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  1. Kareem The reason we don't see Nat Turners, Malcolm Xs, Huey Newtons, etc. anymore is because these souls and their followers freed themselves from this Biblical Hell called Earth. Either that....and/or the enemy has effectively used chemical warfare to produce a generation of castrated imbiciles not smart enough nor brave enough to pose a serious threat.
  2. Kareem While your philosophy sounds attractive as if it pieces certain things together, however as you know many organized religions also teach similar concepts.....that this world is just a test or place of punishment. How much EVIDENCE do you have that what you say is the case? In other words what type of experiences and observations do you have supporting your conclusion that you feel comfortable sharing with us on this forum?
  3.   Kareem This is very true. The people who call themselves "Libertarians" today were the Liberals from 1860 to about 1960. Liberal became what you describe thereafter. Your definition of liberal is respectable. But from what I know of you, you have little in common with today's liberals. I actually considered calling myself "libertarian" but even that title has been a bit tainted because from what I've observed most liberatarians are just racist conservatives absent the religious or moral front....lol. Most Libertarians aren't really liberal and open minded. Most are closely allied with the Republican party and far-right agenda and when they rail against government intrusion or too many laws...it's usually against racial and gender laws that prevent them from being as openly racist and sexist as they used to be. Ron and Rand Paul are two great examples of these Libertarians. When they say less government they mean repeal the 1964 Civil Rights laws and any other law to protect you...lol. And you're right, we faired much better under Segregation than so-called Integration. One of the reasons was because we KNEW Caucasians were racist and didn't like us and we KNEW we had to build for ourselves and do for ourselves so it forced upon us a spirit of independence that you still find among most African and Carribean immigrants who come to the United States from nations where White folks aren't around to take care of their every need. Now to your choice (or lack there of) of candidates, I'm sure you already know which part of your statement I'm going to zero in on......lol. If you feel.....like I do.....that Patrick -though no where near perfect- is definately better than Trump, it seems to me the most logical and strategic at this point thing to do is take our agenda to him and drill the shit out of him with it ensuring: a) He gets in office b) When he gets in he keeps most of his promises to us Superman ain't coming and these devils ain't all going to drop dead in mass any time soon. Although death may be an option individually, collectively our people need a plan to prevent them from being victim to mass enslavement again and that plan MUST BE IMPLIMENTED. I just don't see the point in helping Democrats when they don't help me, my family or my people. You don't see it because it doesn't exist. You have to FORCE people to help you by CLEARLY stating what it is you want (first you have to know what you want yourself). Most AfroAmericans don't have an agenda to present to the Democrats OR the Republicans for them to consider! Infact, many AfroAmericans don't even know what the hell they want! Gays want the right to get married and have their lifestyle taught in school. Latinos want full citizenship status and business opportunities for ALL of their people both legal and illegal. What do AfroAmericans as a group want.....besides NOT to be targetted. "Man let me tell ya....... fuck ALL dat shit, I just want muufuuuz to leave me 'lone! Juss let a nicca chiilllllll, naw mean? Juss let a nicca sit on his couch and smoke his trees without tda po-lice kickin the damn doe down and we good!" Some with a LITTLE more sense and can put a decent sentence together might admit to you all he really wants is a white woman with a big butt and a nice house and car.....and he's good. He could care less about what others are going through. Other people are demanding tangible assets, and negroes are just hoping and begging to have LESS harassment and LESS misery than they are already experiencing and whoever can promise them LESS pain.....well. Naw, we have to have an agenda with CLEAR demands like: 1. Universal free healthcare for all AfroAmerican descendants of slaves forever 2. Skilled trades program free of charge for all ADOS who want to learn for atleast 400 years 3. Business loans and grants for all ADOS with less regulation ......and many many more tangibles. And these benefits MUST be exclusively set aside FOR US (ADOS) not not EVERY-damn-BODY. You promise us just 75% if these benefits for our vote and when you get in deliver on that promise and we'll override the Constitution and keep your ass in office for 10 terms.....lol.
  4. Troy Dude, what impact has BLM had on your life, or the life of anyone you know? BLM's pro-homophilia platform negatively impacts the social status of AfroAmericans in general and makes us look even more immoral and broken. You're looking at things from a typical U.S. INDIVIDUALISTIC mentality. You say what BLM does and what gays do have nothing to do with you and little impact on your life....which is the way it SHOULD be....but not the way it IS. When people from other nations and cultures (nations and cultures that are far more collectivist than ours) come to the United States or watch the politics of this nation from abroad and they see AfroAmericans engaged in or associated with crime, violence, mass incarceration, and now homophile and pedophile behavior....it justifies the mistreatment in their minds. If they see some acting that way...they assume ALL act that way.
  5. This just further proves my point to @Chevdove and @Ldvirtue that racism is ingrained in the very psyche and genetic make-up of most Caucasians. This 16 year old girl.....like 19 year old Dylan Roof.....didn't have to be "taught" racism and how to hate people of color; it was IN THEM to feel this way! This is the thing most AfroAmericans and people of color in general need to understand in order to protect themselves and stop getting victimized over and over again. When they were made, this type of hatred and desire to dominate and mistreat others was injected into them and is passed down genetically similar to how pit bulls and rotweillers are breed and genetically programed to be mean and vicious.
  6. Kareem As I ponder over all that you have written, let me say that when I use the term "Caucasian" I'm including most of the racist Arabs who enslaved Africans in North Africa and the Middle East. This is one of the reasons I prefer the term "Caucasian" instead of "White" which produces a deceptive image in one's mind that the only guilty people are some pale skinned blonde Germanic types. Caucasians are those pink or ruddy colored people originally from central Asia who INCLUDE the modern European as well as most Iranians, Arabs, and northern Indians....all of whom have a vivid history of racism, enslavement, and mass murder of darker peoples.
  7. Kareem     Can you name any period in "American history," meaning 1500-2019, that black people weren't killed in mass at the hands of racists? Honestly, I can't. There are periods where we FOUGHT BACK a lot more, but periods where it was completely absent.....I'm not sure. Less government intrusion is traditionally a conservative philosophy. It's interesting you say that's a liberal philosophy. I misspelled it but again I'm a CLASSICAL liberal. The contemporary liberal is a tree hugging, pro immigrant, high taxation, promo-homophile who is really everything EXCEPT liberal and tolerant. Most people who call themselves "progressive" and "liberal" today are just as closed-minded and intolerant of other view points and lifestyles they disagree with as the conservatives are....just on the other extreme. In Classic Liberalism you have LIBERTY. Meaning you have your own PERSONAL morals and values but you support a society where everything is allowed as long as it doesn't directly harm others or is imposed on others. The older I get the more I'm beginning to believe this is the best type of society because every individual is unique and should be free and safe to express themselves as individuals instead of the "hive" mentality that exists in most cultures around the world. Actually, I think it's one of the reasons the United States has advanced so much futher than most other nations in such a short period of time. Now let me ask you a question brother...... I hear what you're saying about these different candidates and I can't say I disagree, but do you think Kamala Harris or Deval Patrick is WORSE than or BETTER than Trump? Because if you acknowledge that as bad as they may be they are atlease better than Trump, then the logical choice for your own well being would be atleast to vote (for what it's worth) for them. I think our votes count if we MAKE them count. I know there's a lot of corruption in the process and system, however outside of a revolution (which you can't have with only 2 or 3 people while the rest are sitting on the porch getting high wondering what all the noise is about) what alternative do you have but to TRY to correct it? Sitting to the side with your arms folded looking angry ain't going to change it.....these bastards are going to continue to push their agenda through and through until SOMEONE/S stop them with a COUNTER agenda. The world ain't gonna just "end" and these clowns wither away. They are going to stay in charge until someone comes up with a viable plan and impliment it to replace them. Now if WE don't step up.......best believe you have Asians and Latinos more than willing to try and take the place.
  8. Troy "Political correctess" is a tool that many racist Caucasians are now using to harass and terrorize AfroAmericans. Originally political correctness was a code of conduct meant to protect AfroAmericans and women from racist and sexist jokes and slurs endured in the work place and society in general from White males. Now that homophiles, biophiles, and transexuals have been added to the list of "protected groups" racists Caucasians monitor the speech and behavior of AfroAmericans and seize upon any opportunity to point the finger and accuse them of political incorrectness, insensitivity, sexism, homophobia, and even reverse racism. A good example is when Ginuwine refused to kiss a man and was called a homophobe and harassed for it: https://www.bet.com/music/2018/01/08/ginuwine-big-brother-celebrity-trans-woman-twitter-debate.html While I don't think the oligarchy is using homosexuality to destroy the Black community, Ofcourse they're not trying to destroy it....because they know they can't, lol. But they are trying to DESTABLIZE it (even further) by confusing the roles and expectations of males and females thus pitting them against eachother and lowering the birth/population rate. BLM is just one of their tools for this.
  9. Kareem I have to admit that part of the reason I like Tulsi is that she's attractive both physically and mentally Well if you want to talk about looks.....Tulsi isn't a bad looking woman but Kamala isn't hard on the eyes either! I wouldn't mind looking at either one of them for 4 or 8 years.....lol. Tulsi Gabbard Kamala Harris By the way, there IS NO anti-war President. They will all be handed the same foreign policy agenda regardless as to who it is or what campaign promises they made while running. You know as well as anyone that Presidents are pretty much figure heads and have only a slight influence on foreign policy. Maybe they could run together and give us a wet Dream Ticket...lol. Patrick as governor helped block a ballot measure in Massachusetts that would have affirmed marriage as a union between one man and one woman We've had proposals like that in Michigan and I've opposed them also. But not because I support gay marriage but because I see a more nefarious plot. Why can't they just say marriage is between men and women; why do they have to narrow it down to ONE man and ONE woman which would perpetually prohibit polygamy? I'm a liberal in the classis sense of desiring as less government intrusion on my private affairs as possible, which means I would keep the government out of the marriage business period and keep it between people and thier personal faiths OR just keep it as civil union contracts between whoever and treat it as any other binding contract. Caucasians love extremism. If they aren't going to ONE extreme end where all the gay people in their society are killed.....they go to the other end where gays are encouraged to get married. They just can't tolerate a live and let live society where those of us who want to be single, married to one woman, or married to 20 willing women are allowed to do what we want in peace. Back to Patrick...... Look brother, we can't let PERFECT be the enemy of the GOOD. I know he's not the most ideal brother to run but compared to all of the rest and especially compared to 45...come on. You have to look at this from a strategic point of view (not that you're not already). Tariq and others have called for us to sit this one out as some sort of "punishment" or statement to the Democrats......man please. To sit this election out and allow 45 to take the reins again is only a slap on the wrist to Democratic leadership at best. You ain't hurting these bastards. It's a game to them and ofcourse they don't like losing but they're going to be rich and set either way no matter WHO is in office. Hell, they are all friends with eachother at the top anyway. But what happens to the masses of OUR people with another 45 term in office? How many more will be killed at the hands of racists who are emboldened by his presence? How much more will homelessness and destitution grow among AfroAmerican men like it has under his administration? I know, things weren't too much better under Obama but they have quickly degenerated to even worse under Trump. It's time to stop just surviving and weathering the damn storm and focus on finding someone who will actually bring us out of the red and into some positive figures for success. What we need is something we didn't have when Obama took office -AN AGENDA. We need to focus on mapping out a real and tangible agenda for our success and posterity so that when this brother gets in office it won't be just the gays or feminists or corporatists or big pharma pushing and tugging at him but WE will have the best seat at the table and be the most organized to present and push our agenda.
  10. Kareem I believe our souls pissed off "the gods" at some point and we were all banished to this world of feral Edomites. Hmmm..... Very interesting concept. All of what you said was deep but that sentence grabbed my attention because whether it's true or false it offers itself as an explaination. Could you expound on it a little (actually a lot) more and more specifically if you care to speculate as to what our people may have done in the past that their souls may have angered the Divine. And if what you say is indeed true, wouldn't that make Caucasians and their system on this planet the "tools" and institution of the Divine designed to punish? Much like a prison is an institution of the government and you would be better off blaming the officer who arrested you or judge who sentenced you more so than the warden and correctional officers who are doing what they were authorized to do by higher authority. This isn't a "set up" by the way.... but sincere curiousity.....so be at ease and go as deep as you like.
  11. Lol, Harry, Harry, Harry......... This reminds me of the late great Dr. Khalid Muhammad and how he taught on the brainwashing that so many AfroAmericans underwent with the images of white Jesus and white angels. He would say a Black man sentenced to prison would get on his knees and pray, "Oh lawwwd....they done gave me 20 years! Please please PLEASE save me from this!" But in your mind while you're praying you're imaging Jesus as a blonde haired blue eyed cra white man (wasn't his exact words...lol) who looks JUST like the cra white man who gave you the damn 20 years! How are you gonna get free? How in the HELL are you gonna get free calling on a god who looks just like the damn devil who is torturing you????
  12. Deeeeyyyyyyum....... Is this the SAME seemingly corny white-washed Byron Allen we've been watching on telvision for decades, now talking this radically about race, corporate racism, and Black empowerment.....or did I get it twisted and this is really Harry Allen from Public Enemy?
  13. Troy I wouldn't say "white people" in general but the White Establishment.....the wealthy influencial group of Caucasians who control much of this society.....are using multiple methods INCLUDING funding BLM to promote HOMO (not hemo which has to do with blood) philia in the AfroAmerican community and make it more acceptable to the masses. I'm not sure if they are funding Yvette for this or even funding her at all, but they ARE funding BLM for this very reason.
  14. Troy Some people are crediting Bloomberg for the city's decline in crime but for years I heard that Guiliani actually deserved the credit because it started declining under his administration. I heard it was Guiliani's policy of going after people for petty shit like smashing windows, littering, and unsolicited car winshield washing and coming down hard on them as a form of intimidation and nipping criminality in the bud before they became more serious. But if you and many of the other AfroAmericans who are old enough to remember NYC of the 80s and 90s compared to today all pretty much saying the same thing......that crime HAS declined......then regardless as to who deserves the credit (or "blame" depending where you stand), in my opinion this raises questions as how much civil rights violations and outright racism by law enforcement is the public willing to tolerate in exchange for a safer city .   Kareem and Troy Not sure about Tulsi, I haven't followed her much BUT I have to admit that I just might get behind Patrick! Look, the brother IS....unlike Obama....ADOS all the way. Born and raised in Chicago from a single mother and ended up Governor of Massachussets. He's not perfect, but from the little bit I've researched on him he's got a lot more potential for our success than anyone else running currently. He (Deval Patrick) allegedly has a lesbian daughter so we already know the LGBTQIA has a seat at the table...lol.....but I'm gonna have to just charge that shit to the game and see what we can get out of this brother. A second term for Trump is way too destructive to play with. If you think he's bad now, imagine him if he beat the case without removal AND got re-elected! He'd take that as a sure message to go straight buck wild. When it comes to 45 it's not a matter of voting for the lesser of two evils, but deciding between someone who is indifferent to our concerns and someone who is down right diabolical. Nah, we can't sit this one out. Like Vera said in Harlem Nights, we ALL about to be some fighting m......f......z!
  15. Kareem That public between feud between he and Umar Johnson was the first warning sign. They both CHILDISHLY attacked one another on social media because each exposed the other's hustle. Now this feud with Tariq vs. Antonio and Yvette is really getting sad. I couldn't have agreed with you more on the Tariq/Umar beef. It was not only embarassing but just down right disappointing. I was far more disappointed at those two brothers going at it than I was over the alleged Eastcoast/Westcoast feud because I expected that type of ignorance and bravado coming from rappers and street cats, but not from brothers who considered themselves "conscious" and woke. But I believe it was either Lenon Honor or Willie D was speaking on the issue and said to let people beef and pop off because the more they do so the more they expose things about their opponents the public may not have known and probably need to and the more THEY reveal about themselves as well. I now know how sensitive to all criticizm and petty (even he admits to this) Tariq is because of his feuds with others and I also know how egotistical and sensitive to criticizm Umar is also as well how ghetto and street he can become when angered as was revealed with his brief feud with Seti.   Agreed and with the powerless, puppet liberal negroes. I think Tariq is damaging his image big-time over the last week with this ADOS vs. FBA stuff. I know the black masses are DESPERATE for leadership so we give people a lot of leeway. But judging from comments on his Twitter and Youtube feeds, he's losing support for pettiness. But then again, the ADOS organization is also losing credibility in lieu of #ADOS our people. Nothing to say but touche. As much as I support the brother, I can't defend Tariq's behavior in this case because his feud with Tone is totally unnecessary. If I may offer ANY kind of defense, I would say that Tariq's criticism of #ADOS leadership is coming from a strategic point of view where he felt.....as Neely Fuller Jr teaches...that once you label yourself an organization with leaders (Tone and Yvette) you are now targeted by the establishment therefore they should remain low key.......but HE'S not following his own advise by jumping off the FBA movement, lol. Troy What is the agenda white are using Blacklivesmatter and yvette to promote? Institutionalizing homophilia as part of AfroAmerican culture. I'm not sure if Yvette Carnell is actually being used by the establishment but she is an open lesbian with a Caucasian girlfriend so I don't think she's the best person to promote "traditonal" AfroAmerican values or promote ADOS culture. However BLM was established to aggressively promote homophilia in the AfroAmerican community on the street level by incorporating local activists into the movement and forcing them to agree with the "gay agenda" for funding.
  16. Kareem Is it possible that a relatively healthy 20 something year old woman could have a heart attack from losing a family member? I suppose it IS in the realm of possiblity. However we have people from the Middle East, inner city ghettos, and war zones all around the world where people have seen their entire families slaughtered....not just on tape.....but INFRONT of them and as distressing as it is most of them don't die of heart attacks. But perhaps as you said she decided to leave this world on her own terms (bordering on suicide?) OR perhaps her father felt her grief and pulled her out of here. What you said was very philosophical in that I've often considered whether this world of Caucasian domination (I'm trying to move away from the term "white supremacy") we were born into was meant to be a challenge to "go through" or one for us to "overcome" and defeat.
  17. Troy Ofcourse I read the document...or what was left of it. It's been so heavily redacted it's hard to come to any definate or substantial conclusions based on this memo alone but clearly it outlines a persistent and evidently successful on some level attempt by various "white supremist" organizations to infiltrate law enforcement agencies around the nation. All of the behavior we've seen from Caucasian officers lately points to a DE FACTO infiltration whether or not officials have admitted this in writing. Kareem Don't forget Erica Garner! Eric Garner's daughter who allegedly died of a "heart attack" at only 27.
  18. Troy So you are saying that the masses relate more to Iron Mike than to MLK? Do you? I don't. No, because I personally respect and admire intelligence and charisma OVER mere brute aggression and bravado, although I've had to use both to get things done in the community. However, I believe the masses of young urban AfroAmerican males...definately relate more to Iron Mike than they do Martin Luther "Da" King. I don't know of any young AfroAmericans who don't have a measure of honor for King and what he's done, even those who call him a "sell out" will readily acknowledge his intelligence and love for his people despite criticizing his methods. But as far as who is considered more "relatable", Tyson would win. How many people PERIOD let alone poor urban AfroAmerican men can relate to a well educated social activist and high-achiever with a doctorate (besides maybe you)? Most will see someone like that far and above their reach to relate to. But a Black man from the hood who grew up running from the police, fighting, and getting in trouble and despite his limited intellect and limited vocabulary doesn't hesitate to speak his mind and stand up for himself.....the masses of young AfroAmerican males definately admire those qualities and feel they can emulate and achieve them. Kareem I mean, more black youth love Tariq Nasheed vs. Antonio Moore these days because the previous is more assertive and blunt. But I also notice a trend towards the Roland Martin/Van Jones types getting all the white press and love in 2019--thus making young black men believe being a soft, liberal effeminate is the path to $$, with dignity and pride distant third and fourth wants/needs. What you said about Tariq vs Antonio is absolutely true and on top of his assertiveness, Tariq has far more charisma which is always a plus when dealing with people. I've only listened to Antonio a few times so far and he's usually with Yvette. Maybe it's because he's a lawyer but he seems more scholarly...which I personally like.....but this also makes you less relatable to the masses of urban youth. As far as Roland Martin and Jones........ On top of being complacent and only mildly critical of White Supremacy, a major problem with these men is that they simply have no following. They....like Al Sharpton....are basically negroes who have a lot to say, but don't have enough power from the streets or from the masses of AfroAmericans at any level to really get things done. If Tariq came out next week and said niccaz need to get down to Houston Texas and turn that city upside down.....it would happen. If Minister Farrakhan said the same thing...you KNOW it would happen. If Roland or Jones were to say something like that (I know...never) not only would their call get no response but it would probably backfire on them and people would assume they were just agents trying to provoke them into trouble. They are what Neely Fuller Jr calls "Black spokespersons". A slave or prisoner who can articulate their condition better than the average slave/prisoner, but still have no power to change it.
  19. Hmmm, I wonder is Charles Blow any kin to Curtis....lol. Anyway...... Troy I keep hearing...mostly from Caucasians....how safe New York (I wonder do they mean just Manhattan?) has gotten over the past 15 years or so because of "stop and frisk". Based on what you observed , is there any truth to this? Based on your obviously limited observation if we were to compare the crime in New York before "stop and frisk" to the crime 10 or 15 years after it was implimented, would we see a remarkable difference for the better?
  20. Troy Thanks I was concerned for a second or two...lol.   Kareem Both Tupac and Tyson were great at their professions. Tupac may not have been the "best" rapper, but in my opinion he was an excellent lyricist despite the content of his lyrics. But the point I was making with them as examples was that BOTH were morally depraved (not the right word) disoriented, constantly in and out of trouble for violent and socially disruptive behavior, and incidently both ended up in prison for allegedly rape. And despite this moral disorientation they were highly acclaimed in the AfroAmerican community and especially among many AfroAmerican males for their boldness and unapologetic expression of "urban masculinity". My point in bringing up King and Abernathy was to draw an analogy between them and the Malcolms and Huey Newtons of that time and how their apparently "softness" made them less popular with young AfroAmerican males the same way the apparent "softeness" of Hammer and Smith made them less popular than Ice Cube or Tupac who were considered more criminal and harder. Despite their profession.....Civil Rights Activist or Professional Entertainer....my point is that the masses of AfroAmerican males will relate more to the bolder, more masculine, "harder" figure and not the more reserved one because the bolder figures are more likely to express the suppresses frustrations of the masses.
  21. This information has been out for over a decade; since the Obama Administration. He and his Attorney Generals apparently didn't do anything about it which in my opinion is even MORE negligent than Bush's ignoring of the intelligence memorandum that foretold 9/11. The actual FBI memo: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3439212-FBI-White-Supremacist-Infiltration-of-Law.html
  22. Troy Glad to see the site is back up and running! What happend? Kareem Good for you keeping our traditions alive by teaching them to our youth. Hell, if Americans of German ancestry can keep THEIR traditions alive teaching their young people how to dance around in shorts and suspenders....we should be keeping OUR much more creative and colorful traditions alive in our youth. I've said for years that we should have a "hip hop" school and teach our youth how to Break Dance since it's one of that most fascinating dances we've come up with so far and has universal appeal. Tupac....... Many AfroAmerican youth liked and still like Tupac because they can relate to him. People like celebrities they can relate to whether or not that relationship is based on healthy or pathological characteristics. And they also liked his boldness and "bravado". Gangsta rappers like Tupac had a way of expressing the way many angry young Black men felt but were unable to express or act out for fear of the consequences. Again, many of these feelings may be pathological and just plain illogical.....but they still related to them. It's funny that Troy mentioned Curtis Mayfield. Starting around the early to mid 70s with Superfly and the like, unlike most other communities who are rampant with crime but still believe in putting on an innocent face in public....for some reason a significant percentage of AfroAmerican society began to OPENLY embrace criminality and immorality and that percentage has continued to increase right up until today not caring how they looked to other peoples. Before then.... The standard for whether or not you were a real "man" and down for your peoples used to be how bold you stood up to White racism and challenged the system.....but in the 70s it was replaced by how bold you were in breaking the law and engaging in a life of crime and kill another "nigga". So just like Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X), Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), and Jamil Al-Amin (H Rap Brown) were popular with the youth of their era for how bold they were in challenging the white racist system....it would logically follow that Tupac, NWA, Mike Tyson, and other famous Black figures who boldly bragged about being criminals, killing "niggaz", and just being plain immoral would be popular with the youth of their era. And following that logic even further........ Just like King and Abernathy were clowned on for being too soft on racism, rappers like Will Smith and Hammer would be clowned by many of the youth in their era for not being "gangsta" or criminal enough! With that said, with all of his faults do think Tupac was very charismatic and had more sense than he let on which is one of the reasons I quote him from time to time. He had a lot of potential, but he was morally disoriented and in many ways a victim of the very system his mother spent much of HER youth fighting.
  23. She wasn't killed by a police officer. She was killed by a RACE SOLDIER who was simply posing as a police officer. There's a difference. The FBI said years ago that local police departments were being infiltrated by these race soldiers, but what type of action was taken to purge them out?
  24. Troy You're mixing up apples with oranges with cauliflower with zuccini....lol. Making a lot of hopeful statements but they aren't jibing with the facts we know from history. Racism will not "die out" as long as Caucasians exist with other races because the sociological and psychological differences between the races that are based on the GENETIC and BIOLOGICAL differences between those races will....as it has in the past....FORCE conflict between the races that fuel racism.
  25. Troy this sounds wrong, historically inaccurate, on its face. I'm not sure how it "sounds" but I've answered your previous questions with references. EXACTLY what parts of my statements do you find inaccurate? Perhaps a Biblical historical scholar like @Chevdove can lend a hand. Lol, perhaps...but what impact would a biblical historical scholar have on someone who doesn't believe in the bible? Do YOU believe in the Bible and it's historical claims?
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