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  1. OED North American informal Intelligence; acumen Merriam Webster : mentally alert : BRIGHT b: KNOWLEDGEABLE c: SHREWDa smart investment 5a: WITTY, CLEVERa smart sitcom If you have or want to use another definition for your argument , that's fine with me.
  2. I was refering to myself, and i encourage comments on my statement.
  3. Clearly it is. And this is interesting. If something isn't a problem for that doesn't automatically make it cool for someone else. This is a dynamic that seems to elude you. And make you appear to lacking in empathy. You don't see this do you, @Troy ?
  4. Delano

    Kevin Hart Shows Some Heart

    @Chevdove homosexual behaviour equals homosexuality when there's choice. So if you're in prison, and preferably the opposite sex. But if your partner never has sex with you and only has sex with men. Yet says he is heterosexual, you believe him? I am sure you can find a YouTube clip of Bonobo chimps. It may change your mind.
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    You have never been dismissive. Troy is the only person here that I have broken bread with, and even though he tries my patience , he is like my younger older brother. He is am Aries and I am a Scorpio. So he is Mars by day and I am Mars by night. Pioneer and I think on diametrically opposed ways.
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    I disagree. Some comments make me want to take a break because of their toxic egocentricity.
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    And envy. We attack what we don't understand and fear. Which is another component to domination.
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    Is that grimacing or anger.
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    Thank you for posting. I believe tat it's fine to attack and idea but not the person. I have been guilty of that more than once. I publicly apologised and felt quite contrite. It's great to be passionate however when it becomes aggressive, that's problematic. I don't think unity is possible amongst Black people. And I have used the dynamics that play out here as an example. I have been angered and saddened by the vindictiveness of of statements made to make a point. The Dove is an appropriate moniker. I have said you are so nice that I can't argue with you. I have also tried to change my debating style. Some perceptions of me are so ridiculous that I don't respond. And recently there seems to be an agitation or irritation that members display. Usually it towards one person. I want to do less of that venomous personal attack. It creates a negative vibe. At times I have found it so frustrating that I have gone on hiatus, or have not responded to statements.
  10. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/meet-lena-waithes-black-women-who-brunch-next-big-tv-scribes-1165252?fbclid=IwAR3rqtX1Q-YuahyoTIhgpVsByuyKg2PDPN_jUxJzqrUERYkMoCEbfHJb9vI
  11. The action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation. ‘he is suing the TV company for slander’ Compare with libel More example sentencesSynonyms 1.1count noun A false and malicious spoken statement. Intent is important in slander. My mistake i was refering to the post. So I'll split it with you.
  12. Does MartinLuther King's extramarital affairs with both men and women have any bearing on his legacy.
  13. Or you couldn't be bothered to find out. In the interest of fairness. Who conducted the study on spatial awareness , I know you have a credible source.
  14. Here's a gramma lesson Son. Four Types of Sentences and the Effect of Punctuation When students learn to write, they begin by learning about the four types of sentences and the role punctuation plays in determining and creating those different sentence types. What Are the Four Types of Sentences? Declarative sentence Imperative sentence Interrogative sentence Exclamatory sentence
  15. I think that's all the proof I need.
  16. Troy and Pioneer I will post a question that you will find easier to answer. Although you will probably still be peevish. Are either of you donating blood?
  17. Once again there are four types of sentences. You say it is not nuanced , even though it is simple it is multi layered. Both Cynique and Chevdover answered the question. Which means one of three things. One they are lacking in complexity for answering such a simple or meaningless question. Two it is multivalent question since Chendive and Cynique not only answered but gave different answers. Which actually proves the validity of my statement. Three I reserve this option for Troyineer. Sailor Is that an acute or obtuse statement. Or are you dropping science? I can see by your statements how you reckon the world. Geometry. Good call @Pioneer1, better luck next time T. Troy doesn't think ...
  18. @Troy my question unlike yours has two components. One of those components is Martin Luther King's impact. The other question about his sex life can be both debated and is non judgemental. Furthermore unlike Troy's example of me raping babies is not illegal. You may have not noticed but in the question I didn't mention any extramarital activities. Troy either you are wearing binoculars, which make you so close to issues that you become emotional. Or a telescope, in which you appeal to reason? and say you, I, we werent present so how can we know what happened. This statement allows me to clear up my "defending " Pioneer. When you make a valid (which is different than true) I will agree even if my perspective is different. Two things you may want to consider. An opinion need not be factual, even if the subject has some known facts. Second a question unless legal or rhetorical is an inquiry.
  19. Thanks Cynique The Dynamic Duo have yet to show where i made any judgements about homosexuality. I have loss count how many times I have asked. @TroyTroy and @Pioneer1 Pioneer1
  20. Cynique do you think the average woman is smarter than the average man.
  21. Gentleman is it so hard to understand i am asking a question not making a statement. Please can either of you quote me, where i slandered either Martin or Malcolm. @Troy @Pioneer1
  22. Men are Women they say Interesting Really Troy Pioneer and Nubian Do you think you're smarter than the average women.