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  1. Why do you get riled up about meaningless things. Wikipedia was the top search result when I googled Kristen Welker. That is all. I had no idea she had any Blackness to her at all, it never even crossed my mind while I was watching that debate. The first time it occurred to me was when I saw this thread. If Biden hasn't been in his basement, where has he been? WTF does Naomi Osaka have to do with anything. And no, I do not keep up with the editorial changes over at Wikipedia. If you do, you have ent
  2. Welker's Wikipedia page says that her father is White. I did not further research her, that is sufficient for this purpose. I don't need to back up any scurrilous accusations since I didn't make any. Everything that I stated about Biden is a fact. Saying Biden is old lame stale and tired is not name calling. That is describing how I perceive Joe Biden. If you perceive him differently, that is fine with me. As to your comparisons between Biden and Trump, you are comparing apples to oranges. This is typical when
  3. Is this post really about Kristen Welker, because it seems to me that it is more about your disdain for Donald Trump. First off, the woman is not Black, she is mixed, so she is as much White as she is Black. Do you think that she made ALL the White women proud? Or ALL the mixed women? How do you figure she made ALL of anybody proud? She did an okay job, but that's about it. Second, if you are going to criticize one participant of the debate, then you should be fair-minded enough to also criticize the other. Since you don't s
  4. You go ask twenty people. Everybody I know, knows who Warren Buffett is and what he owns so I don't need to ask them. You can google what companies he owns shares in for yourself, I'm not wasting my finger energy on this. You missed my whole point anyway. It's not even about Warren Buffett, it's about you seeming to think that everybody else is less intelligent than you. Just because people listen to a particular genre of music doesn't mean that they are dumb.
  5. Everybody knows who Warren Buffett is. Please don't insult people's intelligence, they are not that dumb. (NOTE: By everybody, I mean the majority of adults, not every single human being on Planet Earth.)
  6. Hello Troy!!! I hope that you are well. I have been chillin' Getting old. You know how it is. Where is Cynique?
  7. This is what I think about it. Black people (and everyone) need to stop worrying about what is Harris/Biden going to do for me, or what is Donald J. Trump going to do for me. Obviously, if you make more money you are going to pay more taxes, that has always been the case. The bottom line is that we are on our own and if you want something done for you, you had better get busy and do it for your damn self because none of them gives a care about any of us.
  8. The editors that select their covers know exactly what they are doing. Remember years ago when the Vogue cover featured a lightened Jennifer Hudson? They deliberately chose an image that depicted this lady as some sort of clownish jigaboo, for whatever reason. Perhaps Meryl Streep asked them to do that to put her in her "place."
  9. I believe that Black men cheat because they want to dominate/conquer something seemingly new. Women cheat because there's so many gorgeous virile Black men and no one else on Earth compares. IMO. As for myself my motto has always been that I have too much love for just one man, but don't tell it to my husband. For reals y'all.
  10. I can't believe you just let somebody insult you like that on your own damn forum LOLs. BTW Back in the day I used to chase straight shots of vodka with Old English 800! If I tried that now I'd probably lapse into a coma. Miss y'all!!!
  11. Oh well, Cynique - You'd better draw the curtains and barricade your doors, because it's quite obvious that the sky's a-fallin' and the end of the world is surely nigh. And make sure you're stocked up on plenty of cat food and kitty litter. LOLOLs
  12. Hey Troy!!! And Cynique!!! I never stated that I hated Hillary. I was simply explaining to you disillusioned DummyCrats some of the reasons why Hillary lost and that IMO she should never have run for POTUS the second time around after she got beat by Obama the first time. What a friggin waste of a BILLION dollars!!! You are doing lots of reading between the lines to conclude that I approve of The Donald since I did not say one positive thing about him. BTW - I saw y'alls picture together a few months ago - the two of you are so adorbs
  13. The bottom line is that Hillary lost because she sucks as a human being, a woman, and a politician. She never had a substantive message except what she stole from Sanders/Warren and rehashed from Obama. She told one whopper of a stupid lie after another as if ppl were too dumb to know that she was lying, Wikileaks exposed her and her cronies' plotting, scheming and corruptness, she belittled ALL voters when she called the electorate "deplorables" (ain't that the pot calling the kettle) and all the other missteps that were the mark of an amateur - not the seasoned politician her befuddled, de
  14. Troy - You are wonderful Keep doing your thing!!!
  15. CBS 60 Minutes broadcast a segment about the Echelon Network back in 2000. They told about how the NSA monitors ALL electronic communications. Worldwide. It is my understanding that Echelon has been in use since the 1960s and possibly even earlier than that. But now it's OMG! the U.S. Government is listening in on my telephone conversations with my grandmother and reading my texts and e-mails. And as usual, it's all OBAMA's fault. He's stealing our freedoms and stomping on the Constitution. Again. Clownie bozos like Ron Paul, Hannity and all the rest know good and well that this eavesdr
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