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  1. Of course. There would be more in this quote that I chose, but I want to get both of your replies on one reply, so that I don't waste time. But yeah, I think that self reliance is one of the big things that we need to learn to advance as a race. I remember I was once watching this documentary of South African Blacks who remember Apartheid, and/or are the children of the people who participated in the marches and protests, and remember when Mandela came into power in the late 90s. One of them was a fashion designer dude, and he said, and I'm paraphrasing here, something to the effect of, "If you say you can't do things, or be successful because of apartheid, you're a lazy fuck." And that came back to me reading this section, because its so true. Of course. Jewish people own their own banks in their own communities in the United States, which is so admirable. Like you said, they aren't sitting around waiting for the Messiah, they are building their own havens on Earth, not waiting for Heaven's intervention. They help themselves, look at NYC Jewish Communities, you walk around, there are Jewish banks, jewish hospitals, which employ and work with Jews, and they have all this community and structure that they can see is their own. It's really inspiring. Well, in simple terms it means to build our own little communities and suburbs to live happily and have economic freedom, and be in control of the jobs and schools and everything. You know about Mormons, right? That one "sect" of Christianity in which they think that Jesus told them to have a bunch of kids, and polygamy was pretty okay with them. Mormons are some of the nicest people I've ever met, with not only some of the cleanest communities, but the happiest families. And I want us as a nation to build our own little havens so that we aren't constantly moving into white areas to escape the violent negro behavior of the ghettos and instead build our own suburbs, and towns and cities. Seems like a good idea. But we need to remember that not taking care of our own communities is part of the problem, we can have international unity, that's cool. But remember to clean up your own house first, before going out to clean someone else's. Taking this on as its own separate point, in which i will be adding the second part later. The entire point of taking care and improving our own communities would also mean controlling the schooling system of our own children. This includes the elementary through high school education to forming associations in which we could promote that our children go to HBC's (historically black colleges) to stop the gentrification of these HBC's into PWI (predominately white institutions, not necessarily started by whites, but mostly white attended). Transform the education system of our communities and colleges into black dominated, and black educated people. Of course, which is why we need to change the children and how they grow up. Frederick Douglass said, "It is easier to build strong children than it is to fix broken adults." And this should be something that we learn. To build the next generation in a way that will fuel the way for us to compete globally. Same of course, but Jesus isn't a European invention. remember that. Sorry, but that simply is not accurate. The Early Ethiopians did refer to Jesus as they were one of the first to adopt Christianity as a nation, second to only Armenia, Jesus was a driving factor in the great paintings, inventions and philosophy of the Ethiopian Empire, and it is a gross misunderstanding not only to Christians but to Ethiopians themselves to assume otherwise. While yes, Christianity has become stagnant as of late with innovations, the fact of the matter is that it has also been the driving fuel behind a lot of the inspiration, and built not only European but African society. King Ezana of Axum was the first Ethiopian King to adopt Christianity and it led to Ethiopia becoming a mighty kingdom due to religious ties influencing trade. Christianity has single handedly changed the entire world, and I think using it to our advantage would be a massive help in the fight for economic liberation. And reading the Bible reinforces my point.
  2. To: Stefan Dr. Umar Johnson actually has pretty good points when it comes to the centralization of black economic power, sure he likes to joke around a bit, but name me one person good at conveying their ideals without being a bit of a comedian. If you say Malcolm X, Malcolm was a comedian too, during his speeches he liked to make the audience laugh so that the ideas he was conveying really spoke to them, instead of being boring. He used analogies and comedic timing to get his messages through to the audience, and I think that Dr. Umar Johnson may not be the smartest man, but you cannot deny his intelligence when it comes to certain topics.
  3. Part 2 for Pioneer 1 Well I say this in my last section but I will say it again, Decentralize globally, centralize locally, and I would like to quote Brother Malcolm when you talk about unity, I'll tell you how, because that's not what Jesus looks like. My mother knows it, my father knew it, and I know it, we all know damn well that that's not Jesus, not even close. Even the Ethiopian Orthodox Church knows that this ain't Jesus. That's why the Tewahedo which is the Bible but with illustrations from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which is older than most if not all modern bibles depict Jesus looking like this... This Jesus is clearly a Black man. In Ethiopian Paintings, Mary is clearly a Black woman, and this happens everywhere you go. You look at this Haitian painting, Jesus is clearly a black man, its not the religion that is at fault, but where you get your religion from which changes your perspective. If you only know Jesus from Haitians, they'll tell you he's black, if you get Christianity from the Italians, when they paint Jesus, he will look a little italian, you take Jesus from West Africa, he will look West African, you take him from China, He will look Chinese. Most Black people got their Jesus from the Protestants who came from England and Germany, and guess what, the way that those Europeans depicted Jesus was, no shit, a European. Everyone has their own different Jesus. Mine is Black. Ghana got colonized by the French who introduced their own brand of Catholicism to the Ghanaians, which was obviously a white Jesus, but when left alone with their faith, people will choose a God that looks like them more often than they choose a God that looks like someone else. Mhm, too often we have suffered because of Pride and Ego.
  4. Of course, not, you are still my brother, and constructive dialogue is necessary. Disagreements are natural, it's how debate was born. This is true, but i don't believe that it has to do with them being Caucasian more than it has to do with the growing secularism (aka society moving away from religion entirely) that has been spreading throughout the world. Most people want religion because they want to be apart of a community, so they will start putting titles on themselves to join a community and have a sense of brotherhood that is absent in their everyday lives normally. This is completely foreign to Black people of most if not all ethnicities because we have always felt a distinct sort of brotherhood with our own kind. We have a tight knit community whenever we are near each other in a community. I agree, which is why we need to promote not only self actualization, but responsibility and actual work in the community. Everyone knows the hard work spiel that you learn in childhood, but we need to teach them that no one else is going to solve their problems, only they can solve their problems, and so evoke a sense of brotherhood amongst the children to make them into people who actually want to help advance their people. Which is why I want to promote, especially amongst the Catholic influence sphere of Blacks, the importance of knowledge and reason playing a factor into your faith. To build havens on Earth in preparation for the Messiah's return. And thats why I think that those communities of people should focus on how to improve their own community. If you are a Black Muslim living in a black muslim community, than use the Quran and Five Pillars specific to your community to improve the standard of living, if you are a Black Baptist living in a majority Black Baptist community, use the Bible and connect with your community to improve the standard of living, if you are a black catholic in a black catholic community, use the Bible and the Torah and even the Apocrypha if you have to improve the standard of living. Even if you are a Black Animist (aka Voodoo and other west african religions) use your tradition and your ancestors to improve the standard of living. Decentralize globally, centralize locally, in other words, don't focus too much about what's happening to black people hundreds of miles away unless the situation is dire of course, and bring more attention to what's happening to your people in your area, because you can do more in your area. I'll do this later, since there is a lot to cover, but bear with me, it will get done. Bingo. Of course, everyone needs a code that works for them. And Blacks need to figure that out, but unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of time anymore to start figuring it out, we should be in the process of creating a new identity already. Which means that something crazy has got to happen, I don't know when it's going to happen, I don't know who is going to do it, but something either drastic or devious must occur soon that will culturally change the way that Blacks in America think about themselves.
  5. To: Pioneer 1 Now here is where I sort of disagree with you, just a small difference in opinion. While I do think that you are right for encouraging complete separation both culturally and economically. I want to bring up this point because it is so important to the entire Black Liberation Movement. We will never, I repeat, will never be able to compete on the same level as those of other races by just relying on faith alone. And this is of the most absolute respect and reverence to the Lord Almighty, but it is not economically viable, nor is it practical to rely on religion of all things to guide our people out of this hole we've fallen into. I believe that not only should we not focus on changing religion, but I think it is counterproductive on our part to try to change the religion of our people. The reason that I believe this is that I believe that you cannot, not in this age, where religion is mostly faith and emotion and not faith + reason and knowledge, like it was intended, which is both written in the Torah and the Bible. It is better to use what we have than to try and change it now, especially when we have better things to worry about than a white Jesus. I understand this situation, but just remember that investing is not a zero sum game, and you can earn money at your job while investing in the stock market to passively earn money from buying and selling stocks, to then use that money to invest into your community, the best thing that a community can do for itself is build its own bank if it doesn't have one. Banks are the central figures of modern day society, and it's literally like magic how the way that banks distribute loans and wealth can improve the quality of life for everyone, if you can't pool in to build a bank, than make powerful friends with people who own local banks and get them to establish places in your area to provide loans and assets for people to use. A lot of stuff you can do. Tell me if you want me to go into depth next post about how you can economically stimulate your area. It's spelled Ayiti actually. I'm old enough to remember a childhood just like you described. And also I am very well read, so I know what the black community used to look like, and imo it looked a lot better, minus the racism of course. Eating different foods that were more spicy is literally what I still eat, having an extended family structure that had multiple generations living in the same home is what I still experience, with uncles and grandmothers and mothers and children all living in the same home, but most of the time we enjoy our privacy, which is why we have come to adore the nuclear family structure as well as the extended family structure. I remember watching those old 60s recordings of Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and Louis Farrakhan in the 90s, and I remember how they spoke to the black family. And I know that if we were to return to what we were, in a time like now in which we are the freest we have been in a long time, I think that we can revive that Black Spirit that has been missing in Black America for so long. Of course. Like the Ethiopian Jews, who are Black. I do believe that the "scripture" that we all associate with religion is critical to increasing the consciousness of a population, though. Not that I don't think that magic and ancestor reverence isn't important, but I think that it's not about what's in the books themselves, but what the books can do to a population. Take Brother Gaddafi for an example. Gaddafi was a Muslim, and at the time that he took power after the failed King of Libya was deposed in a silent bloodless coup, the literacy rate of Libya was 10% give or take, at its lowest. Gaddafi used his status as a Muslim, and the importance that the Quran and Muslim preachers placed on remembering the Quran and reading the Quran to raise the literacy rate from around 25 percent in his early years, to 87% nationwide literacy rate, effectively increasing both the intelligence, the potential and expanding the consciousness of the average Libyan. The literacy rate for 15 to 24 year olds in Libya was a staggering 99.9%. It takes countries decades to even raise the literacy rate even a little bit, but Gaddafi, being the Brother Leader, used it to make his people smarter and give them an opportunity to excel in more technical fields and get better paying jobs. The thing is though, right, that most Haitians already fuse Catholicism with Traditional Haitian folk religion, things like ancestor reverence, and other stuff. My mother is a Catholic, my father was a Catholic, his father and his father before him were Catholics, and Catholicism isn't even a major issue, nor is it a problem because at the end of the day, a picture of white Jesus is just a picture, Jesus could be blue, black or purple and it wouldn't matter because Jesus being white is not a central theme in Haitian Catholicism, nor is it something to be praised. Ethiopian Catholics think that Jesus is Black, they have their own pictures of their own Black Jesus, and we can find solace in religion knowing that it doesn't matter anyways. Syncretism works when it is done right. Yeah this isn't a new phenomenon unfortunately, nor is it something that I am estranged to. The era of Gangster rap was organized for the sole purpose of profit either not taking into account the mental side effects it would cause, and the shift in thinking it would cause, or even worse, deliberately knew what they were doing, and did it anyways because the appeal would eventually make its fans slaves to the music, and have it dictate them and their life choices. Yeah, you're telling me. Sneaky, slippery, sly, scheming, shifty, secretive, skulking deceivers. Dessalines ordered French people to either leave or die, he wasn't playing games with them at all. Boyer was a hero of the Republic, and tried to improve people's lives while fighting a civil war, and eventually went into exile to avoid being killed in a coup. He was a master diplomat, even going so far as to help the Greeks win their independence along with uniting the entire Island without bloodshed.
  6. To: Pioneer 1 Firstly, I'm a first generation Haitian in America, although I was born in America, I've visited Haiti many times, and still keep a deep, close and personal relationship with the land of my ancestors, and I even plan on returning eventually after I strengthen Haiti's economic influence in major American cities to bring more money back home, but that's a different thing entirely. Also, I'm glad you know of Brother Boukman, he was and is symbol and icon of black freedom, and he died a martyrs death. On the topic of my username, I used Ali, because one, I like the name Ali, and I use it as a sort of alias wherever i am online, and two, I made it up thinking about Muhammad Ali the famous NOI Boxer. I know it doesn't sound very Creole, but most Haitian people either wear white American names or French names, and I'm not fond of either since they both invaded my homeland. While I do agree that Jews and Whites have discovered a very intimate relationship, I do believe that Jews, unlike whites, actually have something that we could learn from Jews and how they congregate. And Musa (Moses) along with many of the people that were enslaved in Egypt at the time were Hebrews, not Jews. Some of them were Jews, but I digress. I agree also with your stance on the immorality of gangster rappers as people, and I do believe that Gangster rappers have an obligation to not only represent us correctly, but to play in the media's eye to eventually end up helping us. And sometimes they do help us. Thank you for the compliment, and I'll be sure to check him out. And also thank you for showing interest in my history. Boyer was of mixed race, both African and French ancestry, Dessalines was pure black, former slave too. Boyer was more of an aristocratic figure, who could deal with the whites as well as deal with his own people. No problem.
  7. Pioneer 1 Thank you for replying to my post, and I will be not only clearing some things up in this post, but bringing up some new points for you to think about, so thank you. Firstly, I agree with your idea that gangster rap has had a lot of influence in dumbing down black intellect, and I think its one of the main reasons that we should not only restrict its use, with the idea being to eliminating it entirely to stop the White and Jewish record label owners along with the rappers themselves from generating wealth from our suffering. Secondly I would say that the last 10 years has been relatively stimulating for black intellectualism. Some of the people I am going to mention will have started before that and I understand, but their popularity has gained significantly in the last 10 years, and especially in the last couple of years. Black Intellectuals such as Dr. Umar Johnson, Thomas Sowell, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Dr Claud Anderson, some that you may see on the news like Cornel West, and I'd even say the Late Dick Gregory. I agree with this statement and I think that you and all Black communities in the world should take a piece out of my communities playbook. If you recognize my profile picture, you would realize that it is a depiction of Haiti's second/third president (depending on if you count our King's time as a "President") President Jean Pierre Boyer of the Haitian Republic of 1818. It would be easier than easy for me to tell you that I'm Haitian. And I think and truly believe that if Black People want to attain a level of economic prosperity, being one of the biggest voting blocks in American politics, and also having the most potential out of every other Black ethnic group for mass wealth accumulation for the purposes of increasing the standard of living, you should copy the Haitian diasporas' homework once in a while. Really every ethnic group does this but Haiti is pretty good at it. Since Black people are already concentrated in the South, step one is already completed for you. Step 1: Gain an ethnic or racial majority in an area Step 2: Start creating businesses in that area, and only buying things from your own people's businesses Step 3: Slowly establish economic control over an area with your own people running the banks and controlling the way that wealth is spread. Step 4: Make sure that money doesn't (or seldom) leaves and area while money from the outside can pour in Step 5: Establish a higher standard of living and encourage branching out into other neighborhoods as well. And over time, this is how you slowly take over an area to the point where there is nothing they can do but watch. No guns, no violence, but economic warfare. The most callous way of getting back at this system which has castrated us and exploited us. If they want to use american capitalism as a means to exploit us, we are going to use the system for its intended purpose, but reverse the roles.
  8. It seems, that I have not only seen, but also personally witnessed the degradation, humiliation and systematic dumbing down of the Black Consciousness over the years. I feel as if the self destructive culture that has originated and been perpetuated by Blacks in America have served a vital role in helping those who would want us economically dependant on the same system that brutalizes us. It uses us, it uses Black music, black artists, and ghetto "black" culture, while fetishizing our women and emasculating our men. While they squeeze Blacks in America for every penny they can produce, they simultaneously feed us lies and debauchery, scandalous behaviour and a vehement, zealous defense of the rabid, radical, grotesque commercialization of black culture to fit every narrative and to bow to every notion they give us. It is an absolutely disgusting, disingenuous, demoralization tactic used by the defenders of Americanism to subjugate the world, and it worked. But slowly, over time, I have seen, or at least realized the reawakening of the Black Consciousness over the past 10 or so years. And so I ask, what do you think started this outbreak of Black Intellectualism, and do you think that this time, unlike the first time Brother Malcolm stirred up the Black Consciousness, that the outbreak will not only start to evoke real change, but it will stick for a longer period of time, possibly becoming permanent?
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