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  1. I thought it only fitting to leave a departing message since I've contributed a lot comments to the culture, race & economy forum. It appears the conversations here have deteriorated into hateful and fearful rhetoric, zero-sum comparisons and nothing good comes from those ideas. So, I bid this forum adieu. I'm signing off here but not AALBC's readingblack.com ✌️
  2. @Troy no. I thought I already mentioned, I'd have a problem with children on a steady diet of violence; bullying, name calling, "cursing" (not to be confused with cussing), consumerism, especially Cardi B & Nicki Minaj and most new school emcees videos because they promote consumerism, spectator sports -(unless it awakens the child's warrior spirit and inspires them to discipline their minds and bodies), and proselytizing any religious beliefs. There's probably a few other social engineering activities that I haven't mentioned that would inspire a teaching moment too. BUT there's no way I'd have a problem with children watching performers express themselves through music, dance, song, and acting. I like Normani's music video. She gave a good performance at the recent MTV music awards too.
  3. Oh snap! This has FEAR written all over it! Even the example you gave about police in the black community is a result of fear. Not fear like “punk” “scaredy cat” but a deep-seated fear that the “ruling” class, those who have a lot of riches, must control certain groups or they will lose wealth. They are fearful and have a need to control everything so they can keep themselves safe. For those types everyone/thing is a possession they must control for their own survival. This describes the “ruling class” of the United States in a nutshell.
  4. @Pioneer1 No. I find that behavior repulsive in humans period. I will never understand nor want to understand why humans have this desire to control anyone but themselves. This trait is the main flaw in humans. A lot of types of men exist. Like isn't a strong enough emotion to be bothered; there also has to be a desire. Still there's only one kind of man with whom I've ever found sexy enough to get naked. A brutish man would never make my list.
  5. Aggression is the number 1 trait of a bully. Animals, including the human species are usually ostracized or put down when they show aggression. They can't be trusted. This dude sounds like a bully. And from what you wrote, this woman saw you , @Pioneer1 put him in his place. That requires confidence and confidence is a hella sexy trait. Most women (and men) are attracted to assertiveness and confidence. Intuitively, we know we can trust people who exhibit confidence.
  6. Ok, authors-publishers I've been playing around with AMP stories. The app is currently in beta WordPress (open source content management systems). If you have a WordPress website and activated the plugin AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), try it! AMP stories allow you to introduce your book succinctly. Think of it as a way to make a trailer for a book without video production. If you don't have an open-source WordPress site, then try Makestories.io. According to its creator, it's free to use until 2020. Here's a link to the travel story I made on the makestories site [ https://onl.st/miraflores-1/ ] I didn't install the Makestories plugin for WordPress because there's no recent update. But here's the same story I made on my website. https://theleadstory.org/stories/peru/ There's a call-to-action (CTA) link that you can add to lead your viewers to where they can purchase your book directly from you AND not AMAZON DOT COM!
  7. @Troy this line made me laugh out loud! I'll have to do some soul searching to figure out why - but for now; it's tickling!
  8. The first 24 hour Black News Channel is expected to launch November 15, 2019 @6:00 AM. The cable network is the brainchild of J.C. Watts, Jr., former U.S Representative (R-Oklahoma) now BNC chairman and Veteran Journalist Bob Brilliante who will serve as the cable network's CEO. BNC Newsroom management made their rounds at the National Association Black Journalists Job fair in Miami, FL earlier this month. The news channel, headquartered in Tallahassee, Fl, will broadcast to 33 million households nationwide with a major presence in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York. ~MH You can read the release here: https://blacknewschannel.com/wp-content/uploads/BNC_NABJ-Press-Release_2019.pdf
  9. 😆 @Pioneer1 Yes Kim Coles also graduated from Brooklyn Tech with me and Troy. Best. High. School. Ever. And yes - haven't you noticed we fight about and agree with each other on the topics dealing with the subject of "Social Engineering"... It's as if you and I both believe that we humans are consistently being programmed and hacked to behave a certain way. Sexuality goes right to the top of the social engineering ! Early Anglos found out how to harness and supress sensuality, sexuality and sensuosity and use it to create super soldiers /killing machines . In short, suppress sexuality you kill creativity and then you can create monsters. @Troy In a way, I agree but how we use our experiences is what's at odds. As a woman, I learned sexual boundaries in the safety of my parents home. When you are under a watchful eye of your caregivers - they let things go but so far. We've seen on social media where at some of parties teenaged boys and girls have gotten drunk and some boys have gone as far as gang raped girls. A lot of times these parties were not chaperoned - and what's worse those children didn't learn boundaries and popped like corks under pressure. Now the girls are scarred -and the boys have to register as sexual offenders for the rest of their life. My friends and I played RCK (run catch and kiss)- as young as 11... by the time we were teens - we knew boundaries. Boys knew sexual contact in varying degrees wasn't off limits because girls liked it too - but we all learned no means no. As society progressed - I guess some parents didn't have time for children anymore. But when I was growing up we all had parents to consult in the absence of our own (for the moment). It did take a village. Most of the kids I grew up with - played kissing games, bump and grinding when we were teenagers, and none of us ended up as sexual predators. When the child learns how to exercise their personal agency it will later serve them as adults. My body and persona doesn't belong to my parents - it's mine. My children's bodies doesn't belong to me or their dad. They learned this from the time they were toddlers. While they were under our care we had to let them determine their boundaries or they would never learn. Or worse, learn when they were older. If you wonder why some women exist in abusive relationships while some women NEVER experience that life;-it's all due to learning. We all have to learn - it just depends on when.
  10. @Troy I never censored how my daughters dance or what they wore. Even when my youngest was going through her goth phase - I just sucked it up. lol - Today, the twins barely wear clothes but that's their self-expression. My oldest daughter is more conservative and that's her style choice. I had nothing to do with it. Anyway, I'm not prudish ... And neither did my parents censor me. EDIT: I had a lights off rub-em-up sweet-sixteen party in my basement. It was great! Also Do you not remember this? This was our senior fashion talent show - I was 17! Kim Coles, Vicki and I dressed like this and even the high school administration allowed us free expression! And yes, this was a one-night only performance - but still creative arts require raising the Serpentine fire/Kundalini! In fact, if we see more of those performances like in Normani's video and less gang-banging - our current "drive-by - mass shooting" culture will change for the better.
  11. The dancing in this video is beautiful! And look at all those chocolate young women and men!~ They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing! It reminds me Janet Jackson's "IF" video but with a majority of beautiful black people. And @Troy don't you remember how sensual we were as a teenagers and young adults? Google can't promote what comes naturally - Young people are sensual, curious and carefree with each other. This choreography just communicates this age but with pure athleticism mixed sensuosity and grace.
  12. 🙄 welp, there goes that! Why not write it true to life? It could still be dramatic! Hell, if they got those degrees after the kid was born the absentee-parent would still be valid! This is why I can’t stand watching most “black” dramas. Show runners usually let us down. I don’t know why you want to get me started! 😡 I was ready to root for this show! Oh! By the way, I watched one episode of GoT and the black man was a “prop.” I didn’t see any black women - so I never went back. Don’t get me wrong, I indulge in Film & broadcast programming but it’s mostly romcom, rom-mystery, holiday romcom, mysteries, thrillers and the supernatural. Most of the time, even with a black cast, Hollywood does a better job with those genres.
  13. You took the words right out of my head! 😆 I didn't want to give google or godaddy any airtime it would interrupt my flow. Thank you for the added information! (Quiet as kept, I counted on you adding it! lol)
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