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  1. 😃 I’m here! But I’ve been poking around doing research on Black authors who have written series... Then I found this other website that catalogs every series that’s ever been created. And then I realized I don’t know the names of every black author, yet I’m trying to make a comprehensive list.. so, there’s that...lol Yes, this thing is on 👋🏽
  2. Yep! That’s exactly what the article reads - John Rogers (he’s from one of those “upper class black families) took her under his wing at an early age. When Mellody Hobson graduated from Princeton she was intern at Ariel Investments - 10 years later she was president and then board chairman. According to the Vanity fair article Hobson’s mom (single parent) sold condos and they lived on the northside - the article says mom was a pragmatist yet unrealistic and had a hard time managing money. Mom was often evicted -
  3. I kind of figured that, @Troy. I tend to gravitate towards black women excelling in their fields and those on the move. I take notes on their failures and success. I also tend to look for more information about the men who, through their actions, show their desire to help black women achieve their goals. What this thread has revealed to me is my love and adoration for black women and the men who show their love for them (us) to fuel their (our) success.
  4. In the article I read, John Rogers (Founder -Ariel Investments manages 15.5 bn) took Mellody Hobson under his wing and convinced her to go to Princeton. So the answer to “a while back” would be when she was 17-18 years old. Note: John Rogers’s father was Tuskegee Airman John Rogers, Sr. who met his wife, Jewel Lafontant on the first day of Law School (University of Chicago) Lafontant became the first female deputy solicitor general of the United States. - Edit Keep this in mind when we explore the “Upperclass” definition. Upper class is a socialeconomic term used to divide folks. It’s not “my” definition but the “unspoken” definition of my acquaintances who are in the “pearl-clutching class” of “our kind of people” Lebron is upper class if we simply go by income - but those in “our kind of people” class rarely make that distinction. They are into “breeding” ... who’s your mommy and daddy, grandfather and grandmother and so on. You’re never the first to graduate college - more like the 5th or 6th generation college grad. What did they do, what do they own? What philanthropic boards do they sit on...how much land and where? AND here’s the big one - I haven’t heard of one entertainer or sports celebrity belonging to that group. So when Rogers tapped Mellody she became the proverbial debutante into the upperclass world. By the time Hobson married Lucas, whose parents were middle class btw, she’d already had an impressive resume and upperclass pedigree. Aside: she’s now vice chair of Starbucks and was chair of Dreamworks and negotiated its sale to comcast. So, by your working definition, it was Lucas who is “new money” albeit, 5.6 bn dollars of new money and he married into the uppercrust
  5. @Troy No. I’m not. Which is why I followed my statement with “adopted into it”. It was my second sentence. Kind of hard to miss.
  6. The article says the filing doesn't affect the publications. But I'm still wondering.
  7. You know @Troy Melody has been "upper class" for some time. She was adopted into it long before she married George Lucas... Her story is fascinating. According to the article I read, even though she had a modest upbringing - her mother wasn't all into "race" this "race that...her mother taught her to be "color brave" period. Maybe there aren't too many black men on her level that are "color brave". The black man she worked for at Ariel Investments was married, twice ... and then we have the handful of corporate 100 CEOs... So who could be on her level AND not be intimidated? It's important to have a mate that is mentally stimulating so both can grow. Skin color is not enough... you have to share culture too.
  8. I had a feeling... my editor hasn't asked me to pitch anything for a while. Heavy sigh
  9. And how did that complaining work for you? 45 is sitting in the oval office signing his executive orders, gutting federal offices and stacking the federal benches with conservative judges... A brain cleanse is not about dumbing yourself down. It’s about clearing your mind to use it to benefit yourself and others. For example, you mentioned “teaching” made you better at building your website. That’s a win for you and your students. Arguing with google - didn’t stop them from changing their algorithm - but it did cause you to connect with your audience in more meaningful ways. It’s not a quick fix but you’re building a viable community in addition to the drive-bys despite google, Mr. Troy “featured in Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal” Johnson. And that’s the goal of a clear mind. You are more effective at transmitting a message that connects with your audience. Arguing the obvious reinforces the message in both the sender and the receiver. Instead, consider not paying attention to 45’s antics. And instead following and talking about the EOs and bills he signs - especially the ones that take an emotional toll. Pay attention to what the federal courts overturn and share that info. Follow net neutrality and make it easy for others to understand; follow the federal tax laws - and use those as talking points. You were in finance -use your knowledge and make the 5-year-old in us understand about the tax laws. The tax reform has to be awful for w-2 employees. In comparison, there are a lot of expense write offs for self-employed and business owners. Bread & butter, pocketbook issues, and education costs seem to resonate with people. Showing people how to fish - is far more effective than saying “eating pork is bad for you”.
  10. Can’t tell yet. I hope the original poster sees this discussion and tells us why their believing isn’t enough. So far, I’ve never heard a reason why being a lone believer is enough. Even “the watchers” know their lane. 👀
  11. You begin by using your imagination! Also, your brain has a delete button. But anyway, next don’t reinforce the “junk” messages. Remember the saying “let it go in one ear and out the other” It works. We seem to retain what we respond/react to. So whether you say “I hate this” or “I love that” you’re still giving it space. So be neutral and let it pass. Don’t build on it. Then just like a laxative, fill your mind with something foreign. Imagine things that send you on a scavenger hunt for more things you’ve never heard of. Today, I was writing a post for The Thriving Writer and I decided I needed 1 word to describe a concept... So I “bing-ed” it and found there is such a thing as a Enigmatologist. There’s only 1 who actually has a degree in puzzle creation and he created his own degree that was conferred upon him in 1974 from the University of Indiana. From my one small quest - I learned that It’s possible to create your own undergraduate degree in something like puzzlemaking AND allegedly be the only one in the world -to use it. He currently works at the New York Times as a crossword puzzle editor. That’s just a few examples - but thank you! You’ve given me a topic for next week’s blog post. Also refrain from “commentary”...instead take a concept in a whole new direction. For example; “The Bible is scientifically Accurate” Instead of commenting on the topic directly in an attempt to refute or cosign the claims - we expand the topic. For example we return to @Chevdove post where we began to speculate about quantum mechanics - time travel and the possiblity of passing through walls. This is how you perform a brain cleanse...😊
  12. I must! The “why” tells me if I should “watch” the movie..
  13. @Troy Why, Why, Why? 😐 Since I'm on a brain cleanse, I have read your words and the first few lines of the guest poster. My question to the guest poster would be why do they need someone to agree with them. Isn't it enough they believe? What's the purpose of having others believe too?
  14. One is all you need! I collect domain names but I really only need one. Something else to consider; use your website to post content, advertise your books and any other publications you have for sale. This way you’re your own “affiliate marketer”. This also allows you to claim the website as an expense on your taxes. BUT keep in mind you are also working to reach and engage a community with your work too. So, it’s the blog content that keeps them coming back read and to buy books . It also helps them share content with their friends too.
  15. Hi! My favorite platforms are my own websites. melhopkins.com; theleadstory.org;, the leadstory.net; and more …. I use either wordpress org (open source content management system) or wordpress.com for my websites. (wordpress.org is not for punks -It requires a lot of attention outside of blogging. I'm thinking about getting rid of it.) I use a mailchimp list builder and wordpress' "follow by email" button. I've also been active on the internet since 1995 and I've added to my contact list since that time. If you use, yahoo, gmail, outlook, hotmail et al ; you also have a contact list you can export into a email marketing management system - or you can just send out messages manually. Now to answer your question. You're in the process of building a community and it has to start somewhere. So, NO you don't NEED a substantial mailing list or subscription list to get started. Consider beginning with one or two people you can tell about your movement. Think about the content you want to send in that email to get them interested, i.e., make it exciting and shareable. Ask them to buy your book. If they show interest ask them why? If they show no interest, ask them why. Then build on the feedback. Update your content then ask them to forward the message to anyone who might be interested. Repeat this process in person too. My favorite social networking site is Instagram. I hate that its facebook property because it's so good. You can build a following; collect email, sell products, tell stories etc...If I were starting out today - it would be the only social networking site I'd use. It's important to choose ONE social network and get good at it. You'll be spending your time cultivating an audience and routing them to your email list... so pick the one that you believe you can send your message accurately AND collect contact information. Here's a link to the black enterprise article that featured me. They interviewed me because I sold my first book fairly easy (2006) because I used xanga, myspace and was beginning to sell on facebook too. But it all started with my radio buy button on my email. Every time I sent an email, -information about my book went out with it. That's how I sold my first book and built a great community too. I ended up giving my community away (for free) so when you build yours - don't let anyone have it. Even the IRS considers your community an asset...yes it's that serious. LOL https://theleadstory.org/newsroom/
  16. Maybe. I won't know because I'm not reading it. Instead, I'll follow the book club responses.
  17. Nah, it wasn't worth the 1s and 0s used to post it. It just referred to the myopic view you and "guest non american black man" posted. I'm glad @Cynique 's voice of reason is in this thread. She always helps me remain on the path I'm meant to travel. I tend to forget I'm not here to correct anyone's beliefs. Or point out the ignorance. It's a knee-jerk reaction in response to protecting myself because "stupid" is contagious. As far as I know, there's only one species of HUMAN on the planet at this time. , Yes, it was there. @Cynique I removed it because I'm tired of validating "parking" in my psyche.
  18. Sign of the times! I was just watching Netlix's "OA" "Season 2 episode 2 "Treasure Island" and "Parable of the Sower" is prominently featured in a scene at a book store. Spooky -and now I won't be reading it. I don't want to manifest that "world" in my psyche...clearly too many people have and it's now becoming a reality. So I'll pass and work to materialize a world of LOVE.
  19. My pleasure ! We have to get our stories into the mainstream and make a living too!
  20. One thing you can do with a PDF is prepare a summary of your book for distribution. You can include a call to action to purchase the full book. It can be like advertisement with benefits. Addendum If you make it at least 3000 words you can offer it free as a "kindle" and have readers purchase the print book directly from you. Note: AALBC also prints books too.
  21. @Troy Good point - I don't think I have direct knowledge of the abilities or limits of the Watchers. I've read what was allegedly Enoch's account of what he said he experienced, Enoch wrote G-D punished the Watchers who intervened in human affairs. So the rest didn't. According to the text they couldn't teach Humans either - just watch and report. '
  22. @E.equals.dtb Human behavior. I always go back to this story - when I was in Beijing, I noticed all the "bootleg" designer products were "real". The sellers got the parts and fabric from the haute couture designers to manufacture for sale state-side. It cost those sellers nothing to assemble those products on the side and sell them for practically nothing. No cost or overhead to them was the goal. Nothing but pure profit. Folks who are considering bootlegging aren't interested in spending a lot of money. If they can get a pdf for free.99 it cost them nothing to charge others for it. However, we tend to value what we have to pay for. The more we pay the less likely we're to share. That's my theory. *** By the way, going forward I'm considering to not sell eBooks. Since I wrote that post, I also learned from a pew research study that readers purchase more  print books than eBooks - so charging less for print book just might allow me to sell more books overall.
  23. Meanwhile, Former Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno allegedly filed a false report claiming a woman stole is Audi. The woman turned out to be his friend. Police opened an investigation on him too. But I guess it wasn't that serious to them. They seem to take a "boys will be boys" attitude with the alderman. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-chicago-alderman-joe-moreno-false-police-report-investigation-20190205-story.html Filing a false report is a misdemeanor in Illinois -but Jussie's celebrity status and his accusation that he was attacked by MAGots made him the perfect target. At some point we're going to learn this system isn't set up for black people foolishness - even if it's the truth. lol
  24. @Troy consistent with the belief, those messages are not from G-D , those whispers are from THE WATCHERS who were explicitly told not to intervene in human affairs. They can warn or in this case "report". What humans choose to do with that information is based on their own understanding and belief system. see: daniel, mary. and host of others who received visits and messages
  25. So sorry for your loss @Chevdove ...💔
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