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  1. Giving this recently discovered,at least by me, album a listen. She's probably best known for Picture me Gone and as part of the duo a Blue Mink.
  2. Harry, I think Troy mentioned sometime back that you have a website. Could you please post a link? Many thanks.
  3. I read a copy some months ago . Borrowed from my local library. Quite enjoyed the book but when I feel like another read, I'll go ahead and buy it.
  4. Why don't you register and join the forum too ? 😀
  5. This little baby arrived today
  6. @Troy. Looking for a particular Angela Davis book BUT this happened ( scratching of head). https://store.aalbc.com/search.php?search_query=Angela%20Davis%20&section=product
  7. Ok, that sounds good. My daughter has gone and ordered the book I originally wanted so I'm going to look for something else. Thanks.
  8. You may well have another customer yet. Shipping costs to the UK ? https://aalbc.com/books/bookinfo.php?isbn13=9781593766016
  9. And about time. My latest purchase.
  10. London protests Might've been members of ANTIFA. Maybe.
  11. @Chevdove. Just read a further review of Barracoon and it sounds like a fascinating read. I'm going to add it to my wants list.
  12. Regarding the protests themselves, where are those so called Proud Boys now then? Obviously keeping a very low profile as they will be vastly outnumbered. Cowards.
  13. I really feel for Georges brother and family. So so sad.
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