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  1. From what I can gather, there's only three covers. Hey Jude ,Little Green Apples and one other. But for the perfect 'summary' of this period of the Temps, the compilation Psychedelic Soul is brilliant. A double album and full of fantastic music. Haha, the audience don't seem to be doing their thing. I mean ,this is the Impressions. LIVE.
  2. Thanks for this. Interesting. I've subbed with them yet somehow I haven't received the vid.
  3. Finally, Ive got around to reading this. Finally.
  4. Bought this a while back. Only just started reading it. Loosely based on the Emmett Till murder.
  5. Bought this book from a indie in London. I'm fact, they published it too.
  6. It's almost an obsession with me. Popping onto the channel and looking for these trolls now. Definetly not healthy.
  7. What the hell. Look at this. https://amp.theguardian.com/books/2020/apr/23/amazon-mystery-250000-pound-donor-to-uk-bookshops
  8. Going back to the comments made by a certain individual on Roland Martins You Tube channel. Only yesterday, I received yet another nasty comment from a WS troll. He's actually now getting personal and criticising my dad, who I explained to him in a fairly civilised way, that he died of cancer when I was young and I'm not happy at all with his comments. Did this deter him? No,of course not. The little 💩 Is demented and is probably a attention seeker but this didn't stop me getting very angry. Very. And I'm tired of Roland's people occasionally deleting my replies and not even blocking this sick excuse for a human being.
  9. Have you read any of Baldwins essays at all? The Fire Next Time is excellent. If you have trouble registering please contact Troy. These three little gems are well worth a read.
  10. Looks good. Please keep us posted.
  11. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed Move on Up. Ah, see you have a interest in Hendrix. I've many books on the great man. Which Baldwin books are you rereading ? Oh, why don't you register with the forum?
  12. I stopped buying books from Amazon a while back. Best move I've done in years. I also now don't buy anything from them. I only wish I knew about their endeavours a lot earlier but better late than never. Thanks Troy .
  13. Very pleased to get this at a reasonable price.
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