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  1. Chevdove, my comments stand. You seem to have an inability to stay on point. You are obsessed with Europe and how it relates to the Obama administration. If you are this angry with Obama, you are free to join Diamond and Silk.
  2. Obama is not to blame for the increasing wealth gap. The wealth gap began to narrow in his early years. It soon resumed widening, not because of Obama. But due to a low inheritance tax. And that particular levy continues to play a major factor in separating in wealth accumulation by Whites. The ACA is a bonafide accomplishment of the Obama administration. Oh, Europe did it? And you think this is nothing but a trick? Many would call it an attempt to bring about Universal Healthcare.
  3. Yes, that is true. I do not know how many Blacks are languishing behind bars due to being nabbed for possession and sale of weed. But it did irk me that the folks who got the permissions and licenses to sell marijuana are White. There are several Black owned weed dispensaries now. https://www.theroot.com/go-green-but-buy-black-10-black-owned-cannabis-compani-1834189450
  4. I despise trolls as well.
  5. Pioneer, I never thought about it that way. But it sure makes sense.
  6. Kareem, Troy asked if I remembered Willis Reed and Walt Frazier. I also remember the Knicks in the '90's. In 1994, they were up 3-2 over the Rockets in the Finals, traveled to Houston for the last two games and promptly blew those contests.
  7. Chevdove, you can believe as you wish. The ACA offered millions health insurance when they had none or had insufficient coverage. Many others have said the same. If one does not want to buy health insurance that is on them. Because anyone can opt out. Personally, I don't believe half the folks who claimed they suffered financially due to the ACA. Such ones tend to lie or exaggerate, absent any definitive proof. Millions of folks in this country have been bankrupted because they lacked health insurance or the ability to pay high medical bills. If Black people decide to forego health insurance, don’t blame me. The onus is on them. Do they think they’re really going to receive a great health insurance deal from Republicans? The bottom line is that Obama’s ACA gave health insurance to millions who never had it. If no one wanted to pay a fine, then they need to obtain insurance through other means, ya know, like a full time job? I am aware that medical costs are ridiculous. So are prices for homes. When I had no health insurance, I just hoped I would not get sick. But if you have children, that is a difficult proposition. Depending on what state and what health provider one goes to, there may be cheaper alternatives. But today, for those who do not have health coverage, they face an uncertain fate. Would you drive your own car without insurance? Do you have home owner’s insurance? Renter’s insurance? If you own a company, do you obtain insurance? What happens if you there’s an incident and you’re held liable? Or you can take a chance by not buying insurance.
  8. I do not believe it is a trick. Israel desperately wants new friends. This is not an alliance. It's merely an establishment of full diplomatic relations. I do not trust Netanyahu as far as I can toss a 100 pound sack of potatoes.
  9. Troy, those were glorious days for the Knicks! Yes, we lionized Reed and Frazier. … “we have 25 seconds to the championship. ……. Red Holzman has to hold back some of his players….. ....And now the crowd starts a combination of “It’s all over now” and “We’re Number One!” (Marv Albert) It’s all on this wonderful album which I played so much it became hopelessly scratched. I love the Knicks. New York Rangers, too. Are you kidding? Don't you remember that firestorm following Janet Jackson's breast stunt at the 2004 Super Bowl? I thought the reaction was completely overblown.
  10. I’ve debated some strident, but intelligent, racists on a couple of news forums. This was in 2002 when I was debating the legitimacy of the coming Iraq War. It took a while, but eventually I made quite a few friends on there. It was not all about fighting and trying to get the best of each other. Even these Conservatives back then acknowledged facts from legitimate sources. In fact, it was a requirement on that forum to provide support for your assertions. Now, not all liked my responses. But no one ever claimed I made stuff up. Most Black reporters get fired if we are caught faking news. So, I learned to do my work.
  11. I get you, my brother. If it's a problem, I will post such stuff elsewhere.
  12. Troy, I wrote this a couple of years qago and posted iit n a Black forum on FB. I write my own material. A lot of people enjoy my work so they copy it. Are you the only person who did not realize they are a joke? I should tell you that I am a retired Senior News Editor with 26 years in the news industry. I also taught Writing and Literature in business colleges for five years. Every once in a while, I come up with a funny.
  13. FAS, I already offered a link that stated 40% of Black voters sat home in 2016. I will offer a graphic this time. Blacks by far, bear the brunt of the blame for not voting in 2016. Forty percent is a huge number. Go ahead and find another community with such a poor turnout. Too many want to ignore the massive turnouts Blacks gifted Obama with. Not once, but twice. Black voters failed to deliver in key states that Obama won. I understand wanting to put the onus for failing to vote on other peoples and on other factors. But the bottom line is this: We did not come out to vote in 2016. If anyone has alternative evidence from a legitimate and viable source, then furnish it. When members of your own group collectively decide to surrender when they have a chance to fight on, that’s illogical. Refusing to vote is not a legitimate protest. It is surrender. Voters in the U.S. traditionally have a low turnout, particularly during non-presidential election years. Does anyone really think Blacks are not going to have a harder time surviving under Trump 2.0? Trump won chiefly because of Black voter apathy, third party voters and women on all sides who did not care for a female Commander-in-Chief. At least, that is what some pundits think. FAS, I applaud your defense of our people on the voting issue. But the truth must be out. We as a people just need to do better. We have before. And we can do it again. Our votes can make a difference. Troy, actually Blacks DO vote as a block when it comes to national elections. I posted a second graph that proves this. I know some Black people claim the electoral process is completely rigged. So, how exactly did Obama win twice? I guess the GOP ran out of rope for their rigging. One thing that is true is that Republicans have long used Voter Suppression to win elections. I also believe if votes are compiled by computer systems, that hackers can either add or take away ballots. We definitely have challenges. This is no time to throw in the towel and proclaim: "Gee, we just can't win."
  14. No matter what happens in the Middle East, Black military personnel will invariably lose their lives in hot conflicts. I have always played close attention to world affairs because I’m interested in history and this region is the source of the most reported trouble on Earth. It also sucks up trillions of U.S. tax dollars every year. I want that some of that cash used to rebuild our cities, bridges, roads and water systems. Which brings me to a development that is being widely celebrated in Israel. I read about this first on Al Jazeera's website, but waited until I had more confirmation before writing about it. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is bragging about arranging a deal for full diplomatic relations with Sudan. It is no secret Israel is always on the hunt for new friends. And this appears a major coup for the indicted leader. Why Sudan? Politics. Appearance. Sudan has oil, but its people rely mostly on agriculture to eke out a living. The country is one of the poorest in Africa. The Sudanese civil war prevented the oil from being extracted. It now lies in South Sudan, which was created in the aftermath of the civil war. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/why-did-sudanese-general-burhan-agree-meet-netanyahu https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Oman-Chad-and-now-Sudan-Israel-and-the-wider-MidEast-puzzle-616411
  15. I believe trying to explain why White men and women i n Washington decide to do the things they do is pointless. The U.S. may be the richest nation on earth depending upon several yardsticks. However, the country operates at a deficit and has for many years. The one word that keeps rolling around in my head is this: "Greed." I cannot change it. Millions hope Senator Sanders can.
  16. I love football. I love the Knicks. But since Dolan has owned them, he's content to live off the never ending ticket sales. I am glad you won some money, Troy.
  17. It is true that Russian intelligence went all in on their attempts to deceive U.S. voters. And we know that Republicans insisted that Moscow was innocent of interfering in the 2016 election. But that’s absolutely no excuse for Black voters to point their finger and proclaim: “Oh, that’s it! The system is unfair. Let me stay home.” Whenever someone pops that nonsense that a Black vote does not count, I reply with two words: Barack Obama. The main reason it is easier to rig elections today is because this country allowed one of the most ignorant and amoral sociopaths to win the White House. Republicans love Trump. Because he gives them cover to do what they’ve always wanted: Attack Black and Latinos without let up and with little fear of reprisal. I have no doubt hundreds of thousands of Democratic votes were either not counted or were counted and later deleted from ballot totals in 2016. But again, that is no excuse for deciding not to vote. Especially when many of our forebears lost their lives trying to bring the vote to our people. Many Black voters also castigated Secretary Clinton, erroneously claiming she wrote the 1994 Crime Bill. She had nothing to do with that. Members of Congress fashioned that measure and all Bill Clinton did was sign it. That legislation was heartily endorsed by the Black Congressional Caucus. Is Hillary corrupt? Apparently not. Republicans and others have investigated the Clintons for more than two decades with absolutely no convictions of alleged charges. But on the other hand, six folks associated with her biggest detractor, Donald Trump, have been convicted. You asked why I should receive Social Security and Medicaid? Because I worked steadily since I was 14. Nothing was given to me. I worked for my benefits.
  18. Well, I feel bad for you. I did not pay too much attention to the half time show. I am a football fan and I was only interested in the game. And it was great. Except for that questionable offensive pass interference call on the 49's tight end George Kittle. Now, Kittle clearly did push Chiefs safety Daniel Sorenson off. But normally, a penalty of that sort is rarely called. And since it was the Super Bowl, I believe the refs should have let it go. I don't think that penalty call would have much a difference anyway. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes found his courage and his O-line finally gave him some time. Plus, 49er's coach Kyle Shanahan coached scared in the second half. The same way he coached the Atlanta Falcons offense into blowing a 28-3 lead against the Patriots in Super Bowl LI.
  19. According to 2016 post election analyses, 40% of all eligible Black voters did not cast a ballot. That is 40% of eligible Black voters. That does not mean 40% of the U.S. population. Someone asked for a link. Here ya go: /www.politico.com/story/2017/05/10/black-election-turnout-down-2016-census-survey-238226
  20. Many times. Same with folks who can sing and dance. Everyone has a talent. When people know more than you, listen intently. Ask questions. How does it make me feel? It's life.
  21. Reading most 2016 election post-analyses, the consensus was that 40% of all eligible Black voters sat home. I am well aware that the Black population amounts to only 13% of the U.S. population. But many Blacks refused to vote or threw away their ballots by choosing to support third party candidates who had no chance of winning. By doing this, they doomed millions of poor, elderly, disabled and young people. When I predicted this would happen in the weeks before the election, Bernie Sanders guffawed and said I was overreacting. I was not. This has been the dream of hateful Republicans: To completely destroy the country’s Safety Net in the belief those who are sick, poor or less educated have no business breathing. Voting is one of the most viable weapons Black people can wield to effect change in our representatives.We will never know how many Blacks and those who believed in us lost their lives, were horrendously beaten or lost their livelihoods for siding with us in our long quest to win The Vote. I believe one of the biggest disappointments for all Blacks is the continuing failure to obtain reparations. But again, this is not Obama’s fault. If anyone had been paying attention, Sen. Mitch McConnell has been making sport of blocking Obama’s initiatives for two years. Including a Supreme Court pick. Reparations was a non-starter. Troy, I'm a Senior and I'm not rich. I understand the financial dilemma of those who refused to obtain healthcare. My point stands. Why should someone else pay their medical costs??
  22. The premise of the thread is that President Barack Obama did nothing for Black people. I responded with ample evidence that such a belief is patently false. You expressed an issue with only one of Obama’s programs, the Affordable Care Act. You remain miffed because over the extra money some had to lay out because of refusing to purchase health insurance. While some complained loudly about this, it is their fault. It is also selfish. Why should any Community be forced to undertake the monetary responsibility of those who don’t heed health warnings and become seriously ill? Ever been on public transit and have to sit or stand next to someone who is coughing all over the place? Has open sores? You know darn well there's a risk of getting ill. People who are sick should stay home. But few have that luxury. The best option is not to get sick. Health insurance helps. Those who can pay for it should obtain it. If there is a program which allows them to do so and they do not avail themselves of it, then they should be penalized because when they become ill, they put everyone else at risk. I am not going to debate the merits of ignoring vaccinations or engaging in undisciplined behavior. To do both is foolhardy in this era of rampant viruses and diseases. The Coronavirus is likely to kill thousands before researchers can offer an effective treatment or a vaccine. If you do not want this virus, you will be have to be vaccinated. Millions will not be able to afford it. By refusing to purchase health insurance, you are transferring your personal fiscal responsibility on others. And I completely disagree with that. You need to pay your own health costs. You are fortunate that you have a family who loves you. Millions do not. Obama is no longer President. We now have an ignorant, boastful racist who thinks nothing if millions of poor, disabled or elderly die. That is the result of too many Americans being selfish.
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