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  1. RIchard Murray Creative Table

    my favorite trigger is "unmasking"

    Jesus said unto him "Thou shalt love the Lord thy G-d with all thy heart, and with all ... 39 And the second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."  #Greatestcommandment #relationshipgoals



    Nah, I’d rather you love me better.  It seems most of Y’all don't love yourself all that well.  



    @Troy to use the word mainsplain is like a white person using the n-word.. It's unacceptable and you further prove the point of the woman you're attempting to "mainsplain" ...So no men haven't flipped the script - they're only outting themselves. @CyniqueI read the Best "mainsplainin episode on twitter - Dude told a woman about what an Atlantic article "actually meant" and it turned out she was the author. He suffered a 3rd degree twitter burn
  4. “It is good to be ‘woke’. It is even better to be ‘woke” to your own f*cked up sh*t too…” ~Manatole  From  Mel Hopkins' Actuate: Thought Into Action


    @Cynique I haven't a clue .... But I think @Pioneer1 just taught us something!
  6. Who knows?

    Someone once mentioned every living being is hologram of the Universe and that felt right to me.
  7. @Pioneer1 are you having a difficult time getting oxygen to your brain. Where do you come up with these wild assumptions. I just happened to live in county that is run by a woman and the Mayor of the city is a woman,... I think the mayor even served in the military. By the way, both of these women are black. Our county sheriff is a black man but there are quite of few deputies that are women...and dispatch is also staffed by women... While some men may use my services -it's mostly women...so if I had to count on those sustaining me I'd have to go with women. Currently my copyright registrations are issued and signed by the black woman who is the register of copyrights - the librarian of congress who happens to be her boss is also a black woman. I'm self-employed now but looking to get my 501 (c) 3 certification for my proposed non-profit ... Now you may be correct there - the dude who heads up the IRS is white man. He can either deny my application or approve it - but he's no savior... Like I wrote I'm not looking for anyone to save me and especially not a man. If anyone is going to save this country - as shown by our latest election it will be black women, women of color and then women - full stop
  8. The Purpose of Our “Club”

    Yaay! I wanted to post something yesterday. Thank you! I didn't sign up to help via the survey because I didn't know how I could be of service - until now. I'm boycotting amazon by not selling my books through them. It won't have an impact on amazon but it will allow me to engage my audience directly. As for buying books - Amazon will be my last resort. I bought 3 books in November (1) - two directly from the publisher and another from lulu (the author didn't have copies available through the website. ) So, since I worked at both G.P. Putnam's Sons (1988-89) in the Special Sales department and Penguin USA (1989-1992) Academic Marketing and Sales department; I'd be happy to share some insight on how we sold books before Amazon. I also have a note from Zane on her pitch for hand sellers and have information and a website to link regarding successful hand seller tools. I have a lot of ideas for people who are afraid to take the plunge and sell without amazon. If there are self-publishers who decide they don't want to grovel to brick and mortar book store owners to sell their books - I have ideas to share with them too. In fact, when I first self-published in 2006 - no bricks and mortar bookstore wanted to be bothered with me...so I won't be selling through any distributors either. I welcome anyone to get inventory from me if they want have access to my books. Since I circumvented the who business model in the first place - I don't know why I wasted time trying to fit in their game in the first place. (off soap box)
  9. Yes, it is. Stop believing everything you think.
  10. What? @Pioneer1 stop being a weirdo.
  11. If You Seek A Man To Study...............

    human behavior fascinate me - but I don't study people unless I have to communicate with them. I study concepts, philosophies, ideas etc... I don't follow "people" - so, it's unlikely anyone can tell me what should be important to me. As for Mr. Fuller, Jr. it was inspiring to hear, he believes it's important to educate ourselves instead of sleepwalking through life. But this how I live so I doubt there's anything I can learn from his theories in that respect. I've visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture, that he mentioned. It definitely highlights all the areas of modern life such as politics, education, industry, economics, entertainment et al he speaks of . In some cases, it showcases how we excelled or performed better than expected in areas where the odds were stacked against us. There is a room - Mary McLeod Bethune interactive exhibit room where one can leave their ideas on how we can do better - but that's about as close as it comes to creating and erecting a prototype of this universal man universal woman he speaks about. BTW, that was an interesting idea with a specific goal attached. -To bad the talk show host directed him to talk about white supremacy. Fuller clearly had his sights set on something far more inspiring, initially.

    @Pioneer1 Not sure where you got that information. It seems the other animals and reptiles can control when they get pregnant. And Komodo Dragons can decide whether to give birth to males or females through parthenogenesis.
  13. @Cynique Thank you for sharing Franz Fanon. I hadn't heard of him. Have you heard of Edward Bruce Bynum, PhD - I found Dr. Bynum after he commented on an "Experiment" (crowdfunding website) where one of my BTHS classmates was doing an experiment on dreams. From her response to him, I learned Dr. Bynum is well-researched in the field of consciousness. I have two of his books - but they are so dense -I had to put them aside so that I could finish projects related to my livelihood. Dark Light Consciousness - Melanin, Serpent Power and the Luminous Matrix of Reality is one book and The African Unconscious: Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology is the other. I've started the first one and read the foreword on the latter and both are mind-blowing.

    Guest Asexual , Humans are mammals of the animal species. And as humans we are far behind the rest of the animals... According to this article there are a few animals that are asexual and already producing on their own. And if we humans did reproduce without sex - men would eventually become extinct. Virgin births (parthenogenesis) in human animals would only produce female humans. This becomes life-threatening and risky for women - especially for men who prefer not to die off. So as a woman who has given birth to women... YOUR utopia is MY nightmare.
  15. @Delano mmm, I'm on twitter - so I'd say whenever I log in. I usually don't engage.