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  1. How do you know black women style their hair to attract men? They are just as likely to style their hair because that's what all the other women are doing. Maybe.There are millions of black female college graduates who don't spend more money on their hair than their education. Everybody has their own theory about the relationship black women have with their hair. I don't place a lot of credibility in men's opinion on this subject.
  2. Can't the reality of racism be that it is a flawed concept?
  3. It has nothing to do with intellect. it has to do with priorities. And yes, i am telling your that people forget what they did or did not do 34 years ago. Furthermore, Democratic congressman Bobby Rush from Illinois who was once a Black Panther and said a lot of bad things about honkies, has never apologized for this - because it wasn't expedient. That's what's important to politicians.
  4. Who was he going to apologize to, if indeed, he remembered the existence of these photographs which he has since denied as being him.
  5. What perspective is this? That i agreed with Nubian fellow, until i didn't agree with him? LOL Actually i never earned a living as a writer. i was kind of a part-time free-lancer. After i retired from my day job shuffling papers as a postal clerk, i did self-publish 4 paperbacks - that never went anywhere. @NubianFellow If a black woman successfully survives/excels in a white society without wearing her hair natural, what other validation does she need? Hair in its natural state is not some magical halo that inspires and guarantees pride. That idea has to be instilled
  6. I agree. To me, this is much ado about nothing as long as the governor has apologized for the error of his ways 35 years ago. There is such a thing as redemption when you have outgrown your racial insensitivity.
  7. @NubianFellow You repeatedly stress how blacks were uprooted from their African roots. To this day they are still America's step children. Everything that you are claiming and advocating about black hair is nothing new. It has been a subject of discussion for at least a century. Back in the 1960s, a "black is beautiful" craze swept the country and Afros were in. But gradually things leveled off and what black women did with their hair split out. So, why was black brainwashing unable to permanently uproot white brain washing when it came to hair? Possibly because that ol adage about "when
  8. That's been established but it doesn't affect reality. My final conclusion on this subject is what, as much of a cliche as it is, always applies. As far as reality goes, "it is what it is." BTW, not all pronouns are "possessive", there are other parts of speech known as "adjective pronouns" which modify nouns for clarity.
  9. Ida B. Wells is a Chicago treasure. Her descendants still live here and she is buried here. i went to the U of Illinois with 2 of her grandsons. A large housing project once bore her name but was eventually demolished. Recently her great-grandaughter was instrumental in having a major thoroughfare in the city named after her. A great woman, indeed.
  10. To claim or designate reality as yours or his is not to possess it. If what is claimed or designated as "his" or "yours" is indeed reality, that does't mean that they possess that reality. Their perceptions have simply been verified.
  11. Perception is an individual's subjective view of reality. Nobody possesses reality. It belongs to itself. A person's perception of reality belongs to him. If this perception coincides with reality, then the perception that is his, becomes reality.
  12. the tumor is reality, it is not his reality until he realizes he has it.
  13. If a person is not aware of his tumor, then how can he perceive it. Perception is a part of the equation under discussion. you are mixing apples with oranges.
  14. Pioneer's belief that he is right, is a perception. His inability to convince me he is right, is reality. This is the bottom line. Since you haven't proved that multi-universes don't exist, your conclusions are meaningless. And, puleeze. If it's your perception of reality, it is your reality. There's no difference between the two. In reality, i agree with Troy.
  15. Really? This wasn't true during The Depression which ended in the 1940s when WW II began and bolstered the economy. And this business about living the America dream sure wasn't true about black folks living on one salary. Most black women did work outside the home if they wanted all of these amenities you mentioned. They toiled as maids and in factories or on civil service jobs if they didn't have a profession. Plus, home loans weren't that easy to secure because banks discriminated against blacks. Vacations? The black version of a summer vacation was driving down south - or up north to
  16. In my world, i am not around people who are shackled to their phones. I don't hang out with young folks, and the older ones I come in contact with are not obsessed with their phones. My grandchildren put their phones down long enough to update me on everything going on in their lives when they drop in for visits. That's pretty much the same with my kids. I don't know what they do elsewhere but I'm sure they are typical in their phone habits. So, as a senior citizen, i am not someone to testify about peoples' obsessions with their phones. Everybody says this is a terrible thing but i thin
  17. Uh-uh. Your teenie-weenie is tailor-made for whipping out in public, not to mention your lewd mentality.
  18. The same reason when a track star breaks the record for the 100 yard dash. It deserves special attention. Chicagoland today is literally a ghost town. Shut down. Frozen stiff. OHare and Midway airports at a stand still, the polar bears at Brookfield Zoo have disappeared from view. No Postal, UPS FedEx deliveries. all schools closed just to name a few of the services and businesses and public offices that are all shut down. People know this because the TV stations are making these interesting facts known. It figures that you would try to down play the situation because if an event doe
  19. The same reason people who have never flown in a plane, are interested when a plane crashes. It's out of the ordinary. It's news. People like the ones you describe, those who don't care about such things get what they deserve if the choose to connect themselves with places that disperse noteworthy events. Who's any more of a fear monger than people like you who are constantly bombarding others with warnings about the dire circumstances of being brainwashed.
  20. Every local news program has a weather forecast, rain or shine. People tune to their favorite news channels routinely every day and watch this segment. Even if this wasn't the case, extraordinary weather is "news" so why wouldn't it be covered?? You guys are so quick to remind me that everybody is not like me. You also might consider that everybody isn't like you, either. Many are able to survive adequately without being in a constant state of suspicion and paranoia, ever on the lookout for sinister forces tracking your every move in order to control your mind - something you know abo
  21. What is to be gained by the media misleading people about the weather?? When it comes to weather, we live in the moment.
  22. Reality doesn't have to be an object; it can be an intangible fact that is deduced from mathematics. Perception is an impression that originates in the mind's eye. IMO.
  23. Puleeze. You're the last person in the world who comes to my mind when i think of education. You still can't figure out that it's "etc", not "ect" or spell common words correctly, an indication of how disoriented your bird brain is. Good thing nobody takes you seriously.
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