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  1. Chev Yes, I've gotten that feeling, not only in NC but in certain 'other' areas in the south as well. I've stayed around the South. I've stayed in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, ect... There's an issue with people from the North and California coming down South bringing their "attitudes" with them to otherwise slow and quiet areas, but I seem to especially notice this on Eastcoast southern states like the Carolinas and Georgia especially. I used to live in Atlanta and you might as well live in New York or Philadelphia because over half of the people in the
  2. Chev I would be very angry. And, I would not go along with it and would absolutely protest, right then. The reasons WHY you would be angry was because you knew the malicious and evil INTENTIONS behind them pushing that boy out on stage to expose himself like that. You knew HE didn't know any better but those who encouraged him DID. It's the same with this video. Like the retarded person...HE didn't know any better, which is why he didn't see the problem or how weird his dancing and singing was humorous to "normal" people. Autism is a developmental disa
  3. Chev My initial thoughts were 'why in the world' would someone have the nerve to feature himself in a video sounding like that and contorting like that. Perhaps because YOU wouldn't take advantage of him, you don't think others would. Let me ask you a question......... If you were in school and they hosted a talent show and a group of students convinced a mentally retarded boy to go out on stage and just "be himself" and clapped and cheered him on as he acted up infront of the audience....what would you think of this? Do you think tho
  4. Afro I know it's almost clique for AfroAmericans to run around talking about they have "Indian" in them. But actually in most cases this is quite true. It's just that most AfroAmericans don't have the resources to properly prove their lineage. It's actually the Caucasians who are the most guilty of "faking the funk" by claiming to be Native American when they really aren't or only have trace amounts. But they are often able to manipulate laws to get their claims legitamized. Central Asian and South Asian Indian Well I know I see a little Dravidian i
  5. Troy A couple points: 1. With all due respect, don't you think it's just a little arrogant on your part to believe YOU are more correct than THEM -given that neither of you work in the medical industry, for CDC, or are specialists in the field of virology? Technically speaking you are both simply adults with OPINIONS. Opinions based on information you chose to accept. Neither of you are coming from a position of absolute KNOWLEDGE of the virus and it's behavior. 2. I agree that the population as a whole is on the stupid side but THAT is not the
  6. Afro he's of african american, irish and native american descent. So he's made up of 3 different races. That's a typical AfroAmerican, lol In Latino culture they have a name for that mixture but I forgot exactly what it's called. "Triego" or something like that. Troy again more evidence for why race is so problematic. And again, you can’t look at someone and determine their ethnicity. Race isn't problematic for me. There are clearly defined categories for all races and racial mixtures, most people are just ignorant of them. No one i
  7. Troy A Black 20 year old in 2021 is not the same animal as one from almost 40 years ago when I was 20. Some of these young people are straight up...strange. I was watching the protests in Minnesota the other week and one of the reporters got smashed in the head with a glass water bottle and fell down and some of the younger people in the crowd started laughing and making fun of him. You've had crazy young people since who can remember, but many of them seem crazy in a "different" way today. I certainly don't think I would have laug
  8. Troy That's not funny. Infact, that's even LESS funny than that video you posted on the other thread...lol And that video was FRIGHTENING. Like listening to rabbits screaming.
  9. Troy I did not find the video funny at all. Nor did I find it entertaining. I guess I’m too old to appreciate it. Me neither, and I'm not sure if it's about age. If I were 20 I don't think I'd find this video funny or entertaining. Though at that age I didn't know too much about autism so I'd probably would have said a few inappropriate things about the young brother in it without realizing his condition. Pioneer it was the video that Chen posted. I just embedded it to make it easier for others to watch. Who is Chen? Why does he thin
  10. Well, he (he?) has that trans-metrosexual look that would probably be WELCOMED in places like L.A, Frisco, or Seattle...lol.
  11. Troy Man, that was scary as hell.....why did you post that video? The moves..... The sounds.... Down right frightening.
  12. "Say what????" What a crazy coincidence. I was looking at that place on the map and it's almost right on the Atlantic ocean. I used to live in North Carolina....in Charlotte. I actually had a pretty good time the little while I was there and didn't have any negative experiences, but like I said I stayed in the larger city and away from the more rural areas. Based on what I saw in the short time I was there, the BIGGEST threat to race relations in North Carolina weren't the people born and raised there....it came from Northerners from places like New York, New Jersey, and Pennsyl
  13. I've studied the Dravidian culture and people over the years so certain physical features stand out. Plus, as I implied earlier....he has a "feminine" look about him which is a relatively common feature among many men on the Indian subcontinent.
  14. The person looks like a mixture of the African race and Dravidian race....maybe with some Caucasian ancestry further down the line.
  15. Troy I don't think you can produce ANY statement that I have made that was definately proven to be inaccurate....that I haven't realized and corrected already once it was pointed out and otherwise proven to me. Again, don't confuse opinions and mere 2nd and 3rd hand informtion given by Caucasians as "knowledge" or "proven science". One of the reasons this virus is so out of control around the planet is because too many people of color put their faith in Western so-called "science" instead of putting in a sincere effort to secure FACTS.
  16. That's a "he"??? Troy How could you tell what region of the nation they are from simply be looking at them?
  17. I've had some positive and some negative interactions with law enforcement, but the vast majority have been positive. The biggest determining factor for how well the outcome went was The SUPREME BEING's Protection. And in my opinion, the second biggest determining factor was my behavior during the interaction. I was taught by my Parents (as well as common sense) to say "yes sir" and "no sir" and not to argue with the police or give them an excuse to be brutal. But I'm not under any illusion that this will guarantees all will go right. Neely Fuller Jr. teaches you can do
  18. Chev You know better than that-- Deception coming from you. You know it was not written 'out of the blue' so-to-speak' in 1611 but it was translated from older scripts and that translation was published in `1611. Ok...now do you have or have you read THOSE ancient scripts it was translated from??? BTW, who is that icon in your signature; That's not me...lol...I didn't come out of the old Black-n-white days. That's a picture of a gentleman by the name A.G. Gaston An early AfroAmerican multi-milliona
  19. Well..... If that's the case, she shouldn't have THAT problem anymore since who she's with now can strap on or remove any unwanted "attachments".
  20. You're right....Canada does indeed have race issues. However I was speaking as a COMPARISON to the United States. Most AfroAmericans who've spent any time in Canada will say the same thing I said. Better doesn't necessarily mean perfect. Is subtle racism better than blatant racism? I used to think it was worse, but after 4 years of Trump.....with all factors remaining the same I'd rather racists keep their venom to themselves.
  21. Troy Man.... If you believe a woman who has enjoyed d*ck all of her life ALL OF A SUDDEN discovers at 50 years old that she "likes women"....I got a couple of houses I can sell you for $50 each.
  22. Troy That's why I asked is it the way the banana split is positioned...lol. I suppose a gay man would pick up on that signal REAL quick.
  23. Change is THIS regard would be illogical and go against one of the fundamental laws of nature: self preservation Why would a person in power jeopardize his livelihood and that of his children by forfeiting his power and wealth only for another to replace him who will probably do the same thing that HE is currently doing? It's not like the King gives up his kingship and in turn EVERYBODY happily enjoys their existence together as peasants. No, that only allows for ANOTHER ambitious individual (most likely multiple) to vie for the spot.
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