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  1. Oh come on now.... Am I the ONLY one who's noticed how Caucasians have a habit of changing the rules when we start winning? I guess some of you come from a DIFFERENT PLANET than I come from and haven't experienced this on YOUR planet, so you can't relate to what I'm talking about. ...until a White man comes along and says the EXACT SAME thing I just said. Then all of a sudden negroes LINE UP to tell him how much they can "relate" to what he's saying and how they've been noticing the same thing for years but no one mentioned it, lol. "Hey, ya know what guys..... Something isn't right because the Constitution says we supposedly have all of these "rights" but people are not being allowed to express them. And I think that's a bunch of BULLSHIT!" "Oh my GAAAWWD, I've been noticing the same thing for so loooong! I think you must be speaking to my soul!"
  2. Well.... It may be a nice gesture, but at the end of the day Google is a PRIVATE BUSINESS. It's not a government institution and has no obligations to serve the public, nor does it's users have any "rights" that are guaranteed. We need to be careful with these mega-corporations "sucking" the public into believing that THEY are public or government institutions there to serve them. These institutions are here to MAKE MONEY....bottom line. They will do anything to get the public on their side to MAKE more money but they aren't obligated to do so. There are no "public" sites or domains because the internet itself is not "public" or owned by the government. It's one big collection of PRIVATE entities that are being regulated (to various degrees) by the government....which means you have no RIGHTS to demand. Any content they deem inappropriate can be erased and you don't have a "right" to dispute it as being fair or unfair, you must only accept their decision. This truth must be clearly understood by the public; but it's not. For decades now the lines are being increasingly blurred between private and public to the point that many people think facebook, twitter, and even Fedex and UPS are "public" entities with an obligation to serve "everyone" in the public....when they infact are not. So they begin to RELY on them and allow the TRULY PUBLIC entities like the post office to collapse. If people aren't careful, pretty soon people like Bezos and Musk will have more power over the economy than the president and the people will be living under a state of FEUDALISM akin to 13th century Europe that'll take them another 300 years to fight their way out of.
  3. Lol..... Well, I've told you before that the intellect or intelligence level of the AfroAmerican community has DECLINED over the past several decades. Our people used to be MUCH more intelligent, smarter, and well behaved than they are today. Our people looked better too. Look at how slim or well built so many of the young people were back then compared to them were compared to how obese and funny-made so many of the youth are today. More than a few brothers have noticed how so many of the Caucasian women today have curves that so many of the AfroAmerican women USED TO have back in the day! A lot of the AfroAmerican men at THAT time were skinny and hard-bodied while the White men were soft and "jiggly". Now a lot of young brothers are chubby with big lumpy butts and big bellies that flop from side to side while they're running from the police or being tossed to the ground. Many of the physical problems that so many of our people suffer from are only a RELECTION of the MENTAL PROBLEMS that so many of them suffer from but aren't as easily seen until they start talking and behaving. This is no accident, it was deliberately designed that way by pushing out poisonous foods that fuck up the mind and body.
  4. Troy Humans are capable of great violence, it is not a function of one's skin color. Africans and other people of color are capable of almost everything Caucasians are capable of.....they just aren't capable of everything that WE are capable of. We have a much wider range of potential. It's like we're a color television and they are just black and white.
  5. These NON-Black people have a history of coming into AfroAmerican communities not just in New York, Detroit, Chicago, or Los Angeles but ALL OVER the nation selling poisons (dope and cigarettes) to AfroAmerican adults and children. They see the children as "animals" so don't feel any guilt about selling them liquor and cigarettes. The police know about it but do absolutely NOTHING about it. I still remember the point they started coming in....in the Detroit area atleast..... This had to be around 1982 or 1983 after years of going to the corner store at the end of the block. It was owned by a soft spoken AfroAmerican man with a bald-head and a pretty wife and daughters. It closed down for a little while and then when it opened back up it wasn't an AfroAmerican man standing behind the counter but some funny looking man of "questionable racial origin" with a tan who had big hairy arms. He was standing behind the counter talking loud and cracking jokes about "jive this" and "jive that" with the AfroAmericans who were standing in line buying items. I still remember looking at his fat hairy arms while he counted money with a big grin on his face. Even at a young age I could tell when people were "fake" because he would crack jokes with me and others right up to the point he gave them their change back and then he'd stop looking at them and turn his head to the next person...as if to say "you gave me your money now move along". I later found out that he was one of the first of THOUSANDS of "Chaldeans" who were being brought into the Detroit area from Iraq by Ronald Reagan to DISPLACE the AfroAmerican economic power in the area. And after THAT I found out that various different ethnic groups from around the world were being IMPORTED and shipped directly to the ghettoes of every city in the United States specifically to displace Black economic power. It makes me angry just thinking about it. Not just angry at the racists who organized it, but at many of the AfroAmericans for being so STUPID as to sit up and allow it.
  6. Troy more than 5,000,000 dead as a direct result of the war -- far more deadly than WWW I Not sure where you're getting your info from but most historians put the figure for WW1 deaths at atleast 20 MILLION direct deaths from being killed and multiple millions more indirect deaths from disease, starvation, ect.... No one argues whether or not Africans and Asians can be violent given the opportunity and conditions. But Caucasians have literally gotten violence and mass murder down to a SCIENCE. They sit around tables drinking coffee and eating sandwiches while designing bio and chemical weapons like small pox and mustard gas to produce the most massive amounts of pain, suffering, and death.
  7. Troy Dr. Brown, as sexy as she maybe is a bit long in the tooth for me "Long in the tooth"....man, I had to look that one up...lol. I've always found older women attractive. Their confidence and maturity. The older I get the more I appreciate how nice it is to have someone I can have an intelligent conversation with. Listen, I'm not sure if I asked you this before but while you were teachings did you ever run into a deep voiced brother who was a Professor named James Small ? This team's biggest struggle will be getting people motivated enough to vote. If people actually have to go the the polls it will be a challenge. If there IS an election (which I'm having serious doubts about) there will be so much fraud involved that it will probably be the most corrupt U.S. election of all times. We know that the Republicans will go all out to suppress as much of the Black and Brown vote as they can so Biden/Harris will need an absolute LAND-SLIDE to even stand a chance of actually winning. Anything less will be disputed. On top of that, Trump Supporters on the ground are talking about waging a Civil War if he loses....lol
  8. Daniel The history of China is a long a bloody one. I can't tell you the number of Asians who have killed other Asians or Africans who have killed all sorts of people. 6000 years of Chinese murder and counting. 12000 years of Black murder and counting. The Empires of the Niles were not Kissy Kissy. The Ashanit Empire and The Mali Empires were also bloody. Once again Color has no bearing on violent tendencies. And that's my point. We don't KNOW how many Africans and Asians have killed eachother over the thousands upon thousands of years of their history. We know it happened, but to what extent....we don't know for sure. But we KNOW that in just the 20th century ALONE including WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Stalinist Russia, Arab Israeli conflicts, The Bolshevic Revolution, Holocaust, lynchings, and countless other conflicts Caucasians have engaged in around the planet both known and covert....HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of people have been directly killed by Caucasians. (I'm not including the Black and Brown soldiers who kill FOR Caucasians). Again, we're just talking the 20th century ALONE...not including all the other centuries of documented murder of hundreds of millions in the name of slavery and colonization. We can only speculate as to how much killing other races have done, but we KNOW what the Whites have done! Their craft is well documented. Whites have only been a periphery in history. Yeah, well just like the proverbial "tail wagging the dog"....that periphery seems to govern the rest of the body of humanity.
  9. Troy That's a fine sister (Dr. Ann Brown) in that video by the way. Don't you think? Intelligent too. Makes her even sexier. I believe you said you either met or spoke to Dr. Leonard Jeffries before; well HE is in that video interviewing her. You see him for only a fraction of a second from time to time with a little kufi on grinning at her. It looks like Twitter got some help in getting 45 reelected. Biden selected Kamala Harris as his running mate I don't see how Harris is a benefit OR a liability...she just "is". BIDEN himself is the damn problem! The man is almost 80 years old and lacks enough charisma to energize the Democrat base or motivate people enough to go to the polls. He lacks "energy". Personally, I think it's JUST AS racist as Agent Orange, he is just a little better at hiding it. But like most White Supremacists....as he gets older....he's less able to control himself and every other week he's making another racist gaff. As ridiculous as this may sound, the prospect of looking at Kamala for 4 years may be the ONLY thing that will bring enough men to the polls to vote for "Sleepy Joe"....lol. He should have taken his opportunity back in 2016 instead of standing aside and letting Hillary fuck up another Presidential run.
  10. Now see, right here we have an intelligent sister who is a DOCTOR (at least in degree) who questions whether or not ALL humans are of African origin....... Like I said, not everybody is willing to go for anything Caucasians push on them.
  11. Chev I do not understand why you would say that this man is a White Supremacist. For the same reason when I meet a person with a light voice and breasts I say they're a woman.......because GOOD SENSE and life experience has taught me this is usually the case. Not always, but USUALLY. Good sense and life experience has also taught me that Caucasians are ARCH-deceivers and have a history of lying and presenting false information mixed up with the truth in order to confuse the people of color and create further division. One White man gives YOU the Bible and another White man gives ME a "science" book. Then they stand us in front of each other......and now we're arguing back and forth over who's got the "truth" when WE didn't come up with any of the information we're arguing over. White men are in a back room somewhere counting money laughing, while Black folks are in the other room arguing with each other, and shouting so loud the walls of the building are shaking -over who's the REAL HEBREW and who's just an imposter. "Mutha f......don't talk to my wife like dat....watch out!!!" Just fighting and arguing with each other all day and all night year after year over CRAP that NONE of them has actually witnessed and can prove. Families breaking up and refusing to have Sunday dinner with each other because on turned Muslim. Sisters and brothers not getting along because they disagree over which Bible to use. Negro walking down the street with a turban wrapped around his head looking down at OTHER people thinking he has some "special knowledge" no one else has. .....and ALL of them are confused because they believe in the lies they read in some book a White man with a long grey beard wrote by candle light 2000 years ago while in exile on some island somewhere. why don't you focus on the research presented? I did when I talked about the origin of the words "semite" "negro" and some of the other points. But let's be clear, what was presented in this thread was not actual research. It was simply re-posting the ALLEGED findings of a dead White man who DID the research. Much of the time it's the CAUCASIANS who do the actual so-called "research" of going to the land and digging through the sand and dirt, finding old bones and old scripts. The only thing many of our people "dig up" are the BOOKS and other documents that these Caucasians wrote about what they found! Nothing against brother Tazarah because I don't know him or what he's done personally in terms of actual research...... But in general as I've said before, if some of our people want to know the history of Arabia, Africa, or any other place they should GET UP off of their lazy ass and GO there and study it for THEMSELVES instead of sitting back digging up old papers that White folks scribbled up 100 years ago while half-high on cigars and cognac, to deceive the rest of the world. "Well...that should hold 'em until we think of something else".
  12. Chev This correlates to modern day INDENTURED SERVITUDE of which is a 7 year period--CONTRACT. In the ancient times and still today, in certain cultures, people have signed up their children for periods of indentured servitude for a period of 7 years, etc. This is absolutely NOT stealing human beings, forcing them to be born, live and die in FORCED FREE LABOR for 400+ years, from generation to generation because they are of a particular culture, or color, etc. BOND SERVITUDE is NOT 'heaven' for anybody, but people who fall on hard times in their own cultures, historically have left their homelands and if they could find someone wealthy willing to sign them on, then it was A CONTRACT and was expected to obeyed for a period of time. JUBILEE means no more than 50 years, and if the bond servant could not fulfill his part of the deal, then they were supposed to be set free of the binding contract. You seem to believe that the ONLY form of slavery is the type of slavery that existed in the United States where AfroAmericans were born into slavery and bred as slaves. There are MANY forms of slavery through out history, but the bottom line is anytime someone is FORCED to work against their will....they are a SLAVE, period. You keep trying to NARROW the definition of slavery to the point that the ONLY slaves in history would be the AfroAmericans in your book. It doesn't matter if they were born in it or captured in warfare. It doesn't matter if they were paid or had to do it for free. It doesn't matter for how long......7 years or 70 years. It doesn't matter if their role was as a servant OR as a farmer OR for sexual purposes. ...as long as they were FORCED to do it they were a SLAVE. No!!! This is NOT stealing a human being and forcing them to work for free labor until that die. You just don't understand! And YOU just don't understand (or act like you don't) that SLAVERY is SLAVERY. A person doesn't have to "steal" a slave, they can BUY a slave! Many Africans who were SOLD into slavery rather than stolen. Didn't the Bible say that Joseph's brothers SOLD him into slavery? You are angry with White people for addressing a deliberately suppressed truth about all humanity stemming from African male Y-DNA origins!? I'm not angry with them, I just don't trust them. They have a HISTORY of lying and deception. When they give me information, I find it ENTERTAINING.....like reading a novel, lol. Let's see now; Black people did not present this scientific truth, so therefore you refuse to accept it until somebody Black says it is truth!? Ofcourse Black people didn't present it....many of our people are busy working and trying to make a living for themselves. They don't have the time that the White Supremacists have to sit around in cafes with their legs crossed enjoying their wealth while they think up NEW lies to tell. "Ya think they'll fall for it this time?" "Well, I don't see why not........they fell for it before" You don't seem to understand the DANGERS of always listening to the SAME people who've been lying to you for over 400 years. I'm not saying everything they say is wrong, but my position is....I'm not believing ANY of that crap they're bringing. The SAME people telling you about humanity and where they came from are the SAME people who were telling you 100 years ago that everyone came from Adam and Eve. If someone wants to stand up and claim and prove that all humanity came in Africa then it BETTER be a Black man/woman who went there and checked for themselves....not another Caucasian with a white lab-coat on and some glasses. "Hey, guess what guys! We were in the back rambling through some old test-tubes and guess what WE discovered? We discovered that everybody comes from Africa! Well cheez-n-crackers how do ya like that!"
  13. Chev Anyway, I was so shocked when my aunt relayed the same point that you have just done. She told the younger folks that [paraphrasing] 'You all have no idea how close we came to being under German and Japanese domination and it would have been a nightmare if the decision was not made on how to stop them.' !!! I was so surprised and I had never heard that before! I probed and asked her more questions and wanted to know was it that bad. She said yes, it was really bad. She said it was the Nazi Movement and explained more. And even now, this is new information for me. I too heard that as a kid, but now I know better. Hitler wasn't going to let the Japanese occupy the United States or any other predominately Caucasian nation. He just needed them for man-power. He was just USING the Japanese in an attempt to subdue the OTHER East Asian nations like China and Korea in his quest to rule the world. Kind of like how a prison warden will use his most trusted prisoners (trustees) to keep the OTHER prisoners in check. I don't know @Pioneer1 I am not sure about that. I'm not sure either....... Which is why I HOPE Daniel will enlighten me by showing me evidence that may CORRECT what I'm saying if it's wrong about Caucasians being the number one blood-shedders on this planet! But so far all he's been doing is dropping comments here and there having little to do with my assertion. Daniel I made the decision to discipline myself to doing more reading. Now that you're well read... Can you PLEASE explain to me what your particular point is on the subject of race and bloodshed? Are you saying that I'm wrong? And if so are you willing to offer some sort of evidence? Or what is your overall point. I'm asking because you're steadily making comments that are somewhat RELATED to what I'm saying and seem to challenge it...but not really. Pioneer says: "Caucasians have killed more people than any other race on the planet" Daniel says: "China has a long history of warfare" Pioneer says: "Caucasians are the only ones with a history of inventing and using nuclear weapons in warfare" Daniel says: " You better read a book fo' you open yo' mouth!"
  14. Now....... - Position ourselves in local administrative offices like mayors, city council, state reps, school superintendents, ect.....and make OUR OWN laws and policies that benefit US. Don't just OCCUPY the offices....like most negroes are doing now.....but actually DO SOMETHING and CHANGE THE POLICIES to benefit our people. What good is a Black Mayor if they aren't going to re-arrange the laws and take advantage of the position to help AfroAmericans? - Buy up as many local television, radio, and news paper establishments as we can so that we can PROPERLY inform OUR people with real news and current events, like who's trying to kill them or who's giving away free houses and cheap property. - Establish STRONGER punishments for violent crimes like CORPORAL PUNISHMENT...meaning we actually beating people's asses when they commit unjust acts of violence against fellow citizens so that they won't do it again....instead of just locking them up so they learn how to be better criminals, like the Cauasians do. Then you'll actually have PEACE in the community. -KEEP OUT illegal immigrants who are being brought in to undermine AfroAmerican progress and economic success and once we know the threat from illegal immigration is no longer there THEN we can build good paying MANUFACTURING JOBS so that AfroAmerican men and women of AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE can make a good living for themselves without having all types of degrees and connections. There's a LOT to be done, for people who actually want to do it. But many of our people don't WANT to take charge of their own communities and help themselves. They'd rather let Caucasians take care of REAL business like running the society while they run around dressing up in nice clothes, making music, and playing games. White men busy building skyscrapers....and Negroes busy walking by the construction site with an arm full of job resumes (on his way to beg another white man for a job) looking up in amazement wondering what type of building they're building so that he can apply for a job inside once it's completed!
  15. Daniel You know I'm not the smartest guy in the world....so again... what point are you trying to make? Tell me plainly. I know the Chinese and Japanese fought with eachother. Are you saying that their fighting produced MORE DEATHS on this planet than the Caucasians have? Because if it didn't, then what point are you trying to make?
  16. Welcome to the site! Here's a picture of Henry Field that anthropologist/archeologist/white supremacist who did this work: He's a Caucasian, and as usual I advise our people to be VERY careful of accepting any information they receive from Caucasians because they will mix the TRUTH up with FALSEHOOD to leave you in a state of argumentative CONFUSION. Meaning, they will provide you with deception and confusion that you will believe in so strongly that you'd be willing to argue over. For one thing, these brown skinned people he's referring to didn't call THEMSELVES "Semites". People TODAY refer to them as "Semites"; because that word "Semite" is based on biblical mythology; but tose people probably didn't know anything about Shem/Sem or Ham or even Noah or any other of these Biblical figures that so much of Western science is based off of. It's just used to add to confusion. Second, they didn't call themselves "Negroes" either. That's another name people TODAY refer to them as. Negro is just the Spanish word for "Black" and it's been used for different people at different times by White Supremacists to serve their purposes. Which is MORE confusion. Third, those brown skinned people he's speaking of didn't "invade" Mesopotamia from Arabia....they were already there. They are the ORIGINAL people of that land and didn't have to "invade" a land they were already living on. African/Dravidian people already lived in that entire area......the ONLY people who "invaded" the land from outside that area were the various nomadic Caucasian tribes who were coming down from the mountains and were looking for new places to conquer and settle THEMSELVES in. They were known by various names like Akkadians, Chaldeans, Aryans, Persians, ect....but they were the ONLY invaders. I tell my people....... Don't get excited and run off with every paper you read that was written by some Caucasian with a handle-bar mustache and glasses. Read it, examine it, consider that it MAY be true or it MAY not. And then move on to the next piece of material. Because they (the Caucasians) are going to just CHANGE their story 2 years from now and you'll still be stuck with their OLD lies fighting and arguing to hold on to it thinking IT is the absolute truth while ANOTHER Black man will have ANOTHER paper that he found written by ANOTHER Caucasian that HE believes is the absolute truth....then you have more division and confusion among the AfroAmericans. Look at how so many of our people are still STUCK on "Adam and Eve" after the Caucasians gave that myth to them to believe in......while THEY have abandoned it and moved on to Evolution So now you got SOME AfroAmericans who believe in the Bible arguing with OTHER AfroAmericans who believe in the Theory of Evolution. Both of them are DECEPTIONS whipped up the the Caucasians to control the darker people of the planet and they don't even believe in it themselves.....but if they can get people of color to fight eachother over it, then it's purpose has been served.
  17. Daniel My father was a Black Merchant Marine in WWII. Blacks servers in most branches of the US during that war OK, and your point is? Unlike the Europeans the Asians would have fought to the last man if they hadn’t been confronted by massive overwhelming destruction. And ALSO unlike the Europeans, the Asians wouldn't have STARTED a war with people who did absolutely nothing to them. So there wouldn't have been a war to begin with. if the Europeans didn’t create the Atomic Bomb the Asians would have. I am more inclined to believe that the African Hegemony ran it’s course. Funny how the Africans and Asians had been on this planet for HUNDREDS of thousands if not MILLIONS of years and with no record of them using nuclear weapons on eachother. Infact you can't find any records of warfare going back BEYOND 7,000 years! Then a bunch of green-eyed Caucasians pop up on the scene, sitting around tables drinking cognac and smoking cigars and get to talking among themselves and ALL OF A SUDDEN you have entire cities blowing up, mountains catching on fire and tumbling down, and entire oceans becoming so poisonous that even dead fish are floating up to the top. Man, these people are just plain NO DAMN GOOD for the planet!
  18. Chev I can understand this point but still, in terms of the 'degree' of violence versus the quantity, are two different issues, imo. What do you think? Based on the LIMITED amount of history I know and research I've done, I'd say that that when it comes to who's done the most killing.... Caucasians have outdone EVERYBODY on the planet in terms of both "quality" and "quantity"! For thousands of years, Africans fought with spears and swords. Chinese also. Indians with bows and arrows and spears. They may kill ten here....25 there. If they manage to kill 200 or 500 people in one setting, that's a BIG event! The old men will sit around a camp fire and talk to wide-eyed children about THAT battle for generations! Now here a White man comes along, stands there with his arms folded, listens to them brag, and says he'll put ALL of that shit to shame..... He then proceeds to get on a plane, fly way the hell up in the sky, and then drops something that kills EVERY DAMN BODY in the entire city! A million people VAPORIZED in 2 seconds! And cripples 2 or 3 million more people unfortunate enough to be in the surrounding area at the time! Yeah, I think he's got 'em all beat....lol.
  19. Chev I am so sick of Negroes using White Supremacist reasoning to discredit the Bible. Lol..... You're sick of the Negroes who try to discredit the Bible but you ain't sick of the BIBLE ITSELF that the White Supremacists wrote up, huh??? The term 'slave' is NOT a part of the KJV on these scriptures!!! The term is 'SERVANT' and BONDSERVANT, BONDSERVITUDE. the terms 'servant' and 'bondservant' has NOTHING to do with HUMAN SACRIFICE!!! There are only one time the word SLAVE is used in the KJV!!! Outside of this, the definition of STEALING HUMAN BEINGS which is HUMAN SACRIFICE is defined. Oh! So in other words when I read the KJV it will make sense that they are NOT talking about slavery? Let's see.......... Exodus 21 So they are ROUTINELY talking about servants that they BUY and SELL and these servants have MASTERS.....but they ain't talking about "slavery"? OK, gotcha..... I already told you they are NON-BLACK! ....and that's the problem; because WHITE SUPREMACISTS are "non-black". It's NOT about the scientist, this is about the SCIENTIFIC PROOF! LOL. ALL MALE Y-DNA HAPLOGROUPS go back to a single Black African Male origin!!! LOL. The ONLY single origin all of this "revelation" and "proof" is coming from is the ROOM where the White Supremacists made it up in! Straight from the conference table of a bunch of White Supremacists, who sat around and made up their own scientific lies to disseminate just like they made up their own religious lies to spread all over the planet.. Now tell me..... Why in the WORLD would I want to replace ONE White Supremacist lie with ANOTHER White Supremacist lie, and then turn around and ARGUE with other AfroAmericans over which lie is the most convincing!!!
  20. Yes. The same Tamil Script that you said DIDN'T EXIST. But I don't expect you to recant.
  21. The date isn't important, YOU SAID it "didn't exist". I just showed you that it DID. ........so stop playin'.
  22. Most of you may or may not believe this but the VAST MAJORITY of the laws that have been made in this nation AFTER the Constitution was established were made specifically to RESTRICT AfroAmericans! That's right! Those who helped to establish the United States wanted to make a NEW nation separate from the old nations of Europe dominated by centuries of laws, rules, and customs along with Kings and Queens who had the right to just make up any old rule they felt like. They intended to set up a nation with FEW restrictions and only one solid Constitution that was supposed to prevent tyranny and limit excessive authority and rule-making. If you study U.S. history, you'll find that well over 75% of ALL the laws (federal, state, county, local) in this nation saying you CAN do this and you CAN'T do that are actually UN-Constitutional. And if you study the history behind those laws and why the various legislative bodies that enacted them decided to do so...it's usually because a BLACK MAN took advantage of his CONSTITUTIONAL rights to do something and because it either threatened Caucasian power OR it was a good idea and Caucasians hadn't thought of it first....they decided to MAKE a law against it where before there had been none. The entire concept of LICENSING came out of racist intentions! Before Emancipation, you didn't need a "license" to do ANYTHING in America. You may have needed the money or knowledge to do it....but you didn't need a license or permission. This was AMERICA! You were FREE to pick up your toys and go ahead and play with them! But during RE-construction so many AfroAmericans were building and inventing and establishing businesses and making money that Caucasians had to find a way to CONTROL it, and thats when you started seeing long lists of law after law after law after law at the federal, state, and local level restricting people on what they could do, have, say, acquire, ect..... Some of you may be surprised to know that we didn't even have an INCOME TAX in this nation until AFTER the slaves were Emancipated and started making a lot of money! The Constitutions says you CAN DO this. A Black man DID that. And because the White Supremacists didn't like it, they got together and made a Federal law AGAINST that. The Constitution says you have a right to SAY this. So a Black man SAID that! Lol, and guess what? Because some some Caucasian man didn't like it other White Supremacists at the state level got together and made a State law saying NO...it is illegal for you to SAY that. Where a law or rule doesn't exist, instead of just leaving it alone - they'll MAKE UP one...against you. This should come as no surprise to most of you because even on the jobs you've worked on, if you did something Caucasians didn't like but it broke no rules....they'll get together and have a meeting about you and literally make up NEW RULES specifically to curtail you and any more negroes who try to do what you did. Talk back to me....am I lying?
  23. Like I said, we must build OUR OWN house on OUR OWN land. In other words.... This is the United States and we have the right UNDER THE CONSTITUTION (not necessarily local law) to buy up land and build our own communities and impose our own laws IN those communities. I emphasize buying land and building our own buildings and institutions because some people believe we MUST leave America and find some island somewhere. That's not necessary. We don't even NEED our own separate state. All we need is to buy enough land in EVERY state and EVERY major city Personally..... I like the Jewish model. They are in every city in every state and enjoy all of the liberties America allows and take advantage of them WHILE building up and promoting their own institutions and values! I don't understand when atleast a SEGMENT of AfroAmericans haven't done as much yet. I'm surprised the Nation of Islam which has been in this nation for over 70 years hasn't bought up sections of several major cities and built them up to form their own separate communities. I know you (and others) will say we've tried that before but look what they did to Rosewood and Greenwood, and you'd have a point. But look at what's happening to our people ANYWAY. Dead is dead. Death is death. Being killed is being killed whether they attack your town and lynch you overnight or SLOWLY poison you with lead in the water, crack in the streets, and Covid-19. I would think it's better to TAKE A CHANCE building something of our own and MAYBE it may be attacked and destroyed rather than sitting around with NOTHING of our own constantly begging Caucasians and other races for jobs, healthcare, media exposure, ect....
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