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  1. I was so glad to see that. They will need to form their own armed, well trained security force. We don't want another Tulsa. I do hope they learn to grow and feed themselves, and most of all DE-Colonize. I wish them the utmost success. Would even like to get involved in some manner. I have land, live on the Navajo rez so not looking to move would like to communicate
  2. Please excuse me but I feel the need to jump in here. After the teachings got to what we now call Egypt it became a religion. Before that it was a spiritual way of life. When spiritually becomes religion it is starting on a slippery slope. We come from all parts of what is called the African continent. We don't know where yet it is stored in our DNA. The reason the music of Black Folk have rhythm is because of an inner beat. To the European ear it sounds like and is written as 4/4 time but it is not 4/4 it is "ba tak a tu" a Yoruba beat that is almost 4/4 but not quite. If you know that beat y
  3. Colonialization is the culprit. Colonialization permeates every part and parcel of our very being and it is only with constant vigil can we hope to nullify some of the effects of said condition. This very language that we use to communicate with one another is that of the colonizer and slaver. That is only the beginning. Once we can recognize the root cause we can then move on to the rest of the equation. It is in the best interest of white amerikkka to keep the decedents of the African Kidnaped in an inferior position mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, economically, and any other
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