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  1. Mel Hopkins

    Serena Williams Cartoon

    @Delano I would agree and high-five this statement but black american men got the right to vote here in the U.S. before white women. Only white 'spinsters' could enter contracts and own property but still couldn't vote. Meanwhile white married women were still considered chattel almost two scores after slavery ended. But yes, today black men earn 70 cent on the dollar that white men earn - down from the 80 cents - a few years ago. Today, white women earn 80.5 cent on a dollar...so economically and socially, everyone in America (and apparently abroad) believe they can ish on black women.
  2. @Troy I just saw this on Ingramspark distribution page - "Entering into exclusive deals with Amazon and beyond limits your distribution and your book’s potential reach. While Amazon is a very large part of overall book sales, it is not the whole marketplace and we recommend not wagering your book’s future by ignoring every other retail option. Doing so could be turning your back on potential sales." 😄 Seriously, I'm so glad that aalbc is in the printing business too - because amazon is on some crazy ish! @Troy when I had a kindle book through amazon, I didn't enter any agreements that required them to have exclusive rights. For example, if an author agreed to the rent a book type program, I think it's called "Amazon prime reading" then you had to give amazon exclusive rights to your digital book. There was another program they promoted too but I can't remember the name. Needless to say I said "no". I don't give away my rights to anyone. ( I barely like writing "work for hire" lol). Anyway, I removed my books in 2014 or 2016, I think, because I didn't like the path Amazon was heading down.
  3. Mel Hopkins

    Serena Williams Cartoon

    Here's a perfect example of what I was referring to earlier. This comment was in response to my answer about a low point in my flight attendant career. As far as society is concerned, black women aren't allowed to display human frailties. This is what Serena has been dealing with her whole career but on a global scale. It is actually more than frustrating; it's infuriating. But as the Angel Maya Angelou wrote "Still [we] rise". typical. You are American so you can et away wit anything bc you're black. You are propagating the reality in your country tat black American females are aggressive and cannot control themselves. I am glad you shared this. o hand btw try tis in Europe sweetie and you will be fined or arrested. black women are not allowed to attack anyone especially white women in beautiful cultured Europe. no black entitlement special status bc of slavery tat happened 200 yrs ago wen black on white crime is the norm. which is why I live in Western Europe.<3 you do your job THEY should have fired you. Any classy airline would but you work for an American company. you are incompetent and bc you are black they are afraid to. psycho. You are a servant in the air nothing more. Quora https://www.quora.com/As-a-flight-attendant-whats-the-dirtiest-thing-you-have-done-during-a-flight/answer/Mel-Hopkins-1/comment/72884111?__nsrc__=4&__snid3__=3214182566
  4. Mel Hopkins

    Serena Williams Cartoon

    D. All of the above.
  5. CreateSpace and KDP to Become One Service CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) are becoming one service--making KDP the single place to publish and manage your print and digital books. To learn more about the move, see the topics below. Lulu.com has their own take how this merger may impact the independent publishing world and it doesn't look too favorable.
  6. Mel Hopkins

    Serena Williams Cartoon

    @Troy As a black american woman, I'm used to the double sometime triple standard that we operate under. Black american women are regulated to the "de mule uh de world" position in this society- so anytime I hear of us doing well; I cheer. However, if we do too well we become targets. Therefore, this cartoon doesn't surprised me and neither does exaggerating the physical features of the darker woman in contrast to the drawing of a petite fair-skinned blond-hair allegedly subservient women . It's par for course when others seek to put us black american women in our place. Sadly, it appears to be working too. So many black women in my twitter timeline are truly butthurt. As for me - I ain't got time for it. Amazon has just merged Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing. There are far too many gullible writers in the world looking for the easy button that won't see that this merger will ultimately hurt independent publishers. So later for that stupid cartoon...we folks who like to keep control of our intellectual property are busy right now.
  7. @ChevdoveI do owe you my notes which I'm still gathering to package. In the meantime, I found this some time ago and used some of the information to create the "fictional" events in my novel. I haven't verified all these accounts but it appears you have; so you might find this interesting - HISTORIA AFRICANA calendar that begins in 100,000 bce to the present. http://www.africanfront.org/calendar.php Just in case someone changed some, I copied and pasted every single page for my files. And I posted it here too http://thedailymindf-ck.blogspot.com/2011/10/historia-africana-part-i.html http://thedailymindf-ck.blogspot.com/2011/10/historia-africana-part2.html http://thedailymindf-ck.blogspot.com/2011/10/historia-africana-part-3.html http://thedailymindf-ck.blogspot.com/2011/10/historia-africana-part-4.html
  8. Mel Hopkins

    The US is an oligarchy

    Thanks! I'm not skilled in those arts so I can't take the credit for "Bitmoji" ☺️
  9. Mel Hopkins

    Kneel on!

    @Troy Nike sells sports paraphernalia; so of course they're going to focus on... wait for it, Wait for it; SPORTS. Still, I suggest you listen and look again. The message is STOP sitting on the sidelines despite your handicap. By the way Serena or Lebron weren't the greatest either. So unless you're the almighty, all-seeing predictor of what comes next - You don't have a clue who will be the next greatest ... anything. And that's Kaep's message. Kaep is not telling people to buy NIKE products - The NIKE commercial is just his platform. Kaep is telling folks to IGNORE what people like you say and "Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything."
  10. Mel Hopkins

    Kneel on!

    @Cynique 🎤 -drop This is a powerful statement! The truth of it hit me unexpectedly -I got tears. Damn!!! This right here is the truth of all of us ....and the truth is in its simplicity.
  11. Mel Hopkins

    This BIshop is a Dirty Dog

    @Pioneer1 the initial conversation was referring to sexual assault and rape of minors. Child beauty pageants aren't indicative of that type of criminal activity. If it were , or even if making that leap wasn't nonsensical, child beauty pageants would be illegal. Further you stated that "caucasians" were proned to sexual assault and rape minors. Child beauty pageants, children wearing makeup and dressing in party dresses and gowns is NOT sexual assault and rape. Further, although they may get more publicity, children's beauty pageants are not limited to "caucasians"... Seriously, look outside of the world you've created for yourself. I can't tell you how many black church beauty pageants, fashion shows, debuntante balls and cotillions I've seen or was in while growing up. Hal Jackson's International talented teen pageant was a huge event for years... I was a contestant when I was 14 years old... The fashion industry used to use models who were young as 12 years old. Most designers use children because they don't have curves or muscles. Therefore, you could see the haute couture designs without focusing on the body wearing it. Unfortunately for the young models, some grotesque individuals pursued the children for sex i.e., The perverts sexualized the children; not the clothing. Now most of the fashion industry is closed to young models who could earn good money for college etc. But that didn't stop the perverse from trafficking children for their perverted pleasure. Once again human trafficking for sex isn't specific to one culture, ethnicity etc but rather those who have the most power. Further, the concept of sexualizing girls or boys is in the mind of the beholder. I don't look at children and think "sex"... I don't care what they are wearing. Babies are babies period. Those who see children as sex objects are mentally deficient and color has nothing to do with it. This perverse activity springs up in all cultures - as you can see a with the bishop feeling on Ariana Grande in front of the world. And like Chevdove mentioned a black man doing it - is the worst in my book. Especially since most black women are more inclined to date and marry a black man before considering anyone else. Therefore black women hold black men to a higher standard full stop. If however you still want to limit pedophilia to an ethnic group think about many African tribes and those who practice islam who still take young girls for "wives"... There are many ethnic groups practicing their so-called religion who make it "legal" to molest, sexually assault and rape children.
  12. Mel Hopkins

    This BIshop is a Dirty Dog

    @Cynique I didn't think this was unfortunate when I read it... maybe because I also believe men and women should look elegant on occasions such as funerals, weddings, you know any event that require formal attire. But it's a matter of taste (and confession) that's when my matriarchal "victorian" upbringing rears its ugly head. Another reason why this didn't trigger a rebuttal is because I find when you discuss a topic, I don't think I've ever read you attribute the offending behavior to the collective. Correct me, but I've never read you write something like, "black women wear these type of outfits to a funeral to seduce males mourners"... or "black women wear short skirts and dresses because they are trying to be "white" 😨 @Pioneer1 You clearly didn't notice her initial reaction... It doesn't surprise me that you're tone deaf on this subject though. I don't see ANY parents and children participating in any criminal activity -if I did I'd report them to the authorities. I have written and broadcast news reports on sexual assaults against minors when I was Television News Reporter / Anchor. As I've written, even with a small percentage of black people in the Ohio valley - color doesn't matter. Sexual assault is an equal opportunity crime. BY THE WAY, HOW MANY WHITE PARENTS HAVE YOU SEEN participating in these sick and freakish events? As for the rest of your commentary, it's hyperbole. You can have your own opinions but you can't have your own facts. I will agree with you on this point. Because every woman is different. Finally!
  13. Mel Hopkins

    This BIshop is a Dirty Dog

    By @Chevdove I read on from an instagram comment his wife was sitting right behind him. A young woman who said she was a parishioner in his church - said, "I know his heart. He didn't do anything wrong." Needless to say the other instagram posters took her to task for being "blind"... I'm sorry that you had to experience that from someone you should have been able to trust. I'm glad you made it through without him physically harming you. I do know those mental scars are hard to carry though.
  14. Mel Hopkins

    This BIshop is a Dirty Dog

    Then by this logic, if it is normal behavior for men, specifically clergy to sexually assault women then the catholic priests are normal.Maybe in an effort to keep their vows they turn their natural inclination on unsuspecting boys. No need for a coverup. Media is just pointing out the widespread activity that also occurs in the black church. Now it makes perfect sense why so many heterosexual men are terrified of homosexual men... If it's natural for men to advance on and assault women when they choose; then it's perfect;y natural for a gay man to feel up on any man he chooses. Got to appreciate the balance in the universe.