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    Yas'm mister boss man

    Pioneer I may have been wrong on both counts. In underestimating you and overestimating Mel Cynique and Troy.
  3. Who knows?

    Troy can you state the implications of your post.
  4. Pioneer I am from the Bronx and I live in Australia . I could use the American spelling.
  5. Who knows?

    Yes Troy that's why I thanked him . Although i don't see that as very different. In terms of the end product. Well we could exist in our galaxy. And share the universe.
  6. Who knows?

    Pioneer can you explain how something created to be an image. Is different than image. You are still a representation of the universe. Thanks for the clarification Pioneer.
  7. Pioneer in all seriousness. You may need to find a way to handle this frustration. Or it will eat you. Normally I would give you a hard time. Not on this one.

    Pioneer I don't know whether you are overestimating your reasoning or underestimating other people's reasoning.
  9. Who knows?

    I am not certain how your two statements are different.

    Wednesday Thursday Friday.
  11. Pioneer maybe its your personality not your colour.
  12. Pioneer you're funny. And the world you live in is A mazing. However in your world you are correct. However it sounds just as restrictive as the one you rail against. From my perspective. Abstract/Expansive vs Concrete/Dogmatic. Anytime there is agreement with Pioneer I am bit uneasy .

    Pioneer you and i rarely agree. It is unlikely that you will have information that I have been searching for my whole life. I am more interested in how things are related or connected.
  14. Pioneer shouldn't your meme be wearing a dashiki? Pioneer is listening its the understanding that is lacking. Sometimes understanding is linked with agreement.
  15. How often have you seen an argument from ignorance?

    Perhaps Pioneer can shed some light on this for you.
  17. Pioneer is that why you keep suggesting that I open a school and teach. Your mind has fun house mirrors.
  18. End of Poverty?

    Pioneer giving up on you is not the same as giving in to you. Your comment is both queer sounding and rapey.
  19. I just want equal consideration

    @Pioneer I wish the worldeas as simple as you imagine it. Perhaps you sre speaking of a utopia.
  20. Heads Up, Antonio

    @Pioneer So True. Thank you.
  21. Yeah that was Kid Creole. , Melle Mel's brother. A ran into a brother from the Bronx in Sydney. He was doing video for a hip hop party. Attended by 20 year old Australians and Asian kids. Hip Hop is relevant today because it is one of the art forms made by American Blacks. Which means Black creativity is recognised globally. I saw hip hop being made. Caught the best years of house. Saw Jazz greats. Most of which were Black. And people around the world respect those creatives. Prince Miles Davis Melle Mel are musically historic. I was fortunate enough to see them. We are future history. Even if our work struggle and failures aren't documented.
  22. Water seeks it's own level.
  23. Heads Up, Antonio

    @Antonio IngramI just realised what bothered me about your post. It was self promotion. I would have probably been less annoyed if you had mentioned anything about forming a collective or building with other people. And Even though I generally disagree with Pioneer. I believe he generally wants to improve the lives of other Black people. I would say that is true of Troy Mel and Cynique. Since they have all offered suggestion to improve the situation of individuals and groups. Or put forth an idea or a question that extends beyond themselves. One of the forums has an article on the difficulties facing Black Authors, yeah it is from 2012 and is more aligned with your query. Perhaps you are unconsciously self serving because you are hungry. Yeah I know that hunger. Like when you eat food you don't like an it's delicious. Perhaps I am wrong. Again I leave that for others to determine. @Pioneer man I am enjoying how wrong you are in your conclusions. Troy and I met because I worked in the computer Lab helping students. I was a tutor. Your suggestion is to start a school. No, can you imagine the regulations from the White Establishment. No thanks, I just try to ask a question or make a statement that makes a person think. However that is lost on people that have no interest in thinking. That post wasn't about bragging about my job. The cats in the mail room were cool with me because when the came to drop off the mail. I didn't ignore them they way some professional ignore non professionals. No I was bragging about being open democratic and non judgemental. Saying I flew to Switzerland for the weekend to see a friends Art show. That's bragging.
  24. Heads Up, Antonio

    @Antonio if you wanted to connect to writers why didn't you post to Black Literature or any of the other forums, which are about writing or promotion. Which are your two concerns ?
  25. Heads Up, Antonio

    @Antonio Ingram perhaps I am mistaken so i will share my observations. Your post should be in the literary section. You aren't seeking consideration you are seeking employment. You shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition . This means that you haven't fully conveyed your idea. Your second post was an aim to get career advice. You welcomed everyone's criticism humbly. Yet you took issue with mine. Possibly because I was the only person not offering career advice. You will do well , you came into Culture Race and Economy and got more than you gave. You aren't the first person to get career advice but you are the first to ask then attempt to school your benefactors. I will be glad to be wrong in my assessment of you and your actions. So i will put it out there for the group to comment.