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    When I worked for Penguin USA and G.P. Putnam's Sons - I worked in Academic Marketing & Sales and Special Sales, respectively. Big 5 Trade book publishing houses don't just have A Marketing department, they have several marketing and sales department for children's books, Young Authors, Back List etc... Here's where I'l will post some ideas on ways to distribute your titles beyond bookstores and online retailers such as Amazon. If you think of some please include them too.. Thanks to @Sharon Wilson for reaching out and remind me! For starters: How about writing a grant for your favorite charity that could benefit from your book? This way your charity can purchase your book wholesale and distribute it to the stakeholders. Not only is your book bought, it's also distributed it too!
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    @Del Egads, man, have you lost your mind? Those statements were enough to elicit a comment from me. You'll probably change your opinion about me after you read this response but - so be it. "The sun will come up tomorrow." Pioneer is one of the reasons i stopped posting because i found his stance on most things so insufferable, i needed to remove myself from an atmosphere of "familiarity breeding contempt", a situation reminding me that "if you can't say anything good, it's best to not say anything at all". My time here was up because my having difficulty in finding anything good to say about anything, made me a liability. Taking a break was not a hard decision. i had stayed too long at the party. And Troy and Mel do a very good job of keeping things real. Who needs my contrarian input? 🤐 it should come as no surprise then that i totally disagree with everything your said about Pioneer. i consider him the most egotistical, person on this board. Every conclusion he comes to has its origin in the ego that fuels how he perceives the world. All he needs is one experience to carve his opinion into the stone of an obstinacy that fosters whatever he decides about things in general and black people in particular, to be adamantly true because he considers himself to the ultimate authority. Facts, figures, studies be damned in his cherry-pickin' the tree of information. Forget Mel's and Troy's and Kalexander's rebuttals that refute his BS. When he's not preaching his gospel, he states the obvious because he is not an original thinker and yes, from time to time, he assumes a phony air of humbleness, often prefacing his remarks with the phrase "I may not be the smartest person in the world, but - ", an introduction that is subsequently proven accurate as he lays out his lengthy "dissertations" that are saturated with shallow subjectivity. "Self-assessed himself" ? Puleeze. He is incapable of regarding himself as anything other than right about the subjects he zeroes in on. Kalexander is at least, able to discern and admit his shortcomings."Funny"? He's ridiculous. Because Pioneer couldn't wrap his brain around "Childish Gambino" 's spoof, he decided something was wrong with Gambino instead of considering that he, himself, is a one-dimensional clod who can't see past his nose. His attitude about black women, is full of inaccuracies and notions that date back to 50 years ago, and are example of how out of touch he is in this era, dictating to us who our role models should be and what our motivations are, and who is and who isn't "black", as if a mentally-promiscuous, polygamy advocate like himself, the anti-thesis of what a role model for black males should be, has any room to criticize sistas. As i've previously stated, Pioneer is an example of a certain type i've come across down through the years, - individuals who simply make my gut recoil. That's an inexplicable fact of my life; not an opinion. I'm well aware that my observations on this subject don't really matter, and i would've refrained from expressing them if you hadn't brought my name up in a paragraph where you felt a need to sing an off-key version of Pioneer's praises. And speaking of opinions, Del, i haven't changed mine in regard to your using Pioneer as a vehicle to deride Troy. (Just for the record, however, you don't make my gut recoil! You just make my eyebrow rise. 🤨😉) Unfortunately, I think your admission that you don't believe in "facts" or "objectivity" pretty much undermines everything you have said. it would seem you are just blowin smoke. And this includes your mention of having encounters with a broad cross section of people What creeps between the lines is that beneath all the layers of your facade of being cool and detached, is a sensitive, easily offended person, - a someone who finds it necessary to say that he is impervious and psychic - because it is not obvious that this is the case. And i'm sorry that this further unsolicited criticism will seal my doom with you when i express my disagreement with your prediction that Donald Trump will be removed from office. IMO, no amount of credible evidence will be enough for him to be ousted. He is becoming entrenched, gradually gaining converts because the average white American can identify with his bad character and disregard for authority and the truth. Plus, the nation is not prepared for the upheaval his being forced out of office will precipitate. But i will, indeed, be glad to be wrong on this subject! And it won't be the first time i've been wrong, something i'm sure you'll agree with. C'est la Vie. Back to my retreat. My work here is done. Carry on. 😁
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    There is a lot to unpack there Del, but if I post a reaction to something on this forum -- I absolutely read what was written. I'm not sure you explanation of Cynique has not posting lately is completely accurate. She can better speak for herself, but she is in her 80's and has posted here longer than anyone else (almost as long as myself)... So you think Pioneer is the only one being honest, or rather more honest than most? That is interesting because I don't generally tell lies here. In fact I think I'm too transparent sometimes. I don't think Kalexander's opinions are any stronger than anyone else's -- certainly no stronger than yours or mine. I think you see his opinions as being strong (or egotistical) because, for some reason I don't understand, he rubs you the wrong way. Del I was not arguing as you stated, "that Feminism is of lesser importance than the Black struggle" I would however argue that is probably the case for a Black woman. There is a difference. The choice between racism and sexism is like deciding whether it is more important to fight for air or water. Obviously you need air more urgently, but both are very important. This is analogous to my view for Black women joining white women to in the fight for their rights. Sandra Bland was not killed because she was a woman. As far as Feynman and Newton it is easy to hold brilliant and charismatic (in Feynman's case) people in high regard. It is the folks you disagree with that you have to work on. I'll check out the Foster video before crashing tonight.
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    Hi, I sure do hope Colins can play football professionally again, especially because I heard he was very talented. Also, I just recently looked back at some links about some of the cases such as Trayvon Martin and Castile, and I coulda kicked myself... I became drawn into it and couldn't pull myself away for some time, and it was so emotionally draining and depressing. I had planned to look back over this kind of news by setting aside time, but I kept putting it off, until, I heard about the recent news of M. Zimmermann being sommoned for stalking. I've learned so much that I had not known and, as sad as it may be about Colin's career, I gotta tell ya, I understand why he did it; took a knee. What is going on in the world today, especially America, is surreal.
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    @Troy and All, Yes, it is an AMAZING story. Transportation for research has been the biggest expense so far - thousand$. Thankfully, there were three local historians/researchers who had already done tremendous work and they willingly shared the documents and information they had dug up. We are forever grateful Three examples of what they shared with us: photocopies and handwritten transcriptions of my great grandfather's trial record where he challenged the all white jury because it was not "a jury of his peers" - THIS WAS IN 1868!!!![/b] handwritten letter from my great grandmother's "owner" seeking a military escort to take his valuable property (enslaved Africans) from Franklin, TN to Montgomery and far from the reach of Union forces - IN 1862 a handwritten statement, decades later, from a founder of the local KKK Klavern listing the others present at their first meeting in Franklin, TN We are EXCITED!!! CLANDESTINE - The Times and Secret Life of Mariah Otey Reddick tells the story of my great grandmother's family. Family lore has it that she was a SPY when she - as is WELL-DOCUMENTED - worked in the household of President Jeff Davis in Montgomery before the Confederate White House was established in Richmond, VA. Out of concern for their safety, records of Union spies were destroyed after the war, so unfortunately we have no confirmation. However, you might remember that another African/Black woman - Mary Elizabeth Bowser - spied for the Union in the Richmond White House!! http://time.com/4350450/mary-richards-bowser/ I'm sorry, y'all!! I got carried away!!!! Damani
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    Well, Brothers and Sisters, we've made some progress. Troy referred us to an editor who did a wonderful Manuscript Review. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TROY!! @Troy I don't know the protocols, so I won't mention her name, but she gave us positive feedback, some critiques and excellent suggestions for honing our 399 page (much more when double spaced!) manuscript into a book. VERY grateful to her!!! We are - and I hope it is OK to mention it here - now in the last phase of a crowdfunding campaign to help offset some of the pre-publication expenses. Check out our video and more information here: igg.me/at/ClandestineBook The backstory of how and why we came to write our historical novel is here: Clandestine-Life.com We WILL publish this year! Damani
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    @Delano I hope you are right, but without doing nearly as much research you have done history tells us that the law is very slow at catching up with wealthy people — if ever.
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    Exactly, why I chose not to talk about the video! I did watch it once on twitter out of curiosity . I wanted to know what all the fuss was about - Once I saw it, I thought nothing to see here move along. It wasn't sharing anything that I didn't already know. Further, I'm not impressed by Donald Glover's work. @Pioneer1 's discussion of the video allowed me to revisit the role of art - but the video, meh. @Troy Maybe at the Black Pack Party 2018 but shoot up black books . Then in perfect "Coyote Ugly" style, dance on the bar top. Next send it to the Coretta Scott King Awards committee members and also have someone post it to twitter and facebook with the hashtag #readingblack.com 😛😝
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    Are you collecting sales, likes or customers? One thing that soured me on selling books through amazondotcom and even luludotcom was both companies had information on those who purchased my books that I didn't have. Not knowing my customers put me at a disadvantage. It meant that when I had a new book they might like I had to wait until Amazon or lulu got around to telling them. What if I just wanted to keep in touch? I'm a firm believer in KIT Marketing (Keep in Touch Marketing) I also couldn't reach out to them to find out what they liked about my book...( knowing what customers like helps you to create more of it.) \ All this to say; 2. if you haven't already started, It's time to build your own mailing list.
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    Hi @Kween Yakini you can embed video directly by just pasting the the unshortened URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RriAEfw57W8 We need the truth for real! Just a bit of unsolicited feedback: the background music is too loud and distracts from you piece.
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    Pro. Football. Wants. The players. To. Stop. Kneeling. Down,Stand. For. The. Anthem. Or. Stay. In Locker. Room,When. National. Anthem. Is. Played. Want. To. See,If. The. Black. Philadelphia. Eagles. Football, Players. Will. Go. To. The. White. House. To. See. The. Lunatic. President. If. They,Do. ,They. As. Bad. As. Kanye West. And. Ben. Carson...Players. are. Disrespecting. The. Flag. And. Military,Says. Trump.. Neo. Nazi. Walk. Around. With. Nazi-Flags,U. . S. Flags. In the. Streets. Last. Month. Neo. Nazi,Celebrated. Hitler. Birthday,Walking. Around. With. Nazi ,Flags. White. America. Condones. This......Black. Football,Players. Cannot. Kneel. Down,But. Neo. Nazi. Can,Wave. And. Carry. Nazi. Flags,U. . S. Flags. In. The. Streets,Of. America....
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    Ok, I learned about the Onmyoji contest on friday. While going to deviantart to look at some entries for the Jaeger contest. Well, having no knowledge to the online massive multiplayer game Onmyoji, and little time to conceptualize what my entry will be, I came up with the following. https://hddeviant.deviantart.com/art/Onmyoji-submission-emma-and-the-seven-748288623 The idea was the character emma aside seven deadly sins. I am content for such a hurried creation while having no thoughts to the content. In contrast, I am a fan to gundam, or mechas in general so the jaeger comes with more familiarity for me. In a prior post, I utilized links to my skydrive storage area, but i realized upon more videos that a space limit is inevitable. Thus, i had to figure out where to go to place the stores. I chose google photos. Instagram or snapchat are used for personal purposes. I know artists in that system but usually they focus on photos not videos. Laslty, google photos space is the largest. AALBC is my blog place, and I invite you all to join AALBC, especially if you are artist. But, the black owned website, has obvious limits to loading content like videos. Below are links to videos made as I sketched or created. My first time doing so many, and especially while drawing. Another learning experience. If you are seeing this in an email, the photos stages are attached at the end. If you are seeing this in AALBC, the videos are all their is. ...before the links to the Onmyoji videos , here is a link to the Jaeger contest which end in seven days. I invite you all to share any ideas you may have to that. https://go.deviantart.com/journal/The-Pacific-Rim-Uprising-Global-Jaeger-Contest-744541834 Do tell me if the links are blockaded, they are supposed to be public. Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (1) https://photos.app.goo.gl/nW0odvDqiOuoW0R03 Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (2) https://photos.app.goo.gl/RrdyWvyoJV07cLjt2 Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (3) https://photos.app.goo.gl/P3FCCHJQZjQh5mhG3 Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (4) https://photos.app.goo.gl/UnRC54SQJZYMf80k1 Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (5) https://photos.app.goo.gl/mLkeakVn11ZiS5nF2 Onmyoji-Fan-Art-Contest-Creation (6) https://photos.app.goo.gl/bhHi7wbFG6XJVE3i8 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (1) https://photos.app.goo.gl/rRnc6ZxWERa9EY4V2 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (2) https://photos.app.goo.gl/yNojWgufIqFNJVbC2 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (3) https://photos.app.goo.gl/Jo9T6xeLZTewubky2 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (4) https://photos.app.goo.gl/VCP3PtNBAeTpXeHb2 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (5) https://photos.app.goo.gl/KsmDiPPcjd9rxtJN2 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part2 (6) https://photos.app.goo.gl/hvCI58LxBb92ge4U2 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (2) https://photos.app.goo.gl/3vNwF9x7iowBOUm03 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (3) https://photos.app.goo.gl/S3ZlhhTTuTDdBRw12 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (4) https://photos.app.goo.gl/uyoEcd9Mq8M5nDj29 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (5) https://photos.app.goo.gl/01GHnNcGc4wuojpr1 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (6) https://photos.app.goo.gl/TtLsnDtYVNMvbeVL9 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (7) https://photos.app.goo.gl/ryKTzb9eCrDyVN5z1 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (8) https://photos.app.goo.gl/Qurjw6pK3hxhcvZk2 onmyoji-fan-art-contest-creation-part3 (9) https://photos.app.goo.gl/EF2M5ynf8RzO33Bs1 The Folder Link https://photos.app.goo.gl/mZJ2RICfACZaSgtD2 Happy creating
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    Honor, or lack thereof, of honesty, usually hidden within plain-sight is open to revelation of one's character. People need to appear, outwardly, virtuous or otherwise demonstrate humility by, say, looking you in the eye when telling you a lie. It's a myth to believe they're being honest when they look you in the eye. Because they need to see if you believe they lies. People believe what they hear and/or see only when it's convenient, is the reason we have Ben Carsons, Bill Cosby's, and Barack Obama's of the world. There's no limit to what people will believe or who they'll follow out of convenience.
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    @Pioneer1, I agree 100% (could it be the hypnotic new avatar 😉) Is that your quote? Lets not forget who reaps the greatest financial rewards for both taking care of the formalities and typically owning the venues where we have fun.
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    I use a webrings with my student. It just makes it easier for me to visit all of my student's pages when grading assignments. If any one breaks the ring they lose points. Webrings predated search and allowed visitors to discover websites. Of course the webrings were self regulated; bad players were naturally excluded. One might argue that this process is less efficient than using search to discover a website because webrings can't scale to millions of websites. But I'd argue neither can google because few searchers go past the first couple of pages of search results -- that is assuming Google does not hijack the searcher first with their own service. Where Google really shines is finding content on web page. They are so good at this it is mind boggling.
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    I intend to have the information I gathered about independent publishing ready by next week. For now, I want to share a link from the New York Public Library. Your state may have a similar program. Look on the website and see. The details of the submission process are outlined. I just sent my review copy and information in. As one would expect they want the usual: ISBN No., Publication date, and reviews. Although the guidelines state a desire for diversity, the preferred review publications are Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and the other trade journals that are difficult for even traditional publishers to get into. Foreword, a trade journal which reviews small press and independently published books, is not mentioned as a preferred publication. The decision process takes six months. They do not order books from Amazon or other online vendors. The preference is for Baker & Taylor and Ingram. As stated in an earlier post, these distributors only take books from publishers that have already achieved a certain amount of success. A new publisher or an independently-published author would not be considered. As a balance to their biased information gathering, I included the seven public libraries and the historical society (someone sent An Extraordinary Life: Josephine E. Jones to the Wisconsin Historical Society -- I don't know who, but I am grateful) that had already accepted the book. With the torrent of books published each year, many of them poorly written and edited, I understand the need for guidelines. But people are going to have to use a little more imagination if they are not to overlook the fine books that are in the 21st century slush pile. The Diary of Ann Frank was rescued from that slush pile. I was tempted to write a cover letter reminding them that we would not know the work of Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, Amiri Baraka, and Frederick Douglass if only traditionally published writers were selected for the library shelves. But I figured they were inundated with paper and wouldn't want anything they hadn't asked for. I'll let you know what happens in November. So here's the link: https://www.nypl.org/ask-nypl/author-submissions This link needs to be in plain text, which I don't know how to do. Try putting NYPL Submission guidelines for authors and publishers in your search engine. Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday!
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    Hi @Damani, thanks for taking the time to share the good news. You can always mention AALBC's Edit 1st, when it comes to manuscript editors. Sounds like a fascinating story.
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    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44215656 Ukraine paid Michael Cohen to meet with Donald Trump. The details are interesting @Troy https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-manafort/judge-questions-ex-trump-campaign-chiefs-bid-to-suppress-evidence-idUSKCN1IO19F https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-twitter/trumps-blocking-of-critics-on-twitter-violates-constitution-u-s-judge-idUSKCN1IO2P2 Cohen and Manafort or getting some heat. Has been able interesting couple of days. Let's see what June has in store.
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    Dude I have thought about what you wrote. Many of the ideas in mind head are not based upon my experience. These ideas, often the most profound ones, come from reading. For example, my belief in a single human race is derived completely from information outside my own experience. If I used my own experience, like Pioneer and perhaps yourself, I would still believe in multiple races. If your only source of information is your personal experience can not assimilate new information, not an you grow. This is not to say that I don't have my own ideas, based upon experiences, like my stance on Google and social media. Now I know my perspective is in the minority so when the journalist at 60 Minutes substantiated my ideas I feel justified in running with them. If the broadcast refuted everything I wrote. I would be forced to reconsider. I'm perfectly open to doing this, when the preponderance of evidence is against me.
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    This sentiment is similar to what Kanye said about slavery being a choice -
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    I am not optimistic about America. It's like the fall of Rome. You should have a lot of clients.
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    Sorry -- I meant to log in for the above post -- which I have now done.
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    http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/official-leaked-cohen-financial-records-cover-up-fears-article-1.3994068 This is not business as usual. You can accept donations speaking and consulting fees. Which are indirect ways of selling influence. You can't appear to flaunt the rule of law. And that will be the downfall of Trump. FinCen is the federal agency that is the depository of suspicious banking activity. Some of Michael Cohen's information that was suspicious and reported by the bank to the feds is missing. @Troy things are moving at a fantastic pace. @Pioneer my prediction is Trump will be out in July 2018. What's your opinion about this prediction.
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    Cryptocurrency is now a new object interest for me, thank you @Mel Hopkins. I've been researching, investigating digital assets that use cryptocurrencies using an encryption technique, for security; how it is used to buy and sell goods and services. People are able to use cryptocurrency under near-anonymity, peer-to-peer purchasing eliminating of financial intermediaries, and some other “smart,” programmable capabilities that Bitcoin currently does not possess. There two major categories utilized for the purchase of goods and services and those that allow for the creation of a sort of “smart contracts;” agreements that enforce themselves per a code rather than the courts. With over 1,000 cryptocurrencies in existence as of January 2018 (called “altcoins”); over 600 have market capitalizations of over $100,000. I've noticed at least five-countries using this form of digital financial assets as well as identified several major companies all of which are U.S. affiliated, and thirteen major retail outlets. Brother Troy is on to something very interesting, in his post response. Like the NRA whom I believe is unofficially trading in cryptocurrency. Though FEC has officially prohibited trading in this form of financial asset, some traders are seemingly getting away with it. I'm still sometime away from getting all the information to satisfy my curiosity; though the ease of getting involved and the direction global economics is heading, I'm quite skeptical. Cryptocurrency appear to be soaked in blood!