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  1. Is PhD in divinity similarities a PhD in philosophy?
  2. If you search the following phrase , "The beginning of the end for Donald Trump ." A little less than half the results are for March.
  3. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/03/21/politics/donald-trump-do-not-congratulate/ I'll ask the group on April 1, 2018. If they are still confident Donald Trump will finish his term. @Troy @Cynique @Pioneer1 this is a specific prediction and a date.
  4. Philosophy asks why are we here. Religion asks what is the purpose of life. Science asks how things work. So the nature of their queries show the subsequent alignment . Which is interesting because I agree with yet it weakens my argument re the similarities between science and religion. Although I can borrow @Mel Hopkins argument that what the participants do doesn't represent or perhaps reflect the organisation.

    I had responded . My answer proceeded K2 asking the second time. It was the post after Troy asked if I had seen it. So apparently there's a barrier to clear and concise communication with @Troy and Kale Xander.
  6. Prison Economics

  7. Listening

    Listening is a skill that doesn't come naturally or easily to most of us... Listening is about entertaining another person's ideas, a bit like trying on their coat. It's like saying to the other person: 'I may not agree with you, I might not like what you are saying, but I am going to try to understand it from your point of view. ' What Makes Us Tick pp 29-30, by Hugh Mackay .
  8. Listening

    It seems the talking bit is easier for some.
  9. Knowledge vs Science

    I was stating he had a good point in a poetic way. What's the difference between pressing the like button and saying you like a point. How is saying a point is strong being biased. When have I ever agreed with any position wholly. Liking all view points is the exact opposite of being neutral. or vice versa. Although being diplomatic can be seen as neutrality I think Troy is opinionated and is willing to change his opinion. Re any discussion Climate change or otherwise. I like to bring another dimension into the discussion. In addition to defining terms so there is less confusion. Which hasn't really worked. It did once with Troy.
  10. Prison Economics

    What does this mean ?
  11. I have said it elsewhere he is a brilliant marketer. He is licensing his name . He most likely has foreign debt some of which is comes from corrupt sources . Robert Mueller and his team will follow the money trail. If he fires Mueller it will be a repeat of Watergate
  12. Knowledge vs Science

    I was being poetic and using an archaic definition for word play. If you say I should use pungent it infers that you don't know that poignant is etymologically linked and that they share a meaning . Re Pioneer you have stated your agreement and at times disagreement with post. Others have as well . I think you dislike that I am less combative with Troy and in general . Troy is a friend and Pioneer is neither enemy nor ally.. I perceive myself as independent . However I don't think that is true for you. You also become more emotional and less logical although that's true of me as well .
  13. Knowledge vs Science

    No I have respect for Pioneer because he was the realest about his approach. While you vibe more with K2. If cats an kittens are real then they have a special place with me. Also for me the arrogance shouldn't outshine the brilliance nor the bullsnit. Not certain what I am arbritrating in your eyes. Since I am not interested in a leadership role anywhere. I encourage everyone including my children to think for themselves. Western Science vs Eastern Knowledge Some how Western Knowledge vs Eastern Science doesn't quite feel right. Eastern Wisdom feels better to me. Or maybe you just like conflict because it is more entertaining
  14. Knowledge vs Science

    Poignant is more poetic than cogent if you think about. So were you aware that they have the same root . I am not certain from your posts if you at aware of their linkage. So my usage is archaic but makes for better word play. Did you like the logos word play. I put that in for you especially. Yes but there is no weird feeling between me an Troy. I have a high regard for him, we have eaten in each others home. And if I can be of assistance to Troy I would do so without hesitation. Even though we disagree he is more altruistic than myself.
  15. Knowledge vs Science

    If you look at my agreement, it is on a point. And it usually about definitions or terms. I won't deny your perception. However it might be informative to hear what Troy and Pioneer think. You may be projecting your general disagreement with Pioneer on to me. I take it you weren't aware of the other meaning for poignant. Interestingly I was crafting my second response when you were assuming I had used the wrong word. The odd things was I had copied both definitions but only the archaic one came up. Is this is similar to what happens to you? perhaps poignant and pungent are etymologically related. Origin Late Middle English: from Old French, literally ‘pricking’, present participle of poindre, from Latin pungere ‘to prick’. Pronunciation poignant Origin Late 16th century (in the sense ‘very painful or distressing’): from Latin pungent- ‘pricking’, from the verb pungere. Pronunciation pungent

    Yes I agree that it is a chimera. It is aready Legendary and I think it will do good works. http://www.philly.com/philly/entertainment/celebrities/black-panther-disney-donation-stem-philadelphia-20180227.html So the STEM center is going to be in Oakland Killmongers home @zaji @Troy@Cynique @Pioneer1@Mel Hopkins https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/09/how-get-out-inspired-a-new-university-course-on-racism-and-horror/
  17. Hindsight is 20-20

    Gravity is like the reverse of wind. The movement of air creates wind. The movement of a solid creates gravity
  18. Knowledge vs Science

    Actually I am not taking the side of any individual only individual comments. And a side is more akin to a position as opposed to a point. And a point infers a stand alone position, whereas as sides are more far reaching. Although I am discussing this from a more geometrical vantage, the analogy is sound or holds water.
  19. Knowledge vs Science

    Evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret. ‘a poignant reminder of the passing of time’ More example sentences Synonyms 1.1archaic Sharp or pungent in taste or smell. ‘the poignant scent of her powder’ Although I could make a large witticism with pungent.A bon bon of a bon mot
  20. Knowledge vs Science

    Cynique I don't take sides . If an argument is poignant I am going to say it's on the nose. That's one for the writers and the thinkers
  21. Prison Economics

    What is the translation of je ne sais quoi. So I think this is a good point to end. Since you and I don't communicate well, and it takes too much effort to explain things. I ask you what schools you went to and you post the abbreviations, one of which I couldn't find. So why I am working hard to understand a person who in your words doesn't care to be understood. @Kalexander2

    @Troy I am going to carefully delineate the points I was making. The Identity, Social responsibility, Allegiance, Tradition, Change, Appropriation , Reclaiming vs Theft. That museum piece with KM saying you stole from me and you don't me, but I am taking my $h1+ back. What about some of the realy funny lines that were super deep. Don't scare me mister colonizer. I am king. You can not speak. I'll feed you to my kids. We are vegetarian. That line referencing the following, sovereignty, perceived superiority, protocol, assumptions about who is cannibal. And the character is aware of all of these layers. I would have rather died in the water than live a slave. That would be a better rallying cry than Wakanda Forever. So yeah It is a tight flick. It will be a college course or a dissertation within two years. Because it has so much depth that it an be discussed from many angles. How many angles can the Matrix be argued. Choice Free will Leadership Responsibility. The difference is because it is clearly not this world the arguments are abstractions. While BP has abstraction and more concrete concerns. Finally I believe that those associated with the film will either fund a scholarship or find a way to give back much like the Black Panther did at the end of the movie. So celebrity will lend itself to a noble cause, and this in precedented. That is the short version.
  23. Knowledge vs Science

    Pioneer has strong points.
  24. Knowledge vs Science

    @Troy Pioneer doesn't need to know science or the scientific method to discuss science. Since he is stating his opinion not scientific fact. Indeed most discussions here involve non expert opinions. And while you are the resident engineer Pioneer need not accept that as validation of your opinion. Unless you are making a distinction between when you are putting forth an opinion or currently accepted scientific facts. If your argument is convincing on its on merits without resorting to science that leaves and impression on me. That's what Jesus did in the bible. @Pioneer1

    The movie has the following themes: Loyalty Tradition Change Identity Justice Morality Retribution and Love. For Troy it may be a dumb movie but I would rank it with Star Wars and the Matrix Trilogy. How long before or gets its own University course or becomes a dissertation. Probably by May June 2019 or a little over a year.