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  1. Yep, Chicagoland is in the depths of a deep freeze. Brrrr. For Millennials it's the coldest weather they've ever experienced.
  2. @DelFetuses are not considered people but they are legally recognized in certain cases as persons after the first trimester of a pregnancy. And, like Troy says, Catholics specifically and many other religious folks believe life begins at conception; others don't.
  3. @NubianFellowOK, we cool. @DelI was a wife, but i aint never worn one.
  4. No, a man dresssed as a magician appearing on a stage is performing a trick. If everybody in the audience perceives this, then this is really happening.
  5. Does one 6-month pregnant woman plus another 6-month pregnant woman equal 4 persons?
  6. @Troy I guess you missed this paragraph that appeared in my response to you in the "black woman are beautiful" thread. I wrote: "Excuse me, while I go look out the window at the pure snow that is inundating my environment as the temperatures plunge into record-breaking sub-zero degrees. They're talking about it on the TV, brainwashing the dumb audience with subliminal suggestions in order to make them think they need shovels."
  7. Perception is real, whether what you perceive is accurate has to involve a consensus of other witnesses. The Wizard of Oz came out in 1939 at the end of The Depression, and it doesn't turn into technicolor until Dorothy wakes up in OZ where the tornado has blown her. The movie starts out in sepia color. I saw the first release of it in 1939 when i was a little girl.
  8. I am a little miffed that you would request an explanation for something that is so obvious. In spite of your opinion, head wraps are not my thing. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one. They are what's comical to me. The wigs i wear replicate the way i wore my natural hair. But since i am now old and retired i don't spend a lot of time or money fussing with my hair and i take the easy way out. I am well aware of your fixation on the significance of black women wearing their hair natural in order to make a defiant statement to the white world but, as previously mentioned, i don't relate to A
  9. So i was brainwashed into buying a wig whose convenience has been well worth the purchase. Gullible me. Well, you are the one who decided to use a phone as an example. Choose your examples better and don't depend upon me to read your mind. I was speaking about this panel. Until Chevdove joined in, everybody who discussed and agreed upon this subject was a guy except me. And nobody said the subject wasn't important. But it is worth noting that no one came up with a viable solution. Just redundant conversation between people commiserating with each other.
  10. Does brainwashing always exploit people? if they are seduced into buying something which brings them a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment, how bad is that? Does anybody have to be brainwashed into buying a convenience like a phone? Who is brainwashing the person when they can't part with the phone? Simple explanations for complicated problems don't always jibe. Talk is cheap. When all this gaseous garrulousness dissipates, what remains? A group of guys in agreement, brainwashed by each other's rhetoric with no way to make things different Do i care? Umm, not really. Gott
  11. @Pioneer1Well, you certainly set a fine example. Being a fool is the only thing you excel at, - except for suckling milk out of Neely Fuller's nipples.
  12. Sez you, - the well known authority on nothing, using your personal definitions to try and prove your point; as usual
  13. Well, obviously that's because i disagreed with his revering instead of shattering a long held belief about black hair as opposed to his discrediting religion's sacro-sanc status, something i agree with. Actually, "iconoclasm" works better as an adjective, as in "iconoclastic"; iconoclasm as a noun is what an iconoclastic person embraces when they shatter sacrosanct things. i don't think anybody, including me, completely practices iconoclasm. We all have certain conventional tenets we don't attack. @NubianFellow Well, if this conversation isn't about hair, i couldn'
  14. .....wanna try me? @Pioneer1If you kept me in check, you would silence me, not spur me to keep disputing you.
  15. In your dreams... Your definition of "junk" conveniently eliminates the synonym for it which is "trash".
  16. i didn't use the term criminal "instinct', i said criminal "mentality" which is different in that it has to do with thinking it's ok to commit whatever constitutes a crime as long as you don't get caught. In another post, you said slavery should be reformed, but slavery and reform don't belong in the same sentence. Slavery is what it is and freedom alone is its anti-dote. And the solution to eliminating imprisonment and harsh sentences has nothing to with incarceration which is the end result of a trial. Incarceration, per se, is not the flaw in the prison system. Everybody a
  17. @NubianFellow i don't know where you are looking around, but lots of black women are wearing their hair "natural"- wild and free to the point where doing so is reaching fad proportions. Black women are actually trying out a lot of different looks alternating between natural and enhanced. Some are even shaving their heads and going bald, something i'm sure you would approve of, even it this is not a "natural". And if you could adjust your view to being objective, you would have to admit that many black woman with weaves and wigs do not look unattractive; they merge with the look, and make i
  18. In the first place, you don't go out and buy a weave. You go to a hair dresser and have it installed, a process that takes hours. Hair extensions are different from weaves and can be purchased and easily added or removed; just like make-up. Wigs are even more versatile, available to wear whenever the urge hits you. These are all common fashion accessories. Second place, black women are not the only ones who wear wigs or add extensions to make their hair fuller and longer. White women in great numbers wear extensions, too, and they are copying black women who were doing this first. it's all
  19. @Troy I was using the slang vernacular when I wrote "baloney" instead of "bologna". BTW, there is no such word as "grammarist". It's "grammarian" or "grammatist". And "their" is spelled t-h-e-i-r. Regarding the case in point, it was a matter of using the word "their" when it should've been "there". Also the first word of a phrase following a semi-colon is not capitalized. @Del Right. Spelling does not have anything to do with grammar.
  20. @NubianFellowYes, but the natural do is often a sham such as when braids are entwined with artificial hair extensions to make them longer or the greatest buffoonery of all, bleaching the hair blond, not to mention Afro wigs made of synthetic fiber. It's not what's on top of your head, it's what's inside of it. Wearing your hair natural is no guarantee that your children will grow up to be exceptional and productive. Check out the mug shots of black perpetrators. Appearance is superficial, - all about hiding behind a facade. This also applies to white people who you seem to think are immune
  21. I've heard it all before. Black men wanting to dictate to black women how they should present themselves, always accompanying this advice with a lot of psycho-babbo lectures about "self-hate". But who is to say that it isn't about "self-love" when a black woman gives herself a do-over that makes her feel better about herself? Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can ramble on and on about sistas being brainwashed into accepting European standards of beauty and, in an effort to make your point, inaccurately classify all black women as being buxom and voluptuous, mistakenly implying that all white women are
  22. The world is slowly coming to an end right before our eyes. Not only are natural disasters a threat but the decaying infra structures of our cities and the repercussion of computerized technology are all a part of the process. IMO
  23. Black people have been relegated to the consumer class and this is compatible with the materialistic nature which is not entirely unnatural to them. Their lives are hard enough as it is, and having ready access to the luxurious goods and services that bring satisfaction to their existence is what neutralizes their ambition to nation build. The black mystique is the asset they capitalize on. White people envy their swag and cool essence. Finding this amusing is what bolsters black self esteem. In America, role playing is what all ethnics settle into. That's life.
  24. @Pioneer1Shortening your rebuttals is a bust. Your brief analogy is a false equivalency. Slavery and prison are technically not the same. (And when was slavery ever reformed?) Brick and mortar prisons exist to incarcerate those who commit crime, and the principle of punishing those who do wrong is a tenet of all cultures. Penal institutions are a pillar of civilized society, made necessary by people who don't obey the law, and it would be disastrous to "eliminate" these places of confinement for outlaws. Obviously what's called for is more emphasis to be placed on rehabilitating inmates,
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