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  1. Wow. Once again you provided lyrics for my tune. To me, quantum physics is the holy grail.
  2. Speak for yourself from your own little narrow perspective. i'm concerned and interested. If true, this information is bigger than the problems of individuals from one group. Could this be something that is meant to happen for a reason beyond our comprehension? Huh? huh? 👽
  3. That's my point. if everything is too complex and beyond our comprehension then things are reduced to speculation, something everybody can do without being told they are wrong.
  4. What if you're wrong about this for reasons too complex for you to comprehend?
  5. You are not a font of valuable knowledge. You are no more knowledgeable than the people who influence my views. Everything you say, every argument you make on any subject can be disputed and dismantled, but you are so deluded so shackled by your ego-centric obstinancy that you can't conceive of ever being wrong. Your whole little pathetic world of opinionated garbage would collapse if you did. Anybody who cites Elijah Muhammad as an authority on anything is proof of how gullible you are in groveling to anyone who feeds your silly paranoid ideas. The dumb little mistakes that you make on a consistent basis are an indication of how your confused mind works when it comes to the big things you unsuccessfully attempt to expound on. And to call Nancy Pelosi a political actress is an example of your myopia. Everybody in politics is acting. But all of them don't succeed in the roles they play. Your idea of a "decent political discussion" is everybody being in awe of you, transfixed by your pontificating, accepting everything you utter as the indisputable truth. Get outta here.
  6. @Pioneer1If you want to keep a black man out of the governor's seat, you don't put him on the ticket with the white governor, knowing that this might occur if something happens to the governor. You don't take that chance. On Jan. 13, 1990, L. Douglas Wilder of Virginia became the first elected black governor in the United States as he took the oath of office in Richmond. Mr. Wilder, a Democrat, had previously served as lieutenant governor after becoming the first black man to win a statewide election in Virginia in 1985. Fairfax could've been framed for other trumped up crimes in order to disqualify him but he made it convenient for his detractors by putting himself in the position of being accused of sexual misconduct by women whose accusations of this date back to the past. The women didn't just crop up, Fairfax had them suppressed. Blacks put themselves in a vulnerable position by harping on the blackface thing which was a bad strategy. They opened up a can of worms and now the tables are turned. As usual.
  7. You don't know what you're talking about. Nancy silenced all the opposition in the party because she's been around long enough to know how to handle business which is why they all eventually deferred to her. Why in the world would you think she's on Trump's side? If she shared his philosophy she'd be a Republican, but she's a staunch Democrat of long standing who has paid her dues. And i repeat, she did lock him out of the house of representatives, not allowing him to give his state of the union address until he opened the government back up. And why would people stay home and not vote for Trump if they were so supportive of him? You don't know what the majority of white Americans think of him. And your cheerleading for Pence is ill-founded. I'm not wasting any more time arguing with you. Believe what you want to believe. What you think is not important.
  8. Who planned them? The woman he forced to give him a blow job and the one he raped? The Virginia Democratic party had to have considered the possibility of Fairfax ascending to the office should something befall the governor, like his dying. If they had a problem with that they wouldn't have put in him on the ballot.
  9. I'm not talking about the occult or the supernatural. spirituality: the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things: My solitude and my becoming one with nature and discerning the essence of others are aligned with spirituality.
  10. But was it predetermined that i was going to throw the ball?
  11. @Pioneer1 i don't need you to tell me what spirituality is to me. You are no authority on the subject. stfu
  12. To me spirituality is being good company for yourself, becoming one with nature and discerning the essence of others.
  13. i don't think so. To believe this is to support the idea of predestination which means that everything has already happened and we are just catching up with t it. i think our decisions influence our lives and such decisions are examples of free will, not some external force that is guiding us with an outcome in mind. i do, however, believe in mental telepathy between individuals but this connection between 2 people on the same wave length is a whole other dynamic, having more to do with randomness.
  14. @NubianFellowDid you mean to address the above post to me? You had to have meant it for Chevdove, because i totally agree with everything you say about religion. It's like you were channeling my thoughts when you wrote your personal manisfesto. I woke up out of a deep sleep a short while ago. The clock read 6:18 AM. After a visit to the bathroom, and then the kitchen for cold drink of fruit juice, i decided to check out my e-mail, etc. i ended up here, and was alerted that you had mentioned me in a post. And Lo and Behold, here were your words, waiting to be read... The Supreme Intelligence manifests itself in many ways. We are all called to embrace different truths.
  15. LOL. Or "Sillitroque", depending on whether you 2 are discussing the subject of race. Anyhow, Cynique responded to his nonsense, and she awaits the pioneershit he will grunt out in an attempt at a rebuttal.
  16. The black caucus did meet with the governor. If they had smoothed things over and moved on, then the black Lt, Governor wouldn't be put in the position of claiming that his encounter with his black accuser was consensual. The white attorney general who is next in line after the Lt. Gov. has also confessed that he wore black face for a frat party and apologized.The guy next is line for governor of Virginia behind him, is a white Republican. This is not clearly what you claim. His accuser is a black woman who came forth on her own advising that she had reported this before when the Lt.Governor was running but it was hushed up. Now another accuser has come forward accusing the Lt. Governor of rape. So how do things now stand? 2 white guys guilty of college pranks, a brother accused of sexual harassment and rape, and the possibility of a Republican taking over the Governor's chair. All because blacks wanted to mope about something they could've used to their advantage. And the black guy as the accused sexual offender fits right in with this familiar scenario. Blacks can't win for losin. As usual. This country ain't ready for reform. And what is a "sillique"? A silly word made up by pioneer?
  17. Yes. If you make an objective judgment, not a moral one. Look for parallels in nature among the animal kingdom. Superiority is what it is.. What escapes me is why black men can't figure out that sistas are not preoccupied with the origins and implications of their hair style. They have more important things to worry about. i think Nubian Fellow is entitled to his opinion and his determination to bring about change is a sincere one. Nobody will be the worst for wear if he succeeds. @ time-honored artifacts of black America's rich culture.
  18. That's pure nonsense. Nancy Pelosi is kickin Trump's ass, outing him for the megalomaniac that he is, and is holding fast on not funding his wall. All the dissident Democrats are coming to appreciate her skills. Why would you think the 2 top Democrats would want to aid and abet Trump when they have party leaders who are so much more qualified and deserving of being president. And forget all of that played out rhetoric about the 2-headed monster. It's a new day out there, thanks to Donald Trump who puts self above country. There is very real concern among powerful whites in high places that retaining Trump as president is not in the best domestic or global interest of America, and the majority of the population black and white want him gone, - want the breaks to be put on his race toward a fascist dictatorship. Pence is too wedded to the Evangelical agenda and, because he is a true conservative, there's a lot of talk about him being even worse than Trump considering how he governed the state of Indiana where he invoked a lot of hate. Recently-elected Senator Mitt Romney has a better chance because he is a middle of the road moderate who will appeal to a broader base not only in his own party but in the country at large. He also has name-recognition and a squeaky-clean image.
  19. You don't know that the governor's actions stemmed from a deep desire rooted in his past. I think it was more about him being oblivious and indifferent to the feelings of blacks because they weren't important to him back then. Yes, Rush and Wright were reacting to racism, but you can abhor racism without resorting to vitriolic epithets. ( MLK did this successfully and Malcolm X retracted a lot of his fiery anti-white rhetoric when he left the black Muslims.) You never know when your words or actions will come back to haunt you and when they do, you have to do damage control, instead of sulking. Which was what Wright did. Rush kissed ass to get in the good graces of Chicago's Democratic machine and they forgave him. The governor apologized, and i think Democrats and blacks should accept his apology and move on instead of seeking revenge and holding grudges. They need all of the people in positions of power they can get if they want to defeat Trump. But, of course, we are now living in a "gotcha" society. So, let the chips fall where they may.
  20. This is pride on steroids. Beautiful hair is in the eye of the beholder; declaring one type of hair as being the "best" hair is simply an opinion, and in your case an obsessive one. Exactly! Whites exhibited supremacy when they got over on Africans. Our African ancestors participated in their own downfall and we need to stop idolizing them at the expense of stunting an appreciation for our being an unique breed indigenous to this country.
  21. I boycotted the speech. i can't take looking at or listening to Trump for more than a few minutes. I figure i could watch the highlights on the news. i instead watched the first episodes of the Soul Train story on BET, a mini-series dramatizing the career of Don Cornelius and the ascendancy of his legendary dance party. I found it rather boring. Hardly a satisfactory alternative for me.
  22. @Pioneer1Sorry, i thought the response to my post on women was written by you. Checking back, i see it was written by Nubian fellow and i deleted it. I confess that i am not as much on my game any more due to my simply growing old. i get things mixed up and i often don't make myself clear. So in this case, it's not you i'm blowing off. It's Nubian fellow. @NubianFellow i can't say that your response to my post comes as a surprise. It would be asking too much if you tolerated black woman for being something other than your idealized image of them. You attribute their shortfall to being brain washed by white standards and your goal is apparently to make them over to embody the specifications necessary to earn respect and approval. A reflection of your assumption that you are the spokesman for black men - who also need a make-over, and you further want your indoctrination to begin with young black girls. It's all a part of your grand vision to Africanize Americans of color and you are tangled up in hair. But - you are entitled to pursue your messianic mission. Maybe you will succeed where others have failed, First, however, you gotta figure out what you're doing wrong...
  23. i do defend black men when i agree with them. i never stopped taking up for Colin Kaepernick, unlike you. I had no reason to defend Cosby and his lecherous behavior. Black folks blew off whites who wanted Obama to distance himself from Reverend Jeremiah Wright's incendiary racial remarks during his campaign, but they observe a different standard when it comes to white folks who were products of their time before they later changed their views. This latest incident is another distraction that helps to fragment the Democratic party and it supplies ammunition for the Republicans. By the time 2020 rolls around, all of these Democratic candidates and the constant in-fighting will just hand the election to Trump. Unacceptable. This governor has learned his lesson by default and wouldn't dare to anything else to offend his black constituency. Plus it's now surfacing that the black lieutenant governor who would be in line to succeed him, is rumored to have been charged with sexual harassment. It's always something!
  24. How do you know black women style their hair to attract men? They are just as likely to style their hair because that's what all the other women are doing. Maybe.There are millions of black female college graduates who don't spend more money on their hair than their education. Everybody has their own theory about the relationship black women have with their hair. I don't place a lot of credibility in men's opinion on this subject.
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