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  1. Troy Personally.....I don't care one way or the other. I mean it when I say, Greg doesn't bother me one bit. It's not like he can influence those who are "friends of the Negro" (as Ozzie Davis put it....lol) or those who are otherwise neutral to all of a sudden start hating Black people with his rhetoric. If I thought he posed a serious threat....I would attack him UNTIL you banned him. As far as I'm concerned personally....he's just entertainment. Kind of like a cat who isn't really hungry may play around with a mouse. If you banned him tonight...I wouldn't miss him a bit. If you kept him on for another year....I'd respond to SOME of his jive and ignore the other as I have been. The REAL question is like you said, why is there so little participation in the forum to the point that a racist is more dedicated to spewing his rhetoric than Black folks are to discussing the relevant topics of today. I've said it time and time again that often times when I'm out in public preaching and dropping the knowledge, I'll get a larger White audience than Black...simply because so many of our people just aren't interested in intelligent dialog. Too many have their minds on bullshit. But as far as Greg is concerned.....I could care less what you do with him.
  2. @Troy Hey Troy sorry for posting this question in a thread but your inbox says you can't receive private messages anymore. Do you have some sort of "cash app" on your site where I can send money simply using a credit card? If so....give me the link please. I hope it's not super complicated.
  3. ProfD No it shouldn't, but what WOULD and often DOES stop our people from controlling that which they Create is LAZINESS. Not wanting to spend the mental energy it takes to understand and codify what they do and then protect it and pass it down from one generation to the next. Like you said earlier, they'll Create things all day long and then move on to the next Creation while White folks will grasp it, study it, codify it, and then incorporate it as their own. Kind of like the birds that spread the seeds from one place to another producing trees and other forms of vegetation. The birds may not enjoy the produce from their efforts; they're just doing what comes nature. But humans who are far more intelligent will!
  4. ProfD That reminds me, I think I'm gonna watch Harlem Nights again as I enjoy my Sunday dinner....lol. For some reason, of all the scenes in the movie....the boxing scene where the White crowd would stand and cheer everytime the White boxer got a good shot in but would sit back down and be quiet when the brutha was winning....resonated with me so much. It's like I see that so much in society, where people are rooting for THEIR team. The Black man can be so excellent at what he does but they'll be quiet on it and only speak up when he does something wrong or make a mistake.
  5. ProfD There are some schools of thought....closely related to but not exactly the same as the Nation of Islam....who believe that White people were GIVEN control over much of this planet thousands of years ago for them to rule it for a set period of time. And thus with that control they were also given a limited amount of knowledge with which to rule and enforce their power. However, instead of believing that ALL White folks are walking around with this knowledge as if that homeless drug addict you pass by everyday is up to par with the latest projects CERN is involved in...lol It would be more accurate to say that the RULING CLASS of the White race were given this knowledge. It's also believed that everything those rulers of White civilization know TODAY....they knew THOUSANDS of years ago but just didn't release it to the public but kept that knowledge to themselves and disseminated it in bits and pieces on a "need to know basis". I say that to say, we really don't know what or how much the White Racists actually know or can do....until they break out and actually do it. Then we are amazed at what they were able to accomplished. I wouldn't put anything pass them.
  6. While surfing Youtube I happened upon these two White men engaged in a surprisingly interesting discussion on Creativity and how it is often fostered or crushed in our society. Something tells me Mel would enjoy this and Del would find this video delightful, lol. Not terribly impressive but a nice way to spend an hour. (6) Lectures: Exploring the Psychology of Creativity - YouTube
  7. ProfD And even if we don't get it COLLECTIVELY, I believe with proper planning and strategy a few DEDICATED GROUPS of AfroAmericans and THEIR descendants are sure to get our due Reparations and THEN SOME! I've long given up on trying to unite the entire community. I'm focused on uniting with a core group of like minds.....even if we're only 2% of the entire population....to get our goals accomplished.
  8. Greg My question to you is, what should be DONE about this? If they are acting like animals and this is happening everyday....according to you...then what is the SOLUTION to this problem?
  9. However it's also clear that music...especially in the AfroAmerican community....is heavily manipulated by those in power. It's like the life or energy we were discussing in another thread. They may not be able to create it, but they have learned to MANIPULATE it somewhat and control it to their ends and desires. They can look at HIphop and if 90% of it is positive and uplifting while 10% is negative and inspires destruction....they may not be able to control the ratio of that creativity but they CAN control what is played over the air and what gets promoted. So they'll PROMOTE Gangsta Rap as opposed to the more Conscious and Afrocentric rap even if positive rap predominates in reality. They'll PROMOTE the thug-life....sporting tattoos and weed smoking. They'll PROMOTE Mumble Rap that make Black youth sound like drunken apes....as opposed to the smooth and witty rappers that dazzle the world with the eloquence and articulation of Black American vernacular. "Hey, how about promoting Big Daddy Kane?" "Well....the hair cut is nice and creative. The gold jewelry is attractive. His lyrics are crisp, clear, and well composed. He's slim, handsome, and well dressed, but......nahh I don't think the women will find HIM attractive enough to really keep up sales Hey I have a better idea! Let's promote THESE guys: " "Now see....THESE guys have the total package! The tattoos covering up their brown skin... Very little jewelry... Can barely understand what the hell they're saying.... Don't dance....just rock around on the stage like a pack of staggering apes..... Now THAT'S what the people want! The women will SURE go for these guys and increase our sales. And if they don't....well...we'll PAY a bunch of women to PRETEND to find them attractive and hopefully a new generation of girls will be trained into doing so". But the question really is...... WHO BENEFITS from smooth, handsome, intelligent Black men being removed from Hiphop and replaced by ugly, grimey, mumble-mouthed criminals? They certainly don't make BLACK MEN look better and more attractive......so who DO they make look better by comparison????
  10. Concrete? Or down to Earth. Truth always has the final say.
  11. There IS no "Black man's guide to crypo currency" because Black folks don't even have the inside knowledge of how it operates, let alone any CONTROL over it. Because WE didn't come up with it! Once again, silly negroes are just being manipulated into putting their money and faith into crap they know little to nothing about (but THINK they do) so that White folks can take it from them and further enrich themselves. Don't show me a bunch of graphs and digits on paper designed to dazzle the mind. Show me the HARD CASH Black folks have actually made from Bitcoin or any other form of crypto-currency. If some of yall niggaz ain't falling for the White man's false religions....others of you are falling for his fake ass ponzi financial schemes. It it ain't one thing, it's another. Just like I can look out of a window and see that the sun is shining, I could EASILY see that Bitcoin and this other crap are just some of the many scams that White folks have whipped up to trick yall out of your money....like they've BEEN doing for centuries. But some of you still don't "get" it do ya..... "Look! You can't see THAT???? It's been shining EVERY DAY since....like...the beginning of the Earth. But you JUST NOW noticed it rising????"
  12. I thought Youtube had some sort of rule or clause against showing guns and violent acts. Youtube's rules are quite confusing because they seem to pick and choose what is and isn't against their "community guidelines". You can hold shows where you sit around and diss Black women all day long but if you say something against gay people...all of a sudden your video or even the channel is flagged. Not sure who's making these rules.
  13. Chev The reason why God has allowed our people to fall into this prophecy is partly because of 'free will' and due to this free will, our ancestor chose to copulate with a White Supremacist being. Is Divine Prophecy and "free will" contraditing terms? How can behavior that has already been pre-determined to happen be a product of free will???? We suffer for the sins of our ancestors. Is that justice? Not in my opinion. That's why after 430 years, the Egyptian government was judged at this time. Their hidden agenda manifested over a period of 3-to-4 generations and just as predicted Well 430 years (and counting.....because the racists are STILL in power) is far more than 3 or 4 generations. Well....IF is is true that one generation pays for the sends of past generations and it only takes 3 or 4 generations before that payment is received.....a generation is about 30 years. Certainly from the committing of the sins to the consequences and payment of that sin would be no more than 150 years at the most. But certainly not 430. The Bible defines the government of Satan in the Old Testament as the set up of BAAL and ASHTEROTH and this is just what happened in Egypt. As I said many times before, Satan's government is also defined as being MATRIARCHAL. One of the reasons for this is because the invaders occupied their lands and wrote the Bible to justify it were PATRIARCHAL and SEXIST. They hated women and saw them as agents of the devil who's only purpose was to help them reproduce their seed. So obviously having a matriarchal or even an egalitarian system where men and women had equal power was not in THEIR best interests, so they sought to demonize it and call it "satanic". Among the original peoples you had the MALE and FEMALE deities holding power. You find this not only in Africa but also in the Americas and all over the planet. When the Caucasians took over they had to keep close control over their women and who they had sex with so as to keep them from mixing their genes with the original people, so they had lock their women up and oppress them in order to maintain extreme control over them. In places like Iran and Afghanistan....those wild Caucasian tribes were forcing their women to wear veils and cover up CENTURIES before the Islamic religion became the law of the land. It was part of their culture to keep their women covered and tucked away and to condemn the feminine divine.
  14. ProfD Well cross breeding a human with a monkey or any other animal isn't "creating" life. The life is already there and has been created. It's just being combined or spliced or manipulated. Like they say about energy. They say it's neither created nor destroyed by TRANSFORMED and manipulated.
  15. Not that I'm justifying this attack.....but what I find interesting is how Black women are more likely to unite to attack a White person than Black men are. What I've seen so often is that Black women are often more likely to stick together with eachother when it comes to going against Black men OR White men and women than Black men are. White men can often manipulate Black men into attacking eachother and certainly a lot of White women can do this. But they often have a HARD time trying to convince a sista to go against another sista.
  16. Greg You know what....I won't argue with you there.
  17. Greg This is yet another wonderful illustration of your GROSS ignorance! 1. The United States NEEDS crime and criminals to operate because they need to constantly fill the private prisons and jails that are increasing being used as sources for cheap labor this society thrives off of. 2. The United State IS ALREADY bringing in your beloved Central and South Americans by the millions. What you don't understand and probably don't even realize is that the HIGHER UP racists who are giving you your marching orders actually SUPPORT mass illegal immigration in the United States because it not only supplies the rich White business owners with a constant source of cheap labor but because they aren't legal citizens....THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS. So they are far less likely to complain about their working conditions or demand benefits like regular American workers.
  18. Chev She is absolutely right! The historical basis of what she has referred to his historical. There is an early map and history about that part of West Africa and was known as the land of Judah. I don't know of any LEGITIMATE map that portrays any portion of Africa as ancient "Judah"....lol. But I'm sure some religious people have tried to draw one up. Much like many of the religious original founders of the United States wanted to all America the "New Jerusalem" and ran around the land naming parts of it "Salem" and "Bethel" and "Bethesda" and "Canaan" and other biblical names so that they would line up with their twisted beliefs. Also, my ancestor is linked to this very history as well, on my maternal father's side. In addition, there has been extensive scientific DNA links of Black African people in this region that match the DNA of Isrealite people in East and South Africa. Most scientists question whether the "Israelite people" even EXISTED...let alone have a DNA sample of them to prove who is from what. No, the Biblical prophesy of Moses is exact and has come to past. Refresh my memory please..... What exactly did Moses prophecy? AfroAmericans come from many places from Africa, not just Egypt and Ethiopia. Correct. But almost all Black Africans THEMSELVES came to the rest of the continent by way of Egypt and Ethiopia. Those were the DOOR WAYS to the rest of Africa. ProfD Hieroglyphs was a formal writing system created by the ancient Egyptians (northeastern Africans) over 4,000 years ago. It is the basis for every other writing system (Greek, Arabic, Latin, etc.) Not only that, but most archeologist and liguists will tell you that the most ADVANCED CIVILIZATIONS know that symbols are far more powerful than letters and words. Instead of wasting space with millions of letters, you can convey a thousand concepts using just ONE SYMBOL. For those who doubt this. Tell me if THIS symbol doesn't invoke a flood of information and ideas that need no words to articulate:
  19. ProfD I can't prove it but I'm of the suspicion that the ape is some sort of crossbreed between the human and monkey (tailed little monkey) that occurred THOUSANDS of years ago when human beings (Black humanity) was far more advanced and knew how to so it successfully. Let us keep it mind that Western science is a BABY. It's very immature and just because Western scientists are unable to cross breed certain species today (or won't admit to knowing it even if they ARE doing it secretly)...doesn't mean the ancient Black man/woman didn't have this knowledge before the Fall. But again, this is a suspicion as I have no solid proof of this.
  20. ProfD I often have the same reaction. When I hear a White man/woman spilling the beans on what the rest of his comrades are doing or have done, I get a little suspicious of his motives. Is this some sort of strategy of deception? Did he get fucked over by one of his organizations and is now doing this out of revenge? But at the end of the day, the most important question for me is: Is what he's saying TRUE or not? And how much of it is? I keep saying over and over again that if a White person REALLY wants to help end racism and help us.....then put down those sissy signs and stop all of that marching and clapping and singing and crying fake tears. If you REALLY want to help us....stand up on stage and give us a full run down of the tricks and schemes your people have used to exploit and abuse our people. So regardless of his motives, IF what he's saying is true....and I believe it is even if he's only telling part of the story....I'll take the truth of what he's saying and use it. I'd rather him say it than keep it to himself. Like that book Behold a Pale Horse..... He told a lot of half-truths but he did expose a lot of what White folks were doing to the Black community too. Infact, I think the South African government should PROTECT this man and collect his information for further examination and use.
  21. Oh, you're doing video games now???? Don't always agree with your politics.....infact I RARELY agree with your politics....but I'm glad to see you're pushing your own video games. You're a "go getter".....lol....I'll give that to you.
  22. Chev Yeah, I've heard this for years. That immigrants are shown films and given classes on how to conduct themselves safely and successfully in American society. I sure wish they would have shown US some films and gave US who were born and raised here some classes on how to do so....lol. Seems like if you're a citizen born and raised in the U.S.....you gotta figure it out on your own.
  23. Troy you are saying the U.S. is using Covid as an opportunity to covertly kill Black people and that this explains why Americans, and Black people in particular, are dying at disproportionately higher numbers than the rest of the world? Do i understand you correctly? Almost...lol. Allow me to TWEEK it a bit so that it will be more accurate. I believe that RACISTS IN the U.S. are using Covid as and opportunity to TAYLOR/CULL the Black population in the United States so that we don't get too large. This is just one of the MANY methods they have been using. The agenda of the racists (those racists in charge at least) is not to KILL OFF the entire population of people of color. But TAYLOR it and shave it down to a more "manageable" number so that they'll be easier to control. ProfD I got one for you..... A lot of the times, these "diseases" as well as their cures often come from the same source....the Black and Native American so-called "tribal" or traditional people who live outside of Western society who still practice their ancient and sacred sciences. Western scientists fly down to Africa or South America on a routine basis to steal knowledge from the shamans and medicine men/women of those remote communities and use much of it to poison or control the society. "So...you're saying if we grind this leaf up and let it dry it will be a poison strong enough to sicken and kill up to 45, 000 people??? SaWEEET!"
  24. Coggins Don't forget that many Latinos are actually WHITE and most have some White ancestry in them to various degrees....thus they carry the same racist views and inclinations as their non-Latino White counterparts. So that should come as no surprise. Most Latinos in southern Florida...who tend to be White....have BEEN in bed with the Republican party for decades. Since atleast the Reagan Era.
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