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  1. Actually I was born in NJ and I work in NY. The statue didn’t offend. It actually captured the essence that Roosevelt just wasn’t a white figure. It’s because out society has advanced so much that people are easy to be offended and not realize how bad conditions were at the time Roosevelt lived. The questions could be. “Why was the Black man and Red man included?” “What message was the sculptor trying to portray?” I concur. Which makes people parrot Sidney Poiter was the first Black America to win an Oscar, when it was Hattie McDaniels for her role in Gone With The Wind.
  2. Teaching your child to be a Racist may. Individuals who understand the fallacious argument of racism will allow them to marry whom ever the please. The argument you are making supports discrimination and irrational hatred. What people do is sparked by what they feel. Emotions - Experiences - Interpretation.
  3. https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/09/1072212 Mexico https://www.voanews.com/a/africa_nigeria-buries-scores-farmers-killed-militants-some-beheaded/6198944.html Nigeria https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/tori-58387342 Ghana https://www.barrons.com/news/new-mystery-beheading-hits-mali-town-9th-in-2-years-01604583315 Mali Telling the truth about what is happening is not disparaging. You did read my reply that slavery was a global phenomenon not just a United State institution. The fact that earlier Americans called it peculiar meant it was not normal. @Troycan you prove you are 100% ADOS?
  4. Not to the degree that you have be headings and dismemberment on a regular basis.
  5. That’s a development project a friend of mine is working on in Sierra Leone. I actually like it. My problem is the crime, political and religious instability in the region.
  6. The question is do you know what makes America unique? this is a house being built in Sierra Leone . $15,000 US
  7. We are talking about cost and the desire of the attorney to take the case. I have had experience to the contrary.
  8. It’s a cry for help. Maybe someone with more resources and expertise can offer assistance. Finding legal help is still challenging. I sell life events legal plans and still find it difficult.
  9. @Mzuri @ProfDI bet they did ask Bill Clinton multiple times when he had sepsis a few days ago.
  10. That @Mzuriis the essence of the difference in treatment. They treated her like a drug addict and with a greater level of skepticism than if she had been White. I saw a video about a black dr who died because they didn’t take the woman at her word. Everything isn’t about race, however being open to the possibility that it is merits follow. @ProfDI think the fact that she wasn’t trying to make her video a hollywood production lends to the credibility. I would think a talk with some AZ Civil Rights Groups would be in order.
  11. Not yet. I had to get some of other projects dealt with. Thank you for following up.
  12. Even in the Fire Department Racism and Negative Discrimination occurs. Listen to this AZ woman’s story It’s sad that even after all the revelation of last year things like this still happen. It goes to show that while social media has a wide reach, not everyone has gotten the message that not treating all people with respect is unacceptable.
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