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  1. Delano

    Is. America. The. Beast,Revelations-13

    If you want to go deeper then go to the source for the bible. If you understand Astrology and Number symbolism the Bible takes on an added dimension. Jesus in the tomb is a reference to the winter solstice which occurs about Dec 22. Which is the shortest day of the year and then the Light is returning. The Bible is akin to mythology. It is full of true stories that never happened. however being an astrologer I have a particular perspective. Which generally doesn't coincide with Christians.
  2. Ha ha ha ha, No. I will wait until the next expose. If they use The RICO Act it is a wrap.
  3. I will chill on the news. Let's see what July brings with Cohen and the Manafort court cases.
  4. Or maybe I should https://abcnews.go.com/US/trump-lawyer-michael-cohen-cooperate-attorneys-leave-case/story?id=55861988
  5. @TroyCohen is going to flip very shortly. Like I was saying each month you become less certain about Trump's invincibility. It will conclude with his ouster. Or I should not practice political astrology.
  6. Freddy's Dead .Super Fly is one of the few films ever to have been outgrossed by its soundtrack. The soundtrack, along with Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, was one of the pioneering soul concept albums, with its then-unique socially aware lyrics about poverty and drug abuse making the album stand out.
  7. If Cohen gets arrested is Donald Trump safe? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jun/12/michael-cohen-donald-trump-ripped-paper-shredder
  8. Sweetback is a runaway slave. Did you know that Earth Wind Fire (another group of conscious musicians) did the soundtrack. Curtis Mayfield said Superfly was about redemption. Maybe listen to the lyrics.
  9. Delano


    It's a tough love neighborhood
  10. Delano


    Ha ha ok man.
  11. Delano


    Pioneer then why volunteer that you are an Aries?
  12. Delano

    Is. America. The. Beast,Revelations-13

    The largest number for a computer is some a series of nines. Or it will use an account of all nines as a special account. I would have thought you would have seen this, being in IT. Perhaps I am mistaken.
  13. Delano

    Is. America. The. Beast,Revelations-13

    The mark of the beast is the mark of the man 666. 666 upside down is 999., So the beast could be a computer.
  14. Delano


    Thank you , both.