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  1. I am talking about the constant repetition that occurs. But, you know that fraud.
  2. He seems to be more interested in Trump than I am, yet he hasn’t taken the time to read one of his books. But, https://www.instagram.com/p/CX-9zy1s7so/?utm_medium=copy_link There are authors who agree with my assessments. Don’t Hate Us because You Can’t Be Us. My statement was that there is a large Afrofuturism movement that rejects the current standards of SciFi. That’s not say all. It pointing to a reality. @Stefanbiggest problem is that I am a succinct communicator. He loves hearing himself rather than hearing others. So much so he puts words in his mouth.
  3. After reading this article, it’s looking like crypto maybe a good way to have the Black American community support the Caribbean nations. I want to know what your thoughts are. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-03-10/jamaica-offers-free-money-to-digital-currency-s-first-adopters
  4. You can’t read. It’s shows clearly how much I have invested. You are just so poison you can see the truth. I can tell you don’t have a Stash account. You can get on too. You don’t have to be so jealous https://get.stash.com/clarenc69neg @Stefan You called me a big time investor. I just disclosed that I was invested in Rivian.
  5. Actually that’s a very good question however I believe that is more indicative of the reaction of certain parts of the Republican Party to candidate selected by Trump. That racism came from the Democratic Party yet you are exhibiting Stockholm syndrome. I choose not to interpret the material through the same filter that you do.
  6. Not yet, I am getting closer every day. We shall see. You remind me of the Super Bowl commercial. A thing doesn’t have to be revolution to be of value or useful. People have to make an entry somewhere and I would rather be a producer than just a consumer. Ok thank you anyway.
  7. It’s only divided by those who want it to be. I already read that article and it didn’t disprove my statement.
  8. @Mel Hopkinshave you examined my experience yet? https://mtvrs.io/MysteriousBusyIchidna
  9. Brother from Another Planet along enjoy Will and Jaden Smith . I have found there is a large and growing AfroFuturism movement which rejects the current version of Sci Fi. Blerds are a large community too. @Troythat’s a funny movie . “I ain’t never been in one yet.” And “Especially Black Detectives”.
  10. @Delanoit was listen to. It’s sad how we let preconceived notions prevent us from new experiences. @Troy and @ProfD this experience doesn’t require any special equipment. You just need to have a cell phone and download the app. Gaia Girls & Pixel Pimpin NFTS in Metaverse https://mtvrs.io/MysteriousBusyIchidna Zuck isn’t involved in this project and it more like AR (Augmented Reality) as opposed to virtually reality. I hope to do more projects with books and stories.
  11. @ProfDwhy shouldn’t they be related since we have 1 nation?
  12. I pay for advertising on this site and also paid the $11 newsletter fee. If I can’t speak frankly with a person it means they aren’t worthy of communicating. He is the one who bought up the label Luddite and I disagreed with his assessment. Take listen on a dramatic representation of how real Black men converse. https://m.soundcloud.com/latheatreworks/mr-rickey-calls-a-meeting-part-2 If we keep it real we will win.
  13. am*zon has ordered a huge number of EV Trucks from Rivian Automotive. As you see I have invested in Rivian. I also have stock in am*zon and Tesla.
  14. It’s time for Black People to continue the process started by President Donald Trump to flood the Republican Party. The Democrats keep pushing programs and policies which are stripping Black People of the property and liberty. What’s the point in Reparations if the Democrats are going to take it all away again. Black Republicans are among the party’s biggest fundraising stars, according to a report. Wesley Hunt, a black GOP candidate running for Congress in the Texas’ 38th district near Houston raised more than a million dollars in the most recent funding quarter, October through December 2021, according to Roll Call. Source: https://nypost.com/2022/01/29/black-gop-candidates-raking-in-big-money/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons Who is providing this money? What is it that they know about the Black Flight from the Donkeys? Yes, give them Democrats the wake up call they have be asking for for years. We Black People are not the property of the Democrats. What your thoughts? ****************************** The views here are strictly the views of the poster and not this site or it owners. ******************************
  15. It’s amazing how people will talk about the poor yet advocate policies which make it harder for creating wealth. Gas prices are just one lever of higher food prices and home heating. It’s mind boggling how myopic the responses have been. What is also funny is if you put the statement of the common man, they’re discounted. Then when the well established are presented they too are discounted.
  16. It’s not ZUCKERBURG Metaverse. That was the point the Prof Kez had illuminated in her post. My Experience is with a total different app. The Sandbox.game isn’t Meta it’s Def Jam Records. And yea @Troy you are a Luddite. Your whole business model is a decade old. You didn’t even recognize the book sales potential which would be generated around metaverse experiences based on those books. I will have a demonstration ready for my NFTS then Books ready by next week. I just have to handle the fallout from the Biden Energy policies.
  17. I live your mental gymnastics. You demonstrate perfectly why this isn’t brought up about Kamala Harris. The question is are only Mixed or Willing to mix Black people socially acceptable on both sides of the spectrum.
  18. When I first joined this site some people were lamenting the “poor” people who couldn’t even afford to buy a car in America. Now when it was pointed out there was a huge secondary market for car purchases that still didn’t dissuade them from the position. I bring this up because recently the Biden Administration is vigorously advocating we don’t need more oil production because we are transitioning. My question is transitioning to what? Elon Musk one of the leading proponents of Electric Vehicles recognizes the folly in that stance. My immediate response was that of course he would say that because if people didn’t have money or weren’t alive after such a reckless policy they would not be able to buy his mid priced vehicles. This ties into my first statements because the secondary market for gas powered cars. Which situation do you believe creates a better opportunity for car ownership? It appears to me that they don’t want people to have cars which is personal property. I see the same type of effect by the high property tax in Blue States. While you may be able to make the down payment and may also have income to purchase a home, the taxes bar many people from acquiring a mortgage. So again we see Democrat policies that are hostile to property ownership. I believe the roots of the is found in the Leftists’ desire to eliminate personal and private property. This is the primary reason why poverty increases under Democrats. What are your thoughts? ****************************** The views here are strictly the views of the poster and not this site or it owners. ******************************
  19. Mental colonialism. I don’t need others to interpret what I see or read. I don’t endorse authoritarianism. You can take your elitist attitude else where.
  20. I found this to be informative https://www.instagram.com/reel/CakLmkZDLTN/?utm_medium=copy_link
  21. I have currently been invited to participate in a Black History DAO. One of the things I noticed that we are sorely short on skills and knowledge. The question is are you willing to increase your skill level and help other people grow?
  22. I am more interested in the truth rather than the sources, because historically the sources you are praising have been used against Blacks. @Stefanyou are correct it is about Biden and his continuing a process that has been detrimental to the Black Community. You would have been better off pointing out that this was nothing new and was carried out by previous Administrations.
  23. Your ignorance is on display. You hurl silly accusations which you can’t support. Typical of TDS patients.
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