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  1. But wait a minute. Wasn't there a lot of pushback on my claim that White Supremacy never went away?
  2. @Pioneer1 Black Websites are being used. Maybe not to your satisfaction. The problem is the poor moderation. This is how cynical and ignorant posters infiltrate a news forum or online discussion group and actually change the tenor. When this is allowed, it is usually the fault of poor moderation. Good discussion forums prove to be valuable when many members are good writers and post thoughtful commentary that often begs for responses. But if all a forum is known for is vicious putdowns, it eventually gets a reputation and becomes useless except for the clueless. At one time, there were some pretty interesting threads in this discussion group. But no news forum or discussion group is perfect. But when many ignorant, hateful and fact-deprived comments are posted unpunished, that's a reflection on the discussion group.
  3. @ProfD Actually, when people are jealous of you, they initiate a fight. You don't. There's something about you that your detractor hates you for. Usually, it's one's ability to see through bullchit, cut immediately to the chase and convincingly undercut their position without resorting to personal attacks. I do that with facts, history and links to webpages that provide proof of my contentions. But your detractors cannot do that. They can only get frustrated, then angry and end up hurling personal attacks which outs them as insecure, immature and piss poor communicators. Once they become enraged, you've won. Just remain calm and consistent. If one has never been taught how to fashion a persuasive essay, they'll always lose when their debate opponent keeps their cool.
  4. Donald Trump got so angry in the White House when some things did not work out the way he wanted, he took to throwing plates in a rage. Ha ha ha. No wonder a few folks at his former Amen headquarters of Fox News have been taking on-air shots at him. Well, I bet what former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson revealed earlier Tuesday, June 28, is gonna make Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch positively giddy. For those not paying attention, ( and it seems many who love the smelly elephant party are not ), Murdoch is now so over Trump, he and others feel it is safe to take on the incompetent fool at last. 'Coz they done got themselves a younger and more savvy White Supremacist man they can funnel all sorts of ill-gotten riches to. And this one dosen't say goofy things or hire nincompoops such as Rudy Giuliani. Despite calmer, more analytical and truth-telling individuals informing the world for years that Trump is actually an unhinged, misogynist and racist buffoon, his faithful minions defend him 24/7. Trump will likely still whine, sulk and lash out as he begs people to believe massive voter fraud cost him the 2020 election. No, clown. The voters of this country simply didn't want your dumb rear end screwing up everything anymore. And they voted your crazy butt out. So, you can bet Trump will focus most of his rage on the 25-year White woman who ignored numerous rumored threats and told the world how desperate Trump was on Jan. 6. Why, after being told that intruders had gotten into the US Capitol building and it was no longer safe, Trump wanted the Secret Service to drive him there anyway. This, despite it now being known several vile people in the Insurrection Crowd were armed with guns. When they said no, Trump allegedly reached forward and tried to grab the steering wheel of "The Beast" himself. But no joy. Trump not only has little hands, he's got short arms, too. So back to the White House went a miffed Trump and his dejected coup plotters. Now, the hope is that some other folks in the know find their courage and come forward and testify before the Jan. 6 Commission as well. It must have been a sight when Trump tried to wrest control of his Secret Service Lincoln Navigator. It may have been the one time to belt out a brand new gospel song in case you were headed for heaven that afternoon.
  5. I have been telling people since Trump left office that the Liar in Chief ended his term with less people working than they were when he took the oath. But Trump lovers don't like to read. They just love to fulminate. U.S. lost millions of jobs during Trump administration Memories from the days Lord Dampnut tried to defy world leaders ...
  6. You and a few others, do. But most don't. They tolerate their rantings. Informed folks who are Jewish would never put up with anti-Semites on their news forums.
  7. @Troy Nope. I accuse you failing to admit the truth: I did prove there is still White Supremacy and it is getting worse. Personally, I think it's sad if you're a Republican and that there are so many Blacks on here who love Trump. Because since Reagan, national Republicans haven't done a danged thing to uplift or make things easier for Black people in the U.S. or elsewhere. And some seem to really enjoy ignoring Truth and Reality. Even some GOP'ers have taken to slowly shaking their heads in dismay. https://nypost.com/2022/06/20/texas-republicans-declare-biden-election-illegitimate-despite-evidence/
  8. @Troy The only thing I exhibit is an extraordinary ability to frame an issue in clear and declarative sentences. You simply cannot admit that I proved my contentions correct. I am surprised you resort to such silliness. I'm not the one who resorts to childish insults, lies and falsehoods.
  9. Dude, you want us to know you DID NOT wish harm to President Barack Obama? Even though you opposed everything about him? Well, whoopie doo! Hold on, I'm trying to contact the head office of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.
  10. @ProfD For the reasons I spelled out. This was not just Trump's fault. And Affirmative Action will likely be defeated for good by the Clarence Thomas-led Supreme Court. There is a lot of blame to go around about the overturning of Roe v Wade, starting with Justice Ginsburg refusing to retire. Bernie acting like an intransigent jerk and refusing to forcefully endorse Hillary. Hillary herself declining to spell out what she do as POTUS. Instead of repeating Trump is crazy. He proved it, but too many, even those who are Black, still dismiss this. Really dumb and illogical voters who supported Bernie and thought the world would be handed to them. But at the expense of others. And then coming up with lies to mask why Bernie really lost. Because most people saw through his bullchit, that's why. Socialism would never work in a Land of Hate and Greed.
  11. @ProfD Only by pushing back against a known troll consistently and forcefully will a discussion group or news forum rid itself of the pest. The fact we have to repeatedly address this matter is proof of what I contend. So, why do so many tolerate it? I disagree that any anti-Black poster's musings sound good to anyone. Use the Zionist test: Will any criticism of Jews from an anti-Semite be accepted by a true Son or Daughter of Abraham who lives to uplift their people? Use the same measuring stick and you'll quickly discover who's with you and who isn't.
  12. Some may not be aware that decades ago, many Negroes who managed to snag a power position often lorded it over other Negroes who lacked their standing. In company offices, (before the term corporations was universally adopted), we called these ones HNIC's. For Head Nigger in Charge. And man, did many enjoy the little bit of power they had. From some of their actions and sense of entitlement, I vowed that if I ever became a manager, to treat everyone with respect. And I did. It's a sad individual who's been little regarded most of their life and when they get a piece of power, they act as if they're demented sultans. Drunk with the authority to supervise, some will embark on campaigns to make others' lives miserable. You see this is a lot in retail, fast food and in the lower echelons of the job market. We'll always have such folks. But the people I am focusing on are the egocentric knuckleheads who see themselves as superior to other Blacks. These toadies are the dangerous ones. Along with the insecure and envious, these will seek to undermine, frustrate and if they can, destroy any other Black that can do something they cannot. Jealousy kills people. Believe it. Be extremely wary of such individuals and create your own support group and sounding board. This is how we members of the National Association of Black Journalists managed to survive the constant brickbats, lies and phony complaints many of us had to endure from White counterparts.
  13. How many times have I warned that a troll's real aim is to destroy a forum's honest and informative dialogue? Unless this is what most secretly want.
  14. Richard, I already said a woman would need sperm. The sperm could come from any male no matter where he is, from or even if he's dead. As long as the sperm can be made fertile to impregnate a woman. Humans can freeze sperm and eggs. I doubt very much scientists can duplicate male sperm in labs for mass procreation. One reason is due to embryonic cells not being found in adults. We're years away from something like this anyway. Pioneer1, all a woman would need to get pregnant is sperm and a turkey baster. Men will keep trying to control women and stumble often. Because females are perfectly capable of choosing their own hairstyles, apparel and companions. The only way men can overcome women's reluctance to be ordered around unjustly is to use their old standby tactics - restrictive rules and violence.
  15. Even though there have been few incidents in which organized and armed Blacks struck back at their tormentors, this does not mean it will not happen these days. Weapons have improved to the point where frag grenades and even shoulder fired shells can take out more than a dozen people at a time. So, the possibility is there. I am not suggesting this. But it can be done.
  16. Richard, you seem to be confused. While you claim that Abortion is a woman's issue, you still believe you and other men should mouth off about it because male sperm can get a female pregnant. Have you heard about in-vitro fertilization? A woman does not need a man to get pregnant, just sperm and a freaking turkey baster. So no one has to call Nick Cannon. Or you for your opinion. There have been countless women of note who used in-vitro to get pregnant and declined to release details. Of if they could not get pregnant, adopted. Sometimes twice. They did not need our approval. In-vitro has been around since the 1970's.
  17. I said this in 2016 even before Trump was elected and was attacked. Then I repeated my allegation just before Joe Biden defeated Trump and wouldn't ya know it? I got attacked again. I actually posted LINKS from reputable publications acknowledging how many Black men and women had abandoned their people who were still struggling and chose to support Trump. But I was later accused of not proving my contentions. All I could do is laugh and realize the turncoat problem is much worse than anyone thinks. So, why don't we ask the political turncoats to list for us what exactly has Trump accomplished for Black people? Except insult us a lot.
  18. No one thought A Woman's Right to Choose needed to be codified. Because no one thought that U.S. voters would ever elect a racist and lying numbskull such as Trump. I explained how Trump got elected. I suspect most do not want to acknowledge this because they also might have voted for a third party candidate. You wanna know who's to blame? If you're a Bernie devotee or you hate Democrats, look in the mirror. Here's the bottom line: Abortion will always be a woman's issue. And Gun Rights ain't going away. But White Conservatives will control the outcome of any national disputes. They know Black people can be divided easily and made to vote against their own self-interests.
  19. @Mel Hopkins You are not a troll. You write more than one sentence and what you say actually makes sense. However, in my experience, news room and discussion threads that ultimately pit Black men against Black women are usually self-defeating. I did not mean for you to take that criticism to heart. Pioneer1, You may believe the presence of someone who constantly puts down Black people is good, but I don't. There's rarely any substance to this dude's posts. It's nonsense many of us have read before. "We were stupid, we were helpless, the big brave White man had to show us the way." Ever notice such folks refuse to acknowledge our race's contributions in social struggles, wars, inventions, exploration, education and business? Because they will never will. I don't waste time with them. Do you think a Black man of the caliber of Barack Obama would? How do you think a Stacey Abrams would react? The same way Samuel L. Jackson treats Clarence Thomas - as a self hating clown. The Black Race is mighty. And if someone wants to waste their time trying to convince us otherwise, then we are intellectually poorer for allowing them to distract us from admiring our Legacy of Triumphs.
  20. Threads such as this one are created for one reason and one reason only. To distract you from the real threats both Black genders face. When you respond to actual trolls, you give them a reason to continue posting their infantile diatribes. They exist to get a rise of people. And so many fall for it.
  21. That complete fool is now Trump's heir apparent. You are preaching to your own choir. The folks whose minds you need to change are those who still support and believe in people such as Trump and DeSantis. You're already got those on your side who believe as you do.
  22. Even when there are no surviving images or historical accounts, people of other races stood besides Black people. But our enemies are doing an excellent job of turning us against each other. It's gotten so bad there are some Blacks who urge violence against other Blacks due to differences in political views. Which is ridiculous.
  23. This is a woman's issue. Men need to stay out of it unless they can bring a fetus to full term.
  24. This didn't have to happen. As Cynique noted, If Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had resigned when Barack Obama was in the White House, he could have nominated her replacement. But RBG's stupid ego got in the way. She began to believe far too much in her own importance. But she was just one woman. And an ill and fragile one. I knew RBG would never survive the winner of the 2016 election. This is why I urged Bernie Bots not to vote third party after it became apparent their Socialist hero could never win the Dem nomination. Unfortunately, most Democrats underestimated the childishness of many Bernie Bots. Like petulant children who can't get their way, they ignored common sense and refused to vote for Hillary. In fact so many remained enraged he fell short that more than 10% of the Vermont Senator's supporters actually voted for Trump, according to many exit polls and NPR. They had no idea what kind of lasting damage they were doing. I've always said the Freedom to Choose is a Woman's Issue. Men needed to stay out of it. Women are intelligent enough to make these decisions for themselves. Unless men can get pregnant, they needed to shut up. The same with the Bible Thumpers. Trotting out three thousand year old Scriptures may seem sensible, but those verses are three thousand years old. How many on this planet still respect their words? Do we still stone people for adultery? Do we still practice brother-in-law marriage? Are there such things called "Cities of Refuge" for accidental killers? How many pregnant women lose their fetuses because of violence from men? Are the men always executed as punishment? Can men have multiple wives today? Not according to the Bible's New Testament. The Freedom to Choose has never been about religion or saving fetuses. It was always about sexist control. The first thing voting women need to do is recognize whom you can reach and whom will never side with you. Then act accordingly.
  25. @Pioneer1 You notice, not one shred of evidence or proof was provided by the instigator? Which is par for the course for such individuals. These days, Black people are rarely freed from local or county jails to continue their criminal mayhem. Unless the prosecutor or the judge is a goofball Progressive. Most progressive politicians care only about their own political power. I've been saying this for years. The following link is just more proof of what I contend. A young "Defund the Police" Asian Progressive moved into Manhattan's Spanish Harlem for her campaign, but has now fled in fear of crime. Well, didn't she want the Police Defunded? The reason the link is to the New York Post is because it's one not behind a firewall. This toady whom the news story discusses is as bad as the most notorious phony Progressive of them all, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. By the way, get the Progressive's name and do a search. https://nypost.com/2022/06/21/yuh-line-niou-house-wannabe-who-preaches-cop-defund-fled-from-harlem/
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