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  1. The New Religion

    @Delano, I'm not sure what you mean by "numeric value of most calendars" - if you're referring to dating conventions ,however, I will say "kind of". This is based on the fact western civilization is only at 2018 years...whereas civilization has been here far longer AND the calendar year is made up of 12 MOON-THS. The 12 months are based on roman politics - since they had to determine when taxes were to be paid. It was initially 10 months - i.e. DEC-ember (dec being the numeral prefix for10) also the months and days of of the week are named for roman /greek god/esses . @Cynique also raises a great point of note that we still recognize the seasons as did the monk who came up with current calendar era. - The christian monk couldn't ignore the very Pagan belief of the science of nature. In any event, the assumption that using the current dating conventions means christianity is wedded to science is absurd. Even NASA steers clear of BC/AD
  2. The New Religion

    OMG!!! That's it! That's why I reached for the duct tape! Pioneer's statement lacks context! "I USED TO believe the knowledge was just information and facts... unless that information and facts comes with a proper understanding then it's still not knowing." Thank you, @Cynique you've cleared up the mystery! "knowledge is the basis of understanding" but you have to do the work. You can't just slap a fact up in this forum and think you're going to get a sticker! Nope , not gonna happen LOL...
  3. The New Religion

    @Pioneer1 the only thing Mel was wrong about was dignifying your half-witted response. I happened to be writing when I saw your bc/ad as being part of science. My head was about to explode because that was the furthest thing from truth. Saying AD/BC is used in science is about as bright as saying English is a scientific language because the universal language is for scientific studies is English. None of it has anything to do with Christianity - it's a damn standard! The only way scientists can keep tract of their discoveries is by using standards. Is the demarcation of the Gregorian calendar determined by the birth of jesus - KINDA -but only the ignorant would stop there. Is science governed by christianity -I guess if you're one of four people who believes the sun revolves around the earth.
  4. The New Religion

    @Delano I must agree with Del – science could be the new religion – especially if we’re to view religion as a sum of its parts and not necessarily its tenets. A little before I began working in broadcast journalism, I was reading scriptures. I remember saying I want to tell YOUR story like the disciples did in the bible. Long story short – a few weeks later I found myself sitting at the anchor desk of our local television station. The current weekend anchor and the news director set me up to do a demo reel. I got the news reporter job. I was already employed so it was part-time, one day a week – Sunday. I had NEVER even studied broadcast journalism. I was a writer who was curious and that’s it. My second news story (a package) was a Catholic church closing. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeling–Charleston diocese was consolidating churches in a cost saving measure. I laughed out loud thinking THE ALL has a wonderful sense of humor. It was a story I didn’t want to do for two reasons – I despised Catholicism and I despised Catholicism. Still, it was my job that I asked for and I didn’t want to add to the parishioners’ pain. To this day – I believe it was my best story ever…and I really sucked at broadcast news reporting in the beginning. But in interviewing the congregants, learning the history of the church and what it meant to those people -allowed me to lose the hate – and look at this religion through their eyes. I learned the people, their love for each other and the Supernatural was the religion …Some men made up some shit and told folks to worship their ideas but, in the end, religion is its believers - So yes, science could be the new religion because all it needs are strong believers that the answers they seek will come if they exercise faith. @Delano "The AD first meant “Anni Diocletiani” which related to the beginning of his reign at 284 AD. Diocletian’s laws, persecutions and punishments against the Christian community were severe. "
  5. The Science Delusion

    Ok - I look forward to your response.
  6. The Science Delusion

    @Delano Ok, you go first. This way I can get up to speed as to what we will accomplish.
  7. The New Religion

    @Pioneer1 I said Probably because I wasn't there. Only a fool would claim something as certain and not have witnessed it. But that's what you do isn't it? As I mentioned if the west were aligned with christianity we wouldn't be worshiping roman gods every day of the week and each month... Ain't nothing christian about polytheism. You did mention Jesus - man you don't even read what you write - so why I'd think you'd research something is beyond me. But Like I mentioned the first time -it was political decision and not jesus or "christ" . According to reports the monk still didn't get it right. But you wouldn't know what I'm talking about anyway. You're right about one thing. I usually don't waste my time arguing with you.
  8. The New Religion

    @Pioneer1because instead of assuming you might discover something new - For example, if that statement you made were accurate - then today wouldn't be Mars-Day, the god of war day... - If you researched a bit - you'd probably learn that the demarcation probably had to nothing to do with jesus and everything to do with politics ... further if you got really deep you'd know western science IS African Science - but you'd only know that if you took the time to research. click for an expanded map
  9. The New Religion

    @Pioneer1 You will have to go and research calendars- julian, gregorian , hebrew and coptic and whatever else is out there to determine how Dionysius Exiguus came up with "date" demarcation.
  10. The New Religion

    @Delano I already mentioned I'm not talking about practitioners. Whatever a priest does in his private life does not change the tenets of religion. S/he may be changed by it but it doesn't change the religion. In fact, this is why excommunication is a thing. If one doesn't adhere or obey the tenets - they can't participate. Science is a study and can be tested. Religion is a belief and even if it could be tested obedience is still required. Or @Pioneer1 that can be Before Common Era / Common Era or Current Era AND "Astronomical year numbering is based on AD/CE year numbering, but follows normal decimal integer numbering more strictly." Other science disciplines also use this dating.
  11. The New Religion

    @Delano I attended St. John's University, where there is a Vincentian mission. I didn't find out my philosophy books were censored until my oldest daughter went to college and took the same philosophy class! I still have my Socrates to Satre text book and guess what's missing? The allegory of the cave LOL! Anyway, I'm not talking about clergy or scientists and their individual pursuits. I'm referring to the differences between religion and science. We have CERN where they are smashing atoms - "Its business is fundamental physics, finding out what the Universe is made of and how it works." Today, Pluto is no longer a planet . However- alterations aside, there hasn't been any updates to the quran , or scriptures. Religion requires obedience. You can think and discuss it until the cows come home; but you either follow its tenets or you don't.
  12. The New Religion

    IMHO, No. Science has not become the new religion. Science requires a query, observation, contemplation, analysis, etc. Religion requires obedience.
  13. The Science Delusion

    @Troy You've made somewhat of a qualified statement, here. But It's as if you'd like to refute "banning or censorship" based on the information we supply to you. To avoid confirmation bias, it's best to look for several sources of your own. For example, one of several sources I used was the link in the video itself to arrive at the censorship conclusion. @zaji was gracious enough to even provide you with her arc of thinking on how she arrived at her conclusion of censorship. But that doesn't support your stated belief that "It doesn't seem like it would be something TED would ban" So in answer to your question, yes, I know it to be the case based on evidence I've seen. I think that @Delano, @zaji know too. So, maybe if you find something different it will make for an eye-opening even fascinating discussion.
  14. Melanin and Money

    @Pioneer1 Huh?
  15. Melanin and Money

    Yes and no. We'd have leverage if we stop spending and borrowing. Also if we chose not to work for corporations but instead grew and produce raw materials, assembled products and sell wholesale to large corporations. Becoming producers would allow us leverage. We'd absolutely have to function as a monolith to make that happen. As far as wealth is concerned, however, we don't have leverage. We spend a lot of money but we own next to nothing. Black wealth is near zero percent here in America. Less than 1 percent of Black-American families have a net worth of 1.4 million. According to an article I read, 98 percent of available land is owned by white families. So, if we were to grow our own food or raise cattle or dairy cows we wouldn't have enough land to allow our animals to graze or provide them enough water. So, monetarily, if we were a country - we'd be a poor country with a lot of debt. Democratic capitalism isn't working for black folks as a whole here in America or elsewhere . Aside: I've pulled this information before when looking at the state of black women. Here's a link to an article that shares a lot of the stats I've read in the past.