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  1. Most if not all of the books I've looked for in the last few months I've found available in the UK. Occasional ones in the States but the book could be pricey plus there's the shipping. I'll check out your shop all the same.
  2. About to start on this. Don't know much about Chicago soul apart from the Impressions, the Dells and the Chi-lites so should be a informative read.
  3. I'd really like to purchase some books in the future but what's the shipping to the UK ?
  4. Found this interesting article in the Schomburg centres latest newsletter. https://www.nypl.org/blog/2020/03/19/new-york-public-library-first-black-librarian-catherine-latimer?utm_source=eNewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=SchomburgConnection20200325&utm_campaign=Schomburg
  5. This interesting doc attempts to show how we over here got the blues.
  6. @Troy There has been quite a lot of the shows erased which is a crying shame but here is another special, this time a Motown one from 1965.
  7. @TroyIt was on once a week from roughly Dec 63 to Dec 66. It mainly featured various bands and artists but also had a number of specials like this one. Quite a few shows have been lost forever unfortunately including a James Brown special from 66.
  8. This is Ready Steady Go, a very popular music show in the UK from the mid 60s, a Otis Redding special. Enjoy.
  9. I make no excuses for putting on another Curtis video. And check out those dancers.
  10. This is something else.Love it. Two different videos.
  11. This looked a little 'academic' at first but turning out to be a good read.
  12. Now,that's more like it. Hello and welcome to Marion Hill,Florenza Lee and Lori Elayne.
  13. Good idea Troy. Be nice to see some other members posting for a change. Hope it works.
  14. Facebook DOES seem to dominate. Everyone uses it. Well, I don't. Anyway, what can actually be done to get registered users here to contribute?
  15. This is interesting. The Little Walter original and the Stones version from around 3 years ago.
  16. And here's Jimi Hendrix playing the blues.
  17. Ha ha, no. But what do you think of the song and video? The man was exceptional. He's well worth checking out.
  18. @Chevdove. For some reason I totally forgot about Clapton. A great guitarist and a massive fan of the blues. He was in 4 very good bands in the 60s . Especially Cream and John Mayalls Bluesbreakers. His final band of the decade was very short lived and only made the one album but I think it was meant to be that way. Personally I prefer the sound of Chicago blues. Absolutely electric and raw. Little Walter and Howlin Wolf are my favs. im sure you will enjoy the Curtis documentary. There's a fantastic dvd available on him and the Impressions music and around 2 hours of quality 😀
  19. Just discovered this book. Looks amazing. Going straight onto my wants list.
  20. Not sure if you're into Curtis Mayfield but here's a great doc. In my opinion, he created some of THE best soul music that the country ever produced.
  21. @Chevdove and here's a very interesting doc on Robert Johnson. There's also a newer one on Netflix.
  22. We are all still learning 😀 I love this era of music ( roughly 1963 to 73, give or take). So many superb sounds and I'm still discovering. A great adventure.
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