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  1. Rape is about domination not sex.
  2. I hope that that i am wrong. Next week will be two months that she hasn't been here. It feels like this goodbye stuck.
  3. Chevdove I am not always a humourless critical snarky person. The rest of the time i am a sarcastic critical snarky person that emotes a statement so drenched with venom it's a bit funny.
  4. As far as astrology there are onky a handful of people that know what they are doing. Astrologers have been tested, there have been a few studies and they haven't convinced me. I have missed my prediction about Trump. However I don't think he will finish his term. I think January 2020 will be his watershed moment. That being said I still have two open predictions for both Troy and Pioneer1. I could be mistaken however I have made some timed predictions for individuals that are documented on Facebook. However i am not practising in a way that even astrologers comprehend. For example i make predictions without using the natal chart. Which except for horary astrology unprecedented as far as i can tell. In addition I haven't come across anyone that can create an astrology chart from a word or a number. But perhaps I am deluded. Time will tell.
  5. How do you measure : consciousness ; love; beauty or poetry ?
  6. We have different approaches and motivation in our interactions @Troy
  7. BigThanks @Mel Hopkins i read everything on this site that was in English years ago. I always appreciate the look out twin. I miss the absence of your voice but I understand your position becuse it mirrors Cynique mine and al the other silent observers. I believe the University of Bath briefly had an astrology degree. Which waa actually mkr like a history degree. @Troy I am guessing inhad abiyt 80 astrology books and probably read another 80. At one pont I had three Astrology Encyclopaedias. And an astrology book store moved in two blocks from me. I also had three library cards. One was from an esoreeic library.
  8. I used to believe conversations were less interesting if there was widespread agreement. There can be Discussion where the aim is not persuasion. I have also tried understanding and accepting someone's position wholly. It changes the dynamic from adversarial to cooperative.
  9. You are an engineer and tiu studied astrology. So are you deferring to scientists (that haven't studied astrology) over your experience?
  10. Troy you took a class in astrology, would you say it's bs. Here are my interests from my profile. Astrology Tarot Numbers .I like to think, i think, about thinking
  11. Have a listen and tell me what you think. It's about astrology
  12. Yeah he was well respected. Darius James also referenced him.
  13. Yeah he was well respected. Darius James also referenced him.
  14. https://www.peoplesles.org/steve-cannon/ I went to a few.
  15. A couple of years ago Ariana Grande was caught licking a donut.
  16. I was serious. Here's the Merriam-Webster definition. Sexism definition is - prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women
  17. It was the first footnote . @Troy
  18. She got tired of the pointlessness, the fuzzy logic, typos, lack of humour, and lack of mind or spirit expanding topics.
  19. Technically, your perception of the world is a hallucination. Every living being perceives the world differently and creates its own “hallucination” of reality https://jamesclear.com/why-facts-dont-change-minds
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