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  1. Thank you for the tag @Delano i tend not to think about such things unless I’m writing. When I write, all the cosmic “truths” reveal themselves. I think this is probably why I tend to procrastinate instead of write. In short, we know everything - we’ve simply convinced ourselves we “know nothing.”. I likened this denial to a line from The Matrix To paraphrase quote “You’re not here to make a choice. You already have. You’re here to understand why you’ve made the choice.” I believe when we try to analyze the tangible with intangible”. - It’s a mind f-ck we perform to keep us in the state of plausible deniability. Probably why we created “God” to scapegoat. also: @Cynique you remind me of the Oracle.
  2. greg consistently does this one thing and it confirmed my suspicion early on that he's a white nationalist in a digital blackface. greg writes white with an uppercase "W" and Black with a lowercase "b." Black people wrote Black in uppercase long before it appeared in the AP style guide. So, if this were a game of poker, that would be his tell.
  3. DeFi Understanding decentralized finance exchanges Coinbase and Cashapp are DeFi (Decentralized Finance)-adjacent cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges are connected to the internet; you can link your traditional bank accounts to them to buy coins and even cash out into dollars. BUT the platforms must report any transaction to the IRS and your digital currencies are at risk of hacking, By its very nature, exchange platforms are no different from depository banks. EXCEPT your dollars are insured but not your "digital assets." If you are only buying coins, any digital asset, because you think they are going up in price, you'll lose. The "invisible hand" that moves the crypto market has extremely deep pockets causing extreme volatility. At least, the U.S. central bank is controlled by the FEDERAL RESERVE. The Feds control the monetary policy on the U.S. <-IF You don't understand centralized banking - I'm sure you won't understand decentralized finance markets. So study up! So why do you need a cold storage wallet? You need a wallet to store your authentic cryptocurrency transactions. Instead of "trading dollars for digital currency," most peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trades are for goods and services. Think about Russia's new law? Why would this ban come up now? You can trade cryptocurrency for anything and can cash out anonymously. (This will take a lot of maneuvers, but it can be done) A cold storage wallet secures your private key. A key, in this context, is a secret number used in cryptography and cryptocurrency. The key protects digital currency, NFTs, et al. Cold Wallets are noncustodial and NOT connected to the internet. There are a lot of hardware storage wallet manufacturers, So I'd give the side-eye to anything built by Mark Zuckerberg. Still, cold storage wallets are better than hot storage because there's less chance of hacking. However, storing digital assets in a cold wallet requires the owner to be extremely careful. It is easy to lose or damage a cold wallet and even easier to lose access to your private key. A simple internet search will reveal stories of owners "physically" losing both. And if you lose either one, you lose ALL YOUR ASSETS, and there's no getting it back. Still want to get into Crypto? Suppose you still want to make money in digital currencies. In that case, the best route is to build your own decentralized application(s) or invest in a dApp startup. dApp companies are the "gold rush" shovels of the digital assets craze. I'm an equity shareholder in one such Black-owned fabless semiconductor company that has a proprietary patented cold storage wallet and NFT Ethereum-web-based application. If you want to invest, message me your email address, and I'll add you to the company's mailing list.
  4. While I don’t believe the official 9/11 report, I feel we are all complicit in what it takes to be a “superpower”
  5. Yes. I tend to believe someone is always on the cusp of dropping science. Now I see those days are long gone. Many have given up their power. It is clear a lot of people want to be stupid. “When people show you who they are believe them.” I’ll add “when people display their “aggressive ignorance,” step back, stop talking.
  6. Sadly Twin, you’re right. Folks are letting Fox media do their thinking.
  7. Delusion: 1a: something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated WHERE’S YOUR EVIDENCE! WHERE ARE THE FACTS, FIGURES, DATES, EXECUTIVE ORDERS, LEGISLATION that will support your assumption?, Surprise me with something factual. So far all you have is another a baseless opinion.
  8. Guilty! Blame it on my love of learning! Human perspective is the true super power. “No one is as smart as all of us!”
  9. I only want to test the apple program. You know I like to go straight to the source for my investigations. lol. My first distribution choice to sell my books is through my website and AALBC.
  10. You made the false equivalence statement the topic of this thread. You wrote, "Biden makes America unaffordable for Blacks," then attributed it to the federal reserve rate and inflation. Both of these statements are false. So let me help you with your "argument" - Somehow, you got it in your head - 45's policies are better for Black Americans. If this is your statement - then you sound like a member of CULT 45. Let me share with you how government works. We elect people to work for us. We don't need to love them or even like them. They aren't our friends. We hire them for what they know and how their knowledge will benefit us. And as my mom says, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating and tasting." When 45* took office, Black Americans were finally doing well financially, physically, and in some cases, mentally -thanks to the policies of The Obama Administration. By the end of Trump's criminal enterprise masquerading as a presidential, Black Americans were once again circling the drain in all areas where the Obama Administration helped us gain. I grew up in NYC, and I know Trump was never a statesman or a legislator. -His business practices are shady -and he makes money by running businesses into the ground. He exploited social programs earmarked for the impoverished to enrich himself and his friends. One such program is the so-called opportunity zone. In Georgia, Sean Hannity helped himself to Opportunity Zone property thanks to his connection to then HUD Secretary Ben Carson. "Hannity, a former talk-radio host in Atlanta who has become one of the nation's most popular television and radio conservative commentators, has amassed a real-estate portfolio worth about $90 million, most of it rental homes in Georgia and six other states. HUD, the agency that Carson now heads, guaranteed about $22 million in loans on two of Hannity's apartment complexes in Georgia." Provide proof of how 45* policies helped Black people - if not. I'll consider this topic "false" and moot.
  11. I agree. Back when am*zon started their affiliates program , they mentioned an am*zon author would get an automatic yes. Back in the beginning (2006) they made it easy for authors to gain fees from selling their own books. I'm going to publish an digital book and upload to apple - and see if they invite me into the affiliate program. I'll share what I learn. note2self: am*zon am*zon am*zon
  12. @Delano, One of my first clients introduce to me to the private equity market. I'm working on his equity crowdfunding campaign from the product marketing angle. I'm also reading a "The Private Equity Playbook" by Adam Coffey. You're correct. It is absolutely tricky. I have a nose for news so it helps me to do the market research. I research the product(s) but also the product's utility. I look for licensing potential and who else might be in the market for a similar product. It is exciting to me because I'm out of my depth here lol!
  13. No president including President Biden makes or raises rates. THE FEDERAL RESERVE controls the rate hikes Here is the background. https://www.federalreserve.gov/aboutthefed/structure-federal-reserve-board.htm#:~:text=The Board of Governors--,positions by the U.S. Senate. "The Board of Governors--located in Washington, D.C.--is the governing body of the Federal Reserve System. It is run by seven members, or "governors," who are nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed in their positions by the U.S. Senate. The Board of Governors guides the operation of the Federal Reserve System to promote the goals and fulfill the responsibilities given to the Federal Reserve by the Federal Reserve Act. All of the members of the Board serve on the FOMC, which is the body within the Federal Reserve that sets monetary policy. Board Appointment Each member of the Board of Governors is appointed for a 14-year term; the terms are staggered so that one term expires on January 31 of each even-numbered year. After serving a full 14-year term, a Board member may not be reappointed. If a Board member leaves the Board before his or her term expires, however, the person nominated and confirmed to serve the remainder of the term may later be appointed to a full 14-year term. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Board are also appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, but serve only four-year terms. They may be reappointed to additional four-year terms. The nominees to these posts must already be members of the Board or must be simultaneously appointed to the Board."
  14. @Cynique determination or free will? I believe it’s both. Which is why we carve out time to reflect during our journey. The weird thing is we’ve spent about two years dormant. The Global pandemic gave us all a moment to reset and reflect. I spent those years reviewing my journey. But here’s the thing, I don’t believe in linear time. When I “died” or “transitioned” I came back because I told THE ALL I had something to do. It was almost like I remembered when I rejoined “The All. Then I skedaddled. The highest level of creation is “ Kuumba. It is the Swahili word (bantu etymology) for “divine creation” meaning create something out of nothing. So maybe determinism is nothing more than choosing to create our journey before we arrive in this dimension. Some of us remember exactly what we came here to do - and begin when we are infants (old souls). Some of us forget - and we follow bread crumbs that we’ve left ourselves. Maybe one of your projects is to create a new project - while you’re in your corporeal state. Please don’t! You share a rare perspective that shows what’s behind the curtain!
  15. Truthdotcom! I live in my head most of the time! So peaceful here I’ve been so naive! Like I wrote I live in my head. So, let’s look at the proliferation of guns and technology as an untapped market. You mentioned people come here and send money home. What if their fam is in Ukraine, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eritrea? It may not be easy to get weapons there.., but anyone can get weapons here. We don’t even need a license. Voila.. all of sudden that $63 B industry is worth a lot more off the books. The U.S. doesn’t even have dirty their rep by getting involved with arming other countries anymore. We’ve become unwitting independent contractors.
  16. @Troy I do appreciate that the average news reader lacks interest in verifying what they read. I get it. What I don’t understand is why they consume what they don’t care about. Late last week a family member tried to engage me with the news of Japan’s former prime minister’s assassination. I stopped them. I don’t have the bandwidth to invest time into getting myself up to speed. I don’t follow politics outside of the U.S. If it doesn’t originate here …I won’t mess with it. I followed China (PRC) when I was flying for United because it was my reserve Line of Flying. Their policy was my need to know. I wasn’t trying to be anyone’s international incident lol! Seriously though, i’ll never let anyone off the hook for not following up on what they read. I have no patience for ignorance.
  17. There is some truth to this - but Associated Press, Owned and Operated Networks, Network Affiliates, and Independents have a symbiotic relationship. They feed each other. I've had a few AP credits when I reported for CBS affiliate and IHeart Media (Formerly known as Clear Channel). But there's also CBS Newspath and CNN Newsource, to name two with whom I've shared stories. And then there are also independent feeds that provide packages to the stations and print publishers. Sometimes reporters get lazy and run as is without fact-checking. News reporting always comes down to one fundamental challenge "FACT CHECKING. " Some publishers do better, and some don't want to pay for additional time and personnel.
  18. Jennifer Lewis and my mother are one in the same lol. It's kind of scary.
  19. Yes, I think I'm getting more clarity into your system. I seek to understand your creation. Communicating the benefits of someone's product/creation is what I've done in my career. So, last night (my last night), when I realized I turned to you for validation of my knowledge of finance - It hit me. You embody facts, figures, dates, movement, longitude, latitude, and more beyond my scope of intuition. I relate your inherent skills to the earliest known mathematicians in Africa (Swaziland) ... http://www.taneter.org/math.html. Is this realistic? Not a clue, but I don't need proof to trust my intuition. I just trust it. I channeled the post I wrote. It began as a trigger right here in this forum. Troy said something was unknowable...and I went into a trance, and that's what I wrote. So, yes, I feel you're correct. Thank you again for bringing clarity. .
  20. I used to call myself a "day-trader" but I was actually just shopping, holding and then selling when I felt the bottom was about to drop out. I like your term better "Small Investor". I just started buying private equity shares. Now, I want to learn to find out if I can make that my new business.
  21. Oh, this tidbit of information came from a research I used when I was working on a story about "statelessness." There's a whole lot of information available on the 'whys.' I found out because I was invested in the story I was working on. Also, if you want to spend some time on the topic, use the search term expats on YouTube you'll find former Americans sharing their stories.
  22. 1.7 million since January 2021 have migrated mostly "due to deteriorating political, economic and humanitarian conditions in several countries, particularly in Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Haiti." It appears very few migrate here from countries with stable economies and less violence. In the last 20 years, the amount of Americans leaving the US has doubled according one Insurance website -the US doesn't keep records of those who give up their citizenship, but Aetna reports a minimum of 9 million have left. https://www.aetnainternational.com/en/about-us/explore/living-abroad/culture-lifestyle/where-are-Americans-emigrating-to-and-why.html https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/counting-uncountable-overseas-americans https://cis.org/Report/ForeignBorn-Population-Hit-Record-47-Million-April-2022
  23. Here's the lens I'm looking through right now: Time is circular or sometimes represented as an infinity symbol. Therefore, I'm receiving your reply that Time Markers are immensely personal. TM is like breadcrumbs I've left on the path as I move through the circle of Time. And since I've partnered with Google's solution for measuring how many visitors are on the point at any given moment, it provides messages. Those messages led me back to that post I wrote five years ago. And it feels like I left myself a note to follow a specific path at this TIME. So, this makes sense to me. - I've laid the foundation to build awareness for my project -(I've breathed life into it). Now others realize my vision. And they are resurrecting/ "resuscitating" it. Wow - Just Wow.
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