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  1. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://amp.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/american-explains-why-he-believes-serena-williams-cartoon-was-racist/news-story/04f0c6daf38998336a2f8b2c0b766e33&ved=2ahUKEwjOw9K7kLLdAhXqwlQKHU6XB6QQls8CMAl6BAgDEAM&usg=AOvVaw1KIuYJAA7rjNq7NLdSm1Bm&ampcf=1
  2. I am coasting on my decades of cycling . Although I need to stretch to walk.
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    Yeah needing a partner ia problematic gir bith parties. Wanting is better. I used to joke if I was a woman I'd be a Lesbian.
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    Serena Williams Cartoon

    While you need not marry I think relationships keep yiu somewhat sane. Living alone doesn't require any compromise. Although if you die in the act like Rockefeller, it's a wrap for the woman http://nymag.com/news/features/scandals/nelson-rockefeller-2012-4/
  5. I find ignorance more annoying. I also thought that there must have been previous winners. Samuel Delaney is a brilliant thinker. I saw him speak once maybe twice. His partner was a homeless book seller in my neighbourhood. I would recommend the Samuel Delaney essays ir conversations. Okus Avant Pop Fiction although it is probably out of print. What does that mean?
  6. I have stated in the beginning of March that we are watching the beginning of the end if Trump's presidency. As time goes on this will become obvious or I should stop political forecast.
  7. Rock and Roll, Jazz are synonymous with £uck!ng
  8. But those symbols didn't spring up on their own. the you came from a cultural whose history consists mostly of documenting wars.
  9. I would say symbols are chosen or given meaning by the group. So symbols can't be divorced from the group that created it. The same is true for language. Personally I don't believe symbols have meanings in and of them selves. The reflect the culture that utilises them. That's interesting Troy because the white kiday at school listened to Rock and the brothers listened to hip hop and Rnb and bands my cousin who was a musician listened to as well. But I couldn't get either group to listen to the others music. @Troy
  10. I would say symbols are chosen or given meaning by the group. So symbols can't be divorced from the group that created it. The same is true for language. Personally I don't believe symbols have meanings in and of them selves. The reflect the culture that utilises them.
  11. Can you elaborate how symbols explain the similarities @Mel Hopkins
  12. or we could both be a part of the same group. I don't know why there's such resistance to the idea that members of a group share some similarities with other members of the group. The Brothers in my neighborhood liked hip hop and old Kung Fu movies. What about you and your homies @Troy Twice, perhaps third time lucky.
  13. The implication from K2 statement is that I am now showing analytical ability. Which implies it was lacking previously. Individual differences in a family can be due to individual differences. But how do you account for group similarities. @Mel Hopkins and @Troy
  14. @Troy my position unlike K2 is unchanged so it is not I that is agreeing with him. After a couple of reversals he agrees with me. Not even Trump can dodge his legal exposure. Twitter helped get him elected it also is chronological evidence that will assist in his ouster. He has no concept of the truth. Which is problematic for him in a court of law. The main issue with the Stormi Daniels and the defamation suit is that his testimony creates legal exposure and the Daniels case will force him to open his accounting records
  15. @Mel Hopkins granted I am not trying to convince you. But my question still is unanswered. Why do members of a group have similarities if language and culture aren't influential. Or accents and regional/local dialects. Yes Troy how does a person become analytical overnight.
  16. You are just noticing what is apparent to everyone else.
  17. Here's a list of Trump's legal exposure. http://fortune.com/2018/09/21/donald-trump-lawsuit-investigation-charges-news-update/
  18. @Mel Hopkins if language and cultural aren't shapers then why so many similarities between members of the same loci. I am not certainly if thought is capable with outb language. Letters numbers are symbols without being symbolic.
  19. Your thought process is a function of language which means your thinking is conditioned by your language and culture. If you can't think freely or independently of your culture,then how can you be free of all the mental and emotional prisons. Which are more effective than actual prisons due to their intangiblity. Your example makes my point of deluding ourselves that we have choice by imagining situations in which we do. However you could argue that if I you believe you are free, than you are. Which is the appeal of religion and perhaps philosophy. You create some sense of control and order. In order to forget we are flying through space on a rock following a flaming ball of gas. At about 86,000 miles per hour.
  20. Freedom and choice or different. If you order from the menu in a restaurant you have constraints. You are to choose amongst the choices given. You are given choices of Presidential candidates which is different than choosing the President
  21. Yes Cynique there are choices to be successful in a presubscribed way. It's like gangoing members have choice but they aren't free . Part of socialisation is surrendering some freedom.
  22. I don't even believe in free will. It is not possible to be free of cultural or societal influence, unless you are a sociopath