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  1. Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris were looking kind of DELICIOUS today, stepping out for the Inauguration. Michelle Obama and President Barack Vice President Kamala and The Devil Looking like chocolate and caramel candy in fancy wrapping.....lol.
  2. Troy This is twice (that I know of) you mentioned something about a co-working space that you do work in. I'm not sure if these spaces are the same things I've been seeing popping up all around my city here in Michgan. They've taken old store-front buildings and converted them into lofts with each floor being divided into little cubicles and work stations and some have mini cafes. I started noticing them a few years ago. I was walking past one with a nice barista inside of it and thought it was a cafe so I tried to get into the building
  3. Chev Neanderthals were the Caucasians in the caves who degenerated to such an extent that they became almost ape like. Not all of them degenerated to that level. This degeneration comes from living a beast life: crawling on all fours, eating raw meat and other unnatural foods, and living out in the elements. After a 1000 years of that it eventually breeds out much of their humanity and turns them into an animalistic type people.
  4. I heard it was good from others as well, might have to check it out. I wish they would find more people who actually LOOKED like Malik (Malcolm) and not just snatch any skinny light-skinned Negro they find walking down the street, put some glasses on him, and call him "Malcolm X".
  5. Troy How much energy should writers dedicate to reporting on the true post versus the false ones? No energy should be dedicated to pushing falsehood. Make sure the information is true before reporting it. Should they report on them equality as you say? I never said that. I said that journalists should ONLY report facts (positive or negative) and only the facts...not opinions. But that's the biggest problem with those whom you are calling "professional journalists". They are presenting SOME facts, but thos
  6. Webmaster It's interesting that Wed Design is now an entire field of study and in some universities is an entire department.....but it didn't even exists 40 years ago. 10 years from now people are gonna be getting degrees in social media. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't start classes on professional TROLLING and passing out BS's for those who've majored in Trolling...lol. "Everyone deserves a decent education!"
  7. Troy Can you give me one example of professional journalism that was not actually professional Journalism/ That's an odd question because that's essentially asking me to provide an oxymoron for you. It's not the job most "Professional Journalists" to tell the complete and unbiased truth. It's their job to do whatever they were HIRED to do by whoever they work for. As long as they're doing their job properly they are being "professional" about it even if they're lying. Like Hitler's doctors. They were in the business of torturing and kil
  8. Troy Is that what she wrote or is that your interpretation? She wrote "obstacle". If I started a thread on this site telling the members: "I tried to post some important information on this site Troy put OBSTACLES up..so there was a delay". Lol, without openly saying it...what would that imply about YOU and your intentions? The you are confusing the reporting of what scientists believe is likely with what will actually happen? Absolutely not. I understand it's a prediction. My p
  9. Something interesting I found out were the traditional meanings of the terms "doctor" and "master" and how they've changed over the centuries. I believe to be called a "master" you had to be a TEACHER. And a "doctor" was an EXPERT at a particular field, which explained why so many people can have a Doctorate outside of the field of medicine. The root of the word "professional" is PROFESSOR. Perhaps the real "professional" is one who can actually TEACH the skill they have acquired.
  10. Troy So why is this a problem. For one thing, I said it MAY be true....but the author of the article didn't provide PROOF that it was. She just put it out there to imply that obstacles and roadblocks were INTENTIONALLY set up just to screw Biden up. It is not a prediction it is a statement of fact. Some predict that we will see half a million American deaths by the end of February! She also put out the prediction: "in part because a more transmissible variant called B117 is expected to overtake dominant stra
  11. Troy Not sure if I'd call it a diatribe, just a criticizm of the institution as it exists today. Most of what you call "professional journalism" isn't as objective as you portray it to be.
  12. Perhaps you're right, that may be a dictionary definition (haven't looked it up yet); but I look at a professional as one who is SKILLED at what they do as opposed to someone who just dabbles in something from time to time looking for some quick cash. A PROFESSIONAL electrician....as opposed to a jack of all trades who hasn't mastered any of them. A PROFESSIONAL security officer.....as opposed to some nicca with a stick standing outside your business looking mean. A PROFESSIONAL real-estate agent...as oppose to someone who dabbles into it. A PROFESSIONAL criminal...as opposed to some
  13. Troy I thought that perhaps growing up in Harlem and becoming successful while so many of those who you grew up around in the same condition didn't may have contributed to an: "I overcame poverty and disadvantage, so why can't you?" attitude that many AfroAmerican Conservatives have.
  14. Donald Trump will leave Biden with a complex, multi-layered crisis caused by the coronavirus and worsened by the current administration. In nearly every instance, the Trump administration sought to leave Covid-19 response to states, distancing itself from fights for protective gear, supplies, tests and now confusion over vaccine supplies. Complex crisis? This may be true....but it's still opinion as to how "complex" this situation is. It MAY NOT be very complex to those who originated it and know a simple cure for it . And to say it was WORSENED by the current Administration
  15. Alright, you asked for it so I'm gonna show you how this article from this so-called "professional" journalist is RIFE with opinion, bias, and conjecture. First here is the article you referenced in it's entirety: Biden details sweeping effort to vaccinate 100m Americans in 100 days | Joe Biden | The Guardian Let's start with the title of the article itself: Biden details sweeping effort to vaccinate 100m Americans in 100 days Why is she
  16. Troy The state we are in is not solely social media fault -- I never wrote that. But it is clearly a factor particularly when you appreciate that it is major contributor to disruption the existing business models' (however flawed to providing news to the public). Lol, you never wrote it, and I never ACCUSED you of writing it...even-Steven. But it is clearly a factor particularly when you appreciate that it is major contributor to disruption the existing business models' (however flawed to providing news to the public). Some would
  17. I'm still trying to figure out how Troy ended up being a "right winger"...lol.
  18. The Slack Channel.... It sounds like a site with little or no sound that you can click on WHILE you're at work and not worry about being caught slacking...lol. It was brought to my attention by an older brother who was a carpenter (among other things) some years ago that the term "professional" is usually used in reference to those with careers that require advanced academic education....but isn't usually applied to highly skilled individuals in blue collar professions like carpentry, electricians, police officers, nurses, ect...
  19. Troy Journalists" do not share their opinions. No? Post a few (atleast 3) articles from respected "Journalists" and let us SEE if this is true. Anyone doing their job is simply "fake news." I know Trump has used the media as a tool, but you don't have that power Pioneer, so what is your excuse for disparaging journalists? You're using Trump's despotic rants against any media that criticizes him as an excuse to legitimize corporate media and defend them again ANY criticism, even when it's warranted. We
  20. Troy I know there are a lot or Black right wingers (used to be one). But followers of Thomas Sowell were not the people storming the capital and ransacking Pelosi's office. YOU used to be a right-winger? Based on my limited interactions with you I find that hard to believe, lol. How so?
  21. Lol, a site for professionals named "slack"???? Am I the only one who gets the irony of this? Troy I've read your entire post, including the NAACP's denial of this memo, however I must ask: How do you know that memo was NOT correct? In other words, how do you know that White Supremacist organizations HAVEN'T been snatching up AfroAmerican males and killing them? Do you realize that hundreds if not thousands of people go "missing" every month and over the past year or two there's been an unprecedented (for this generation) number of Black m
  22. Those two men are paid PATSIES. They are literally "sell outs" who were chosen and paid to be the the "fall guys" for Conservative White Supremacists activities. Notice that neither of them fully identify as AfroAmericans. Both claim to be "other" or some "special kind of negro"..lol. What kind of Black man is named "Ali" and calls himself a Christian and Arab while promoting right-wing rhetoric??? The dude is obviously a stooge.
  23. Mel Smart....and so humble, lol. Del I have realised I can't have a conversation with people that can't think conceptually. By "people who can't think conceptually"....I wonder if you really mean people who DO think pragmatically?
  24. If you noticed sometime about these right-wing Republicans who were contesting the votes and calling them fraudulent, they concentrated on states like Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Why? Because they all have significant AfroAmerican populations and they were trying to invalidate the AfroAmerican voters in major AfroAmerican populations like Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. They just kept sending Repubican operatives in those areas to stand around looking through windows, complaining, harassing, questioning, ect....
  25. Daniel Lol, I don't know about YOUR household man, but we didn't have roaches in OUR house! "I'm not sleeping. I'm just resting my eyes."
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