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  1. i don't know whether you can legislate the acceptance of hairstyles that the mainstream deems bizarre. Private industry can find ways to circumvent this law via of promotions and perks. Furthermore, there is hair, and there are hair styles. A lot of these extreme styles are not natural, They are extended bedecked affectations. And i continue to dispute your assertion that black people are confused about their identity. if they can trace their roots back 3 or 4 generations in this country, and most can, they know who they are and should not be encouraged to ignore this by those who want to dictate to others what they should consider themselves to be. The only people who are lost are those who ignore what information is available, preferring to imagine and concoct who their long lost ancestors might have could have should have been. These fanatics are who are dangling in a limbo of their own making. To each his own.
  2. @NubianFellowAll of your theories which are shared by many many others who all believe that white people work in concert and are apparently of one mind when it comes to how blacks are to be handled, something made possible because whites have gotten together and planned it all out. The notorious "THEY". Aside from resembling the plot of a dystopian sci-fi novel, what you say mostly serves to reinforce the idea of how superior whites are, as evidenced by how they are able to exert this much control over the fate of blacks. i happen to think that what exists in America today is the inevitable result of power corrupting and a part of this dynamic is the very human tendency of those in power not wanting to share it. It's the nature of the beast. Where we are today is a result of human evolution, motivated by a "king of the hill" mentality. And "to the victor, go the spoils". Tell me, do you think if the situation was reversed that blacks would treat the whites they dominated with justice and kindness?? i think not. You are bogged down in your idealism, thinking that life is fair. Blacks are unlucky. And apparently not so smart. Or maybe just different from those who are good at conquering. Whatever. Soothsayers like you are preoccupied with pointing your fingers at scheming whites, with wringing your hands over "unwoke" blacks. You are consumed by a narrative which never stops flowing from the river of your discontent. So how's that workin' out for ya? Are things any closer to your dream of blacks reversing the tide? Huh? Shake it off and watch the sun set. It'll come up tomorrow. Enjoy the view. Life is a state of flux and change, as a by product of this, will come with time. The worse fears of Caucasians will one day be realized and they will eventually be swallowed up by people of color. Class divisions will be what makes a difference. Wealth will be what determines who will rule and who will serve. And the earth will continue to rotate on its axis. Maybe.
  3. Jussie has a good lawyer and he'll be given his day in court to defend himself against these charges brought against him based on the findings of a grand jury. From what i understand, most of the charges stem from him telling 2 entirely different versions of what happened to him when interviewed by 2 different detectives. in one he said he could tell his attacker was white because he could see his white skin showing through the eye-holes of his ski mask...
  4. In keeping with a familiar rationale that blacks come up with whenever one of their own has been publicly shamed, some jokester said the take-down of RKelly is all a part of a white conspiracy to ruin him because he was planning to buy the Nickelodean Network. 😜
  5. @NubianFellow @Troy @Mel Hopkins We all seem to be on the same page. I was just getting ready to post my thoughts when Mel's above comment agreeing with Troy's appeared. To me, being "woke" is relative. One group's wakeful mindset is, indeed, another's yawn of dismissal. A very insightful definition that originated with Einstein describes insanity as continuing to repeat the same behavior over and over, and expecting a different result. Such has been the case with black people who for a least a century have been calling for black unity year in and year out, expecting for it to become a stable reality. Crazy apparently. Another rallying cry needs to be adopted. Something like "creating a village", a slogan to encourage individual black parents to simply discipline their children to be respectful and ambitious in the hope that this admonition will be contagious and a new generation of children raised by a village of responsible parenting will be the result. Of course, some folks just can't be reformed and they will be relegated to the rank of collateral damage, - participants in their own genocide. What's left will be a thinned-out race of people who will be better equipped to ....whatever, Awwww, just forget it. This ain't going anywhere... 😵 Optimism is also a delusion. @NubianFellow Pictures of Chicago's 2 natural-coiffed mayoral candidates, Lori Lightfoot and Toni Preckwinkle.
  6. Welcome, back Nubian Fellow! I hate false eyelashes, and I find synthetic extensions that replicate Afro hair texture to be oxymorons. Everything is a delusion when it comes to female vanity. Black people should make stable family units a reality when it comes to progress. Anyway, you will undoubtedly be happy to hear that 2 black women are competing to be the next mayor of Chicago, and they both wear their hair natural. Too bad this might work against them among white voters. That's a dilemma when seeking power. White people fear blacks whose appearance suggests a threat or militant leanings. Ironically what one of the candidates, who is gay, has going for her is the enthusiastic backing of the LGBT community who might neutralize the white voters who seem to be leaning toward the other candidate who is light-skinned and has naturally curly hair. Best case scenario is that white voters will sit the election out and let these 2 black females compete for the black vote. This is not far-fetched, because voter turnout was very low for the run-offs. People in Chicago seemed to be disgusted with the city's politics in general. Glad i don't have to ponder this decision, because i live in a suburb of Chicago.
  7. i guess i do start with a question. And the questions are rarely ones i ponder about. They simply pop into of my head, and they can catch people off guard because they are so invested in their beliefs, that they overlook the obvious. i am a very curious person dating back to my childhood. This curiosity coupled with my natural skepticism has earned me the label of being negative. However, i think of myself as taking an overview and being cynical is a result. Being positive has its place, but you never hear about how often being positive has not achieved a desired goal. A lot of other factors come into play, and substantiate what i call being realistic. I am, indeed, hypercritical, expecting a perfection i wish i, myself, possessed. What i have come to realize is the power of words once one learns how to weaponize them. (a lesson brought home to me by my Facebook encounters) i do draw from my experiences and over the years, have tended to categorize people as certain types whom i instinctively react to. And, yes, i do pick the brains of my children, grandchildren and now great- grand children who each come from different backgrounds and circumstances. They keep me a breast of things, and a lot of what they reveal doesn't inspire my optimism. What i am most conflicted about is my blackness. i have a love-hate relationship with black folks. As for white folks, i'm simply an audience for their actions. What i do know for sure, is that i am becoming increasingly burnt out. Everything gets on my nerves. The spirituality that comes into play in my solitude is what allows me to transcend the agitated flux of this world and to settle into a different zone. Oops, got carried away. Does anybody care? zzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. @Pioneer1Yes, guess i was expecting too much when i hoped Nubian Fellow wouldn't be a "one-trick pony" who had no other subject to comment on other than the conflict between black men and women, - even if he did agree with many of the things i said about brothers, as did Gibran. But i still have Troy and Del to make up for their loss and to keep things interesting.
  9. Get outta here, pioneer, and your pro promiscuous self. You wouldn't have a problem with a woman exploiting and abusing her male employees; you 'd envy them and try to get job working for her in hope of being the recipient of what you'd consider fringe benefits. Didn't i tell you how easy you are to pick on. LOL And i must say, Del, your above responses to Troy's question were so much more thought provoking and informative than pioneer's dull, vapid testimony.
  10. @ Peeonear. Unfortunately for you, neither Del nor i place any credence in anything you say. Especially since you ignore his accurate descriptions of you. And you really have convinced yourself that of all the cool guys on this board that i would stalk a dufus like you who early-on pouted because me and the other women who posted here never take what you say seriously. LOL. As i have said on numerous occasions, most of what you say makes you easy pickins to dispute. Your ego just begs to be deflated. BTW, Nubian Fellow and Gibran, if you're reading this, i sure wish you would start posting again because i miss your interesting input.
  11. No. I suggest you have sex with consenting partners, preferably black women or men. Who shields and protects gay men? I don't. I just reject your implying that any guy who doesn't rub you the right way as being gay. I support any black man who has not been caught and proven to be a predator. Furthermore, any straight man should be able to cut the apron strings and protect and shield himself.
  12. Everybody and their brother is patting themselves on the back, as if their gut feelings about this case is an indication of how wise they are, never taking into consideration how most black folks have a knee jerk reaction when it comes to how police deal with black victims. Blacks are naturally suspicious about any situation that involves them and law enforcement . That's why the conspiracy crowd is now embracing Bill Cosby and RKelly, creating rationales for their being found guilty. Now a documentary about Michael Jackson is being aired tonight on HBO as an expose of how Michael really was a pedophile according to 2 of his victims, who give graphic accounts of their experiences with him. Yet, another reason for supporting the idea that America is trying to demonize black men. All i gotta say, is that knowing this may be the case, why do brothers put themselves in the position of being branded. Plus, when you seek to perpetuate the myth about penis size and testosterone overload, what can you expect when it comes to your being viewed as sexual predators. The thing about the Jussie Smolette case is that everybody in the equation is a black man, the victim, the chief of police and the 2 Nigerians who i wouldn't trust as far as i could throw them because devious Nigerians have been sticking it to the African-worshiping diaspora from the time they sold them into slavery. Chicago's black chief of police is the most authentic figure in this case. He's a street-wise brother who has no delusions about the racism that permeates the Chicago law enforcement. He bent over backwards to treat Jussie fairly. He has said that Jussie will have his day in court and that the evidence the police have is not solely based on the check, that they have a whole slew of inconsistencies in Jussie's story. So let the chips will fall where they may.
  13. My subconscious is my built-in computer. When i can't remember something i know, all i have to do is feed the data i do remember about the subject into my subconscious mind, and it will process the data and the specific answer i am seeking will pop into my head in a short matter of time. Whatever problem i think about before i go to sleep at night, will be sorted out when i wake up in the morning because my subconscious mind does its thing . My subconscious mind is my alter ego, my best friend, and my spiritual guide. My unconscious mind programs and symbolizes my dreams.
  14. @Pioneer1Of course you wouldn't think they are funny because they ridicule and expose you for what you are. And, of course, the first thing you resort to when you can't come up with a retort is to make references to your tormenter's sexual orientation, something which seems to always be on your mind.
  15. @Pioneer1 You are really itchy over my being civil to this white guest poster, Lorne Carle. It's eating away at you. You can't let it go. And you actually think i have an obligation to justify to you my treatment of Mr. Carle, and that he owes you a response. He and me will let you stew in your juices. Hope our thwarting your eagerness to examine our behavior doesn't aggravate your anal cyst.... 😫
  16. @TroyYou seem to be under the impression that i live and breath FaceBook. I don't. It's a diversion that i check out daily and then go about my life. i wish you'd stick to scolding me for not caring about the danger FaceBook poses to my progeny rather than implying that i am ignorant of its flaws and pitfalls. How could i be, as much as you preach to me about them? What i say now and have always said is that I don't give a damn about the dire implications FaceBook portends. It is what it is. A sign of the times. You do enough worrying for both of us. Keep at it. As far as my loving the funny memes, the Buddhist quotes and the spiritual illustrations, they provide me with instant gratification that i actually can't get anywhere else. So shoot me... I'm back. Had to go finish watching Michael Cohen's testimony before the House of Representatives. It's on all the major channels. Scandalous! He's really a sleaze bag, but it takes one to known one and he boldly called the President of the United States, a lying, racist, cheating con man, and i loved it!
  17. @Troy Calling somebody unorthodox is not a disparagement. Here is the definition of the word "unorthdox": contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted. Synonyms: unconventional, unusual, uncommon. (Maybe i should also provide you with a definition of disparagement.) And even if unorthodox was a negative word, i don't have to placate you and pioneer for my iconoclastic approach to this subject. In my self-proclaimed role of a iconoclast, i seek the truth. Why wouldn't i investigate Frances Cress Wellsing's backstory? She was a public figure. Why should she escape scrutiny? You and pioneer are simply miffed by my rejection of whom you aggrandize because you think everybody should embrace whomever you anoint. And, yes, "60 Minutes" on CBS is my criteria of a news program that is not a purveyor of fluff pieces. Why do you subscribe to white CBS all access since you consider my reference to Oprah being on 60 Minutes as a sign of my believing that being on a white show validates her? And Frances Cress Welsing was not pro-unapologeticaly black. The only blacks she appreciated were those who conformed to her specifications. It was her way or the highway. Just like most idealogues. As for your "generalizations" always accompanied by a qualifying "most", if you, yourself, didn't place so much weight on them while disparaging the exceptions to them, maybe i would cut you some slack when it comes to your using them in an effort to substantiate your claims. Case in point is the generalizing of your experience with links to social media articles being fake news or irrelevant, something which doesn't void how social media also gives links to credible articles in reputable newspapers and publications as well as up-to-the minute videos of actual news events captured by the cameras of CNN and MSNBC, as opposed to the YouTube relics you think are the gospel. You resort to cherry-picking when making your findings, then chide me for only seeing things from my point of view because i and millions of others regularly click on FaceBook links to articles that aren't fake or irrelevant. You don't really think you are generalizing, you think that only what you say matters. Social media may revolt you but I love how FaceBook ridicules celebrities and sacred cows, providing comic relief from all the serious and depressing news of the day. And how it inspires me with the spiritual memes and Buddhist quotes that i have become a target for - because i "like" them. You can continue to brood over social media's effect on a dysfunctional society, and you can deplore TV for providing arm chair spectators with the banal entertainment and hyped-up news that's not served up the way you want it to be but the world will go on while you shake your head and wiggle your finger at all us naughty people who live our lives they way we choose to. 😝
  18. when you take a position then that implies that there are 2 sides to a question, and in this case there is no way of knowing which one is correct or even if both can be.
  19. I didn't disparage Frances. i put her in perspective. What's so hard about getting that??? Oprah didn't rise from her humble beginnings and ascend to where she is by being shallow Her black experience is more authentic than a product of middleclass upbringing like Frances. Maybe you wouldn't be so adverse to "O" if you weren't framing her in her talk show vein of the past instead of her more in depth venues of the present. (Did you know she is also a correspondent on 60 Minutes now?) And yes, i will keep reading articles that social media provides links to, and i will keep listening to broadcast TV and getting news from them along with other sources because i want to broaden my awareness, not narrow it. And anybody who doesn't do this is in a bubble. I want a full course on my plate, not just one dish. i watch Public TV every night and i can speak with authority on how it compares with network TV. And their news overage isn't vastly different from network TV. And at this very moment i am watching the Daily Show with Trevor Noah who is having a one-on-one in depth conversation with a distinguished black guest. BTW, i've never really gotten it clear where this esoteric realm is that you get your pure news from? Mount Olympus?
  20. The above statements are just not accurate. There are still programs where there are one-on-one interviews on compelling subjects, where black women and men are given a platform to expound on timely topics as they relate to blacks. Oprah has a show that does this. But, of course, you will dismiss it because of your pre-conceived notions about anybody who doesn't pass your litmus test of being on a decades old YouTube tape. Angela Davis is still around giving interviews and kickin butt. Kathleen Cleaver, too. Check out the Sunday morning community affairs programs on your local TVs networks. They feature these kinds of guests discussing what negatively impacts on blacks. You can't speak about what's not on the media if you don't watch it because you prefer to stay in the comfort zone of your bubble and commiserate with like-minded dweebs about tired ol problems that haven't mellowed with age. When you finish rehashing left-overs, you can go back to pursuing discussions on the redeeming value of porn or your pouting about white men, and other thrilling subjects that you find so much more uplifting than current events or pop culture. See ya.
  21. I'm sure peeonear thinks people will be galvanized by his rant . I couldn't care less. He has contributed a great deal to my not taking black men seriously.
  22. Doesn't make it false either. You don't seem to grasp how incredible the world being created in its totality 1 second after the big bang is. The idea of there being free will is just as possible as your belief.
  23. Too bad the burden of your ongoing frustration with the media comes with the territory of the idea you are defending. I usually find live TV interesting to watch because you never know what's going to happen; especially on award shows There were a lot of surprises last night, and black folks made out pretty good. They won Oscars in both the male and female categories of best supporting actor category for their roles in black based movies. Two black female nominees won for best costuming and production design for their work on the movie "Black Panther". "Green Book", the film based on black jazz pianist. Don Shirley, won for best picture, and Spike Lee got an Oscar for best adapted screen play of his black based movie, "Black Klansman". The acceptance speeches of all the black winners were worth hearing. I also dug the show's opening act featuring 2 famous hits by the rock band QUEEN, whose movie based on its front man, Freddy Mercury's life was a nominee for best picture. Also liked checking out all the "hits and misses" among the gowns worn by the female celebs strolling the red carpet.
  24. According to your theory, all of this was put in place seconds after the big bang so it's not the media's fault. The only reason you are saying that is because you can't stand to have anyone not give a damn about people who you grovel over. As far as i'm concerned, Frances Cress Welsing was just another Afro-centric idealogue. And i'm glad my assessment of her bugs you.
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