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  2. @Cynique I will post the best times to experience your star, over the next few days. You can be inside and it should still work.
  3. @CyniqueInstead of thinking of our as meditation think of iy as reflection or revery. The other way is to watch or notice the thoughts that come to mind. Don't think about what they might or could mean. That's another way. A half hour before you normally go out just sit and watch your cat. The cat may guide you or at least take your mind off your thoughts.
  4. I wasn't clear. She was into drugs and sex. She would have done anything sexually. He did have to drug her she was up or rather down for it all. She couldn't understand why he drugged her and then had sex with her.
  5. If they are planets you can see them during the day. If they are Southeast at midnight the will be Southwest before dawn. They will also be at about the same angle but Southwest. This is where the numbers come in handy. Directly overhead is a 90 degree angle, So if you extend your arm so it is pointing straight up, and if you raise your other arm until you form an L shape, you make an angle that's 90 degrees. Then move the upward pointing arm half way down it should be pointing at the star. So six hours later it should be at the same angle but in the Southwest. So if you are up before sunrise even a few minutes you will see this star. It is most likely a star because the only planet close to that part of the sky you mentioned is Uranus. Which I am not certain is visible but I'll check later. Also you don't have to see it and you don't need silence. There are two ways you can do feel it inside. If your place is quiet at midnight and dawn you can feel it while your inside. The other option is to have music or sound playing at a level that drowns out the outside noise. I there are a lot of sounds you can listen to them. They will fall away as long as you don't get annoyed. Or if there is a constant sound focus on that one, and it will be like an external mantra. Yes I am feeling very tuned in at the moment. I have a friend in Guatemala and we have been discussing the Mayan calendar. Which is very interesting because I am into numbers and time. They Maya calendar is a few different calendars that run at different speeds. The Hindu reckoning of time and number also is very detailed. So I am looking at the comparisons. Just as an aside it is interesting that only brown people created periods that seem to be big cosmic\astrological clocks. Here's another thing. We had a local blackout. So I checked with the power company to see their estimate of when the it would be over. It started at 7:20 they said by 9:30. I asked my partner what time she thought. I converted the word she said into time. And estimated it would go back on at 8:20, then I looked at the time marker. The power went off and on of the time markers was Aquarius. The symbol for Aquarius is two wavy lines. Then a looked for when the marker occurred again it was 8:31. The power went on at 8:35.
  6. @Cyniqueand @Troy I am no longer a passenger on that train of thought. On De Rail (phonetically)
  7. America would not exist without racism . Even before it was a nation it had institutionalized racism and oppression .
  8. Here's the Astrological chart for 12am It could be Andromeda.
  9. @Cynique You may not be seeing any stars because of light pollution. Venus is the third brightest object in the sky, if I recall correctly. Plus it's apparent size and it's brightness make it see. In ancient times it was Lucifer , I think it ha one name when it was rising and the other when it was setting. Here's a link https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/visible-planets-tonight-mars-jupiter-venus-saturn-mercury/
  10. @Cynique Do you mean 12 pm, I think Venus sets at about 9:30 pm, rises about 8:40 am. Animals are in tune with natures rhythms
  11. @CyniqueIf you wait until after the sunsets even if you cant see Venus you will feel it. The two easiest ways is to listen to the sounds of your breathing or listen to whatever sounds is occurring but don't focus on it. Or if you are interested tell me what day and time you have an hour. I will find a time for you that you will be the most optimal.
  12. Thanks Andrea Andrews Cooper had a big impact on my life. I think The Amsterdam News is no longer in business.
  13. http://amsterdamnews.com/news/2019/oct/31/joyful-launch-party-following-her-fathers-footstep/ @Troydo you have the book "“Following in Her Father’s Footsteps,”
  14. Plus I am less interested in a kind of back and forth argument. In that way perhaps I'm more closed.
  15. Yes but I am rarely impulsive. However most I have met Aries seem compelled to action. I had a variation on that. I was having a cup of tea at the Brooklyn Moon Cafe sometime in the 90's I had thought why do you think you are always right. It occurred to me that I never thought I was wrong until events demonstrated the fallacy of that idea. So now I try to consider that I could be wrong even when I am certain that I am right Part of my interests is that I like to know stuff including people and myself.
  16. Would you say the same about Pioneer?
  17. How is my following your orders, proof of my intelligence. Plus why do you think I care about your opinion of me.
  18. I have studied Astrology and Tarot, but I have also studied logic. I also have a rule I don't argue with people who can't think abstractly or who lack empathy. @Pioneer1 I have stated what made me feel free and you are attempting to negate my statement. In this and other comments you lack a sense of proportion, or you seem oblivious as to how your words or actions would effect someone. Finally I can respond or not respond how I choose. Your demands and puerile attempts to psychologically or emotionally coerce me are laughable. You can not conceive or even entertain the possibility that I may know more than you about anything.
  19. Causality is magical for the primitive, whereas for the modern it rational. That being said my belief system is more aligned with pre technological world view. So even though I have been culturally educated\endoctrinated as a modern. The central place in my belief system is occupied by sympathetic magic.
  20. Yet it does appear that I knew how you would respond. Yet it took you two days to arrive at the same conclusion. You have to see for yourself. Yes and your statement shows you had already made up your mind. Therefore you have preempted any possible exchange of ideas. This is not a new dynamic however my response or lack thereof is new.
  21. Then it doesn't matter whether I respond. What you fail to realise is that my response was in line with this comment before you made it.
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