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  1. A You Tube channel that I just came across. Interesting stuff.
  2. It might be a while yet. Last couple of weeks, I've hardly read the Jones autobiography as I've been busy looking after my wife post op, been off with a bad back from work and now, sadly my mother in law just passed away. So, things will return to ' normal ' at some stage.
  3. This was handy. I was unaware of Sisters so when I hopefully visit NYC next year, I'll visit this shop as well as Revolution books and Schomburg.
  4. Finally bought this. My next read after the Leroi Jones autobiography.
  5. I've added Defining Moments to my wants list. Sounds a good read. Yeah, Nigger ,I think is his (1st) autobiography. I'll probably buy that first. Cheers Troy.
  6. I'm very new to Dick's books. What should I start off with ? His 1964 autobiography? Callous on my Soul? Please help with some recommendations. Thanks in advance 😀
  7. The book , as I said, was a struggle. And at around 560 pages seemed a little too long. Perhaps, post 1967 Crouch changed his mind regarding Baracka. I like to think so. And yes, Black Nationlism in the US hadn't a future.
  8. Only recently discovered this amazing album.
  9. Just seen this via Mahogany Books. Looks good.
  10. I'll be honest about this book. I'd say quite easily that a good quarter of this went right over my head. I simply couldn't understand some of the passages. Now,I'm not sure why exactly. Perhaps, I'm not 'educated' enough. It was tough going at times and I'm kind of relieved I've finished. But it wasn't all bad. The introduction left me bewildered, well the part saying that the only notable thing Leroi Jones did after 1965 was to change his name. But this was said by Stanley Crouch. Cruse himself knew Leroi and didn't particularly have a bad word to say about the man. Baldwin came under some criticism as did Lorraine Hansberry. W.E.B Du Bois rightfully came out unscathed. The young generation (at the time,1967) of Black Power individuals, though no names were mentioned, apart from Stokely, were put right. Black nationalism did not have a future.
  11. I'm unaware of UME. Not over here, I think. Love the info booklets in CDs but you can't beat buying a lovely bit of vinyl, especially 2nd hand but in good nick.
  12. Around 15 pages from the end of The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual. Phew..... longest book I've read in a while at about 520 pages. Anyway, next up is this which I'm dieing for.
  13. Ahhh, that's a shame. But it is of course available on dvd. Im pleased to say that this was one of the films shown at my daughters uni for Black History month.
  14. Not listening but watching this excellent documentary with the compulsory bottle of red wine 😀
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