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    Candace Owens vs Dave Chappelle! Do we really need this right now Candace!? That was my first thoughts when I listened to her rants, but honestly, I am very happy to hear her position because of the deeper truths that has been presented, albeit not by her specifically. Eventually, while I listened to her points about White crime versus Black-on-Black crime, etc., I became amazed at how her rants caused an ancient and age old practice of divide and conquer to resurface and at how the Creator dealt with this evil. She attempts to throw off the reality of this Black African world being attacked by White Supremacy for thousands of years by bringing out how White governments deal with White crime. Candace, that is not the global point here. Nevertheless, all of a sudden, Ms. Owens brought to my mind the criminal, a very ancient criminal named BARABBAS and how for so many hundreds of years, the system would elevate criminals in order to ingeniously cause the ‘African’ ethnic crowd to support criminal behavior as a mode to ultimately and completely quench all Black human rights and thus justify violence against the Black African world, justify our economical captivity, our enslavement, and other forms of oppressive attempts against the entire Black African population—But what Candace may not realize in her youth would be—that would only be STEP ONE in this White Supremacist quest of domination over Black Africa. To support such a young Black girl or old Black matriarchal goddess to support White Supremacist males in order to strike out against a Black man and the priesthood has been an age- old tactic. To top this off, Candace has just recently been married to a White gentleman from Britain, named George [how ironic!], and the two of them could fall into this pitfall of big government exploitation. Nevertheless, I do wish her well and don’t want to see this couple harmed in anyway. Inside the Trump Winery wedding of conservative activist Candace Owens The political commentator 30, married Brit George Farmer over Labor Day weekend at the Trump winery in Charlottesville, Virginia in front of guests including Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. But again, this government’s choice to use such a young pretty Black girl for their political positions and gains and be it inadvertently or not, to allow her to strike out at issues like the murder of a Black African American man, George Floyd and highlight that he was a criminal instead of dealing with the bigger issue would be an ancient method of manipulation and opportunity with the aim to dominate without accountability. George Floyd was a criminal and that should not be ignored but to ignore that this system plays a part in the creation of these Black criminals for their purpose just as it was done during chattel slavery times would be wrong. To witness a Black woman supported by a White Supremacist government and for her to strike out against Black men would be no different from the distant past in how ancient Black women supported Rome’s Julius Caesar and his Black military force and etc., to foster an immense force to fight for Rome against other Black African forces is well hidden history, nonetheless, it would be a very old practice and one that has been repeated even way before the rise of the Roman Empire. STEP TWO would be the actual clash of a Black-on-Black opposition! This seems like Cleopatra and Mark Antony all over again! This seems like Hatshepsut, Senemut versus Thutmosis III all over again! It was written that after the Punic Wars or at one point at least, the earth was salted for the flow of blood. What a pun—a riddle. It was also written more than a thousand years before Rome, that it took ten years before a particular Trojan War finally took place and it would be due to the reason of the time it took to orchestrate a Black-on-Black conflict between the Proto-Greeks versus the Apollo Greeks. So now, Candace’s rebuke of George Floyd being made a hero has gotten some backlash and one of the most affective rebukes comes from well, Dave Chappelle! A Black man. A Black man ripping at a Black woman. A Black man ripping at a Black woman for ripping at a Black man. Wow! Another affective Divide-and-Conquer tactic used of old times—repeatedly. So, what do we do as Black Americans in this rising conflict? Be neutral? Amazingly, it was the video and comments in Candace’s link that led me to the video of Dave Chapelle! So then, while I believe it would be a dangerous mistake to not be made aware of the criminal life of George Floyd, however, I absolutely agree with Dave Chappelle. Candace does not get it! Many Black people today do not get it. She believes the answer would be the Republican Party and Trump and his cabinet. Like her, I did not believe in Obama’s promises for Black America either and he did not support the issue of how chattel slavery has affected Black Americans today. Barack Obama referred to African American DOS as ‘IMMIGRANTS’ long before Ben Carson was attacked for his comments along these same lines. Whether it be ‘Stimulus Packets’ or ‘Reparation checks’ Obama did not support anything for Black America as a result of any negative affects of chattel slavery. IMO the solution to Black oppression at the hands of a White Supremacist world would not be either Democratic or Republican. But like Candace believes in todays’ politics, if the issue of slavery has been ignored by Black America then our plight will continue to be dealt with by this government on a limit basis, IMO, and will never be sufficient. Many Black American DOS don’t want to hold this government accountable ALL THE WAY BACK TO CHATTEL SLAVERY TIMES! Many Black people want to believe a lie, in that those days are over [for all of us], and times are not as bad as they were back then. It may be true for a few though, but maybe we need to look at a bigger picture. I too have been misled to some degree, but not that severe as to believe that certain past laws do not affect me today, whether good or bad. To ignore that this government and its mostly non-Black African people today are not benefactors of the chattel slavery foundation and that Black people are not suffering at many levels due to that law would be a state of mind, a negative conditioning and a false belief. But, Dave Chappelle nailed it! He brought this out in a most mind-blowing way! Now at first, I thought, ‘is he on drugs himself?’ Is he so high and depressed and vulgar and well, high—that he cannot make any sort of appeal? But Dave began to make pungent points right away and I was drawn into his words. He really brought it home. Candace Owens” “I DO NOT support George Floyd!” & Here’s Why! | Durtty Daily Dave Chapelle
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    Hi @Mel Hopkins no book seller, I have spoken to, has ever witnessed anything like this before. I was not totally prepared for the surge in books orders -- no one could have anticipated that kind of demand. It put an strain on the entire book distribution chain no one is unaffected not even the big "a." But you are right I was in a position to quickly scale to demand. The things I had working for me was, The website was prepared for the traffic. Thanks to a surge in traffic last year I was forced to upgrade my web server. I ditched Amazon and began selling books directly (many new customers stated they chose AALBC because they'd rather support an indie book seller over Amazon) I simply would not have gotten the extra sales if I were still an Amazon affiliate. Access to credit. I could have brought a couple automobiles with what I spent on books in the last 10 days. I was able to hire help quickly. I had the time and energy to do this work. I worked every day since since May 28 at least 12 hours per day. One evening I had a few friends and tomorrow I'm taking completely off -- but that was it. Yesterday I didn't even take time for dinner. I'm technically capable and was able to quickly make changes to the website, like adding a feature to say when a book would be available. Most of the problems I encountered was simply the availability of books. Because of the pandemic, some books that are still in print, are simply unavailable to me. Some publisher have been shut down until March. Distributors, printers, shipping companies are strained. this all effects booksellers. Virtually every customer has been completely understanding -- it has been amazing. I do have to say there was once customer that gave me some grief.... A month after their order shipped (before the surge), I gave the customer their tracking code. They emailed and called complaining that their book has not yet arrived. They should have gotten it in about a week (it was shipped media). The tracking number indicated that the USPS lost the book in transit. This is info the customer could easily see for themselves. I was unaware of the lost package, because once I provide a tracking number I leave it up to the customer to get back to me. Now during the pandemic everything is slower and lost packages happen occasionally. The customer was sent a new book, but they had to feed me the classic line, "This is why I don't like to deal with own-Black businesses." I know... I was floored too! I explained to the customer that you can't judge all Black-owned business based upon this single transaction with AALBC -- especially when the problem was caused by the United States Postal Service and I made good on the order. If just seems to me that Black business are held to a much higher standard. Literally every other customer has been a blessing. I was selling a hardcover of So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo, but the hardcover is unobtainable right now. I went back to customers, and offered to send them the paperback version instead, with a $10 refund for the difference. To a person they all said, "Keep the $10 we wanna support!" I could not believe it.
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    @Troy Congratulations! Overnight sensation more than 20 years in the making. I'm kidding. I congratulate you on staying the course. You don't just talk about you are about it and you were ready when the tide - scratch that, Tsunami hit! Bravo! Thank you!
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    Today I sold a few copies of Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist. Ibram is a critically acclaimed author who won a National Book Award in 2016 (I recorded Ibram's acceptance speech). Despite posting video and publishing a review of his latest book. I have not sold many copies of his Kendi's books. However, today I may have sold enough copies of How to Be an Antiracist for it to make my next bestsellers list. This piqued my interest; why is there increased demand of Ibram's work on the site? I decided to check Amazon and discovered that Amazon is currently charging $44 -- minimum price for a used copy! The book's price is $27 new -- Max. Amazon has 3rd party booksellers competing to sell over priced, used copies of a book that is still in print and less than a year old! How many unsophisticated book buyers will Amazon trick with this scheme? The reader is overcharged and neither the author or publisher earns a penny on these sales, but Amazon will, as usual, make money no matter what. Sure, people falsely believe Amazon sells books at the best prices, and maybe some customers feel compelled to buy overpriced books from Amazon because they are already paying 10 bucks a month for a Prime membership. But price gouging on books during a pandemic ... how low can you go? I think people are beginning to see Amazon for what they truly are. They don't care about the books, the readers, authors, or publishers. All they care about is getting paid, and on that they have executed brilliantly. (left) Amazon screen shot* (right) AALBC screen shot (taken 5/31/20) *Yeah, I know I'm breaking my own rule of not allowing links to Amazon, but in this context I think it is appropriate.
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    ... and Black people too. The speaker, Jeffery Robinson, offers a thoughtful, factual, measured, and critical lecture on racism's impact on Black Americans. Some of you may be tired of trying off explaining to good meaning white folks what racism is and how it has hampered Black people and enriched white people. When white people ask you to explain racism, you can point them to this video.
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    I heard about this eclipse and was really looking forward to seeing it like I did the one in 2017. I even traveled down to Tennessee to view that one. Too bad the one that occurred a few weeks ago couldn't be seen from the United States.
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    Chev You know, I think he is referring to the UK and not the Spanish Colonizers in terms of 1619 vs the 1500s. I realize that the English were already in the Americas in California during the 1500s, but they did not organize their colonial movement until the early 1600s. Then he should make that clear. But like much of his lecture, he did not. I personally don't believe he realizes that Africans were first brought to the Caribbean for a 64 year process of de-civilization first before being taken to other parts of the Americas. But the reality would be for me, that Jeffrey Robinson's speech to that audience is needed because so many Black people would not have listened very well due to the previous negative conditioning. HIs speech was in 2017 but now, I believe it may be heard by Black people due to what is going on now. This audience that consisted of a certain percentage of White Americans are NOT all of them negative. That's just the nature of human psychology. I was completely amazed at his information! Some of what he spoke about was so new to me! I almost 'fell out' when I heard Ben Carson'! LOL, I never seen the video. But what Robinson did NOT say though, was that Obama said that very same thing BEFORE Ben Carson did. Obama refers to African Americans as immigrants! I could NOT believe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had spoke so well!!!-- I knew that his words were cherry picked though because I had done my own personal research about him. He blew me away when he broke down the real benefactors of AFIRMATIVE ACTION!!! OMG!!! So true!!! I had never heard of the Stone Wall in Georgia!!! To think it is larger than what is in South DAkota!? You're speaking of Mt. Rushmore? Yeah, that Confederate crap was built (or completed) only a few decades ago. And why they (I'm speaking of the AfroAmericans in Georgia because I'm not suprised at what Caucasians do) even allowed it to be built is beyond me. Perhaps I shouldn't be so selfish in my ciritizms of his information because NOTHING he said was new to me, I knew about everything he told the audience plus more. But after reading what you wrote I realized that just because I knew that history doesn't mean everyone did so perhaps much of it needs to be told. But to me, much of what he said was so redundant and useless that it was frustrating. seemingly Black-on-Black murders committed over the 4th of July weekend and how the police force has not been sent out to protect Black citizens that have been victims of violence. Exactly....."seemingly"....is the correct word! Because many of these homicides allegedly have no witnesses to them although they took place in the middle of major cities with cameras all over the place and police around every corner. THIS IS BY DESIGN. THIS IS WHAT OMAROSA IS REFERRING TO AND THIS IS JUST A PROCESS OF HOW THE MEANS IS MEANT TO JUSTIFY THE END RESULT OF WHAT SHE SAID WOULD BE RACE RIOTS. THIS IS SEEMINGLY BUILDING INTO A PERIOD OF LAWLESSNESS. I agree with you 100%! Before they released the prisoners, many of them were psychological conditioned and turned into socio-pathic MONSTERS whom they knew would reak havoc in the community once released. Not only was this by design but it was a long time in the making as was predicted and known! Not just by Omarosa! Not just by the White Supremacists! Not just by us! But also by the powerful Black Elders/Deities who REALLY control this planet who predicted the destruction of this world before it's inception. They know ALL of the plans (and thoughts) of the White Supremacists and have plans of Their own....lol.
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    Established by who? Man I thought anti-vaxxers were all white women. Pioneer is there no conspiracy theory that you do not buy into? @Chevdove did you not have your children vaccinated? Man, has this gentleman done something to you personally? Did he steal your woman or something? Are you saying that Black people were murdered by white people over the 4th of July and that these murders were made to look like they were committed by Black people and that the police did nothing and all of this was widely reported in the media? I'm glad you learned something from the video @Chevdove. I'm not sure why Pioneer thinks every white person is an active architect of racism even though they were born into this system just like we were.
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    Chev Black people need to read. Yes we need to read, and more importantly we need to read the RIGHT material. We also need to get back into properly contacting the spirit realms. Something that many of the monotheistic religions had forbidden Africans to do when they converted them. When you go into the spirit realms you start finding out an unbelievable amount of knowledge and wisdom that hasn't been and will never be revealed in this world where the Caucasian can get his hands on it and corrupt it. ......or use it for himself like many have.
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    And on this same note too, about how we are being controlled by a narrative: it has been widely reported in the media about the many, seemingly Black-on-Black murders committed over the 4th of July weekend and how the police force has not been sent out to protect Black citizens that have been victims of violence. THIS IS BY DESIGN. THIS IS WHAT OMAROSA IS REFERRING TO AND THIS IS JUST A PROCESS OF HOW THE MEANS IS MEANT TO JUSTIFY THE END RESULT OF WHAT SHE SAID WOULD BE RACE RIOTS. THIS IS SEEMINGLY BUILDING INTO A PERIOD OF LAWLESSNESS. An official on the news spoke about how it was not a good idea to push for the end of the police force, and he said that even law officials were in support of this but this was the plan--to encourage Blacks speak on this ill fated wise. The speaker said too, basically, that because of the Coronavirus, many prisoners have been released from jail and this is a potential problem for many other innocent citizens and has been part of the violence over the weekend. I feel that Black people should confront this government to hire more adequate 'Black' police officers, not to end the police force. That is just crazy.
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    LOL! Okay @Pioneer1 You are too much. Yes, and I agree but this has to do with our ancestors being enslaved as children. We've been conditioned byway of the slave yard when reading and writing were outlawed to believe lies and statements that are not even in the scriptures at all. Black people need to read. Yes. interesting point!
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    "A story about stories… the forgotten stories of those who were discarded for their imperfections." Feature Presentation: The Discards, 4 episode (limited) animated series Now Streaming: https://owshowe.com & https://www.197sk8.com Executive Producer: Wolfgang-Pocco Narrator: Madinah Slaise Distributor: MadPo Production Studio
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    North Carolina Policemen Fired For Racist Rant--One Threatened to Slaughter Blacks--Caught on Tape These policemen are not new to their jobs but were employed for about 20 years! So much hate due to issues of Colorism is not new but today, this kind of news is front page! This government is showing this kind of predatory behavior on another level, but imo, it has always happened. Nevertheless, this recent news is sad because it is showing a new reported issue of the divide within the police force. There are White European policemen that obviously not in agreement with how Black people are being targeted and this kind of evil report affects them too. The story goes that the three police officers were accidently caught on a tape recording spewing racist rants and therefore a decision has been made to fire all three of them, but I totally disagree with Officer Moore being fired based on the evidence of what was reported in this article. The other two--yes-- pure evil, imo. But officer Moore's statement was not offensive to me at all. It goes that he was angry because he was questioned by a judge, and his comment was not offensive to me. Furthermore, he did NOT AGREE with the other racist and said so, immediately. He should be reprimanded but not fired! I am grateful for that judge though! 3 North Carolina police officers were fired after they were heard on camera making racist comments, including one threatening to 'slaughter' Black people in a new civil war acollman@businessinsider.com (Ashley Collman) June 25, 2020, 7:27 AM EDT ...Later in the video, after Gilmore leaves to respond to a call, Piner is seen receiving a phone call from Moore, and the two have a conversation about a recent arrest Moore had made of a Black woman. Moore was also filmed calling one Black magistrate judge a "f---ing Negro," complaining how the judge had questioned his decision to arrest the Black woman in the first place instead of committing her to a mental institution, the report said. According to the report, Piner then reflected on current tensions, saying: "We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them," Piner said at one point, using a racial slur. "I can't wait." "Moore responded that he would not do that. Piner stated 'I'm ready,'" the report said... https://www.yahoo.com/news/3-north-carolina-police-officers-112750994.html ... While the report found that Gilmore did not violate the standard of conduct, Williams, the Wilmington police chief, overruled and said it was clear he was in violation. https://www.yahoo.com/news/3-north-carolina-police-officers-112750994.html
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    Set in today's political climate, Derrick, a young African American who has built a civic-minded conglomerate that undercuts the retail and gas prices set by the business powers that be--learns political power is needed to ensure the sustainability of his corporation and prevent the blockage of future projects.His mother, Yvonne, who has raised her children to leap over the systematic roadblocks that confine many to juvenile delinquency, spearheads the grassroots voting initiative to change the leadership in congress.Erich Hornsby, the Neo-Nazi chairman of the business powers, plots Derrick's murder and manipulates the voters to elect his puppet, John Donaldson, president. In full control of the White House, Hornsby attempts to raise the Fourth Reich.This realistic tale of disproportion wealth and political tribalism is both chilling and insightful. Release Date: September 15, 2020 ISBN - 9781733150330
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    Chev Thanks for starting a thread about this! I heard about it last night and shared it on some other sites and was debating whether or not to make a new thread about it OR post it in the thread that already existed where I was talking to Troy about the CIVIL WAR that the United States is currently in. This story isn't getting NEARLY as much attention in the main stream media (ABC, CNN, Fox, ect...) as it should be right now. Perhaps because it's only a day old, but I'm not sure. But if you notice, the main stream media aren't very quick to show CLEAR CUT cases of racism like this and the Breonna Taylor incident where the Caucasians are 100% at fault and there is no wiggle room to justify their behavior. They love focusing on cases like Rayshard Brooks or this NASCAR noose situation where they can pick and choose inconsistencies and any wrongful or questionable acts by the victim to make the racism look justified. With THIS case....as with Breonna....there is NO WIGGLE ROOM. So the White Supremacists are pretty quiet about it. As for the tape itself, I haven't really taken time to listen carefully to it to comment on it yet.
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    The 14th annual Austin African American Book Festival celebrates the Black literary experience with a virtual event, Saturday, June 27. New York Times bestselling authors Isabel Wilkerson and Dr. Damon Tweedy will head up the Fourteenth Annual Austin African American Book Festival. The event will be held on June 27, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and for the first time will be a virtual event. The Festival remains free and open to the public, but attendees must register on Eventbrite. This year’s festival falls on the birthday of Paul Laurence Dunbar. Our festival theme, We Wear The Mask, pays homage to one of Dunbar’s most famous works. Like the poem of the same name, the festival will explore the masks and methods we employ to deal with the social hierarchies, challenges to identity and implicit biases we must face to succeed within the broader society. Wilkerson is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and the author of The Warmth of Other Suns. The book tells the story of the great migration through the journeys of three Americans who made their way north and west in search of better opportunities for themselves and their families. Wilkerson’s next book, Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, uncovers a system of human rankings that has shaped America today and throughout its history. Caste will be released in August. Black Man in a White Coat, Tweedy’s memoir, explores the continued impact of racial biases in medical education and the distribution of healthcare resources. Dr. Tweedy has written articles about race and medicine for such prestigious publications as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). His columns and op-eds have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune. Kymberly Keeton, M.L.S., C.A., the African American community archivist at the Austin History Center, will lead a creative writing workshop that highlights the value of archiving African American stories. Local scholar, Dr. Mark Cunningham will lead a discussion about the thematic influence of Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poetry and his relevance in our current racial climate. For more information, contact the Austin African American Book Festival, at info@aaabookfest.org.
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    I began writing Lucky John after years of being a sympathetic ear to my girl friends’ complaints and woes about married life. Being privy to the wives’ perspectives inspired me to write a story of marital infidelity from the husband’s point of view. John Roberts was born, and to my surprise, he evolved into a misguided, yet sympathetic philanderer. Set in Southern California, John Roberts is a husband and father with the risky habit of infidelity. But it isn’t John Roberts the adult running his life; it’s John Roberts the resentful and angry teenager calling the shots. Kicked out from his home after a backseat quickie left his girlfriend pregnant, John never forgave his father for abandoning him. After his father’s stroke, John travels back to a home he left behind in hopes of setting things straight. It doesn’t take him long to realize that everyone has moved on, and no one has time to indulge his decades old resentments. But that doesn’t stop him from pushing and testing the limits. Suddenly, John finds himself facing death, divorce, a dwindling business, and no idea how to correct the mess he’s made. Family histories, both proud and tragic, play out in the background as John tries to learn the hard act of forgiveness. Lucky John is my first novel, published by Black Rose Writing Desiree Kannel, author Pub date: June 18, 2020 ISBN: 978-1684335183
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    http://theblack-board.com/Newsroom/the-5-best-black-owned-forums-on-the-internet/ Throughout the history of the internet, Messageboards have been one of the foundational tools people have used to connect with like-minded individuals on the web from all over the world. They have stood the test time, predating the AOL Craze, Myspace, and lasting into what we know as the current generation of Social Media with Powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter. The ability for Online-Forums to last so long is the need for people to have meaningful discussions with a form of depth and anonymity that other forms of Social Media cannot not provide. While the heydey of forums can be considered to be over, the continual prominence of several large messageboard that cover all niches of life speak to their importance even in today’s climate. One of the world’s largest and most active websites ‘Reddit’ is a Messageboard. Several prominent forums like Boxden, BlackHairCair, and Kanyetothe.com, have thousands of active members who readily contribute often controversial opinions to different takes on Social Events in Urban Culture. Forum’s still have a unique ability to unite groups of people and provide a depth of information and discussion not often found on certain subjects. One thing that is lacking, are large and prominent Black-Owned Forums. It is even quite hard to find a time in the history of the internet when a true black forum could be considered one of the Top even in the niche of Black Websites. If we take a look at the largest ‘Urban’ (and I call it this instead of ‘Black’ sites for a reason) like the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph, and add in a few others like Lipstick Alley, The Coli, and Topix African-American Forum, we can go as far as to say that the majority of these sites are owned by non-black entities. That’s why we want to provide a list of the best True Black Forums on the internet, ones that are really Black-Owned, and that facilitate positive discussions and representations of the Black Community Honorable Mention – The Black Board Community Forum (www.theblack-board.com) www.theblack-board.com Did you think we wouldn’t mention ourselves? The newest forum out of all the ones mentioned, it could be argued that it deserves a place near the top of this list. But to be fair-and-balanced (since we are writing this article after all) we will leave it off the official standings. The Black Board opened in early 2016 and has already established itself quickly as one of the best places on the internet where Black People can discuss a variety of issues under a Black-Owned Umbrella. The Black Board focuses on general discussion on News and Social Issues, and also on everyday experiences in Life. The owner of the website is active in the local and national Black Activism community and partners with a variety of other Black Websites and Media Content Creators. They also have a great form of community currency that encourages interactions. # 5: Black Visions (http://www.blackvisions.org/) blackvisions.org Black Visions is one of the oldest sites on this list. They describe themselves as “ your go-to place to experience news, information, entertainment, and political discussion with black people from all around the globe. Post your thoughts on a modern, efficient bulletin board software system, with a full suite of text editing, emotes, pictures, and videos. Connect with your black brothers and sisters everywhere at any time, with our message board.” Black Visions focuses on more serious discussions, often on political topics. They also feature a system of closed membership that vets potential members. This allows them to closely control the quality of discussions and enforce anti-Black trolling. 4: Cocoa Lounge (http://www.cocoalounge.org/) cocoalounge.com The Cocoa Lounge is a O.G. on this list. Around for over a decade, it has managed to remain at the forefront of Black Forums and maintain, while many other sites have come and gone. The Cocoa Lounge specializes in discussions that involve Black Literature, Poetry, Spirituality, Current Events, and Celebrities. While not as active as some of the other sites on this list it has years of an incredible backlog of great discussions due to it being a mainstay for such a long time. The Cocoa Lounge has more than earned it’s spot in this conversation. 3: SomaliSpot.com (www.somalispot.com) somalispot.com SomaliSpot is technically the newest forum officially on this list, but they are by far the most active. They broke out of long established messageboard SomaliNet just a few years ago and already have appeared to supplant that site as the Premiere discussion forum for the Somali People on the internet. A general discussion board that focuses on conversations going on in Somali Culture, the site as already proven to have a influential reach, with discussions there going viral and even spilling over into News Stories that effect real life situations, going as far as Elected Public Officials. This site also may be the most controversial on here as well because of some of these situations, but there is no denying SomaliSpot and it’s Owner appear to have etched their mark in The Online World of The Somali People in a short time, which deserves respect on it’s own. 2: AALBC (https://aalbc.com/) aalbc.com AALBC is unique in this list because they specifically focus on African-American Books & Literature. This also gives them their strength, as you will be hard pressed to find a forum with more mature discussions from a Black userbase on the internet. Also focusing on Cultural and Racial Discussions, AALBC puts a spotlight on journalists and writers in the Black Community, with a dedicated owner who is respected in the field and also covers events that he features on the site. AALBC is about educating and networking, and the importance of that work in the Black Community gives them their well-deserved spot as #2 on this list. 1: Destee (www.destee.com) destee.com The Granddaddy (Grandmother) of all Black Forums, past or present, on the internet. There was absolutely no question that Destee would perch itself at the very top of this list. Around for almost 20 years, Destee.com is the trailblazer for all Black Forums on the web. The namesake of the forum’s owner (Sister Destee, one the most respected Black figures online) Destee is the number one place on the web for no-nonsense, 100% pro-black, discussions. The greatness of Destee lies not just in it’s ability to stand the test of time, but also by without hesitation eliminating any negative conversations or members that wish to harm the black community. Although heavily moderated, and not as active as other sites on this list, Destee has more than earned it’s spot as the leader of Black Forums, period. We look forward to 20 more years of seeing Destee remain one of the Best Places online Period for Black People!
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    True but they do change to mirror the people behind them. Look, the country was founded on the principals of all freedom and liberty for all, and we are still working at accomplishing this 230 years later, because virtually all of the people in government were sexist white supremacists. As those people died off, or were voted out things begin to change. Sure 45 represents some regression, but even he is a reflection of what the people want. Now that most reasonable people know he was a mistake, I'm confident to predict he will be booted out of office in 2020. Things will start to improve, for everyone, after 2020 for everyone barring a Russian invasion, another pandemic, or some other calamity. As far as your example with police departments. They have changed a great deal -- even in my life time. It was not long ago when minorities and women were excluded from the ranks of police officers. Today is a completely different picture in places like NYC. Improving is a work in progress. The cry for defunding the police is getting louder today. Cities recognize that these departments need to be completely rebooted. Police department need people reflect the values of the communities. The Police Department in Camden NJ did this: they fired everyone and hired the people willing to serve the communities and indications are that it was been an unqualified success! Institution bend to the will of the people they are intended to serve. They must, or they will collapse.
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    Uh...yeaaah. What else could it have been, given the timing? At any rate, congratulations on your success. I think we should enjoy it and take advantage of the times Caucasians are being nice, supportive, and generous REGARDLESS as to why they're doing it.
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    Actually my initial reaction was that it has something to do with sexuality too. I think it is is a stupid term. I'm not a fan of People of Color either and don't use that term, because it is so broad as to be meaningless. If the term "POC" means non-white people just say that, because in my mind people of color should include white people right? POC does not exclude white or rather pink people. Adding "Black" to POC is superfluous and the "Indigenous" part just seems to come our of left field. Again the event was promoting a Junetheenth celebration which commemorates the end of slavery for Black people, or more appropriately the ADOS -- not BIPOC.
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    Book Synopsis The teacher's pet is a role we have all played at one time, even if it were only in our dreams. The infatuation one has for a mature, authority figure in the form of a classroom teacher makes for the most seductive, forbidden fantasy. What if the opportunity to experience a romance with your teacher could be more than legal, but perfectly acceptable? Although Evelyn Hargrove is not Danielle Rivers' teacher, she does have a lesson for this eager pupil to learn. Their relationship begins with a mutual desire to protect an innocent child, but soon it is their hearts they must guard. Evelyn, a former classroom teacher turned child psychologist, finds herself thrown into the mysterious drama of a young boy's disturbing behavior. This leads to an emotional battle between her desire for her young student's adopted parent, and her own struggles with family trauma from the past. Danielle, a former exotic dancer turned manager of a gentleman's club, finds herself playing mother to her nephew and longing to play doctor with his guidance counselor. Through their rocky start, these two women tread lightly towards uncovering the truth behind the young boy's issues and their own secret fears. Will juggling Evelyn's role as guidance counselor with a performance as lover, be too hot for teacher? Hurry up! The bell for first period is about to ring. Don't be late to get schooled. Check out the Media Kit and more for "Hot for Teacher." https://www.book2look.com/book/aDi8jMOA4D&euid=135482830&ruid=0
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    Sorry to hear that! @Pioneer1 Yes, I have to agree. BUT, you know, I think this may be a form of depression. Many Black people of this generation, are feeling helpless. They may be in shock and disbelief as to what seems to be 'a repeat of history', a throwback from the Jim Crow days, and they never thought this would happen now, so therefore, they are reacting this way, showing that they are unprepared; caught off guard. We've been conditioned to believe that those days were long gone, a false conditioning, and now all of a sudden, we are witnessing this kind of race hatred and was not prepared. Black men in chattel slavery times had to cope with so much, when it came to their manhood being taken from them, and now this! YES! Sad but true. Well, here's the point though, to this thought; we've been attacked for so long, that even if there were no White Caucasian men around, there would still be a problem for a long time. I just recently attended a funeral and my heart goes out to the inner strength of the family. The Black family members were so elegant and regal, even in this time of grief. When a young person passes away, I would expect hard grieving, but most of the family members carried themselves so well, that I was astounded.
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    @Pioneer1 I understand. But if you do share them, I would only try to confirm them through a decent respectable process, and not to merely reject your sources. That's all. I don't like this BLack oppression anymore than I feel you don't.
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    Well @Pioneer1 as Black men, of a certain age, it is a shared experience, so I'm not surprised by the 100% agreement. As we get older we, as a group, despite our numbers will be marginalized even more. Is respect your elders even a thing any more? Who is writing novels that speak to the middle-aged, or senior Black male experience? I'll wait ...
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    PROTEST IN AFRICA FOR DEATH OF GEORGE FLOYD? I have read a few reports about protests in African for death of George Floyd and that are from certain African countries and officials, but it does seem that there are no widespread protest coming from that realm. For this reason I have contemplated. But as of now, I have not formed an opinion. I've seen a report of a South African woman's emotional response upon hearing a tape recording of George Floyd pleading before he died. I have seen that there are protest outside the embassy in Kenya. I have seen protest in Tunisia. I have seen a report about a few West Africans who protested nearby U.S. Embassies in their countries. And, I seen a report of a few protest in Israel about George FLoyd and a recent death of an Ethiopian-Israelite man in Israel. But again, the protest are nothing compared to the outcry in many other parts of the world. One thing seems obvious though, we are living in some strange times. Today, it has been reported that the bail has been raised for the police officer that killed George Floyd to a million dollars, but that worries me, even still. At any rate, I am very happy to read about the outcry for justice over this weekend across the world. People take part in a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 7, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. Players of Bremen and Wolfsburg take a knee in solidarity with protests across the USA over the death of George Floyd in Bremen, Germany, on June 7. People take part in an action in Rome's Piazza del Popolo square, in Italy on June 7, in solidarity with protests raging across the United States over the death of George Floyd. Demonstrators walk past a memorial outside the Hall of Justice decorated with flowers in what organizers describe as a tribute to victims of the Los Angeles County jail system, on June 6. The demonstrations are sparked by the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 after he was restrained by Minneapolis police. Demonstrators hold signs as they walk during a protest, in Washington, D.C., on June 6. People attend a demonstration in Tokyo, Japan, against racism and police violence in echo to the killing of a black man, George Floyd in the US, on June 6. Alexanderplatz seen fully crowded with people holding banners and placards as they stand in silence for eight minutes and 46 seconds in tribute to George Floyd during a protest against racism and police brutality on June 6, in Berlin, Germany. Eight minutes and 46 seconds is the amount of time Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin held his knee on the neck of Floyd, an African-American, before Floyd's death. Protesters hold placards and raise their fists as they gather at a Black Lives Matter rally in Tunis, Tunisia, on June 6. Demonstrators wearing face masks kneel during a protest in front of the Trump Towers in Istanbul, Turkey, on June 5. Activists gather to mourn the death of George Floyd and show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement near the U.S. embassy on June 5, in Seoul, South Korea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_George_Floyd_protests_outside_the_United_States
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    Five minutes after Affirmative Action was put into place Black people (especially men) were marginalized. It became a fight for "diversity" which means everybody (gays, white women, the handicapable, Asians, Latinx, etc, etc) except white men. Black people have been lost in the diversity sauce because we no longer fight in unity. Black women fight for women's rights, the Black folks in the LGBT+ community fight those battles, and so on. Divide and conquer... All the fight for diversity has done is enrage white boys, many of whom despite their white privileged are struggling and further marginalizes Black people -- the ones who Affirmative Action was purported designed to benefit. As a result, white boys elected 45. Meanwhile Black men's graduation rates have declined relative to all other groups, incarceration rates have exploded, and our murders by police are revenue generating prizes for the media. The Black Power movement has been co-opted and watered down in more ways than I can count. Back on the plantation, Amazon proudly flies the Black liberation flag with total impunity inside the big house, while treating Black workers like sharecroppers and doing everything they can to either put Black-owned online retailers out of business, or completely control their sales channels to consumers.
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    I don't believe there is term that perfectly describes all the brown people of African descent, who are American citizens, that everyone would embrace. @Pioneer1 likes "Afro-American," to me that sounds antiquated, like "Negro." ADOS (African Decendant of Slaves) is another term, but I'm not a fan of it because not every Black person here in America is a descendant of an enslaved African. Despite our internal diversity, what we universally share is oppression due to the color of our skin. "Black" works not so much for how it describes us, but what it represents, a people with a rich history, culture, and civilization going back thousands of years before the first caucasian emerged from a cave.
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    Yesterday I sold more books than I did during my best month of sales when selling as an Amazon affiliate -- just one day of sales. Sales the day before that beat yesterday! The surge in sales has been experienced by every indie bookseller I have spoken to. After this post I will spend the next 10 to 12 hours processing book orders! I went to bed too tired to process yesterdays outstanding orders -- that has never happened. Customers, thankfully have been more than understanding -- this has simply been inspiring One long term booksellers told me he has never seen anything like this in 50 years in the book business! During my brief phone conversation with this brother I got more orders than I did during the entire month of May. I could go one and describe in much more detail -- i just do not have the time. I took the morning to update and add some website content. I added a couple more bookstores to the site. I also added audiobook excerpts to the top 10 selling books on AALBC (for just the past 4 days). Most of these books are out of stock and on back order, but every customer I asked was more than happy to wait! Here are the top 10 best selling books for the month of June (so far)! How to Be an Antiracist The Fire Next Time The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness So You Want to Talk About Race Between The World And Me My Vanishing Country Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America Sister Outsider: Essays And Speeches Their Eyes Were Watching God It’s Not All Downhill from Here Thanks to all AALBC's new customers; Now have to get to work to do 🙂
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    Chev Yes, well I guess that when the recording was released to the public, this made the difference. It's a wonder what goes on behind the camera! This is one of the reasons the television shows "Cops" and "Live PD" were pulled off the air recently. Many of their critics argued that they didn't give very accurate descriptions of active law enforcement and the shows were HEAVILY edited to make it look like all of the soldiers were good and always did the right thing in warfare. They got rid of all footage that may have made the soldiers look bad or corrupt. YOU'VE got to be kidding! No way. really!? Absolutely! You know how negroes LOVE to party and have a good time despite having more pressing responsibilities.....lol. By our nature we are a fun loving people, so as soon as the pressure APPEARS to be off and the coast is clear a lot of our people are more than ready to start dancing and popping their fingers, while Caucasians are plotting and planning their next move. Covid 19 2.0 ??? Well, I understand. Yes, he's the one. He was heard on tape requesting that GEorge Floyd be turned on his side. AND, he was very knew to the police force and that devil was his training officer, yet, he asked for GEorge Floyd to be turned on his side. But then, WHAT ABOUT THE BROTHER!? WELL, at first I did not think he was black or had no black in him, but some people think Kueng, the other officer might be at least part-Black! If Thomas Lane was bailed then, what about Kueng? This officer, like Lane, was also very new to the police force. And he also protested!!! He said, YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS, to that devil. And, he also later said that he was raised in Minneapolis by a single parent and wanted to do something good for his community. So now, will people allow him to sit in jail while Thomas Lane was bailed out!? I would not agree to that. Not sure what the deal is but ALL of those race-soldiers who were kneeling on Floyd (I saw 3) should still be in jail awaiting their trial. No, bail. They are TRAINED KILLERS with weapons and pose a danger to the community.
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    WOW! This name YUNUS strikes a chord! @Pioneer1 As I mentioned in the other thread, I want to share with you my understanding of his surname YUNUS because you said that you believe ISRAELITES are a myth and were White Caucasians originally and were not held captive in Egypt during the time of Moses. AND since you joke about Black African men naming themselves Solomon, Moses, and Jesus, I want to share with you what I have learned about the name YUNUS. The name YUNUS was a common Hebrew Israelite name, so I am interested in what you turn up in your research about this man Ramzu Yunus. YUNUS is one of the sons of the famous Negro man, JEW, named Seljuk, that I wrote about who is the origin of the GREAT SELJUK EMPIRE that warred, were victorious, and dominated over the country of Turkey and Jerusalem for over 200 years at the start of the Crusades. SELJUK was a Hebrew Israelite man who was also a Khazite [Abkhazia] and in that army. Like this man, Ramzu Yunus, the SEljuks were big on CONFEDERATIONS. They became a part of a confederation in the far east, soon they broke from that and joined another confederation after they migrated back westwards and became Islamic. Soon, many of them became Christians as well. SELJUK had at least four sons, named MICHAEL, MOSES, ISRAEL, AND JONAS. In Islamic script it is written as MIKAIL, MUSE, YISRAEL, YUNUS. He had another son YUSUF [JOSEPH] some write. SOLOMON [ie Suleiman] was a very common name for these Muslims and Islamic men during these times and for hundreds of years too. And some of the descendants of Seljuk were named Suleiman, as well. The victor of the Seljuk force against the large Byzantine Empire force is named ALP ARSLAN in our script, but in other script they print his birth name!!! Alp ARslan is the Great-grandson of Seljuk. His father's name is DAVID. They write his father's name by his TURKISH NAME TITLE and hide these Turks in their connection to Abraham. Alp Arslan's father is written by his Turkish name CHAGRI but his birth name is actually David. Alp Arslan is HEBREW ISRAELITE and his people conquered the Crusader Byzantine force. His birth name is MUHAMMAD, son of David. Seljuk----Michael----Chagri David----Alp Arslan; the Mighty Lion of the Tribe of David. So, I found this Ramzu Yunus to be very interesting indeed!!!
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    I would never believe that White people would fight the Original Canaanite giants. So, therefore, the historical description of Israelites could never be White people. @Pioneer1 That is ridiculous. You reject true history then. Oh no you have not! You have never provided any true source to support that the Egyptians did not hold certain Black AFrican typed people in hard bondage during the time period in question. Oh no, Pioneer, you have not. That is because you keep giving Black men a pass. You are blaming the SUPREME BEING for giving free mind, free will, free choice to worship White people. But, now we are seeing prophecy unfold because He is getting ready to divide the Wheat from the Tares! It is the exact same but you do not understand scholarly translations and terms like 'Lingua Franca' has escaped you. HEBREW SCRIPT-- Does NOT exist. Moses was trained on Egyptian script to write the Pentateuch. DANIEL was trained to write in the Neo-Babylonian script form to write his books about the Hebrew presence in the world, etc.
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    This little baby arrived today
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    LeBron James questions whether long lines in Georgia primaries are result of systemic racism LeBron James has not only become disgusted with the disturbing trend of law-enforcement officials killing unarmed black men. The Los Angeles Lakers star also pointed out how the long lines in certain neighborhoods during this week's Georgia primary elections mark yet another example of systemic racism. James was responding to a Politico reporter's tweet that election lines took hours in some Atlanta neighborhoods while there were no long waits in white, suburban areas. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2020/06/09/lakers-lebron-james-critical-long-lines-georgia-primaries/5329763002/ Now this is what I call a GREAT example of how an athelete should be politically active. Not only is the brother building schools for AfroAmerican children but he's not afraid to speak his mind in an INTELLIGENT way. He has enough intelligence and insight to realize that these long voting lines in most AfroAmerican communities are DESIGNED to discourage AfroAmericans from voting.
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    Ok, that sounds good. My daughter has gone and ordered the book I originally wanted so I'm going to look for something else. Thanks.
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    I'm searching for black and brown voices to contribute short publications in the following fields of interest: Science, Technology, Education, Health Care, The Artstyle and Life Productivity I've created a safe space with an inherent fan base who have supported my projects for greater than three decades. I believe in sharing good content, typically G-Rated, with the intent to uplift and educate amidst a touch of laughter. If this sounds like your jam, please visit owshowe.com to get a feel for how content is presented on my website and send an email to owshowe@gmail.com for more information. Stay safe! ~ O.W.
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    yesterday was the anniversary of the first time a us president lived in washington d.c. and that president was... john adams:) Today is the greatest elongation between mercury and the sun, that means today mercury will appear farthest from the sky than any time after until the next greatest elongation Tomorrow is a lunar penumbral eclipse. MEaning the moon will go across the penumbral which is where the light of the sun is refracted off the side of the earth, not the umbral where the sunlight is blocked by the earth. It is also a strawberry full moon, a better word I think is totluc moon meaning total light moon. The moon is always full. Where as the %paraluc moon can be for the other phases of the moon outside the new moon , which is more appropriately anluc meaning no light. It is called a strawberry moon based on the habit of algonquin's , a native people that used to live where the midatlantic states in the usa reside, who will pick strawberry's around this time of year. It is also the roman catholic st bonafice day who is known as the patron saint of the germans. As well as an Ember day for the Latin Catholics, so be ready to fast you latins.
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    The best thing I've done in recent times was NOT to buy from Amazon anymore. Nothing. To hell with them.
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    I'm not surprised at all by the silence in reaction to this question. Several years ago the strongest critics to to the idea of an all out boycott of Amazon came from indie authors. Many indie authors are beholden to Amazon. In fact they have given Anazon the exclusive right to sell books. Even if they haven't given Amazon exclusivity, Amazon published their book and the terms to other booksellers are so bad it is not profitable for other booksellers to sell their books. Now if you posed that question in a room full of booksellers with physcial bookstores you would not have been able to shut anyone up. I think one solution is helping readers who buy books to buy from anyone but Amazon. The other problem is that too many indie booksellers use Amazon's marketplace to sell books. Unless this stops Amazon's virtual monopoly will grow stronger. They won't stop because these booksellers would be out of business without Amazon's platform. Ultimately, the only solution is a boycott of Amazon. I'm boycotting them and I know others who are too. Talk to you later this afternoon Wendy. I was thinking about creating a drop squad to deal with Black booksellers who sell books on Amazon. 🙂
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    Today I attended Independent Book Publishing Association's Annual meeting remotely. In the open forum, I asked if IBPA could wean writers away from "A." Considering what happened at Christmas time with delayed orders and the "non-essential" designation during this time of the corona virus I thought it should be a priority. The head of the organization asked for members to comment before she gave her opinion. There was dead silence from the other 106 members at the meeting. The head of the organization then said that IBPA had prevented "A" from using Audible caption on books not in the public domain. True, this was a victory. But reacting to each outrage one by one is not as effective as not using them at all. She then went on to say that IBPA encourages members to "diversify, diversify, diversify" and pointed to an article that one of the members had written. This is true. She continued that the association could not tell members which distribution channel to use. Another panelist said that if you did business with "A" you were "restricted in the way you talked about them." She added that they had the best lawyers around. The next question was from a member asking if IBPA could set up a committee to study "A"'s algorithms. That did it for me. In the chat, I asked if a webinar could be given to let members know about alternatives to "A." I have taken two webinars in which the presenters stressed that trying to get an appearance on "Oprah" or a review in the "New York Times" is probably not likely, but your local station or newspaper is a more realistic possibility. In other words, there are other options. I didn't stay to have an after discussion with the panelists on this issue because I hadn't eaten and didn't think I could continue to be diplomatic. The head of the organization had not read aloud my comments comparing "A" to enslavement. Probably considering them too inflammatory. As for taking "A''s money, this is the stuff novels and plays are made of. Do you stand on principle and go bankrupt or do you take the money and stay in business? Saying no does not just involve the owner. The business has employees and those employees have families. Taking the money and letting them stay anonymous means probably not making negative comments about them. You took the money didn't you? What would I do? I don't know. If I were writing this, I'd have a scene where the owner is going to give in because of her concern for the employees and their families, and they refuse to let her. They raise some money, but not as much as if they had taken the "blood money." But they end with their integrity. There is nothing that upsets wealthy people more than finding out that everyone does not have a price, that money can't buy everyone.
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    A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf. In 1892, during the Homestead, PA, strike against Carnegie's steel company, women and children were killed by Pinkerton guards when they joined the strikers to support their sons, brothers, spouses, and fathers. Carnegie--in his native Scotland at the time--hired the Pinkertons guards and Henry Clay Frick ordered them to shoot into the crowd. When Carnegie began funding libraries in small towns, which would then be named after him--the industrialist now turned philanthropist--many would not accept the money. The towns did not want his "blood money" and insisted on raising money for their libraries themselves. You don't have to be a New Yorker to have heard of Carnegie Hall and the Frick Museum. Even if, as a friend of mine says who worked for the Carnegie Endowment, in later life Carnegie saw the error of his ways, it should not mean that what he did to make the money he gave away should not be forgotten. Tell both sides of the story. The same is true of "A."
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    Harry you don't want to talk to any teachers. Anecdotally, most kids do not live with their biological fathers, many don't even know him. This is not to say that these kids don;t have a man in the home, the guy just does not happen to be the father. The day of the married mother and father living with the children born of that union is a thing of the past. I'm not confident it is possible to go back to those days. So many people, have lived for generations, doing something completely different the concept of the traditional family unit is an anachronism, or something squares do. It is too bad cause society is still optimized for the traditional model, so life is just a little bit harder when you don;t conform..
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    Authors have compiled a public spreadsheet detailing the advances. According to Publishers Weekly, National Book Award-winner Jesmyn Ward, wrote: "Even after Salvage the Bones won the NBA [National Book Award], my publishing company did not want to give me 100k for my next novel. My agent and I fought and fought before we wrestled our way to that number." That is remarkable.
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    Interesting. I did not know this. Imagine what a powerful statement it would have been if Amazon's money was rejected. I can however understand why'd they would take it. I definitely would have kept them anonymous. Revealing who they were played right into their hands. Amazon made an investment. ------- Amazon has a grocery store near where I teach. There are no cashiers. You swipe in pick up what you want and are automatically billed. Amazon has a physical bookstore not too far away. No booksellers, very few Black books, and steps aways from a Borders bookstore that shut down. There are several Wholefoods nearby including one in Harlem... Amazon will not stop until they are the only place you can by anything.
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