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  1. In addition there was the Anasru Allah community. Feel free to search or lot search this on your own.
  2. https://www.thedailybeast.com/word-is-bond-an-ex-con-explains-the-5-percenters
  3. Delano

    Black Female Writers

    The entire point is that they don't know me. It similar to racist white people's perception about people they never met. The point is I am not worried about perception over truth. You and Troy give me stick for siding with women. I don't give either of you a hard time for being dismissive about women's issue and their perspective in general. I feel I have succeeded in having a position that is more neutral. I was disappointed by Pioneer1 saying he didn't care about Elijah raping girls and he would smile. What was the reaction from the men. We can't even defend the honour of teenage girls with a word or two. Yet you wonder why women don't feel protected by Black Men. The fact I have to repeatedly say this is what makes this conversation so depressing. Yet you talk about Black unity, maybe start with listening and respect. No wait that's not important in your struggle. I heard a Black Woman rapper say bring a black woman was like being black twice.
  4. What do you think he means? So PE is influenced by NOI but dropped Grif for his statement, okay. What do you think? @Delano Thank Del! For rappers it's a bunch of rappers on a circle trading rhymes. So using a word in a different context makes him influenced by Islam. Really If you had said Lord Lamar was influenced I would have thought you knew what you were talking about. Or even Mos Def. The 5% used to have a table and sell magazines mish wack incense and essence oils. I bought it all. What about you or is your experience second hand, hearsay or from a search engine. The 5% of the Nation that is not asleep. @Chevdove
  5. Firstly I am not certain why either of you can't conduct your own search. Especially since Troy can do it in 5 minutes. You not being aware of things doesn't invalidate them, for example Martin Luther King's affairs, Malcolm Little being a pimp, Elijah Muhammed's preying on teenage girls. What's interesting is that when Cynique verified the statement you were silent. Furthermore you seem to think I am your secretary. You can argue without having a look or you can check for yourself. A while back K2 made a very long post about Astrology. You just accepted what he said. Even after I said it was plagiarism you didn't check. You sell books and you can't recognise something as being plagiarised. Maybe you should go back to Facebook it's good practice for vetting fake news. Like the John McClain story. Perhaps Cynique can refresh your memory. You seem to listen to her unless the topic is about women. Which is rather interesting from a psychological Pov but this thread is already pretty long. I am not sure you will read it all. That isn't why I wrote it. In addition you make statements that could be checked but you don't bother. You ask for the source. Even when you doubt what I am saying, you don't verify it for yourself. Here's the main difference between you and I. I will search a topic and look for pro and con arguments. I am not telling you to follow suit. Nor am I following your directives. You totally missed the irony of me posting an article from Facebook about Black Women Writers. It's your field and your nemesis. The other Facebook post was a few Black Book industry people praising you on Facebook. Which is also ironic because you periodically cry about Facebook and not being appreciated for all the work you do for Black Women writers, the reading public and the industry. I can empathise with your frustration. However your positions about Facebook and Google don't make sense to me . They both take business away from you. You continue to use Google for your personal searches yet you drop Facebook. I suggested that you sue Google. I ended up asking a mutual acquaintance on your behalf. Who is a lawyer and handled business in the past re AAlbc. And you didn't want to write a cease and desist letter. I am not writing this to change your mind about any of this. Adapt or die. You sometimes sound like a cranky Don Q. I am going to chill out at the Villa. Sincerely, Pancho.
  6. Do you know why Professor Grif was kicked out of PE? Since YOU seem to be their designated spokesman, if I had any questions for them I'd probably just ask YOU....lol You are too smart for me to debate. Who told you a self acknowledged drug dealer was a 5%. Do you know why they are called 5 percenters? What's your source. I never heard any called cipher growing up. Do you know what it means?
  7. Delano

    Black Female Writers

    I am going to help you out A lot of of people Don't know me. If you still need help connecting the dots let me know.
  8. Perhaps you should look up accusation as well. Then we can continue our respective monologues.
  9. WOW! I realize this response was directed to Delano, but I would like to respond. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE THE LUXURY OF EXCUSES. Women can't be leader!? Women can't be leaders that should also be held responsible for good as well as bade actions!? Why not ask the women their perspective?
  10. Based on various chauvinistic and misogynistic statements made by the male members. I am proud to be seen as being more supportive to the women. You have offered proof that erodes your claim of protecting black women.
  11. @Pioneer1that you may want to look up the definition of speculation. I haven't accused either man. Accusation implies guilt. Malcolm and Martin's sexual history is infinitely less problematic than Elijah Muhammed's for the following reasons. His Lust resulting in the ostracisation of both the mother and offspring. Created an additional legal problem for his family and the NOI. Resulted in Malcolm leaving thereby weakening the nation. And indirectly resulting in the death of Malcolm.
  12. Delano

    Black Female Writers

    I am largely unaware of his profile. I saw him in Rappin and New Jack City. I thought Krush Groove was a better film than Rappin. And King of New York was better than New Jack City. Although I have to give him credit since both films were topical.
  13. At the end of the year read the comments and compare them to what happened That was my first post.
  14. Delano

    Black Female Writers

    Melvin the Dad