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  1. However I don't consider my self as normal. Would love to hear more about your otherworldly experiences. Do they happen at certain times or particular situations @Cynique
  2. How is this related to magick?
  3. Nothing seems weird to me @Cynique
  4. Ironically Cynique said I shouldn't leave the discussion.
  5. A Grand Jury sounds serious to me. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/06/donald-trump-jeff-mcconney-grand-jury
  6. https://abcnews.go.com/US/manhattan-da-brought-trump-organization-controller-testify-special/story?id=78088595
  7. Do you think Donald Trump will do jail time?
  8. I heard that some of your future lives are in the past. Which is fascinating to me.
  9. I had one client who said she could see I was a psychic. Another person said they could see the "information" entering my head. I think with some psychic there's no or little control. I had a card reader she was amazing for the first two readings. And then later on it felt like she was on in the beginning and then the rest was filler. @Mel Hopkins how would an intuitive be different than a psychic?
  10. Or open the link in an incognito window
  11. @Mel Hopkins thoroughly enjoyed the Issae Rae piece that you wrote.
  12. I have met a few that were mind blowing. And a couple that were not very good.
  13. The best analogy is music. let's say we divide the audible spectrum into one hundred sections. And only one instrument corresponds to each section. When you see that frequency it is a category of one instrument. So when I see a transit, a zodiacal degree or a moment in time. I know it's category. So I have a categorical system to qualify a quantity of time.
  14. I didn't see your post about his autism before I watched it.
  15. He looks likes family friend who is Jamaican and Chinese.
  16. It's less funny and more poignant knowing he is autistic
  17. I thought he looked Indian. But then English Jamaican popped into my head.
  18. I may be hard to believe but in person. I am marginally funny.
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