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  1. LOL.....a-ti-TUUUUUDE.....a-ti-tude! "Don't argue with me.... argue with the hand."
  2. Absolutely! It's about time....now they can use their resources to help more people and go after SERIOUS crimes.
  3. Mzuri LOL....has anybody ever told you that you can have one heck of an ATTIDUDE when you want to? Anyway.....you've answered my question in an indirect way. Thank you.
  4. Daniel The Great Depression never occurred? I thought it occurred nearly 100 years ago back in the 1930s....but perhaps I was misinformed. Anyway, what is your point? Why are you so frightened? They actually allow YOU to get behind the wheel of a moving vehicle! "Hey there boy! Whatcha' know no good.... They JUST gave me my license back. It's time to git into somethin' "
  5. Chev MmmmmHmmm..... I see you ran back up there and CHANGED what you originally said about Jesus raising up after three days, lol. .....sneaky rascal.
  6. Right now I'm gonna get with YOU and ask you a simple question......... How many people do you know PERSONALLY who started off poor or lower class and made over $100,000 investing in crypto-currency , NFT, or those other passive streams?
  7. Chev According to the Bible (that YOU believe in)....Jesus died on a Friday evening and rose on a Sunday morning. That's about a day and a half...definitely not even 2 days.
  8. Chev ou know, I was conditioned to never even consider the possibility that people of African descent were anywhere in the South American countries until I worked at an Afro-centered charter school a few years back. It was at that time, that I learned that second to the continent of Africa, Brazil had the largest population of Black Africans. That completely 'Blew my mind!' But then after researching, I did come to realize about the possibility of more. Yes I used to date a Black woman from Brazil. She could barely speak English, but she LOVED Marvin Gaye...lol. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but, I do. I do feel like there is some type of effort to push some type of movement against people of African descent in certain places in the western league realms of the world. I feel like something strange is going on. And, like, we don't have much economic power, so it baffles me but deep in my heart I feel that I know. They won't teach us the whole truth over here. They won't teach us about the 'African American natives' that dominated these Ancient American continents in ancient times and that there was a movement against these natives when the Europeans came. They wont teach us and it seems like history is trying to repeat itself. I don't expect my enemy to teach me the truth, and neither should you. That's why it's important for us to gather the knowledge for OURSELVES, organize it, and pass it along to our children so that they can compound it with their additional findings. That's the true scientific way. Right now what most Black folks are getting from these universities and other educational institutions isn't real KNOWLEDGE...it's just INFORMATION. And usually FALSE information at that. Real knowledge is ACCURATE information that has been VERIFIED by a trusted source. We need our own archeological teams to get out and dig up the truth for ourselves and not just take the words of White folks "You won't BELIEVE what I just found in these ancient ruins! A bottle of hot sauce and an afro-pick"
  9. Mzuri Lol...I prefer the term "devil" for the racists.
  10. Stop letting PROPAGANDA BRANCHES of racism...otherwise known as the mainstream media....trick you into investing in these ponzi scheme that are designed to take what little REAL money you do have. REAL wealth is accumulated through work, ownership, and SAFE investments like real estate and things that are solid and somewhat stable. These racist White folks get on Fox or CNBC and tell you that stock market is about to crash or the economy is about to collapse any minute...so you better invest in gold NOW...and they get naive or gullible people to invest in whatever organization they're working. But the crash they've been predicting for 40 years...hasn't happened. The dollar that they've been preaching would fall for over 40 years now......hasn't fell. But some of you are STILL sitting on the couch with an evil grin on your face, rubbing your hands together EXPECTING for the world wide economy to collapse any time now so you can cash in your bit-coins or fake-gold or whatever you were silly enough to invest REAL money in. Keep listening to these White folks and keep waiting........ "It was an Earthquake in Japan today! Yeah....this world economy is going down....it won't be long now! I'm glad I stocked up and invested in Cyber-kryonics"
  11. Mruzi which they have no control over, and which does not define them. A lion or wild dog has no control over how THEY were born either, but that doesn't mean they aren't vicious beasts who's nature is to kill you and eat you. The nature of White people..in general...is to kill and oppress darker people around the planet. That's what they've been doing from China to Nigeria to the Dakota. Surely this is no co-incidence. Surely something has to be in the PEOPLE themselves to make them act this way. So you are just as bad as whitey. Not unless I enslaved and killed people, which I haven't. And atleast I don't CALL them "whitey" like YOU do.
  12. Lol, how can a VICTIM of racism....be racist?
  13. I meant as an anchor on CNN I didn't know what he did in her personal life, and actually don't care. But as long as he comes on national television ACTING like a strong masculine Black man and sounding like one.....cool beans.
  14. Cynique In this zeitgeist there is also such a thing as useless information. You are full of it which in this case makes you irrelevant. It takes Troy to tell you about your ignorance about race I was wondering how long it took before you jumped up and started your ritualistic ad hominems...lol I actually expected it in your 2nd post. Since the ad hominems have already started, I guess it's a little too late to point out how you also CONTRADICTED YOURSELF BY first speaking of "mixed race" people...only to turn around and in invoke Troy's position that multiple races don't exist. Is that what you NOW believe....because you first started TALKING about people of multiple races. Just admit you have no argument and you're just.... Confused and don't know WHICH way to go.
  15. tipsyturv yes i love them, another is ananda lewis. dont know if u heard of her but look her up if you havent, shes def part of that club lol Ofcourse I've heard of my girl Ananda Lewis. That's another beautiful one who I've been watching since the 90s during her days on BET's Teen Summit. She's fine as cherry wine. what do u think of people who actually appear multiracial identifying with their multiracial heritage? Not only do I agree with it but I INSIST upon it. If you are multi-racial and look like it, I'd RATHER you identify as multi-racial than to run around calling yourself "Black" and mis-representing our race and the way we look. Power is EXCLUSIVE...not necessarily INCLUSIVE. I don't believe in running around calling everybody with Black ancestry "Black". No...get back over there with YOUR peoples.
  16. Troy What??? You're falling for this crap? I'm surprised that you don't see the trap this crypto-crap is pulling people towards. You say there's no central authority controlling it but WHITE PEOPLE are controlling it at the top. That's the central authority even if they don't have an actual country it's based out of. As far as this money not being real.......... As long as I can use it to pay for my goods and services, it's real. "That'll be $55 plus the tip sir...." It doesn't matter whether it's backed by gold, silver, or a wet fart. If you're not using currency, how are you paying for most of your expenses?
  17. tipsyturv Yes both Chilli and Tatyana Ali are VERY beautiful women. I've found them attractive for decades. Even when Tatyana was playing Ashley on the Fresh Prince, I knew she'd grow up to be a beautiful woman. And Tatyana does have an "Indian" look about her too. I did remember reading something about her father being Indian or something. You have a LOT of Black/Indian mixes down in Guyana and Trinidad Speaking of the Dravidian....I believe they are as close to the Original human beings of this planet more so than the other current races. I believe they...the Dravidians...are older than the Caucasians, Native Americans, and even the Africans. I believe they are closer to the Original Black man of the planet.
  18. Consensus doesn't justify ignorance. Most Americans are ignorant of the true definitions and categories of race and ethnicity, and aren't qualified to accurately label even THEMSELVES let alone others
  19. If she's only 1/16th Indian...and acting like that, then yes.
  20. Oh? Well my mistake then. I thought she identified fully with the AfroAmerican culture. I'm gonna have to do more investigating into THIS matter then!
  21. I use the term....because it's accurate. It's more accurate than simply calling someone "mixed race" because there are MORE THAN 5 different races on the planet a person could be mixed with. I also use the term Zambo and Meztizo. Further, he doesn't "look Black". He looks like an actual Mulatto with phenotypical features that are pretty much in between his African and Cacaucasian parents. Problem is, in the United States we're so used to calling EVERYBODY Black.....not just Mulattos but "Quadroons" and "Octoroons" with only trace amounts of Black ancestry....that most people just toss him in the Black category despite the fact that no pure Sub-Saharan African looks like him.
  22. What happened to them FLASH MOBS people were engaging in a few years ago where a gang of them would just run up in a store snatching everything in site and running out? I'm surprised more of that ain't going on now. I also hear that were really undercover police operations where mysterious figures were texting people to meet up in certain locations Troy That law seems unenforceable. What do they mean by "defamatory," I wonder. It will be enforced SELECTIVELY...like most laws in the West are> Laws like that were DESIGNED to be ambiguous and hard to figure out what the actually mean. This is so they can be interpreted a million different ways and used to trap you when they want.
  23. No problema para mi tambien..... But the problem is calling Mulatto people "Black" can be quite deceptive because it gives the impression that race relations are improving and Black people are being given sexy roles....when they're STILL promoting the image of "Caucasian beauty" but just labeling them Black.
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