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  1. Actually Troy.....

    Thanks for clearing that up, @Mel Hopkins
  2. President Oprah Winfrey!

    She's a black female billionaire. Which adjective is more fitting for her presidency were it to happen.
  3. If "Truth" Be Told...

    What signaled the end of racism and the beginning of freedom. @Cynique
  4. Actually Troy.....

    Mel @Mel Hopkins How is it you can explain something you don't know?
  5. The Wrong Woman To Flirt With

    I can't imagine what type of promotion makes being eith a man appealing to me. Having women problems. We have the solution. Date men. Date another woman and the toilet seat stays down.
  6. Ringing out the old year

    Pioneer agree with all of my positions and the conflict will be lessened.
  7. To Care or not to Care

    Diana and William made the royals likeable.
  8. Actually Troy.....

    True but some concepts are not readily explainable.
  9. Ringing out the old year

    It looks like Robert Mueller be questioning Trump. Which will likely result in a perjury charge.
  10. Actually Troy.....

    So why do you think speaking Pioneer's language will work.
  11. To Care or not to Care

    Crown Prince William is saving the monarchy in the same way his mother did.
  12. Actually Troy.....

    Why do you think using the same words will lead to comprehension.
  13. To Care or not to Care

    I think when you amass a billion dollars you transcend categories. The US doesn't have royalty. The role of royalty is to show commoners how to conduct themselves. Celebrity is our royalty . I remember listening to Obama speak he is a riveting speaker and he is a magician. If you read his speeches instead of listening they are completely different. @Mel Hopkins I will quote Morpheus. Welcome to the real world. Agreeing with Pioneer. Who else wants the red pill.
  14. Actually Troy.....

    Who sees from the other persons pov, Troy
  15. Ringing out the old year

    Pioneer you atr mistaken disagreement with disunity. Underneath the disagreement there's still camaraderie.
  16. A Different POV

    Is Oprah disqualified to be vocal because of her wealth and possible friendly relationship to Harvey Weinstein?
  17. To Care or not to Care

    Yes and yes. Some family friends came to visit and said they felt relaxed.
  18. Actually Troy.....

    Troy you would rather be raped than work the fields?
  19. To Care or not to Care

    Domain: Real Estate | Properties for Sale, Rent and Share
  20. Actually Troy.....

    Was Sally Hemmings a dark skinned slave?
  21. Actually Troy.....

    I should say wrong instead of flawed.
  22. Actually Troy.....

    A new hypothesis about axial shift. Which is something i had thought about albeit in a different context . Although I still know climate science is flawed.
  23. I have changed my mind on man impacting the change in climate
  24. Actually Troy.....

    I have changed my mind on man impacting the change in climate
  25. The Wrong Woman To Flirt With

    @Wendy Jones I totally agree with everything you said. My favourite line was the harem. Jesus makes an interesting commentary by what he doesn't say about prostitutes. Adultery is against the Ten Commandments. A prostitute is having sex with many men who are not her husband. Jesus didn't say stop whoring it's against the law. Plus be saved by faith not works indirectly covers a lot