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  1. @Del If expecting your train of thought to not become derailed is being a "lovable crank", then i'll attribute your calling me this as a prime example of your being off track. I said that you and Pioneer "consider yourselves the voices of reason and calm who feel victimized by a shrew who ruffles your drooping feathers", and you ask if this statement is "another display of reason and sense". I never said I was the voice of reason and sense. I said you and Pioneer considered yourselves the "voices of reason and calm", so your question makes no sense. 🙃
  2. One could observe that there's never a dull moment on this board because people are always going at it, engaging in verbal combat, something that has become the name-of-the-game on social media. How such confrontations play out here, provide very good material for a spoof served up with a cast of caricatures. Let's shift into the satire zone for a moment and imagine a "mockumentary" about the genesis of a Cynique's Corner smack down. * * * * * * * * * * After a busy day on the job where he holds the position of "head nigga in charge of shuffling papers", Pioneer is back in his digs, flushed with a latte from Starbucks, busy at work putting the final touches on his latest post for AALBC’s on-line discussion forum. The subject of his latest post is something that came to him earlier after tossing aside a manual, entitled “Single Race Theory for Dummies". Having forgotten to turn on his spell-check, he proceeds to log on to the site where he will share his thoughts with fellow posters and his hoped-for audience of lurkers. The topic of his latest dissertation? "One is the loneliest number in the world", a subject on which he is an expert, having once known some one who was the loneliest of his 3 friends. Meanwhile, Cynique before settling in for a interlude with her newly-arrived house guest, is on-line checking out recent comments on the corner named for her, looking for any excuse to start an argument because, much to the delight of her visitor, fussing gets her juices going. After "liking" harry brown’s weekly rant about greedy. womanizing. black. preachers. and. neo. nazi. cops. who. belong. to. the. KKK, her radar is suddenly put on alert. The appearance of Pioneer’s new post immediately puts her into attack mode. Yelling for her boy-toy to start the party without her, Cynique homes in on Pioneer's carefully crafted article which is complete with maps, photo-shopped pictures, graphs, links and a video featuring a tirade by Louis Farrakhan. Eagerly her eyes scan the material, hungry to find juicy nuggets to chew and spew at him. Quickly spotting several misspellings, making a note to furnish a definition for a word he has taken liberties with, parsing a phrase she discovers is grammatically incorrect, she proceeds to take aim, firing off a couple of ad hominem remarks while describing Pioneer’s article on one being the loneliest number in the world, as something he made up while humping his blow-up doll. Elsewhere on the forum, finished with their contest to see who can write the most cryptic sentence, arch enemies Del and Kalexander spot the notification of Pioneer’s new entry, and hurry to inject their input. Making reference to how he has picked the brains of thousands of people from all walks of life - when he's not spending his time casting astronomy charts which have, on occasion, been semi-accurate, Del is eager to validate Pioneer's claim, and shield him from Cynique's bullying. Kalexander simply settles for repeating his suspicions about Pioneer being a plant for the Russians, and then takes a break. But not before endorsing Cynique's harassment of Pioneer. Before long, Troy shows up to methodically explain to Pioneer why he is totally wrong about one being the loneliest number in the world, subsequently taking on Del’s counter-claim that Pioneer is absolutely right when it comes to one being the loneliest number in the world. They will eventually spend considerable time one-upping each other about what components make up the number one, ChevDov and Mel may put in appearances, but usually skip the debates, preferring to rhapsodize over such subjects as there being more Moors than previously thought. Over days, the hot button issue about one being the loneliest number in the world will escalate into lively exchanges laced with sarcasm, ridicule, misinformation and occasional lapses into enlightenment. Repetition and reiteration will abound amid a litany of "who said what", - accusations embellished with quotes lifted from previous posts. On and on it goes. Days later, the question as to whether one is the loneliest number in the world will have been sliced, diced, re-hashed and stirred up. Pioneer stands by his assertion convinced that white western science imposes its questionable beliefs on Afro Americans. Del also hangs in, certain that scientists are too arrogant to admit the truth about Pioneer's theory. Cynique philosophizes about "one' being an abstract number with 2 sides, both of which could be lonely. Troy trusts what is correlated by scientific data gleaned from a study of prison life where everyone is determined to be lonely, - an affirmation we have to figure out because of omissions and typos he didn't correct. Chevdove, Mel, Kalexander and harry brown fade in and out as we all bide our time until another earth-shattering question arises and spawns a new hectic debate after which no minds will have been changed and no issues resolved. Again. There you have it. Life as it pulsates around the cyber space that encompasses Cynique's Corner. And so it goes... 😁
  3. What does that have to do with you asking if what I said in the paragraph below was "another display of reason and sense"? Is this another display of reason and sense. @Cynique @Troy @Pioneer1
  4. All of your subterfuge said nothing to convince me that the process to remove Trump will take place by the end of July.
  5. i can't show you the edit because you edited it before i could quote it . But here is my reply to it. You originally said emotional and "foolish", and you know you did. Why would i just randomly change nonsensical to foolish? Is this another display of reason and sense. @Cynique @Troy @Pioneer1 Who knows? Do you? Your question makes no sense
  6. I admitted i couldn't find a specific post on the net - because i'm not going looking for one. But Sean Hannity on Fox news approved of Trump's news conference.
  7. No, i can't find anyone who approved of his news conference with Putin. But I tend to think his national security advisor John bolton, may not have had a problem with Trump's performance because Trump echoed everything Bolton has said in the past. Also Rudy Guiliani thinks Trump can do no wrong.
  8. Cynique


    i didn't say anything about Troy shuffling papers. I did mention my boy toy, i just didn't attribute the comments to pioneer.
  9. @Del It's not about what's legal and how guilty or disapproved of Trump is. It's not that simple. It's about the upheavel that will erupt if any attempt is made to remove him from office and how inhibiting the prospect of this could be. Justice being served is not guaranteed when those who seek it are not empowered. Though luke warm, Republicans who are in the majority, are still making excuses for Trump. There are also those who think his crimes do not rise to the level of what is required for impeachment. Plus, there's already a major battle brewing to get his supreme court nominee confirmed, something that could get a statute approved to exempt a sitting president from being indicted while in office. Chaos could be eminent in the form of months of legal haggling tying up the government. Democrats don't seem inclined to do anything but censure Trump, knowing that the country could be on the brink of a modern day civil war. Stability is their priority, and they are more focused on upcoming elections as a way of fighting back. Trump's support comes from his fanatical following of Americans who think like he does, who are encouraged by the upswing of the economy, who along with his conservative right wing base are opposed to immigration and of the opinion that America is being played by its allies in Europe who they claim are not pulling their weight and paying their dues and that NATO is obsolete, all of which are true to some degree. These gun lovers and evangelicals and neo-nazis and homophobic racists are tired of Mueller's probe which has gone on for over a year and they love the way Trump is smearing the hated Press. They also are not panicked by a trade war which will benefit as much as damage America. Finally, these idiots like the way Trump is thumbing his nose at convention and touting a return to making "American Great Again". Social Media is crawling with them and their loyalty to Trump is solid. Now, it's your turn to give your esteemed scenario of what is about to happen. Again i reiterate that i will have no problem with being wrong on my prediction that Trump will not be impeached.
  10. Finding Trump guilty of collusion is one thing; removing him from office is another thing. He still has a lot of support out there in the hinderlands.
  11. i noticed that Del edited his remarks about me, which originally read "emotional and foolish''; not emotional and nonsensical. An after thought that was, in itself, nonsensical. @Pioneer1It' s hard for a cynic to stay focused on a topic and refrain from insinuations when presumptuous people like you and your point man expect others to defer to your opinions and be so filled with awe that they quietly acquiesce to your pontificating. Maybe if y'all would endeavor to write coherent sentences and dispense with the straw man arguments that you advance, you wouldn't ignite my impatience. Puleeze. Excuse me while i laugh at you and Del trying to portray yourselves as the voices of reason and calm who feel victimized by a shrew who ruffles your drooping feathers. 🤣 Get some balls, guys. (As eccentric as Kalexander is, he is distinctly lacking in wimpish qualities.) Me? i don't dish out anything that i can't take. 😛
  12. Is that a Freudian slip? Or in the future will we have ample opportunities to declare that what you "write" is wrong? 😜
  13. OK. I've been forewarned. 'Got your Q-tips all ready to swab Pioneer's wounds. And yours. 😁
  14. Del to the rescue! You're in trouble now, Troy! 😲
  15. LOL is that supposed to be a clarification?? Check the definition of context. How hard is it to explain where you're coming from, instead of expecting me to fill in the gaps in your thinking process??? Decode, please.
  16. How about composing a sentence that's not a riddle - or at least one that has some context.
  17. Not to worry. You've found Del, - your savior and protector from the slings and arrows you are too lame to dodge. 😲
  18. Yes, you were. Loser. ☺️
  19. Who said his position was invalid? I acknowledged that income is a criteria. He's the one who is trying to dismiss values. What's emotional and foolish about embracing the conventional wisdom in regard to the difference between blue collar and white collar brackets of middle income? And when did you become the arbitrator in these arguments??Thought you were a impartial spectator except of course when you're complaining about Troy's "style"or about me "projecting". Get outta here.
  20. Puleeze. What would a liar like you know about honesty? What's obvious is that if you could answer what you asked, you'd do it, rather than trying to chide me for not answering the ambiguous irrelevant non sequitur question you posed because you couldn't come up with a coherent response to my question. You're pathetic in your attempt to mask your stupidity.
  21. @Pioneer1You're such a loser. You act as though stating what your position is, legitimizes it. And it doesn't. You're not an authority on anything. You have a degree from Starbucks College of Caffeinated Swill where you majored in opinion as fact, and minored in self-contradiction. You're nothing but a wanna-be who's never gonna-be because you're incapable of conceding your fallibility. (The issue of values is every bit as relevant as income, Dummy.) You try to bluff your way through life but you're not even good at doing that. 🤣
  22. Right, Troy! Except for a few predictable "pioneerisms" to muddy the picture, all Pioneer did was regurgitate everything you and i already said when we rebutted his original contentions.
  23. @Pioneer1You turned down my invitation in regard to why white supremacy endures, and i'll return the favor by taking a pass on the non sequitur question you posed.
  24. Well, empathy is at the core of political correctness. So the Liberal segment of the country is feeling the pain of others - to the extent of becoming a pain in the ass because they are going over board in dictating to people how they are obligated to act... 😴
  25. What will they tell me? What people think of themselves is not always accurate when compared to how a sociologist objectively classifies them in the big picture. Politicians lump middle income people altogether because they know voters tend to vote their pocketbooks. But political consultants take other factors into consideration and look for clues that have to do with standards of behavior. A "poor" person can have respectable middle class values. Middle income and rich folks can be unrefined and immoral in spite of what they earn. Millionaire Donald Trump is a prime example of this.