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  1. https://blog.libro.fm/ways-to-resist-am*zon-from-raven-bookstores-danny-caine/?mc_cid=34a4ba2011&mc_eid=357bcc6aa1
  2. Just about to start this. Nice edition from Everyman.
  3. I personally don't listen much to audio books but here is a good place to start https://libro.fm/
  4. Read a fair amount about Audre Lorde but never actually read anything by her. Till now.
  5. I've told my daughter time and time again about am*zon. She pays for Prime so I checked the film out. I gotta say that I really enjoyed it. But Sam Cooke didn't look nothing like him. Still, scouring the pages I came across a film I've never heard of. Sylvie's Love. The trailer looked good so I dived in. Excellent stuff.
  6. A gift for Xmas from my wife. So far so good.
  7. Great to see James Baldwin there. In fact, I'm not surprised at all.
  8. A work colleague played me this recently. I completely forgot about it. This is the Moments in 1975 on BBC's Top of the Pops. Nice memories.
  9. My fav album by Curtis. Roots a very close second. Very interesting thread. And I wasn't born in the ghetto, not if you class the East End as a ghetto which it isn't.
  10. Reading this. Only about halfway through. Only received two books for Xmas. James Baldwin in Turkey and Riot on Sunset Strip which is about the mid-late 60s music scene in LA with people like The Byrds, Love and The Doors.
  11. This little gem arrived and am about half way through.
  12. That's a crying shame. I can only imagine just how difficult it is to get a book published.
  13. @Troy. Slightly off topic, I'd dearly love to buy books from your shop or indeed any other black owned your side of the pond, but the problem I have is not so much the price of the books but when combined with shipping it workouts overall a little too expensive for ME. I DO buy from indies over here but out of the three I really like only one is black run and that's New Beacon.
  14. Having never read any of Glaude's previous books, what better way to start than on a book of our man Jimmy.
  15. I thought you had wrote more than one book but I could only see JUST the one unless my eyesight is failing me, ha ha.
  16. Hope all goes well for you in Tulsa. The Black Wall St stuff will be very interesting. Nice one.
  17. This arrived a few days back. A good read with essays and poetry.
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