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  1. You are feeling if they can fit you in within the next two weeks you may do it. You are looking for a sign one or the other. You will decide in two days based on how you feel or what sign the universe gives. As long as there's no health risk , why not. You want it more than the teeth.
  2. China is a great example of social engineering that has gone wrong. It was officially ended in 2016.
  3. The question has to pertain to you directly. Your question needs to be modified. Practical and personal questions and questions thay you can effect the outcome are the type that can be answered. It also helps if the questiin is realistic and you are invested in active change.
  4. The following are examples of the exoteric : mathematics; physics; engineering. The following are examples of the esoteric : astrology ; tarot and numerology. I will be using the later means to answer questions.
  5. Post a question and I will attempt to answer it using astrology. However no psychic spying.
  6. I advicate listening respectfully. You have shown we aren't on the same team. I am starting to wonder whether you're a poc. Person of conscience
  7. If and when aren't words that you use to make a declaration. Also the phrase my beliefs makes it clear it is not a demand. I think you have difficulty taking the measure of a person. For someone who wants to lead you sound like a nihilist. Encouraging Mel to share her pain with a man who would laugh about Black girls be used by an old morally bankrupt leech. You prove something I believe strongly. The best leaders don't want to be leaders. And those that want to lead aren't even good followers. At times you sound as though you have more contempt for Black Women than the harshest racist. If I am praising white men because they say Black Man should listen to the Black Women. And you disagree, then I will praise that Man over you. I seriously wonder whose team you are on cause you aren't an ally to black women. At least not on this forum.
  8. No qualifications needed. Your foolishness is part and parcel of this community.
  9. Despite the fact that i have repeatedly said this is not the case. The women here have also said that is not the case. The fact that I posted links expressing both sides of an issue, in the words of feminist, is lost on you. You also don't understand that Mel made a choice about one man based on her experiences with other men. You seem to miss the point, that she didn't indict all Black Men nor did she praise all White Men. Yet you are judging her heart and her choices. Then you want her to bare her sole about painful experiences. This is the height of insensitivity, arrogance and callousness. Yet she states how Bkack Women defend Black Men. However this is not reciprocated in a manner that Black women feel. Yet you say in your experience Black Men defend women when they are able. Some of the characteristics you associate with black men are incredibly negative. And then you give God like powers to all white people. Instead of the tiny minority at the the top who are exploiting all people.
  10. What makes you qualified or by what authority can you assess what is a proper union. Substitute Black for women and White for men, is your position unchanged.
  11. Esoteric means something that is Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. the occult Mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena. ‘a secret society to study alchemy and the occult’
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