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  1. The difference for me is that Mythology and Logic aren't situated in a hierarchical structure, that is predicated on exclusivity. Science and religion has too many gatekeepers. So i prefer the theory more than ossified rituals, that are removed from the essence of the-ology. I lie Number Logic and Mythology because there are symetries but also each can be used in contradistinction to the others. So it like geometry, you need to two points to define a line.
  2. A Myth is something true that never happened.
  3. I knew a guy that had a bike shop but he didn't have an electricity. So he would work from sunrise to sunset. Why do they seem like better pairing?
  4. Perhaps we don't know that we can choose. I find numbers, Logic and mythology, more useful than Science, religion and philosophy.
  5. Why not become a modern primitive? For certain times or subject matter think more like the ancients. In whatever way that strikes you. It could be an interesting mental excercise.
  6. Astrology interchanges time with space, so it is an old concept. However Einstein like Newton was a scientist and Mystic. It is revolutionary for scientist and non astrologers. Most people do not discover the planet is round unless they have left earth. Most people are told what to believe and they don't question those stories.
  7. What about ideas that are revolutionary. Like Space and Time are linked
  8. I responded but didn't click the link. I don't follow "celerity" either @Troy
  9. Google doesn't show me anything , but I rarely use their search engine .
  10. Afraid its two sides of the same coin.
  11. You have to understand the terms. They are giving household income. So a single Black Mother, is being compared with a dual income no kids White Gay Couple.
  12. Not really but Spidey in the comics is a smart aleck. @Nnamdi Azikiwethe style is similar without the lines that Kirby drew. I wasn't found of Kirby for that very reason. Also do you know the name of that piece of sculpture on the book cover? Season two of American Gods really showcased the Ananzi and the Black Gods, then he was removed from the story.
  13. @Mel Hopkins you know Spiderman is a rip off of Anansi who is very clever.
  14. The Director of Black Panther also did Fruitvale Station with Michael B Jordan. Raising Dion is also interesting which is produced by Michael B. Jordan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6koPaImHzY
  15. All of the commentators on this page live in very different Americas. So the America that you want to see may seem like chaos to Pioneer and the revesrse may also be true. And as long as their is division little will change.
  16. The difference between Herman Cain and Trump, is that Cain actually looked fit. HIV doesn't kill people but it compromises their immunne system. We all have different opinions on Donald Trump that are irreconcilable.
  17. Not certain how I Black Panther is a Black faced White Man that isn't from Africa yet can talk to the animals and the locals are afraid. Oddly Black Panther wasn't one of my favourites. I was into Mythology so I liked Thor. Luke Cage aka Powerman is way more problematic for me than Black Panther. In his debut he beat the Fantastic Four. A Genius, master Tactician and King of a self sufficient Nation. But I am biased I enjoyed most of the Marvel movies except the Fantastic Four. On another note I also found travelling opened my mind to America and my place in it. Which African Authors di you
  18. I believe there's a tribe where one woman has more than one husband
  19. Stanley Crouch wrote this album off, this track is Blisteringly Hot.
  20. KmStanley Crouch may have not understood Miles Davis Bitches Brew. It is a scorcher.
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