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  1. ***************************************************************************** That's so funny because I thought that as well. I thought that it was an actual thing and if not, maybe they were referring to Lipstick Alley or something. We don't have a Black social media platform, but we have Troy's forum, and thank God for that. BTW @Troy if you read this, I love this forum software, it works really smooth. I always think of that girl on the old forum that said your software was bootleg. Remember that? *****************************************************************************
  2. ***************************************************************************** Blacks are catching up with whitey: Black adults as likely as whites to say they have received a COVID vaccine *****************************************************************************
  3. ***************************************************************************** Joy Ann Reid looks foolish with her various wigs and when she opens her mouth it confirms that she's gone off the rails. Most of the things she says don't even make sense anymore. I don't care for Nicki either, but what she is saying needs to be said. Unfortunately, she's spent her entire career exposing her boobs and twerking her behind so most people don't take her seriously, and that's too bad because this topic is extremely important. Black people are NOT monolithic so individuals need to decide for themselves whether to take the COVID vaccine or not. *****************************************************************************
  4. ***************************************************************************** To me, as a common citizen, all of this is frightening. Social media is censoring our speech, search engine results are being manipulated to keep us in the dark, certain people are being blacklisted because of their opinions or political beliefs, with some platforms going so far as to shut down the President of the United States of America. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Trump, if they can shut down the president what chance does a regular person have of expressing their opinions? What has happened to our Constitutional right to freedom of speech when we can be shut down for any minor infraction, and they won't even tell us what we've done. And then you hear whispers that foreign agents have infiltrated many of these corporations and that they are behind these decisions, that foreign governments have wined and dined members of our news media, and that Americans aren't really in control anymore. https://thenationalpulse.com/news/exc-ccp-journalism-exchange-program-to-enhance-understanding/ It's like being in the Twilight Zone. All of this is scary as f*ck. *****************************************************************************
  5. ************************************************** @Delano This is an informative article so thanks for posting it. I think it is amazing that we can boost our immune systems by eating more healthy foods, and that we can even fend off a severe case of COVID. Most plant-based foods are not that expensive so there’s no valid reason why people are not eating more of them. I understand that everyone doesn't have access to fresh produce but most people do and we can even grow some of our own. This is a great motivator for us to eat better. **************************************************
  6. ********************************************************** I don’t follow her and didn’t know any of this. She’s a typical narcissistic turncoat, got her a little money, wrote a book, married whitey and forgot where she came from. **********************************************************
  7. ************************************************** This is the issue that Biden’s $3.5 Trillion budget should address. Where are these people going after they are evicted? If they don’t have money to cover their current living expenses then how are they going to make a move. This is going to be a nightmare and I feel so sorry for the people caught up in it because once you are homeless it is very difficult to recover. All this mess is going to happen in the middle of the pandemic making the entire situation worse. Which brings me back to Biden and his complete incompetence. We are all screwed. P.S. You are easy today agreeing with my comments. **************************************************
  8. ******************************************************* Your recommendations are nice but they are just pipe dreams. There are just too many problems with this pandemic, it is out of control and there’s not much that can be done at this point. The main problem is that most citizens are oblivious to what is really going on. They are content to get ALL their news from CNN and the like when those supposed “news” sources are either withholding actual news or outright spreading misinformation. When you try to point things out to them, the first thing they say is, “I am not watching Fox News.” That’ fine, but change the channel sometimes. You have 500 channels but you stay stuck on stupid. Did CNN report on this: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9980015/26-Lancet-scientists-trashed-theory-Covid-leaked-Chinese-lab-links-Wuhan.html Next problem is that the pandemic and the vaccine have been politicized. Comments like this weren’t helpful: Biden’s main campaign promise was all about getting COVID-19 under control, how is that going to happen with open borders, COVID-positive migrants getting transported throughout the nation, Afghans coming here, Chinese nationals infiltrating our corporations and institutions, and the citizens have no idea about what is really going on? I could go on and on but I won’t. https://www.chinaownsus.com/ We are all doomed unless people wake up and educate themselves. *******************************************************
  9. ********************************************************** *************************************************************** Usually, two wrongs don’t make it right but sometimes it can. For example, if someone keeps messing with me and so I kick them in their face and then I feel better. It just feels right. Have you ever felt something was right when it should have felt wrong? This was just an illustration, I don’t actually kick people. Unfortunately bad things happen to innocent people, and I believe that you increase your chances of something untoward happening by engaging in risky behavior. A friend of mine was upset because she didn’t like the police but she got pulled over while driving. When I asked her about it she admitted she was speeding. If she didn’t want a police encounter, like most people, she would have driven at/under the speed limit. I love that movie Judge Dredd where the police are all those things. With the way that crime is spiraling out of control right now, and the court systems unable to keep up, that may be what is needed in our future. ***************************************************************
  10. ********************************************************** @Pioneer1 You blame Trump for inciting violence but look at how you Trump haters are always bullying and beating up Trump supporters just for wearing their MAGA hats and t-shirts. People should be able to wear Trump gear without fear of bodily harm. George Floyd didn't deserve what happened to him, that was one of the worst things ever, but if you keep messing around, something is eventually going to happen to you. Progressives are a branch of the Republican party, so you are really just a Republican at your core. I agree that arguing on forums has gotten old, so stop harassing @daniellegfny with the Uncle Remus pix. **********************************************************
  11. ************************************************** @Pioneer1 I know that you are being very serious with your comments, but you keep me in stitches. As to Trump being a racist, if you will recall before he became president, Al Sharpton, Russell Simmons, Kanye, Mike Tyson, Oprah Doprah, Don King, Puffy, and of course GlossLips, all associated with him. And other Blacks were friends with Trump as well. As soon as Trump became president, everybody’s calling him the biggest racist in the WORLD! But Biden called a Black staffer “BOY” a couple of weeks ago and y’all ain’t said nothing!!! Why. Is. That? **************************************************
  12. ************************************************** Oh... Dear,, Should. We. Set. Up: A. Go-Fund-Me? So. That, Harry.. Can/ Type,, His• Harry-Type? **************************************************
  13. ***************************************** 'If I were a Democrat they'd be calling it a hate crime': Larry Elder slams the left for failing to call 'angry, ugly' attack by a woman in a gorilla mask racist because he's a Republican https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9976225/LA-Sheriff-slams-attack-Larry-Elder-hate-crime-blames-woke-privilege.html *****************************************
  14. ********************************************* @daniellegfny You must admit that Elder is rather uppity. Broadcasting on 300 radio stations and prime time television. Making commercials driving a speedboat, wind whipping through his hair. (Was he smoking a cigar, I don’t remember.) Challenging whitey, running for governor. And it is going to take much more than an angry egg cast his way to scare him off or stop him. The masked lady that threw the ovum should have been arrested. BTW current news reports are that Elder is in the lead. *********************************************
  15. ********************************************* @Troy Harry-type.. Is,, Fun!!! *********************************************
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