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  1. Netflix is going to be streaming a film version of Nella Larson's novella Passing(1930). The story is set in New York City circa late 20s/early 30s. It tells the fictional story of two very light skinned friends Irene Redfield and Clare Kendry. Irene stays within the black community and marries a black man. Clare passes for white and marries a racist white man. Much of the novel focuses on Clare attempting to conceal her identity from husband. For those who have not read the book or looked at the Netflix film, I don't want to be a spoiler and give away to much of plot. But like many tragic mulatto stories, it has a sad, fatal ending. It really ends in a cliffhanger because you don't know whether it is a murder or suicide. Nella Larson should have written a sequel to clear things up. Passing was published during an African American cultural revival in the 1920's (mostly in New York City) known as the Harlem Renaissance. The name is a take off of The Italian Renaissance from the 14th to 17th centuries. Harlem at that time was the mecca of black life similar to the way Atlanta is today. The Harlem Renaissance era focused mostly on literature, art, culture, profession and entertainment. Novels written during that period were Nella Larson's Passing, Alan Locke's The New Negro, Carl Van Vechten's Nigger Heaven, Wallace Thurman's The Blacker The Berry, and Zora Neal Hurston's There Eyes Were Watching God. For the short period it lasted, I would have to say that the Harlem Renaissance was probably the best period in black American history pre-civil rights era
  2. Recently, archaeologists have found in a cave the skeleton remains of one of the earliest inhabitants of England(maybe Europe in general). He is called Cheddar Man because his remains were found in Gough's Cave in Somerset's Cheddar Gorge. It turns out the man had dark skin, curly hair, and blue eyes. I know a lot of white people must really be pissed off about this discovery because, if it is true, the earliest prehistoric Europeans did not have white skin, However, his features are not Africoid and he does have blue eyes. Cheddar Man looks more like he is closely related to the Australoid or Veddoid branch of dark skinned people than the African race,
  3. She can identify herself however she wishes but a Black Irish is a type of white Irish person, not one of Negroid descent. I figured that MIGHT be what Anonymous50 might have been getting at with the "black Irish" term, but I'm still not sure. Perhaps she can make it a little more clear. Did you know that the ORIGINAL people of Ireland were small Black folks...very small....and that's where the legend of the Leprachauns come from? Yes, Mzuri was right. That is what I meant by black Irish. There ancient ancestors were the Silures who are ;thought to originally come from Spain. They were physically characterized as a short Caucasian people having swarthy skin and curly hair, similar to Arabs. The Silures were the original people who were present in what is now Great Britain at the time the Romans invaded. This was before the redheaded pale skinned Celts and Germanic peoples came.
  4. Depending on what part of the country you live in, interracial marriage can still be a very controversial issue. Although most people of all ethnic groups tend to stay within their race, there are those who still take issue with the matter. But some black/white marriages stand out more than others. For example, a very dark skinned black person who is with a blond, blue eyed pale skinned white person is going to draw the most fire from both the white and black communities (especially if it's a black man with a white woman). On the other hand, a racially ambiguous, white passing black with a Mediterranean white would be less noticeable because their are less physical distinctions between the two of them. The Mediterranean branch of the Caucasian race consists of Arabs, southern Italians, southern Spaniards, many Greeks, black English, black Irish, many Indians, and even some Russians. They are called Mediterranean because they live along the Mediterranean Sea. They have olive colored to light brown skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. A Mediterranean person does not look as "pure white" as say a northern European pale skinned, redheaded Celt or a blond, pink-skinned Scandinavian, but that is a matter of anthropological dispute. Many mixed racially ambiguous black people(since mixed people are considered black under the one drop rule) have similar features to Mediterranean white people. Many light skinned African Americans who have attempted to pass as white did so by saying they were of Spanish or Italian descent. Have you ever noticed how much Megan Markle looks so much like she could be a Kardashian. Even though former President Barak Obama married Michelle, he could have easily married an Egyptian, Palestinian, or Moroccan woman(especially since he has a Muslim surname anyway). Many Egyptians look just like Barak Obama. But, he would have not become the first black president if he did. When Lena Horne auditioned for MGM studio back in the 1940's, Louis B Mayer wanted to pass her off as something other than black maybe Latin or Mediterranean. He felt she was too light skinned and too good to play black. There may even be more similarities between near white black biracials and Mediterraneans than just physical. Please understand that I am not an Afrocentric who is trying to "one drop" other racial groups. According to anthropologist Sir Harry H Johnston, there is a very ancient Negroid admixture going back many thousands of years in many individuals of Mediterranean descent. Also biologist Thomas Huxley(father of Brave New World author Aldous Huxley) referred to them as the Melanochroi(dark white) race and thought that they were a hybrid race between the Xanthochroic(fair whites) and the Australoid race. In addition to darker skin tones, some of them have big round eyes and fuller lips which could point to underlying Negroid/Australoid ancestry. Also East African Hamites(Ethiopians and Somalis), people we would think of as black, are also considered to be a branch of the Mediterranean "white" race. The women in both categories are considered exotic for their race. In the black community, women like Mariah Carey, Zendaya, Amber Rose, and Rashida Jones are referred to as "redbones" and "exxoticals." In the white community, women like Kim Kardashian, Melissa Rycroft, Sophia Loren(in her day), and the late Natalie Wood are considered exotic. Of course, on average, most Mediterraneans are still whiter looking than ambiguous mulattoes; but, there still is not that great of a phenotypical difference where it would really stand out in interracial marriage. Here is Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphreys.
  5. I would like to clear up a possible misconception pertaining to my last post about mixed bloods and the one drop rule. It was inappropriately entitled Why Blacks Continue To Hold On To The One Drop Rule and Mixed People. On face value, it may have seemed as though I was blaming black people for perpetuating the one drop rule. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was just pointing out reasons why blacks may be a little leery of bi racial people having their own racial category. The one drop rule was established by Anglo American colonizers to maintain white social status and preserve the purity of the race. They did this by primarily targeting mixed bloods and white people with black admixture, even though all black people were covered. And I was not disparaging black men(especially high status) who marry lighter skinned women. This has been going on for a very long time in the black American community. This is just an observation that a lot of black women who have issues with colorism in the dating market have noticed.
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