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  1. And since Mr.Musky doesn't print up his OWN money....that means the money he made had to come from somebody else's pockets. Those are the suckas who got tricked into investing in HIS crypto-currency. Riddle me this..... Why would anybody invest in a type of currency called CRYPT-o????? A CRYPT is a GRAVE. You "invest" your money in a grave and wonder why it diminishes. Stay tuned for more tales from the crypt.
  2. ProfD Man, you're making me THIRSTY talking about some milk and Kool-aid...lol. Reminded me of Laverne and Shirley sitting up drinking that milk and pepsi.
  3. Curriculum Body in India Decided To Drop Evolution and Periodic Table From School Science, Sparking Protest From Educators and Researchers Conelisa N. Hubilla Jun 01, 2023 06:47 AM EDT In April 2023, it was widely reported in India that the topic of evolution would be cut from the curriculum for students aged 15-16. The extent of changes became clearer when the National Council of Educational Research & Training released a textbook for the new academic year that started in May. NCERT is the public organization in the country that developed curriculum and textbooks in Indian schools. In response, the campaign group Breakthrough Science Society based in Kolkata, India, organized an appeal that reinstated the axed content on evolution. It was signed by over 4,500 scientists, teachers, and science communicators. Curriculum Body in India Decided To Drop Evolution and Periodic Table From School Science, Sparking Protest From Educators and Researchers | Science Times I say CONGRADULATIONS to India for growing a pair of nutz and finally beginning to reject Western/White bullshit. George Clinton said: Pay attention sucka.....hee hee.
  4. Lol...and like I said, why are THEY still going to school and getting an education and buying houses. Infact, why are THEY buying stocks, buying real estate, putting up trust funds for their children.....all investments that appreciate in THE FUTURE. ......if they think the world is really going to end and there is no future? Man, many if not most of these White scientists are so full of shit it's ridiculous.
  5. frankster Creator God.... El is the name of an Anunnaki or a physical being or an organization to which they belong to. -Interesting..... In Genesis chapter 14 we read: What do you think these verses mean when they say "MOST HIGH GOD" or "EL ELYON" or "EL THE MOST HIGH"? If there is only one Deity, why was this DEITY this time distinguished with the title "Most High"? Those are your conjectures. They did not and I made no claim to knowing it... Only of knowing of it's secrecy.....Nor did I say "jah" is it Lol...do you have dementia? You don't remember saying, If you don't believe His name is "Jah" then why did you post this verse? The Look up meaning of the word Heaven or Heavens? Will the definition be the same as that of "clouds"....lol. If not, then my assertion that these are two different translations STILL STANDS. I do not know if it is or if it isn't? You gave the impression that you did. Igigi are said to be from the Anunnaki home world where brought here on earth as workers, they rebelled and humans were created as the solution......Adams Calendar .....home world, which I presume is "Nibiru". Am I correct? Genesis Lol....say no more. I've already shown where Genesis produces more confusion and more mis-translation after mis-translation. The word "giants" isn't even the original Hebrew, they were called another name. In the sense that we are all Children of God and Divine.. Oh, so you don't believe that Jesus was "God's Son" as Christianity teaches? The Gnostics preach that Yahweh was not the Creator but a False God - Demiurge. Some of this comes....not from actual research....but as a slick way of separating a lot of the bad or "negative" things allegedly done by Yahweh the God of the Old Testament from the "love teachings" of Christ in the New Testament.
  6. frankster If its to be it will be....it doesn't need any encouragement. It will be...sooner or later. But perhaps OUR actions will bring it about more sooner than later. What a price....can we handle the cost. The question is..... Can we handle the cost of things continuing to go as they are? More unemployment, high cost of living, more homelessness, slashes in government programs, ect...and an eventual collapse into chaos is the cost of doing nothing. It is the Nature of the very real game.....Mugabe beat them at it Like every great Black leader, Mugabe was his own man! "OK....yall can miss me with the bullshit".
  7. Juneteenth should be internationally known and recognized officially as AfroAmerican Independence Day. We're going to have to FORCE this to happen but just taking off those Mondays as close to June 19th as possible.
  8. ProfD OK. But, I'd be slightly curious to know your reason for trying to pick up women in a bookstore. I didn't care too much for clubs or bars, especially the ones in Detroit. I used to go to clubs with my friends as a teenager and noticed that in most of them....everybody already knew eachother. Hell, half of the women there were at the club WITH their man! I saw more dudes getting into fights at these clubs than pick up women. Also they go to get drunk and smoke or sell dope. Too many people getting into fights and shot over bullshit. By the time I got to 19 or 20 I wised up and stopped going. I started going to CANADA instead and that's where we REALLY met a lot of women who were hungry for American men...lol. If you were looking for a *smart* woman to be your wife or significant other, a bookstore could be one spot. Lol....wasn't looking for a wife back then. But, I would think a university or college campus would have provided access to *educated* women too. I did that too. I used to go to college campus libraries but not to look for women but to do research AND meet women in my spare time if one was particularly attractive. I loved talking with the African women. Otherwise, if your objective was to find a woman to smash, there were plenty spots besides Barnes & Noble. You're right, but I wasn't the most attractive brutha in the world so it wasn't like I could hang out at the car wash or go to the grocery store and drag a woman home. I had to use my mouthpiece...lol. A lot of women didn't are how I looked. It was just the fact that they saw a Black man READING that impressed them and drew them closer to me. However, the shortest distance between two points is still a line. Be direct. Saves a whole lot of time, energy and resources. Sometimes it could be a good way to get dissed and embarrassed if you aren't careful who you run up on...lol. "Hey, excuse me.....I happen to notice everyday you-" "Fuck off . I only like Black guys!"
  9. Told you they'd pull some shit out their asses at the last minute. Some fake ass "deal" they were planning to propose all along but needed an excuse to implement it. Some MANUFACTURED CRISIS to get the people all panicky.
  10. richardmurray You use the words people + nations, which suggest the black community in the usa or the ugyars in china are equivalent to governments, like the usa or china. They are not. The ugyars mostly live in china in the same way most Black DOSers live in the USA. So to be functional, DOSers need their own government. Now, if Black DOSers had their own state in the union, which is legally plausible in the USA, then it is possible, that a state in the usa, under state law, which can override federal law in situations, can make a blockade of internet access. Yes, people can argue freedom of speech but only if an internet service provider is of the government not a private institution or publicly traded firm does freedom of speech have no bounds. but again this wouldn't stop every scenario but will reflect the scenario you speak of with China + North Korea+ as well as the USA+Russia + et cetera. Some would claim that Black America is actually a potential nation within itself. However I understand your point. I would say this.... Although Black Americans aren't a nation, we are PART of the nation and occupy nearly all of the positions available IN this nation...including the "Supreme Court" and Presidency. So if we were united in ideology we could change the national laws to reflect OUR wishes. We don't have to wait until the U.S. is a "Black Nation" to do this...we can do it in 5 years if our collective minds were right. If you want certainty be empowered POWERFUL statement!!!! If it doesn't work out, unlike all plans from High John, then try again. ???? What do you mean?
  11. frankster My Point is the Risk of Living .....you have no choice in the matter - it is a risk All living things MUST take And MY point is...you first claimed that rich people DON'T take risks, and now you admit they do. This case is CLOSED as far as I'm concerned, lol. The Risk of whether or not to invest your money in hopes of financial gain....Is a Risk many do not get to have or take - Hence its a matter of Choice.. Your argument is disingenuous so yes I realize I had to qualify my meaning. versus Whether my argument is "disingenuous" or not is a matter of interpretation and perspective; but it's CLEAR that you contradicted yourself. There is NO doubt about that. Horticulture....Bonsai pruning is training - training is education Being trained is NOT the same as being educated. A dog can be TRAINED to defecate in a certain spot, doesn't mean it's "educated".
  12. White folks have been sounding the alarm about the world is ending and that humanity is coming to an end for THOUSANDS of years. Even back during New Testament times you had folks running around half naked with their hair nappy and beards grown out screaming and yelling that "The Kingdom of the Lord is at hand....the End is near!!!" "Repent! Repent! The kingdom is at hand!!!! The end is nigh....repent!!!" And that was THOUSANDS of years ago. NOW look at the fool: "Well.....I thought it was near......." With all of that shouting and warning....their bodies are just a pile of bones somewhere and the world STILL hasn't ended. 2000 years later people are STILL running around on this planet fighting eachother and acting a fool. People ain't gone nowhwere YET. With all of the gloom and doom folks are still getting drunk, having sex, pushing out MORE babies, and doing what they want to do. Now you have a NEW group of White folks running around trying to scare you. "Hey Josh....look'it! The edge of this iceberg is 10 decimeters shorter than it was last year! The world is surely coming to an end! Humanity only has 10 more years left...at the most! Sound the alarms! Put it in the Wallstreet Journal and on CNN! Everythings about to end pretty soon!!!!" Many of them CLAIM to be atheists. So hell, if they think humanity is ended and there is no hope...why are THEY still hanging around here and sounding the alarm? Why don't they fuck all the women they can, get drunk, and then jump off a damn bridge somewhere and die happy? They won't do that, but instead what do they do? .....they go to school, getting married, and having children THEMSLEVES....bringing children into a world they CLAIM is going to end pretty soon. Why? Because THEY don't believe the garbage they are pushing on the rest of humanity, themselves. Stop letting these white folks scare yall with their false religions and NOW their false science (which is really just another false man made religion). The Earth will be here and HUMANITY will be here and THEY know it.
  13. richardmurray Well, I have to first say, I opposed getting involved in the cryptos and didn't like what I knew in terms of financial stability or long term financial quality, and I spoke against getting involved with crypto to others. But having said that I want to defend those who involved themselves in the crypto. I remember three articles: 1) one where a white guy in his 20s living downtown manhattan boasted of being a crypto millionaire. He was highlighted in the new york times. 2) another white guy admitted he put millions of dollars, his life savings into crypto, he is trying to suit to get it back but the case isn't in his favor. 3) the ftx wall street journal advertisement where a side of a page was bought. My point, lower rich whites was the fuel to this thing. Many of them lost money in it, but they fueled it, and those who got in early and sold before the fall made millions of dollars. Like the gold rush or oil rush, most lose money in these get rich quick schemes historically. But a minority always get lucky and are the stories people remember. ame with crypto. Yes, I advised against it. but I do comprehend why people were suckered in. Those who were purely lucky enough to gamble right in their timing made a lot of money. This may sound a bit conspiratorial but, we can't really trust HOW White folks are REALLY making their money. They can SAY one thing but when you investigate, they're actually making their money and getting rich doing SOMETHING ENTIRELY ELSE. Or actually doing the total opposite or what they CLAIM they're doing. A White man will sit there in a suit with his hair slicked back with a lot of gel in it and ramble on for 3 hours about how great crypto currency is and how long he's been involved in it and how he's a millionaire. "Well I'll tell ya what Deontay..... Like you I was born in the ghetto to an unwed mother who scrubbed toilets for a living and had a crack habit, but ya know what? I got into crypto currency a few years ago and now I'm approaching 75 million dollars!!! I'm living proof that the system works if you love America and try hard enough!!!" ....but if you just drill down and nail him on how he got his millions he'll admit he INHERITED it from his rich uncle -and that he's only made $450 so far in cryptocurrency after 3 years of investing. You can't trust what White men say, especially when it comes to money and wealth in general. I used to work at a subway sandwich shop with a White boy who was only a couple years older than me. Although he was in his early 20s, he was a Bush loving "Conservative" and used to complain all the time about people on welfare and how if they managed their money right they wouldn't need welfare and how minimum wage was good enough if they managed their money. He was working at subway like I was and had a wife, 2 kids, and they had a house and 2 cars and he's point to that and say he could work at subway at minimum wage and still have all of that because he was a Conservative who knew how to "budget his money" correctly. Come to find out the snaggle toofed fool not only inherited wealth from one of his relatives but he was also getting royalties from property his wife's family owned AND they were making and selling meth out of their house!!!!! Yet this same white boy would praise Bush, conservatism....and rant and rave about welfare queens and drug dealers in the hood and how poor people should lift themselves up. I say all that to say, don't trust what White folks say about money and wealth....they are TRAINED to lie and mislead. Crypto currency is a SCAM. We should stay AWAY from it.
  14. That.... And also the "budget" and these different debt and deficit games they play are ILLUSIONS designed to confuse and manipulate the American people into believing that the government doesn't have enough money to take care of them. Infact, that's really what the Federal Reserve was established for. To create a "false" debtor that the U.S. supposedly has to answer to. Originally the U.S. Constitution gave the Federal Government the sole authority to generate as much money as they wanted AND sign as much value to it as they wanted. But they purposely forfeited that right when they established the Federal Reserve system. Why? To create the false illusion of having debt or supposedly "owing" trillions of dollars to some mysterious entity that they "must" pay back...but never do. So when conservatives and those lined up with the ultra-rich want to slash funding for schools, healthcare, infrastructure, etc....as a diabolical scheme to make the American people work harder, they can claim to be broke or point to the Federal Reserve and claim they owe to much money to IT to pay for other programs.
  15. richardmurray Thank you for this song, I actually find it very interesting for a number of reasons. I didn't research it but it sounded like it was recorded in the 50s and I've noticed a few observations of the lyrics: 1. Sam is talking "jive" to Jimmy's wife This lyric suggests that even back in those days it was common and even comical for men to mess around with other men's wives. I wonder how common WAS this in our communities back in the 50s? 2. People were having fun and "high" at the fish fry Although it doesn't necessarily refer to being high off of drugs, the fact that he puts people being "high" in a song lets me know that people back then were aware enough about what it meant to be high. It makes me wonder how common were drugs and getting high at that time. 3. The party was raided by the police Makes me wonder how common was it for Black parties to be raided by the cops back in the 50s. And why....or what excuse was given...for these raids. 4. People were carried off in a "Black Mariah" This really got my attention because just a week ago I was listening to someone....it may have been Tariq Nasheed but I'm not sure....who said that police paddy wagons used to be called "Black Marias". I didn't pay it too much attention until it was mentioned again in this song and I took this as confirmation. For decades I hadn't even heard of the term "Black Mariah" before...not even from the older cats I used to sit and listen to; and now all of a sudden I hear about it. You live and you learn. Chev I would love to visit too. If you do go, then please let us know of your experience! LOL...if you weren't married (or atleast didn't talk about your husband so much...lol) I would say LET'S GO TOGETHER. We'd sit there all day munching on greasy turkey legs and arguing over who the real Israelites and Caucasians are....lol "Guuuurl stop playing..... You know damn well Moses didn't sit up and write that shit!" But instead, I'll settle on your advice and take some pictures and maybe even a couple videos of the TLH if they let me next time I'm in Houston....lol.
  16. Delano That may only be true from your perspective. This is an instance where being able to think conceptually is useful. Although you are certain that you are right consider the possibility that you are mistaken. And there are conditions that you haven't factored into your assumptions. Let it percolate for a few days a d key me know what you think. You're right that my scenario focusing on "left/right" is more of a perspective, so let me use the same one but slightly altered. Let's say the flower was tilting towards the sun...but then started tilting towards the ground upon observation. Again, the fact that it WAS tilting towards the sun did not change simply because it was tilting towards the grown when WE observed it. In other words, the TRUTH remains unchanged regardless of observation. frankster Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment....Only upon observation does the Cat die or live Which is an ILLOGICAL conclusion....lol....which is why I caution AfroAmericans not to take White people's strange philosophical ponderances TOO seriously. A lot of the things THEY think are "deep" and highly intellectual actually make little to no logical sense and have no practical use in reality. Our observations of a cat in a box has absolutely NO bearing on whether the cat is living or dead. Neither does perspective. If you don't believe this....ask any MEDICAL EXAMINER whether "perspective" has ever brought back a corpse....lol. If A tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear does it make a sound...No it make no sound until a Ear is there to hear it 3 things to consider: 1. There's ALWAYS S/someone around to hear it 2. Ears aren't necessary to hear sound 3. What if nobody was around to hear the tree fall but it was being VIDEO/AUDIO recorded while falling and later on the recording was replayed featuring the sound of the fall? You missing the Point....With observation comes our bias and preconceptions. I'm not missing THE point, it's simply not MY point. It may be yours, but it's not the one I'm focused on. I never questioned whether or not observation brought bias or preconceptions. MY POINT is that truth is truth and it DOES NOT CHANGE based on a person's perspective or observation. Sense Bias...A blind person who who have never seen a flower will describe it completely different from someone who sees a flower. True. But the flower didn't change in that blind person's hands. conceptual Bias... A Botanist will see a flower quite different from a lay observer. True. But the flower itself didn't change when it changed hands from a botanist to a lay person. Your scenario presupposes that I would observe a tilt....I very well may not - optical illusion No it doesn't. My scenario focuses on the fact that the state of the flower (or illusion) AT the time I described it...remains the same. Regardless as to how it may have changed once observed. We do not observe what's out there.....we interpret what's useful. We do both. My responds stands....repetition is neither evidence or proof Common sense shouldn't require proof or even evidence. The logic of it should be sufficient. Do bones in the ground "not exist" until they are found? Logic says: Yes, they still do.
  17. frankster I've heard the theory that when something is observed it changes. I'm sure this is the case when it comes to some conscious and self-aware B/beings being observed. However that doesn't change the fact that something WAS what it WAS when it was mentioned and before it changed under observation. In other words.... If I say that this flower is tilted to the right. And when we begin observing it...it starts tilting to the left- Yes, it moved. It's now tilting left. However the FACT/TRUTH was it was tilting to the right, and this lines up perfectly with my observation at THAT time. Truth doesn't change upon observation. It remains the same even if it has to be spoken of in PAST tense. Yes.....they existed as Pure Potential. Only if they HYPOTHESIZED or THEORIZED that those bones would be there. But if they were just blindly digging not knowing WHAT they would find, then no. It is your knowledge and Perception why you say it is a million yrs old bones....some one else may say different. Correct. However the fact of the bones existing as well as their age REMAINS THE SAME whether we KNOW it, GUESSED it, THEORIZED it, or DON'T KNOW it period. If the bones are a million years old, they are a million years old regardless as to what the scientists estimate or perceive them to be.
  18. Chev I personally didn't notice it. But you know what....... I have firm convictions and standards for men and women....especially AfroAmerican men and women.....however those standards aren't based on Western chauvanistic and sexist values. I don't mind that the sistas names appeared first at all. Simone is more well known than Jonathan, and Rihanna is more well known than HER man too....so I see it as normal or natural. But even if the dudes were just as popular, it wouldn't bother me holding the sistas out front. Putting CERTAIN women on a pedestal doesn't bother me one bit. Women acting like MEN and trying to BE MEN does. Or men pushing women out to do the fighting and confronting does.
  19. It must be subjective to the one who DISCOVERS that truth....but it was already there. It already existed OUTSIDE of a person's perspective and perception. For example..... Scientists discover million year old bones in the ground. Those bones existed BEFORE the discovery. Their knowledge and perception of them had no impact on their existence.
  20. frankster 4. You say... The Rich take risk all the time. 5. I say.. The rich do not take risk ....they take calculate risk 6. you say....you coming around. Every Living Thing take daily the Risk of Being Alive.....Not just the rich people Lol...a lot of this is "besides the point". The point is, you say the rich DO NOT take risk...while at the same time saying they DO. You just add a qualifier on to justify it. That's like a person saying they don't steal...they only steal when they're hungry....LOL. Thats been your Opinion.....I am saying there is no such thing as garbage it just energy in the wrong place. Garbage is NON-LIVING material that is unwanted and is refuse. One person's garbage is another person's treasure. I get it. I still maintain that for the purposes of building and maintaining a strong Black community...some people can't be used AT ALL. Maybe they'd be useful on a baseball team, or working at Wal-mart....just not useful for our community. Why the suspense.....Name the uneducatible Living thing. How about a particular bush outside of your home. It's living. Can you "educate" it? Did I say it was the Only Requirement??? You are creating straw men arguments. You said it was THE requirement. You didn't say it was ONE OF THE requirements....but THE requirement. It is a secret to those who do not know. A "secret" implies a DELIBERATE attempt to prevent others from knowing. According to the scriptures, Abraham didn't just "not tell" that Sarah was his wife but DELIBERATELY kept that key bit of information from Abimelech.
  21. frankster Lets bring it down to philosophical fundamentals.....all life activities includes is a risk - I am not addressing that type of risk. The Rich take Calculated Risk.... I'll take that statement as you FINALLY coming around to agreeing with me on this point, lol. Education is what I recommended and using people at the level they are. I'm inclined to agree, but I'd take it a step further and say that some people can't be used AT ALL and must be kept out of the community. I believe it is true... Well, as I said in the other thread: TRUTH is objective. It stands on it's own and isn't dependent on what you or I "believe" or "understand". Truth is FACT and the FACT is...not all living beings can be educated. But is was the primary requirement And again, I'll take this admission to mean you're finally coming around to agreeing with me on THIS point. The fact that you acknowledge that it's a PRIMARY requirement means you acknowledge it's not the ONLY requirement. We're making a lot of progress here....lol. Concealed.... hidden, sacred - secret. Concealed doesn't necessarily mean secret. A lot of people have permits to carry their weapons concealed....but that doesn't mean their weapons are a SECRET that nobody else knows about. Law enforcement often knows.
  22. I observed that they weren't even TALKING about forgiving student loan debt anymore. But I guess I spoke too soon....they're talking about student loan debt now. Now they're saying that because of this "deal" the Whitehouse made with the Republicans, people are going to HAVE TO PAY THEIR LOANS BACK. _______________________________________________________________________________ Since March 2020, tens of millions of federal student loan borrowers have had the option to take a break from paying back their student loans without earning additional interest. Now, after five extensions, three years and two presidents, that pause looks set to end. On Wednesday, the House of Representatives will vote on a deal to avoid a historic government debt default by raising the nation's debt ceiling for roughly two years. As part of a bipartisan compromise, the legislation includes a provision to restart student loan payments. But, notably, it doesn't touch on another highly-watched issue for borrowers: Biden's plan to erase up to $20,000 in debt. The fate of that broader plan still rests in the hands of the Supreme Court. Here's what you need to know. What does the debt deal actually change for borrowers? The deal spells out when repayments resume: 60 days after June 30. If the legislation passes, that means all federal student loan borrowers will be expected to start making payments again after August 29. Their loans will accrue interest then as well. When do student loan repayments resume? Here's how the debt deal changes things : NPR __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ....damn. Talk about good-for-nothing double crossers. I thought they had BEEN forgave the student loan debts already. I don't have any student loan debts so I didn't know what was going on. Now I come to find out that they didn't erase it....they just froze the payments you had to make on it. A sneaky move like that should have told people something more sinister was coming down the line and that they better hurry up and force the Democrats to FORGIVE the loans totally. If they didn't learn how to negotiate a repayment on a damn loan...what good was going to college in the first place? What the hell did they learn????
  23. On the occasion that it happens, I LOVE it when Black people....but especially women....acknowledge that I'm reading in public. I used to go to bookstores SPECIFICALLY to pick up women and have conversations with them over what they were reading or I was reading. Everybody needs to find their own methods of communication and what works for them.
  24. You're right, Tim Scott....like DeSanitized....KNOWS he's not going to be President. The nigga won't even get the Republican nomination, lol. Everyone of them has a job....a role to play to help Trump. Tim Scotts role is to galvanize as many Black voters as he can. Especially NON-REPUBLICAN Black voters....and deliver them to Trump after he drops out of the race. Most Black Republicans ain't voting for another Black man anyway, and he knows this. He's going after the GENERAL Black population who are fed up with the lies and bullshit from the Democrat party. After he gets as many of THEM as he can, he'll duck out and deliver them to Trump with big bow and ribbon. Haley will do the same thing with the women who vote Republican. DeSantis' role is to play the EXTREMIST FOOL. His job is to be SO crazy, SO nutty, SO outrageously racist and right-wing that any Republican with good sense will choose Trump who is the more "sensible" of the two.
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