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  1. White Liberals could be accused of trying to foist blacks on the white population by advocating equal rights, and voting for black candidates and supporting black law makers. They could also be accused of approving interracial marriage and even listening to black music and emulating black styles. Ordinary white folks must really feel put upon by this attempt to infiltrate white society with blacks. Supporting Trump and his MAGA movement is their only recourse. This conspiracy theory is really finding a niche in the psyche of the white masses.
  2. I agree with Troy! One reason people are poor is because they are uneducated.There's a correlation between the 2. The world doesn't adjust to the individual; the individual has to adjust to it. Learning to cope with the vicissitudes of life is a survival tool. A liberal education should never be devalued, never be regarded as a waste of time since it stimulates and enriches the mind. And the benefit of a subject like basic algebra is that it hones the problem-solving skills that can apply to everyday living. Those who acquire the intellectual buoyancy to swim in the mainstream immerse themsel
  3. People are still scratching their heads over the Jussie Smollett farce after the Chicago Police Department, on the recommendation of a grand jury, leveled 16 charges against Jussie for his alleged crime of falsely claiming to be a victim of a hate crime at the hands of 2 masked Trump supporters, shouting "this is "MAGA country"! So, what had happened was that in its zeal to sanitize its bungling, racist, reputation, Chi-Town's police force conducted a very thorough investigation of the case in an effort to track down Jussie's attackers, only to reach the conclusion backed up by
  4. No, i'm just observing how you criticizes black men for the things they do which you don't like, but then turn around and reprimand the media for not showing black men in a favorable light. You support Bill Cosby and consider him a victim, but you criticize the black men who you have encountered who have abused black women. This is why i said that, you don't want the media to do as you do, you want it to do as you say do - which is to refrain from reporting negative news about black men and, instead, just focus on bad white men. LOL The evil cabal of white supremicists schemi
  5. @TroyI have an open mind. i said just because i don't know the answer to whether there is a god, doesn't mean that there isn't one. i just don't know it because he hasn't show himself to me... yet. BTW, i'm plowing through the posts you provided. i cant resist editing my comments. Some of them needed to be shaped up i'd forgotten how much Chris Hayden and i butted heads. But our run-ins were rather funny.
  6. It did when i just clicked on to it. Oh, well.
  7. i said i am an agnostic. i have an open mind, which means i don't answer questions that you phrase. I believe that the answer as to whether there is a god remains to be seen.
  8. And what is it that the Roman Empire set up? What unified countries in the midst of its dynasty did it divide and conquer? And who did it unleash homosexuality on? Did it work? In the 21st century were you a loyal supporter of Obama, and what black man do you currently support and promote? BTW, do you think Bill Cosby was persecuted? Finally, considering how you, yourself, criticize the black men in your life, would you say that as far as the media goes, that you and Pioneer embrace a "don't do as i do, do as i say do" attitude? Just who, beside Farrakhan, Neely Fuller
  9. The ultimate jackpot isn't the only prize offered in the scratch-off games.. There are smaller pay-offs that are still a substantial amount of cash. so,, the idea of him winning at least something is not that remote.
  10. As an agnostic, i do believe in something. i believe that just because an answer as to whether there is a god is unknown, doesn't mean that there isn't an answer.
  11. i was hanging out with my daughter, and my grandson, driving around returning from what we thought was going to be a showing of "Us" the highly touted horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele and opening this week-end. A big bust, because my daughter got the times mixed up and the show wasn't coming on util 4 pm instead of 3, and my grandson had to be at work by 6pm, so we headed back home. But first my daughter wanted to stop and pick up some food. i noticed that there there was Lottery sign in the window of the mini mart across from the restaurant where my daughter s
  12. @Pioneer1What you claim is more blurred than clear. Lesbianism isn't being pushed specifically onto the black community by feminists. Another figment of your rampant imagination along with your paranoid delusions about the media suddenly promoting black women over black men. This is not a recent occurrence, and certainly not a priority of a white media preoccupied by the ominous specter of Trumpism. Going out of its way to favor black women over black men is not high on the to-do list of a media that is the voice of a white America so polarized that the prospect of civil unrest has become
  13. Obviously it does, since no black scientist has come out and said it. World famous, black Neil DeGrasse Tyson is totally invested in the infallibility of science. The black clergy keep the faith, preferring to ignore science. And, of course, not being an Atheist does not mean you are religious. It means you maintain an open mind, as in Agnosticism.
  14. @DelVery interesting. I found no points of disagreement with the guy who is the subject of the article. I've always contended that not all of what we call "problems" have what we call "solutions", always accepted that certain things are beyond human comprehension. i also think Earth is miraculous and unique in terms of its place in the vast cosmos, always taken into consideration the fact that, inasmuch as there is predictability to the Universe, the idea of there being a Supreme Intelligence is a reasonable possibility. i do prefer the substance of science to the superstition of org
  15. What's strange about it? You, yourself, focused on 10 black females achievers and never said anything about black males who might be equally accomplished. Black men have had their chance. White women are not unified. Strong black sistas have always been recognized and credited as being trailblazers and are now more than ever making a great impact. You, as a black male who is sulking on the sidelines, nursing his suspicions about black men being picked on, are obviously not newsworthy. Your not being able to figure this out, is a clue as to why.
  16. Yes, that's your calling. Your quest stands a good chance of resonating with black folk because we are a spiritual people with well developed instincts who should probably liberate ourselves from religion and focus more on a pantheistic mental discipline. I wish you well. You know.
  17. @DelOK, my question has to do with some dental work i am contemplating, hesitating to have it done because of my age, wondering if it would be worth the high cost since i could croak at any time and all of the expensive reconstruction would go up in flames when i'm cremated. Also, one of the things on my bucket list is to get my nose pierced. Should I?
  18. @Pioneer1 Again, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Don't try and tell me what my feelings are about white or black men. You have neither the insight nor the knowledge to deconstruct my sentiments. You fancy yourself some kind of a guru but as Mel so aptly implied, you are a captive of your imagination, and one of things you imagine is that you know far more than you actually do. White men have never played a significant role in my personal life. And i've rarely interacted with them outside the work place, where my relationship with them was casual. it's not lik
  19. I should've also said that i think this "old wisdom" is stored in everybody's brain; it just has to awakened. No, i don't talk with other people about this or try to advise them. i let them find their own path. i don't even like to verbalize it. I prefer to just go with the flow and look with a third eye and hear with another ear.
  20. You don't remember me saying anything about "loving" powerful kind white men either because i didn't include the word "loving"; that's your sneaky insertion. And i don't think any of the people who you claimed didn't endorse what you said i said, would have a problem with appreciating a human being whose power didn't prevent him from being kind, which is what i actually said. Now that statement from you explains a lot....... Given your mild, civil, and somewhat pleasant experiences with them, I'm not suprised as to why YOU could appreciate a "strong powerful White ma
  21. i'm not an avid fan of EMPIRE. It's just a show about show business. It has drama, comedy, and music. The homosexual aspect is marginalized in its plot because homosexuality is not unusual, especially in the entertainment industry. Homosexuality is simply a brain-wired sexual orientation, an anomaly that has always been around and it's not going away. i take it in my stride, and people do have a choice when it comes to watching shows that have gay characters. Furthermore, homo-sexuality exists across the board among all races so i don't buy it as being something that whites are seeking
  22. Everything Ms Bey wrote is familiar to me. Not because of something i have previously read. But something i have always known because it was inherent in my psyche, - a 6th sense just waiting to be realized, interpreted and applied. As a "star child", the "as above, so below" principle has also been an appoach taken by me when it came to my aspirations
  23. I've never identified as anything other than a member of a non white minority who was born and raised in this country, so marrying a man who was of the same category as me was a given and no big deal. BTW, I did forget to mention that i was told i had blue eyes when i was born, as do a lot of babies at birth. a temporary condition that changes during infancy. ( Eye color has a lot to do with body chemistry.) i got my fantasies about my RH negative blood from several sources, one being a documentary that explored the idea of this unusual blood type being alien in origin. But, of course, no p
  24. Jussie appeared in court yesterday, here in Chicago, and entered a "not guilty" plea. I'm thinking he and his lawyers are going to fight this case, in an attempt to completely clear his name because reasonable doubt is creeping into the situation. The dumb-assed Chicago police, who did a 360 degree turn on the case, are so anxious to prove that they are not being racist they have gone overboard in their attempts to prove Jussie totally to blame. This may very well backfire on them because a lot of their evidence is circumstantial. i don't trust those Nigerian brothers, and am very unimpres
  25. @Pioneer1You are really grasping at straws. It should've gone without saying that you were excluded from appreciating powerful white men who are kind because it's obvious you can't bring yourself to appreciate good character in a human being. That's how flawed your character is. And i hope you will continue to be offended by my not addressing Nubian Fellow the way you want me to. You don't tell me how to react to his words or what to call him. Just like Mel doesn't owe you any further explanations as to however she feels about black and white men. You act like you're somebody who we women
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