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  1. Troy So we live in a "demonocracy" huh? Ofcourse, lol. I thought you knew that already. Dude you are the one who should be looking it up. I have. Many years ago.And when I DID, guess what I found: All of them and none of them. The answer depends upon your meaning of "people of color" and "stable." Since the words mean what you say they mean, the answer is what you say it is. Not necessarily...... We have to have common agreement on certain definitions in order to get along in
  2. A "couple" kids???? Oh hell no........ A PBT (pretty brown thang) like Abby better have about 7 or 8 kids to repopulate the planet and spread some of them beauty and intelligence genes around, lol. We need more Abby Phillips' to ADD to the gene pool and counter-act those Cardi B genes floating around...lol.
  3. Troy You're making the assumption that Hitler was NOT a genius or on Einstein's intellectual level also. Just because someone is evil or a psychopath, doesn't mean they can't be extremely intelligent.
  4. FAS In a collision of CULTURES, whites have always had the advantage. Has nothing to do with 'intelligence.' If their advantage has nothing to do with intelligence, then how do you explain the CONSISTENT pattern for so many centuries over so many people? Why wasn't there a more "win/lose/win/lose/win/lose/lose/win/lose/lose/win/win/lose" pattern with people of color? No, white people are the greatest killers the world has ever known. They are Destroyers of Civilizations. You'll get no arguments from me there. But are they the gre
  5. Gibran I just asked the young lady in my bed if she knew who Jeff Bezos was. She didn't. Next time ask her to text her boyfriend and see if HE knows who Bezos is, lol. ((something a white guy would joke about)) Troy I'm glad I have not encountered any women who have expressed this sentiment to me. It doesn't happen ALL the time but it's happened more times than you'd believe. And the sisters weren't stupid either. They both had good jobs and were over 30. When women say things like that to me,
  6. Troy If you doubt my etymological lesson on the word "democracy" then research it yourself and tell me what YOU find. Sterotypes have destroyed you ability to reason ... seriously What does my reasoning abilities have to do with documented history and current world affairs? If you disagree with what I say, give me a modern example of a "stable" government fully controlled by people of color that is NOT an authoritarian regime.
  7. This is what I mean about our people needing to be PROPERLY educated. The education you receive in most public schools teach you FAKE rules or rules that only apply to middle-class Caucasians. Like we discussed in another thread, you won't be successful following THOSE rules because you are a an AfroAmerican man and usually live in a different environment. The women think differently and expect different things from the men of their environment. You out with your lady and some dude runs up on the both of you cussing and acting crazy, she don't want to hear you threatening
  8. Let me say........ The election is very very close, and most likely WILL be contested and lead to what I've been waiting on for years. Our rendevous with Destiny. Before we enter our bright future, we must walk through the halls of darkness....but for only a brief moment! So far, things are going EXACTLY the way I want them to go! we have always had our favorites, but no presidents prior to Barack Obama were more beloved than John F Kennedy and to a lesser degree Bill Clinton. I know quite a few older AfroAmericans who loved Kenned
  9. "Triple G" It may help for an individual to first recognize that their group (such as African Americans) is not alone in suffering; so, too, have (and still do) women, Jews, gays, the poor, etc. Suffering is part of the human condition... the human experience... the soul's challenge. Although AfroAmericans aren't alone, what our people are going through is UNIQUE. The pain and humilliation that AfroAmericans are going through may not be as INTENSE as what happened to some other groups but it seems to be longer lasting and more complex than many other oppressed groups.
  10. Black Love For now.......... But how long will it last? How long will it be before they start trying to push our beautiful intelligent sister AWAY from our brother and into the arms of a Caucasian man? I can already see little discussions between her and her husband in the living room. Little arguments and heated discussions over "Black men" and how they aren't voting enough. Why they didn't support Kamala Harris enough.
  11. Man you sound like the main stream media. Only 20% of the votes are counted and you already go the WHOLE STATE painted "red" and in Trump's pocket, lol. "Well folks, with 20% of the votes tallied, we predict that it looks as if Trump's got Indiana sewn up!" I know it's all one big game, but you can atleast wait until the shit is over BEFORE declaring victory....lol.
  12. Abby Phillip of CNN I don't know what formula they shook up and poured out to MAKE this sista........ But she's one of the most beautiful women on television. PERIOD. I.... I uhhh..... I wouldn't mind waking up and looking over at the sheeply shy brown face every morning for a FEW years, lol. "Yall like my hat?" She's been on CNN for a while, but they're really working Abby tonight. Every 30 minutes they have my sister on giving updates on the selection election.....lol.
  13. Want to hear something VERY conspiratorial? I heard it from a CREDIBLE Source..... That the reason Washington D.C. became a majority AfroAmerican city was as an attempt to "protect" it from destruction from Powerful Forces. The White Supremacists figured that keeping the Capital of the United States SURROUNDED by Black people would prevent a major attack against it from Powers Who were hostile to THEM but not to US. "Hey devils! You may want to lower your weapons before I make this Sweet Chariot swing LOW on that ass!" Preachers would go to sc
  14. Del You are mistaken White Supremacists, White Racists, and the Elite are not all the same. Lol.... How can I be "mistaken" about something I haven't said? White Supremacists are Caucasians who are part of the SYSTEM of White Supremacy.....regardless of their level/rank. White racists are just Caucasians who are racist, whether they actively practice their racism or not. Elitists are just the upper echelon of ANY group (race, religion, class, ect...) Notice they are White Pawns and Black pawns. Yes, but the difference is the White Pawns KNOW the
  15. I think the first thing we need to understand is OUR OWN NATURE as AfroAmericans. Africans like other ORIGINAL peoples were created with a nature of righteousness. Our success in life comes from obeying natural laws and doing that which is RIGHTEOUS (peace, honesty, courage, ect.......) where as Caucasians were made with a wicked plan (born in sin shaped in iniquity) so their very NATURE is wicked. That doesn't mean all Caucasians are evil, it just means that's how a lot of them achieve THEIR success. .....through wicked endeavors like lying, cheating, and unnecessary vio
  16. Jeffrey And, similarly, the term "white" attempts to unite too many diverse people. I'm positive the term will collapse on itself. You're right. This is why I prefer the term CAUCASIAN over the generic term "white". Caucasians are a RACE of ruddy skinned people whose origins are predominately from the Caucasus mountains despite their language, religion, or culture. Also, 500 years is actually a very short time in human history, in my opinion. True again. However what happened in the past, is in the past. What will happen
  17. Jeffrey I've always admired the passion and sincerity of your posts, but I strongly disagree with the premise implied. Come on bro, it's all good! I expect most AfroAmericans to disagree with that assertion. Not only is it human nature, it's also a survival/defense mechanism to want to believe we are on top and got this thing covered. The key thing about me being able to make that statement was that it provides RELIEF from years and years of confusion and scratching my head as to why AfroAmericans have been and still are in the position we're i
  18. Most people tend to project their feelings and the way they think on to others, even when the truth is that everyone thinks differently. One of the reasons so many Whites fear "pay back" is because they assume that most AfroAmericans think like them. They know THEY would pay THEIR oppressors (if they had any) back when given the opportunity, so they assume most AfroAmericans would do the same. If only they KNEW how thoroughly brainwashed so many AfroAmericans are into loving and respecting THEM while hating and disrespecting eachother...they would rest easy at night...lol
  19. Troy This is why people like Candice, Harris, and Omorosa mess with white folks they value money, power, and fame. And notice they are all women. Certainly that has something to do with it as well. Not having the TYPE of ego or pride most men have that would prevent most of us from "submitting" to the humiliation that often comes with "successful" positions in White corporate America. I've had sisters OPENLY brag about how many white d*cks they've sucked to get to the position they're in! Usually justifying it by saying they did it to send their chil
  20. Troy you over looked this statement do you agree with it? I didn't over look it. I just didn't have much of an opinion about it besides NOT agreeing with it. Human beings and the groups they form are far too varied and random to make a statement like "evenly distributed". If I were on a college campus and saw a groups of professors walking together should I assume it was "evenly distributed" with smart people and dumb ones.....lol. When has that ever happened? I thought Delano's scenario was hypothet
  21. Troy You believe you are protecting Black boys from the evil racists who have added something to vaccines that target only Black boys and gives them autism. Lol....in a nutshell. You have the inside knowledge being hid from us and everyone else are ignorant or fools (the morally convicted, recjects science). Nooo Troy, noooooo.....here you go again attempting to PAINT a picture of my position to make it seem extreme or ridiculous. You are embellishing my position in a similar fashion to building strawman arguments. First of al
  22. Elijah Muhammad taught his followers to seek ROOT knowledge. Meaning, don't let Caucasians just give you the surface definition of a word because they can cause a lot of confusion and deception that way. Go to the ROOT of words and their origins (usually in Greek and Latin when it comes to European words) in order to find out the TRUE and ORIGINAL meanings. Democracy is NOT the rule of "people". Democracy is the rule of DEMONS (devils). And that's what you have in Western civilization. A civilization or system in which DEMONS (literally) are in charge. When you
  23. Gibran Alright Gibran...... Now I remember you well because you've giving me the same feeling about you NOW that I had about you.....I guess some years ago...when you first started posting, lol. I can't find it right now, but I remember saying something along the lines of your posts being the only ones with the ability to leave me SPEECHLESS! And you haven't failed yet. Your gift of articulation jogged my memory! Now let me slice this turkey up piece by piece....lol. I can feel you on that. No doubt, there is a white way o
  24. If you have a spiritual person, an intellectual, an athlete, a poet and a humanist on an island, the person with the gun will be in control. Not for long. Chances are the "intellectual" will find a way to take that gun away from him. That doesn't make the gunner more evolved or elevated than the other inhabitants. No. But if the gunner MADE his own gun while the other inhabitants relied on throwing rocks for their protection......it is a SIGN of him having higher intelligence. And if he shows a CONSISTENT PATTERN of making other high-tech weapons to incr
  25. Even when it comes to illegal activity When it comes to selling drugs, running numbers, and pimping. I'm not advocating these activities. However, it's funny how a lot of Black people who can't make it on jobs or make it through high school but actually EXCEL in these unregulated underground activities that require a lot of complex business and social skills in order to be successful at them. The only "failure" is getting arrested and going to prison and that's because they don't control the laws or their enforcement. But they actually SUCCEEDED in the activities them
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