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  1. https://www.vox.com/the-highlight/2019/6/28/18760585/doomsday-argument-calculation-prediction-j-richard-gott https://www.9news.com.au/world/sir-isaac-newton-predicted-end-of-world-stephen-hawking/3b55f5d9-3d62-4bdf-bde6-aed7d8496928
  2. That's my point. Note you didn't call them creatures of the world. The world is by definition defined by the individual. While there is an overlap between individual worlds. Primary place rest with the egocentric importance of the individual's world. Worlds are created by participants involvement in that world. The world of engineers is mostly non existent for me, the same is not true of the world of engineering. Since I use things that have been either engineered or constructed. However some of my ideas and experiences consist of a world of only myself. Isaac Newton predicted 2060 based on his biblical analysis
  3. That is my modus operandus from time to time I will, I was going to name the artist but I wasn't certain if this was a worthwhile post or if there would be any interest. Yes ,the writer is David Foster Wallace. Here is an abbreviated clip from his commencement speech.
  4. The first artist had committed suicide before I became a fan. The second artist I actually saw perform live and I inadvertently insulted her. The writer hung himself. The performer died of an overdose of loneliness called drugs.
  5. @Cynique I feel the most important job in the future is system disintegrator and farmer.
  6. Humanity makes up the world, everything separate from that is the earth.
  7. Time is the resource I have an abundance of, take as long as you like and\or need
  8. A partnership you can stream it, it's a win-win situation.
  9. I "met"Tavonia Evans on FB. She's a go getter. Have you invited the speakers to join AALBC.com
  10. I haven't shared posts from the forum but I have made astrological posts. Trump not finishing his term. Did get a lot of traffic. My forum is open so it is visible to anyone on FB
  11. The biggest companies in the world sell escapism. In The Depression movies were very popular.
  12. I am in groups some have a few thousand members others have a few hundred, including an Astrology group I started. In all of those groups post are generated by a handful of people. And perhaps ten that will comment. Every so often a new person will have a one off comment. We used to be a TV nation, now it's screen world. For the majority of people life is a spectator sport.
  13. @Troy would you like to comment?
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