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  1. Afro i am assuming you are a black hetero male? Yes sir, I'm a heterosexual AfroAmerican. Sorry if that's disappointing...lol what type of skin tone would u say he has? He is what we would call "brown skinned". Like this brother: Not light skinned or dark skinned but in the middle.
  2. Hey Troy this happened in your current neck of the woods............... BLACK MAN CHARGED WITH MURDER AFTER SHOOTING WHITE BURGLAR IN OKLAHOMA A report from the Atlanta Black Star confirms that a veteran and father of five is set for trial for first-degree murder after he fatally shot a burglar trying to break into his marijuana business. 34-year-old LaRue Bratcher fatally shot 42-year-old Daniel Hardwick back in May 2020 after Hardwick attempted to break into Bratcher’s grow operation for the second consecutive night in
  3. Afro he actually has a black heterosexual friend who told him that he wants a girl who has hair like him. lol i thought it was weird I'm not sure what race or ethnicity YOU are, but that desire is pretty common among Black men....especially in the Western hemisphere. That hair is called "loose curls" which is a mix between wavy and curly, considered an attractive feature for most Black women to have. They even have a hair texture number for that type of hair but I forgot what it is. what do u think of what was said? Based on my limited kno
  4. A good example of CONFUSION they play on the general population are images like this in the media: In news websites and papers around the nation over the past few days you see and hear them ask the question is the MIddle East or the land of Israel about to go to war or are they on the BRINK of war, often times with a question mark at the end. Either they are stupid (and they are not) or they think much of the general population is too stupid (and much of them are) to recognize and realize what they are seeing with their own two eyes. When
  5. Mel You asked for EVIDENCE! The debate ended there as far as I’m concerned. That usually DOES end it, lol. One of the reasons fights....even wars...about religion often last so long is because neither side can produce actual EVIDENCE let alone PROOF for what they believe. So the disagreement doesn't get settled. Seriously, why don’t more of us ask for evidence in situations that can impact our lives and perspective. I can tell you what definitely changed my way of thinking to the point I started re-examining m
  6. Chev Anyone can see the rest of the definition for the term 'ruddy' that you left out. You only put "1." of the Webster definition. WOW!--You want to be right so badly that you are being deceptive. Well, if you think I'm being deceptive then SHOW US the rest of the definitions from Webster's Dictionary. Let's see if it contains the word "brown" in any of them. LOL! So WOW again, you are implying here, that people of African descent and/or BROWN people cannot display a 'RED' hue, only White people. It's not ab
  7. Chev The Septuagint was a written Greek TRANSLATION of a more ancient Hebrew script Well if it's a WRITTEN Greek translation then that means the GREEKS WROTE IT. You're kind of admitting yourself that Greeks wrote the Bible. If you believe that White Caucasians wrote the Bible; Who are you referring to? Just like the the Greek Caucasians translated the ancient script, the Latin Caucasians translated the Septuagint into the Latin Vulgate, and the English Caucasians translated the Latin Vulgate into the modern English Bible we have. Either way
  8. Mel Africans are all over the place, both as immigrants AND as natives. Most people don't realize not only were Africans in the Americas but we were also in Europe and China for THOUSANDS of years before Caucasians and modern Asians arrived in those places. Caucasians aren't the native Europeans, they FOUND Black African people already there when they migrated FROM the mountains of Central Asia, and consequently slaughtered and displaced most of them. You know when an African couple opens a hair salon in Beijing They're definitely about that life lol
  9. Both of them have the same shaped forehead.
  10. I wouldn't have thought this because most Dominicans don't have a "look" different than most AfroAmericans. I haven't met enough people from Trinidad to determine if they have a particular "look" or not.
  11. Troy Man I TOLD you that girl in the picture hugging on that dog didn't live in your complex! Infact, I TOLD you she was just a model used in that picture to sucker men into moving to Tulsa! But you didn't wanna listen to the ole Pioneer..... I bet NOW you'd rather be back at your old home in Florida by the window with those gators in your backyard looking up at you grinning...lol. "Did ya miss me much?"
  12. Mel If this is true of African immigrants - why isn't the entire continent of Africa host to the wealthiest countries in the world? I'm not asking this to debate - I genuinely believe this to be the case too. Without looking up the statistic, I get the sense that African Immigrants rarely sell their labor. Instead, they produce. Also, the percentage of African immigrants with professional and doctorate degrees outnumbers even white Americans. American Blacks and Latinos don't even measure up in that comparison. So why are some of the African countries so poor or in debt? As I write t
  13. Chev The term 'white' in the KJV is italicized!!! The term 'ruddy' means 'reddish-brown'!!! Let's go to the dictionary to see what the word means then: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ruddy As you can see, the term "ruddy" is another term for red or reddish in complexion Which is the actual color of most Caucasians or people commonly called "white". The word "brown" is no where in the definition, stop playing.... There is no such human on this earth that is both White Caucasian with NAPPY [BU
  14. Chev But if you believe that then, please put the reference [1] to the Grecian origins of the Bible being written in Greece; and [2] the Caucasian authors you are referring to. What language was the Septuagint written in? You are a Religious Bully and that is wrong. Define "bullying" please. So, you don't believe that Black people were smart enough to write anything in ancient times? You attribute all of our scholarly contributions to Caucasians? You are trying to put words in my mo
  15. Mel I didn't know Black Planet was still operating...lol. Issa Rae is an EXCELLENT businesswoman. A real boss. ....like most children of African immigrants. AfroAmericans are great at marketing their own INDIVIDUAL brands. Issa Rae, Puffy (he'll always be Puffy to me), Beyonce, Perry...are just a few that come to mind. But when it comes to the marketing for the COLLECTIVE....that's when the jealousy kicks in. I don't blame Rae or anyone else for capitalizing off of social media to the fullest. However at the end of the day AfroAmericans must be willin
  16. According to my mother we have some Mehicano ancestry. Many AfroAmericans with roots west of the Mississippi River have Mehicano ancestry given the history of Mehico and how far that nation actually reached BEFORE the battle of the Alamo that vastly reduced it's geographical size. As I said on another thread, most AfroAmericans have varying amounts of Native American ancestry whether it's documented or not. Most of the Mehicanos we speak of were actually Native Americans racially.
  17. Harry Well rest assured you can sleep tight tonight, because we didn't write the Bible. The Bible was put together in Greece by a group of Caucasians.
  18. I don't know a lot of Black men (and NO Black women) who use the word "cunt"...lol. For some reason when hear that word it makes me think of breakfast sausages or patties.
  19. Troy Can you touch a language? Lol, can you keep a marriage in your pocket?
  20. Mel First, you'd have to answer what is the value to post on a Black-owned forum. Black people don't hold power in this country. Therefore, posting on Black-owned media would be like preaching to the choir. At least, in the last two decades, when Black people post on white-owned sites, they've elevated their professional status. Many Black activists, entertainers, journalists, even educators have launched their profiles through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and now Instagram. Does this serve Black people? Nope, but it does help some Black people to realize their individual dre
  21. Afro I can't tell if that man is racially African or racially Dravidian. Judging by his clothes and those keys hanging off his pants, I would say he's probably racially African. We're all curious, who is the man in the original photo? Is he a relative of yours? Do you know him personally?
  22. Troy Suicide resonates with a lot of folks also...which is why a lot of suicide videos and snuff films go viral and draw a lot of attention. But their popularity don't make them any more ethical or appropriate.
  23. Troy Race is really no different. Ethnicity isn't the same as race. Whether you agree with the term or not....you have to admit that race is BASED on hard core physical characteristics like skin color, hair texture, eye structure, ect.. Ethnicity is based on intangible concepts like language, religion, marriage customs, ect... Much more fluid. Troy Race is
  24. Marvin Gaye was the man HIMSELF. I listen to music from that brother almost every day. Infact, I appreciate him more NOW as a grown man than I did when I was growing up as a kid and much of his music was out because I can understand more of what he was talking and singing about when it comes to sex and politics. I was listen to this jam a couple days ago:
  25. Chev Yes, I've gotten that feeling, not only in NC but in certain 'other' areas in the south as well. I've stayed around the South. I've stayed in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, ect... There's an issue with people from the North and California coming down South bringing their "attitudes" with them to otherwise slow and quiet areas, but I seem to especially notice this on Eastcoast southern states like the Carolinas and Georgia especially. I used to live in Atlanta and you might as well live in New York or Philadelphia because over half of the people in the
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