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  1. I'm not sure of the full circumstances of the encounter but perhaps she had no choice. I didn't research the story. Was she on duty at the time? Was she in uniform or plain clothes? Cop or not, I'm inclined to take the side of this sista over a group of teenagers who probably shouldn't have been armed in the first place. You can almost always find me on the side of the RIGHTEOUS Black men and women instead of the thugs, criminals, and gangsters.
  2. Lol...Troy, back then did anyone tell you that you looked a little like Martin Luther Da' King????
  3. This video breaks down in simplistic terms why as much as they complain about Black people, can't stand to live any considerable distance apart from us: Do any of you remember me making the same points as in this video, over the years?
  4. Well this is what Neely Fuller Jr. has to say about Black folks seeking an education from Whites: https://api.yttrim.com/return-files/eQS3U4lZ-qk_144_1035_1145.mp4 @frankster this clip also touches a little bit on what we've been talking about. Del Accreditation is both a pedigree and a way of putting people in categories. A major component of school is about making you a productive worker. Lol...you could have ended it right there, because that's the truth. It also is about making contacts which is more important than a diploma. In addition I met people I wouldn't have otherwise met. You get the chance to meet 30 people every class. While this is true to a certain extent, it only benefits you if you UNDERSTAND the value of making connections....which most students don't at 18, 19, or 20. Especially if they come from poor and working class backgrounds. For wealthy students with well connected parents who go to prestigious Universities.....YES...it's about the connections. For poor students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds who go to community colleges and public/state universities....not so much.
  5. Now just think about this........... The SUPREME BEING Knows everything and Sees everything. The SUPREMBE BEING doesn't need to send Angels or Cherubim or any other Beings down to Earth on top of some mountains to stand around staring at humans and keeping an eye on them. Even human beings today have technology advanced enough that they can sit in some office in Bethesda Maryland looking up at a flat screen and monitor what's going on around the planet through satellites and drones! "Now what the hell are those Black fuckers up to down there? Hey Jared, why don't ya' zoom in and let's take a look at what's happening down in Haiti". Now come on, if White folks have that kind of technology... Surely The SUPREME BEING is Infinitely more Powerful!!! Listen brutha...... You're reading corrupted versions of the truth! They are forgeries and myths collected from around that area that were based on true stories thousands of years old. When you read the Book of Enoch and these other books and they talk about Mt Harmon and Mt Carmel and Mt Ararat and mount this and mount that....they're talking about PHYSICAL BEINGS who are on top of these mountains watching OTHER physical beings. These were Black HUMANS who were stationed on the tops of the Caucasus and other mountain ranges in the Middle East to watch and guard Caucasian human beings who were placed in the Caucasus for punishment! Just like when you read about the Devil and his angels being kicked out of heaven as punishment; it's a mythical version of the White folks being kicked out of the peaceful lands of the Original people and banished up into the Caucasus mountains as punishement.
  6. richardmurray You say that the black community in the usa isn't nonviolent, so it is violent. And you imply, though i can be wrong, No, you're right. The Black community in the U.S.A collectively IS violent; as are the White and Latino communities of the U.S. But the AfroAmerican community tends to be MORE violent toward eachother than the White community. that the violence internally in the black community in the usa is at the least equal to any other group, regardless of population size or scale or circumstance. But the question is, why has black leadership not guided this violence? Not sure if they can. Not only is the AfroAmerican community violent but largely UNDISCIPLINED and don't obey their so-called "leaders"....and in many cases today no longer even ACKNOWLEDGE having any. Many AfroAmericans today will tell you they don't HAVE a "leader" to tell them what to do. If the Black community in the usa is so violent then the black leadership in the usa has not guided or made more functional the violence of the black community in the usa to the benefit of the black community in the usa. My question, why is that? As stated before, lot of our people are hard-headed and won't listen to their so-called leadership. If the leadership was very strict and used violence and the threat of violence...like the Panthers and Nation of Islam used to do....to ENFORCE the laws and codes among our people, then we'd be more obedient to the leadership. But they don't. It's like what me and frankster were discussing in another thread. People today are choosing LOVE over discipline. While we need both....when dealing with a BARBARIAN and in some cases SAVAGE people like a lot of our people in the U.S. today, you need to instill DISCIPLINE in them first so that they don't end up killing eachother and will appreciate the love you show them later. ProfD America would resemble Great Britain if AfroAmericans had gone to war and lost a race war. I'm not sure if that would be a worse alternative than what the U.S. looks like now....even for Black folks. Black British people seem to be smarter and more educated than AfroAmericans....collectively speaking. On a sad note...... I had an uncle who was born in the 1800s and lived to be old enough to witness the Crack era, Gangsta Rap, and the violence that resulted. He used to say (back in the 90's) that in a few years niggaz would get so far out of control with the not working, robbing and killing that they'll be BEGGING White folks to put them back in slavery.....and they'll do it. And after a while the killing will stop and the niggaz will be happy because they are working, eating, and got somebody telling them what to do and keeping them out of trouble. I look at the behavior in our community and every now and then think about what he said.
  7. Troy College teaches you how to work for someone else, to be an effective corporate tool. Learning to change the system, or even understanding why it needs to be changed is not part of the program. Exactly! It teaches you how to organize information, meet deadlines, and follow directions. It doesn't teach you how to develop your creativity or resourcefulness -which are usually required to be TRULY successful in this society. This is why if you notice not only through out history but even today, most of the self-made millionaires and billionaires had little or no college. As long as you know how to talk to people and count money...lol. @Pioneer1 your comparison between the past and today's opportunities resonates. I also believe there is some grade inflation going on: Someone who graduated from high school in the 50's is as well "educated" as someone with a college degree in the humanities today. Don't ask me to cite a study or prove what I just wrote; it just seems that way. Look who's using the anecdotes to prove his point NOW..lol. Not only that, they seem to have much better handwritting and write neater and in a more linear fashion than those who went to school after 1970. Look at the handwritting of those over 80 years old and how neat and orderly it is. The teachers also CORRECTED you on your poor English if they heard you speaking it; something they don't do anymore. Kids today running around talking like slaves who just staggard off some plantation. "Aye nigga....Aye daawwwg. Whatcho' name is? I know you! I seent' you befoe' but I forgot yo' name doe' . But fa' real fa' real....whatcho' name is ??" You'd think schools didn't even exist. The government just maintains them for day care centers.
  8. This reminds me of that movie by Spike Lee "Red Hook Summer"; about the preacher who molested children down in Georgia and ran up to New York to escape and start over and ended up getting found out and beat up. Man, there's only one Spike Lee. He should have started a film school to teach other Black filmmakers how to make films that deliver the impact his does.
  9. Interesting question and observations. The first question that comes to MY mind about this article -especially when I read the title- is, are Black Americans truly NON-VIOLENT? Seems to me a lot of violence is going on in many AfroAmerican communities; BY other AfroAmericans.
  10. Man......the wonders of special education, lol.
  11. Troy I'm not sure if it's even still in print....lol. I've had that book since the 90s. I bought it at the Shrine of the Black Madonna bookstore in Detroit. They had so many books by Black authors that are lost or simply not in print anymore. Ever head of an author named "Rufus Shaw"? He did a number of GOOD books that were low budget but packed with sound practical advice for Black people and especially Black men in the U.S. on how to be successful. One was "How to be a Rich Nigga" and another was "Art of Hustling". If you could get your hands on those, you'll be sitting on top of a gold mine...lol
  12. Alright Miss Atlanta......lol. You come on here saying all the right things and hitting some good points. We're gonna have to keep an eye on you....lol
  13. Troy i think many religious people do “experience” their religion and spirituality can be studied. They experience the DOGMATIC part of their religions, like: -reading scriptures -fellowship with other believers -attending structured religious services inside buildings of worship These are often pleasant activities, but they usually don't cause a "spiritual/mystical" experience. They are man-made and man controlled. Meditation and certain drug use often cause an actual MYSTICAL experience where you go beyond anything a human being can construct. You get into contact with the Realities and Beings outside of this one. Some religions teach you that you must go through a man (always a man) to get to God, to experience the Divine. And even if they don't teach it outright...their very doctrines leave you no choice BUT to ask questions and seek advice through a man. Again, the West has stripped out the most important aspects of religion. As a result, you have a culture of people who are spiritually vacuous. The Western world is increasingly nonreligious for this reason. We will never address any of the worlds most serious problems wars, climate change, poverty from this position. Yes, but this isn't by accident....it's by DESIGN. We must keep in mind that the LEADERS of Western civilization usually don't practice the same religion and spiritual beliefs that they encourage the common people to practice and believe in. Most of them are Masons, Shriners, and belong to other secret societies where some SPIRITUAL TRUTHS are shared among them in their circles but kept away from the common general public. Many of the same leaders of Western medicine and academics and other intellectuals will get on stage and claim to be atheist and declare that this reality is all that there is...while at the same time practice meditation and use certain drugs to leave their bodies and journey to other worlds to meet Superior Beings. They KNOW the truth....but give the people lies in order to confuse them. If you don't believe me, as the average White atheist why he decided to get MARRIED...lol. The spiritual emptiness of the world's most powerful nations is, in my opinion, the planet's most serious problem. In my opinion, they aren't suffering from spiritual "emptiness". There is no such thing, because spirit and spirituality will ALWAYS be with us. We are spiritual beings, so there is no way we can NOT be spiritual. It's spiritual CONFUSION that they are suffering from. In other words.... They are having spiritual experiences but being told it's OTHER THAN what it really is. This causes a lot of confusion and frustration among the people.
  14. Man..I can't believe how CONSISTENT I've been over these 10 years! Those same words and line of thought could have been said by myself 10 DAYS ago and would have been just as valid. Everything in MODERATION. I agree that the so-called "War on Drugs" is actually a way to mass incarcerate people....especially AfroAmerican males. However there are enough Black cops, deputies, lawyers, judges, and prosecutors to actually DO something about it if the desire were strong enough. Some AfroAmericans as individuals are indeed weak and helpless, but COLLECTIVELY as a community....we are NOT. We are very strong and very large and have a lot of POTENTIAL power, the issue is getting our minds right and operating in unison towards a positive goal.
  15. frankster Of Course we bear some of the responsibility.....first we must understand our Oppression - before we throw blame on the victims of Oppression. Some of us DO understand our oppression. Infact, some of us are so advanced that not only do we understand our oppression but we also understand the REASONS and ORIGINS behind why ended up in an oppressed condition in the first place. And with this knowledge...we have set out to get a the ROOT of the problems of our community. Much of it stems from the THINKING of a lot of our people. To think our so called celebrities or our rich is not in this fight....is to not understand the struggle. I didn't make that assertion at all. I merely entertain the suggestion that Byron Allen, Oprah, Jordan, Jay-z and the dozens of other AfroAmerican billionaires could not only supply impoverished Black American communities with fresh foods and water but they could also build major national banks and lending institutions....if the desire was there. No I am speaking in terms of not alienating the people you are trying to help. I think you're making a mistake in assuming I am TRYING to help all of the downtrodden of our people. I can assure you.....I'm not. I support helping SOME of our people who are in a lowly condition; but a lot of our people who are in a miserable condition DESERVE to be in that condition. Then watch the video by Dr Jawanza Kunjufu and you find the reason why. Lol....I've been around for well over a half a century. As enlightening is the brutha is....I don't need a video by Dr. Kunjufu to explain to ME why so many AfroAmericans have such a poor work ethic. I KNOW why from decades of observation. Really but they will "sling rocks" on the corner 14 hrs a day.....That's real work - your life and or freedom is on the line Only a FRACTION of young people are involved in "the game" are actually out grinding like that. The vast majority who engage in that lifestyle are actually "half assing" it. Selling a few rocks here and there for some clothes, jewelry, and quick money. Many of them even have little regular jobs and do it on the side. There is no organization or discipline to their behavior......which is what they like. Which is what it appears you are doing...."believing the worst" I'm not believing the worst, I ACKNOWLEDGE the good and bad of our people and accepting it as the reality that it is. Ignoring the ills of the community and pretending that evil, lazy, and crazy AfroAmericans simply don't exists or are just concoctions of a racist media won't make the reality of their existence go away. You'll end up dealing with them one way or another. It's not a hopeless scenario....what the need is education. Who said it was hopeless? I sincerely believe there is a solution to EVERY problem, no matter how hopeless it may SEEM. However while you believe the solution is "education" I believe one of the most effective solutions initially will be SEPARATION. Separate those who CAN be educated first. There are two types a swim instructors One who throws you in the water and shout from pool side kick stroke - the sink or swim method it works 50% of the time. Then there is the instructor who gets in the water and hold you afloat until you are kicking and stroking right then he or she gradually lets you go almost 100% successful. Your approach appears to me to be the sink or swim method and for those who sink separate and leave them be....you have not time to waste on them. Most swim instructors will tell you that when a person is DROWNING...if you run out at the wrong time to save them they just might TAKE YOU DOWN WITH THEM. Sometimes you have to stay back and let them sink almost to a state of unconsciousness before you can step in and save them and not get harmed yourself. The junk food seller will run you out of business....yes you will have a core support Plus Junk food is readily available and easily accessible. Because the majority of the people in these distressed communities actually WANT the junk food. Many if not most of them prefer the JUNK food over the FRESH foods. It's often more flavorful and usually takes a lot less longer to prepare. The Issue we face is one of education that unravel the psyops of black self hate perpetrated on black communities. I don't think it's education so much as it's plain STUPIDITY on the part of a lot of our people. You can't educate sense into their limited brains. Before you can "educate" someone you must make sure their brain/mind is fertile enough that they can RECEIVE the education properly. If you do not know that so called "junk food" is not food but think that it is food. Then why would you buy fruits and vegetable? I think you're UNDER ESTIMATING the intellect and knowledge of most people who are eating this garbage. The average person in the hood knows by the time they're 20....and definitely at 30....that all of those McDonals, Taco Bell, chili-cheese fries and shit are no good for your health. They know all of that soda pop and candy isn't good for you as well as all of that liquor and dope. They simply DON'T CARE and would rather engage in that they find fun and enjoyable and worry about the consequences later....if ever. I soon as we begin to politicize social issue is when the fight begins.....and it takes a lot just to get to the point of politicization. But again, targeted by WHOM? It's Called Functional Unity.....they are united against Non whites or a perceived threat to white supremacy racism I agree. Now what or who...besides ego and self-hatred...is stoping OUR people from uniting along the same lines AGAINST so-called "white supremacy racism"? They have the most of the Power here in US and Most of the money....they can get away with pretty much anything they do in the black communities. They have the power around THE PLANET. Not just here in the U.S. Even in much of Africa itself they have the power to do what they want and a lot of the so-called "leaders" in Africa GIVE them that power...while they fight eachther. This tells me the problem is bigger than racism, but self-hate and stupidity are maybe the larger issue to deal with. Probable you forgot what happened to the Black Panther Party. No I didn't. However what's stopping them from STILL existing? The same problems that caused the Panthers to break up in the 70s are causing many AfroAmerican organizations.....conscious and non-conscious...to break up TODAY. Although various White racists had a hand in it, no one FORCED them to break up...they did so on their own because of internal fighting, back biting, drug use, immorality, ect... These are the moral and ethical issues that the AfroAmerican community must deal with before we can expect lasting progress and unity. The person does not have to be already be lazy.....He/she is "dumb down" by food poison and psyops of self hate. Or a person can already be dumb...and because of this intellectually weakened condition be FURTHER exploited and made dumber and more docile. Who said we Stop doing for ourselves....we are using both avenues to gain access to credit Ofcourse, some of our people are. However not NEARLY enough are. Infact, most are not. Until we COLLECTIVELY are doing for self and growing and distributing our own foods...AfroAmericans will still be at the mercy of other groups who can and are doing this for themselves AND for us. Weed shops are being Promoted as Lucrative.....It's not lack of Desire - it's lack of information and know how Far more reports have been done in the media over "food deserts" and the lack of access to fresh foods and grocery stores in the AfroAmerican communities than the lack of weed available. So the public is SATURATED with information on what his NEEDED in our community. The people have the info.....again...most simply don't care at this point. Not sure that nobody would stop us my argument stands....They have not be properly informed of it's benefits and profitability Your argument and excerpt looks to me more like an issue that not only OUR people caused but OUR people can fix....not racism or racists sabatoging Black progress. We know that they will TRY to sabotage Black success...and in many cases actually be successful. However this knowledge shouldn't stop one from actually TRYING. All non-Whites face racism from the White community to certain degrees...yet it doesn't stop them from attempting and overcoming. People tend to do what they REALLY WANT to do...despite the obstacles laid infront of them. People like to point to Black Wall Street and how the racists destroyed it in the 20s.....while neglecting the fact that DOZENS of "Black Wallstreets" existed around the U.S. at that time and beyond that remained relatively UNTOUCHED by the racists....but collapsed on their own due to "integration" and the desire of AFROAMERICANS themselves to spend their dollars with White people and move among them than with eachother. Really, nothing but jealousy and infighting is preventing AfroAmericans from starting dozens of "Black Wallstreets" around the U.S. in major cities TODAY. That's Monotheism......One God yet Three - Trinity. That's not "monotheism"...if you're talking about "three Gods" then that's POLYTHEISM. On the other hand.... The only way "three" can make sense is if you're talking about one God with three different ROLES. Which is NOT the stated case in the New Testament. Jesus and the "Father" are clearly identified as separate. Yes that's Monotheism and Syncretism.....The Story of Ausar/Osiris is The putting back together (religion) of that which is scattere You're ATTEMPTING....lol...to conflate Christianity with Egyptian Mysticism. Won't work. Is the President of the US one or many? The PRESIDENT is one individual. The PRESIDENCY consists of many. Are you suggesting that you believe as the Nation of Islam, that "God" is a title shared by a succession of different Beings? The Tetragrammaton As are MANY words in Hebrew and Arabic. It certainly had vowel sounds, they just weren't written in the script back then. Your Understanding contradicts..... Not the divine or the bible If the Bible says "thou shall not kill/murder" in one passage then goes on to instruct the Israelites to slaughter every man, woman, and child in another: Exodus 20:13 - Thou shalt not kill. 1 Samuel 15:3 -Put to death men and women, children and small babies. Kill the cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.' That sounds like a pretty glaring contradiction to ME. If the Bible in one verse said a man taking his sister is a wicked thing, but later on shows Abraham taking his sister as a wife: Leviticus 20:17 -And if a man shall take his sister, his father’s daughter, or his mother’s daughter…it is a wicked thing…. Genesis 17:15-16 And God said unto Abraham, As for Sara thy wife…I bless her, and give thee a son also of her That sounds like a contradiction to ME. Help me out in my "understanding".....lol. Exactly perspective depends on your vantage point... Is the glass half empty or half full? Perspective and direction are two different concepts. We shouldn't conflate the two. You yourself admitted to prisons being a "for Profit and cheap labor" institutions as such its current use and purpose being different from what we think it role is yet you defend its continued existence as a form of Deterrence to crime? Yes, UNTIL we establish something better. I disagree... You disagree that some people can't be educated or trained? I suppose you haven't heard of MENTAL RETARDATION before. Not sure how old you are, I know that word "retarded" is considered a slur or derogatory now a days for some reason although it's a scientific fact.
  16. In keeping with the theme of this thread....... The difference between religion and spirituality tends to be from the S/sources. Religion tends to be MAN MADE while Spirituality (more properly called "Mysticism") is of a DIVINE origin. Religion is STUDIED while Spirituality/Mysticism is EXPERIENCED.
  17. frankster Though not impossible, it would be difficult to dig up the sources where I got this information from because much of it didn't come from sources online. The main source of this information comes from a VERY good book known as: Making of The White Man By author Paul Lawrence Guthrie This man actually set out to do research to try and PROVE that Elijah Muhammad was wrong about White people being a race of devils, and in the course of his research found out that it was actually TRUE....lol. Very powerful book with a lot of historic research that helps to clarify a lot of things and explains where a lot of mythology and religious scripture actually came from. I'd have to go to my storage library dig out some of the books, photo the pages, and then download them on to my computer and then on to this site.....lol. All of that work....only for you to STILL not be moved on inch and not believe what I said about the Watchers...lol. So I tell you what, let's start with this............ When you read the Bible, you already know you're reading a TRANSLATION. So when you read, "The sons of God entered the daughters of man" This is a MISTRANSLATION....purposefully done. It SHOULD read: "The sons of the Elohim had sex with the daughters of Adam" The ancient people....original people...who I'm sure we can both agree were Black....claimed to be children of the "gods" or "Deities" whether called Elohim by the Canaanites and Israelites or the Anunnaki by the Sumerians or the Neteru by the Kemites. These people were Black. Now, Adam is actually symbolic of the first Caucasian/White man. "Adam" literally means "to show blood" or in other words "blusher". Now do you disagree with anything I've said so far or should I provide links to my above assertions as evidence of them?
  18. What's going on in Sudan? More negro nonsense....that's what. People all over the world are fighting. Far more death and destruction is happening in Ukraine than in Sudan; but that's not because of lack of effort on the part of the Sudanese. I'm beginning to wonder is the only reason these conflicts in Africa not as deadly as the World Wars of Europe....simply because most African nations don't have the technology to kill eachother that the Europeans have. Because if they HAD it...many of them would SURELY use it. I didn't even bother to research WHY they are tearing up Sudan......because it really doesn't matter. I'm tired of the excuses Africans have for fighting eachother. I'm sure the excuses the Sudanese are making are similar to the excuses the Ethiopians are making for THEIR conflict. But if we did our PROPER research....like most conflicts in Africa you'll find 2 major causes: 1. Some Caucasians in the background supplying the weapons and instigating the conflict. 2. (and sometimes 1) Jealous Black men who can't stand to see another Black men with more wealth and women and respect/fame/admiration than HE has so they'll make up any excuse to attack and kill his brother. Oh they'll SAY it's over land, religion, politics, etc....but it's really over jealousy and not wanting to see another Black man in a better position. This is why I agree with the brothers who said that if Africa IS healed and brought together....it'll be BLACK AMERICANS who go overthere and do it. We have to get OURSELVES together first though, obviously.
  19. Chev But I also think that the Dogon have a rich connection to the Cush Babylonians and the Philistines too because of their deep understanding of the constellations and outer space. There is definitely a connection between the Dogon and the Philistines! As I mentioned before, the Dogon are just a FRAGMENT of the larger ancient Kemetic Empire. Those known as "philistines" in the Bible are actually the descendants of the "sea people" who tried to attack ancient Kemet and were subdued and subjugated by them. They are said to come from an island in the Aegean Sea known as "Captor" but in reality they were among the first Caucasians produced during the grafting process on the island of Patmos. As soon as they were produced, they organized themselves and set sail to head back to Africa/Kemet and try to dominate and conquer the original people.....and got whooped..lol Anyway.... No doubt there was contact between the Kemetic ancestors of the Dogon and the ancestors of these "philistines" while they were being subjugated in Kemet. BTW.... We can't confuse the Philistine with the Canaanites who....although dwelt in the same lands for a time....were much older and of an entirely different race.
  20. Troy, you should have put this in the Race, Culture....thread, lol. If we research deep enough, we'll find that the Dogon and nearly all Black African so-called "tribes" or ethnic groups are mere FRAGEMENTS of the ancient Kemetic Civilization that fell thousands of years ago. The various families and clans of ancient Kemet broke up and moved in different directions carrying fragments (often corrupted) of the original high culture and high science with them. This is symbolized in the Kemetic story of Auset and Ausar. Ausar was murdered and chopped up into little pieces and his wife Auset had to find those pieces and put them back together again. Kemet was collapsed and fell into many tribes....known as Black Africa today.....but will eventually one day be brought back together.
  21. Brother frankster, in another thread you mentioned the "Watchers": Would you like to know the TRUTH about who these Watchers actually were? They were BLACK MEN....soldiers stationed to the area of and around the Caucasus Mountain range and the Black Sea. They were assigned to keep the Caucasians from escaping and coming back into our civilizations. Some of them saw the Caucasian women as attractive and had sex with them producing mixed offspring. This is where you get the "sons of god mixing with the daughters of man" in Genesis btw.... You'll find that the Book of Enoch....like most so-called "scriptures" that pass through the hands of Caucasians....is a corrupted forgery based on the original TRUE history of that area that has been long suppressed.
  22. frankster And I say the bulk of it is racism. Ok, let's reason through this......... You say the BULK of it is racism. Then by deduction, that means you believe a smaller percentage of it is lack of action on our part. Since there's not a lot you can do (or will do) to erase the racism that prevents an adequate supply of fresh and nutritious foods from serving the needs of the AfroAmerican community- Then would you not agree that the FOCUS should be on doing as much as WE can as AfroAmericans to help supply ourselves? Since the racism from outside of our community is not likely to change, instead of following THEIR lead of abandoning the Black community....we should be putting as much pressure as we can on those of us with the resources to do so to provide healthy wholesome foods, grocery stores, restuarants, and distribution centers in our community. Our people are not lazy or indifferent......they labouring under self hate You're speaking in general terms. You should say MOST of our people arent' lazy or indifferent...because a lot of our people ARE lazy and indifferent and it's quite noticeable to any AfroAmerican in a management or business ownership position who hires AfroAmerican workers. One of their biggest problems is finding AfroAmerican youth willing to actually show up on time and do the work required of them. You find this issue all over the nation. So there must be some merit to it. You're attributing it to "self hate" and perhaps some of it is...but regardless of the REASON the CONDITION of not wanting to work and put effort into sustaining one's self is self evident. Until We as a people begin to Love our Black African self as we are and begin from there....we will be pawns of psychops. I agree to a certain extent but as I've gotten older I realize WHY a lot of our people don't love "themselves" or their people. A lot of intelligent and sincere AfroAmericans have witnessed too much shady, janky, and piss poor performance from other AfroAmericans to the point they come to EXPECT less quality and more problems from their own than from Whites. This attitude changes only when our PERFORMANCE as a group changes. "the Oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves" Franz Fanon If that quote is true, there's you can teach or tell AfroAmericans about loving themselves UNTIL they are no longer in an oppressed state. As long as they are oppressed, it's best to save the motivational speeches and words of encouragement. They do not own those business....They are Franchisees. It is my understanding that franchises ARE owned businesses that operate under the name of a more well established and well known business. They have no need to....they do not pose a threat to the establish order of Racism But they are Black businesses making money. That alone poses a threat to the system of racism and the need to keep AfroAmericans oppressed and in the underclass. They are controlled Regulated and monitored through the Licensing Process......Chamber of Commerce. True, as are most restaurants and grocery stores. So again, why so many braid and barber shops and so few grocery stores and healthy restaurants in the hood UNLESS the owners simply don't care as much about the health and diet of the community as they do about getting braided up and faded up? First off I love what those brothers and sister are doing....I congratulate them and hope that it is replicated all over the black community. TAgain they pose no threat to Racism.... Indeed they don't. Infact, I'd go as far as to say that this CONTRIBUTES to the racist subjegation of AfroAmericans by keeping the community high and addicted to substances as a way out instead of dealing with the issues we face. There is plenty individual and business success in the black community....We only begin to make real change when by funding or participating in grassroots social issues Yessssssssssss....... So again, if there are FOOD DESERTS in the Black community where not enough fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are getting to the people. Ultimately, who's fault is this REALLY? We can blame the racists....and yes it is their fault indirectly. But directly? The Point is When black organizations begin to push for real Change they are targeted.. I problably agree with you, but just for the sake of conversation let me ask you: TARGETED BY WHOM????? They Enemy you know is easily defeated....White racism is studying us and even have us studying ourselves for them.....though we advance by steps they advance by leaps and bounds. Part of that is because they are UNITED. They are united in their morals, diet, sexual habits, etc... They may CLAIM different religions and values but if you watch White people around America....you find the vast majority of them engaging in the same daily habits from coast to coast and from Maine to California. They also share information with eachother. Our people have to learn to trust eachother enough to share knowledge and wisdom with eachother instead of either keeping it to ourselves or selling it to White people for a price. How many older Black women down South have had the recipe to some of the best dishes in the world....only to take those recipies to their grave out of resentment and fear that another Black woman will get that recipe and "out do" them with it? Far from it....I am suggesting why whats is happening is happening. There's more to what's happening than it simply happening....it's being ALLOWED to happen. ...by us. So the question you should also ask yourself is why WE are allowing it to happen when we have the power to rectify it? Not Indifference......Mind Control - MKultra (Mind Kulture) If you control the thoughts of a people you will not have to use force to have them destroy themselves just have the means of self destruction readily available and easily accessible. 1. Destitution 2. Propaganda 3. Learned Helplessness 4. Dependency Minister Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and others have for DECADES went around the Black community in America and directly told them that we need to control their own businesses, stop eating rotten foods and stop feeding it to their children, and open up our own hospitals. Surely this would have been enough to counter the effects of mind-control programs if the innate desires to do for self and advance our communities were strong enough. My understanding of a lot of hypnosis and mind-control is it focuses on hidden desires that already exist but are latent. It tap into what one already wants to do but the more logical mind restrains one from doing. For example....... To a person who is already lazy and doesn't want to farm food, build housing for himself, or improve his overall condition -a mind-control program like religion which will teach him a "Messiah" is coming soon who will end the world and provide him with all of his needs -will work on him because he already wants an excuse NOT to do anything. A more independent minded person is less suceptible because they already have a strong desire to do for self and not wait on any outside figure. That's like Fighting for peace....You want unity by first creating separation. Yes! Whether you agree or not, you understand the point. Fighting for peace is actually a sound and logical concept btw.. Sometimes to avoid MORE violence and bloodshed, a major decisive battle must take place to establish clear dominance. Self Education is the First Step and the most important ongoing Methodology...No One is left out. Some people CAN'T be educated. They can only be trained....if that. Imagine what they are doing to the Minds of our People. No need to imagine, we see the results on a daily basis. But then, when a mind is ALREADY weak....as a lot of our people's minds are....it tends to be more suceptible to the influence and harm from these additives and preservatives. We do.....because its our blood sweat and tears they stole and continue to steal so as to have such Credit...to give freely to their own kind. Reparations is definitely owed to us, however UNTIL we get them (or give them to ourselves when we gain the power to do so) should we just sit around waiting for it before we make things happen? People owe ME money....but I haven't stopped working and earning income waiting on THEM to give it back, lol. The bills don't stop...lol. Then why are they not doing it.....Lack of the Proper Knowledge - Education No one has shown then how lucrative and Beneficial it can be....so to them it maynot be worth the effort or risk. Lol...nobody showed them how to open up WEED SHOPS either, but they figured it out. Look man, you and I both know it comes from a lack of DESIRE. They DON'T WANT to open up these institutions....not bad enough atleast...and this is why we don't have many of them. If our people collectively wanted to, we could have banks as big as Chase or PNC owned by us. And NOBODY would stop us. First you must understand, that Monotheism brought in a new nomenclature....in the Understanding of God wherein it is realized that All Gods are One.... Which is simply not true. Hence the Trinity...So lets understand God in terms of His/Her Functions - Creator Preserver and Destroyer - Father Son and Holy Ghost. Sounds like you have mixing Christianity, Hinduism, and Gnosticism. Your are Given a title according to the function you Perform... Elohim - The Title of Leader/Father and Authority. No sir. Elohim means DIETIES........plural. Not multiple TITLES but multiple DEITIES. There is no spinning this. Yes Jehovah Yahweh are Translation of ...Yud Hey Vav Hey. "Jehovah" is a MIS-translation. The letter "J" didn't even exist 700 years ago. So what word were they using in the ancient script when it was first written down? No the divine does not contradict. So of the divine does NOT contradict...and the Bible contradicts...then the Bible CAN NOT be divine! What you and I called Evil, is Man made Cultural Construction with real world effects Hot and cold do not exist in reality they are degrees in temperature that we label/title hot are cold....Temperature is One continuum. Actually they do exists because they exist as our perspectives and perspectives are valid. Just like UP is real and DOWN is real though they are also a matter of perspective. So in your understanding God will seem to contradict and do evil. No sir, it's not MY understanding that God does this. It's my understanding that the Bible contradicts itself and shows the Children of Israel doing many heinous things in the name of their Lord Yahoowah. Christ is the Karast....Djed Ka RA - RISING SPIRIT. Paulianity or Christianity as you called it ..... is a Corruption of Karast Ways and Knowledge - Knowing LOL....ok you gave ME some science so let me drop some knowledge on YOU: Christ or Christosisn't of Kemetic origin, but of Iranian Persian origin by way of Greece. Christos is the Greek form of Korus or Cyrus the ancient Persian Emperor who was name as the original "savior" of the Israelites taking them out of Babylon. Neither has that been a reliable form of Deterrent. President Obama said don't let PERFECT be the enemy of the GOOD. Just because it wasn't a PERFECT deterrent doesn't mean it wasn't an EFFECTIVE deterrent that kept murder down. Imagine if NO punishment existed. Maybe but it never worked in the past.... How do you know? I think we have more laws hence we have more criminals and I also think as a result prison population growth rate is outgrowing population growth rate. I agree For the reasons I stated earlier. Education is what needed Again, some people can be educated...some can't. Some can only be TRAINED...and some can't even be that. not much Well check him out on his youtube channel: Earn Your Leisure. https://www.youtube.com/@EarnYourLeisure That's how I found out about Billy Carson whom he features as a guest quite a bit.
  23. This is the brother whom Dr. Umar Johnson comes down in the footsteps of. And before Dr. Jawanza.....you had the late great Dr. Amos Wilson.
  24. Also, let is remember that strictly and by definition....crime is simply breaking the law. When most folks think of crime, they think of robbery, assault, murder, things of that nature. But anytime a law that is on the books is broken...a "crime" has been committed. There are SO MANY laws on the books in the United States that you can't know all of them and are inadvertently breaking the law almost every day in one way or another. Most prosecutors and a lot of law enforcement officials know this and use this to their advantage to pick and choose who they go after for prosecution.
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