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  1. One of the things that the Black History DAO is doing is creating a MetaVerse experience to preserve our history. Here is one of my creations. You can learn about the Black History DAO by following them on Twitter. Let me know what you think
  2. I just got this information across my screen and wanted to share it. There is a seminar approaching https://melanin.solar/academy/
  3. Says who? I am learning both Spanish and Computer programming on a cell phone. Check out my progress learning Spanish on Duolingo! Learn a language with me for free! Duolingo is fun, and proven to work. https://invite.duolingo.com/BDHTZTB5CWWKSJSG56QSITI2PA?v=la Join me and learn how to code on your iPhone with Mimo! https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1133960732?pt=1335685&ct=share&mt=8
  4. You should talk about what you know and not what you feel. Why be numb to a compliment? You don’t get that the thing you are saying is the highest compliment. Keep complimenting White people. You take it as an insult because of your inferior concept of yourself.
  5. I am glad you went through it. That’s the things about quality and high information videos and audiobooks, they are long and they sow so much into your life.
  6. It’s a con. That’s all one needs to know. You are denying your humanity.
  7. Black Folks are creating their own coins. That’s why understand crypto and NFTS are so important. https://m.investing.com/news/cryptocurrency-news/jamaica-to-launch-digital-dollar-in-2022-says-prime-minister-2762415# https://www.coindesk.com/markets/2021/07/06/thriving-under-pressure-why-crypto-is-booming-in-nigeria-despite-the-banking-ban/ https://www.akoin.io/ @ProfDif you came to your conclusion because of the color of the people in the video you were mistaken. They were just some of the first videos to appear. Also This is a project by Black Americans, many of whom identify as ADOS.
  8. I want to help more Black People prepare themselves for the Metaverse. No the MetaVerse isn’t Meta ( Facebook). There are actually different Metaverse. But one characteristic that most them share is that use crypto currency. Crytocurrencies are things like Bitcoin, Apecoin and Sand. New ones are popping up daily. For this post I want to introduce three ways to acquire, store and send crypto. CashApp Cash App (formerly Square Cash) is a mobile payment service developed by Block, Inc., that allows users to transfer money to one another (for a 1.5% fee for immediate transfer) using a mobile-phone app. The service is available only in United Kingdom and the United States.[1] In September 2021, the service reported 70 million annual transacting users and $1.8 billion in gross profit.[2] They will allow you to also to buy both Bitcoin and Stocks. I’ve been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you’ll get $5. MVVPPZB https://cash.app/app/MVVPPZB Coinbase Wallet Coinbase is an online cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade, buy, or sell cryptocurrencies whereas Coinbase Wallet, launched in 2012, is a self-custody digital Wallet that users can utilize to safely store cryptocurrency; it is known to be one of the most secure cryptocurrency wallets for all to use to store their wealth and assets such as your private keys and recently even NFTs, for investors to crypto-enthusiasts, due to Coinbase Wallet’s collaboration and affiliation with Coinbase. Users are unable to purchase cryptocurrencies via Coinbase Wallet. https://coinjoy.io/media/479/coinbase-wallet-review-features-pros-and-cons-main-rivals MetaMask Wallet MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency walletused to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications.[1][2] MetaMask is developed by ConsenSys Software Inc., a blockchain software company focusing on Ethereum-based tools and infrastructure.[3
  9. Please do something about your Trump hatred. It has you asking the wrong questions. I see the question as how can we better utilize Starlink which was demonstrated in the Ukrainian Conflict. You are only person blaming. The national dialogue is on how do we produce more of these needed assets.
  10. There is no uniformity of GOP philosophy and Ohio is a cesspool pool when it comes to Leftists GOP leaders. It’s a practice that we need to reinstate. The biggest problem is one of base identification. Black American African is my mapping.
  11. Democrats are doing the welcoming that proves @nels point. Russia would not have invaded under Trump and there would have been no Ukes.
  12. I would call using a hammer to bash someone over the head versus build a house very subjective. Historical gun power being used for fireworks versus firearms is subjective. I am saying that function is a product of imagination and situation. Specifically in the realm of computers you can see how people use their cell phones to play games or conduct billion dollar enterprises. That is a global phenomena. Speaking with people in different parts of the world would say about urban vs rural areas. The thing is that the community can resolve the lack of internet if we choose to.
  13. Which is why an onboarding process to using smart devices and payment systems is so necessary. If you don’t know the basics of Crypto security you will be victimized. The world doesn’t stop impacting you because you refuse to adapt to the current conditions. Smartphones are pocket computers. 80% of my own line and computer uses are done with my phone. Phone and cable companies are giving away tablets with certain plans. There is a lack of recognition of the powerful tools we have available because 1. We are not looking at purpose. 2. We are promoting an antiCritically thinking culture. “Oh, I am computer illiterate hehehe”. Isn’t cute, it’s an embarrassment. The laugh should be interpreted as a nervous response to shame not “Me Too”.
  14. That’s a misleading statement since it was only the will of Biden voters, many of whom we know were dead or counted multiple times. It’s up to the Judge to judge when it’s time to recuse oneself. Not Kookyvists.
  15. My difference in view is that the number of individual successes provide both a measure and map to community success. Nature doesn’t allow everyone to grow and demonstrate progress in the same way. As humans we are able to alter our environments that allow more of our species to thrive than a beaver which builds a dam. We need to recognize the progress that has been made. That way we can work on things that need to be addressed rather rehash past injustices. That practice sole benefit is it shows us things to avoid. I hope you will pick up my newly released book 6 Magic Cans of Happiness Act 3:Danielle the Girl From NY it was released Friday.
  16. Yes. I didn’t send it. Here is my letter. Please feel free to comment. Dear I just wanted to let you know that while I may not agree with Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson philosophy in several areas, I believe she is qualified to serve as the next Supreme Court Justice. The list below is what I am basing my assessment of her qualifications. - Magna Cum Laude - Harvard - Cum Laude - Harvard Univ - Editor - Harvard Law Review - Judge Court of Appeals DC Circuit - US District Court for #DC - Supreme Court Clerk - Vice Chair US Sentencing Commission I am urging you to go on record voicing your support. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please remain healthy and may God Bless you family.
  17. This was a project that utilized altered images from my first book. 8% of the second sale of about $5. So there was not any real cost save time at this point. The value will increase as I develop different projects. Utility is a subjective matter. Some find utility in just owning a piece of history. Some just Think it’s pretty.
  18. $10 a week Bitcoin via CashApp and hold. I’ve been using Cash App to send money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you’ll get $5. MVVPPZB https://cash.app/app/MVVPPZB
  19. I made the offer that if you buy 3 NFTS you will get a book. I made the sale before I made the offer because I first needed to know how much I was going to make per sales. So all they got was the NFT. But the NFT will have a utility added to it later. The sale was made in a Twitter Space centered around pitching NFTS. Friday my NFT book giveaway ends. Are there any Black On Demand Book printers? I had a great Birthday and Launch Party yesterday on Clubhouse.
  20. Black people aren’t in danger except from people like yourself.
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