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  1. Thanks Troy. Nice to be back.
  2. This little gem arrived and am about half way through.
  3. That's a crying shame. I can only imagine just how difficult it is to get a book published.
  4. Not just listening but watching too.
  5. @Troy. Slightly off topic, I'd dearly love to buy books from your shop or indeed any other black owned your side of the pond, but the problem I have is not so much the price of the books but when combined with shipping it workouts overall a little too expensive for ME. I DO buy from indies over here but out of the three I really like only one is black run and that's New Beacon.
  6. Having never read any of Glaude's previous books, what better way to start than on a book of our man Jimmy.
  7. I thought you had wrote more than one book but I could only see JUST the one unless my eyesight is failing me, ha ha.
  8. Hope all goes well for you in Tulsa. The Black Wall St stuff will be very interesting. Nice one.
  9. This arrived a few days back. A good read with essays and poetry.
  10. Having huge problems with posting this in the What are you Listening to now thread for some reason. Probably something to do with the device I'm using so I'll have to make do with it here. I think this is from 1972. I could be a year out mind.
  11. Much obliged. Will have a look shortly.
  12. @Mel Hopkins. Could you kindly post a link for your books? I'm very curious.
  13. Just ordered the book from an indie over here. Can't wait to read it.
  14. Very interesting interview with the author and Cornell West.
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