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  1. I was a registered Democratic until 2016. You are making faulty claims and assertions. Try again my Roach 🪳.
  2. Here’s our first 2 episodes. http://daniellegfny.com/index.php/2020/11/30/countdown-2021-blastoff-2021/
  3. My felony hasn’t stopped me from either activity. Are you in Prison? Absolutely
  4. This Sunday is the big day tune into Instagram.com/Daniellegfny at 2 pm EST
  5. Having success and wealth isn’t callous. That belief comes from not recognizing all the people who were helped in the process of accumulating the fortune. Melodramatic most of them don’t have life sentences. Expectations should not diminish accomplishments. By not properly framing disappointments we miss the lessons and opportunities. I do over 90% of what I want to do and never has the situation you described occurred to me. Most police officers are polite and professional. But, your comment is understandable due to your love of crime and criminals. A better question
  6. Is believing that this is our liability.Their actions are not our liabilities. Because of lag time and failure to take advantage of opportunities.
  7. For the past few years I have been pointing out to people that when you hear the war cry “Tax The Rich “ you better hide your wallet. Back in 2012 this article proved my point https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2082385/We-1--You-need-34k-income-global-elite--half-worlds-richest-live-U-S.html This one of the reasons why I believe that we are living with paradigms that don’t describe our current conditions or positions. It’s because we are just repeating slogans and not really doing and inventory of our assets, we are being smothered by our liabilities.
  8. Your lack of understanding is caused by your defense mechanism. You are calling my skepticism of the reaction to COVID a denial of the disease. They are two different things and can be mutually exclusive. You call my self interest Baseless. I find your opposition to Trump frivolous but that doesn’t make me think any less of you. For the record, my number one reason for Supporting Trump was to eliminate the Individual Mandate. He succeeded. I also benefited from his energy policy which resulted in lower gas prices. By increasing the supply and removing hurdles to the energy sec
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I have a lot to be thankful for. My return to the publishing industry. My continuation in the transportation industry. The opportunity to rebuild a stronger Republican Party.
  10. In other words you don’t have a solid counterpoint. You just reacted without thought.
  11. Oprah, Daymond, JayZ, I think there money came from Federal, Business, Educational, Consumer purchases. You are talking get rich quick. I am talking business principals. I can understand that you have difficulty accepting that people are and continue to be successful based on their efforts. Hawaiian. You are like the person who is given a map and refuses it because you think that you are better off without it.
  12. I am very excited to announce the first three sessions of Countdown To 2021 - Blastoff 2021 This series of joint Instagram Live session will feature different artists and illustrators showcasing their work and experiences. We are still open to including more people so DM me and we can give you more information. Here are our first three authors on the Instagram.com/Daniellegfny feed: This is the original invitation:
  13. I am talking about companies like BET, Johnson Publishing. I think City National was black bank that got bought out. I see clearly now that it’s out points of reference which are misaligned when we are speaking. I think of how Am@zon, Google and other major companies behave. You pointed to failures. I think of the Crowdfunding trend occurring. I think part of this difference could be reconciled through the use of the Cashflow quadrant as a reference to the types of things we are talking about. Most of the situations you talked about are on the Left. I am focu
  14. Please clarify what you seems to strike you as odd about my comments on slavery?
  15. When I joined this site I had sent emails to each of the companies on your list. As I visited their websites I saw more that two would be willing to carry books on consignment and asked for a fee. That’s only natural because of space limitations. One other thing can be explored is if they have started doing Zoom Conferences or Podcasts. I have noticed more indie books stores are on Instagram and you can reach out to them there.
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