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  1. LOL. I was just upset being out of the job because of the racist Trump supporter. I am sorry
  2. Assuming Trump doesn’t win Republican nomination, 2024 will witness a landslide by DeSantis over Comrade Bi Den. I think Joe needs to be a big man and allow for younger generation of Democratic leadership to run. I’d vote for Buttigieg, for example.
  3. I am glad I have. I meant no harm here. I’m happy my story had a great happy ending. Peace to all Came back here on a sad day when racist Trump declared another run. Wonder if that racist CEO of Vowel already sent his $$$ check to Trump campaign.
  4. 2 months on the job, and still going great! Proves that nice guys finish first. Fuck racists of all kind from that white asshole to Ye who gives us black men a bad name
  5. 1 month on the job, it’s amazing. Such a pleasure to work under a CEO who is fair, clever and doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. They are getting 120% from me.
  6. Not sure I follow. I clearly said multiple times how disappointed I was you fellow brothers refused to post a negative Glassdoor reviews. Water under the bridge, I am better off racist white dude didn’t hire me. God helped guide me. I channeled my anger and got an amazing offer. I go to sleep a happy and satisfied man today. The good has prevailed over white evil. Hallelujah!
  7. Got a job offer for Principal Engineer role . This racist prick Andrew Berman, CEO of Vowel, didn’t offer me Sr. Software Engineer role cause I’m a boomer brother. Well, a non-racist company offered me a role that’s even higher. Perhaps that was God’s plan all along. I ain’t even mad at all you pussies for not leaving negative Glassdoor reviews. The white nigga did me a favor!
  8. Asians, Latinos, and Jews are doing better than us because they support each other. There would be 10s of negative reviews on Glassdoor by now if I was an Asian and posted on an Asian forum. And things will not get better from Workplace Diversity programs, see below from latest issue of Economist: https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2022/08/25/workplace-diversity-programmes-often-fail-or-backfire
  9. Vowel CEO, Andrew Berman, is white: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/andrew-berman-4 Andrew is the one who interviewed me and screwed me because of my race and age. I do agree that I showed very poor judgement by saying “white racists asshole” even though Andy is certainly one. That review was very true and also very ananynous so I didn’t think twice. Clearly I was wrong
  10. I think I am more hurt by the indifference and refusal to post a negative Glassdoor review as much as I am hurt by the original racist CEO…I’ll get over it.
  11. I am sure white racists are lining up to purchase contract services from a 62 year old black male. I can’t even influence my fellow brothers to leave a Glassdoor review, I won’t succeed as a business owner at this age
  12. My bad! Next time a white racist interviews me, I’ll be sure to invite a few of my brothers from this forum so they can experience the racism first hand. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. Until we start taking matters into our own hands, and bending the rules — nothing will change. Here, we had a great opportunity to hurt a racist’s business, yet we couldn’t go forward cause “technically it was only we that experienced the racism first hand”. If this Jewish CEO experienced anti-Semitism, 100 of his Jewish friends would have left Glassdoor. It’s a shame. Especially because my dad might have marched with his grandpa in the 1950s and 1960s
  13. I was also dreaming that if we leave enough negative reviews we may force his investors to notice and perhaps stop funding his start up, leading to eventual bankruptcy. Now that’s fighting back! Let the racing white guy lose his company! It is ironic that my father, who was active in civil right movement, might have marched with this whitey’s Jewish grandpa (CEO is Jewish) in the 1950s and 1960s. Of course, Jews have done better than us since then. In any event, I appreciate the dialogue but am saddened we have not fought back on Glassdoor. I am also tired of us, bright brothers, talking. Or not taking action because it’s “ not above board”. He is a racist and that’s not evolve board. So we should feel free to fight this injustice by leaving reviews even though I experienced this racism and not you. We don’t need to play by the rules, we need to drive racists out of business, one racist at a time.
  14. My aim was to get my fellow brothers to leave negative reviews for white racist CEO at Vowel so never gets to embarrass another brother like me. None have done so. I have failed.
  15. And, no doubt, the white asshole was entertained. Let me, please, ask one last time — brothers, please leave a negative review on Glassdoor for him. I promise that’s my only and final ask.
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