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  1. I didn't disparage Frances. i put her in perspective. What's so hard about getting that??? Oprah didn't rise from her humble beginnings and ascend to where she is by being shallow Her black experience is more authentic than a product of middleclass upbringing like Frances. Maybe you wouldn't be so adverse to "O" if you weren't framing her in her talk show vein of the past instead of her more in depth venues of the present. (Did you know she is also a correspondent on 60 Minutes now?) And yes, i will keep reading articles that social media provides links to, and i will keep
  2. The above statements are just not accurate. There are still programs where there are one-on-one interviews on compelling subjects, where black women and men are given a platform to expound on timely topics as they relate to blacks. Oprah has a show that does this. But, of course, you will dismiss it because of your pre-conceived notions about anybody who doesn't pass your litmus test of being on a decades old YouTube tape. Angela Davis is still around giving interviews and kickin butt. Kathleen Cleaver, too. Check out the Sunday morning community affairs programs on your local TVs networks.
  3. I'm sure peeonear thinks people will be galvanized by his rant . I couldn't care less. He has contributed a great deal to my not taking black men seriously.
  4. Doesn't make it false either. You don't seem to grasp how incredible the world being created in its totality 1 second after the big bang is. The idea of there being free will is just as possible as your belief.
  5. Too bad the burden of your ongoing frustration with the media comes with the territory of the idea you are defending. I usually find live TV interesting to watch because you never know what's going to happen; especially on award shows There were a lot of surprises last night, and black folks made out pretty good. They won Oscars in both the male and female categories of best supporting actor category for their roles in black based movies. Two black female nominees won for best costuming and production design for their work on the movie "Black Panther". "Green Book", the film based o
  6. According to your theory, all of this was put in place seconds after the big bang so it's not the media's fault. The only reason you are saying that is because you can't stand to have anyone not give a damn about people who you grovel over. As far as i'm concerned, Frances Cress Welsing was just another Afro-centric idealogue. And i'm glad my assessment of her bugs you.
  7. how do you know that's not something you're telling yourself?
  8. How do you know that this is not something you are telling yourself?
  9. @Del LOL ...as i was saying, you and your delightfully quirky mind, are so much more preferable to have around than that slug, pioneer.
  10. Don't confuse others with the teenaged girls you sacrifice on the altar of RKelly who you love and emulate because you can't do any better.
  11. Everybody has lists. You top your list of people who you think are intellectual. WRONG.
  12. No, Del, My Sweet, i don't respect Pioneer more than you or any other male on this board. i find him an obnoxious, deluded blow-hard. And the ridiculous statement he just made is one of the many reasons i have this low opinion of him.
  13. Wrong, as usual. You top the list of black men i love to criticize. With good reason. You rarely know what you're talking about. BWAHAHAHAHA!
  14. It's a problem for you. Not for their lawyer who advised them to not make public statements as any good lawyer would do to prevent their clients from incriminating themselves. The brothers did go before a grand jury and what they said was apparently credible enough to bring an indictment. If Jussie is brought to trial, the brothers will be served a subpoena to appear in court where their stories will be cross-examined with due diligence by the Defense. Jussie unwisely chose to solicit an interview with Good Morning America co-host, Robin Williams, so he could plead his case, and his words ma
  15. Don't hide behind me in an effort to make yourself look like something other than a wimp who kalexander made mincemeat of. You're who imagines this site is a stage where posters are vying for the approval of lurkers. If popularity was my concern i would be a sweet pleasant person instead of a bitch. I love it when smart people come on board and express themselves well. Then there's you. It's amusing to watch others here regularly clean your clock. LOL
  16. Did i say you were stuck in a rut? You shouldn't have tried on the shoe. LOL I have never been a devotee of Frances Cress Welsing and her unorthodox views. I have been looking around and trying for about 50 years to find out whether the rumors of her having been married to and bitterly divorced from a white man were true. Because she and i had mutual acquaintances, i heard that this was what redirected her career from being a pediatric psychiatrist to an uncredentialed afro-centric anthropologist dismantling white supremacy, something that cost her her position on the staff of Howard U
  17. @Troy Didn't i say, we should agree to disagree? I have nothing further to say on the subject which we have a history of not seeing eye to eye on. I prefer to look allll around me, rather than being stuck in a rut.
  18. No i'm suggesting the R&B and Slo-Jam music is still popular, so popular that rappers sample it on their cuts. Chicago is the home of the uniquely midwestern "steppin" community, a type of dance that is not geared toward Rap music, but to good ol R&B songs. It is also the home of "house music" whose popularity raves in the alternative music genre. And i make a distinction between hip hop music and gangsta rap. BTW, Cardi B won one of her Grammy's for the best rap album of the year in that category, a genre that has its own category just like all of the others types of music.( Nobod
  19. Well, you folks ask the questions, then you answer them. You all seemed shocked in your reaction to the way black actors were treated in Hollywood. Consider what the black actors, themselves, say which is if you want to work in Hollywood, you take the roles that are available. This is true of whites as well. Would you rather have white people playing roles written for black ones in movies exposing the awful history of slavery??? The film industry is about making money and providing entertainment. Movies are as American as apple pie and this means that those who produce them can be racists. T
  20. Why would he? His high profile lawyer has probably advised him to remain silent. There was reasonable cause to arrest him because the cops had surveillance tapes and a check he made out to the Nigerians and phone records of calls made to them to back up their claims.
  21. Why? Because the industry is controlled by whites and money, and racism comes with the territory. Hollywood has always promoted ethnic stereotypes, Blacks have been the main victims of this but movie characterzations of Italians, Jews, Mexicans, Irish and Germans have also been unflattering. Puleeze. It's not like black actresses had choices. If they wanted to work, they had to take the roles that were available. Nobody in Hollywood wins acclaim and awards for bland, Pollyanna roles. They win for for giving performances that are compelling. As for rappers, they are "art imitati
  22. If that was the case on this site, you would've been banished long ago. You are not a threat to the woman on this board. You are still around because you provide us with ongoing opportunities to debunk the dumb ideas of the type of men you are representative of. LOL
  23. @Pioneer1Oh puleeze. Anything to blame the media and exonerate a black man, - even a gay one. The Chicago Police Department bent over backwards to treat Jussie fairly because they knew they were under scrutiny by the entire nation due to their bad reputation. Bottom line, if Jussie hadn't done what he did, none of this would be happening to him and you wouldn't have to be trotting out your usual paranoid theories. Jussie is being punished for his stupidity, and he is solely to blame for the damage he has done to the credibility of the black and gay communities. All because he didn't think Em
  24. I disagree. Monique played a role that was essential to the plot of the movie and her character was more of a pitiful victim of circumstances, than a hard core villain. This is what actresses do; they play a role and the part is not always that of a heroine. The role Halle Berry played and received an Oscar for wasn't one that placed black women in a flattering light, but she embraced the character she played, - as any good actress does. The same can be said of the actress who played the obese, down-and-out Precious in Monique's movie, as well the subservient maid played by Viola Davis in
  25. @Pioneer1As if black people have a choice about being pro-black. Monique doesn't have to be a black nationalist to be pro-black. All she has to be is a black person who is anti-white when it comes to blacks being exploited.
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