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  1. Oh shit, I'm not surprised but I am shocked if that makes sense. For some reason or another, I kind of thought that you and others were safe on here from verbal racism. I've never actually seen any , that's why I assumed it didn't exist. You obviously delete them. But to attack you personally , perhaps vis your email........ These scummy b******s seriously need to get a life. Theres a good few that comment on Karen Hunters and Roland Martins You Tube channels too.
  2. @Kareem You certainly won't be stuck for choice with Baez. Farewell Angelina is a good album.
  3. I do my best. It'll be nice for the guests to actually join up too.
  4. I have faith that the forum will pick up. I've even 'advertised' the place on a couple of You Tube channels. 😀
  5. Though not particularly busy , the forum itself is excellent. Some nice people , who made me feel very welcome and many interesting topics. Found the site eventually. Better late than never, ha ha.
  6. Here's some more courtesy of Bay area tv. Lots of interesting footage. https://diva.sfsu.edu/collections/sfbatv/3005
  7. I'm a born and bred Londoner who moved away around 20 years ago. I'm Caucasian and this site and forum is a real eye opener. Interest stems mainly from .1960s soul and rhythm n blues and also the likes of James Baldwin.
  8. At the risk of 'jumping in', I'd like to welcome you back even though Ive only been a member for six months now. Greetings from South East England.
  9. Giving this a whirl. I don't actually own it as yet bit it's on You Tube.
  10. One of my favourite Joan Baez songs. https://youtu.be/g1fpDWXwfso
  11. Just starting the second chapter. Pretty good so far.
  12. @Kareem Joan Baez released many many albums . She was a very good friend of Bob Dylan too. I think I own about 3 of Graham's albums and they are pretty good. As for Neil Young , i prefer his early stuff and a little of what was then his previous band, Buffalo Springfield. I don't yet own Pulse. Probably prefer the short lived Syd Barrett era.
  13. Found this via Reel Black on You Tube. All I got was audio though. https://diva.sfsu.edu/collections/sfbatv/10287 And here is the original video where I found the link. Never heard of this book. Will have to look into it.
  14. @Kareem, I think ,at least to an extent, folk music was quite unique to Europe in particular the UK though a kind of folk at least existed in the States too. Not including Dylan, people like Davy Graham and Joan Baez. Here Bert Jansch, Fairport Convention and Pentangle reigned supreme. Lots of pubs and clubs playing host to many folk artists who quite a lot sang about old tales of old folk from rural England,Wales etc. All I can remember from the 60s themselves,musically was seeing the Beatles performing Hey Jude on tv. I was only five. I suppose I do tend to listen to the likes of the Stones, early Floyd and more obscure bands than I do of the Beatles now. Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young are great. But more recently having been trailing through the web looking for lesser known soul and funk . Hence that recent album I found,Barnyard Soul which is just superb. Add a little vino,just a little to go with the weed and some decent sounds and I bet you just might see Lucy in the sky with diamonds or a purple haze 😀
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