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  1. What have you invented Jealous Edison? I heard a panel discussion about Prince that Toure hosted. One of the panelist said Prince begs from a position of strength. Power has always been attractive. Not true. Tyka Nelson said Prince felt short changed because his brother was handsome and tall. Which was a line in the Song Lady Cab Driver. So she asked him would he rather be handsome and tall or play music. She said he never brought it up again.
  2. Moviestar on Tutu was written by Prince. Just found this.
  3. Prince may have been bi during his early years. He was supposed to do an album with Miles Davis. Miles Davis liked Prince liked both Michael Jackson, but said Prince was an a genius. I'll post a few clips later
  4. Miles Davis also performed Moviestar, which was written by Prince. I had the chance to see them individually live. Would have loved to have seen them when they played together.
  5. You have already become one of the most active participants. Charmed to have met you.
  6. Yes that's it exactly. You can interpret a painting. You hear a painting at times I can hear the chart. A painting speaks to people differently based on their experiences , thinking and beliefs. So keeping with that analogy the paint speaks to me. It does to everyone. What do you think of when I write the following: a white; a red dress, a black dress. You have not only an image you have a story and perhaps a personal memory. So if you think of just those colours they still have meanings. The only difference is that my stories or meanings are connected to archetypes. Tell me your favourite colour and a colour you hate. And I will tell you a story @Troy is that true?
  7. An Astrology chart takes a date a time and a place and creates a mandala. So an Astrology chart is like a painting that can be read by the Astrologer. For me time is like a color. The time you posted you is more about feeling the answer. As opposed to knowing technically what I am saying.
  8. At some point during Rona I decided to listen more to the stars. The first two readings it told me stop talking.
  9. @Mel Hopkins I listen to what is said , what is felt , and what sometimes isn't spoken verbally.
  10. You have plenty to say, but not being heard is exhausting. I post mostly other people's words.
  11. Don't take my word for it. Check it out. Sanskrit is a fascinating language. Letters are grouped by the part of the mouth you use to pronounce them. There are 7 different types of letters, which I beleive correspond to the 7 visible planets. Devanagari is a type of Sanskrit translated it means Divine city writing. I have been doing a bit of reading about the Vedas and Indian philosophy. Jyotish translates as the science of light. Which is what Indians call astrology. The Vedas are the sacred books. I came across a saying Jyotish is the eyes of the Veda. Sanskrit and Astrology are keys to unlocking Meditation Yoga and Breath works (Pranayama). I was trying to learn Sanskirt but I figure I just stick with the Astrology. The learning curve isn't as steep. Source: gurumukhi.ru: Ayurveda glossary of terms Prāṇa (प्राण):—1. Vitality. 2. Breath of life , 3. Spirit 4. Life Source: Wikibooks (hi): Sanskrit Technical Terms Prāṇa (प्राण).—Unit of time equal to four sidereal seconds or one-sixth of a vināḍikā. Note: Prāṇa is a Sanskrit technical term used in ancient Indian sciences such as Astronomy, Mathematics and Geometry. Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary 3) [from prān] 2. prāṇa m. (ifc. f(ā). ; for 1. See under √prā, p.701) the breath of life, breath, respiration, spirit, vitality [v.s. ...] a breath (as a measure of time, or the t° requisite for the pronunciation of 10 long syllables = 1/6 Vināḍikā), [Varāha-mihira; Āryabhaṭa; Viṣṇu-purāṇa] 12) [v.s. ...] poetical inspiration, [Horace H. Wilson]
  12. Drugs and creativity go together like hand and a love. Cocaine was big player on Wall Street in the late 80's. One of the managers was and his mistress were allegedly riding the line. For me the Lovesexy was the last Prince Album that had me excited. I have to say I was a huge fan and had a lot of the unreleased material. The raw version of Open Book, Crucial and Still would Stand all Time area few of of my favorite boots. All the sound quality can be a bit uneven. I think after Wendy and Lisa, he was no longer in a band. It was just musical accompaniment. Although he had some great female vocalist. I went to a few concerts one after show. The most Open Book Crucial Still would Stand all Time the bonus round
  13. Which tracks? The addiction was to fentanyl, which is a pain killer. Jumping off of six foot high speakers in heels for a decade probably wrecked his body. So my guess is the addiction probably started after he stopped dancing, because he was in pain. https://apnews.com/article/music-north-america-us-news-ap-top-news-prince-94806d16569541d98032ce2b2f82aa6a
  14. @Cyniqueit requires times that include th seconds.
  15. Let the time markers are colours. And that there is a are only 7 colours. Each colour has different qualities. The Red is active energy. Yellow is magnifying. Each moment in time is a colour. Orange would be would combine red and yellow. So it would describe times that are electric and magnetic. The time markers describe both past and future times.
  16. @Cyniqueyou are amazingly insightful except when it comes to self assessment. Your writing and thinking are both penetrating and luminous. And your peevishness is like balsamic vinegar on a salad.
  17. I have created 139 categories for terrestrial and celestial time. Which was through the progression of symbols I created on June 17, 2007. I have been working on and with them ever since. I initially started with numbers in 1999. I would ask people for numbers and I would use them as a divination tool. Then I progressed to using words as a divination tool. As also created a formula to transform those numbers into time. The big leap though was creating a set of symbols. The symbols are like hieroglyphics. In that they express ideas and qualities. They also function as numbers so they have a qualitative aspect as well. I had read quite a bit before I started and had consulted with a couple of advanced metaphysicians. Some languages are considered especially Magical although all languages have magical components. However Hebrew Greek Sanskrit have a numerical component associated with some or all of the letters. Devanagari (translates as sacred language) which is a particular type of Sanskrit has words that relate to numbers. Like the void and Sky are zero. Which also connects to Vedic Astrology, Meditation, Yoga and breathing exercises. They all are interconnected. As an aside prana translates as breath, but also means the distance the Sun moves in four seconds. So I created this set of hieroglyphics for every moment of time. And for specific moments in time. So all 139 symbols have a meaning and a numeric value. Also it isn't a base 10 number system. Except I didn't know specifically what any of them mean as it relates to time. I had to Figure that out by testing them. Like numbers and letters they have groupings. There are six groupings, and within that grouping there are sub elements. One of the groupings has the quality of quickness. So I picked two sub elementsg and found that one related to being internally quick and the other to being externally quick. So I picked a few and then extrapolated from those few to the rest. The odd thin is that the meanings are abstract and most are undefined. They get defined by usage. So a querent will want to create an effect. I ask what they want. Then I find the glyphs that most closely match the idea. Then I use their birthday and location to determine the time that best matches that quality. So over time the language is showing me how to define it. It is also changing how I think and see the world. Because it isn't a base ten number system, it allows me to see time from a different perspective. It also shows me there is structure that is inherent in time and place. @Cynique I am very interested in your experiences with time being less linear. The arrow of cause and effect seems multidirectional. So you may feel like the wanderings or connections are madness. Whereas I feel they are a delinking or untethering. Which is a magical act and will assist you to see "reality". By destroying the boundaries or limits, you can see the basis or elemental truths. Which has been my objective since I was a preteen. Perhaps yours as well. So I was and still are keen to give you a time marker of your own choosing. That will assist you in your quest/journey. Sorry for any typos, I typed this on my phone from 2:15 - 3:15. Let me know if you have any questions.
  18. All beings want to return to the creator (Brahma) . Which is why destruction (Shiva) is venerated (Venus) by some and sustenance (Vishnu) by others. We live by our myths (beliefs)
  19. I have recently been trying to qualify time. I have chosen times both for myself, friends and clients. So far the results have been good. I have found ways of describing time and then commencing activities at specific point in time to capture and utilise the energy of time. I have been able to describe the following qualities and use them: acceptance through openness; acceptance through understanding; efficiency one was internal the other was external; optimism. The other cool thing is that the experiment is also making me more introspective. They can be the starting times for meditations or the beginning of an activity. They can change from one second to the next and not everyone is live. Since I use the natal chart so they are for one person and one day. I have found some general ones that not connecting to natal charts. Also not all time markers occur every day. One very special one I have only found on in three months.
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