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  1. I have discussions to exchange ideas.I am not trying to convince or convert
  2. Look up the definition of logic. In order to properly discuss something you have to agree on terms and definitions. You don't really have to agree but if you define your terms your assumptions, then state your conclusion. Then we can discuss whether your reasoning is logical.
  3. When I was a preteen. I used to do logic puzzles. The structure is as follows. You make a statement, then your assumptions. Then your conclusion. So if you follow the assumptions to heir logical conclusion your statement is logically true but it maybe false overall. Men are taller than women. Serena is taller than me so she must be a man. Logically that statement is true. And it is verifiable, but it is also false. So in arguments if the assumptions are not always true or the reasoning is faulty, the conclusion will be wrong. I personally don't feel the
  4. Whatever you can think of can be said to exist even if it's only in your mind. So for some children and even some adults Santa Claus existed. However it is not a fact it is an opinion. Since facts are subject to falsification, whereas opinions are not. Due to them not being factual even if they are based on facts. There's a difference between a theory a theorem and a hypothesis. Although I could be mistaken.
  5. Racism is bad business. Ask any Prostitute being a racist is bad for business. White people were safe going to Harlem to buy drugs. I think one of the Kennedy's overdosed in Harlem in the 70's
  6. Constructs are ways of understanding the world. The construct of race should be abandoned because it is destructive and equality and fairness should be applied.
  7. Since it is filtered through your personal experience I consider that as being personal. I should have said physical instead of active.
  8. I guess for me I feel more engaged creating the experience then reading about it.
  9. Activities that engage you physically have a different feel than just mental ones. I would be more specific inclined to agree if you had said writing. Since you are reading someone else's experience instead of creating your own.
  10. Sometimes you are lucky to get passive mental engagement.
  11. I have been thinking that it is importance to have a pastime, something you can do that is low involvement. TV or reading. And also a hobby, something that requires active involvement. I feel that not only do they improve your quality of life but also cultivate the character.
  12. Electricity and magnetism are the same force. However they have an inverse relationship. The same could be said of Time and Space. In Astrology we interpret the relationships of objects in space. I have recently found that interpreting using time is even more informative. It has required me to create a new symbol set that has both alphabetical and numerical qualities.
  13. https://www.womenshealth.com.au/what-you-should-know-about-nobel-peace-prize-nominee-stacey-abrams
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wamHj6w2Mo
  15. Some people aren't into conceptual thinking, or thinking.
  16. Perhaps @Troycan answer you. I have nothing worthwhile to add in response to your statements.
  17. Isaac Newton has been labelled the last Magician. Since he was the end of the "Philosophers" who were into metaphysics (beyond physics). https://www.smh.com.au/education/isaac-newton-the-last-magician-20140905-3ey13.html
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