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  1. @Troy Why, Why, Why? 😐 Since I'm on a brain cleanse, I have read your words and the first few lines of the guest poster. My question to the guest poster would be why do they need someone to agree with them. Isn't it enough they believe? What's the purpose of having others believe too?
  2. One is all you need! I collect domain names but I really only need one. Something else to consider; use your website to post content, advertise your books and any other publications you have for sale. This way you’re your own “affiliate marketer”. This also allows you to claim the website as an expense on your taxes. BUT keep in mind you are also working to reach and engage a community with your work too. So, it’s the blog content that keeps them coming back read and to buy books . It also helps them share content with their friends too.
  3. Hi! My favorite platforms are my own websites. melhopkins.com; theleadstory.org;, the leadstory.net; and more …. I use either wordpress org (open source content management system) or wordpress.com for my websites. (wordpress.org is not for punks -It requires a lot of attention outside of blogging. I'm thinking about getting rid of it.) I use a mailchimp list builder and wordpress' "follow by email" button. I've also been active on the internet since 1995 and I've added to my contact list since that time. If you use, yahoo, gmail, outlook, hotmail et al ; you also have a contact list you can export into a email marketing management system - or you can just send out messages manually. Now to answer your question. You're in the process of building a community and it has to start somewhere. So, NO you don't NEED a substantial mailing list or subscription list to get started. Consider beginning with one or two people you can tell about your movement. Think about the content you want to send in that email to get them interested, i.e., make it exciting and shareable. Ask them to buy your book. If they show interest ask them why? If they show no interest, ask them why. Then build on the feedback. Update your content then ask them to forward the message to anyone who might be interested. Repeat this process in person too. My favorite social networking site is Instagram. I hate that its facebook property because it's so good. You can build a following; collect email, sell products, tell stories etc...If I were starting out today - it would be the only social networking site I'd use. It's important to choose ONE social network and get good at it. You'll be spending your time cultivating an audience and routing them to your email list... so pick the one that you believe you can send your message accurately AND collect contact information. Here's a link to the black enterprise article that featured me. They interviewed me because I sold my first book fairly easy (2006) because I used xanga, myspace and was beginning to sell on facebook too. But it all started with my radio buy button on my email. Every time I sent an email, -information about my book went out with it. That's how I sold my first book and built a great community too. I ended up giving my community away (for free) so when you build yours - don't let anyone have it. Even the IRS considers your community an asset...yes it's that serious. LOL https://theleadstory.org/newsroom/
  4. Maybe. I won't know because I'm not reading it. Instead, I'll follow the book club responses.
  5. Nah, it wasn't worth the 1s and 0s used to post it. It just referred to the myopic view you and "guest non american black man" posted. I'm glad @Cynique 's voice of reason is in this thread. She always helps me remain on the path I'm meant to travel. I tend to forget I'm not here to correct anyone's beliefs. Or point out the ignorance. It's a knee-jerk reaction in response to protecting myself because "stupid" is contagious. As far as I know, there's only one species of HUMAN on the planet at this time. , Yes, it was there. @Cynique I removed it because I'm tired of validating "parking" in my psyche.
  6. Sign of the times! I was just watching Netlix's "OA" "Season 2 episode 2 "Treasure Island" and "Parable of the Sower" is prominently featured in a scene at a book store. Spooky -and now I won't be reading it. I don't want to manifest that "world" in my psyche...clearly too many people have and it's now becoming a reality. So I'll pass and work to materialize a world of LOVE.
  7. My pleasure ! We have to get our stories into the mainstream and make a living too!
  8. One thing you can do with a PDF is prepare a summary of your book for distribution. You can include a call to action to purchase the full book. It can be like advertisement with benefits. Addendum If you make it at least 3000 words you can offer it free as a "kindle" and have readers purchase the print book directly from you. Note: AALBC also prints books too.
  9. @Troy Good point - I don't think I have direct knowledge of the abilities or limits of the Watchers. I've read what was allegedly Enoch's account of what he said he experienced, Enoch wrote G-D punished the Watchers who intervened in human affairs. So the rest didn't. According to the text they couldn't teach Humans either - just watch and report. '
  10. @E.equals.dtb Human behavior. I always go back to this story - when I was in Beijing, I noticed all the "bootleg" designer products were "real". The sellers got the parts and fabric from the haute couture designers to manufacture for sale state-side. It cost those sellers nothing to assemble those products on the side and sell them for practically nothing. No cost or overhead to them was the goal. Nothing but pure profit. Folks who are considering bootlegging aren't interested in spending a lot of money. If they can get a pdf for free.99 it cost them nothing to charge others for it. However, we tend to value what we have to pay for. The more we pay the less likely we're to share. That's my theory. *** By the way, going forward I'm considering to not sell eBooks. Since I wrote that post, I also learned from a pew research study that readers purchase more  print books than eBooks - so charging less for print book just might allow me to sell more books overall.
  11. Meanwhile, Former Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno allegedly filed a false report claiming a woman stole is Audi. The woman turned out to be his friend. Police opened an investigation on him too. But I guess it wasn't that serious to them. They seem to take a "boys will be boys" attitude with the alderman. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-chicago-alderman-joe-moreno-false-police-report-investigation-20190205-story.html Filing a false report is a misdemeanor in Illinois -but Jussie's celebrity status and his accusation that he was attacked by MAGots made him the perfect target. At some point we're going to learn this system isn't set up for black people foolishness - even if it's the truth. lol
  12. @Troy consistent with the belief, those messages are not from G-D , those whispers are from THE WATCHERS who were explicitly told not to intervene in human affairs. They can warn or in this case "report". What humans choose to do with that information is based on their own understanding and belief system. see: daniel, mary. and host of others who received visits and messages
  13. So sorry for your loss @Chevdove ...💔
  14. @E.equals.dtb 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Yes! You are already on your way! See what you did there - you identified your audience and started with speaking engagements! I hope you sold your books afterwards. Every “free” lecture I’ve given always offered exhibit space. See you on #readingblack.com - please share your strategies too! Even the ones that you think failed. Maybe someone can help you get a win!
  15. @E.equals.dtb I wrote a response to your post the other day but for some reason - it's not here. 😞 Anyway, "black people" is not your audience. Some black people might be in your audience but we're not a monolith. Therefore, some of us may hurt your sales more than help. A lot of new writers make the same mistake especially those who think they don't understand 'marketing (promotion)'...But I believe you do understand how to promote your book because you worked in nonprofit! Just like a nonprofit doesn't serve everyone -neither will your book. BUT you do have a very specific audience. It's the audience that is most receptive and will benefit from your message. Find that group first and start speaking with them...and they will help you sell your book. Also join us over at #readingblack.com - it's another discussion forum on aalbc.com (this website) that helps authors with strategies for selling. MERGED Also, I should be more specific about what I mean when I say find that "group." This group may be those who identify as "black" but remember there 's a lot of "black" people in the world. Further some "black" people may be women, men, or other? Some black people are christians with a big giant E in front of the "c". Some black people are buddhist and that's a huge undertaking in itself. I have a friend who is the most militant black man I've met but he almost had me thinking about following buddhism because he made it seem perfect for me ... You see where I'm going with this right? When I first wrote my book - I thought it was for every black woman in the world - but what I found out is Black men and women who were into STEM and men who read comic books loved my book. I would have never guessed but that's what my audience looked like. In an effort to narrow down your group to get honest reviews and cut down on your frustration - determine the characteristics of the group who is willing to listen and learn and that's where you start.
  16. This was an intriguing observation. Sadly, that last line took the focus off the real problem - school funding. Sadly conservatives spew this same faulty logic. It's not helpful nor is it accurate. Black people don't have the money. Most of us live above the poverty line but our money is spent just to exist. You do know there's been quite a lot of studies done already and the results indicate our biggest expense is housing, food and transportation. The expenses of alcohol, tobacco and luxury items are practically nonexistent. In this article, the quote mentions that classes have increased in size. We know schools are underfunded so In this case, it looks like that dumb-ish is called tuition. Further don't forget the black tax and poor tax that we battle - Housing; or loans that we have to take out for school; or credit card purchase interest rate because we, like you just mentioned, (practically most) earn money at the poverty scale. Unfortunately credit cards help ends meet for those who are underpaid. Let's not put the blame on black people - there's a war on anyone who is not wealthy. - it's been going on since the 80s. Those who handle the purse strings believe funding should go to those who already have funding - not those who don't. That's what has to change! By the way, I did know about how poorly the CUNY teaches are paid - but what's worst is one professor said that some in administration who don't have degrees get paid way more. Something is not right.
  17. Also March is Women’s History Month...
  18. “Watch for the signs That lead in the right direction Not to heed them is a bad reflection They'll show you the way Into what you have been seeking To ignore them you're only cheating” ~ Getaway by Earth, Wind and Fire @Cynique wow, gteat stiry! I wonder how often the Universe conspires to work with us and we don’t listen! Maybe the world is the garden of eden... and we humans just don’t fit.😳
  19. It has but I needed to understand the present. Excellent analysis!
  20. What is psychic spying? Is he the one? And if yes why do I keep missing the signs? I just listened to a voice mail of his and realized what he said went over my head. Will I get out of my own way? Ok I guess that's sufficient
  21. Not a clue! But as a sci-fi/paranormal writer it helps me tackle problems in the abstract that I can’t solve using logic and reason. In fact, i started writing supernatural/sci-fi prose because it helps me to understand human behavior and the natural world.
  22. @Delano me too Twin! I’m in a macro phase right now. I feel frustration when someone wants me to focus on minutia.. It feels like I’m way out there right (wherever that is) taking in the big picture.
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