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  1. This is an excellent move! I've been on a few websites that wouldn't let me self-delete - and I've changed the copy - but never did I think to use the opportunity to protest! Bravo!!!
  2. The quoted is the only part that reminds me of the "Meet the new boss. The same as the old boss," from "Won't get fooled again" by The Who. The rest of your observation, however, is very clear.
  3. When the colonists fought the british for their independence - they didn't change their way of life. There was no complete overthrow of government. They just broke free of their 'mother' and continued much of the same. So although they called it a 'revolution' it wasn't that at all. The U.S. constitution replaced the monarchy with a sovereign state. A sovereign state that is managed by executive, legislative and judicial branches. The power is still in the hands of the elite. The sovereign state continues to enslave some, in fact Nebraska just removed slavery as legal option for
  4. @Delano Oh yes, this is true for the individual who is already traveling that wavelength. I “hear” the voice too and have all my life. We don’t follow the crowd. I’m tempted to say we’re outliers but we are actually “outsiders.” However, what about the group? We as a group have never broken free of the proverbial matrix. Immediately after enslavement here in the U.S. we began reinforcing the system while deciding, like you mentioned, on what type of pawn - rook, knight etc. we’d be.
  5. OMG @Delano you've been killin' it! I was just thinking about this after finishing a book I purchased from @AALBC bookstore. The book is "Long Shot" (Hoops #1) by Kennedy Ryan. Once I finished it I came to the same conclusion, we "can only work out what type of pawn you are in life" We don't have any innovators - only people who work with what's already available and look for new uses. The King and Queen have already set us up in the industrial mode. Here we can only be apprentice-to-managers in industries, or tradespeople that build upon what is available. If we don't participate the
  6. Did Hillary Clinton call black men super predators? Also did the “crime bill” specifically state to put black men in jail - or did city and state law enforcement and courts execute the law that way? Also, one thing about a rant compared to a published op-ed is the latter requires a copy-editor to check facts and clarity. This way readers won’t dismiss the narrative outright. I really wanted to learn something from this rant - but I got stuck at 60 years of voting. As a result of previously abolishing the property requirement to vote, Black
  7. Nailed it! I started researching in the mid-nineties, and although I took a mini-break; the quest refuses to let go. And yes I agree, self-revelation is a powerful outcome! I've had my charts done in the past and it did uncover personal characteristics I kept hidden even from myself. By the way, pattern recognition and conceptual learning/thinking are two of my strengths. Maybe in my last incarnation, I worked with the stars...I remember a flight attendant telling me that she could see one of my lives as french royalty but in a dark dungeon -and something about divination. The reveal felt a
  8. @Del I don't know of anyone in the U.S. who doesn't take Astrology seriously. In fact, I see it as a mainstream science (probably even more so than biology because people can relate to zodiac signs, transitioning of mars especially when its in retrograde to understanding how Sirius the dog star is prevalent in secret societies that folks believe rule the world. But anyway, I went to sleep with your comment on my mind - and because my mind was open to seeing, "Why Astrology Matters" by Michael Brooks was staring back at me when I opened up my firefox browser. An astrologer told
  9. lol! Offended? I'm honored. It would be presumptuous to consider myself an initiate or a member of the mystery schools - but if someone else defines the topics as esoteric - I won't argue. It is cool that you realized that a concept that should be eyebrow raising and be skeptical about; is actually as normal as breathing. I've actually done the sleep thing too - and I always wake up about 10 minutes before wake up time. No sure why ten minutes but it works. And no I've never had trouble sleeping either. As I mentioned before I believe the subconscious is like a web-browser that we pro
  10. It’s that space-time thing @Troy. At one time in our history - the word “nice” meant ignorant. So, it’s as if you said, “Del and I play “ignorantly” in the world.” Depending on what space @Del was occupying, it allowed him to receive an offensive meaning from your words. And that is, I believe, how magic works. Occupying a space to conjure and then preparing (time) to receive. BUT the key is to be cognizant of your surrounding. So for me, Troy, you weren’t far off. I recently conjured up something and it appeared but I’d shift
  11. I found my aalbc.com forum entries on muckrackdotcomforwardslashmelhyphenhopkins Now this wouldn't be a problem if I took the time to proofread, fact check (ok, I do) and format my comments- but I take a more casual approach when I post here. Further, I don't expect someone to use my aalbc comments as a sample of my published writing. BUT Muckrack dot com is also a content aggregation website that collects articles written by journalists. The LinkedIN MuckRack dot com company page states it's a public relations management platform tool offered to PR professionals who want to pi
  12. @Delano indeed, in this material world, mind, heart, and intiution are probably our best bet in operating in spacetime.
  13. So far, I believe the conscious is spiritual and a facet of the Divine Consciousness i.e. AETHER. I believe subconscious is a simulation - kind of like web browser that we turn to when we don't operate on faith. Like with answering this question, it's wavering between DIVINE and corporeal so, I'm using my internal browser liken to chrome or Firefox. I'm searching for the answer that would best communicate my belief because I don't have faith you'd understand me. That has nothing to do with you but rather the subconscious... By the way, that simulation is programmable by things like organi
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