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  1. Yes I did the same thing from an Astrological perspective. I enjoy thinking laterally.
  2. Maybe the pieces should reflect the function. Bishops are generaly close to the King. So Who has Kirk's ear most, probably Spock and Bones. The Knights are about movement so any associated with the engine room or navigation.
  3. @Chevdove Pluto moved into Aquarius a few days ago. Astrologically it's a big. When it was discovered was circa the Great Depression. It was in the sign of Cancer. Its orbit is around 238 years which was around the time of the French Revolution and the American one.
  4. There is an asteroid called the city killer that will be very close. However scientist say it won't hot Earth.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-1DDAeyq5w I ain't hatin on 'em, but I ain't lovin on them either. Don't hate, mate. (comma is optional depending on your position(supine, noncommital, full frontal et cetera.
  6. It does seem like you have more post than i recall and by new members.
  7. Astrology is a really detailed classification system, that is built on correspondences and affinities. It's like the music industry the most popular artist aren't the most talented. Althouh I would say that the popularity of Astrology will increase dramatically,in 2023 and 2024.
  8. Hey Cynique, you have mail. Interesting times . Well like I said in 2014 there will be huge geopolitical shifts culminating by 2024. The wheel is turning some may get crushed.
  9. Base on what you wrote it sound like you a water sign, possibly Pisces.
  10. There is opinion and facts. I'll post a few. Chris told a joke Will Smith smacked him The LAPD arrived and were prepared to arrest Will Smith. Chris Rock declined to press charges in addition he advocated that Will Smith be allowed to stay. Will Smith apologised but not to Chris Rock. Chris Rock made no public statement in a year. He addressed it all at the end of his special Will Smith said he was hurt and Chris should just let it go.
  11. I was listening to another podcast, Housequake said Jada doesn't love Smith. On the biggest night of his career she made it about her dignity. However didn't she say that she didn't care what people thought about her hair.
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/17/trump-will-surrender-to-face-charges-if-indicted-defense-lawyer-says.html
  13. Some people favour a capitalistic system with a socialist government. So I personally don't have a problem with cafteria philosophy. For example I am against the death penalty but I am not anti-abortion. At one point I could undertamd how some could be pro death penalty and anti-abortion. Until i realise or differences were exactly the same.
  14. No my bias is pretty conscious for Blacks and Whites. My prejudice is in the aggregate not the individual. How long are the test at Project Implicit.
  15. Apparently Chris Rock also said that Will Smith shouldn't be removed. And he also declined to press charges when LAPD was going to arrey Will Smith for assault. However this isn't the first time Will Smith smacked someone at an awards event.
  16. Will Smith said he was hurt by Chris Rock's comments and that he should just forget what happened and move on. Maybe will Smith is upset because he didn't get the eyeballs when he had Dave Chappelle coach him for his standup debut. If you look at the clip it looked like Chris Rock was about to hit him. So I reckon Chris Rock can fight . He took that slap and didn't drop the envelope. Gay Joe also thinks Rock can fight
  17. Luck is when am outcome occurs that is beneficial to you. However prior to the outcome it was out of your hands. If this happens more than chance would predict then you are lucky.
  18. Why go out of your way to create account to make racist comments.
  19. She may look taller because she is in the foreground.
  20. The Mediterranean sea has receded by about 5 metres, and Venice is dry.
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