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  1. Troy You titled this thread Are The Aliens Coming For Us? My question for you is: If they were....would that necessarily be a BAD thing? If these Aliens have superior technology then they probably can help us with health problems, extend our longevity, etc. Maybe even help us when it comes to spiritual matters.
  2. Troy I've been all over the country visiting stores like Janice's. I wish the economics, in places like Harlem, permitted stores like Boarding House Books to exist. You can make that happen. You may have to have a few fundraising events if you have the time and energy, but you CAN make it happen. Tariq Nasheed is trying to build some sort of Black history museum in Los Angeles right now and he's raising money to do so. You should check out what he's doing as a bit of an outline/blue print of some things you can do.
  3. First of all, let's stop rolling around wrestling in the grass and get back to the ROAD and establish some CONCRETE definitions for the discussion because some of this stuff we can go back and forth over for 15 years and STILL won't come to an agreement. What is The Bible? When we say The Bible what do we mean, what are we talking about? Webster's Dictionary has a few definitions for Bible but the first and most common one is: And the above definition is the one I use when I'm talking about "The Bible" Can we agree on THAT definition? Or do you all have ANOTHER definition of The Bible????
  4. Another thing to think about............ Perhaps those Beings that Caucasians have trained us to think of as "aliens" are actually the ORIGINAL Native Inhabitants of this planet! Perhaps they are keeping an eye on things to make sure we don't go TOO far in ruining Their planet!
  5. Afro718 You seem to have a keen interest in race and lineage.
  6. Troy We're not talking about the origin of the word "Egypt" we're talking about when it was invented as a nation. You said "African nations were invented in the 19th century". I'm asking you were the nations of Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia...regardless of the origins of their names....invented in the 19th century? Those nations were around during Biblical times, so did the White man "draw up and name" THOSE nations specifically in the 19th century? Look who's evading simple questions NOW.....lol.
  7. Troy African nations were invented in the 19th century. So Ethiopia was "invented" in the 19th century? Egypt was "invented" in the 19th century? Libya was "invented" in the 19th century? Come on man...lol. You tell me what language it was written in. The first one was written in GREEK...because it came from Greece. Which was in EUROPE...not AFRICA. The "Bible" is not a specific book there are countless variations. Actually the Bible is indeed a specific book WITH a specific origin (in Greece) WITH other variations. Chev EGYPT, Africa. Really? I can show you the Book of Revelations in Greek and English. Can you show me the Book of Revelations in Egyptian or any other African language???? Again, the Bible was dated at the time of the EXODUS abt 1400s BC; it was written in the Egyptian script and language of that time period NOT European. How can the Bible be "dated at the time of the Exodus" when over half of the books in it took place many years AFTER the alleged "Exodus"???? Are you telling me that they wrote about Jesus, the Disciples, and Paul's letters to the various churches back during 1400 B.C.??? Do you seriously expect me to believe that? Yes!!! No!!! Lol....why are you encouraging incorrect information? There are African nations that are THOUSANDS of years old. You just said Egypt yourself! hey weren't invented in the 19th century.
  8. Chev but today, these gymnast seem to be executing feat much more intense. I think this is for 2 major reasons: 1. Athletes today have more suppliments and other performance enhancing chemicals OUTSIDE of steroids that they are using to give themselves more strength and endurance 2. There are far more Black gymnasts competing today and we have "raised the bar" as far as competition is concerned by performing far more spectacular feats. Almost everything improves when you start letting more Black folks in it....boxing, basketball, football, golf, tennis, ect.. Some of the flips and bounces I see those gymnasts doing, growing up I used to see other little kids do on my block in a pair of Buster Brown shoes and blue jeans...lol
  9. Chev Yeah he is VERY confident, about most matters in life! He talks about real estate and buying property like you'd talk about going to the store or having some Taco Bell for lunch...lol. "Hey nigga, I'm about to run down to Pontiac today and see how much they want for a couple of those houses. Wanna come with me? We'll stop by and grab something to eat on the way or on the way back."
  10. Troy The article not only proves my point that the people are confused, but it also proves WHY they are confused. They are confused because of conflicting and contradicting information coming from so-called "expert" sources. We know the inconsistent compliance of business with the mandates also confuse people. We know people buy into conspiracy theories and refuse vaccinations and others are simply to tired or lazy to wear a mask. None of this demonstrates any inconsistency with the CDC mandates True. Nor does it dismiss them either. Pointing out the fact that a tenant doesn't pay their rent on time doesn't mean the apartment building is NOT a dump that is in sore need of proper maintenance. Both are problems that need to be addressed. People being lazy and businesses not enforcing the wearing of masks doesn't let the government off the hook for opening up and taking away mask mandates too early.
  11. Troy There you go thinking like a "human" again...lol. They said that 100 years AGO. -that race would no longer be an issue. And the nation is STILL having race riots and major discussions and disturbances over race. I have a sneaky feeling that as long as there are different races...or atleast people THINK there are different races even if you don't believe they exist.....race will be an issue.
  12. Troy Why do you keep saying this when I've explained why this happens. Because you keep trying to EXPLAIN it before you're even willing to AKCNOWLEDGE it. I ask you did Johnny steal the car, and instead of saying "yes" or "no" you go into a tirade about how poor Johnny is, how he came from a dysfunctional home, how he needed a car to take his mother to work, ect.....everything but acknowledge the fact that Johnny STOLE the car...lol It's the same with this. Instead of acknowledging that the information IS conflicting and contradictory you are more focused on trying to explain away the contradictions. I don't know for sure what the intentions of the CDC or any other organization I don't belong to is. And it's not my focus. My focus is on their ACTIONS and how they are causing more confusion. Look at this article that just came out in Reuters today: As Americans navigate conflicting COVID-19 mask advice, 'everyone is confused' PRINCETON, N.J./SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Reuters) - A COVID-19 surge ignited in parts of the United States by the highly contagious Delta variant and vaccine hesitancy has led to new mask mandates and deep confusion among some people about which guidance to follow. In Los Angeles County, leaders have reinstated an indoor mask mandate, even for the fully vaccinated. Officials in Houston and New Orleans also raised coronavirus alert levels this week and told people to mask up. In Florida, however, Governor Ron DeSantis said on Thursday children will not be required to wear masks in school there this fall, arguing that "we need our kids to breathe." Hours later, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters: "If I were a parent in Florida, that would be greatly concerning to me." "Everyone is confused about what they should be doing," said Daniel Blacksheare, a 20-year-old in Santa Monica, California, who said he was infected twice last year. "I don't understand why we have to suddenly wear a mask again." The county sheriff in Los Angeles County said his department will not enforce the measure. The conflicting advice from officials at city, county, state and federal levels of government comes as hospital officials in the harder-hit states with lower vaccination rates are sounding the alarm about their systems being overwhelmed. The seven-day average of new COVID-19 cases in the United States is up 53% over the previous week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday. The Delta variant makes up more than 80% of the new cases across the country. Much of the guidance falls along the same political lines as earlier in the pandemic. Leaders in heavily Republican states generally eschew masks, and Democrats insist upon them. Schools are a particular tension point nationwide. Children under age 12 are still not eligible for coronavirus vaccines, and many parents consider masks as the best remaining defense. Yet as some areas return to the classroom in just a few weeks, there are wide divisions over whether children should be wearing masks in schools. The American Academy of Pediatrics this week released updated recommendations for schools that included mask wearing for everyone over the age of 2, regardless of vaccination status. President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that unvaccinated children should wear masks in schools. But the CDC on Thursday said it is not changing its mask guidance for schools, including that masks are only required for those over age 2 who have not been vaccinated. The CDC in May relaxed its guidance so that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks in most public spaces. In Princeton, New Jersey, Ximena Skovron said she finds the dust-ups over masks and what the guidance actually is to be perplexing. "I'm vaccinated, and the rules seem to change," she said. "But it's also inconsistent. You've got two grocery stores in town: one requires masks, one doesn't." Skovron said she does not think states should reimpose mask mandates. "Vaccines are readily available. The ability to protect yourself is there," she said. "If you refuse, you should assume the risk instead of imposing on the rest of society." Her 6-year-old daughter will enter first grade this fall, and Skovron said she hopes the school does not require masks, citing the extremely low rate of serious COVID-19 incidence among small children. "It just seems like such overkill for children to wear masks," she said. But Melissa Riccobono, 44, of Lawrenceville, New Jersey, said she is pro-mask and thinks there should be mandates when and where necessary. "If you're choosing not to vaccinate, that's your choice, and I'm fine with that – but it's not your choice whether to wear a mask," she said. (Reporting by Tim Reid in Santa Monica, California, and Joseph Ax in Princeton, New Jersey; Additional reporting by Brad Brooks in Lubbock, Texas, and Carl O'Donnell in Washington; Editing by Colleen Jenkins and Grant McCool) As Americans navigate conflicting COVID-19 mask advice, 'everyone is confused' (msn.com)
  13. Troy I'm not asking you about the story of Gilgamesh, I'm asking you about THE BIBLE (Genesis - Revelations). What African nation was the BIBLE written in? What African language was the BIBLE written in? We can talk about various legends and myths all day long and where they originated, but the Bible is a SPECIFIC book with a SPECIFIC origin.
  14. But it's not history. The question I asked you REMAINS unanswered by you to this very day...lol
  15. Troy As you decline to answer my questions consider your response to Del on this issue. Man, I asked Del ONE QUESTION very early on in the conversation and he refused to answer that single question. You ask me SEVERAL questions, I answer them and even cite sources with my answers and instead of you being satisfied and moving forward with the conversation....you launch an INVESTIGATION to find some other related points you can disagree with me on. You all but ignore the fact that I said and PROVED with their own material that these so-called experts are putting out conflicting and contradicting information that is confusing the public. Instead of acknowledging this as a fact, you want to change the focus from THAT to who got vaccinated and why or why not. "Yeah...but did you get 'da shot though! That's what we all wanna know!" That would surely be the subject YOU would stay on for another 10 pages....if I were silly enough to go down that rabbit hole with you, lol.
  16. Troy I heard of Anthony and saw a few thumbnails of his work on Youtube but haven't really taken the time to listen to him yet, maybe I will. As far as some of the stories found in the Bible..... Ofcourse they are old because the Bible took a lot of the stories that were already circulating around and weaved them in. The Epic of Gilgamesh which is thousands of years old and is actually from either Sumeria or India (I forgot exactly which one) is a great example and this is probably where the story of the Flood originated. That doesn't mean that the BIBLE ITSELF originated in Africa however. It simply means that these stories were PLAGUERIZED from earlier sources.
  17. Troy If we agree, then why are you so unwilling to even consider that they may INDEED be interested in our (Black people's) affairs and in racial relations in general?
  18. Troy How interested are you in what one cockroach thinks about another? If they are near me...VERY. I'm hoping they don't find eachother attractive, mate, and produce more...lol Any civilization with technology sufficiently advanced to come here from perhaps another star system would probably see little difference between us and the few remaining gorillas -- just a lot less hair, more violent, and destructive to the planet. Again, you're making the ASSUMPTION that not only wouldn't they find these hairless violent gorillas interested...but they weren't ALREADY involved in their daily affairs since their origin. You're looking at things from a HUMAN point of view of how YOU think an alien would think. But that may not necessarily be how an ACTUAL alien actually thinks. You simply don't know what they are or aren't interested in until they show it.
  19. Troy I plead the fifth on all those questions...lol I think you're trying to change the topic to distract from the fact that I proved my case quite well. Have you ever admitted I was correct after initially labeling my position wrong?
  20. Troy However it is pretty common knowledge that the present day bible has origins in Ancient Africa. I'm not sure if I'd call it "knowledge" because I don't believe it's a fact; however it's a common BELIEF among a lot of Black Christians that the Bible has origins in Africa. Much of this is wishful thinking on their part. An attempt to justify their dedication to the Bible and Christianity -both of which are clearly of European origin based on my research. I think what @Chevdove was asserting is that the Bible itself is of African and not Caucasian origin, which I'm sure you know... right? No, I did NOT know that..lol. I thought the Bible was put together by the Greeks and translated into several other European languages like Latin and English. Which African language or nation was the Bible written in? And which African language does the very word "Bible" come from?
  21. Troy Those are nice talking points, many of which I agree with. But at the end of the day...you asked me for evidence of this contradiction and I GAVE it to you from the horse's mouth. They don't even agree with eachother over the best procedure to stay safe. So how can the public? If DEFENDING their contradictions is your way of ACKNOWLEDGING that they made them....then I'll take this as you agreeing with me.
  22. Troy all of what you wrote assumes that aliens would be concerned with something as mundane as "race" relations between the animals running around on this planet. But THAT would assume that aliens would find our race relations mundane, lol. It could be that aliens are HIGHLY interested in racial and ethnic groups on the planet. According to the Bible, wasn't the Lord highly interested in the Israelites and their interactions with other ethnic groups??
  23. I'm well aware of Dr. ben-Jochanan and his work. What exactly in the book proves our sister's point? Western civilization ITSELF has it's origins in Africa....doesn't mean Western civilization IS African.
  24. Troy -I tell you that they are putting out CONTRADICTING and CONFLICTING information. -You ask me for examples of this. -I show them to you -Then you accuse me of "cherry picking" the information that supports my argument instead of recognizing that if they weren't putting out CONTRADICTING information in the first place I wouldn't be able to use their own info against them. There is nothing "nuanced" about telling vaccinated people that they are now safe and don't have to wear a mask or practice social distancing. It's a plain clear statement. In light of the Delta surge NOW they're realizing how erroneous that decision was. Even the former Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said they made a mistake telling people they could remove their masks.
  25. Troy Once I was in a room with 3 other people (a group project back in B-School). I said something to the group, that as soon as the words left my mouth I was like, "What did you say that for?!" Everyone just looked at me like I had two heads, decades later I still have no idea way I uttered the words. It was one of those thoughts that crosses one's mind that one knows to keep to themselves. Do you remember what you actually said? I ask because many people...including myself...seem to have this memory of being in a class room and saying something that drew attention to ourselves but don't quite remember the setting or what we said. But the memory is strong.
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