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  1. Mzuri And I would never prescribe anything to @Pioneer1 that would cause him harm. That's right honey....I know you wouldn't. Cynique on the other hand......... I'm not taking ANY candy from HER, lol. "I brought you some suckers...sucka"
  2. Mzuri Mess is the right word for it. A HOT mess. And it just didn't get started, it's been going in this direction since the 80s. The Pandemic is just bringing things to a head. When it gets to the point where the average person can't afford to take care of themselves and must shake up with a spouse, boy/girlfriend, or roomates just to make ends meet...you're heading towards Third World status. Do you know why you don't see HORDS of homeless and drug addicted people staggering around on the streets by the millions like a zombie movie? 1.Mass incarceration 2 Mass suicide First of all...EVERY YEAR tens of thousands of people have been overdosing on drugs and killing themselves for the past 20 years or so. Look up the stats if you don't believe me. More people have killed themselves through overdosing than were actually killed by homicide in the U.S. They couldn't take the harsh conditions and first turned to drugs and then used it to take themselves out. Secondly, unlike the Great Depression where people were allowed to be homeless and sleep on the street in tend cities around the nation....today police are instructed to round up much of the homeless and store them away in jails and prisons by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS...so you don't see them. As conditions get worse.....the government SANITIZES the problem so as to appear like it doesn't exist. Just like if there was a car accident and 5 people were killed on the highway...then send in a teams to "clean it up" and in 3 hours traffic is flowing and you wouldn't know anything occured.
  3. Troy Whether the IRS as a single agency can trace it or not, SOME government agency can. The FBI..NSA.. They are on the deep net too. So many Black folks still don't get it. White folks have a world wide SYSTEM where all of their agencies, economic systems, and even governments are connected. You think you're escaping one by dealing with another, but both of them are working for the same global network of Racism connected at the top. There is no crypto-currency or any other global currency that you can hide or conceal from the U.S. government. The old folks were much smarter to hide their money in their mattress. Daniel There’s nothing wrong with being a celebrity spokesperson. The man was the mastermind behind Watergate! He was locked up for years for theft, perjury, and a host of other crimes. And the Conservatives turn around and embrace the guy??? Using G.Gordon Liddy to sell gold... Is like using R.Kelly to promote a private school for girls. "Girl you know you got that vibe You need to bring it to my new school!"
  4. When it comes to the word "Nigga".....I can use it all day every day....lol. I just try not to use it around White people. I use it around Asians and non-White Latinos though...no problem.
  5. The thing I notice about both Whites and Asians is that even the stupid ones will often get behind a smart one and recognize him as the leader. A lot of times among AfroAmericans, even when a person is CLEARLY smart and is coming up with good ideas...many of those who are stupid and foolish will reject them and go in the other direction out of jealousy. Ask the smart one, "Who made YOU the leader????"...lol. I've seen so many Asians work together. You have one or two people....and it can be a man OR a woman...running the operations pointing and giving orders. And the rest of them are shuffling around with their heads down busily carrying them out.
  6. Troy Well, you're talking to a guy who hasn't made over $60,000 in a year...yet. So I'm clearly not rich and I don't know much about Wallstreet and investments admittedly. But I can smell scams a mile away When people start trying to sell me on something by saying...... "Invest in Bitcoin! The IRS can't trace it. The government can't control it You can do whatever you want to do with it". That right there raises red flags! The IRS and government monitors nearly all financial transactions on line whether they ANNOUNCE they're monitoring it or not. A FOOL sit there thinking they're being slick and sneaky and can actually make millions and hide it on the World Wide Web. Also when I repeatedly ask people (as I have on here) how much money have YOU made doing "this" or "that", and they either tell me "nothing yet but---" or start getting angry and figidty and don't want to admit they've made little to nothing -that raises MORE red flags. It's like those Amway pyramid schemes where THEY make money by getting you to invest YOUR REAL MONEY into their schemes
  7. ProfD Thanks for educating me on the issue. I thought there were national radio stations where the signal can be heard across the entire nation! But what you're saying does make sense though. Mzuri I actually AM a guest on a couple of shows and speak from time to time. I go by another name. Much to Troy's dismay, I try not to mention other sites I'm active on HERE...because I don't like cross-contamination. I try to prevent certain people from following me from one platform to another just incase I want to get away from them....lol.
  8. Mzuri But a societal collapse isn't likely to happen in the near future. Lol.. It's like waiting on the economy to collapse or the dollar to fall like the dooms-day predicters do to sell those gold coins or MRE rations. But I think SOMETHING is going to happen because too many people oppose the mandates and are dropping out of the workforce, including a lot of police officers and other civil servant employees. And they aren't being allowed to collect Unemployment Benefits either. Something is going to have to give. A good 1/4 of this nation is HARD-CORE against the jab and ain't gonna take it....SOMETHING is going to have to give. As bad as things may seem right now, what you DON'T want is for it to sloooooooooooooowlly, get worse, and worse, and worse...over a loooooooooooong stretch of time. Because that prolongs the pain and suffering in society and takes more people down with it. How many old people have to die of homelessness and starvation because their SS check isn't enough to cover their constantly increasing rent? How many single moms have to turn to prostitution or selling meth just to maintain a roof over their heads? Just look at where things are headed? It's bad enough if they STOOD STILL...but look where they are headed....down. It's best for things to HURRY UP collapse into chaos. Then either the people who are left will rebuild a better world OR the government will be forced to enact massive programs to support people while they improve conditions. Kind of like how they did early on during the Covid Pandemic.
  9. A better time?? Hmmmm........... I think for me and most Black people...the 90s were a much better time economically than it is today. Crime was high, but economically speaking there was far less homelessness among our people than today. Plus the jobs paid better or atleast the money took you further back in the 90s than it does today. Many service industry jobs were paying $10 and $12 and hour right up until 6 months ago. They bumped up the wages a couple bucks on many jobs as an incentive to bring more people back, but it's not working. But I was making $10 plus commission back in the early 90s as a saleman and that was nearly 30 years ago. Wages really haven't increased much although rent, mortgage, and real estate has. I was around in the 70s but I was a kid and don't know how hard or easy it was to make a living but I know in Detroit the factory workers were making $20+ an hour plus full benefits even back then! Most Black folks were owning their own homes, buying houses to rent out, saving money, ect... Black folks seem to have it better in the 70s collectively than in the 90s and definitely better than today.
  10. ProfD I know EXACTLY what you mean my man, I like to meet women IN PERSON and get to know them IN PERSON...not through some lame ass dating app. I personally thought that was designed for White dudes anyway. Men who are too afraid to approach women or flirt with them and need "perfect conditions" and a guarantee of no failure in order to make a move...lol. Old school Detroit way is you get your game on ANYWHERE. On the street, at the train station, at the mall, in the Denny's, at school, on the bus, picking up groceries, ect...anywhere you see something you like, lol Them old dudes didn't care....lol Mzuri Well I've had numerous jobs but at the job I just left in the 8 years I've been there I only had 2 real "work-wives". One was AfroAmerican and the other was Mexican. The AfroAmerican woman left for North Carolina a few years ago and the Mexican woman is still there and we have eachother's numbers but we don't contact eachother much outside of the work place because she has a boyfriend and children. I respect her space. As for me, I'm still looking and trying to figure out the next moves I'm going to make. I take it day by day. I'm hoping for a societal collapse....seriously. I hope this society collapses so I don't have to worry about constantly bouncing from one job to the next based on mandates, low wages, inflation, and the other problems that seem to be on the rise in this society. I hear a record number of people are quitting their jobs...probably for the same reasons we left. Mandates, low pay, and too much bullshit to put up with.
  11. ProfD @ProfD Nowadays, AM radio is the equivalent of what a rotary phone with a cord on it would be to a generation of folks growing up with smartphones. "Ahhhhhh but..... AM radio is the CHIEF tool that Conservatives have used to consistently get their message out to the masses from the 80s all the way up to this very moment! Unlike other groups who have to subscribe to cable channels, satelite radio, or subscribe and sign up to social media platforms and jump through hoops and go through mazes just to hear their favorite social/political leader.... All Jared or Billy Ray has to do is hop in his F-150 truck and turn push a button on AM radio to get hours and hours and hours of racist right-wing people like Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck pumping Nazi propaganda in his ear while he's driving or putting shingles on a roof. It's STILL that way...AM radio is STILL going strong among certain demographics and it's absolutely FREE to listen to! "We're headed to the swamp! We're gonna help Trump drain it!" It makes me tingle just THINKING about what if intelligent Black people owned just 2 national AM radio stations! Man...UMPH....just TWO national radio stations where all you had to do is just turn the knob or click a button and can listen to a Black agenda for as long as you like anywhere in the country.
  12. Daniel That’s a very selfish question and doesn’t reflect the difference in states of being. Many parts of my life have nothing to do with America. My personal life has been getting better and better. Since Biden has become President??? I say go to your more perfect country if you feel you are a slave.! Why on Earth would I run away and leave the problem for someone else to solve? If your house get's infested with rats and roaches, would you just pack up and LEAVE for another one....or would you try to clean it up and solve the pest problem? "I see he got on that damn FOX NEWS again. I should chew the nicca's cable box up."
  13. G. Gordon Liddy! The mastermind of Nixon's Watergate scandal. And Conservative Republican Hero! Reduced to pedaling 5-karat gold on late night infomercials.
  14. Mzuri Good morning queen! Do we even have any Black leaders? Are you referring to someone like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, or someone else? Well to answer your question... (see @Cynique this is how you answer questions....lol) I personally think we have quite a few Black leaders. The question is are they qualified and where are they leading the people? Now when it comes to UN-QUALIFIED AfroAmerican leaders, I can type up a whole page of them from Jay Z, to Obama, to Jesse Lee Peterson, to Meek Mill, to Kevin Hart, to Kanye West, ect... When it comes to UN-QUALIFIED Black leaders, the list can go on and on. "Good moanin' suh! How iz you?" However, those who are actually QUALIFIED to lead are few. I think the QUALIFIED AfroAmerican leaders consist of Minister Louis Farrakhan, Neely Fuller Jr., Tariq Nasheed (though my support for him is wavering), and a few others. People have options for distributing their message through other methods besides TV or radio. There’s social media, YouTube, TikTok, Podcast, etc. If you have a message, you can get it out there and it doesn’t really cost that much to do it. That's for younger people...mostly Gen Z, Millenials, and younger Gen Xers. What about the TENS OF MILLIONS of older Gen Xers and Boomers who aren't very computer literate and don't mess with social media? How would THEY get the message? You shouldn't have to take computer classes just to be able to get a message or warning from a Black leader that the KKK is getting ready to ride through your city and start killing folks. Things like that should be BROADCASTED over a simple media device that doesn't take much thinking and signing-up to engage in. You should just be able to plug in a television or radio where ever you pick up electricity...or better yet use a BATTERY....and be able to pick up the message. This social-media crap is nothing more than an excuse to 1. Keep track of everything your watching and saying 2. Censor people and punish them for saying the "wrong thing" by taking away their platform if they don't conform.
  15. 1. I didn't say crashes didn't occur and won't occur in the future. I'm saying YOU'RE BEING LIED TO because the crashes that your Conservative heroes like Hal Lindsey and G. Gordon Liddy have been predicting for nearly 40 years have NOT happened. They're selling you a crock of shit to get you to buy their 5-karat gold or participate in their other investment schemes. 2. If a crash DOES happen...it won't be by accident. It will be a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION just like most recessions and depressions are. Trust that some group at the top has orchestrated it and will benefit from it and all of that fake-gold and crypto-crap you're investing in will do you no good anyway.
  16. What good is "America" being great if it's not making YOUR life any better? What did Malcolm say about the slave running to fetch buckets of water to put the fire out at MASSA'S house??? If you have no dog in the fight or horse in the race....you shouldn't care.
  17. I'm not sure why I had a desire to start this subject. I guess it's because I had a COUPLE of work-wives at my old job and I'm starting to miss them already, lol. How many of you had work-spouses? And by "work-spouse" I mean people you had deep emotional connections to, to the point that you almost (or actually did) fell in love with them. You may or may not have even been having sex with them, but that strong love and bond was there -BUT ONLY AT WORK, lol. And DON'T LIE! Don't you DARE get on here and front like yall don't know what I'm talking about. I've had so many jobs in my life where people were screwing around with each other on the job. Some even took it to another level and their relationships started interfering with their normal everyday lives. So I don't want ANYBODY to come on here scratching their heads or playing stupid....lol "Tell your REAL wife to quit calling up here so damn much. It's interfering with OUR relationship!"
  18. Or retreating all together and letting ALL crime get so out of hand....like they're doing in Chicago...that people will be begging for a police state.
  19. I'd go as far as to say one of the main reasons why our community is so dysfunctional right now is BECAUSE of too many Black folks trying to imitate White people and trying to adopt their social and moral values. What works for them doesn't necessarily work for us. They are different and have a different physical and psychological make-up than we do. Also, a lot of what we THINK they're doing.....aren't what they're actually doing. They PRTEND to do it in public...while doing the exact OPPOSITE in private. But a dumb negro will look at what they do and say in public and try to imitate it and wonder why things are so fucked up for him and not for the White dude. Indeed The RIGHT medicine for the WRONG illness in the WRONG dosage is actually poison.
  20. Absolutely. I'm also a big proponent of BROADCAST television; where all you need is a television set and some electricity and you can pick up the channel. We need to own either one of the big three (NBC, ABC, CBS) or make up our own major national broadcast channel so that ALL of our people can be addressed and accessed without having to subscribe and pay a bill every month. Same thing with radio. Republican Conservatives OWN more than 75% of AM radio, and that's why their message gets to such a broad audience. We need more Black AM radio stations that are broadcasted nationally so if a Black leader wants to make a speech and address the Black nation...they can...without seeking the approval of Caucasian owners first. Back in the old days, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad used to come on over the radio around the nation. This was back in the 50s and 60s! How many Black leaders are putting out messages over the radio today?
  21. Mzuri and I think it might be what is hampering more participation. Either that or most people no longer have the mental capacity to engage in an intelligent conversation on a format like a message board. With it's 200 character or less format....social media has dumbed down much of the population to the point they can do little but post a series of emojiis or unpunctuated emotionally driven phrases as responses.
  22. Daniel You will find people with superior skills in different areas. Just because someone excels doesn’t make them part of the ruling entity. It depends on what skills they're superior in. If they're superior in sports or art or music...they may or may not make very good leaders. However if they are superior in planning, Charisma, community organizing, and solving major problems....these are the talents that a GOOD leader should possess. The question is does the governing structure serve the people or the other way around? If that's the question...then the answer is both. A good government is not only served BY the people but SERVES the people quite well. Criminals aren’t good examples to prove suppression of our people. They are if the criminal is the one with his knee on George's neck.
  23. Mzuri EXCELLENT questions......but no answers to them. A whole lot of deflections.....lol....but no answers to your direct questions. Dig that.
  24. LOL.....a-ti-TUUUUUDE.....a-ti-tude! "Don't argue with me.... argue with the hand."
  25. Absolutely! It's about time....now they can use their resources to help more people and go after SERIOUS crimes.
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