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  1. Check the sequence of events then get back to me. Did any of his policies cause a removal of protective measures? I think you are missing the strategic value of the Air Force base. Did you know we have an Air Force Base in Guyana? For our nation’s safety we need to project forces throughout the world The deal has poison pills and terms which when activated would have delayed the withdrawal. Actions taken by the Taliban voided the agreement. Biden wanted to score points by saying that the Troops were gone by 9/11. Not thinking about what the objective conditions were or America’s long term security interest. With hypersonic weapons emerging we can’t afford a first strike against our country. The move to depend on Electric Cars leaves the nation vulnerable to EMP attacks.
  2. Look at the Woman’s suffrage struggle and you will find the answers. Black women poisoned White women when their daughters became their husbands concubines. White women were constantly challenged by Black women taking their husbands’ affections and attention away. White women are trying to enroll Black women into a battle which has nothing to do with the dynamics of the Black family. It’s based on the Jealousy of Black male achievement. During slavery Black Women would try to abort their babies to save their children from the harsh reality of slavery. We are no longer existing in the era of government sanctioned chattel slavery. Look to the conditions and relationships of Black Mothers to be with their pre born children. They were viewed as gifts. The current debate cast children as the chain that enslaves Black women. I hope I answered your question. It’s not more than those which were killed by abortion. Our family and communities must come together or descend into barbarism and savagery. When it comes to race I refuse to play my white man is better than yours. That’s the biggest problem right now. They are only tools to be used and rivals to conquer. That’s a mutual action which is caused by our refusal to realistically deal with sex and the results of sex. There’s a lot of deconstruction of false beliefs that must be dealt with. We need to create support systems for mothers or fathers who wind up as single parents. Yes it is a tough issue. But we are strong enough to meet any challenges.
  3. The way millions of orphans and adopted children have. You invoke Reagan when the issue isn’t a political one. We aren’t talking about White people. The purpose of this post was to focus on our mindset and what we were willing to tolerate. This is a Black issue that Black people have to come to terms with. Many Black fathers have driven Black women to have abortion because of their pride.
  4. The Republicans freed Black Americans. Democrats keep them enslaved up to this day. It’s sad when you volunteer to be the frog in the pot.
  5. There has been a war against Black Americans Families from the very beginning of the founding of the nation. The diabolic truth is that Black Lives have been devalued as and replaced with false concepts and notions. The current debate of country pits Black women against Black babies. It’s the culmination of decades of White women grievances being injected into the Black woman psyche. Black women are the natural rivals of White women who have always looked down on them and as a threat. Babies are not a mechanism to enslave Black women. Black babies are the future and legacy of Black people. We must stand up against frivolous abortion and reserve that procedure to cases of absolute emergencies where the death by medical complications could kill the mother. Let’s restore sanity to the Black family starting with the Black Babies.
  6. Hence the reasons for their apostasy.
  7. Are you considering how many people are dying in Afghanistan now and how many are going to die from further Terrorists attacks or from the loss of the airbase that was surrendered? I don’t believe that America was in a colonial situation where the Afghanis were being treated as second class citizens in their own country. I do know that it was the American government’s inability to trust the American people with the truth that caused this sentiment.
  8. The Supply Chain problem had very little to do with Covid. Covid didn’t have the ships waiting off the shores of California. That was Democrats ineptitude and antiBusiness policy. I couldn’t care less about the January 6 Scam. Why weren’t the National Guard deployed like Trump asked? The only thing Democrats like about business is milking them. The only reason why oil prices are up is because of the shutdown of pipeline and permitting delays and denials and excessive regulations. If you don’t believe the Democrats are antiOil and Gas ️ explain why Ca is banning the sale of new gas powered cars?
  9. On the Joe Rogen experience Zuckerburg of Meta(aka Facebook) admitted the FBI approached his organization to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. The FBI has outlived its usefulness. It’s time to develop a different agency.
  10. That’s right I said Biden Killed. Had he not recklessly withdrawn from Afghanistan there would not have been these losses. Biden Bad for the Military, Bad for Americans.
  11. 1 rape is too many. Look at the crime rate before the pandemic then look at it now. The difference is bail reform, the decarcerate movement and attacks on Law Enforcement. Many things effect inflation, but the prime mover in this case is Biden and Democrats war on Business.
  12. Your math doesn’t mean much because you would need to look at other areas to see the changes there. And the most important thing is that the rape numbers are up. Are you minimizing rape?
  13. Willful ignorance. It’s in the CBS article. You can mock and deny, but the facts are documented.
  14. I appreciate all that Trump has done for America. Black Unemployment was down. But, because some people feel that unemployment was down during slavery the rising Black unemployment under Biden must be a good thing. Gas ️ prices were way down. So low that there was a fear that if it went any lower small producers would go out business because they wouldn’t be able to make sufficient profit to be sustainable. The First Step Act opened the door for the rehabilitation of prison sentencing. Many Black Leaders have decided that they would rather foster chaos over progress. You may want to destroy America. I want to save and build America. You vote for violence and suppression, I vote for harmony and freedom. Forgiveness and reconciliation tops resentment and retribution.
  15. Did I offend you? Forgive me. It’s not my fault you have been emotionally disturbed by Trump and Liberty seeking Americans, like myself. One of the Greatest qualities of Free America is the right to challenge the narrative and to think freely. It’s a wonderful gift.
  16. You obviously have not investigated my posting here or on other social media where I have posted videos of myself. Unfortunately this site doesn’t allow me to upload videos directly. I have to first post on other sites first.
  17. Yes, look it up. CBS News https://www.cbs46.com/2022/02/25/with-murders-rapes-rise-atlanta-apd-launches-anti-crime-unit/ You can but lie. Biden didn't cause inflation, fool. The pandemic did, plus the Ukraine war. Gas prices are now dropping. Do you credit Biden Inflation started exploding after Biden’s first day of tampering with the oil supply. You can but lie. Biden didn't cause inflation, fool. The pandemic did, plus the Ukraine war. Gas prices are now dropping. Do you credit Biden Inflation started exploding after Biden’s first day of tampering with the oil supply. If you don’t visit the article, here’s an excerpt: “Rapes are also up in Atlanta, an astounding 236% with 37 rapes reported in 2022 so far, compared to 11 during the same time period in 2021.”
  18. Those statistics are amazing. Yet people keep attacking Herschel Walker using racial stereotypes. We need people like Herschel who have experienced success, then failure and success again. We need Black Representatives who won’t sell out their heritage for benefit kickbacks and corrupt of others. Biden caused inflation is increasing Black Poverty, hunger and deprivation. We must stand tall and say no more IRS Agents to harass our working Black Men and Women. We need to get Herschel in to office to grow unity in our community. Donate to the campaign today https://www.teamherschel.com/ RUN-FIGHT-WIN
  19. Crazy isn’t a name it’s a description of your mindset. You need to look in the mirror to see fascists. The Democrats have demonstrated fascism over the last 19 months. Then you are blind. https://www.wyoming.gop/post/100-reasons-to-vote-for-donald-trump I have been to Moscow in real life. You are talking foolishness.
  20. If that’s the case all the Democrats need to be replaced.
  21. The timing is all wrong. Trump didn’t pack the boxes. If there was anything that was that important they would not have waited 18 months to go after it. It’s clearly a ploy to curry favor with Brain dead Trump haters who are so twisted they believe anything they say negative about Trump. Trump 2024. Drain the Alphabet Swamp.
  22. No It’s like voting for Mandela. Freedom’s Song . You are clearly delusional to believe such nonsense. Especially since Biden continues to increase Putin’s wealth and power. The FBI isn’t police. The agency has proven time again it is corrupt. The Democrats have so corrupted the nation it needs to be wiped down with a disinfectant. You seriously are mentally damaged. Jan 6 riot was a Democrat ploy to stop the challenge to the electoral vote 🗳. Only one Senator and one representative was needed and the riot interrupted that. He has no need to. He doesn’t control those kooks and troublemakers. The FBI was wrong and should be denounced and Garland impeached. Trump brought peace and prosperity to the United States. At least you called it what it is. An inflation bill, which will take more money from the working and middle portion of our community. Do you think rich people worry about the IRS? No. They have money in Trust and other structures to protect their assets. If you have not read any of Trump’s books you don’t know what I think about Trump.
  23. It was a tip on how to avoid eating junk food and snacks. Many people looking to change their eating habits may appreciate it. Not everyone is perfect like the commenters here
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