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  1. Ive quite a few books on Hendrix but as yet not this one but I'd like to share this for any fans of Jimi.
  2. It's similar to a degree over here. UAF I think are virtually all caucasian with hardly anyone from the British Caribbean community or Asian (as in Muslims or Hindus). But they do a good job standing up to the far right as well as others like Stand up to Racism and Hope not Hate. These organisations are ALWAYS present when the far right demo. The latter do seem to have a good mix of people.
  3. After the trouble in Portland ,Trump now see some it to label Antifa as terrorists. Is he kidding? As far as I can tell,all they did was confront the far right. Says a lot about him,doesn't it ?
  4. Turning into a book recommendation thread. How about this. Soul food with a difference. It's vegan. 😀
  5. I truly believe that the Stones themselves loved the artists too. They named themselves after a Muddy Waters song and of course covered many blues numbers as well as Otis Redding,Don Covay and Barrett Strong. In the many interviews the Stones have given, they always give credit to the likes of Elmore James, Bo Diddely and Howlin Wolf. But I do get what you're saying.
  6. Id agree with you that today that there are Brit artists imitating the sounds made by Afro Americans. I'm really trying not to be biased here but I truly believe that the previous artists I mentioned were doing it for love. Yes, they made loads of cash in the process but I think this was mainly due to the original songs they eventually recorded.
  7. Out today window shopping and I came across this interesting looking book. A must buy.
  8. Do you really believe that all pop music STOLE from Afro American music? Loads of Brit bands in the 60s were very deeply influenced by RnB and covered many tunes . I'm sure there was no intention to rob. The likes of the Stones,the Beatles, the Yardbirds,Cream and many others idolised these fantastic artists. Check this
  9. Here he is in 1969 performing Freedom,also covered by the Voices of East Harlem.
  10. This particular read is on my list. Seems a must have for fans of this great artist.
  11. About to start this. Looking forward to it. I haven't watched the film itself in years but listen occasionally to the soundtrack. Usually pick out a Mayfield album at random. His debut and Roots are amazing.
  12. Cosgrove is a fanatic and certainly knows his stuff. In fact, there's been huge appreciation of this music since the mid 1960s over here. Absolute devotion especially in the record collecting department. Great stuff.
  13. I've read the first and third of these books. Anyone with even the slightest interest in soul music should buy these.
  14. I'll add this to my ever growing wants list. Thanks. 👍
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