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  1. Are you taking your vitamins and supplements? I was listening to Dr Oz on the radio the other day and he said to avoid eating junk food on the road he kept nuts in the car. He said the body doesn’t crave calories, it craves nutrients. I think he is right. A few weeks ago I had started using vitamin patches to boost my Immune system. I found that the combination of drinking more water and using the patch it has caused a decrease in food cravings. I just placed an order for the Complete package. I would love to get more people responses about their experiences. Please visit my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tv/CgWme5jFoos/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChKPZJplSey/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  2. We all have our past. He is what the country needs. A person who loves America.
  3. That just illustrates you didn’t read his book How To Get Rich. You are spreading propaganda that was put out to try to discredit him. Dismantle the FBI is a Federal institution. They aren’t saying defund ICE,Air Marshalls, Federal Police, Postal Police or Border Patrol. Your argument is superficial.
  4. You are conflating cases and mixing situations. Obama has documents he took from the White House. All of it he was legally able to do so. The radio was for public consumption to satisfy the insane TDS Mob. I am voting for Trump even if he is Jail. It’s Trumped up charges designed to distract from the horrible things that the Biden Inflation bill is going to do to Americans. Bad things are happening in America and people are being manipulated right into serfdom and slavery. I stand with Trump against the Evil Empire of Democrats and RINOS Wrong the FBI was responsible for the Russia Collusion hoax. Time and time again they were given the benefit of the doubt. However they are starting to see the FBI has always been unredeemable. The FBI isn’t local Police and Defending the Blue doesn’t mean defending Bad Cops. Bad cops should be prosecuted and police need to be able to keep law and order.
  5. Merrick Garland admitted today that it was he who authorized the warrant. This is a blatant banana republic moves. Trump continues to fight against the Bureaucracy for the people of this country. The FBI needs to be dismantled and the Justice Department needs an overhaul.
  6. Scamdemic it was just a nasty flu. Comorbidities is something we can work on.
  7. Only the foolish and naive. Man you sure proved the broken clock theory here.
  8. How could you think that a disgruntled loser who encouraged a mob of morons to bring down his vice president is a better man. Because that never happened. The reason for the riots was to stop the challenge to the electoral votes 🗳. That got interrupted. Obviously you aren’t aware of the Trump vs Bush/Cheney rivalry. Why would you expect anything less from the father of a woman feuding with Trump. It’s an orchestrated process to erode Trump support.
  9. Well because you asked me about the ebooks purchases I made my first purchase through Must reads. Don’t worry about what your affiliates make. Concern yourself with how you can help them make sales. Also through creating structured book buys, readings and thread you can increase sales and member engagement. I have been spending a lot of time on clubhouse and I am seeing the value of both written and audio conversation. Two find the black book sellers look at black children’s books look at authors. There are huge groups on Facebook. The key principle is that the objective is to drive traffic from all these sites to your list. Their politics is irrelevant to your mission.
  10. Sour grapes Trump was the better man. That’s Trump!
  11. Yes Only those Black’s who have a grudge against am*zon. That’s a competitive advantage. What affiliate program do you offer your membership. Libro has one. I am asking about aalbc. What is the the Libro/AALBC audio book of the month? I am not saying you are not doing anything, but I believe there are ideological blindspots which are causing a leaving of money on the table. I should say I buy them from my affiliate site that’s on my website. https://daniellegfny.mymustreads.com/id006231923/The-Girl-with-the-Louding-Voice But I buy most of mine from am*zon. Or directly from the vendor. Many times I get free pdf versions because I often look for older books.
  12. Enjoy the Biden Depression. 9% inflation. Rising unemployment. The jobs which pay good money require skills most unemployed don’t have.
  13. It’s not just the marketing. It also has to do with selection. Libro. And other revenue generating items should be plastered all over the site and invitation issued in each newsletter. Secondly outreach to all black communities and organizations need to be issued for them to submit the their membership.
  14. 10 more points and victory will be his. Send that pastor out to pasture
  15. We are on one global. The same air flows all around. You are aware China is due west of California? Oh I forgot @Pioneer1and @ProfDbelong to the flat earther society
  16. Is the operative word. In a Capitialist society you can stock up on as much as you can afford.
  17. The virus was a prop for the con. You amaze me with your credulity.
  18. He’s right. China is one of the worst polluters and America has been one of the best at cleaning the air. Go Herschel Go!!! His opponent is a conniving liar.
  19. Sex is taught in the Bible. What do you think the Begat is? Also Tamara and the man who chopped up his servant, King David etc.
  20. Keep believing that. We have a sense of law because our creator has established laws.
  21. You are again not looking at it from the perspective of the seller or vendor. That’s a false conclusion. The answer is to create a better marketing campaign and opportunity for buyers to purchase. I buy 90% of my audiobooks through Libro.
  22. This Congressional testimony should put an end to all Covid restrictions and mandates.
  23. am*zon, just like Uber, didn’t control the means of production. In my case, I am the means of production as a writer and as transportation vendor. As more print on Demand services are available, the print portion that am*zon does can be reduced. am*zon’s power lies in its distribution ability and constantly growing consumer base. I offer books through Barnes and Nobles and IngramSpark, but my am*zon based Book sales have dwarfed both. It’s hard to be able to break the concrete and revise how we look at things. Two more things that are supplementing am*zon are KindleUnlimited and also Goodreads. In both of these platforms they have a method to serve their end users and customers. They also are satisfying their produces buy helping paying them be consumed and experienced. Most writers want to read. This is why having book clubs where people can hear about their work are important. Meeting the author session are important. Utilizing Zoom and other Multimedia add on enhance clients and end users experience. I believe I am looking at the whole picture, because the big publishers have been my am*zon. Especially when it comes to the School System. But I am constantly looking for ways to grow and leverage their advantages.
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