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  1. Troy Lol @ "lightskinded"...... Man, you bring back old memories with that one! When I was a school boy me and my partners used to have running jokes over who could extened the "deded" part of light skinned. -"Man, Deon got a new girlfriend!" -"Yeh? Is she light skindededed?????" Every now and then a Black person would come along speaking properly and say, "Light skinned." or "Dark skinned." But keeping it short and sweet like that sounded weird, lol. I drink and smoke weed SOCIALLY and OCCASIONALLY; meaning if I'm with some friends and they beg me to do it, I'll indulge to keep things flowing....but don't like getting drunk or high. You mention that both the athletes AND owners smoke weed, but the difference is most of the owners are Caucasian and I've mentioned time and time again that just because Caucasians indulge and participate in certain behaviors....doesn't mean WE should follow them. Our systems are different and chemicals react differently. Having been almost all over the United States and Canada and even Europe I've observed that drinking alcohol usually have a POSITIVE effect on Caucasians and makes them more sociable, friendly, and relaxed....but usually has a NEGATIVE effect on Africans and Native Americans (including most Latinos) and makes our people angry and upset. And it often goes down hill from there leading to many health problems. From time to time I go to college campuses and tell young AfroAmericans to leave the alcohol and weed alone because WE don't need it. Weed and alcohol are DRUGS, and drugs are designed to correct a problem that the body for whatever reasons isn't fixing. Caucasians have an ANXIETY and FEAR problem, especially when it comes to social situations so alcohol and weed helps to relax them and ease their problem; most AfroAmericans are naturally brave and don't suffer from anxiety and fear problems so we have no NEED for weed and liquor, but they do so because just to imitate Caucasians. Many Black men who drink and get high do so because it takes their mind off of taking responsibility for the mess their homes and communities are in. They know they should be confronting their boss at work, or their woman at home and demanding more respect but they'd rather get drunk and get high to avoid the inevitable.
  2. Like Neely Fuller Jr. has said for decades....... Everything the White supremacists do, they do to strengthen their power. It may not always work in their favor and sometimes their plans backfire or fall through...but maintaining power is certainly their intent when making them. Every law they pass....it's to help them. Every law they repeal....it's to help them. If they forbid homosexuality and promote polygamy.....it's to benefit Caucasians and harm AfroAmericans. If they turn around a few years later and forbid polygamy and instead promote homosexuality.....again, it's to benefit them by destroying the AfroAmerican family and promoting the Caucasian family. You may not IMMEDIATELY see the logic in this, but after a few decades after you start seeing Black men al over television in dresses and half of the boys running around gay as hell while Caucasian families pretty much remain the same, then you realize the effects these laws have. Another example are the marijuana laws............. For decades marijuana was illegal, now all of a sudden they want it legal. But do they just go ahead and make it legal across the board all over America????? Nooooooooo.....that's too simple. So they play political and legal games with it. They make marijuana LEGAL on the state level but ILLEGAL federally. You scatch your head and try to figure out why this is so confusing and contradictory. But when you understand the system of White supremacy and how it works you will automatically suspect that SOMEHOW....SOME WAY.....these sneaky bastards are up to no good and it's being done to strengthen white power and harm AfroAmericans. ....and sure enough when you see Caucasians getting rich by opening up dispensaries all over in places like Colorado and Washington while brothers are going to jail left and right for having pounds of weed in their trunk that they THOUGHT was legal, you begin to see that the devils are up to their same old tricks.
  3. Troy I guess you don't watch HBO and have not seen shows like Game of Thrones -- HBO is all is all violence and sex, Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, Westworld, and on. I treat HBO like a vice. I limit my drinking, eating of bad food, exposure to social media, and of course TV. Lol...... I was talking about broadcast television like NBC, ABC, and CBS that occupies public air ways. Networks like HBO and Netflix are more private so they can pretty much do what they want.
  4. There are certain powers who are trying to fracture the United States into several different nations instead of one. They want to take Utah, Idaho, Montana, and a few others and form their own nation. They could have legalized polygamy a long time ago in the United States but with all of the political and social gains AfroAmericans were making in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.....White men were afraid that polygamy would allow AfroAmerican men to not only marry multiple AfroAmerican women but CAUCASIAN WOMEN as well.....and take them away from Caucasian men. Now that so many AfroAmerican men are socially and economically devastated and no longer pose a threat (so they think) now they're looking at the option.
  5. Kinya Welcome to the site. The ancient Greeks acquired their education from centuries of established Kemet educational systems. The biblical empires of Mesopotamia and Palestine were offshoots of the Kemet civilisations too, just as the United States of America is an offshoot of the European/British civilisations. You're right that the Greeks (Heleens) acquired much of their education from Kemet. When the Caucasians were being civilized in the mountains and were slowly being brought out, some of the smartest ones were taken to Black civilization centers like Kemet or Indus Valley and given some basic knowledge of civilization and then sent back to the Caucasus or Europe to establish temples (educational institutions) among their own people. Troy Thanks for asking that question because I was curious of that one myself.
  6. Kareem "[SO-called] Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a goy." Baba Kamma 113a. Oh....I see you know TALMUD! The Talmud (the Babylonian & Jerusalem Talmud) was given to Jews to civilize them and teach them organization and mastery over the other Caucasians (goyim) so that they could lead them out of the mountains and caves of the Caucasus. Yeah, and perhaps Bruce Jenner is a woman. Lol, I hear you man. Look.....I don't trust Israel or her intentions any more than you do BUT when I say they may be looking for "allies" in Africa I mean just that.....ALLIES. Not necessarily friends or bosom-buddies. If Israel can use African nations, African nations can use Israel. And let's be real, believe it or not from a political point of view there is reason to trust the Israelis more than a lot of these racist and hypocritical Arabs. For one thing Israel pound for pound is wealthier and more powerful than almost any Arab nation because they are backed by the United States, so they have more to offer and less reason to double-cross and abandon their allies. Having Israel as an ally almost guarantees America as your ally. Secondly, I believe I said this before but the Jews aren't the biggest enemies to African people. Jews KNOW what time it is and they know their place on the global scale. They know they own their civilization and Caucasian civilization in general to US and because of this they tend to be more respectful of Africa and Africans. Even in America...... I'm not sure about Iowa but in the Detroit area before the Chaldeans and Arabs moved in and started owning liquor stores and other businesses in Black neighorhoods....Jews occupied those business spots. And most older AfroAmericans will tell you that the Jews were a whole lot nicer and respectful to AfroAmericans than the Arab merchants. You almost never heard of Jews molesting AfroAmerican girls or shooting down AfroAmerican men who came into their stores in the past like you hear about so many of these Arabs. I'm not saying we should trust ANY of them, I'm just saying.....
  7. Troy Me too. Which is why i look foward to the NCAA Tournament each year And speaking of NCAA and money, those boys REALLY should be getting paid for their performance, especially when their universities are making millions off of them. Stefan Are you kidding? Don't you remember that firestorm following Janet Jackson's breast stunt at the 2004 Super Bowl? I thought the reaction was completely overblown. I agree. But what I find a little troubling is the LACK OF pushback from the American people after the networks all vowed to censor themselves and block out sexuality and nudity on television. That was over 15 years ago and since then we've been seeing less and less skin on American television but more and more violence. Having been to Europe where nudity is broadcasted openly on television but violence is shown at a minimum, I feel that some people are trying to steer the United States towards some sort of quasi-Middle Eastern type religious fundamentalist society where violence is welcomed but any hint of sex is forbidden.
  8. I was seriously expecting a lot more skin from both Shakira and J Lo, and was disappointed. That was the only reason I tuned in. After the so-called show I went back to my other chores. I'm not a huge sports fan. The only time I'm interested in sports is if I have money on the game....lol. Other than that, I get far more enjoyment out of reading a good book or even watching pornography....lol.
  9. Stefan Perhaps it's a trick or perhaps Israel sincerely wants to build more allies in Africa. I have mixed feelings on this one. The Jews aren't the biggest friends of African people....but neither are the Arabs. And a lot of times African nations need help but don't get the help (or respect) they deserve from their Arab and fellow so-called Muslim allies in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and Egypt will criticize Somalia for making a deal with Israel and invoke "Muslim solidarity" in their critique.....but then turn around and make deals with Israel THEMSELVES! Many of the Christian Africans are able to come to the United States and Europe and enjoy wealthy fruitful lives, while many of the Muslim Africans aren't even allowed to go to Arab nations or if they are they come there as servants and slaves.     I’m interested in history and this region is the source of the most reported trouble on Earth. You're right, because it's the first place the Caucasians started making trouble on this planet after leaving the mountains of central Asia and venturing into the lands of the original peoples further south. The country is one of the poorest in Africa. Much of this poverty.....like much of the poverty in the rest of Africa...comes from ignorance. Ignorance of a knowledge of self and civilization. The fact that so many people who live in a tropical environment where nearly anything can be cultivated and grown but for some reason can't seem to eat and have to wait on people from cold fridgid zones to feed them is evidence of how ignorant they are. In many African environments it's become CUSTOM for people not to actually get out and work the land for themselves or even build for themselves....but to sit around and wait on Caucasians in Europe to SEND them food or items through Amazon ect.. A sickness breaks out in the village.....do THEY build hospitals and make needles and beds for themselves? Or do they ORDER more needles and beds and sheets from England or France or beg America and China to come and build hospitals for them? If our people would abandon most of that silly shit that they learned from their Caucasian (European and Arab) colonizers and start going back to their ancient forms of civilization then they wouldn't be in poverty and everyone would get along and live just fine. It may seem ironic, but being a slave actually makes you LAZY because it's seems easy not to have to think for yourself when your master is doing all of the thinking and making all of the plans for you.
  10. Kareem They also want to further connect black and LGBTP. Brother you don't know how ON POINT you are with this statement. Did you see where they used BILLY PORTER (they're using that clown for a lot nowadays) to give some buffoonish State of the LGBT Address?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g18Z81h8-3A I have deep connections with Indians. And I call them that because most are proud and/or at least ok with that word. I've noticed the same thing with most of the ones I've talked to. They would RATHER be called Indians regardless as to the origin of the name. I think it's their way of rebelling against the politically correct establishment's labeling them "Native American" rather than them choosing their own name to describe the entire group. I went up to Standing Rock during all that crazy shit three years ago. Oglala Sioux land. It was twenty below everyday up in North Dakota. But yeah. Interesting being in the middle of the "Indian" vs. "Mexican" thing down in Arizona. That's a long story. Man, has it been 3 years???? Time is flying. You said "Indian vs Mexican" down there, and I know you said it was a long story but I'm interested in what type of beef they're having with eachother? You know most Mexicans are part Indian themselves, so I'm curious as to the issue.
  11. Chev Not only did you answer your own question but you also gave me food for thought concerning racial classifications in other cultures. Among some cultures like the Ashkenzai Jews your race is determined through your mother's lineage, while in others like the Arab culture your race is determined by who your father is. Also, in the Anglo culture....one drop of "non-white" blood makes you of that particular race, where as among the Spanish the opposite is the case and one drop of Spanish blood makes you Spanish. For you, it's about Alex Wek's features and for @Kareem it's about her short or not having hair and then too, Kareem's issue of her not having hair is also part of my issue too. Just one part though because some of her other features aren't the most beautiful in my opinion. I'm not saying she's ugly. She looks healthy and relatively normal, just not the most attractive person as far as I'm concerned.   Kareem Funny I've been called that my whole life while simultaneously being told I sound like a whiteboy. Oh well. It's funny YOU said that, because as "pro-Black" as I've been since being about 9 years old....from time to time I've been told by other AfroAmericans that I think like a "White man". I remember complaining about how White men were snatching up Asian women and were going to push up on AfroAmerican women if we didn't stand up and guard our women carefully and a lot of brothers were saying, "Ahh man....'guard your women???'.....nigga that's how jealous insecure White men think!". Or how I would rather talk about religion and politics instead of sports and bullshit and a lot of Black males said that's what "them white boys" be talking about....although most of the White boys I knew were talking about sports and bullshit too. At some jobs I've had....I've had longer and deeper conversations with conservative (probably racist) Caucasians than I've had with so-called "liberal" Caucasians and even most of the AfroAmericans!
  12. ((sigh)) Well....... I (and I'm sure a few others) was trying to avoid the topic but - perhaps it's best to give Harry's thread some respect, less people see that nothing was said and get the wrong message about how most of us actually feel about the incident. R.I.P. to my brother and his daughter. I hope the rest of his family who are still among us find peace and contentment.
  13. You'd like more knowledge about the concept of "duality" and universal balance...... What do you know about "twin flames"?
  14. Kareem The man is brilliant. Hate to say this, but I'm honestly shocked he's still with us. That brother is exposing science they don't want out there. I don't know what deal he made with the (literal) devil. But I'm happy he's still with us.   I'm a student of history and I like to study patterns and cycles. It appears that there seems to be a certain "type" of AfroAmerican or African in general that Caucasians can't seem to even touch let alone harm no matter how hard they try. We've all met these type of people who seem to be able to get away with doing or saying anything. These bold Black people speak the truth, organize other Africans, fight the system of White Supremacy and live to be a ripe old age and end up dying in their sleep....or dying a quick death. Exactly why this is so, why The Divine protects them to such an extent that they are never harmed...I'm not sure.....but they have and do exist. I'm trying to figure out how to be (or remain) ONE of them.   I hate to admit it. But me too. That's also why I don't really care if Trump is re-elected. He's going to destroy this country. I live in the boondocks and am well-armed. Any honk-boy mass chimp outs in 2021 and beyond aren't going to effect me. White billionaires will get richer. White inbreds will get more inbred. What else is new? I watch from a distance Just know you're always welcome down here if the shit goes down and you can navigate your way to the southwest   I appreciate the offer my brother. Don't be suprised if you see your brother way off in the distance with a sack of shit on his back and a jug of water (and maybe a lady or two by his side) treking through the deserts of the southwest making his way towards your compound....lol. I used to live in Arizona myself and believe it or not before 2012 I was hoping to make some connections with the Hopi nations down there for a sanctuary from what I thought may have been the destruction.....that didn't come. But my focus right now is staying both alive and healthy so that I can make it through and on to the OTHER SIDE of the destruction of this world. The longer it is prolonged the more the anticipation builds. I want to still be young enough and healthy enough to not just tell the youngsters what it was light living under the old Caucasian dominated system, but also to help them BUILD a brand new world for our posterity. Bring @Troy with you so you, I and @Chevdove can snap the brother out of his "they wouldn't do that to us" mentality! 😊 Maaaaayyn, Troy is down there in the middle of Klan-country down in Florida, lol. If living in state full of George Zimmermans and about 10 gun-toting red necks per-square foot isn't enough to snap the brother out.....nothing we can say to him will, lol.
  15. Kareem I had an email exchange with Dr. Tyrone Hayes, the black scientist who discovered the Atrazine issue, like 8 years ago. He's actually really down to Earth. Didn't think he'd write back. He told me to be careful how I use his information because he was being targeted by white imperial society for making the Atrazine issue public. Oh, so you know about Dr. Hayes? I was introduce to this brother through the works of Dr. Wesley Muhammad and the work he's doing with connecting the dots between the diminishing testosterone level of many AfroAmerican boys, autism, and the chemicals in the environment......along with this "legalized/weaponized" weed that's being pushed on the AfroAmerican community today. I have some crazy white friends back home. I went back in September 2011 because Comet Elenin was supposed to hit Earth. About 20 of us went out to the woods, got drunk, and smoked all right, thinking we were all going to perish. We did it mostly because we all wanted to hang out again for old time sake. But all of us have a little "conspiracy theorist" in us. There was another comet that was supposed to hit Earth in 2012. I forget what it's called. But of course that didn't happen either. Remember when Caucasians used to call the end of the world "dooms day"? I was actually looking forward to the end of this current system, and the fact that we've had so many false alarms is a bit concerning. From time to time I find myself engaging in "heated discussions" with some Jehovah Witnesses who preach the world is ending and Jesus is coming while I repeatedly ask them.....well when is the m****f***ka gonna end?????
  16. I love black forums Alek Wek is not pretty she's also much darker than Viola in person I don't think she's pretty either, but like Troy said I recognize that this is my OPINION. But like I said ealier, my lack of attraction to her has nothing to do with her skin color but more to do with her other phenotypical features. Troy You're right that standards of beauty aren't universal, however I've noticed that certain standards of ATTRACTION are. And there is a difference between BEAUTY and ATTRACTION. I've worked around men of different backgrounds from around the world and over 90% of us still seemed to find the same type of women attractive (meaning we'd like to have sex with them) even down to ranking them in the same order. The only differences were who considered who "pretty" or "cute" and this was more cultural. For example, all of us agreed that the woman with the plump round butt was more attractive than the one with the small flat one. AfroAmerican, German, Korean, Nigerian, Brazilian, ect...nearly all the men agreed. But when it came to hair, some liked blondes with straight hair and others like that black hair with the wet look....culltural.   Chev My question is, when did this trend start and who started it, Black men or Black women? If you asked me my answer would be, it probably started during slavery when AfroAmerican women felt that it would be SAFER to raise effeminate boys and men because they would pose less of a threat to the Caucasian men in control of society and perhaps they would stay alive longer and enjoy more success in life. No matter if they have sons from Black men or White men, their sons will be Black! Lol.... Now, are you SURE about this, sis?
  17. Kareem The goal of writing the paper was to discuss whether we created these Frankenstein's monsters that eventually got too smart and overtook us? Of course my white teachers and all those white kids didn't want to hear it. Wouldn't mind hearing your position on that. It's hard to say brother. As I said earlier, based in my historical and religious research...the fact that we the original people MADE Caucasians (in our image and likeness) seems the most logical and accurate conclusion to come to so far. Exactly WHY we made them or why that small group of original people were allowed by others to make them, I'm not sure. According to the Nation of Islam teachings the purpose of exposing the recessive genetically weaker man that resides within the Black man is to show him the evil in himself so that he can correct it. My issue isn't with how they were made, but why they were allowed to rule AND why they are STILL ruling despite various dates that claimed that their time of rulership was supposed to be up. I've heard that their time was up in 1914. I've heard their world or THE world was supposed to end in the year 2000 or before 2000. Then I heard 2012 was the Mayan prophecy for the old world to fall and a new one to rise. ....yet it seems to me (based on my limited perspective.....perhaps others with more knowledge may have a broader perspective) but it seems to me they are STILL ruling much if not most of the world. So why were they made? Why were they given so much power and knowledge (by us)? Why are they STILL ruling? And when will their rule REALLY come to an end? Those are the questions that have been on my mind for years. They give kids Lupron, the "puberty blocker" drug, along with the opposite, artificial hormones, to create these "trans-people." Lupron was the third-most sold drug in the USA (made by AbbVie) in 2018, with nearly $900 million in sales. Further, the last three years, men (humans with penises and testicles; sad that has to be clarified) received 70% of all breast enhancement/implant surgeries in both Europe and the USA. You'll never hear about this in the USA. But many kids in Britain are complaining and even committing suicide in their late teens/early 20s because their parents chemically castrated them based on the kids' decision when they were 5-10 years old, obviously not old enough to make a decision like that. Regardless, these manufactured "trans-people" sure are gaining a lot of power really fast. Full circle? This is just another attempt at population control. They are purposely sterilizing much of the population with chemical and biological warfare as well as confusing them with psychological warfare in order to keep people (especially people of color) from reproducing so much. I believe I mentioned before that homosexuality and asexuality were probably NATURAL forms of birth control as it exists in a tiny percentage of the population naturally.....but if you use artificial means to increase these deviations then your start reversing and reducing the populations. On top of the Lupron, they're also putting Atrazine in the water which causes males to start growing eggs and menstrating and females to start growing testicles instead of ovaries! Diamonds have no other practical uses, unlike gold, silver and other precious metals. I know many if not most crystals are carriers and conductors of vibrations, frequencies and information. A single diamond has the potential to contain more information and electro-magnetic frequency in it than thousands of computers.
  18. Lol..... Yes sir, I believe they were MADE from our people through a process of selective breeding. Very similar to the Yacub theory that Elijah Muhammad taught. Although I don't believe they came from the African branch of the original people but were made from the Dravidic (south Indian) branch. Both races are dark brown but the Dravidians are dark brown with straight hair and thinner facial features and it was THIS group who predominated India and the much of the Middle East at that time. Even ancient Egyptians refered to Caucasians as "tamahu" or made-man. They aren't original or ancient, they are new because they were brought into existence through selective breeding. Infact, when you read Genesis in the Bible in it's HEBREW text (not the purposely mistranslated English and Latin texts) this becomes apparent because "Adam" doesn't mean "man" but actually means "pink/blushing human". At first I really questioned this myself, but upon extensive historic as well as religious research I came to the conclusion that this most likely is the case. Funny you mention the term "demon". It means "shining one" and comes form the same root as the word diamond (shiny sparkling rocks) . The Caucasians were refered to as "shining" people because they were so light and white with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.
  19.   Kareem Seems we civilized all Europeans. I'm not familiar with our connection to the people in the Caucasus Mountains. Since you called them "Jews," I assume you're talking about the Ashkenazis from Genesis 10:3-5, that is only in the King James Bible and eliminated from the other versions. The Israelis today claim to be Ashkenazis and the chosen people of God. But their own Torah (Old Testament) says they are "gentiles" in those aforementioned verses. Obviously the Greeks were civilized and taught basic societal rules by the Egyptians. Not much dispute about that among objective observers. Yes sir, but not just Europeans but ALL Caucasians....including Iranians, Arabs, northern Indians, ect. Europeans are just one branch of the Caucasian race. Jews....actually "Yahoodi" but I use the Anglicanized term "Jews" for the same reasons we use the term "Black" -to avoid confusion.....are the group of very smart Caucasians that Moses (Musa) and his crew raised up from among the others to help civilize them and lead them in various crafts and disciplines. The Jews also have a lot of African genes because we mated with some of those Jewish women and took them on as wives and lovers while we were up there like the Moors did with the Italians. Just like having Caucasian ancestry is considered valuable in many societies today....back then in the cave-man days of the Caucasian.....having African ancestry and being mixed with Black was considered royalty and you were considered better than the other Caucasians. Yeah, I used to believe the original Jews were Black and the Caucasians ones were fake but upon further research I realized that the opposite was true. Original Jews were for the most part Caucasians. Now the original HEBREWS were/are African and they still exist as the Ibo tribe in Nigeria. But Jews and Hebrews aren't the same. And Gentile....actually "goyim"....is a term for non-Jewish Caucasians. It's a bit of an insult because it insinuates ignorance. You mind talking more about our journeys into the Caucasus? This is something that piques my interest. I've heard Minister Farrakhan talk about this, and read some of Elijah Muhammad's writings on this. I'm trying to draw a timeline to understand this better. Caucasians were driven out of North East Africa/Middle East into the mountains of central Asia and that's why that mountain region is called the "Caucasus mountains". This is symbolized in the story of Adam and Eve being driven out of the garden. Great walls and other barriers were built to keep them in. They stayed in that condition for 2,000 years and turned into straight savages and then Moses and a crew was sent up from Kemet (ancient Egypt) to civilize them. I told you about the Jews and how they were formed by recruiting the smartest Caucasians, teaching them how to eat properly and how to live, and making them the leaders of the other Caucasians. If you notice to this very day Jews are the smartest and wealthiest among Caucasians no matter where they are whether it's Russia, America, India, Iran, ect.. Working in law, you probably know this by now...lol. Many Jews are in the law profession like they are in the doctor and legislative professions....because they were given that role to lead and guide Caucasian civilization. Anyway, as for a timeline....... It is MY understanding (though I could be wrong): -4000 B.C. Caucasians come into existence -shortly afterwards they are driven into the mountains of central Asia where they go savage and remain that way for 2000 years -2000 B.C. Moses and his men are sent up to civilize them -1500 B.C. after a few centuries of being civilized and organized they began to leave the mountains and conquere the rest of the world like Sumer, India, and Africa and eventually the Americas and Australia. Infact, they even went TO EUROPE because they weren't originally from there either. The original Europeans were "Black" people similar to the little Twa people of southern Africa but many were killed off by the invading Caucasians.
  20. This is a good example of why we need to be careful of who we let into this nation. Negroes like that.....trying to be "good Christians" and encouraging other AfroAmericans to take abuse and just practice "forgiveness" in the face of White hostility.....will set our people back I don't know how many years. We can't forget that in many parts of the world, some Black people still worship Caucasians and see them as saviors and extensions of Jesus Christ himself! Come on man, you KNOW those people have a White Jesus hanging on the wall in damn near every room of their house.....lol.
  21. Delano You have helped me see there is a link between the following cosmologies: Ifa; Kabbalah; I Ching. I'm not sure about I Ching, but the connection between Jewish mysticism (like Kabbalah) and West African spiritual systems like Ifa go waaaay back. Infact both have their origins in ancient Kemet. When we went up into the Caucasus mountains to civilize the Caucasians we raised up a group of smart ones to master them known today as Jews. Most of their mysticism comes from our ancient Kemetic sciences. But they only received a FRACTION of it. This is one of the reasons African centered systems like Ifa, Santeria, Vodun, ect.....share so many similarities with the ritualistic practices mentioned in the Bible like sacrificing animals and sprinkling blood and herbs.
  22. Kareem But how realistic do you think this is? Now assuming we could really put all of our petty BS aside and form an independent, cohesive, codified political party at a local level, I'd want it in Arizona or Texas. Those states are very gun-friendly, even towards black people. A true, genuine black agenda must include self-defense and preservation measures in white supremacist society. Guns are easy to obtain and maintain in these states and are necessary for true self-defense agendas. On a physical level....ANYTHING is realistic for African people as long as we desire it collectively. We are the masters of this planet. The only thing that prevents us from accomplishing this or just about anything else is the lack of EFFORT (usually out of lack of desire). If you look at it carefully, most of the social and political failures in the AfroAmerican community are NOT a result of us actually TRYING to accomplish a particular task and failing in performance. Now think about it! Usually, over 90% of the time it's a result of us not putting for the effort to even TRY to do something it in the first place. The number one culprit for this lack of effort is the lack of desire (the nigga don't wanna do it, he'd rather let Caucasians do it and come along later after the work is done and beg for a piece of it) , followed by fear (scared of what the Caucasians will do to him if he tries...although the fool is getting killed and locked up in prison any damn way so what the hell else can be done to him) , and then self-destructive infighting ......all of this before anyone has even MADE A MOVE to actually do something. It's like a man who sits at home alone every night mumbling and grumbling about how the women don't like him and how he can't get any coochie. But 9 times out of 10 you'll discover the problem isn't that women reject him or that he has erectile dysfunction.....the MAIN problem is he does't even TRY anymore. He took himself out of the game. And this is the same thing so many of our people do in this society....take themselves out of the game and psyche themselves out before they even get started. Me being "independently wealthy" doesn't change anything. Descendants of American Slavery must become wealthy collectively (meaning power over ourselves) and preserve/grow that wealth from any and all attacks. Keep the fire burning man. You are so right that we need COLLECTIVE WEALTH. OJ and Bill Cosby are two good examples of what could happen to independently RICH (neither are wealthy) AfroAmericas if White Supremacy decides to move on them. Without a network of AfroAmerican support to hold eachother up and protect eacother, all of an individual's wealth can be snatched away. Which brings me to my next point....... I like that you say we need WEALTH. One of the differences between wealth and mere riches is POWER and INFLUENCE in society. If Cosby or OJ had WEALTH to go along with their riches, they would have had the judges and lawyers as well as the prosecutors on their side. Wealth/power/influence would have seen to that. Trust....if I have 10 million dollars....I don't mind peeling off 5 million to make sure I'm in GREAT standings with the mayor, chief of police, prosecutors, and judges in my city so if anyone decides to even TRY to pull some slick shit and fuck with me or my money.....well.....they'll end up falling in their own trap. Our people need to learn how to CONTROL EVERY ASPECT of the environment they live in.
  23. Delano Lol, you're welcome. What about the mind? I'm glad you acknowledge the difference between the brain and the mind! Troy Where these ideas and solutions come from is anyone's guess but I would start with the brain. Not sure where Delano was going with his question to you, but at the risk of stealing some of his thunder....what if I were to tell you that the OPPOSITE were true? What if I were to tell you that instead of ideas coming FROM your brain, much of them come from your MIND which is not only separate from your brain but your brain is actually a filter that PREVENTS most of the ideas and information in your mind from manifesting?
  24. Further confirmation that we need OUR OWN schools. Much of the foolishness you see going on with AfroAmerican youth in these schools is as a direct or indirect result of LAZINESS. Laziness on the part of AfroAmerican adults who are TOO DAMN LAZY to establish their own institutions and would rather just shove their children out the door to Caucasian operated public schools and use them as free day care centers to take care of their children while they're either at work (for Caucasians themselves) or at home bullshitting much of their day away. And the children are paying the price for their parent's laziness. I guess....sometimes the sins of the fathers actually CAN be visited upon the children after all.
  25. Kareem It's pretty clear that @azacotogan and @àgɛ̀lògbàgàn are the same person/persona since they like each other's own posts and both profiles were created in the last 4-5 days. Dude, just share info and be cool. Some of the stuff you post would be interesting if you weren't such a douche. Well if they're not the same, they're clearly working together to push some sort of program here. I was actually thinking what YOU were that some of what they're posting sounded quite interesting, just drop the cultural set trippin' and "bible thumping" attitudes....lol. What I'm really interested in is this "nation/kingdom" narrative with the language, religious, and writing system they are pushing. I've been saying for years that our people (whatever we're calling ourselves now a days) need OUR OWN culture. Culture is more than just dress, but also language, writing, diet, social and moral codes, ect.... Anytime I run into fellow Africans who are attempting to establish these customs among themselves.....even if they are making them up out of thin air....I take notice, because it's a sign of a strong desire for independence and nationhood.
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