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  1. Lol...... Bootleg or not, the quality and scenes look exactly like I remember them when I actually saw it in a theater. You know how a book often seems to be better than if they make a movie out of it? Well perhaps for me Apocalypse would be better WITHOUT the subtitles distracting me....so I can focus on the action of the movie. Anyway...... How did you like the film? Like I said, they used REAL Mayan Indian actors and actresses.
  2. One idea he talks about (although I didn't see it in the actual contract) is the idea of a 2nd Reconstruction. Realizing how well AfroAmericans did and how much progress we made during the FIRST Reconstruction, he figured a Second one is necessary.
  3. The truth is....... While the odds of a total collapse are much much better under a divisive Trump - it doesn't matter whether Trump remains in office or Biden gets in office; uless the corrupt racist SYSTEM collapses, the problems that most AfroAmericans are experiencing will not only continue but intensify. About a 45% of our people are in DENIAL and don't want to recognize how useless their participation in the national process is. "White Jesus go saaaave ussssss!" Another 45% are INDIFFRENENT and simply don't give a damn a
  4. A lot has been said about it, especially in the Black Nationalist and Pan Africanist communities. You can read the rough draft of the contract here: https://contractwithblackamerica.us/
  5. Daniel Ok get caught up in emotions and miss nuance. You need to know what people are saying. Interpretation of actions lead to misunderstanding. No, YOU need to know what people are saying in order to avoid misunderstandings (and the way YOU reject facts, something tells me that's still not enough...lol). However I'm perceptive enough to read body language and learn patterns of behavior that helps me to relate and communicate with people to a certain degree despite the language barriers. When I was younger and frequently took cross-country trips on the Grey
  6. Daniel That’s inaccurate. It wasn’t talk radio or fox which shaped my conservative views. It was more life experience and recognizing what brought the most success in our ever changing condition. You are implying that people couldn’t reach a conservative conclusion through experimentation and investigation. There's a difference between traditional Conservatism (which still incorporates racism) and this current right-wing Trump worship that has taken over the Republican Party today. No "life experience" teaches you to ignore diseases and threaten to kidnap st
  7. 1. First...DO NOT refer to my Mother or Father or any other ancestor of mine in an irreverent manner. They aren't part of this discussion so keep them OUT of the discussion! 2. Second, what the fuck are you talking about????
  8. Well, I can tell you that Climate Change is more of a Caucasian argument than that of AfroAmericans. The ecology and climate change ARE important issues, but most Black people around the planet are so focused on SURVIVING and getting their basic needs met they don't have time or money to travel to the North Pole to measure how much ice has melted. White folks can afford to argue this because they have too much money and free time. Like that angry white girl from from Sweden.....Greta....who stood up at the UN crying and shaking over the environment.
  9. It presented a long laundry list of things it was going to do to contain the brothas, Like promoting homosexuality (which I'm not necessarily opposed to, but recongize it HAS been weaponized to use against our community) and introducing more mind-altering drugs to Black boys (like Ritalin) for alleged behavioral problems.....to name just a couple. They've been planning on this for DECADES. They were planning on destroying the Black man's ability to support himself and his family when they eradicated the manufacturing jobs that most Black men relied on. White men had power a
  10. Mel Gibson may be a racist, but he did give us something we can appreciate.............. A movie I recommend EVERYBODY see if they haven't already is a great movie called APOCALYPTO. Watch Apocalypto Here! It's about life among the ancient Mayan Indians of the Mayan Empire before they were colonized by the Spaniards. They used REAL Mayan Indians from southern Mexico to make the movie. And pay attention to how dark and brown so many of them are with broad noses, thick lips, and straight jet black hair. Those are ORIGINAL people...like us. And the coolest thing about
  11. Gibran The country wanted Hillary. The country got Trump. Same thing in 2000. In both cases, the popular vote fueled by black voter turnout had no effect on the final outcome. Vote. Another thing both elections had in common was the fact that BOTH Gore and Clinton refused to fight and readily decided to CONCEDE the election despite overwhelming evidence of voter suppression and fraud. Which tells me that neither of them were sincere about seeking the office and it also gives me a pretty good indication of how they would easily capitulate to Republican demands had they GOTTE
  12. Big Pharma is CERTAINLY seeing overwhelming success during this Plandemic Pandemic.
  13. Don't discount the power of suspicion.............. Come on Troy, you know this government and the media has a well known and well documented history of LYING to the public about things both great and small. A healthy suspicion is warranted.
  14. Troy When people join a church and start to believe that the Earth is 6,000 years old and now have to believe that Dinosaurs and man romanced the earth that the same time to make their time scales work is that brain washing? Yes. If it were drilled into them repeatitively and they accept it without critically thinking. Brainwashed is just a more colloquial term for conditioning or programming. Most Black and poor/working classed Whites who belong to and support the Republican party are BRAINWASHED by media outlets like Fox News and Conservativ
  15. Just imagine if our Black Communities received Israel's outlay of $20 billion a year in materiel, cash, grants and deferred payments. I've often thought of how unfair this is myself. However I must ask, are there any AfroAmerican communities currently who are QUALIFIED to handle getting that much money and support? We can have a 40 year discussion as to whether or not the U.S. should be giving Israel anything. But the fact that they seem to put their foreign aid to good use helping to fortify and build up their nation. Many of these African regimes get foreign aid an
  16. Troy I know that you are not dumb or ignorant about Covid-19. At the time the only other reasonable conclusion was that you were intentionally trying to be deceptive. I failed to appreciate that you truly believe what you wrote, that is not lying. I'll have to find a word to describe it the spreading false information believed to be true. Maybe there is no word for this in our language... How about BRAINWASHED? Lol....is THAT the word you're looking for?
  17. Something doesn't smell too Kosher around here....... Stefan First you come in calling yourself a Black man but BASHING Black men at every turn you get while and praising Black women. Then you make questionable statements about how great Trump is doing among AfroAmericans. Then when questioned on it, you get hyper sensitive and set up several strawman accusations of personal attacks and persecution. After my previous post explaining myself to you, most men who are sincere and emotionally balanced would reconcile with me by giving ATLEAST a lame-ass
  18. Stefan We may not know that until the voting numbers and analyzed and sifted. Even THEN we may not know the truth, because the White Supremacists lie about the numbers they give to the public like they lie about everything else. If you know only one Black person who is going to vote for Trump, I don't know what to make of that. I said I can count them on ONE HAND. Unless you frequently borrow money from the Mafia knowing damn well you can't pay them back...most people have more than ONE finger on their hands, lol.
  19. Troy maybe they have bidets at home. Come on bruh..... Does SHE ...look like the type of person who has a BIDET (or even a working toilet) in the place she lays her head down at night?
  20. Del If you are ranked #4 in the nation there aren't a lot of Universities that are better than you there are three. If you are ranked 11 in the world again there are a lot of Universities that are worse than better. Well let's not mix it up, let's be accurate..... I didn't simply say "better" but said a MORE THOROUGH EDUCATION. Yale is near the top when it comes to PRESTIGE and CONTACTS, but I just showed you several links to many other schools that had better ACADEMIC PROGRAMS depending on what profession you want to go in.
  21. What kind of movies is THIS, with no nudity? I was looking forward to seeing who was going to play Michelle.....lol. They should rate this movie P (for Prescription only, because it'll put your ass to sleep.
  22. Voting Day? So who are you going to vote for: SATAN or LUCIFER No matter which devil ends up getting in, you're STILL gonna end up catching hell. "Look on the bright side. Atleast you no longer have to worry about social distancing!"
  23. This may be an example of what I was talking about in the other thread about the various arts taught in so-called Egyptian "Mystery Schools" and how it isn't necessarily applicable to African people. Tarot card reading...... While originating in Kemet, may not be for OUR people. Atleast not the version practiced in Western esoteric systems. The same with a lot of this so-called "astrology" that so many of our people engage in. Astrology is real and is an actual science when WE practice it....but we can't just copy the Caucasian's version of it and expect it to be effecti
  24. Troy Of course, you got white women claiming to be Black just for kicks. You may be just joking, but actually that's TRUE. Neely Fuller Jr. teaches that White Supremacists do a lot of harmful and deceptive things simply for FUN and to test their smarts. Just like some White men love hunting and killing animals even though they don't need the meat. Some White folks just love to trick and fool Black people to test their own smarts and play mind games....for fun. Pretend to be Black online...or put on make-up and pretend to be Black for FUN just to
  25. I think we as AfroAmericans should: 1. Those with the financial ability should do more RISK TAKING investing in various African economies not EXPECTING any major returns until things are improved to satisfactory levels. 2. Those with little to lose in the United States should consider migrating to various African nations PERMANENTLY in order to "pollenate" certain places...not for colonization like the British or Chinese.....but to establish a more fertile environment for AfroAmericans who DO want to relocate or just enjoy dual citizenship to feel comfortable doing so in. I'm not weal
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