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  1. That’s to point out that pass out crack pipes predates the current Republicans in Congress. This means the idea isn’t a right wing conspiracy. It’s also provides support that it’s not a safe smoking kits and supplies can include crack pipes/stems. You don’t consider syringes to be Drug paraphernalia? Did you read the grant? Did you read the grant? I did and they are giving away Crack Pipes in Black communities.
  2. That’s right Biden is giving away free crack pipes. Now before you say this is a Right Wing Disinformation this activity has been recorded as being done as early as 2014. https://www.sfexaminer.com/news/sf-group-handing-out-free-crack-pipe-kits-expects-to-expand/ To bring the matter current a provocative article in the Free Beacon highlights the safe smoking kits and supplies. https://freebeacon.com/biden-administration/biden-admin-to-fund-crack-pipe-distribution-to-advance-racial-equity/ Looking at the grant, its clear that they aren’t talking about nicotine or weed.
  3. I not only read but also watch the video. The book celebrated Colin Kapernick who hates America and Police.
  4. The book demonstrates the indoctrination principles that the first article I submitted was talking about. I listened to her story CRT most definitely was through out it. The answer is the Democrats. Language and National Identify also is the reason why you have segregated pockets in NYC. You didn’t mention any of the tactics utilized to infuse the principles of CRT in the class room. The story illustrates perfectly the integration of the tenets in a story from. It might be that our experiences as Black people creates a black noise barrier so we have subconsciously accepted a lot of the statements and don’t push back. It would be best to ask white people. I saw the assumption that it normally for Black teens to be hassle and killed by police. That’s a fallacy.
  5. I had watched that episode because she threw him off. It was a big deal seeing a Black woman throw a white man off her show. I remember very clearly because it was like the scene in the Mighty Quinn when Denzel said Get off my Island White man.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/yes-critical-race-theory-is-being-taught-in-public-schools/ar-AAM2t1V How about a School District https://thefederalist.com/2020/09/30/fairfax-va-school-district-spent-24000-on-ibram-kendi-books-for-u-s-history-classes/ That’s a game to disqualify information. Once you have the data you can further seek to verify it. Why should a liberal or leftists source be of higher value than a conservative on. That’s like saying Black publications aren’t as qualified as White. Here is a testimony by a teacher. https://dennisprager.com/watch-the-show/ 2/9/2022
  7. Too easy https://spectator.org/yes-crt-is-being-taught-in-public-schools/
  8. Old Fools are the funniest. It’s Black history month exposes the secrets.
  9. Critical Race Theory a Primer gives a great breakdown of the subject matter. Why should you feel uncomfortable? Did you cause? Can you change it?
  10. I paid an artist. I am using the artwork from my books.
  11. It’s the theory that society is shaped by constant racial struggle.
  12. Update I started to list my NFT using OpenSea and the process froze on this screen. I submitted a support ticket and this is the reply. So it’s a learning process. I will keep you updated and make sure you add my collection to your waitlist.
  13. Actually having lost my ID multiple times at different financial states. There are government and social agencies which will help you get those need documents. I think that also is a gross underestimate. My average income fluxes from 50k to 130k. Now I would be more inclined to believe a regional breakdown of income by race.
  14. It’s about assigning Blacks to an inferior status. what’s your view?
  15. That’s proper going up the money chain. The real money is off the field and related distribution revenue (video games, merchandising). I think you have TDS.
  16. You may find this informative https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210225006348/en/EMTECH-and-The-Bank-of-Ghana-Announce-Partnership-to-Deploy-Modern-Central-Sandbox™-to-Accelerate-Innovation-Provide-for-a-Robust-Financial-Infrastructure-and-Promote-Financial-Inclusion-for-the-Unbanked-and-Underbanked
  17. According to a survey conducted by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, as many as 11 percent of US citizens — and as many as 25 percent of African American citizens — don’t have government-issued photo ID.⁵ “The first thing I would want crypto to fix would be identity,” says Robert Greenfield, Head of Social Impact at ConsenSys. “A digital identity has more of a major impact than you can even fathom. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can’t even participate in humanitarian aid programs.” This was a statement in the first article. I don’t believe it is accurate and draws inaccurate conclusions.
  18. The whole situation made me think of You really think that’s so outrageous? When was the last time you saw a comedy show.
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