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  1. So the next time a little Black girl accuses a grown White man of sexual assault, will she be believed? Or will people have this image buried into their subconscious of how overt and seductive even the LITTLE Black girls can be when "tempting" White men.....and take that into consideration for justifying any behavior inflicted upon her?
  2. You tell me....lol. You JUST SAID that I didn't; so what sense does it make to ask me NOW? Seems to me a question like that should be asked BEFORE telling someone where they have or haven't lived, not after....lol.
  3. Troy Seriously, why didn't those folks, on the job, call 911 when the girl looked like she was about to pass out? Why didn't you drive her to the emergency room? Trust me, if you looked "gray" and "waxy," and then passed out in my call we'd be headed to the nearest emergency room. Why didn't the boyfriend take her to the hospital or to see a doctor? That's the same thing I was thinking. Why didn't Chev or the boyfriend just take the girl to the hospital. But I know some people like that. If something goes wrong the FIRST thing they think to do isn't to call an ambulance or even go to the hospital, but to call up a friend or relative and ask for help. Chev @Chevdove Alright, it's Easter Sunday and I finally got enough time to sit down and read this story......lol. I've been meaning to read it all the way through for days now. For some reasons I thought it was cute how you were just trying to get some sleep and kept taking cold medicine while people were constantly bothering you and barging into your room. I also though it was funny how after you threatened that one girl she quietly put down the phone and then stood up and RAN AWAY.....lol. I would have loved to be in that house just to observe the daily going's on.....LOL. But aside from something telling you to call your friend's job, how is this "supernatural"? Further...... There's been a lot of talk on here about "watchers" and who they are. Much of it is based on mythology found in the Book of Enoch, but do you want to know the TRUTH about Watchers? Although spirits and guides are real, the TRUTH is that the original Watchers were the Black soldiers placed at the southern border of the Caucasus mountains to keep wild tribes of Caucasians from coming back down and disrupting the Black civilizations south of them like Sumeria and Kemet. These Watchers were Black soldiers and as evidence of this some of their descendants STILL continued to live in that southern Caucasus region thousands of years later......called Colchians.
  4. Troy This is a major film and it's getting heavy endorsement and advertisement. I think you're taking this too lightly or not looking into the implications of it deeply enough. With all of the uproar and hell being raised about R Kelly and Elijah Muhammad's interactions with girls and young ladies..... Now some of these same people who were making the most noise are now silent over a film that in a back handed way seems to sexualize a 14 year old girl and make it seem as if she has the hots for a grown White man. Again, what kind of messages are they putting into the minds of young Black girls depicting another young Black girls who can be seen over and over again giving a grown White man "bedroom eyes" and overtly flirting with him? Who's sick ass fantasy is this? Did Issa Rae think this was cute?
  5. Oh, I haven't??? Ok....well.....thank you for correcting me on MY residential history, lol.
  6. Troy I'm not sure what YOUR point is, but MY points remains the same that whether you are a professor with a Doctorate or a floor mopper who doesn't even have a GED.......if you aren't making enough money to live independently and support yourself YOU ARE NOT EDUCATED. And again, the first priority a person should have is the ability to sustain themselves and their family and obviously since you and others are complaining about the wages at CU of NY being inadequate....whether or not they are in actual, relative, or hyperbolic poverty is irrelevant. The fact is they aren't earning the wages they'd like to earn or even NEED to earn to make a decent living.
  7. Haven't seen it yet but from the little research I've done on it already, I don't like it. Just more racist stereotypes hidden (and not so hidden) in well planned acting and directing. You got a Black man called Mr. Nancy (short for Anansi but still a woman's name) in a clown suit gritting his teeth and looking crazy. He's known as a "trickster" And another Black man named Shadow Moon who is an ex-convict. I don't give a damn how well you dress it up or how good the acting is...... It's just more stereotypes of Black people acting stupid, crazy, and criminal while the White characters are running the show. Poison will still harm you regardles of how great the food it's slipped in tastes.
  8. So....... After reading that story, my initial reaction was to shake my head and say: "It's not enough for Mel and Cynique to proudly proclaim how attracted and appreciative they are of powerful confident White men......but now even Chevdove is on here posting stories about how "beautiful" White men with golden hair (if that's what you want to call beautiful) are coming to her rescue and comparing them to and calling these White men angels !!! Because of earlier Christian conditioning, too many of our people and especially our women have a deep down conditioning since childhood to see White men as their angels, saviors, and protectors which is why our women tend to be so much more inlove with "Jesus" than most Black men." But you know what? I wasn't there and don't know what happened nor what you went through so I can't condemn it or praise it with my arm chair philosphying. I'm glad you got the help that you needed sis. I just hope that The Supreme Being continues to send ME help when I need it. I prefer that the humans sent to help me come in the form of BLACK men and women, but I'll accept them in any color.
  9. This is a clip from a new movie called "Little" which I guess is supposed to be a modern version of "Big". I'm looking for a more detailed version in which the Issa is stuttering and stammering in the presence of this White man because she finds him so attractive. So it's not enough to have adult Black women salivating and panting over White men, but now they gotta train little Black girls to do the same thing??? Training our little sisters to be all up in movies making passes as White men and acting like they're in heat for them. What kind of message are scenes like this supposed to be sending, and for whom???
  10. Ahhhh.....Game of Thrones. More powerful and confident (and quite violent) White men for you and Mel to appreciate and fall inlove with, lol.
  11. Chev But @Pioneer1 I may have forgotten the actual topic and may need to re-read the early comments, but if a person has obtained a certain degree and education or TRAINING, however, they cannot force the college or government to pay them the wages they feel they deserve? right? They could if they were PROPERLY EDUCATED on unionization, organization, and how to demand more benefits for themselves.....which is how most people have traditionally gotten wage increases from their places of employment. Again, this is the difference between EDUCATION and mere TRAINING. All of these degrees and certificates and shit mean nothing if you can barely eat or pay your bills. Many of these professors were TRAINED in a very narrow specific field to do a particular job...which is teach students for the university. That's what they were hired to do, and that's what they're doing. But if they were PROPERLY EDUCATED then they would know enough about society, history, and life itself to realize that CUofNY will not just arbitrarily increase their wages and be nice to them, but they'll have to demand a wage increase and perhaps even take punitive action if necessary. Again, TRULY educated people KNOW HOW to get what they want and need. If they aren't smart enough to figure out how to demand hire wages and more benefits, they aren't smart enough....and aren't educated regardless as to how many letters they have before or after their names.
  12. Cynique   Chicago's black population has no large "old money" class. What passes for its elite, doesn't go back more than 3 generations with a high percentage of this first generation drawing from residents of "the projects" which, back in the day, were populated by respectable working-class people from the ranks of the great migration and who possessed middle class "values" but were employed in the service industries or at places like the Post Office or who ran"on the road" as Pullman Car waiters or were employed in Civil Service positions after passing tests which qualified them for these government jobs. Well Chicago SHOULD have a Black "old money" class since Black folks have been getting rich in Chicago for over a century now. The Defender was full of Black success stories back in the old Black and White days so Black wealth and power has had a strong grip in Chicago for a long time. Maybe Black Chicagoans with money should stop abandoning their city letting Latinos and Arabs take over formerly Black neighborhoods while they run off to Atlanta, California, and Las Vegas. If you go down to Atlanta nearly a third of Black folks there are actually FROM Chicago. And if you ask them why they left they'll same some crazy shit like "they didn't like all the snow".
  13. The Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) tend to be patriarchal in nature. The Abrahamic concept is founded in the Caucasian mistrust of their own women because they feared if women had too much power and freedom they'd start choosing the men THEY found attractive and wanted to sleep with instead of being forced to be with men out of dependence.....which could ultimately mean they'd choose Black men. Look at the Kardashians and other wealthy Caucasian women who openly choose Black men and other men of color as sexual partners. When women have money and independence they then have the freedom to choose who THEY want, and a lot of men in power don't like that. This is one of the reasons why unlike traditional African and Native American cultures where women tended to have more freedom, in Caucasian cultures and religions women have been suppressed and in many cases demonized.
  14. Lol......and look at what happened to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Karma is something else, ain't it.
  15. I'm not suprised. I've said this before, but the intellect of AfroAmerica has been dissolving since the 80s. Media and periodicals are an intellectual pursuit and takes a certain level of intelligence and academic discipline to operate them successfully. The simple fact is many of those in these past few generations don't have the smarts or discipline to even MAINTAIN what their parents and grand parents started....let alone build on top of it and expand it. The REASONS for this intellectual decline vary but I would say the main causes include the steady dismantling of the public educational systems in most urban areas since the 80s designed to purposely "dumb down" the population, and the poor dietary habits of most AfroAmericans since the 70s which negatively affects the proper development of the brain. Oh...and I can't leave out the powerful impact that hard core drugs like heroin and cocaine (in all of it's various forms) has had on the mental development of Black youth.
  16. Troy Again, it's a silly argument. Ofcourse no man WANTS to see his mother or daughter taken advantage of (although I've read where one of the pharoahs prostituted his own daughter to raise money to build one of the pyramids); but public policies shouldn't be governed by PERSONAL emotions and desires. It's like asking a person who is pro-choice: "Well how would you feel if YOUR daughter got an abortion?" Since no man (in his right mind) wants to see his mother or daughter sliding naked up and down on a pole, should we just GET RID of stripping and exotic dancing altogether? It's about freedom and letting people make their own decisions on how they want to live their lives. Second, When you say a pimp manipulates and brainwashes women in order to take advantage of them....... Sounds like most preachers and priests to me. Except they are brainwashing and manipulating BOTH men AND women into giving them money by selling them what some would consider false hope and lies. Atleast a pimp guarantees protection on the streets as well as bail out of jail of they get caught up.
  17. Even when it's organized it can help or it can hurt. It really depends on the person. Although I don't think it's best for me personally, I recognize that some people actually DO need organized religion. Just like some people need a regimented institution like the military to make sure they take a bath every day, eat properly, and go to bed and wake up on time....because they're not disciplined enough to do it on their own..... It's the same with organized religion. Some people need it to keep THEIR lives organized and morally correct. The problem is when they try to FORCE their morals and religious beliefs on others. But if a person living in my community needs to believe in Jesus and get "saved" in order to keep them from breaking in houses, raping, or killing people.....not only will I encourage them to go to church I'LL DRIVE THEM EVERY SUNDAY!
  18. Having lived in different spots across this nation I can say that BY FAR the most common interracial couples are that of Caucasian men and East Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipina) women. Yet it appears that few people even raise an eyebrow at how frequent this occurs, let alone criticize it. The focus of most people is STILL who Black men are having sex with. Not just Whites but Asians, Arabs, Latinos, ect.....all non-AfroAmerican races and ethnic groups have a sub-conscious interest with who AfroAmerican males are sleeping with. Does anyone remember when Grey's Anatomy first came out and you had a -VERY rarely seen on television- Black man who had an East Asian love interest? I knew it wasn't going to last long and before you knew it the brother ended up being kicked off the show because he allegedly made a homophobic remark. But he wasn't replaced with ANOTHER Black man; so that was the end of that Afro/Asian love affair. Non-American Black Man Women tend to be less "racially loyal" than men, and will usually get with whoever has the most protection and provision to offer them in community. If it's a White dominated community like a suburb or college campus you'll see most of the women catering to White men and their likes in order to secure some provision. If it's a Black dominated community like many American ghettoes, or a rap/hip hop event you'll see the women of all races trying to act Black and get next to Black men for protection and provision. It's about WHICH men control the resources and hold the most respect in a particular society or community. I don't know if you've ever heard this but it's one of the reasons integration was so harmful to the Black community in the United States. Also, it seems to me that many dark skinned Black women are angry at Black men in particular and even other Black women and the Black community in general for how they were treated as children. I'm what many would consider light skinned but I've always liked women of ALL shades. It wasn't the shade or complexion that attracted me but the facial FEATURES as well as the body shape.
  19. The Bible (actually just the Torah) started off as a book of laws and statues FROM Africans (Kemet specifically) given TO Caucasians to civilize them while they were living savagely in the Caucasus mountains. Why was meat put on an alter and sacrificed? You couldn't explain to a savage how germs would make them sick, so you had to tell him to burn it as an offering and then eat it afterwards in order to keep him from getting sick. So no, we shouldn't believe in the Bible because it's not our book. It wasn't written for us, but for Caucasians. Despite how similarly we behave from living in this society for centuries, we actually have a different nature, and therefor we should have a different moral code and different spiritual practices. Troy That is an interesting idea. Is that like a colon cleanse. Where you purge your system and don't take in any more garbage for a few days? If so, how does one purge one's brain; what is the mental version of a laxative Try "brainwashing" techniques.....lol. Or meditation.
  20. Chev That is SO NOT TRUE. These kinds of problems are not because someone has not been properly educated in the area of content for which they studied, but has to do with the higher government in how money is allocated out for various programs, various institutions and etc If these people were PROPERLY educated they wouldn't have these problems to begin with regardless of their area of study. But they WEREN'T educated...they were merely TRAINED. There's a difference between EDUCATION and TRAINING. Education is teaching a person how to think for themselves while mere training is teaching them how to do a specific task. White institutions don't "educate" Black people, they merely TRAIN them to do a specific job. Usually to work for them. In this society, most Black people have to EDUCATE THEMSELVES as best they can through their experiences and observations. This is especially true on most jobs!
  21. Troy Man, I strongly suspect that you posted this thread JUST to get my participation in it.....lol. But I share those observations you've mentioned about the media pushing Caucasian male and African (Black) female couples more and more in the media now. It's clearly a racist attempt, but the vulgar behavior of so many young Black men ain't helping the situation much. Many young Black men aren't dressing and dancing or just acting as smooth as they used to. Too many are smelling like skunky weed, are fat, sloppy dressing, and can't even hold a conversation and this is turning a lot of women off who would ordinarily under normal circumstance RATHER have a Black man over a White man. On top of that, if you notice, some White men are imitating the smooth style that many Black men had back in the 70s and 90s!   It's funny, I thought it was just ME who noticed the large amount of mixed race basketball players on the scene lately. This is especially seen in the NCAA more so than the NBC. I didn't mention it to anyone but kind of noticed it and now I hear others talking about it!
  22. Delano We shall see, I'm waiting on the end of May............ Cynique and when our eyes briefly locked, there was something there. Do you see anything in my future that could revolve around him? If his eyes locked with YOURS..........I'm more concerned about what's in HIS future, LOL.
  23. This may be an unpopular position to take.....but what's new? I have NO PROBLEM with men pimping or women prostituting AS LONG AS IT'S ALL VOLUNTARY. Infact, as a teenager it was popular for Black males in Detroit to call eachother "pimp" as a term of respect. "Yo....whaddup pimp?" "Wassup big pimpin' ?" As long as Black men aren't physically taking advantage of the women they are pimping and as long as the women who are prostituting themselves aren't being physically forced to do so I have no problem with it and actually think it should be legal and regulated to prevent or atleast cut down on the STDs. And to intercept the question before anyone asks me "what if it were YOUR mother, sister, or daughter being pimped, would you still see it as OK?" My response would be that's a FOOLISH question! The same argument could be made for sex in general. You can ask a man who wants sex from his girlfriend or wife: "Well what if she was your mother or daughter.....would you still want to bang her and have her suck on your @#$%????" Men have sex with women, and they've been doing this shit since the beginning of humanity. Nothing will stop it. Society can preach against it, they can make laws against it, ect...but it won't stop. You can lock as many people up as you want and even the prison guards will be having sex with the inmates. As long as men and women are consenting and not being forced to engage in activities they don't want to participate in, leave them the hell alone. I'm a little angry over this because I see VIOLENCE as a much bigger problem in this world than sex.....yet some people seem to still be obsessed with punishing people for having sex or paying for it or doing it for money. Hell....this society allows gay men and lesbian women to marry eachother, is that supposed ot be BETTER than pimping and ho'ing? There is violence, terminal diseases, and other more important things to worry about and arrest people over than who they're having sex with. As long as children aren't involved and no one is being raped or forced into it....LEAVE THEM ALONE. Troy And if what I said above didn't sound stupid to you, what I'm about to say may REALLY sound like like one of the dumbest things you've heard in a long time........LOL. But PERHAPS some of those young Black men accused of pimping in that college are actually BETTER OFF focusing on perfecting the art of pimping and the prostitution industry instead of whatever the hell they're studying in college; because THAT....if it were legalized.....would make them a whole lot more money and afford them a better life than most jobs they'll get with those degrees after graduating......if they can find work at all.
  24. Well.......... Unlike most Black nationalists, I don't make a habit of bashing White liberals because you don't always know which one's are sincere and which one's are being deceptive. And because you don't know, by slandering them all you may inavertently insult and offend one who sincerly wants to do the right thing and treat you with justice. However that said, these are good points that are true on many levels. Homosexuality IS being promoted toward the Black communities not just here in the United States but through out the Carribean and even in many African nations. They just hired an Afro Puerto Rican man at my job a few months ago who is also a drag queen entertainer and like many homosexual men he stares at and flirts with some of the male employees (including those who make it clear they aren't gay) more than the WOMEN do. Like most Carribean communities, the Puerto Rican culture didn't accept that type of behavior just a couple generations ago; but after so much interaction with American culture in New York and Florida the LGBT lifestyle is starting to flourish in the Puerto Rican community.
  25. Troy Again, you're making my point. People who have PhD's but for whatever reason are condemned to earn a poverty wage are NOT properly educated despite all of the formal "book learning" they managed to accumulate....lol. Because obviously whatever they learned didn't teach them how to make a decent living for themselves; which should have been the entire point of them getting an education in the first place. It's the same with a so-called world class institution that runs out of basic stationary. Like most accreditted universities I'm sure CUNY rakes in millions of dollars a year. If they aren't providing enough office supplies for their staff it's because they don't want to or don't care....not because they can't. And the point I'm making is this.....along with the poverty wages for part-time professors with Phd's...says more about THE STAFF and how silly they are to allow themselves to be played like fools and suckers while a handful of people at the top somewhere are hoarding much of the wealth and funds that come in. And I think you're raising the standards too high on your definition of the "upper class". You're talking about the upper echelon OF the upper class, but this isn't the entirety of the class itself. Take a listen to an excerpt of a lecture by the famous AfroAmerican psychologist Dr. Amos Wilson on the dangers of Western education. This is a man who's achieved among the highest of degrees in Western academia and even HE has a healthy mistrust of Western education!
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