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  1. Some of the comments ALMOST make me miss Nails, but not quite.
  2. It's an old trick from newspaper. You put the lie on the front page. And the retraction gets buried.
  3. I am surprised that you don't understand "hood talk"
  4. Clever and what's old becomes new again. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-26/rep-mary-miller-calls-roe-decision-victory-for-white-life
  5. Lysistrata had a novel solution. Women sure are lucky they have you as their spokesman. With your hindsight and wisdom you will become the emperor of uni-verse.
  6. The application of feudalism will be democratic among those without wealth. Poor people provide entertainment. Will we see real life Hunger or Squid Game(s)?
  7. Yes no more buxom Christian Singles or various international male (mail) order brides.
  8. We are returning to feudalism. Which will be slavery lite but it would be the first time all men (women) will be equal. The real history of the US is a bit different than the advertised version. Only white male property owners could vote.
  9. Government work used to be an option now it's prison, the military or some other quasi plantation that pays less than market rates, for people that get less than market rates.
  10. Black people that succeed as seen as extraordinary. But failures are seen as representative of the group. True equality in the US is when everyone has the opportunity to steal.
  11. I've had partners say I was unbelievable, unlike your statement it wasn't a compliment.
  12. Cats were for and some of the trash talking was next level. After one game this guy puts on cologne. The other brother says that works better with soap and water.
  13. It's kinda like being the Goat, it isn't a self annointed appellation. What you are describing is a scholar, academian or scholastic. However you are a mistress of rhetoric,logic and grammar which form the basis of a classic Greek education otherwise known as the Trivium. You aim so high that your comparison isn't likely to exist either. To use the vernacular. Yoos a Bad B!+¢π. I mean that with the utmost respect and affection. I had four years of Latin and three of Spanish in high school. Yet I had to look up this word. To be certain what you are saying. 100% You're my kind of crazy. I am an outsider amongst other outsiders. Astrologers think I am heretical. And my Tai Chi master used to call Martian. I also picked up the nickname Mr Neptune. A fellow Tarot card reader called me Pluto because I am really out there. Welcome to the club. Also you are an unconscious Magician. In my life time I have only met 3.
  14. You resemble this quote Hey Geni ass Carl Jung never said that, I have said it before you need an editor to check your work. A one minute search showed your incompetence. https://www.all-about-psychology.com/thinking-is-difficult.html Why don't you look up what he said instead of believing internet memes. BTW I won't be reading your lame excuse.
  15. We had the Winter Solstice so now the light of the world is coming back. Jesus was dead for three days and then he was risen. The light came back to the world. So on the winter sostice the sun appears to be stationary and then it starts moving. Which signals that the days are getting longer.
  16. He is in a class by himself. As they used to say on Fat Albert and the Cosby kids.
  17. Thanks for posting @Mel Hopkins. I rarely use gaggle. I prefer Startpage.com they don't sell your information plus it's a metasearch engine that returns unique pages. And while it may be powered by gaggle it doesn't empower gaggle.
  18. @Mel Hopkins I am not trying to speak for you,but wouldn't you take that Black Man to stay?
  19. I got two messages from the universe from passing cars. The first was just relax. The second had the number 71 on its licensed plate. 71 in my time marker system means understand the communication. @Troy @Mel Hopkins @Cynique
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