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  1. Exactly! They are down with the greys nationalism. I read a thread yesterday, where one white woman suggested something similar to what women did in Iceland in 1975 to get equal rights. Nearly every other comment stated "we can't do that" But in Iceland 90% of women in Iceland went on strike for one day 24 October 1975 - and that strike changed their entire trajectory of their country. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34602822 My home girl and rap partner produced this short film. FYI YouTube won't let me embed the video because YouTube gave it a mature rating https://youtu.be/pdjQdT--MNk
  2. Interesting . @Stefan I didn't set out to troll when I created this thread. I shared an "out of the mouths of babes" view of how the world responds to a black man's presence. I'll never let trolls dampen my celebration of Black men.
  3. Yes!” Fall Back and regroup” That is definitely a Black woman thing. After the decision was handed down -a black out should have followed. With leaders and others saying “No comment. Then every women retreating indoors. Just go home or stay home. We would act like we were “sitting shiva” over a dead relative. One - It would have been unexpected and two - it would have absolutely scared the sh*t out of SCOTUS and the world. It would have been “a world without women” even if it only lasted 7 hours. But of course, here in the U.S., white women must perform. And of course, some dude ran over them with a truck. Phoenix law enforcement tear-gassed protesters. A Black woman, who is running for state senate in RI decided to march, only to get punched in the face twice by her republican opponent who is also works as a cop. It might have worked in her favor, since he dropped out of the race but the optics distract while reinforcing the message of brute force against women. The State was prepared for disruption. But total silence and no presence would h e rocked them to the core. Sort of like when a Black woman says, “I’m Fine.” But you know, All Hell is about to break loose and you’re about to have a come-to-Jesus meeting”
  4. I remember! I was his hype woman! I even moderate the “He-man-Am*zon-haters” club aka #readingblack.com! But datsok! lol
  5. It should. Bodily Autonomy is guaranteed in the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. SCOTUS, in a majority decision, says it’s a states’ right to make laws against someone’s body. Today it’s a woman’s body. So, the question remains who’s next. This was the final step before full-blow fascism. Now we’re here.
  6. Not sure what you mean by “hood” talk. I have no need for “sheets” to hide my identity. - “but you do you, boo”. <- Now, In case you’re wondering about that phrase, it is called a “colloquialism”
  7. That’s probably because you already know the difference between the “C” and the “P” is - inny and outty - and becomes erect with mental / physical stimulation.
  8. Nope. Twin, I peeped “Greg’s” pink card when he made his first post
  9. I buy my digital books from Apple. They come in an ePUB format that I believe is open. You can even read an epub file in DropBox ePub viewer. Not sure who has the better content media affiliate program - but Apple has one for their content media https://performance-partners.apple.com/program-overview
  10. I just read this same "thesis" in the Atlantic. At first, I thought I was so sick of white folks telling the story after the fact, and then I realized his article was prognostication just like yours. I was preparing to answer one of your comments yesterday, but I got all tied up in my words. The point I would have illustrated (if I didn't have to get back to work) is "there's nothing new under the sun." Every modern political strategy dates back to African Antiquity. So they're not ahead of Black/African/Afro Americans. We just forgot our history. I feel like I'm back in my 5 percenter days - when we sang "Study your Lessons, It's the only way to Learn."...today I would add "know your history" to the"Love is the Message" tune. In fact, I realize even my topic sentence should ask, "What African Political strateg(ies)y should we resurrect."
  11. Oh dang I missed it! @Stefan @ProfD please feel free to hijack the thread.. I tend to bring it back by incorporating the new thoughts and concepts into the main thesis .
  12. See! Black Men know, or should know they are "Most Wanted". Oh snap! So, that had to hurt you. You know, with you being a Black man, and all.
  13. Heh heh heh... Thank you! I feel exactly the same way!
  14. Yes, Quick witted too! Good Times! Very good times!
  15. Yes, Yes, Yes! “Stop-the-love-you-save-may-be-your-own Fine Black Men?” The fine Black men that trigger the lip-licking-I-want-to-eat-you-like -a-cookie response? I used to see them in “The Cage” at West 4th. Mmm, those brothers are next-level beautiful! Now my heart is racing!
  16. Someone has to be mentally impaired to hate on a federal holiday. Dang.
  17. Justin Edmund, recognized as one of the top digital product designers in the world, help create the world's largest vision board "Pinterest." Justin was Pinterest’s 7th employee. Today he is one of the most sought-after digital designers. When he's not working on his own projects, he's fielding consulting request from the top global software companies. Here's what Business Insider wrote about him in their 2019 Top 75 Designers article. "Product Designer, Pinterest Social bookmarking site Pinterest has sparked a major revolution in web design, with many sites blatantly copying Pinterest's style because it simply works in attracting users. Justin Edmund got his start in 2010 when he interned on Facebook's design team during college. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, Edmund landed a job at Pinterest where he has played a crucial role in the building the site's look and feel."
  18. OFF-TOPIC Is English your second language? I've dated men from other parts of the world. I've noticed when English is a second language, they have a different connotation for North American English words and colloquialism. Further, as a broadcast journalist, I've never had that problem presenting news to people whose first (and only language) is English. The most I've had is an elderly English teacher calling the TV station to correct my grammar. But they never had a problem understanding my content. And yes, I am a wordsmith, but I do my best to keep it simple. I'll continue to work on it. PLEASE STOP ASSUMING; just ask . And yes, I figured as much, which is why I mentioned I recognized your contribution. ON TOPIC Access in this context is an extension of privilege, meaning "freedom of movement" The K-J clan can go where they decide without restriction. And no. there's plenty of evidence that women don't marry or procreate within their financial and/or social class. The fact that money or even social class isn't a motivating factor for women makes it even more clear the destination is Black Men.
  19. WHOA, Stop! You are making way too many assumptions based on something I WROTE. 1. I wrote the prose. If someone else wrote it. I would have put it in quotes and provided attribution. 2. Privilege doesn't mean better class...it means privilege: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. 3. Kardashians' mom descended from Europe - which forms the basis of the social construct of white. 4. I used the Kardashians -Jenner clan to point out that women who have access choose Black men. Black Women, even if they suffer financially, choose BLACK MEN to procreate. I recognize your cautionary tale to the brothers. But this post is about how WOMEN see Black Men - and because of it - white men and some black men are threatened by it. And what man wouldn't be. Especially if no woman wants to gestate their genetic material.
  20. You mean like here in the U.S. LOL (I think Black women don't kiss and tell men about their escapades - but we tell each other LOL) I know I do, as do my daughters. We all say "beautiful" when describing aesthetically pleasing Black men. I hadn't noticed until you wrote this passage. After I read this I asked my mother and she said, "you know what, that's true"... So I'm with you because it is puzzling but it is a term women reserve for Black men. I saw an instagram post, (I wish I saved it - because the OP said, "why are you Black men so beautiful? and the man responded, "because we come from you." #blownaway
  21. From youtube: Iddris Sandu discusses his journey from a young aspiring engineer to a technologist, as well as the role of technology as an agent for sustainable change in the Black Lives Matter movement (in the US, the diaspora, and across the continent of Africa). Paving the way for those who might one day be deemed an "Architectural Technologist", Iddris Sandu is a pioneering young technologist seeking to level the playing field for fellow African youth & other marginalized groups. Having worked with the likes of creatives such as Nipsey Hussle and Louis Vuitton & Off-White's Virgil Abloh, Iddris has been making waves since before he turned 18. Not only is Iddris breaking ground in the use of emerging technology in creative spaces, but also in creating unique and sustainable designs to impact some of the most vulnerable populations in society. I follow this trend but since "clayton bigsby" pop up in the forum time to time, I think I'll maintain this thread when I discover new information about technologists from the African Diaspora... Meet Alan Emtage, the Black Technologist Who Invented ARCHIE, the First Internet Search Engine Internet search has had a profound impact on our own internal makeup—on how we learn, and how we think. https://daily.jstor.org/alan-emtage-first-internet-search-engine/#:~:text=But it's worth revisiting that,FTP servers%3A “ARCHIE.” "At a time when “googling” has become the generic term for conducting an internet search, it can be hard to remember that search had a long history before Google came along. But it’s worth revisiting that past during Black History Month, because the pre-Google era saw one of the most momentous black contributions to the development of the internet: the invention of internet search itself, by Alan Emtage."
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