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  1. @ProfD Let's list all the tangible benefits Republicans have provided for Black people ... (1) such as their unswerving addiction for shoving so many of us into prisons on real or trumped up criminal charges (2) flooding our communities with heroin and crack cocaine (3) their decades of open and tacit support of White Supremacists (4) their staunch refusals to treat Black people as equal humans (5) maligning our accomplishments (6) proudly touting our failures while minimizing theirs (7) disregarding orders from the U.S. Supreme Court to end Segregation and other harmful and racist programs and of course recently, to create a second Black House district in Alabama (8) their widespread adherence to banking and financial discrimination such as redlining (9) their coddling and acceptance of constant whiners, detractors and race traitors in the Black Community who want us to fail miserably (10) Injecting Black men with Syphilis and refusing to treat them and stealing Henrietta Lacks' cell tissue are just a portion of many medical atrocities inflicted on Blacks that Republicans believe were all well and good Thomas Jefferson was NOT a Democrat. As usual, you never do any research. You just spout bullcrap. https://www.answers.com/Q/Was_Thomas_Jefferson_democrat_or_republican
  2. According to the good, edumucated, GOP folks in Florida, centuries of Chattel Slavery were apparently a great deal for us Black peeples. Why, we should be eternally grateful for all those decades of wanton brutality, vicious lynchings, psychotic mass killings and continuous denials of our humanity - so sayeth today’s Republicans. And since we now know there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats (according to some in this group) we just oughta bow down in permanent gratitude. Because the goofballs in Florida hath declared that during Chattel Slavery we darkies picked up vital skills that would benefit us all of our born days. And this happened despite us not being considered human, worked from sunup to sundown, prevented from going to school and murdered if we so displayed a frown when our mothers, daughters or sisters were being raped. All while White folks earned millions from our unpaid labor. So, sayeth all Republicans who done love ‘em some Ron DeSantis. For the dullards who simply don’t know any better, Reparations will not be just for our suffering. They would also be fair payment for all the labor we were forced to perform for free. If we were ever justly compensated for our centuries of pain, rape and suffering, then the Heavens would award us the Earth. By the way, I’m happy Carlee Russell got home safe. I’m not gonna rag on her. I think her boyfriend spoke for many when he erased her from his social media. I will not be thankful for Slavery.
  3. Actually, they are not. Which is why nothing like that has ever came out. Just meanderings from folks who never offer proof of their beliefs. In other words, they bullshit. Since the 1970's the Democratic Party has embraced Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Workers' Rights, Latino Rights and Immigrants Rights. While Republicans fought tooth and nail against advances and protections for such groups. Think your loving Republicans enjoyed the notion that Barack Obama was clearly superior to all of them? Meet any Republicans lately who believe everyone should be treated equally and fairly? And that every U.S. citizen should be able to vote. Of course not! Today's Republicans are truly bizarre. They are not interesting in helping anyone unless they're White or their bank accounts have lots of zeroes in their balances. But they're counting on folks to ignore all of this which is what so many do. I guess that's why Ron DeSantis thinks baseball is a thinking man's game while basketball players are "freaks of nature." I'll stop here. I'm still waiting for the proof of your claim that Putin invaded Ukraine because the Russian dictator "was trying to get the band back together." I told you more than a year ago that no one is going to reconstitute the Warsaw Pact and Putin had a narrow rational for the war. However, thus far, his real goal has eluded him.
  4. Georgia's state voting laws, hastily enacted after Trump lost the state in the 2020 election, allowed just six right wing knuckleheads to challenge nearly 89,000 voting registrations. Guess what voters they targeted? Ah, but don't take it from me. Stacey Abrams has long been warning folks about this. For those hoping to propel Cornel West into the Oval Office, this should concern you. Tossing folks off voting rolls who lean towards the Left is how Abrams lost her first race for Governor. Of course, West's propensity for going off on folks he's decided are the Devil will never stop. He just accused President Biden of a crime against humanity over the 1994 Crime Bill. I remember the good old days when such blame was placed on Hillary Clinton, because her husband simply signed the bill into law. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just came out with some more noxious nonsense. The anti-childhood vaccine wingnut is now claiming that the Covid-19 virus was engineered specifically so that it would spare Jews and Chinese people. It's still early, folks. There's lots more craziness to come. Right Wing knuckleheads challenge 90,00 Georgia voting registrations
  5. @richardmurray It's the opposite of what you claim. Aphelion is described as the point in a celestial body's orbit when it is FARTHEST from the sun. https://www.britannica.com/science/aphelion
  6. We don't even know if Hill Harper will generate the financing and excitement required for the media avalanche he's going to need for a statewide run. But I sure hope he does. Harper does not need to be a politician. Many folks who vault into the ranks of the U.S. Senate these days are not politicians. But they have name recognition. Some believe Harper should be a running mate for Cornel West. I dunno. The gap-toothed radical has a nasty habit of denigrating everyone he's ticked off with at the moment. I admire West's consistency and agree with much of his anger. But I doubt Socialism will ever be accepted by the uber rich, corporate titans and investors in this country. Which is why I was not going to vote for Bernie Sanders. He could never win a nationwide election. Many of his furious supporters ended up backing Trump anyway. It's still early, so we will see. Bobby Kennedy, Jr? LOL Personally, I think this man is partly deranged. Now, he's telling people he does not believe the HIV virus causes AIDS. He was always out there and the only thing he has going for him at this point is he's the son of a murdered popular U.S. Senator. Still, I smiled and shook his hand when I met him twice in NYC's Lexington Avenue subway years ago.
  7. Here is a news analysis of Clarence Thomas' B.S. that he succeeded all on his own. He is not a self-made man. He has been financially aided by rich, White Conservatives since he joined the High Court. However, this piece truly highlights the contradictions in Thomas' viewpoint of those who better themselves and improve their financial standing with legal programs that aid the needy. Because it contrasts Thomas' brutish dismissals of those programs which according to him, are wrongheaded and unneeded - although the man himself has no problem being helped individually by the rich. As author Kali Holloway wrote: Thomas was never against reparations — he just wanted them for himself. His entire decades-long lie of him achieving everything on his own with no help or benefit from any program is absolute garbage! If one really desires the full measure of the phony known as Clarence Thomas, then read the accompanying stories associated with the links: The real truth behind Clarence Thomas' phony claim Affirmative Action was always wrong https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/clarence-thomas-long-battle-against-affirmative-action/ https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2023/07/clarence-thomas-club-wealthy-conservatives @Pioneer1 I found this piece on Clarence Thomas' childhood in Pin Point, Ga. I am just going to post it without further comment. I just don't think anymore needs to be said. Why Clarence Thomas does not like Black People
  8. Here is a Black political candidate who is probably gonna match the checkboxes of many folks. He's Black, handsome, a celebrity and will grasp the issues quickly. Black actor Hill Harper wants a US Senate seat
  9. I didn't lose out on anything. Affirmative Action did not help me get into college. And it did not help me graduate Magna Cum Laude. And read up on the literary character of Uncle Tom. He actually was real and respectful. Uncle Tom (Josiah Henson) was a real and honorable person
  10. I don't care how Clarence Thomas views himself. Of how the majority of folks with a steady pulse describe him. Without a doubt, Thomas has nothing but contempt for all other Black people. He will gladly defecate on their rights and talents in public as if HE is the only Black person deserving of respect and admiration. That's why he looked at Anita Hill as a female who existed solely to sexually satisfy him. And when she refused to play that role, he condemned her. His disgusting view of this brilliant woman is NOT up for debate. Because it became fodder for a U.S. Senate hearing. How Clarence Thomas saw Anita Hill stunned the nation I have no idea why Thomas thinks he is above all other Black people. I also fail to understand why he tries to portray himself as not needing no one's help to get through law school. But he got that help. I also have no idea why anyone Black wastes their time trying to understand Thomas because it's been clear for years he's out to do as much damage to the psyche and reputation of Black America as he can. You see, Thomas has never forgot, nor forgiven, his childhood tormentors. They made fun of him because of the poor part of Georgia where he grew up. And he regurgitates this resentment and hatred on every major case that involves the people he despises the most - his very own.
  11. @zeke1234 What makes you think I am in a rage? Because I disagree with you? Dude, I am not in a rage. You are the one who appears in a rage, mentioning Mr. Bonn's skin hue and then pretending that he or his antecedents were involved in the Slave Trade. Which have nothing to do with the increasing spate of spree shootings. Now, do you have any proof for that Slave Trade comment, Mr. Christian? Now you might be beginning to understand why so many are skeptical of what you preach to folks that your God is going to save them from an assailant with a gun. But if that's the only way you think that you can win a spiritual debate, consider the words of King Solomon at Eccl. 9:11-12 which points out anyone can meet their end at any time. Do you even know what those scriptures say? "I have seen something further under the sun, that the swift do not always win the race, nor do the mighty win the battle, nor do the wise always have the food, nor do the intelligent always have the riches, nor do those with knowledge always have success, because time and unexpected events overtake them all." Unfortunately, that seems to be happening a lot lately. People dying unexpectedly in acts of gun violence. And more and more people no longer believe a supreme being can protect them. I am not mocking your belief. But I am mocking your foolish rationale. "He won't agree with me! He's in a rage. A rage, I tell ya!" Dude, calm down. I've read the Bible, explained the resurrections performed by Jesus. But I did not condemn anyone who simply didn't believe. Learn to accept that not all will believe whatever you preach. "But sanctify the Christ as Lord in your hearts, always ready to make a defense before everyone who demands of you a reason for the hope you have, but doing so with a mild temper and deep respect." (1st Peter 3:15) Are those the two qualities you've been displaying? A mild temper along with deep respect? You really need to understand humility. You're not going to find believers if you blindly attack those who doubt. Follow the advice of Jesus who said: "Wherever anyone does not receive you or listen to your words, on going out of that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet." (Matt. 10:14) In other words, don't take is personally.
  12. Abandoning belief in a supreme being has little to do with the skyrocketing increase in shooting incidents, Zeke. How could you miss the plainly worded conclusions from Ph. D. Criminologist Scott Bonn? Because you definitely did. When it comes to the assailants of spree shootings, Bonn explained: “The perpetrators are more likely to be angry, vengeful individuals who seek retribution for a perceived harm done by some person, group, or institution. Moreover, mass public shooting incidents are generally premeditated and often planned well in advance of their commission.” Did you get that, Zeke? There’s plenty more evidence that Mr. Bonn is on the right track from several other psychologists. No longer wanting to worship Yahweh has little to do with it. An uptick in the belief of a supreme deity is not going to alter the escalating spiral of gun violence, Zeke. The shootings will continue. Over the centuries, many people who lived in these lands have tried to use religion as a barometer of how individuals should treat each other. And those who can read well and understand history know so many were vile and lying hypocrites. For someone swearing folks need to return to God, you may not have opened up a Bible that often. Because the Good Book PREDICTS a great and lasting falloff in the worship of God. And Jesus the Christ detailed illustrations of those who would continue to believe and those who would not. “Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.” Those are the words of the Apostle Paul at 1st Cor. 6-10 I also assume you’ve heard of mass shootings inside churches, synagogues and other houses of worship? Houses of worship are meant to be places of shelter, reflection and peace, where strangers are welcome. But the recent string of high-profile mass shootings in the U.S. is a reminder violence can happen anywhere, prompting some faith leaders to ramp up security. Don’t try to fool people or promise protection to anyone because they believe in a certain deity because you’re not saying anything different that missionaries, preachers and revivalists haven’t spoken or written about in the last 90 years. “Indeed, all who desire to live godly lives in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” - wrote Paul at 2nd Tim. 3:12. Being religious probably won’t protect you from psychotic spree shooters. Because this does not protect attendees in churches, meeting halls, temples, synagogues or prayer conventions and assemblies. Would be awfully nice if it did.
  13. Real reason why Mass Shooting are on the rise Now that these details are known, the identify, social standing and background of the Philadelphia mass shooter should destroy a B.S. myth from the Gay and Trans communities that they are morally superior. They are not. On many Social Media Websites, I was greeted to rationales that people in this country need to accept trans people in their schools, universities, houses of worship, workplaces, police and fire departments and the military because "they are not running around shooting people." I said to myself: "Give it time." Looks like the time has come and it prove that LGBT folks can be just as vicious, unconscionable and horrible as any other demographic. I guess that is why law enforcement in Philly kept those details about the shooter to themselves as long as they could. Chevdove asked why these incidents are increasing. I am not a psychologist specializing in violent, public incidents. So, I'll let a monthly magazine for professionals who specialize in the study of the mind and behavior or in the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders answer. It's called Psychology Today. Real reason why Mass Shooting are on the rise Here is the publication's explanation: An FBI study of “active shooter incidents” reveals that mass public shootings have greatly increased in recent years. Mass shooters are often incorrectly portrayed as mentally unhinged individuals who simply “snap” and engage in a killing rampage. Perpetrators are likely to be angry, vengeful individuals who seek retribution for a perceived harm done by some person, group or institution. Mass public shooting incidents are generally premeditated and often well planned in advance of their commission. "The perpetrators are more likely to be angry, vengeful individuals who seek retribution for a perceived harm done by some person, group, or institution. Moreover, mass public shooting incidents are generally premeditated and often planned well in advance of their commission. "Unfortunately, in their search for a solution to the mass shooting epidemic, certain interested parties and groups in the U.S. have made scapegoats out of legislators, lobbyists, gun manufacturers, law enforcement authorities, the mental health field, schools, and even the media. With every accusation made, some interested party declares that one or more of the aforementioned groups are boogeymen and thus to blame for the mass shooting epidemic. "In reality, most of the scapegoating arguments are myopic and self-serving for the interested party." Now that one sentence is a mouthful since it destroys the nonsensical excuse that it's the system, the White man or lack of opportunity that's to blame. "That is not to say there are no truths to be found in the popular arguments, such as the blaming of assault rifles for the mass shooting problem. It is certainly true that assault rifles exacerbate the problem, but their existence and availability are not the cause of it. "What is missing from the scapegoating arguments is a good look in the mirror by us as a society and a culture. Other developed countries that we consider to be our peers simply do not have the problem with mass shooting incidents that we do. "It is my contention that the very roots of our mass shooting epidemic may be found in our core cultural value of fierce individualism, a belief in vengeance, and the ethic that might makes right." - Scott Bonn, Ph.D, Criminologist "These cultural values have been central to what it means to be an American since our nation’s birth. We have always loved to settle disputes (at the individual and group levels) with violence and guns and we gleefully celebrate vigilantism in our popular culture." See? We do not need someone who dosen't understand the issue to post 2,000 badly written words that explains little. That's why I first seek our professional news, data and informational sources. So, be patient, folks. Another mass shooting is just around the corner and a belief in the Lord, Aliens, a certain politician or idolizing a celebrity or sports team ain't gonna stop it.
  14. @ProfD You are absolutely right. There is NO respect for Life among many of these shooters. There has been a dramatic increase in levels of sudden violence and sudden killings. You read these news stories every day and from different parts of this country. This has nothing to do with fear of White cops or law enforcement in general. I am mystified why so many young Black men choose to pull a firearm and then discharge it at parties, BBQs, family gatherings, in a store, restaurant a school or church. Some get asked to leave a party, they might react in anger and want to kill. Labeling an incident a mass shooting when three or more individuals are shot shocks few people anymore. | The bottom line is there a huge decrease in a lack of compassion, lack of empathy and lack of consideration. There's also many mental health issues that are not being addressed. I found a news story from Philly, where a writer tried to give the issue some nuance ... One news story tries to explain the blood letting
  15. I stopped saying the Pledge when I was eight and do not celebrate the Fourth.
  16. Never had that problem. I swore off machines when Ahnold defeated the first T-800. I was always a writer. First a reporter, columnist, senior writer. I was always a trainer for new hires. I became an editor, Senior News editor, then began teaching, mostly college writing and English Lit courses. I was pushed into teaching by industry sources who were also high school teachers and undergraduate professors. They had me guest teach their classes. It was fun and I got good at it. So, there were never any malicious White gals or guys re-programming machines. Just lining up to ask me to help them out.
  17. One of the most defining observations and explanations of negative Black behavior one will ever read.
  18. @Pioneer1 I nominate you for having the Cast Iron stomach of the Decade. LOL I also know a few people who may want to put their ex in a microwave. Even though I've been tempted to do so, I've never thawed out frozen meat in a microwave. I'll wait until it defrosts naturally.
  19. Part of me always will believe that certain unconscionable individuals mostly remain insulated from the resultant violence, but enjoy the money made from the trafficking of guns. It's our young people who are being slaughtered continuously and relentlessly.
  20. @richardmurray Dude, you never lived in NYC. You know nothing about the city. Voter turnout has always been traditionally low in off election years. What happened? You came across a half ass news story about low voter turnout and decided to plagiarize it to showcase your normally moribund thinking? You're the same clown who supported the Subway Terrorist, Frank James. And you did it because you believe Frank James was making NYC Mayor Eric Adams look bad. All terrorists make elected officials look bad. You've really deluded yourself into thinking you're a writer. But you're not. South Africa has nothing to do with NYC elections. Low voter turnout in off-election years in NYC has little to do with White anger over Blacks voting across the country. To show everyone just how out of touch you are - you actually missed the REAL NEWS. And that is Yusef Salaam winning the Democratic Primary for a City Council seat representing Harlem. Salaam is one of the exonerated Central Park who was 15 when he was charged with rape and served seven years before finally released from prison. Because of the overwhelming voting edge Dems have in NYC, winning a primary is tantamount to winning election. Of course, if you knew anything about NYC, you'd already know that. Exonerated Central Park Five member wins City Council primary
  21. @Troy I use microwaves to warm up certain items. But not to cook. I post links to prove or disprove, as it is done on many news forums and discussion groups. I'm always skeptical of anyone who's been wrong before particularly when they've display a dogmatic or haughty attitude. As I said, millions of cooks, chefs and eatery owners have their own preferences.
  22. A microwave CANNOT cook anything or everything. Chefs, restaurant owners and hotel and resort cooks all have their personal ideas and preferences. But one would have to be a special kind of fool to believe any sort of food or cooking aid can be microwaved safely. So do millions of folks who swear they know their way around a stove and a kitchen. Here are 27 things one should NEVER put in a microwave: China: The metal trim on china can overheat and damage the dish. Bread: Bread molecules begin to melt once it reaches a high temperature. Single-Use Plastic: Single-use plastics can melt and leave phthalates in your food. Breast Milk: Milk heats unevenly and could scald your infant. Frozen Meat: You'll be left with half frozen and half-cooked meat. Nothing: Running the microwave with nothing in it can ruin the appliance. Old Mugs: Some old glazes contain heavy metals and lead. Twist Ties: The metal in the ties can spark when heated. Uncooked Rice: Bacteria in rice cannot be removed via microwave. Cup of Water: This can create superheated water that explodes. Food Without a Cover: The high internal temp will likely cause a mess. Oil: Oil is a fat, not a liquid, and won't heat properly. Hot Dogs: The heated preservatives can spark. Travel Mugs: The stainless steel can ruin your microwave. Mushrooms: Susceptible to microorganisms, nuking these can make you sick. Hard-boiled Eggs: Steam can't escape the egg which can cause an explosion. Old Leftovers: There is little nutritional value after nuking leftovers multiple times. Hot Peppers: The chemicals released have a similar effect to pepper spray. Takeout Box: The metal handle can spark when heated. Leftover Potatoes: Excess spore growth could lead to botulism and make you sick. Frozen Butter: You'll be left with butter that is half frozen and half-melted. Leafy Greens: Leafy greens tend to spark when microwaved. Frozen Fruit: The extreme temperature change can create dangerous carcinogens. Aluminum Foil: Crinkled foil can spark when microwaved. Cookware with Metal: The metal can overheat and damage the dish. Yogurt Containers: Single-use plastics can melt and leak phthalates. Burned Containers: Once burned, containers release cancer-causing chemicals. 27 Things Never to Put in a Microwave
  23. @Pioneer1 Grow up and stop being a biatch. Do some freaking research!
  24. I do not make up stuff or author falsehoods. This is a serious and tangible victory. “The Elections Clause does not insulate state legislatures from the ordinary exercise of state judicial review.” With those words, Chief Justice John Roberts put an end to the right-wing legal fantasy that state legislatures are free to enact laws governing federal elections without paying attention to their state constitutions and review by their state courts. Writing for a six-justice majority, the Chief Justice firmly rejected the so-called Independent State Legislature theory. Anyone who cares about free and fair elections should rejoice. Of course, if you don’t give a hoot, then ignore it. The case, Moore v. Harper, involved a Republican gerrymandering challenge to North Carolina’s congressional map. Citing the North Carolina Constitution in early 2022, the state Supreme Court struck down the GOP-sponsored map. Angry Republican state lawmakers demanded a review by the U.S Supreme Court. It's a good thing the GOP lost. Not only did that silly independent state legislature theory get demolished handily, it emerged from this Supreme Court case discredited. Had the GOP won, they could have overturned any federal election that they wanted. There are still 28 court cases that are challenging congressional maps or state voting laws. Seven involve voting district maps while 21 concern voting laws or procedures. Thanks to this Moore v. Harper decision, those cases can go on unimpeded. We’ve got a chance, folks. We just gotta get our butts to the polls.
  25. The nation’s top court just handed Black voters another big win. The Supreme Court on Monday, June 26 lifted its hold on a Louisiana case that could force the state to redraw congressional districts to boost Black voting power. The order follows the court's rejection earlier in June of a congressional redistricting map in Alabama and unfreezes the Louisiana case, which had been on hold pending the decision in Alabama. In both states, Black voters are a majority in just one congressional district. Lower courts had ruled that the maps raised concerns that Black voting power had been diluted, in violation of the landmark federal Voting Rights Act. About a third of Louisiana's residents are Black. More than one in four Alabamians are Black. Personally, I am pleased.
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