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  1. My goal is to not have any beliefs. Or at least not any I hold strongly
  2. My Astrology teacher used to say this often Science is from the Latin Scio, to know. However I believe that all advances whether it be in Science Art and everything in between arises from inspiration. Inspiration literally means to breath in Spirit. Words or rather language is the key to thinking. There are different types of symbol sets: Letters; Pictographs; Glyphs; Hieroglyphics. Which range from being representation of physical objects, representation of ideas, or just markers that are arrange to convey meaning.
  3. I used to read about mathematics and how it has been used over time. In my quest for understanding. Same with science and scientists. I also read a fair amount about the esoteric. It is only in the last decade, that I am getting close to the answers I have been seeking. I was using the wrong tools. If you look at Einstein, Newton Feynman, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, Malcolm X et al. There is a similarity they all had a laser focus and could see an articulate what other could not. They each used the tool that was best suited to their personality to find truths. The old adage is true the answers are inside of you, you just have to use the correct key. It probably helps to be an independent thinker.
  4. New voices like your old post
  5. There are many people listening that don't respond. You may have been one of them. Some of what I post, with the aim being discussion yet some of it is just things i have found or notice that maybe interesting a useful to another seeker. Fare well.
  6. FB allows me to communicate with people around the world for Free. Sometimes I find a post that is interesting. It has put me in contact with many Astrologers. A few of whom I would not have otherwise met. In addition some of the Astrology post are so annoying that motivate me to learn something. It also has been a good place for me to test astrological techniques. I have on a few occasion learned something I hadn't known about or had a a good exchange. It's just like a cafeteria if you don't excercise restraint you will wind up feeling ill. Every situation is an exchange, as long as the currency and rate of exchange are valuable I will interact. @Cynique the new Physics sound like the old mystics. The experimenter isn't just an observer, they are a participant in creating the outcome.
  7. @Cynique I have another time marker if you would like to try it out. All you have to do is start at 11:09 am on October 8. All you have to do is just listening to your breathing or watch your thoughts. This on is good for conceptual thinking and ideas. October 7 at 7:06 pm; Oct 8 8:17 am are good for seeing and understanding your connection to the group and how you are also an individual. October 8 7:55 is energetic. All you have to do is at the appointed time say "Now I begin" You can either remain still and see what feelings come up. Or you can continue with the day. Acknowledge the moment in time can change your awareness and focus. Have you checked?
  8. I am only looking for small "t" truth, it doesn't require external verification.
  9. My guess is most women get enough negative attention from men
  10. I have no way of knowing one way or the other. How can you be certain? From the my teen age years onwards. I always sought older people for conversation and debate. You and Mel are part of my tribe, part Soceress and Magus.
  11. What have you seen to make you think it will get better. And I commend your efforts. I wonder if there is different between hope and delusion
  12. There's no solution for Blacks in America. It is what has always been. A few will thrive , some will get back and others fighting to survive.
  13. @Troy could you explain time markers. I seem to be unable to do so. Thanks, Del
  14. Chaka Khan was in the Black Panthers for a while. What do you think of Herbie Hancock's non Jazz forays into popular music?
  15. @Mel Hopkinsperhaps because there is more unity amongst sisters, because they are the glue in the community the church, business, and every progressive movement amongst Blacks. It may be true of other people of colour.
  16. I no longer have delusions or hope.
  17. I first saw Miles Davis on Miami Vice and a Honda Scooter ad. It was another few years before I came back to him. There's a good radio show about Miles Davis narrated by Quincy Troupe. A poet who co-wrote his autobiography. It's called the Miles Davis Radio Project.
  18. Miles Davis was at the forefront of major changes in Jazz. Jazz stopped changing when he wasn't there to change it. I am not certain who made that quote. I was a Prince fan and more interested in Miles Davis as a personality. Although I heard him play live in the late 80's. He was one of those musicians I wanted to hear before either of us died. I am not a Jazz head but I have heard some of the greats. and some of the newer musicians
  19. IBM has a division devoted to AI called Watson. One of the projects was to teach AI how to become an Astrologer. Some Astrologers believe that AI will usher in a New Age in Astrology. And that computing power will result in a wedding of AI and Astrology. Not until AI becomes intuitive or we learn what is consciousness. So probably not.
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