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  1. @Pioneer1 this is exactly how I felt - and see, you did understand. Some how I had a feeling you knew exactly why I responded the way I did! And yes, I understand why it struck you as irrational - because “love” is irrational and to actually have love for all living things equally is probably something you don’t come across on a daily basis. Now, before you throw my children in the mix - I also have an uber irrational “LOVE” for them but if I were to think it through ... it would be because they came from me... and there’s no greater love, I suppose than one who you’d lay down your life for..so yeah, my babies are on a whole different astral plane... one that even I can’t comprehend. Not at all! There are a lot of smart people. I don’t think it suits me. I’m curious and i keep digging like a dog looking for a bone. Someone might say “he’s hungry” ... but in most cases that’s not true—-The pooch is looking for his “treasure”. My definition of “smart” ? I like what you’ve said @Delano “pedigree” - a “person of letters” is my definition of smart. People who know enough to get the task completed by an agreed upon standard.
  2. “Smart is not how I would describe myself.” “ I'm curious ...that may appear to be passion but it's more of an obsession“ “i don't have to think deeply” Sooooo... Out of all the things I wrote correcting Troy you chose to focus on “people” - why is that?
  3. @Pioneer1 who cares about compliments? I prefer accuracy. ... I corrected Troy's description because while he's assigned it to me - it has nothing to do with me. And yes people are included in the set of living things but to focus on people would be a reductionist view of my outlook. I would provide first aid to a person just as I would provide first aid to a plant. I would relocate a person who seeks to harm me just like I would relocate a spider.
  4. @Troy wow I didn't know that's how I appear to others. Welp, here it is. Smart is not how I would describe myself. I'm curious and sometimes that may appear to be passion but it's more of an obsession to understand the its properties. I build on a foundation of information so I don't have to think deeply - so while it may appear I think deeply, its actually an intimate understanding of topic. And no, I don't have love for people. I have a love for all living things and their ability to express life that will lead to evolution.
  5. a student loan paid, and your student loan is paid and your student loan is paid too... The graduating class of Morehouse College had commencement Keynote Speaker Billionaire Robert F. Smith give them a send off into the real world...but in addition to parting words he will allow these seniors to be debt-free to the tune of $40 million. Wow just wow... CNN Breaking News https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/19/us/morehouse-robert-smith-student-loans-trnd/
  6. @Troy I can't remember disagreeing with @Cynique @Chevdove or @zaji in any way that would cause me to want to express that disagreement. I may have a different opinion about something but their presentation allows for me to consider their perspective. I've even found myself doing some research and keeping an open mind for more information to possibly advance the discussion. But I don't disagree with them. Even if you can find where I said "I disagree" know that I misspoke. I believe most women are socialized to have a perspective that is built on a foundation of evidence. Unfortunately, here in America women are often dismissed as NOT having knowledge about a topic. Even In your thread about instagram - you decided I didn't have knowledge of world wide web and its commercial activities. You didn't even ask me, first. But that's the world women live in - so when we express an opinion or subjective observation, trust most of us have a mountain of evidence to back it up. I don't bet on stuff. Aside: I used to bet on horses but racing horses is cruel and inhumane so I don't do it anymore. I would absolutely miss Cynique if she leaves the board - but I saw that in my email and I had to stop what I was doing to respond to this thread. I really appreciate you @Cynique ! You add the je ne sais quoi to this forum that allows so many of us to think and consider your words, experiences and thoughts. You are a magus and beautiful philosopher! ♥️
  7. @Delano “No lies detected.” I really do! There is one Pioneer that I really dig - that Pioneer makes me reflect on the world’s schism. Then there are a two others - one who I swear is a white guy from michigan - and you know that guy -he’s a lot like “Archie Bunker/Roseanne”... Then the other Pioneer is young-minded - doesn’t read much but is very much into street corner lectures. The scary part with that Pioneer - is i used to think the same way - I found some old school writings that revealed a similar philosophy - which makes me think that Pioneer is actually a 30-something woman! 😂 clearly you don’t - so I’ll leave it alone. But please, don’t EVER tell me my worldview without checking your own consistency.
  8. Exactly @Troy! But I’m no lady...🙄 I would have agreed, @Pioneer1. If you wrote “the Americas” of even North America. - I would have given you a pass on PR and DR ... Yep! I will sometimes let those slide because I can’t keep up with the politics - like with Guam. BUT NOOOO..you tried to be tricky and write “America”...That was a technical foul in my book. Plus you tried to “shame” me - and that really pisses me off. I don’t take kindly to social engineering 😠
  9. @Troy Your “moral” judgement quote comes from AALBC.com. NEVER means NOT EVER in ANY context. So, it’s telling that you won’t impose your morality on a elijah muhammad impregnating youg girls in his charge. Impressionable young black girls don’t get your moral outrage. In their case you wrote you will NEVER make a moral judgement. NEVER means NOT EVER in ANY context. Except you reserve your feigned moral outrage against faceless institutions - and without proof. Yeah ok. Perspicere
  10. I, I, I, .... LOL Use your search engine - I just did and bing returned washcloths are rare in Europe... Now I've never stayed with families or hostels when traveling the five continents ... but I'd imagined they would accommodate their guests with known amenities. However, for 8 years. I've only stayed at 4/5 star hotels in the five countries I've mentioned(I left out Belgium). AND they didn't have washcloths nor had a word that actually translated into washcloths. Any LEGACY CARRIER flight attendant will tell you bring your wash cloth if you use one. Note: German hotels had washcloths but they also have a U.S. Military bases so maybe the brothers/sisters hipped them lol...
  11. Are you sure that's how you want to counter? First Twitter doesn't allow you to cherry pick quotes because you literally have to post the old tweet...that's where the twitter phrase "that didn't age well" comes from. You would know that if you actually engaged folks on twitter rather than blast them with website posts from an app. Second, If that quote is only true when speaking on the behalf of men doing questionable things to girls and women then you get the :sideeye: Finally, I posted the date when you made the quote ..The date is taken from your post. If you put together the fact that I mentioned Elijah Muhammad that would be what we call a"context clue". Now since you usually send us to the search feature - it should be quite easy for you to find it. Unfortunately, I don't think the context there will matter. "NEVER" in ANY context means "Not now" or Not EVER, NOT at any time. So that makes your "moral" rants about social networks, big tobacco and any of soapbox material you've presented invalid.
  12. After reading several polls on Twitter, this week apparently a full- body wash is part of the african American culture. It appears washing legs is optional for those of European descent. Further, some from the medical profession agree that vigorous leg washing removes the oils - hence our “ashy” legs. Also “wash cloths” appear to be an African American item. I must research the origin. I know first hand whenever I traveled to Peru , Italy, Brazil and I think Argentina too I packed my own wash cloths because the hotels there only provided towels. When I went into the “black” section of Lima I was able to stock up on wash cloths there. But none in Miraflores. I could only conclude that wash cloths are used in the African Diaspora 😄
  13. @Pioneer1 between @Cynique handling you with facts and @Del beating you with first hand experience... do you really want me to mix it up with you too? Lol! But don’t think I didn’t see you trying to use the ole “continent” defense to support your argument. 🙄
  14. @Troy Never said it was about “survival” So, you’ve clearly missed the point of what I’ve written so we’re even. Again, match...this is exactly how I felt when you didn’t condemn elijah muhammad for sleeping and impregnated young black girls in his charge. Your words “l never make any moral judgments” @Troy December 16, 2018 so, please spare me your “highminded-mess”
  15. @Cynique Thank you! Although this explanation is bittersweet, it's perfect.
  16. Brought over from this thread "I stand alone on a pedestal and even betta still my mic is hyper than hype if you like I'll take you to a level of heights domain where I dwell excel, drive you all insane  cause no man or band or clan can rock fans or stand beside MCM 'cause I am the incredible, unforgettable, A capella dwella like Spinderella, I''m not a fella but Imma ass-kickin' hellafied microphone high take it to heart when I start to perform, I can knock a brother's rep down, make em wanna step down … even a cutie is bootie cause he slept now" ~ I do Damage @Delano you're right! Good Ear!!!. That was shaping up to be a rap battle! This is a verse from my past. Like you mentioned in the African American Culture thread "call and response" is our from our culture as Is "the dozens" much of which dates back to GRIOTS from West Africa.
  17. "I stand alone on a pedestal and even betta still my mic is hyper than hype if you like I'll take you to a level of heights domain where I dwell excel, drive you all insane cause no man or band or clan can rock fans or stand beside MCM 'cause I am the incredible, unforgettable, A capella dwella like Spinderella, I''m not a fella but Imma ass-kickin' hellafied microphone high take it to heart when I start to perform, I can knock a brother's rep down, make em wanna step down … even a cutie is bootie cause he slept now" ~ I do Damage @Delano you're right! Good Ear!!!. That was shaping up to be a rap battle! This is a verse from my past. Like you mentioned in the African American Culture thread "call and response" is our from our culture as Is "the dozens" much of which dates back to GRIOTS from West Africa.
  18. @Troy one thing I will back up off you for - is this: I realized when you went off on that tangent - that’ may be your MO (how you operate)... And Im in no position to fault you for being efficient. You may not care about the twitter nuances because you don’t need to use them. Although you didn’t admit it I get it. But myopic educators get my panties in a bunch. [NO I’m not saying you teach like that but it is my trigger] i just hope when you’re teaching the co-eds - you share with them it’s your method. When I was at LIU, I had a professor who refused to see from any other perspective but her own. I was taking a mandatory advertising class with her and she refused to see that having all white women dressed in white in a tampon commercial sent a message that black women are unclean... (something like that. I was 19) She told me I was overthinking the assignment... and then it was on and popping...i ended up taking the class with an openminded prof. He gave me a “B+ on my final assignment and an “A-“ in the class. He said he would have given me an “A” but I was “overthinking it” So, see you’re not the only one who sees the invisible hand turning the wheels of social engineering ... but it turns both ways - especially if someone doubts everyone’s intention that appears different than their own.
  19. @Delano ok that made me laugh out loud!!! 😂😂😂 He must have been! I was enjoying the convo too! Doggone it!!!
  20. Most likely -but 15k in a 11 years that’s kind of low. Welp, I did have facebook back then too so that makes sense. Anyway, Yes I have discussions on twitter and have since 2008 - especially when I was flying around the world. You say you’re not gaming social media - but really you use it to drive traffic at the expense of engagement. But like I wrote your limited use is based on your knowledge and goals.
  21. What does this have to do with your question? i know how automated tweets works - BUT we weren’t discussing your account being fake - you wrote you didn’t have any fake followers. I’m leaving this conversation now - you’re not even keeping up with your own written words. It is clear you left the discussion quite some time ago and you’re wasting my time. Depends on your goal - - if you’re just looking for drive-bys then yes but if you are looking to engage and network - it is not. Remember when you were being interviewed and you needed an audience? You don’t engage and it showed. I You don’t spend time on the site - you don’t know what they do. Exactly! But if you hashtag it... you’ll know it’s popularity immediately! Or you can query the popularity.
  22. Absolutely dismissing it and with quickness! We can’t afford any more those folks. We need people of action . Had he not attempted to be “altruistic” and instead moved to patent his software, and monetize it there would be NO GOOGLE ... See how that works? A few months ago - you wrote a post about no longer holding the top spot in the search for African American Literature - You mentioned that GOOGLE buried you ...so, do tell how highmindedness is working for you? Twitter is valuable to me. I don’t know about society as a whole. I don’t claim to know. If I were omniscient, then I could judge the relevance of facebook and twitter. But then this exchange wouldn’t be necessary because I wouldn’t need to discuss anything with anyone.
  23. that was in 2016, if I remember correctly. I believe you actually posted about here. No, I'm not ignorant of your twitter and social media engagement... I've been observing you since December 2015...And sending people to the site to get their initial reaction on why they would or would not spend time here. I even wrote a 41-page strategic communication plan on how you could capture and have more VISIBLE interaction. Remember, I sent you the first draft and you implemented one of the ideas - but then you told me you lost it in your files. I completed the final draft but decided instead to use it as a case study... They removed 70 million fake accounts. But there was no need for me to imply anything. You ASKED me about bots. Do you even read your post? You wouldn't know if you had fake followers, unless you did an audit. Did you audit your 6000 followers? If there were fake followers Twitter dumped them. For someone who is trying to teach me - you seem to miss out on a lot of Twitter's activities. So nah, I'd rather continue to read my twitter developer news and review their positions. I think they know how their operation runs better than someone on the outside. Even hit pieces reveal more about their operation than the paranoid-inducing theories you've submitted. And here's where we agree. It's a wrap.
  24. @TroyYes, but if you haven't noticed - Twitter let's you know how the tweets arrive on the website. you do know that's not a lot of followers, right? But what matters is how the tweet is echoed throughout the system. You're not engaging your followers in a meaningful way - if I didn't have your notifications on - I'd never see your tweets because they aren't retweeted, liked or commented on. With almost 6000 followers you'd come up in my feed more often than those who only have 1000 but are engaged by others. By the way; Twitter dumped most of the fake accounts and bots in 2017 and more get dumped at least every quarter. That's not how learning works. You can make me aware of something and it's up to me to synthesize it - but so far you haven't shared anything I don't already know.
  25. @Troy there were no social media networks in 1981... Maybe academic message boards but not even a blackplanet.com lol This explains why you can't grasp the appeal of social media networking. You remind me of the technologist who created the search function but missed out on being GOOGLE because of his high ideals ... Myopic folks tend to judge what's valuable or worthy. I can't see that far into the future to know if facebook or twitter serves society... I haven't even decided if AALBC serves society. BUT If I'm participating then it's serving me. I can't speak for others. Money is NOT a goal but it is one of the measurements of a successful business. Successfully scaling a process to keep a cost low is another measure of success. I know you know this because you've worked on WALL STREET. So please spare me your attempt of money-shaming. The goal for any business is to provide something that people want. That's how you create wealth. I don't know any business operation that doesn't have customers. Without customers it's just an expensive hobby. So, of course I'd take Kylie's class over your class. Knowing WHY something works provides far more wealth than HOW something works. This thread started about upcoming lecture on ecommerce - not HTML or CSS and after taking Kylie's class if she were to give one, I'd be able to pay someone to code for me.
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