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  1. Very interesting interview with the author and Cornell West.
  2. Not a massive fan of this band though I do have several of their albums but this is one of the highlights from the IOW 1970 festival for me.
  3. There are at least a couple of biographies on Curtis. The most recent one I've listed on this thread. Highly recommended. I love Curtis and rate his debut album very highly. Keep on keeping on.
  4. Ha ha, yeah. Where was this taken?
  5. This book caught my eye somewhere. Originally published in 1966.
  6. I recently bought the Essential Gwendolyn Brooks. Absolutely love it.
  7. Discovered this author and book completely by accident. And here is one of her videos from her you tube channel. https://youtu.be/-61x3eWRrJQ https://www.abreezeharper.com/
  8. This poem was sent to Huey Newton in 1971 by a supporter or fellow Panther. An African mind with black people at heart; my mind is to(o) heavy for America to take apart. Bobby Seale is free; Ericka Huggins is free; Huey P Newton is free; Connie Tucker is free; Soon Angela Davis will be. Now I feel the liberation of me(the masses); I can feel the vibration of liberation. Hey black man you see these tears in my eyes. Hey black man you see these tears rolling down my cheeks!! It's a cry of black beauty. The cry of black beauty is revolution. I can feel the vibration of liberation!- liberation! - liberation! Revolution -is-the-solution!!!
  9. I did feel a little guilty but as I had just purchased two books, I noticed this on sale in a local book shop and desperately wanted to read it, so off I trotted to the library. But I'm going to buy it at some stage.
  10. Been wanting to read this for a while. Got a great deal too. Just £15. Well pleased.
  11. Ok, not a website but some other domain. Somewhere to read his poetry.
  12. Giving this recently discovered,at least by me, album a listen. She's probably best known for Picture me Gone and as part of the duo a Blue Mink.
  13. Harry, I think Troy mentioned sometime back that you have a website. Could you please post a link? Many thanks.
  14. I read a copy some months ago . Borrowed from my local library. Quite enjoyed the book but when I feel like another read, I'll go ahead and buy it.
  15. Why don't you register and join the forum too ? 😀
  16. This little baby arrived today
  17. @Troy. Looking for a particular Angela Davis book BUT this happened ( scratching of head). https://store.aalbc.com/search.php?search_query=Angela%20Davis%20&section=product
  18. Ok, that sounds good. My daughter has gone and ordered the book I originally wanted so I'm going to look for something else. Thanks.
  19. You may well have another customer yet. Shipping costs to the UK ? https://aalbc.com/books/bookinfo.php?isbn13=9781593766016
  20. And about time. My latest purchase.
  21. London protests Might've been members of ANTIFA. Maybe.
  22. @Chevdove. Just read a further review of Barracoon and it sounds like a fascinating read. I'm going to add it to my wants list.
  23. Regarding the protests themselves, where are those so called Proud Boys now then? Obviously keeping a very low profile as they will be vastly outnumbered. Cowards.
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