused by some of being driven by jealousy. Many older blacks remain mired in the slavery mentality that keeps them congregated in churches, praying for a Moses to lead them to the promised land. But upcoming generations pay homage to the almighty dollar that this Capitalistic society promises to those who learn how to "play the game". The black diaspora grows more diversified by the year, and the idea that individuals can command the loyalty of this multitude of non whites is wishful thinking. The answer to the perennial question about "what black folks need to do" is: Aspire to live your best life and, along the way, each one teach one. But always keep in mind that - the Universe doesn't give a damn about you.
  13. @Harry Brown; To each his own, there are black people who bleach their mentality and become Retrumpicans in order to be accepted by a white population that considers white surrogates almost as good as the real thing.
  14. @MelovingMe: Consider that Life has no meaning, and You have no purpose and row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.
  15. Nothing to both questions. I am what I am.
  16. @Nels. Oh shut up. You're pathetic. Have you ever had an original thought? If you didn't fill your empty mind with right wing BS, you'd be at a loss for words.
  17. @nelsNot according to the chart you stupidly posted*. Nor not to mention that anybody with any credentials in the social sciences knows that IQ tests have long ago been dismissed as accurate barometers of person's innate intelligence especially when it comes to black people. And, like the moron that you are, you have slithered back on the scene, eager to favor us with some more of the claptrap swill that exposes you as being the pathetic Retrumpican flunky that you are. 130–144: Gifted or very advanced 120–129: Superior *110–119: High average 90–109: Average
  18. @Del Finally something that is of interest to me! Thanks for posting.
  19. You don't sermonize but - you do sit on the fence. Sometimes I wish you'd be more passionate about issues and have convictions instead of being neutral.
  20. What is the issue here??? Tommy Hilfinger came on the scene back in 1985 and his line of clothing was, indeed, popular among my kids and their crowd, who were all black. I don't remember Oprah ever throwing him off her show and I was a regular watcher of it. I do remember her going off on an author whose book she had chosen for her book club and which was later found out to be a book made up of lies. Rumors did crop up about Tommy being miffed by who was buying his merchandize but his appearance on Oprah's quickly supplanted these earlier rumors , which is why blacks continued to be among his best customers. By the time social media came on the scene 20 years later in 2004 for FaceBook and 2006 for Twitter, Tommy's popularity had waned and the internet was not interested in him - until now. What is this cherrypicked You Tube sound byte trying to prove??? Who is being outed Tommy or Oprah?
  21. @richardmurrayTo black people, education provided the credentials to gain status in their community. Education was never an effective weapon for them when it came to making inroads into the exclusive ranks of the wealthy, powerful white movers and shakers who were aided and abetted by institutionalized racism. Being only 30 percent of the population relegated blacks to their permanent position of conspicuous consumers who spend their money on what they want, rather than what they need, which is why economic boycotts have never produced permanent results.
  22. @ProfDHamlet and the thousands of other people who came after him who have uttered this simple phrase. "Sorry I forgot to put it in quotes. in any case, I obviously considered it to be an appropriate response to your soliloquy.
  23. @StefanDo not be so quick to dismiss popular perception of an ambiguous term . In reality what white parents think CRT is has a greater impact than what "intellectuals" pronounce it to be. Consider the 2 different interpretations of what happened on January 6th. People believe what they want to believe.
  24. stfu. It takes an old fool to know one. You're nothing but a Retrumpican mouthpiece and a wanna be. If you didn't have right wing conservative trash to brainwash you, you'd be a mute.
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