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    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    The problem with the theory of evolution and claiming that human beings started off in Africa and as they evolved they left and migrated to different parts of the planet is the implication that Africans are LESS evolved than other groups. It puts others as more evolved implying that they are "better improved" than the primatives they came from. If it were a "theory of mutation" it would be more palatable to me because it suggests that the African is the penacle of humanity and those who came from them degenerated. Ofcourse this isn't what's being taught. Although I can't prove it, I personally believe that humanity didn't come OUT of Africa but a certain portion actually migrated TO Africa from a part of Asia. If you look at the oral history of most of the Bantu nations and what they say about themselves, whether they are found in West Africa or South Africa....most claim they came from the direction of Egypt and Ethiopia before migrating to their present lands. Chevdove You and Cynique are discussing the strong vs the weak and the righteous vs evil, however...... If you look at many ancient societies, their entire concept of morality was totally different. They saw WEAKNESS as evil. Things like strength and courage (as in battle) was considered GOOD. Perhaps where African people have been failing is in taking on Caucasian ideas of morality (which they don't even practice themselves) and accepting a dogmatic "scripture based" moral code that focuses on ritualistic behavior and written rules......and instead go back to a more nature based moral code that focuses on self preservation, procreation, and respect for our ancestors. Then there would be the time period of which scientist date the Neanderthals and prior to the presence of a time when 'beings' were referred to as such, scientist dates many, many, more beings to have been on earth much earlier prior to the Neanderthals, and if you visit the Smithsonian, you will see that they are all either Black or very dark skinned and the dates to which it is said they existed was millions of years before the Neaderthals even. This is where the stories of "elves" "leprachauns" and "smurfs" and "fairies" come from. This is all mythology that hides the truth of the little Brown/Black people who inhabited Europe for millenia before the Caucasians came.   Mel Perhaps it's the wording. I acknowledge that Black people lived in what is now called the United Kingdom (and other parts of Europe) for thousands of years before Caucasians arrived. Again, they were later referred to as "elves" and "trolls" and written as mythology. But to call them "Moors" is a problem for me because it's my understanding that Moors were a SPECIFIC group of people from North Africa and not just a generic name for any and all Black peoples.
  2. Troy But what I find that you do is that you assume gay men are feminine. Some are and others are not. I know this already. You can just look at what goes on in most prisons to realize that there are strong aggressive homosexual men. What gave you the impression that I thought that way?
  3. Krazy Alexander #2 said "By whom, The trollop? You'd believe anything, won't you? " I'd rather believe a "trollop" than a TROLL who is an admitted liar and deceiver.
  4. I like the pro-business aspect of the Repubican Party. I also support less "government restriction" and less regulation that they claim to promote. The problem is despite what the common Republican citizen who vote for them may believe, it's obvious that the rank and file Republican LEADERSHIP have a much different agenda than what they claim. As soon as they get in positions of power they start passing laws and enacting executive orders that benefit the rich and stripping the poor of their rights and social services. Many immigrants of color who come from more socially conservitive societies in Africa and Asia are attracted to the "morals" and "family values" rhetoric of the Republican party and are tricked into voting for them because of this rhetoric. Republicans are clearly the party of the wealthy White male, but they GET in power by tricking other demographics like conservative AfroAmericans, religious women, and wealthy Jews and Muslims into voting for them based on their rhetoric.
  5. Pioneer1

    Is. America. The. Beast,Revelations-13

    Chevdove The Bible is a very interesting book. Lately I've been reading not only various translations but the TRANSLITERATION of it in Hebrew which gives you an entirely different understanding than reading the plain English translations. They claim that the first 5 books of it or the Pentatauch came from Moses. The problem is not only is the end of Moses' life recorded in those books (strange for a person to do that for himself) but the actions of the Israelites AFTERWARDS are also recorded after his life (even stranger and more remarkable). I believe the TRUE Torah is in the Ark of the Covenant which I believe is still in Ethiopia being protected by the Beta Israel elders. From what I've read, John "The Revelator" wrote that book as a response to the persecution that the early Christians were receiving from Rome and the emperor Nero. He condemned Rome as the "Mystery Babylon" and predicted it to fall. But since then, every generation has read THEMSELVES into the Book of Revelations and assumed that there time was the actual time of the end. But as we know the Earth is still here and keeps turning..... I don't have a lot of confidence is so-called "scriptures" that were put together by human beings as being divine. I believe it may contain a lot of knowledge and wisdom, but I have serious doubts that much of it came from The Supreme Being. Krazy Alexander #2 I believe I mentioned it before, if one is truly interested in understanding creation from a divine viewpoint, familiarity with ALL THREE BOOKS is necessary. Humanity is MILLIONS of years old. Those books you mentioned are no more than 6,000 year old. How did human beings manage to "understand creation from a divine viewpoint" for the millions of years we existed BEFORE those books came on the scene?
  6. Krazy Alexaner #2 Oh but trolls DO have agendas! Troll to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/troll Hmmmm..... Now WHO on this site fits THAT description????? Oh! Didn't YOU say: "I now realize just how offended you are and that pleases me greatly" https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/5155-the-cult-of-r-kelly/?page=4   "insults and degradation of each other is open. You game......?" https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/5231-my-friend-started-a-petition-to-ban-john-lennon-songs-is-it-possible-to-ban-his-songs/ Isn't that YOU, bragging about how you love offending people and challenging me to an insult and degradation match? Or were you LYING again and really don't like offending and insulting people like you claim...lol. "Man, you are stupid and ignorant of life and right living. Who wore the dress in your house, you or your dad? Because you've not yet learned how to be man. " If I'm NOT a man.....why did you just CALL me one, fool.....lol. See that's why I call you Krazy Al #2. Because you have a tendency to get emotional and start doing a #2 at the mouth without thinking about what you're saying. You get off topic and start getting irrational. But you're gonna LEARN how to watch what you say and who you say it to. .......you can believe that.
  7. Krazy Alexander #2 said: "I look forward to an occasional insult from a white man's follower such as you though." It's probably the only thing your crazy ass HAS to look foward to.....lol. But I see I no longer have "White man" status. Now I'm just a "white man's follower"???? Next thing you know I won't be gay but "bi-curious".....lol. I thought you said you got GOOD at lying. If you're too busy and lack time, ask those other agents who assigned you to this site to lighten up your work load so you can get your lies STRAIGHT, fool. After all, YOU are the one who said it takes time to deceive people properly....lol.
  8. Troy If you say the homosexual population has almost tripled in a generation (btw, where did you get those percentages), why do YOU think this has happened? I don't believe that is the case......I don't know one way or the other. I meant that as a HYPOTHETICAL example of how we would track the rise or decline of various sexual orientations. The first step is to make sure we live in a society where people are safe and comfortable being straight, gay, or both. If not, people tend to get confused, lie to themselves (except for K2....lol), hide their sexuality, ect....out of fear or guilt. Once people are comfortable being heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual then just like we chart the demographics on race, sex, religion, ect.....we can begin to chart the demographics of sexual orientation trusting that people will give honest answers.
  9. In other words......you COULDN'T RESIST. I've been told that I have that effect on women.
  10. Pioneer1

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Mel YES! I was just reading a story about the Moors in Britain and ultimately this was the outcome. According to the story, the Germans conquered the dark-skinned British {Moors) and took their land. It is what it is. The Germans conquered the "Blackamoors" and we have who we have Queen Elizabeth II - German in the house of Windsor. The Blacks that lived in England before the Germanic tribes (Angles and Saxons) invaded and conquered them are not the same as the Moors. The original Blacks of England (and Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) were there thousands of years B.C. and practiced a more "nature" religion. The Moors were a LATER group of Africans who came after 700 AD and practiced Islam.
  11. Chevdove Lol........I was joking.
  12. Chevdove Troy may be looking forward to your research findings......lol.....but if it's THAT damn depressing you might want to keep it to yourself. Or just private message it to Troy and let HIM wrangle with it...lol. It's not like I'm saying "ignorance is bliss"....but sometimes NO news is GOOD news.
  13. Lol....looks like YOU answered your own question before I could.
  14. People need to know and understand how a particular issue will benefit or harm them PERSONALLY. Once this is properly explained to them, it will more often than not motivate them to get off the couch. The problem I see is the Democrat Party USED TO be the party of the people and the issues they promoted were simple and straight forward and easy for the public to understand. We're for Civil Rights, Women's Rights, and Worker's Rights....vote for us! And Troy if you rememer the 70s and early 80s most of the public was Democrat! It was almst taboo in many circles among common people to claim to be a Republican or even vote Republican! But sometime during the late 80s or 90s the Democrat Party got sabatoged with "environmental" issues "LGBT" moral issue and "legalizing weed" issues that confused a lot of voters and turned many others off. So now over half of those who used to be Democrat now either turned Republican or just stay home and refuse to get involved because they don't see anyone fighting for them or pushing issues that interest them.
  15. Cyniqeey Obviously. Having admitted that, why should anybody pay any attention to or place any credence in the scenarios you make up in your head and subsequently declare to be true. Such as: Coming from a woman who called a man who ADMITTED himself to be a chronic liar, "honest"....lol.....can my credibility be any worse???? My intelligence, education, or the lack of it has NO bearing on the truth. If I say the Earth is round....the Earth is still round whether Pioneer went to elementary school or not. If I say water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen....the water is still made up of these elements whether I can write my own name or not. Either what I say is true or it isn't, my academic history is irrelevant in the matter. Troy you views of college are distorted and warped. Indeed, they do sound like the ramblings of someone who never attended. Whether or not you agree with my REASONS for why the percentage of AfroAmerican males in college are so low compared to many other demographics.....you wouldn't argue with me that they are still lowr, would you? And if not......they what do YOU think the reasons are for the low rate of AfroAmerican males in institutions of higher learning if my reasons are wrong?
  16. Troy what would you propose that we do with, or for, gay people? Lol..... The same thing we do WITH and FOR straight people. Treat them as individuals according to thier personal behavior. However because AfroAmericans are still a numerical minority in this nation I think it would be in our best interests to keep our population optimal and not let it decrease. If the homosexual population in any group increases, theoretically that could also spell a DECREASE in the future population of that group since there would be a decrease in heterosexual male/female couples having sex and reproducing. So I'd say just like they keep race and sex statistics.....I think we should also keep statistics on the percentage of the population who are heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual to see if the RATES of homosexuality and bisexuality is indeed increasing in various groups. And if so...why. If we are living in a free and open society where everyone can practice their sexuality in peace not hide who they are, and I notice that in one generation the percentage of homosexuals has increased from 5% to 13%.....I want to know why.
  17. This has been occuring in the United States for DECADES. Not only are they separating immigrant children from their parents but every day AMERICAN CITIZENS are having their children taken away from them and "caged" by Child Protective Services and other agencies. I'm very curious as to what will be the immediate and long terms reactions of the Latino communities in the United States.
  18. Pioneer1


    Cynique You're confused...lol. First you say that you're not interested in the topics he discusses...... THEN you turn around and say atleast he's not a bore.... I guess you're right, paranoid schizophrenics are rarely boring....lol. I'm just curious as to why is this thread the ONLY thread you've been posting on. Dozens of topics you could be posting and commenting on, but the ONLY thread you've posted on in months has been THIS one.....and just to insult me. See, this is the example of the HOSTILITY Del was talking about and trying to get a break from.....LOL.
  19. Pioneer1


    Cynique In fact, your response just confirms what i've always said about you distorting things in order to make yourself look good. Maybe I just LOOK GOOD to you and because you can't put your finger on it or figure out why, you're ATTRIBUTING it to that....lol. None of those assertions are accurate. When i'm so inclined, if i get on Kalexander's wave length, i figure out what he's saying. To get on HIS "wave length" you'd have to take PCP and LSD! Anyway..... I don't lie or distort things, but thanks for telling me I look good!
  20. Every body is not "college" material and just because they are, it doesn't mean that they contribute to poverty eitherAnd I think Most AfroAmerican males ARE NOT college material. I certainly wasn't. Personally I don't claim to be too smart, I barely graduated from high school. But intelligence and smarts aren't the reasons I say most AfroAmerican males aren't qualified for college and shouldn't be encouraged to go UNLESS they show a clear desire and propensity or talent for some field that demands academic credentials like law or medicine...... I says MOST (not all) shouldn't go because the ENVIRONMENT of most University campuses in the United States to day is very anti-AfroAmerican male. The culture and the values that are promoted seems to be designed so that males who are very non-aggressive and non-sexual get along best. Most Black men in America come from urban areas where being aggressive and openly sexual toward women is not only part of the sub-culture but actually ENCOURAGED among eachother and looked upon as a badge of honor. So when they come to most university environments where the culture is that of upperclass White America where the sexuality and aggressiveness is "marginalized" they often have a hard time fitting in. Also, most university environments reward males who can just keep their heads down, not complain, and do what they are told without challenging any ideas.....something that is actually QUITE ANTI-MALE. So whoever can supress their manhood or masculinity the most....is deemed the most professional. Even many White males find it hard to function in today's academic world and often have to drop out and start their own thing in order to succeed because many universities today are heavily "feminized" or geared toward a more passive feminine non-confrontational atmosphere. Something most AfroAmerican males have a hard time fitting in with. We've always had very smart intellectuals in our ranks, but traditionally most Black men have gotten rich making money with our hands or using our innate talents like sports or music or some other type of artistic skill that required more creativity than strict classroom learning and indoctrination. Even today, far more AfroAmerican men get wealthy from sports, music, and side-hustle businesses than they do from Master' and Doctorate degrees. I'd go as far as to say that one of the reasons Black America is suffering so much economically today more so than the past 100 years is because most AfroAmerican men today are almost FORCED to go to college against their will instead of being allowed to develop more innate talents that would probably bring them more wealth and prestige WITHOUT the stress of having to appease and fit in with White American culture.
  21. Pioneer1


    Well I can stop ASSUMING that I knew what you were thinking, because your words above actually CONFIRMS that I knew and was right..LOL.
  22. The opening skit was funny......lol. This song has a nice 70s funk feel to it.
  23. Krazy Alexander #2 said: "You don't have enough time to get you lie together. It takes time to deceive, the right way." Well........ When it comes to lying and deceiving, YOU of all people should know, lol.
  24. Pioneer1


    Cynique How can you not comprehend that the above statement by Kalexander proves what i said about him being "honest and self aware" ??? I comprehend it well. He's admitting that while he'll lie to another person he won't lie to himself about who he really is. With that said...the fact is he still admitted that HE WILL LIE TO OTHERS. Infact, he even ADMITTED to being a liar outright: "True, we're all liars but I'm not so stupid as to....." https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/5221-a-great-career-choice-for-black-folk-with-criminal-records-why-not-a-black-supremacy-emergence-from-within-white-supremacy/ But atleast he's an "honest liar".....lol. I don't engage him in conversation that much because i am not provoked by what he raps about. Yeah right..... That's an understatement. You don't engage him because he's KANYE WEST KRAZY....LOL. And you know that despite his articulation and SEEMING intelligence....his thinking pattern is clearly disordered and any attempt at dialog with him would end up frustrating and confusing....lol.
  25. The 2 traffic changes I see going on the most in my community are: 1. Bike lanes being installed 2. Round-a-bouts being installed to take the place of traffic lights at intersections I say the people get the government they deserve. AfroAmericans and poor and working class people in general have the right and in most cases the ability and opportunity to go to city hall and pitch a bitch about the changes that are occuring in their community but most of them refuse to do so and many end up suffering as a consequence. On multiple occasions I've gotten things done and changed on a local level simply by complaining and encouraging others who've noticed similar problems to complain also. Detroit is getting HAMMERED right now with all types of taxes and fees that they're levying on the citizens from "water drainage" fees (gutter taxes) to extremely high car insurance rates that run into the HUNDREDS of dollars a month...and only a fraction of the people are actually mad enough to write letters or go to Lansing or Downtown to do anything about it. The majority just suck it up and complain under their breath or refuse to pay and end up getting their cars or homes confiscated...which was probably the plan all along. We're not totally helpless; but AfroAmericans need to do like Puff Daddy said and "get their mind right"....or else they'll continue to be victims of circumstances.