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  1. Processed sugar is poison/drugs, especially to black people. I know people who are thin and diabetic, too. It's terrible.
  2. Most men don't even use this correctly tho. At least you understand that. I still believe you are splitting hairs, but I'll play along. Most men still do have types. Men will say they have preferences but exclude whole groups of women for one TYPE. Like light skinned over darker tones or skinny over plump. You might be the exception tho.
  3. That's why I don't get it. I don't use inflection or dialect of white people; I wouldn't even know how.
  4. Oh so black men won't take charge of the community because they afraid of other(white) men. oh okay. Lemme not even ask anything about this because I'm not a man and will just pretend that makes sense.
  5. Yes cause she your type. You prefer your type over the other two. You may have no standards and will sleep with anyone but you still have a type. Stop splitting hairs. You too funny.
  6. Excuses. Men rule society. It's a man's world. You don't need permission. You just don't wanna do it. Nothing will stop a man from what he needs to do if he is determined; nothing will stop him but himself.
  7. There's a lot of white things I don't agree with but obesity is hardly cookie cutter. It's based on sex, height, age which is not the same from person to person. And while it's not perfect because there are very healthy people who are technically obese because of muscle mass, when it comes to fat, on a woman's smaller frame, even if it's well proportion that can still be very dangerous and stressful on her body. Just because someone carries their weight well doesn't mean they are healthy. And that's not a choice anyway. Fat will go where it wants.
  8. Stop lying. Omg. What happened. You made so much sense the first day and now you're in full Mars mode. No. Then he's not a rapist. The end. Omg. But you've been around so Ima let you have this.
  9. @Pioneer1 okay I will. But you know full well men have types. They may be willing to sleep with anyone but they will only commit seriously to their type.
  10. @Pioneer1 I understand using our own system to measure our health because we are different than whites but even if we used a drastically different system I'm pretty sure a lot of who's considered obese now would still fall under being very unhealthy. Ain't nobody bones that big.
  11. Why would I care That your man want me When he picked you I won't mind him Why would you care What I'm up to He ain't here or there So go find him Stop stressin' my chill 'Cause he actin' up You're his wife So do better I'm lmfao All day over this I can't believe y'all Still together
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