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  1. @Troy you should post that article on AAlbc and make it shareable. I wanted to Thank you on Facebook but couldn't find the article
  2. If they have shares or they are brokering those shares.
  3. YEah I think there is a diffference when it is a few companies as opposed to an entire industry not making money.
  4. Check out https://www.doctorkelliejones.com/ She is on the advisory board the is managing the Ebony/Jet Archives. I heard her speak with her sister Lisa Jones. The our Hettie Jones and Amiri Baraka's daughters.
  5. Elon Musk is cashed up from selling paypal. He has a few companies that are cutting edge . https://www.boringcompany.com/ Don't forget the Tech Bubble , you do have to make a profit
  6. @Troy I think Trump will get re-elected. The GOP is rigging the game. I didn't think Trump would get booted because what he was doing was wrong. I thought he would get booted, because the Money guys are afraid that he'll take their money. I thought they were smarter than that but I don't think they so anymore. Like I said in 2015, we are witnessing large geopolitcal swings. The next thing is whether the Bond Market wants US debt. And whether Oil and or commodities will be traded in a currency other than USD. If either of those two things happens. The US will be labelled as a bad credit risk. It will have moved from being a superpower to a mismanaged third world country. The US is lucky to have Elon Musk he is a global game changer. Even though the sells a fifth as many cars as GM and Ford their market cap is more than both companies combined.
  7. Every group decides their own morals. Drug dealers have a rule don't get high on your own supply.
  8. It's easier to control non thinkers. James Baldwin had the largest government file. He was public about his fears and vices. So he could neither be controlled nor blackmailed.
  9. Yes but are numbers are low. Thingss will be opening up shortly. Thanks. Troy. Stay safe.
  10. Jyotish as a whole is probably older than Western Astrology and it's lineage is intact. I am not interested in doing covers. Or copying what has been done before. Musicians have to do a lot of work to sound like themselves.
  11. Yes perhaps someone can explain it in a way you can comprehend. You have to be knowledgeable before you to teach. “Power is the ability to define your reality and get others to accept that definition.” Good luck Pioneer
  12. You're thinking of Swiss Bank accounts. I don't know that Sweden uys famous for tax havens. The Chinese gave us fireworks which may have lead to gun powder, dynamite is a bit different.
  13. Sweden gave us Dynamite and the Nobel Peace Prize in that order.
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