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  1. Wouldn't the right wing be half of the wings. I dunno but it has that thing that can not be named. Are you getting repeating numbers 11:11 or triples 2:22?
  2. That is the essence of my entire practice. I have turned the feeling of a thing into a description of its quality. You are an unconscious psychic and a conscious mystic. In my way of thinking you have a logical mind. Which makes your thinking first rate. However your feelings while being harder to articulate, give you a sense of understanding. So I believe that if you have a hard time defining a feeling it will guide you to a solution which involves it's resolution. I have been going deeper into my esoteric rabbit hole. I can count on one hand the people that can even remotely relate to it. You are one of the five. You are a wonderful blend of the Solar and the Lunar. To me you are the Logical Poet.
  3. Johnathan Majors is another interesting actor.
  4. @Troy a movie about a Black Panther was produced by Ryan Coogler and starred Daniel Kaluuya, who was also connected to the Black Panther Movie. Lakeith Stanfield also worked with Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out.
  5. Yes I agree, yet it doesn't seem to be be stopping.
  6. First Jazz, then Hip Hop, next it will be House music. NYU already has been amassing artifacts from the the 80's dance music scene. I had a guy on FB asking me a bunch of questions about the Paradise Garage because for his dissertation. Black people are not respected in this country. And While Jeff Chang and Mark Anthony Neal appear to love the music. Something is wrong to include Blondie. Also this is mostly crews that put out records. There are a few glaring omissions. Son of Bazerk, Grand Wizard Theodore and his entire crew Master don etc. Why did the go to the two living architects Kool Herc and Bam. Chuck D an MC Lyte definitely have cred but they are literally a decade after the start. Glad it is documented but there should have been some old heads. cats born before 1960.
  7. @Cynique what did you do for your sister's Birthday?
  8. @Cynique Try the following times om November 26th 7:18am In your mind/heart/soul you will see connections 5:30 pm You will see connection in how things have been done. Both of these will show you that the connection of events and feelings, that seemed unreasonable or random.
  9. It is rabbit season. not duck season.
  10. @Cynique How are you? You have been on my mind. Enjoy the eclipse. Take care, Del
  11. I listened to about 13 minutes. He sounds like preacher that's had too much coffee.
  12. I'll have to relisten. But I don't think he makes much sense to me.
  13. @Cynique did you try any of the other days. I will work up some more times for you also what was your your sister's Birthday . I fill some for that day as well.
  14. @Cynique did you delete your post about sunset?
  15. Here's the last sentence in case you missed it. You may not be following what I am saying and that's fine. You aren't obligated to understand nor am I to explain.
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