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  1. How to make money in the Sandbox @Mzuri we as a community are already 11 years behind in this space. Many of us are here but it’s wide open and has huge cultural significance.
  2. @Troymy inability to convince you doesn’t make my assertion false. I stand by my statement. He is an advocate of Killing Cops. Prove to me he isn’t. You can not produce any evidence where he condemns those who advocate killing police and use him as justification. I see supporting cop killers as evidence of calling to kill police. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/colin-kaepernick-mumia-abu-jamal-release/ And there’s this https://www.westernjournal.com/kaepernick-plan-police-bad/ BTW the snobbery you and @Stefan display is beneath both of you. It seems you both fail to glean the points being raised and digress from the thread topic.
  3. Nothing is stopping you from developing support systems for the Black community from the AntiCRT crowd. We don’t think that government has the answers for our communities to develop anything other than dependency and misery. You don’t need CRT to organize and move forward. CRT actually hides how much progress has been made and provides mental comfort food for the depression and riches for the Proponents like Merrick Garland’s son in law. https://nypost.com/2021/10/14/watchdog-probes-ethical-conflicts-tied-to-garland-son-in-law/ Maybe if we started with hold poverty pimps accountable we might garner better results. You sound like some Redneck with a Grudge. If you are going to make veiled threats like that take off your hood of anonymity. People are generally reasonable. The problem is that you have to have a clear coherent case. I am not opposed to reparations. I am opposed to weak arguments that can be used as a wedge to divide America further and not have a clear definitions. Why should I pay reparations to other Black People who don’t have my interest at heart. I should I volunteer for a Black boot having just removed the White one? i have communicated with the ADOS community, they are about as aligned with me as the Back to Africa crowd or Moors or Hebrew Israelites.
  4. If that’s the case make it so and submit the data to the study. Your hatred hides your intelligence. I think that’s compared with conditions found in many parts of Africa and their technological and political structures. I at this stage I would not want to give up my American citizenship. I am open to dual citizenship. As you know there are different funding mechanisms. I understand the internet cost money and that people pay in one way or another.
  5. You don’t consider the Washington Post an older more established paper? I used this source because it didn’t have a paywall like the WaPo where it was called to my attention. @Delano “Legislation to create a commission to study slavery reparations for Black Americans has cleared a House committee in a historic vote, making its way to the full House for the first time more than three decades after it was introduced. The legislation, HR 40, now faces a full House vote. Should it pass the House, the measure would go to the evenly divided Senate. “ I would say that’s a milestone crossed. Even if it is just to get out committee and has to now face the full house. It’s also just funding for a study.
  6. Did you read the article? So were the Covid relief bill payments. But it’s important to define eligibility and a method for gathering the information necessary for validation.
  7. This site cost no upfront money to make a NFT @Mzuri @Pioneer1 https://buy.jesi.app/0ZjdhSSvHWwaXDWy7qSq
  8. I believe that each State needs to have a commission to help people establish heritage.
  9. Oh here’s one of those crack pipe kits @Troy https://www.instagram.com/tv/CaXaXwLFmgZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. I am up to T Thomas. How are you progressing?
  11. Here this is about your precious superiors.
  12. Why not just review the guidelines and make appropriate adjustments? Apply the mínimums equally.
  13. @ProfD it’s more profitable to study Blackness
  14. I am not inferior. That’s what you don’t get. You think you have discovered something that people can’t understand, but you have not taken the time to dig deeper.
  15. We do own all these things. You are trying avoid taking personal responsibility for not dealing with addictive activities. If you don’t use drugs they can’t destroy you. Admit the problem lies with too many young people seeking to make quick money through selling poison.
  16. Are we going to carry the same old ideas into the metaverse? Last night I started tinkering with Sandbox? Who would like to help me make a Black Book Reader Land?
  17. Are you so blind that you can’t see the lie you are promoting? There is no white supremacy, never had been. It’s the same concept of White Jesus. You are confining yourself to an inferior position.
  18. No it’s the precise is. It’s not Prison’s which are bad. It’s the under sentencing of White People. How do you know that? Look at who is in the prisons.
  19. You are such a staunch supporter of Black Inferiority.
  20. So what? Don’t commit the crime and that number will be reduced by 90% That’s where the prisons in Rome meant to warehouse Blacks? Says who? That’s another Myth. I got my felony for muling for another Black Person. Telling the Truth is my motivation. Pushing back against a fake narrative that’s distracting the Black Community from real solutions. Biden is and so have previous administration. But you are so vested in Biden you jump on the protect Biden.
  21. You may call me a liar, but truth crushed to earth will rise again. You refuse to acknowledge the deaths of Police caused by Kaepernick. That’s because you may feel that he was the injured party. But, based on my experience he is exhibiting a common trait of high yellow people who are trying to reconcile their Color identity. Good I don’t know why you chose to support a drug pusher disguised as a President. I have history on my side. I see people responding with emotional appeals and attacks. But that’s nothing new. Our people are subject to herd mentality just like any other. No one has posted any evidence that Kapernick didn’t call for the killing of police through his actions and activities he chooses to back. I stand by my assertion. This is from CNN you folks love CNN https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/10/us/kaepernick-essays-call-for-abolishing-police-trnd/index.html What type of sane person would call for the end of police and prisons? Prisons have existed for eons. They have nothing to do with oppressing Black people.
  22. No that’s not accurate. It’s a reaction incorrect perspective based on a US focus. The world isn’t White VS Nonwhite.
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