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  1. I thought about “salary cap,” when I heard - high labor cost were the root of inflation. I never looked at it like that before. It makes sense though because the higher the wages the more we can pay for goods. If I charge a 1.00 for an apple - and someone wants it for a 1.25 - I’m selling at that rate. So, the feds attempt to slow down the economy and make some work for “slave wages” to keep prices low. But can work today? Especially with digital technology and cloud computing? Both allowed for sex work to go virtual during lockdown. Sex and Tech became bedfellows no pun intended. And the same for labor and digital technology too. Remember the call centers in India? Well thanks to AWS and “Intel inside” laptops - There’s a business called live ops where anyone with a laptop, internet and two weeks to train can handle customer service calls for as many fortune 100 clients they can handle. And they can make their own hours and a decent salary working from home. Because of semiconductor chips, the same is happening with repetitive labor inside factories. These are just some examples that come to mind. I like your analogy but don’t forget about all the information workers in this society now.
  2. Yes, but if we only use it for trading cryptocurrency. Once you make a purchase...send it to your storage wallet.
  3. Sadly this true. But only because of perspective. In fact, there was something you wrote in the abortion anti-abortion thread that help me have a paradigm shift. Once we start looking at things differently- things change!
  4. If President Biden actually forgives student loan debt...this will partially come true for those who went to college in the past. I still blame Reagan for the end of free college tuition
  5. Why? Because if every black person in America were a multimillionaire that would absolutely liberate us here in the U.S. - Or do you believe the white nationalist power structure coded in U.S. laws prevents it?
  6. A while back for a political platform for black people - and after a billion years later someone finally answers! Thank you @Stefan WAIT... I lied! We did start to develop a black political platform thank you @Pioneer1!!! (I hope you're doing well!)
  7. Thank You for responding. I can see how it may attempt to solve the white nationalists’ numbers problem. But, I’m Black woman. Therefore, I look at the harmful effects of any legislative proposal and how it can impact the future of the Black community. I don’t care about the white nationalist movement and their desires. I do care about Black people and other disenfranchised groups. We are always hammered by their laws and initiatives. For example, Nixon earmarked funds for the Medicaid program to sterilize Black and Brown women back in the 70s. There was a whole program to sterilize women in Puerto Rico that still some say still haunts them to this day. Yes, I’m sure that was a numbers game then too. But those women didn’t get a pass. I agree, It is important to peep their game but it’s even more important to prepare the community.
  8. The Anti-Abortion group says their next step is a federal ban on contraception and abortion. This move criminalizes women and will also stomp over the right to privacy. When I first began visiting this forum in 2010, there was a lot of talk about the fall of the Black community because unmarried Black women were having babies with multiple men. I noticed, too - no one put the onus on men. I'll never understand that perspective, mainly since men cause 100 percent of unwanted pregnancies. But let's say women lose the right to choose abortion. And any attempt to abort, a woman becomes a felon. Felons lose their rights to participate in society, especially in the political system. Black women are the most consistent voting block, but we're no match to combat voter obstruction. So, what's next? The government subjugates and returns black women to breeder status? Speculation aside, if black women lose their rights to exercise agency in this society, what's next for the Black community?
  9. Yep, black multimillionaires exist, and most of us probably have very close relationships with them. What always amazes me is the various ways mm achieve their wealth goals.
  10. YES!!! Perfect word! I started flying international routes in '08. Best gig ever! Well, until we got the low-rent gangster Smisek for a CEO. I left the job soon after. Many flight attendants hated Glenn Tilton. Someone in scheduling (or higher up) requested me for the lead flight attendant for the executive merger transition team flight. Tilton was on that flight, and I found out he was all about the passengers. Tilton was older, but many of United's passenger-technological upgrades began under his leadership. He was also a gentleman. Smisek, in comparison, had no honor - and the airline went down under him.
  11. I've been on a weight-loss diet since puberty - so yes, exactly! Moderation is the key! But here's something else I've learned. Movement. A lot of us forget to move when we get older. I'm not talking about exercising for 30- 60 minutes a day, although that is good too. But I mean getting up and moving every hour for at least 9-10 hours a day. I jog for 3.30 minutes every hour. And I don't eat after 6 PM. Well, at least 6 days a week. Ok back on topic: - I'll eat soul food (poultry/ fish, greens, oats and corn meal, but I've cut back on wheat. Baked macaroni for holiday meals. But no peach cobbler, ever.
  12. OMG, I thought I was the only one who doesn't eat dairy in the winter! They are hilarious but no lies detected. Belly is full but no nutrients. And yes, I can cook my a - off but I know that food is bad for the heart. Even though it's good for the soul.
  13. Ok now it's getting really weird. Are our lives our own? erm...Thank you?
  14. When you write "Trade Across," are you referring to the foreign exchange (FOREX)? - ETF (exchange-traded funds) investing?- I agree with that too. I made a few "dollars" ETF investing in the Yuan around 2012-2013 (I think). Aside: a lot of folks don't know this, but working as a flight attendant is like earning a GLOBAL MBA. I got stories. But I'm not talking about trading across currencies. I mean trade cryptocurrency for goods and services like we trade US dollars for goods/services. For example, Today, I can edit a paper and ask for a Cash App payment in Bitcoin. I can cash out too. It is that simple. These platforms exist to make the transition smoother. However, I think your original statement raises the question of Usability versus Utility. ("Is it easy to use" versus "do we need it") I just finished watching the JP Morgan Chase CEO of asset and wealth management on Bloomberg - and her main gripe is keeping financial talk simple so that everyone can understand how to invest. Plain communication helps to drive easy-to-use design. When referring to anything digital, the KISS method would benefit Boomers, X-boomers (the Jones Generation), and the first group of generation X, especially since the digital age happened to us. Digital generations Millennials and Generation Z live it - but they may not have an easy time explaining it to dinosaurs. Aside: Not too long after graduating from Tech, I worked for Digital Equipment Corporation during its heyday. It was fortuitous to have access and exposure to technology communication since my teen years and beyond. I do my best to share that insight. If we're going to bring our community up to speed, we must discuss emerging technologies in plain language.
  15. I felt a little guilty because reading does help me escape some of the madness. And yep nailed it with legoland!
  16. Here's a group I found via aarp - Silverfox Squad LLC - I think the founding member designs shoes - He's verified on instagram has about a half-million followers. Who knew? lol io
  17. @daniellegfnyI'm not sure what you mean by " this particular down. " Also, I'm not a blockchain technology expert. My vocation is journalism. I'm an expert at gathering and disseminating information. In short, I read a lot.
  18. I'm not familiar with the Builder + Backers program. If you could, would you share an overview? Also, I don't know why this escapes me (maybe I'm too close)- but YOU ARE AN INFLUENCER with the oldest black books promotion website on the internet. AALBC continuously drives black book sales and promotes authors through email marketing, promotional marketing, bookselling programs, and social movement. TikTok is designed for low information consumers. The TikTok audience wants their info in easy-to-understand, digestible "byte"-size increments so they can share it with others. My daughters always force me to participate in the music and dance challenges, which I love. I've noticed the same with other parents our age -even celebrity gen-Xers and X-boomers. So, from the cultural perspective, TikTok has been able to bridge the generation gap. Users even engage others in the literary movement and have brought a lot of backlist books to bestselling status. So, here's a thought. BookTok (43 billion views as of today)- "BlackLit" could be the theme (the blacklit hashtag isn't popular) featuring social movement black literary fiction. For example, my daughter's beau's grandfather wrote Trumbull Park in 1959. Recently inducted into the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, Trumbull Park is about the first black family moving into a whites-only public housing project. I've noticed in the aalbc newsletter you reach back to spotlight the literary history makers. So there might be a way to get your #Sankofa (2.3 million TikTok views) on, to use that editorial angle as a point of entry to tell and promote aalbc's story on TikTok.
  19. @Troy Off-Topic: My club notifications isn't working. I get notifications from the forum topics but not club notifications. I do have it set to receive notifications when someone comments, starts a topic or replies to my topics - but I'm not getting anything. I hope club members are getting notice of activities from Readingblack.com
  20. My preliminary assessment is trading nft books is no different than big 5 publishing does with books that are in the public domain and no longer have copyright protection. Penguin Random House makes a grip selling "The Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B DuBois - so yes, I believe it would expand the resale market in a similar way. No one can own the copyright on the book but you can update it with your insight and create NFT for it. At least, my understanding is the copyright remains with the creator , the winning bidder owns the the original digital file. My understanding of the blockchain ledger - crudely put: no one can go back and change the building blocks. So, the only way it could be effective in black history keeping is if we start from today and add digitized artifacts - kind of like the national archives. Have you read this whitepaper https://www.archives.gov/files/records-mgmt/policy/nara-blockchain-whitepaper.pdf ?
  21. Yes, I've been trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins since 2018. Coinbase pays you to learn about new coins. We trade in cryptocurrency like we trade in fiat money - I'm not sure what you mean. I haven't used my cashapp to trade in cryptocurrency yet - but it's an option. Do you rermember when I wrote about Publica back in 2018?
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