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  1. You are really a troll. That’s what the media is pushing but it’s not true. That segment of the black community that commits crime is the same segment of all communities. The biggest challenge to your thesis is that you lack proper record keeping and treatment of Blacks by the criminal Justice system. You also don’t have any mechanism to exclude repeat offenders. I also saw far more white people causing violent and destructive actions during 2020 than Black people. The difference is in how arrest and prosecution were made. Being a Republican I hear how the narrative is being delivered that there is something wrong with Black Culture. But that’s a lie. There’s nothing wrong with Black culture, you are only focusing on the wrong Blacks.
  2. All crime is under reported. The label “Black” is loaded. Crime is crime.
  3. Put your ignorance away and stop trying to equate Black people your information deficiencies. Black people have been pioneers () in computer science from the beginning. Gerald “Jerry” Lawson led a team that developed the Fairchild Channel F gaming console, in 1976, which featured the industry's first removable game cartridges. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/10/30/jerry-lawson-black-silicon-valley-pioneer-changed-video-games-forever.html https://www.childnet.com/blog/black-inventors-and-pioneers-who-have-influenced-the-way-we-use-the-internet-and-technology-today/ This why we have a Black History Month. To counteract your negative forgetfulness of Black participation and cooperation. Yes and MetaMask and a few other platforms
  4. White people have been doing that to Black people for hundreds of years. Your statement is intentionally trying to perpetuate a false narrative.
  5. Your response was predictable and incorrect. When you have other media censoring and suppressing search results you provide the information from where it is accessible. Fox was not the only source given. But, knee jerkers like you who are incapable of dealing with your own limitations try to overlook and hide the data which when presented can be verified by other sources in terms of its historical accuracy. Once it has been established when and what events took place, debate over their significance and interpretation can take place. Let’s look at the timeline provided and then we take it from there. Try the Atlantic https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/06/what-is-causing-inflation-janet-yellen-jerome-powell/661237/ NPR https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/03/09/974841565/heres-whats-in-the-american-rescue-plan-as-it-heads-toward-final-passage The ap news https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-joe-biden-keystone-pipeline-canada-environment-and-nature-141eabd7cca6449dfbd2dab8165812f2 Reuters https://www.reuters.com/business/environment/bidens-new-climate-orders-include-pause-federal-oil-gas-leasing-sources-2021-01-26/ I guess all these people let Fox News do there thinking for them. Your arrogance blinds you to the truth. Your pride won’t let you admit you have been duped. What’s fun is that by saying my statement is false you are saying Rate Hikes and Inflation are Helping Black People @Mel Hopkins silly rabbit you need to look before you jump down some holes 🕳
  6. That doesn’t negate that there is no place or society without crime. Crime is the byproduct of having laws. A lawless society is one where criminals rule unchecked.
  7. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/inflation-timeline-mapping-biden-admins-response-rapid-price-growth https://www.theamericanconservative.com/the-second-great-inflation/
  8. Biden is responsible. You made assumptions and assessments. Which have nothing to do with my statements. Biden caused inflation by causing Gas Prices to rise. That hurts Black people. If you want to be in denial that’s you. It doesn’t change reality. Obamacare was a horrible policy for working class people on the cusp of breaking out poverty. It placed an invisible choke collar on aspirations. Deregulation and the tax cuts are what boosted the economy. If you don’t see how lower Black Unemployment helps Black people stay delusional.
  9. Did you watch the video. She did say Truth.org truth check.org. Santa people same motivation.
  10. Wrong it’s a false comparison. Nobody is forced to work for or with am*zon. I find am*zon to be very empowering..
  11. You have a poor opinion. Crime occurs in all societies. It’s the violation of Laws!
  12. Yes. We just released our beta version of Clarence the Cabbie Confidential book series. Please give us your feedback. Start Game
  13. Please provide the source of those “statistics”. A false narrative is being subtly perpetrated by use of numbers combined in a misleading manner. Organized crime is the common denominator in each of those migrants groups. Provide the link to the FBI stats. Crime is a cancer to civilized society. While various systems are in place to deal with crime, the essence of the situation is the battle between morality and natural law.
  14. Are you an am*zon Affiliate? It would seem that would be one of the wisest things to do. Also the biggest advantage of am*zon and ebooks is KindleUnlimited. People have not been properly dissecting what am*zon was doing to keep an audience captive. Partially because the refuse to accept the reality of successful business. That being give the people what they want and while you are doing it make sure you monetize it. Two years ago, I started that a kindle unlimited like system needed to be set up for a black ecosystem. Also I noticed that collaborative effort are extremely difficult in some intellectual activities. Partially because of people antiBusiness brainwashing. I am glad you are starting to take a different view. You are really in a good position to leverage am*zon to the site’s advantage. Also I have had a subscription to Libro.fm for several years now. High gas prices had caused me to suspend it temporarily. I will be renewing it this week. I am not sure that enough advertisements for your alternatives products are being put on your site. I doubt I would have learned about it if the topic hadn’t come up in a post. One final comment is that this site needs to increase it’s social media presence and engagement. Every organism has its place in the ecosphere the same principles apply to the metasphere. Your primary objective on social media is to draw people from those streets to this pool. Why not set up a shell company and seek the affiliate access? The idea is to keep an engaged audience that will bring more people to your community. It’s the lead loss principal. Plus you aren’t taking re targeting and cookies. I made most of my am*zon affiliate money not from books, but from other things people bought after they clicked my link.
  15. If that’s the criteria for rejection then the Whole Democratic Party needs to be removed from office. They instigated multiple of riots and deaths with their rhetoric. Trump was the best president of the 21st Century. Trump was not an autocrat. He obeyed the system more than Biden or Obama. There wil always be a catering to special interest. The question is who has sovereignty? The Bureaucracy or the People? The Democrats are suppressing God given rights to life and liberty. That’s because they are Godless and mindless.
  16. What BS propaganda. “Truth.org”. That’s so Orwellian. We people talk this way you know they are part of a propaganda campaign. How about people don’t have the proper algorithms to filter the information they are being given? The Bubblegum Wrapper Theory.
  17. Things have gotten so bad people are running out of gas on the roads and have resorted to stealing gas ️. It also needs to emphasize the only .19¢ out of each stimulus dollar went directly to the American people. They are trying to ensnare the American people culpability for the thievery they the Politicians enabled the wealthy and criminal elements of perform.
  18. You are still operating in their paradigm of incomplete analysis. The Biden Hike doesn’t refer to the Federal Reserve Rate Hike although it is clearly there is no real independence when ideology is in alignment. The BH is a reference to the Reality Tax the Biden policies inflict upon the American people. By continuing his relentless efforts to destroy the oil and gas industry, he has imposed a defacto tax that has a multiplier effect on the economy. The Republicans and Democrats who point to Monetary Policy as a solution are wrong. Fed Rate hikes will only make things worse. You will hear “conservatives” say that too much money has entered the system hence they now need to remove it from the system. That doesn’t take into consideration the global and virtual nature of the market place. Forced restrictions on production is what is the real cause of the shortage of goods. This is what gives the illusion of too many dollars chasing after too few goods. This is why we had prosperity with Trump and scarcity under the heel of Biden.
  19. More and more Latinos and Hispanics are moving to the Republicans. The reason why is because they don’t like illegal immigration, attacks on God and attempts to destroy the traditional family. When are Black people going to Wake Up and vote their interest and not follow the fraudulent Political class?
  20. Wrong it was supposed to be you aren’t a taxi driver so you don’t realize the effects the Biden Hikes are causing the Black Community. @Greg That’s such a BS trope. How you could even form your fingers to type such nonsense is embarrassing .
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