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  1. Contrary to now popular opinion.....racism has little to nothing to do with power. You can be racist with absolutely NO POWER what so ever. Power is not a factor in whether or not something or someone is racist.
  2. She's too lazy to get up and get the mail from her own MAIL BOX right on the porch from time to time, what makes you think she's going to handle her e-mail any better?
  3. That's some nice funk right there! I clicked on it thinking it would be some 1970s "Rerun type music" that sounds stereotypical but bland. This brutha can get down pretty good though.
  4. Chev Not now. And furthermore, my husband continually thwarts my efforts and sometimes I strongly believe he is being deliberate. Ofcourse. He wants to keep you to himself. He doesn't want you to turn into another Jennifer Hudson. Losing a lot of weight and next thing you know you're all over the place running around in bikinis kicking your legs and grinning. A lot of people change their personalities after losing a lot of weight. Lately, I have finally become 'in love' with water and but I still have a desire for the terrible soft drink. I drink a lot of water myself. I haven't had any pop (what we call "soda" or "soft drinks" in Michigan...lol) in years! I don't even have a taste for it. The older I get the less I care too much for sweet things like pop and candy. I drink a lot of coffee and don't put any sugar in it. frankster ....and don't leave out genetics. Your genes are a MAJOR factor that determines whether or not you'll be obese and how much fat or muscle you produce. Some people can eat whatever they want, as much as they want, and don't exercise a lick and stay skinny.
  5. Why are yall wasting time going back and forth with these assholes? Do you REALLY think you're going to sway them or change their minds? And do you really want to? It's not like they're going to give us some money or donate to the site after being "reformed" of their racist beliefs...lol. I'd only argue with racists if I have something to gain from it, like winning over a neutral audience, or scoring points with a fine sista I'm trying to impress.....lol. Other than that.....fuck 'em.
  6. ProfD An older woman's brain is fading and her box is more Arizona than Seattle. Both of her s8x organs are in distress. Lol... I think you're talking about and OLD woman....not necessarily an OLDER woman. There's a difference. An "old" woman's body has often deteriorated to the point that she no longer gets wet, can have orgasms, or even has a sex drive. But then you have "older" women, which is relative to the man's age. Usually atleast 10 years older in my opinon counts as an "older" woman. I'm kicking it with a woman who's 63 right now, and not only is her body just as fit and her skin just as smooth as most women in their 30s....she gets "almost" as wet (lol) and has orgasms. I've met several women in their 60s I can say the same thing about. Not every woman, obviously. Hell...some women have petered out (pun intended...lol) in their 30s and are in menopause. Every woman is different. Chev And, I get tired of hearing men 'talk' and then afterwards make excuses for underperforming. Girl stop playing!!!! You know them young dudes be in it for themselves!!!! Sheeeeeit..... I used to use my "back" as an excuse.....LOL. Now I can use my age. I'll look a woman straight in her eyes and say, "Well I'm not 19 anymore....what did you expect?????"
  7. I agree, every child is different and what works with one child may not work with another. With boys, most boys....generally at some point they must be spanked or physically punished in some way to instill the proper respect for authority in them. Many Black boys will TEST you to see if you'll punish them or not and just to see how soft or weak you are. Not spanking or physically disciplining or atleast threatening to physically discipline them is FAILING the test....and they'll walk all over you and lose respect for you. If you notice, a lot of the children who DIDN'T get spanked by their parents often grew up some of the most spoiled, selfish, inconsiderate people who often KILLED their parents just to inherit their wealth. Meanwhile the children who grew up constantly getting their tail whooped (in love ofcourse) and disciplined by their parents often grow up LOVING their parents, defending them and their spankings, and will even tell you the spankings were the reason they grew up to be successful. The lesson to learn is, trying to be your child's "best friend" instead of being a good parent never works. It doesn't make them like you more, it actually makes them lose respect and reverence for you and they often grow up resenting you for not giving them the discipline they so needed in life.
  8. I was told by some older men NOT to tell women my Zodiac Sign. They said it would just be an excuse some women would find not to date a man. I found there was a lot of truth in what they said. Some women will make entire life's decisions like who to accept a job from or who to marry or who to go into business women all depending on what sign the person is. What's their Sun Sign? What's their Rising Sign? While there is a lot of truth to REAL Astrology, the MAINSTREAM astrology that has been promoted to the public has been watered down and compromised to the point of being almost ineffective. For one thing, it's based on GREEK Astrology.....who stole it from the Egyptians and Babylonians and corrupted it. The Egyptians and Babylonians had more accurate Astrology where they could predict events more accurately and I believe many of the governments still use THAT Astrology instead of the watered-down versions they give to the public.
  9. Yeah, I can dig that. The woman in the photo DOES have that "wide space between the eyes" Caribbean look. Especially with all of those yellow and green colors she's draped in.
  10. I like older women but I'm not screwing a 76 year old woman (sorry to disappoint you Cynique....I know you had plans). No matter how attractive I found her, I'd be too worried about hurting her. Knocking one of her hips out of alignment or giving her a heart attack. As I got older I found out that some women are just FRAGILE. While some are strong and just as tough as men, most are not.....and many are as delicate as butterflies. You can't even play rough with them....lol. And they become even MORE delicate and fragile as they get older. Where as a smack across the rear end was considered cute when she was 30 and would only leave a red mark.....at 60 it may end up a bruise where she's unable to sit down for days and might even have to go to the hospital. You guys (women) are just delicate......most of you NEED men, lol.
  11. My musical tastes have definitely changed over the years. I used to be a huge fan of Gangsta Rap. Now I rarely listen to it. I tend to listen to CLASSICAL MUSIC now. Bach is my favorite, then Beethoven and the others.
  12. SpeakHerTruth You make a lot of excellent points as usual. It must be understood AND ACCEPTED by both men and women that generally speaking, we tend to think differently and look at sex differently. Men tend to look at sex from a recreational point of view, where as women tend to look at sex from more of a serious emotionally involved point of view. We tend to give our heart less to people we're having sex with than women do. When BOTH sexes grow up understanding and accepting this, they can relate to eachother better without trying to FORCE eachother's ideology and mentality on eachother. MansaMusa I like that name you chose! Hey man, I have a couple questions for you if you don't mind...... You sound like a young brutha to me. Likely a lot younger than myself being in my mid-50s. First of all, I'm not going to ask whether or not you were serious about "shooting your shot" at Speak because no matter what you say, joke or no joke...I know you would have snatched that catch up if she took the bate....lol. So my first question is, why are you trying to pull females online.....don't you come across enough women in the real world that you can shoot some game at and pull? Second....... For quite some time now I've been saying that there isn't truly a shortage of Black men.....but actually there is a shortage of Black WOMEN. Everywhere you go in this society whether it's at work, in school, in the mall, etc.....you have a bunch of Black men standing around with doo-rags on leaning against a wall or on a counter grinning. And it seems as every Black woman has 5 or 6 bruthas sweating her for this and that. Seems to me that's a short of Black women to go around for all of these thirsty bruthaz. Would you agree with me that actually there's a shortage of Black WOMEN instead of Black men?
  13. Troy and SpeakHerTruth I agree they are both around the same size and for argument's sake......they may even have the same weight. But we're talking about PROPORTIONS.....this is largely what determines a man's affection. The first lady's fat is clearly distributed in the bests and mostly in the hips and must less in the belly area. She's gotta a LITTLE bit of a belly on her, but not like the one in the 2nd picture with rolls of fat hanging off of her.
  14. Oh come on Chev, let's see some pictures and let US be the judge of whether or not you need to drop a few pounds. SpeakHerTruth Has the community collectively given up on tackling this issue? Some of those in the community never gave IN and dried to control their weight or help those around them. So they essentially have given up nothing. One of the main causes of obesity is simple, it's the TYPE of food that is being eaten. Mostly fast food, restaurant food because of all of the preservatives and other chemicals they pump in thoses foods. When I was kid, Black folks had a restaurant on every corner in Detroit. They also fixed their own food for the family. The state of Michigan attacked many of those businesses and shut them down for petty reasons. I tend to see it affect more black women than men, but both have struggles with it. That's probably because women are more concerned with and worried over their looks than men are. When I step back and look at it, I see just as many men who are obese as women.
  15. Purple Mountain Comet??? Sounds like a Cosmic bag of Skittles being release on the planet....lol.
  16. That article about Obama deserves it's own thread. That's insane.
  17. You nailed it so succinctly that nothing more really needs to be said! However, if I may comment on your brilliant observations................ I believe white people are allowed to have conspiracies, especially ones they talk about openly, because it keeps them on their toes about the world being out to get them. This way, they can hold onto the power they have over the world since they are constantly paranoid and therefore justifying every war and battle they start. Exactly! They are smart enough to keep the alert level high so they don't get caught off guard and end up victims like our people! Notice how White people can casually walk through the roughest and toughest Black neighborhoods and nobody touches them? Gangs, muggers, bums.....they may ask them for money but they don't harm them. But look at all of the videos of Black people walking through White communities and get harassed, suspected of crimes, and even have the police called on them. Black people, on the other hand, would have a ton of conspiracies about what white people really do and are up to as the ruling power of the world but the closer you get to the truth, the more they shut it down and assassinate. Excellent point again. I think a lot of Black people are AFRAID to know the truth or even search for it because they feel if they find it, they'd get in trouble. Or perhaps they feel they just couldn't handle how wicked these people are and how vast and organized the conspiracies are against them. Me personally, I've learned to desire and seek the truth no matter how bad the problem is....because I know there is a solution to EVERY problem. I know plenty conspiracy about whites and their true nature and why they are so violent and lie so much about that violence and other things, but I keep from talking about a lot publicly because they are always watching and looking to make anyone against their evil agenda seem crazy. You should lay a few on us and let's see how "crazy" you sound. In my opinion, the truly crazy niggas are the ones out there smoking dope, shooting eachother, going in and out of jail, and playing right into the trap Caucasians laid for their destruction. THAT'S crazy in my opinion, not piecing puzzles together to solve the problems of your community. Plus, I just think black people are more trusting because we haven't built up nearly as much bad "karma" as whites have piled on. Either that, or many of our people are just plain stupid and can't think thoroughly enough to see through the lies and deceptions these racist put out there to trick them. I know it sounds sad, but it's a fact I'm coming to realize. No more excuses for some of these clowns. Their indifferent attitude and reckless behavior are have been instrumental to the racists for keeping many of our communities in chaos. .....no way this girl is just 31
  18. Who is that in the photo, Rihanna?
  19. SpeakHerTruth Thank you. Just go to Detroit....lol.....you'll find a brutha on every corner dropping science about religion, history, and Black power. But to answer your question, this isn't the only board I frequent but I don't mess with twitter or facebook. I tried to sign up to a facebook account many years ago under a fake name and it kicked my information back and said they "needed my real name"......WTF????? First of all, a name is a name...so how do YOU know what my "real name" is unless you have some sort of database in the background you're comparing the names too? That alone made me suspicious as to who is behind many of these social media platforms. Right then and there I decided it was some sort of trap to get people's personal information and sucker them in to be exploited. How many people have been arrested and hauled off to jail with information the law was able to confiscate from their social media accounts?
  20. And YOU'RE a 31 year old in a 19 year old's body.....lol. My word! You sure take a beautiful picture. I can tell you don't eat a lot of red meat or drink a lot of liquor. Not within the past few years atleast. You don't find a lot of American women over 30 who still have such a slim and slender physique. I get the sense that you or your parents are from the Carribean....like St. Kitts or St Martinique. To keep it real....... Although I love and appreciate the body of a young woman, I've gotten so used to going after older women that a fat jiggly belly, butt with cellulite, and sagging titties are almost invisible to me unless she's TOO exaggerated or simply made the "wrong" way for my tastes. I tend to focus more on PROPORTIONS than size itself.
  21. "Whooaah! We didn't know ANY of that until you told us! Thanks for the education. That really changes our opinions about the entire ordeal! Lol......
  22. I still believe this entire California Reparations movement is a straight up TRICK. It's high level deception aimed at manipulating weak minded AfroAmericans who sincerely think that the state of California is seriously going to give them ANYTHING. ....except a ticket to prison if they aren't careful. There are more Black folks IN prison in California than out, but people believe such a racist state actually cares enough about AfroAmericans to pass out Reparations checks????
  23. Definitions of ALL words change depending on who is in power and or what the majority thinks the definitions are. I study many many different philosophies and many of them often contradict eachother but I give them each their due respect. However I have my own definitions for certain things. This is necessary to avoid confusion within one's self. The next step....to avoid confusion with OTHER people...is to find out what THEIR definition of a word is so that you both can establish an agreement on the terms used. My personal definition of racism is relatively simple: Racism = Negative thoughts, speech, or actions towards others primarily because of their race.
  24. I've seen Cher's boyfriend. ....a literal BOY friend. He looks like Dennis Rodman to me.....lol. I thought her and Madonna were sharing Dennis for a minute.
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